Drawing by Remmy

Story By CS Fox


 “I can’t believe it! We’re finally going to the mountains again!” Lori meeped. I smiled to myself, I was just as excited as she was, but mature enough not to show it. “I’m going to ski all day tomorrow! And then the day after, and then the day after that!” she said pressing her pink nose to the window.

“Woah, calm down sis, the mountains aren’t going anywhere.” I said reassuringly.

“But I can’t wait! It’s been years since we last went skiing.” Lori turned my way and momentarily unglued her eyes from the snowcapped mountains in the distance. “Do you think you’ll remember how to ski Rick?”

I shrugged. “I’ll be fine.”

“We’re all staying in our own lodge, aren’t we Mom?” Lori asked.

My dad was driving and my mom was happily looking over the brochure for Mt. Vixen, the ski resort we were heading too. She looked back to Lori.

“Actually honey, you two will be staying at a private lodge. Your father and I will be in a suite… We’ve decided to use this as sort of a second honeymoon.”

“Then you two won’t be skiing much will you?” I added quietly under my breath.

“What was that Rick?” My father asked with a slight hint of sternness in his voice.

“Nothing dad,” I said thinking fast. “Are you really going to be leaving Lori and I alone for two weeks?”

“Yes sweetie, you two will have to make do without us for the next two weeks. We want this to be a special time for your father and I. But don’t worry, you won’t really be alone.”

“We won’t?” Lori asked settling back into her seat.

“No, we told our neighbors the Bynums about our plans and they thought it was a great idea. They’re going to meet us at the lodge with their two daughters, Leslie and Erin.”

“Why haven’t we heard any of this before? Lori and I are going to share a lodge with *gulp* Leslie and Erin?”

“No, you will all be guests to a Miss… A miss… Harry, what was her name again?”

“Roo… Karen Roo.” My dad said.

“That’s right, Karen Roo. She owns and runs a sort of kid’s camp lodge and you will be staying with her. Meanwhile, Jim and Alison (Leslie and Erin’s parents) will also be getting a suite near ours.”

I slowly sank back into my seat and let my eyes drift up towards the blue sky out the window. A whole two weeks in a lodge with my sister and the Bynum girls… so much for peace and relaxation.

I guess to explain, Leslie and Erin have been our neighbors for 10 years. Erin the younger of the two has been my best friend since we met. We’ve shared a lot of good times, but I’d like to make one thing perfectly clear, we are not any sort of couple! People make such a big deal out of it when you’re both 15 and your best friend is a girl. So don’t even veer in that direction, we’re just friends, okay?! Anyway, she’s a nice girl, a little tomboyish at times, but still always a girl. The Bynum’s are sort of odd because their dad is a lion and their mom a snow-panther. Erin was like her father and came to be a Lioness while Leslie, she was born a panthress like her mom.

Now Leslie is something of a hyper bouncy ball of energy. She’s older then Erin (she’s 17) and surprisingly, far less mature. Leslie will never waste the chance to sneak up on me and tackle me to the ground, or get me into a wrestling match. She likes to toy with boys like any cat would with a ball of string.

I turned my gaze away from the sky to see my sister sitting on her hind legs, her face back against the window… My sister Lori was only 14, a year younger then I, and she was one of those girls that came off as cutesy. She was affectionate in everything she did, and very rarely got upset. She also seemed to possess this special power… She could summon this face that would stop everyone from fighting or arguing or whatever. It was just this sad little cutesy look that was as devious as it was stunning.

Like my parents, my sister and I are squirrel’s. We’re both covered from head to toe with fur, which is chestnut brown the majority of my body, while a good portion of my front and under chin are a little bit more of a white. My sister is more of a pink hue, with the same white accents.

 “It snowed a good amount last week, so the slopes should be in perfect shape.” My mom commented, breaking my train of thought.

“How much longer?” My sister asked for the billionth time.

“Well,” began my Dad, “see that sign up ahead?”

“Yeah daddy?”

“That’s it.”

Lori latched onto me really hard with her arms, shivering with excitement. “We’re here! We’re here!” she chanted loudly in my ear.

“I know I know! Let go let go!”

My dad made a turn onto the main drive and started toward the central lodge. The building looked something like a log cabin hotel. Beyond it you could see the slopes and little dots far up on the mountain moving quickly down. My dad stopped the car in front of the doors and under the overhang. A raccoon in a snappy red uniform jumped to us with a luggage cart.

“Well what are the odds?” My dad asked with a smile as he looked down the road we had just come up. I turned and sure enough, the Bynum’s van was making its way up the road right to where we were. “Good timing,” he said.

“Hello, my name is Eric… Let me help you with those.” The Raccoon chimed in happily as he began to take some of the bags out of the car and put them on the cart.

“Oh hold on there. We need two separate carts, half the bags are going to a different place then the others.”

“That’s fine sir... José… José, bring your cart.” Eric said, and over came a stubby chipmunk dressed in an identical uniform. Not long after, the Bynums pulled up right behind us.

“Jim… Alison… Were you following us?” My mom asked jokingly.

“Seems like it, come on girls, say hi to Rick and Lori.” Jim said as he ushered Erin out of the car.

“Hi Rick, hi Lori.” Erin said in her casual manner as she pulled her backpack out of the car. I smiled and waved back, but got nervous when I didn’t see Leslie exit the car.

“Jim, where did Leslie wander off too?” Alison asked, affirming my suspicion.

I felt a slight twinge of terror as a slight growl began behind me. It was unfair really, I didn’t even have enough time to turn before the 17 year old leopardess pounced me from behind. “Hiya Rick!” She proclaimed excitedly while sitting atop me.

“Guh… Hi… Leslie… Nice to see you too.”

Leslie leaned down and hugged me from behind, purring as she did so, then like the tornado she was, she got up and started to help unload her stuff.

“Are you okay Rick?” Erin asked concerned (glad to see someone wasn’t oblivious to what happened to me). I nodded dusting dirty snow off me. She turned to her sister. “Any chance you’ll grow up in these two weeks Leslie?”

“Not likely dear sister, besides, I think he likes it…” She said with a sharp toothed grin at me.

I shook my head in disgust, their wasn’t much I could really say here, I had been in a thousand situations like this and the best thing I could do was to just stay out of the conversation.

“Umm… Eric is it?” My dad asked the Raccoon who was busy unloading also.

“Yes sir?”

“All these bags from my car and their car,” he said gesturing towards the Bynum’s car, “will go on that cart. All the rest from both cars will go on this cart.”

“Understood sir.”

After some fumbling, we got all the bags for my parents and all our bags on two separate carts and proceeded inside to check in. The inside of the building was plush and very uncharacteristic of a ski resort. Although it had a lot of furs milling about in full ski gear, so that helped the atmosphere some.

“Zasper and Bynum family to check in please.” My dad said to the older woman behind the counter. She looked like a bear with some librarian glasses.

“All righty, just give me one moment please.” She quickly started to type something. “Okay, so you will all be checking in for two weeks then?”

“That’s the plan.” My dad replied with a smile.

“Good, your all set then, here are the keys and a van will be by shortly to pick up those staying at Ms. Roo’s Lodge. Everyone else, Eric will show you to your rooms.”

“Wonderful,” my Mom said clasping her paws together. She looked down at Lori and I. “Okay you two, I guess this is goodbye for two weeks isn’t it?”

Lori and I just nodded meekly, unsure whether to be happy or sad for our Mom’s comfort. She hugged us both and our dad gave us a reassuring smile. “Well, you four get along and be good for Ms. Roo. Okay?”

“Yes dad,” we chimed. The Bynums went through a similar process and goodbyes were exchanged. Then they were all off, Eric took them and their luggage to a large elevator and up they went to the suite floor.

“They’re gone!” Leslie exclaimed excitedly as she looked at everyone else. I went and sat down on the luggage cart, I was quite excited myself, two weeks, no parents… This was going to be good.

Someone behind me tapped the luggage cart and I looked up to see a Kangaroo lady standing over me, balancing at an angle on her big feet.

“Hello, oh wait lemme guess. You must be Rick,” she said looking down at me, then she looked up and pointed to everyone else. “Lori, Leslie, and Erin…” she named off, “I’m Ms. Karen Roo, I’ll be your lodge mother for the next two weeks.”

“Nice to meet you!” Lori exclaimed jumping up to shake Karen's paw. Karen shook it and smiled to all of us.

“Welcome to Mt. Vixen,” she said warmly. “When Eric gets back, I'll have him load the luggage into my SUV. This isn’t a lot of stuff for 2 weeks and four kids.”

“Hey I'm not a kid, I'm 17! I’m an adult.” Leslie said pointing to herself.

“So you are sweety, sorry I was just referring to the group of you.”

Leslie still looked a little annoyed with that, but didn’t comment further. A few moments later, the bell hop Raccoon came back down and Ms. Roo asked him to carry our bags. We all loaded up into the SUV.

“So, two weeks huh? That’s a good vacation.” Ms. Roo said as she started up her car.

“Yup,” Lori said with a smile. “How’s the skiing now?”

“It’s been great for the past week, fresh snow so none of it’s artificial. If you want, after we go over the rules and get you all settled, you can have a go at the mountain this afternoon.”

“Rules?” Leslie asked suspiciously.

“Well, you are guests in my household. Your parents have entrusted your safety to me.” She paused for a moment as she turned off the main road to the ski lodge and onto a snow crusted gravel road. “My rules are this. No skiing past 10 and always ski with a buddy. Breakfast is at 8:30, Lunch at noon, and Dinner at 6:30. Lunch is optional, but I’d like you all to attend Breakfast and Dinner. Oh yeah, and everyone will rotate on who does dishes.”

“Is that it?” Leslie asked a little more calmly then before.

“Oh yeah, and you have to have fun and smile a lot. You are on vacation.”

We continued down the gravel road past a bunch of different smaller lodges till we came to the one at the end of the street. Ms. Roo turned and we arrived at her lodge.

“Okay everyone, welcome to my lodge ‘Winter’s Love.’”

“Winter’s love?” Erin asked looking up at the lodge after getting out of the car.

“Yep, that’s the lodge’s name. All the lodge’s have names like ‘skiing addiction,’ ‘Mountain Getaway,’and ‘Fire’s Warmth.’ If you ever have a problem finding your way back to the lodge, you can go by names, or just look for the steam.”

“Steam?” we all asked in unison.

Ms. Roo smiled. “I have the only lodge on the mountain with its own private hot springs.”

Leslie let out a sigh of joy, maybe this had seemed a lot better to her now. Ms. Roo led us up to her door. I giggled a little because I hadn’t seen many kangaroos before and it was just different for me to see her kind of hop walk to the door. Anyway, she opened it to reveal a very spacious mountain lodge. “Your rooms are all upstairs, I left little post-it notes on them. It’s about eleven now, so I’ll go start lunch, why don’t you all bring your stuff to your rooms?”

We all agreed and began to get our bags and make our way upstairs. Lori hadn’t started yet and was busy running all over the place checking out everything she could. Seeing where there were TVs, lounges, tables, bathrooms, everything.

There was a lounge at the top of the stairs, overlooking the den below from a balcony sort of thing. All the rooms came off a hallway or wall adjacent to this lounge. There were 2 doors on each side of the hallway and one at the end, the end being Karen’s room. There were two other rooms going off of the side wall of the lounge, but they didn’t have post-its on them.

I came to my door; it was on the right side next to my sister’s room. The room was pretty nice; a bed, a desk, a dresser and little closet. It also shared a bathroom with my sister’s room. I hefted my bag on the bed and went back out into the hallway.

Erin and Leslie were sitting in the lounge, and Lori was still checking all the rooms in the house. She came to the two doors at the side of the lounge. Opening one, Lori paused and tilted her head in surprise, Erin got up too look too.

“What is it Erin?” I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me.

“Ms. Roo must take care of babies sometimes too.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“She has a stocked nursery here.” Erin pushed the door open a little more so that I could see inside to a very elaborate nursery. I shrugged, it is a kids camp after all.

“Anybody hungry up there?” Ms. Roo called from downstairs.

We all stopped and looked at each other for a moment, then bolted down the stairs in a race. I was going pretty good before the turn in the stairs when I was suddenly plowed into the wall by Leslie as she throttled down the stairs.

Ms. Roo was waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs with a slightly stern look on her face. She was balancing on her tail (wow Kangaroos have strong tales) with her paws crossed as all of us came tumbling and crashing into a pile before her at the bottom of the stairs.

“Well I guess I didn’t go over this in the car, but no rough housing or racing about.. please.”

All of us looked up from our pile “Yes ma’am.”

She smiled and nudged us away with a foot. “Now off to the wash room and clean those paws.”

We scampered off and returned a moment later to dig into sandwiches and soup for lunch. Ms. Roo brought out some maps of the slopes and told us what to attempt for our skiing ability.

“Its fresh fallen snow out there so all the trails are open. Remember though, you need to ski with a buddy and everyone needs to be here by 6pm for dinner at 6:30. Is that understood?”

We all nodded our agreements and studied the map while finishing our lunch. After lunch we went to the front door and got ready to ski. It took us a little while to get bundled up. My mother, being the overprotective nurturer she is, made sure to let Karen know that she packed like 50 layers of clothing for me to wear when skiing. She wanted to make sure that I was more likely to die of heat exhaustion, then of cold.

When we were finally outfitted for crossing the north pole, all of us set out as a group to the lift on the easiest hill. We figured we could use a refresher, especially my sister. Getting in line for the lift, Leslie jumped in front of my sister to sit next to me on the two fur seat.

“Um… I kind of wanted to have Lori sit with me,” I said, perhaps a little shyly to Leslie.

“You don’t want to sit with me Rick?”

“No. It’s not that. I just.. well I want to look out for my sister these first couple of runs.”

“I suppose that’s all right, I guess I can go look after my younger sister too. But, you gotta promise to let me sit next to you later.”

I nodded meekly, the type of nod you give when you don’t have a choice. I also felt I was committing to something that would end up painful. Needless to say, Leslie bumped back and Lori smiled and scooted up next to me.

“Thanks Rick, Mom told me to stick with you on our vacation.”

“For once I’m glad,” I said to Lori. I lowered my voice so hopefully Leslie couldn’t hear. “I’m scared that Leslie will pounce me to death.”

Lori giggled as I nervously tried to giggle too. I glanced back over my shoulder at Leslie who flashed me a toothy feline grin. A cold shudder ran over me.

We boarded the lift and were whisked up the relatively shallow hill. This was the practice hill where novice furs just snowplowed the whole way down, or fell over every few steps. I’ll admit though, all of us were a little wobbly at first. We all got down as a group and then got in line again. After a few runs though, it came back pretty quick.

“This is great!” Lori said as she skied a few feet away from me.

I smiled and nodded at her as we continued down the hill. At the bottom I looked up and couldn’t see Leslie or Erin.

“Where’d Leslie and Erin go?” I asked Lori.

“I dunno…”

“Gggrrrrroooooouuuuuu!” Came a savage feline cry. I turned just as the shadow of Leslie descended upon me, and I was suddenly glomped to the ground. “HAHA you never learn do you Rick? Someday I’ll teach you to move when you hear me, instead of freezing like a deer…”

 “I don’t think I need lessons anymore Leslie. I don’t think my body can handle them anymore either.” I said lifting my head from the snow and spitting a little to get the cold stuff out of my mouth.

“Oh pish-posh.”

Leslie swept her arms out to both sides and gathered up a good amount of snow, plowing it together to recover my head. She got up, leaving me as a snow drift.

“Why me?” A snow drift mumbled. I laid there a moment or two before I felt a paw brushing snow off my head. In short time, enough of the snow had been cleared for me to see Erin crouching before me wiping snow off.

“And the birth certificate says I’m the younger one,” Erin said with a wry grin. Leslie was a few feet away jogging in place with her skis, but not really going anywhere. I just rolled my eyes.

“Wanna go to the intermediate slopes everyone?” Lori asked with a grin and a point. When I was up, we all agreed it sounded good. I took the opportunity to try and separate us. I would have actually liked to ski with Erin, but right now it was more important to get away from Leslie and be with my sister.

“I think we’ll head up that lift over there,” I said as I linked my arm with Lori’s. She looked up at me with her curious squirrelly look, then up at the mountain.

“First you don’t want to sit with me? Now you don’t want to ski with me?” Leslie asked with a slightly hurt look.

“No its not that, I just think that it would be good to go off and try some of the different slopes. It’s taking too much time to wait for everybody. We’ll get more skiing in if we split into two groups.”

“I suppose,” Leslie said with a slight frown.

“Come on sis, let’s go. I want to try that one!” Erin said pointing to one of the higher points on Mt. Vixen. We went our separate ways and skied the afternoon away till it was 6 p.m. and time to head back to our lodge for dinner.

Ms. Roo had been working in the kitchen for at least an hour. She had obviously spent a lot of time on the meal, when we came in, slogging a good amount of Mt. Vixen in with us.

“All of you clean off, and take off your ski clothes. Leave them on the hooks there, and don’t step onto the wood until you’ve got your boots and snow pants off. After that, everyone wash your hands, and then your welcome to as much dinner as you want.”

“Great I’m starved!” Leslie said as she sat down to kick her boots off. I had to agree with her, skiing can take a lot out of you, and make you really hungry.

We washed up, and sat down to a home cooked meal of Shepard’s pie (kind of like pot-pie, but with chicken and potatoes and stuff). It was really yummy, although Karen didn’t really eat much. She had fixed herself a little of the chicken and potatoes.

“Sorry kids, I can’t eat the pie crust. I have an allergy to gluton, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love to bake anyway.”

“What’s gluton?” Lori asked in between bites.

“Well, its something found in most breads. Some people just have a harder time processing it then others. Anyways, you kids have fun on the slopes today?”

“Yeah, the snow was great, just like you said it’d be!” Leslie said with a smile.

“Well it will still be there tomorrow. Tonight, I’m going to ask that you hold back from night skiing and get a little more settled in here.”

“Awww but what are we supposed to do here all night?” Leslie asked, stopping her eating a moment.

“There is a hot spring out back you know.” Ms. Roo said with a grin.

“I’ve so got first” Erin blurted out.

“No way, oldest hath privileges.” Leslie shot back.

“Girls, the hot spring is not that small. It’s big enough for at least 7 furs. If it’s okay Rick, we’ll just pair off by sexes for time in the springs.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“We’ll have a time for the girls to use the spring, and then a time for the boys… er… boy.”

“Okay, that’s fine.” I said. I could deal with that, besides, I knew there were drowning risks if I got in any body of water with Leslie.

We finished off dinner and helped Ms. Roo clean up and do dishes. After that she put a movie on in the living room. She put on “the wizard of paws” which she said was her favorite movie. It was a little juvenile, but I hadn’t seen it in a long time, so I found myself watching it as the girls all ran upstairs excitedly to get changed.

“You know, I thought it was weird that mom wanted me to pack a bathing suit, but now that I know about the springs, I’m glad I did.” Lori said to me as she walked by. While the girls were upstairs, Ms. Roo came and sat next to me on the couch.

“You’re not going out to join the girls?” I asked, noticing she didn’t look like she was going to go change.

“I’ll go out to show them how it works and some general safety rules, but I think I’ll take a dip later on my own. I live here year round, so it’s not like something I haven’t used before. Besides, the spring is really good to just soak and relax in by yourself.”

“Yah, I can imagine. I’m almost kind of glad that I’ll get to have it all to myself later.”

About this time, the girls had made it downstairs in their bathing suits, each with a towel. Ms. Roo ruffled my head has she got up to go out and show the girls the spring. When they left, I settled myself into the couch. This couch was sooo comfy, and with all the skiing I did today, and the dinner I ate, I was really starting to feel sleepy. I didn’t make it to the end of the movie actually. The next thing I knew Ms. Roo was shaking me awake.

“Aww poor guy, you must be exhausted after a day of traveling and skiing.”

I managed to nod my head as I let out a good yawn and did a little stretching, noticing the movie was off.

“The girls are done with the hot spring, and its all yours now if you want.”

“As nice as it sounds, I think I’ll head up to bed.”

“Hehe awww well all right, the spring like the snow on the mountain isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so just feel free to use it when you want too. Just let me know before you do so that I can show you how.”

I nodded again and climbed off the couch and up the stairs. The girls passed me on their way down.

“Not staying up anymore Rick?” Erin asked as she saw me go by.

“Nah, I’m beat, bed sounds good.”

“Awww poor squirrley’s all tired.” Leslie said.

I didn’t really feel like bothering with a retort, because I was still kind of in a state of sleep, so I just kept walking up to my room. I made it, and didn’t even undress, I just fell onto the bed and passed out easily.

Sometime in the middle of the night though, I woke up to the sound of something in my bathroom. By the sound of it, the door flew up on the other side, and the light flicked on, putting a little light into my room from under the door. I turned my head with a grumble to avoid the bright light in the middle of the night. Lori must have been using the bathroom or something I thought as I rolled over and fell asleep again.

The next morning, the sun shone through the window right into my face. I had to scrunch up my eyes and flop over to the other side, but the room was already starting to light up with the orange light. I got myself up and rubbed my eyes with my paws. I felt totally refreshed having slept soo long last night. I walked over to my bathroom and went in to pee and grab a quick shower.

It wasn’t long after I’d stepped in that I heard Lori banging on the door.

“Rick, rick! You have to let me in! I really need to use the bathroom!”

“What?” I said. I couldn’t really hear her over the shower. “I’m in the shower Lori.”

“RICK! I need to use the bathroom!”

“Use another one, there are bathrooms all over this house.” I said as I put my head under the water jet. I heard some movement outside the door and I guess Lori had run off to another bathroom. “What’s with that girl?” I said half bemusedly to myself.

After showering I went back into my room and began the lengthy process of fluff dry. My fur is pretty silky, especially after being washed, but since I’m covered in it, it can take a while to dry.

Twenty or so minutes later when I was almost done, I heard Ms. Roo call up.

“Time for breakfast kids! I hope you like pancakes.”

I smiled to myself in the mirror and quickly threw on some clothes. Leslie was out in the hallway, although her fur was all matted and she looked like she’d just woken up.

“Morning Leslie.” I said with a smile as I walked by. She just gave off this low feline grumble. Guess she wasn’t much of a morning person. I came down the stairs and found Erin already waiting. Ms. Roo smiled as I walked in and handed me a plate.

“Just pile on as many as you want, I can always make more.”

I made myself a nice little snack and sat down next to the girls. A little while into eating, Leslie cam in to join us.

“Glad you could make it Leslie. Come right on in and sit down for some pancakes.”

Leslie mumbled a little and made herself a pancake stack too.

“Hey Leslie you okay?” Erin asked as she ate.

“Yeah… Just didn’t sleep very well. Bad dreams I guess.”

“Well no wonder, you went to bed at like 2.” Ms. Roo said as she got out some rice wafers, butter, and jam for herself.

“There were good movies on.” Leslie complained.

“What kind of movies?” Lori asked.

“Scary movies I bet.” Erin said with a roll of her eyes. “I know, because those are the only movies you can’t handle Leslie, but for some reason love to watch.”

Leslie poked at her food a little. “Yeah… scary movies.”

After breakfast we found that Ms. Roo had washed our ski clothes for us. So once again we all lined up and got bundled up. “Lunch is optional kids, you’re more then welcome to come back here for it, but if you want to keep skiing that’s fine too.” She put on my cap and gave me a little pat on the top of my head, flattening out my ears a little. I noticed that was the second time she’d done a semi-affectionate gesture to me. She didn’t really seem to be doing that with the others.

We got out and onto the slopes. It didn’t take as much time to warm up to skiing today, since we had done it most of yesterday. We only went down the beginner hill twice before switching over to the intermediate hill. I asked to ski with my sister Lori today, and Leslie didn’t even say anything when I did. I turned to leave with Lori and got pelted with a snowball in the back of my head.

“I’ll just ignore that,” I said to myself as I brushed the snow off the back of my head. A second later another snowball whizzed by, just missing me. “HA!” I said turning to point at Leslie, just as she let loose another snowball that pelted me in the face.

“You know I saw Hobbes do that in a comic once, and I almost can’t believe it worked on you too.” She said with a smile. I frowned, usually when pushed like this by Leslie, I just let her walk all over me for a few minutes, till she tires and leaves me alone, but being how I love a good snowball fight, I quickly got down and started rolling a snowball. Leslie was just as quick and started doing the same.

“Hey bro, stop this, let’s ski.” Lori said in her cutesy, stop wars, tone. I held a freshly packed snowball in my hand and looked at Leslie, who had her arm cocked back like a pitcher in a windup. I shrugged, grabbed my poles and dropped the snowball. Lori smiled and stepped up next to me. We started skiing off to the lift, and as we did, I saw a snowball go by, but it missed us pretty good.

We went down a few dozen times, Lori and I. Later we ended up at the bottom of the hill the same time as Leslie and Erin, and so we all went as a group on the four-person lift, and went down again together. A few more times later, most of the morning had already gone by. It was probably getting closer to lunch. I decided I’d ask everyone about heading in after the next run. I took in a nice deep breath; this vacation was turning out to be great. The skiing was awesome, the air was crisp up here, and time with the girls hadn’t turned out as awful as I’d thought it would be.

I started my run down the slope. Lori began just behind me. Left, right… left.. right.. over the little bump. Skiing was soo much fun. I zig zagged down the ski trail and turned hard, kicking up a lot of snow and came to a stop. I looked up to see my sister not far behind, and not quite as graceful or as fast as I had been coming down the mountain. Actually, her face looked distressed, which was very unusual for her.

Left, right… left.. left.. oops, one of her skis crossed the other and down came Lori. It wasn’t a bad spill, it was just her falling down. I began to walk sideways using my poles to help a little, up to where she was.

“You okay sis?”

“I.. I’m okay… I just..”

I noticed Lori was beginning to sob a little. “Sis?”

“I.. I…” the sobbing grew stronger. It was then that I noticed a big wet patch between her legs on her purple snow pants. I gasped a little, before I caught myself and grabbed my sister’s hand, I pulled her up.

“What happened? You sure you’re all right?”

She put her arms around me. “I.. i.. I’ve just been skiing all day. I’ve been on the slopes for hours and coming down this hill.. It just happened.. It was an accident.. I swear.. I’m sorry…”

I hugged her close and bent down to grab her poles. “Come on sis, let’s go back to the lodge.” She nodded and put her paws through the loops on the ski poles I handed her. We finished the hill, Leslie and Erin were at the bottom waiting. I think Leslie noticed the pee spot on my sister and was about to say something when I shot her an icy look that surprised even me. Erin put a paw to Leslie’s mouth.

“Don’t…I know you joke around with him, but don’t joke about his sister, not about something like this.” Erin said. Leslie looked like she was about to say something, but shrugged instead. They both took off their skis and started walking behind us back to the lodge.

“Ms. Roo?” I asked as we came in. I heard some noise in the kitchen. I sat down to take off my boots, while Lori just kind of stood there, sniffling with her cold nose, and slightly upset feelings.

“You two here for lunch?” Ms. Roo asked as she came up to us. She immediately noticed the obvious wet spot on Lori’s ski clothes. “Ooh honey… Lemme help you.” Ms. Roo helped Lori get out of her ski clothes as I got out of mine. “Don’t worry about it Lori, just go upstairs and change and maybe shower real quick.”

Lori nodded and ran upstairs. I just finished taking off my ski clothes. About that time, Leslie and Erin walked in too.

“Looks like the whole crew is here for lunch? Well, I’ll go get to making sandwhiches.” Ms. Roo said as she went back into the kitchen.

“Hey is Lori all right Rick?” Erin asked me.

“Yah, I think she’s fine. Maybe it was just too much excitement for her on the hill or something. We have been at it all morning.”

“Yeah, actually, I was about to head in pretty soon to use the bathroom anyway.” Erin said with a shrug. Leslie was quiet while she getting out of her ski clothes, but when she’d finished she playfully walked up and gave me a noogie.

“What a protective big brother you are Rick.” Leslie said with a giggle.

“Lunch is just about ready if you want to wash up and take a seat in here.” Ms. Roo called to us. We joined her in a moment, and Lori came back down too. “I’ll put your clothes in the wash, you may have to wait an hour before going back out to ski though.” Ms. Roo said to Lori. Lori didn’t really reply, she just nodded meekly and sat down with us to eat.

“Hey this bread tastes kind of funny.” Leslie said with a mouthful of sandwich.

Ms. Roo sat down and ate with us. “Try to chew first, then talk, but yes, its not the plain bread we had yesterday, I ran out of that. This is bread made with special flour that I can eat.”

“Oh right right, gluton thing.” Leslie said with another chomp.

“How many visitors do you get around the year?” Erin asked out of the blue.

“Well the majority of my visitors are kids like you, and most of them come in the winter months. I’d say maybe a dozen kids a winter. Sometimes more depending on the size of the family visiting.”

“That’s cool, but what about the other months?”

“There may not be skiing, but the mountains around here are still really gorgeous. With the snow gone, a lot of hiking and bike trails open up.”

We all nodded at this. Leslie looked a little more thoughtful then usual.

“But doesn’t it get lonely?” She asked.

“I suppose it can during the summer months, when no one is really here. But I still have friends that come to visit every now and then.”

“Are we your friends?” Lori asked in a little bit of a curious voice.

“Of course you are, all the kids that stay with me are my friends, and your welcome to visit back here anytime of the year.” She said with a smile.

We finished lunch and in an attempt to make Lori feel better, Leslie, Erin and I quietly decided to sit around and watch TV for a while till Lori’s clothes were done. We needed a little break from skiing anyway.

“Go ahead and just flip through the channels, I’ve pretty much got them all.” Ms. Roo said as she went into the laundry room which was down the hall towards where the hot spring was.

“Lets not watch the scary movie channel though, okay Leslie?” Erin said with a smirk. Leslie sneered and stuck her tongue out at Erin.

“Lets just put it on a movie channel” Lori said. We all couldn’t really argue with that and flipped up to furramax. It was a renegade cop kind of flick and although not very interesting, it was enough so that we sat and watched.

“Wow would you look at that.” Ms. Roo said as she came into the lodge den with a laundry basket.

“Look at what?” I asked looking over the couch at her.

“The window… Guess you guys were really into your movie and didn’t notice.”

We all turned in unison to see what she was talking about, and too our surprise, it was snowing outside. I got up off the couch and pressed my face to the window. It was really coming down. Wonder how long that had been going on?

“It’s probably a good idea for you kids to stay in a little longer. At least until it stops snowing a little.” Ms. Roo said. “A storm like that makes it pretty hard to see out there.”

We pouted and fussed, but in the end, we stayed in the lodge the rest of the afternoon. We ended up playing board games while the TV was on. After the third board game we got tired of that too because Leslie was being a wee bit too competitive.

Ms. Roo came in later and seeing us so bored, recruited us to help with dinner. We all settled into making dinner and then down to eating dinner in short time. The whole evening was flying by with not much happening. After dinner the snow let up, but it was already getting late and kind of dark, so we all decided to hold off skiing till tomorrow.

“What does everyone want to do the rest of the night?” I asked when the girls were all gathered with me in the den.

“I was kind of thinking about that hot spring again now that the snow let up.” Leslie said with a smile. Lori nodded an enthusiastic agreement. “Are you going to use it Rick?” She asked.

“It sounds nice, but I don’t think I’m in the mood for it tonight.” I said after a moments thought. I turned to look at Erin. “Are you going to go to the spring with Lori and Leslie?”

“Actually, if it’s all right, I think I’ll stay here with you.”

“Well suit yourselves, more hot water for us!” Leslie said with a smirk. She skipped off and Lori followed behind her, leaving Erin and I alone.

Erin waited till they’d gone before speaking up. “I want to apologize for Leslie.” Erin said.

“Don’t, there’s nothing to apologize for. She’s just been herself this entire trip, besides its been fun.”

“I guess so.”

“Well what would you like to do now?” I asked.

“I know we’ve been doing it all day, but would you mind watching another movie? Maybe a chick flick?” Erin asked. I must have looked like I was wavering on my decision because she pouted and flashed big feline eyes at me. “Please…?”

“Oh all right fine.” I said with a smile. She smiled back and jumped up on the couch, patting the cushion next to her. I climbed up on the couch too, but kept a friend’s distance from her. She found a movie and we settled into watching it.

I guess I have a problem with movies like this, because I was nodding off pretty quick. Before I knew it, I felt my eyes closing, and my body sliding down into the couch once again. There was also a weight, a pleasant one on my shoulder. Warm, and… purring.

“I think it’s about time you two went to bed.” Ms. Roo said as she poked me awake. Just like the night before I stretched and in the process of stretching, I felt Erin lift her head from my shoulder. Had she been asleep on me? I felt a little awkward and must have blushed a bit. Ms. Roo just smiled and rolled her eyes.

Once again I made my way upstairs half asleep and off to bed. Ms. Roo opened my door a little bit before I was completely out again. “Have a good night’s rest Rick; it should be a great day to ski tomorrow, especially with fresh snow.” She then shut the door and turned out the lights.

 “Ahhhh!” I heard Leslie cry out. It was the middle of the night and Leslie had really cried out, maybe not loudly, but loud enough so that I heard her from across the hall. I rushed to her door. Usually I hear her cry out all the time, mostly before I’m pounced, but this was a different cry and I could tell.

“Are you all right Leslie?” I asked wrapping on her door a few times.

“Yes… yes fine.. Go away, I’m okay.”

I stood still outside her door. “Well… if you say so.” I turned and went back to my room. As I put my hand on the doorknob, I heard Leslie’s door creak open.


“Everything all right Leslie?” I asked concerned, turning around to see her head poking out from her door. Her ears were back and she looked a little distraught.

“Yeah… Everything’s fine… I um… Could you go get Karen for me?”

“Sure, I think she’s in bed though.” I went down the hall to Ms. Roo’s door. Something was bugging me a little bit as I did, I’d never seen Leslie act semi-serious like that, and somehow I knew something was genuinely wrong.

Ms. Roo came to her door a few moments after I’d knocked. “Hey Rick, everything okay?” she asked with a slight yawn.

 “Yeah, um, Leslie sent me here. I think she needs you for something.”


“Can you go to her room, I think something’s wrong, but she won’t tell me what.”

“Sure, sure, lemme throw a robe on.”

Ms. Roo shut the door and I waited outside her room a moment till she came out in a bathrobe. We both went to Leslie’s door. Before she knocked on the door she turned to me.

“Go on back to bed Rick, I’ll take care of whatever the problem is.”

“I’m worried about Leslie, I wanna help if I can.” I said, and it was true, I worry about my friends.

“Oh isn’t that awfully sweet of you. I’ll tell her you cared so much, but something tells me she may want some privacy for whatever she’s dealing with.”

“Ooh.. right.. well I hope she’s okay then, night Ms. Roo.”

“Night night Rick.” Ms. Roo said. I went back in my room and shut the door, but stayed with my ear to it for a minute. I heard Ms. Roo knocking on Leslie’s door.

“Leslie? It’s me, Karen, everything all right?”

I heard Leslie’s door open. “I… I’m sorry.”

“Oh dear…” And then Leslie’s door closed. The hallway was quiet again. I walked from my door back to bed.

“I wonder what happened.” I said to myself aloud. I fell asleep trying to make sense of it.

The next morning, I showered and got dressed just like the day before and came down to breakfast. Erin had beaten me to the table again, but Leslie and Lori hadn’t shown up. About 15 minutes later Leslie came to the table.

She wasn’t looking too well. It looked like she really hadn’t slept that much again last night. “More nightmares?” Erin asked when she saw Leslie. Today she asked in a less joking, more serious tone.

“Um… yeah, more nightmares.” Leslie said looking at her feet shyly. I could tell she was looking at me out of the corner of her eye, but I didn’t say anything about last night.

“Where’s Lori?” I asked Ms. Roo when she came out of the pantry. She had a cylinder of what I guessed to be oat meal.

“She might be a little late to breakfast. She’s… Doing some laundry this morning.”

I raised an eyebrow. It had only been 2 nights, how much laundry could she need done? By the time the oatmeal was about ready, Lori came in to join us. She looked a little less cheerful then usual. Today she seemed to be sharing whatever sentiments Leslie was.

The whole rest of the morning, Leslie was like a subdued version of herself. Every time I saw her she was uncharacteristically quiet. She didn’t even try to pounce, wrestle of display any dominance over me at all. Even though its lack was greatly welcomed, I couldn’t help wondering what was wrong.

To help cheer Leslie up, I volunteered to be her partner early on for skiing. This did make her smile, and after a run or two, she’d forgotten about whatever happened last night, and to my dismay, found renewed happiness in my misfortune. Somehow she had mastered the art of cutting me off while skiing at the just the right moment, so that I would be fine one second, then plow, I was hosting a yard sale of me and my ski equipment the next.

I put up with it though. I was happy to see the silly panthress laughing again. Lori was a little different though. She was quiet like earlier, but it held the rest of the morning. It seemed that whatever she was feeling, was zapping the fun out of her skiing. Just before lunch, she rushed back inside without a word. I motioned to both Leslie and Erin and we followed her in. It was time for lunch anyway.

When we got inside, I found Lori sitting on the couch in the den, drying her eyes like she’d been crying. I quickly got my stuff off and went over to her on the couch, leaving Leslie and Erin to go in for lunch before us.

“Hey everything okay sis?” I asked playfully poking her a little.

“It… happened again.”

“What did?” I asked.

Lori looked up at me for a second. “Why did I come in early yesterday?”

“Because you… oooooohhhh..” A little light bulb flicked on, and I tried my best to hide an astonished look. I put my arm around my sister. “You okay?”

“I wet the bed last night too.”

“What?!” I said with a little bit of a jump. “Are you sure you’re not feeling sick? I mean maybe you’ve got what Leslie had this morning.”

“She wet the bed last night too.”

“Wha….??” My brain train wrecked, but then suddenly the events of last night flashed back to me. “Yeah…”

“Don’t tell her I told you… I don’t even think she knows I know… I just saw someone else’s sheets when I did laundry this morning.”

“This is kind of starting to make sense… I mean, the way you two have been this morning was starting to worry me, and now that I know what’s causing it, its only worrying me more.”

“I’ve been worried from the first night. The first night we slept here, I had this weird dream about being a toddler again.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, it was just a dream, but when I woke up, I really really had to pee.”

“Did you have a dream like that last night?”

Lori thought for a moment. “Yeah, I did. Except, I didn’t wake up to…” Lori blushed a little. “Actuallly I’m worried Ms. Roo is mad. I mean, she must think Leslie and I are two-year-olds.”

“Actually, I’m more worried along the same lines as your brother. I just hope your feeling all right.” Ms. Roo said from the kitchen doorway. Lori and I meeped and turned to see her.

“You’re… really not mad?”

“Nooo… I’m not mad. Like I said before, I’m just worried about you and Leslie. Whatever is causing this, I just hope it doesn’t spread.”

I cringed a little thinking that wetting oneself could somehow be a contagious disease. That can’t be possible, because if it was, why hadn’t I ever heard of it before? I mean every year at school the flu went around, but no one ever caught the pants-wets, right?

“Why don’t you both come join us in the kitchen?” Ms. Roo asked. Lori quietly nodded and got up off the couch to go into the kitchen. I got up to follow. Ms. Roo put a paw on my shoulder as I walked by.

After lunch we went out skiing again. I waited a little bit with my sister till her clothes were done, but it didn’t take too long. We skied a good part of the afternoon and eventually we traded partners. The only person I hadn’t skied with yet was Erin, so I asked if Leslie wouldn’t mind, and since she’d had me for the morning, she reluctantly gave in. I also wanted Leslie and Lori to talk some, maybe figure out what’s going on between them.

Erin and I felt pretty confident in our skiing now, so we decided to take the gondola to the top of the mountain. It should probably take the rest of the afternoon to just get down. After we’d been helped into the glass windowed box, the gondola took off on its 20 min. climb to the top of the mountain.

“What’d you talk to your sister about?” Erin asked after a few minutes of silence. She didn’t turn to face me, but kept her eyes out towards the slopes, watching the skiers go by under us.

“I’m worried about her. I think she might be catching something.”

“The accidents you mean?”

“Yeah, she’s never done that before, and now inside a week she starts… something’s weird.”

“I guess… I dunno.”

“She thinks it started with a dream her first night here.”

Erin took her eyes off the slope and looked at me. “What kind of dream?”

“She said it was one where she little. Like a little kid again.”

Erin froze for a moment. “Actually it’s the weirdest thing. The first night I was here, I had a dream about being little again too.”


“It was a really vivid dream about what it was like when I was a little.”

“Did you wake up really needing to use the bathroom?”

“I don’t think so.”


Erin looked back out on the slopes again and went into a contemplative silence. Finally she spoke up again. “Do you think Leslie had a dream her first night here? Did you have a dream Rick?”

“I didn’t have a dream, but I’m fairly certain Leslie did.”

“Why do you say that?”

I nervously looked away, I didn’t really want to be a busy body and start spreading gossip, but it wasn’t like Erin was going to go tell anyone else. I mean who else was there to tell?

“Leslie wet the bed last night, so did Lori.”

Erin gasped and covered her mouth with her paw.

We reached the top of the hill and got out of the gondola. Erin was a little stunned still, but got over it soon enough. It made sense after you thought about the way the two of them had been acting this morning.

We got our skis on and headed to the crest of the hill.

“I hope whatever it is, goes away. I don’t want to wet my bed on my vacation.”

“Me either,” I said.

“Still hope our sisters are all right.” And with that she shoved off down the hill.







Two Weeks with Ms. Roo


By: CS Fox



Snow will always be my favorite of nature’s clothes. There’s just something magical about that white fluff. Almost every memory I have of snow is a happy one. Days spent sledding, days spent building forts and having snowball fights, days spent inside watching it fall with a mug of hot cocoa. That cold white trim is a reminder to slow down and enjoy things.

I smiled; because even as I started to think about it, it began to snow. Big puffy flakes falling down like tired white fairies. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. There’s a smell to snow too. It’s a dry and musky smell. It’s a pure smell.

“What are you doing Rick?” Erin asked as she turned to a stop on her skis.

I slowly opened my eyes to see my lioness friend. She was looking at me in mild amusement. She pushed her ski goggles up to hold her hair back.

“I’m enjoying the snow,” I said turning away from her and looking up, letting the flakes fall on my face. “It’s easy to forget things when it’s snowing and you’re up here skiing.”

Erin shrugged and looked up as well. “It’s pretty, I’ll give you that.”

I nodded. A few more seconds passed and I held onto my moment, letting a few more flakes brush past my muzzle and land on my tongue. My big bushy tail flitted back and forth contentedly.

Erin readjusted her ski poles on her gloved paws. She was bundled up for skiing, just like me. She waited a moment more before approaching the subject that had been on both our minds all afternoon.

“Has Lori had a problem with wetting the bed before?” she asked with a hesitant voice. “I mean, Leslie never has. She’s 17. I don’t think she’s ever wet the bed before. I’d have blackmailed her a LONG time ago if she had.”

I frowned and looked at Erin with a wry face. “You’re sister wets the bed and you wonder why you couldn’t have blackmailed her about it before?”

Erin smiled, but stopped when I didn’t smile back at her. Her ears flattened a little and she shrugged again. “Don’t think she wouldn’t have done the same to me… but yeah, I know you’d never blackmail your sister Lori with it… I dunno, you and Lori are different then me and Leslie.”

I laughed. “That’s because your sister is different from my sister.” (Which is probably the understatement of the year)

 “Maybe we should find them Rick,” Erin suggested. I nodded and worked my paws into the loops of my poles.

“Hopefully they’ve had a chance to talk to each other and sort things out by now.” I said thoughtfully. “If not, we’ll just tell Leslie we know what’s been happening and try to sort things out as a group.”

Erin nodded. We started down the hill again.

It wasn’t easy to find them at the bottom of the hill. There were about a hundred or so skiers milling around the main lodge and lifts. Erin and I made our way over to the lift areas and waited by where the lines formed. It was the most logical place to find them.

Sure enough, about 20 minutes later we caught up with Lori and Leslie. They had both just finished one of the intermediate hills. I knew Leslie was a better skier then that, but I think she was being nice to Lori. We waved them down and got together.

“Everyone want to do a few runs as a big group?” I asked as we met up.

“Yeah!” Lori meeped.

Leslie grinned my way. “Only if you’ll ride the lift up with me.”

I rolled my eyes, but Lori spoke up calmly. “There are four person lifts over there, we could all ride up?”

It was agreed upon and we got in line. For the most part Lori and Leslie seemed to be in a better mood this afternoon after their ordeals this morning. I waited till we were on the lift and then looked over at Erin for a sign to bring up the subject. She nodded and I began. It’d be best to start with Leslie, since she might well think that no one else sitting with her knew, but we all did.

“Um… Leslie?” I asked hesitantly. I happened to be sitting next to her, with Erin on my right and Lori on the other side of Leslie.

“You’re going to ask to ski with me once we reach the top, right Rick?” she said with a smile. I tried to smile and scratched the back of my head.

“Well not exactly… Look, we need to talk.”

Lori’s head quickly snapped around to face mine, I think she knew what I was about to ask. Leslie continued being just as bubbly as she usually was. “Sure Rick, what’s up?”

“We… um… know,” I said calmly.

“Know what?”

I couldn’t form the words, but Erin had no problem. “That you’ve been wetting the bed,” she said. She was at least polite enough to say it matter-of-factly, instead of mockingly.

The fact that Leslie was a panthress really helped her, because it made it hard to see the color draining from her face. “I… don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said in a shaky voice that only betrayed her secret even more.

Lori put a hand on her shoulder, and it spooked her to turn around seeing my little sister there. She spoke softly, and blushed a little too. “You’re not the only one…” she said not looking up at the three of us. She stared blankly at the ski slopes below.

“You… I mean… I…” Leslie’s voice was losing composure. She turned back to me. “Did you figure it out from last night?” she asked. She was referring to when I’d woken up in the middle of the night and she’d asked me very discreetly to get Ms. Roo.

“Actually no,” I replied honestly. “Lori told me at lunch this morning. She had to wash her sheets…” I blushed and paused… “Like you did.”

Leslie bit her lower lip hard. She appeared to be fighting back tears, and being the strong girl she was, didn’t cry. Her triangle ears just swept back and she held it in. Lori patted her shoulder again.

“At least you didn’t wet youself on the slopes like I did yesterday…” she blushed harder “and today…”

There was silence between the four of us as we continued up the hill on the long long lift. Erin finally spoke up. “What do you think caused it for you two? I mean, to both wet the bed only on this vacation? Too much for a coincidence…”

Lori shrugged and Leslie just continued biting her lip.

“I just hope it doesn’t happen again…” Leslie finally said at last, and tried to turn her head away from me. I felt a little bad, it was very rare that Leslie felt lower then me at anything, especially since she was usually tackling me or something.

“I won’t look at you any different,” I said truthfully. “I’ve got the same promise with my sister. We’ll sort this out.”

Leslie looked back my way and tried to muster a smile in her distress. She also looked at Erin.

Erin hesitated but I nudged her with my elbow and lioness shrugged. “I won’t say anything either, but I think it’s unfair, you’d totally turn this against me if the shoe was on the other paw.”

Leslie smiled and let out a weak laugh of agreement.

We reached the top of the hill and formed up on one of the slope starting points.

“We probably have time for another four or five runs before we need to head in for the night.” I said. There was general agreement. “Shall we continue as a group? Or split up after this?”

Lori spoke up. “Let’s just stay together till we head in for dinner.” And so it was.

We came stomping in, coated with the fresh fallen snow that had been accumulating during our final runs. Ms. Roo was there smiling and balancing on her huge tail as we tramped snow into the lodge.

“Off with the shoes and wet clothes. Hehe you’d think snowmen were invading from the looks of you four.”

She got us undressed to our plain clothes and had us head upstairs to wash up and change for dinner. Which as we soon found out, was a rotisserie chicken (one of my favorites).

“Did you all have fun out there?” Ms. Roo asked as she carved the bird and hand out portions.

We all nodded agreements.

“That’s great, and I see its snowing out still. I checked the forecast, we could have a full foot by tomorrow morning of fresh snow. The skiing around here just keeps getting better and better for all of you.”

We ate a hearty meal and talked happily, just about completely forgetting the days earlier problems. After dinner we decided not to hit the slopes again and instead sat down to play a few board games together. I also decided that tonight I would finally try out the hot springs for myself, since Leslie and Lori seemed so enamored with them. Erin also agreed to try them again when the girls went out. But since I wanted too, and the girls had already had the springs for the last two nights, I was allowed to go first.

I changed into my bathing suit and came downstairs, ignoring the low whistle that Leslie made my way. Ms. Roo brought me past a small bathroom, which was connected to a back door where the hot springs was.

“This bathroom is sort of a changing and shower off room.” Ms. Roo said as she led me through it. I nodded and continued to follow her. “Okay, this is the hot spring. The water is hot year round, and the rocks around the pool are usually pretty warm too. I’ll warn you not to step outside the rock garden though, because you’ll find your bare feet on frozen ground.”

“Any rules?” I asked.

“Well since you’re a little young, I would like you to limit your time in the spring. It can make you overheat if you sit in it too long.”

“All right,” I said taking my towel and hanging it up on a wooden peg on the side of the lodge.

“Enjoy.” Ms. Roo said with a smile as she went back inside. I smiled and went over to the water, dipping a paw in. It felt great. It was a little too hot to jump into, but I eased myself into the water and it felt sooooo good.

“Oh man, this is great.” I said as I let my head rest against the warm rocks on the side of the spring. The spring had some kind of rejuvenating feel. It was warm, and yet, it made you tingle all over when you soaked in it. A kind of tingle that spread up from your toes, all the way to the tip of your ears, you could almost lose yourself in the water.

I soaked in the water a good ten minutes before hoping out. I got my towel off the wall and dried off. It felt soo good in there, almost addicting. I put the towel over my shoulders and headed inside the house.

“Have a good time?” Lori asked as she sat in her own bathing suit waiting in the den. Erin and Leslie were sitting nearby in their suits. It was kind of funny to see the snow falling outside in the relative darkness, and also to see girls sitting around in bathing suits.

“The water feels sooo good,” I replied in ernest.

Leslie got up and rushed past. “After today, I NEED to relax,” she said as she flew by. She also took the chance to tossle my hair and ears a bit gruffly as she went. Erin and Lori got up to join her a second later.

I went upstairs and changed into some warm sweats and then made my way for the couch in the den. I had no qualms with what would happen. The couch was super comfy and the last few nights in a row, I had past right out sitting there watching a movie.

I took a moment to find a good movie, settled on the Secret of Nimh and laid back to catch some sleep. I only woke up to hear the girls giggling and coming back in. Ms. Roo was in the room and waiting for them.

“Hope you had fun… but Leslie… and Lori, can I speak to you both?”

Something about their two names being said woke me up a little more. Erin shrugged and went upstairs and Ms. Roo looked my way, but I quickly shut my eyes before she could see me laying as I was on the couch. I’d pretend to be asleep for this.

There was silence a moment, and I could tell there was an awkward feeling in the air.

“I think you both know by now, what you have been… doing… and that we need to do something about it.”

More awkward silence. My ears perked up a little more, as I strained to hear.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve put rubber sheets on your beds. I’m also going to make sure you both don’t drink anything else before going to bed and that you use the restroom before turning in for the night. Is that okay?”

It must have been powerfully embarrassing for both of them. Probably more so for Leslie because she was 17. There wasn’t any verbal acknowledgement, so I’m guessing they both just nodded.

There was the noise of movement and shuffling and I waited a minute or two before opening my eyes. When I did I found my sister Lori seated a little bit away from me on the couch, but looking my way.

“I knew you weren’t asleep. You’re ears were twitching,” she said softly.


“It’s okay… I mean, its not like its that big a deal… I just…” she began to look a little hurt. “I’ve just been wetting myself like a 2-year-old. No big deal right?” She asked as her voice bordered on tears.

I got up and hugged her. “You haven’t done anything since earlier today, maybe it’s all a fluke?”

“Maybe…” she didn’t sound too hopeful.

We got up and headed upstairs to join everyone. It was getting kind of late and after skiing all day, we were tired. It didn’t take me very long to pass out and slip into a dream.


I’m not sure why, but pinks and light blues, and other pastels are such pleasant colors. At least that’s what I thought as I sat happily in front of the TV. There was some kind of cub show on, but I really couldn’t make out which. Besides, my attention was focused on a big box of legos.

I shifted about looking for a little 2x1 piece. As I shifted around I heard a distinct crinkling noise. It was odd and a out of place, but I couldn’t seem to find where it was coming from. I looked all around for it, but each time I moved it only crinkled some more and I still couldn’t seem to find it anywhere in the brightly lit pastel room.

What was this room anyway? I looked around and shrugged as I saw a crib and changing table… guess it was a nursery. Oh well… where is that crinkling noise? Then I checked the last place I thought it would be… which was on me.

Sure enough, I was diapered. Not only that, I was a toddler… and didn’t seem to care. Having located the crinkling noise, and identified it, I just smiled and patted my diaper happily, before returning to my search for that lego piece.

Nature woke me up this morning. More like nature violently shook me awake as I bolted out of bed. I had to pee! Really bad too! I rushed for the door and barely had the seat up before I let loose.

When I’d finished washed my hands… it hit me… I’d just had the dream and reaction Lori had talked about… I think I’d caught whatever she had.

Nervously, I thought about what that could mean, but then I also started to worry about Lori. I crossed the bathroom and I carefully pulled the handle on the other door to peer into Lori’s room. I probably shouldn’t have, but I just needed to know something.

The light in the bathroom spilled into her room and on her bed, I saw a furry lump buried in covers. The only problem was, there was a big wet spot on those covers…





Two Weeks with Ms. Roo


By: CS Fox






The wet spot on the bed betrayed her pretty badly. Lori’s wetting pattern had continued last night. I gripped the door handle to the bathroom a little tighter. Should I wake her up? I thought for a second… Seeing the wet spot from the little bit of light I let into the room only made me fear for myself…  I was showing the first sign of catching what she had… if it was catchable. Not more then 3 mins ago, I’d just woken up after the same sort of dream she had described to me.

Deciding to play dumb, I tiptoed back into my room and shut the door to our connecting bathroom slowly. I sat on the edge of my bed and thought a moment. It had been such a realistic dream. Felt more real then any dream I’d ever had… not only that… but then waking up needing to pee? Just as Lori had said would happen? It was too coincidental.

I threw on a shirt and pulled up a pair of pajama pants over my boxers. My bushy tail was a bit unkempt so I smoothed it out before going out into the hall. It was still really early, just barely six o’clock… and the whole house was probably still asleep. I went out into the hallway and up to the railing that overlooked the lounge below.

It was still dark out, probably not even sunup yet. I stepped away from the railing and was about to head downstairs when I noticed something a little odd. The door to the nursery was open. Not much, but yet it was still ajar, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t like that the night before. There were no cubs staying here right now, so there was no need to be going in and out of there right?

I walked up the door and pulled it open a little more. The room was dark and from what I could see, had no windows to it from outside. I opened the door a little wider. It was quiet and no one was inside. The playpen was empty except for some stuffed animals and the same for the crib. The only thing that looked like it had been disturbed was a small closet door on one wall.

I opened the door all the way and walked into the room to the closet door. I found boxes and diaper bags and various other supplies needed for a nursery in it. I shrugged, nothing out of order here. The stacks of diapers seemed to be in relative neatness… There were a few containers of liquid randomly on one shelf… and they didn’t have a label, but they seemed to be the only odd thing in the dim light.

“Rick?” asked a soft voice behind me. I jumped a little and spun on a heel, hearing my tail suddenly brush apart a stack of diapers in the closet. I winced a little before seeing Lori staring at me.

“Oh hey Lori, you scared me,” I said to her before turning around to pick up the stack of diapers. I could hear Lori padding up to me as I did. I noticed she seemed to be breathing a little heavy.

“It… it happened again last night Rick,” she said in a whisper.

I stopped cleaning up the pile and just nodded. I stood up and hugged her, noting that she had changed into dry pajamas already. “I know, I checked in on you when I got up.” Realizing this was probably a slight invasion of my sister’s privacy I quickly tried to save face. “I didn’t think it would be right to wake you up so early… I’m sorry.”

Lori just let out a soft sob and we hugged. “What were you doing in here?” Lori asked after a moment.

I embarrassingly went to cleaning up the diapers again. “I saw the room open when I got up and went to see if someone had been in here. When you startled me, I accidentally knocked this pile of diapers over.”

Lori bent down to start helping me with the stack. It was almost back in order when Lori took one of the diapers and just stared at it for a moment.

“This isn’t a cub’s diaper…” Lori said. Her voice cracked slightly in surprise. I stopped and looked at it too. She was right. It was a disposable diaper, and even though it did have cub drawings and prints near the waist, this diaper was big enough to probably fit one of us.

“Your… right?” I said in a little bit of amazement. We both looked at it and didn’t say anything. Eventually we awkwardly cleaned up the rest and left the room.

“Will you help me with my sheets?” Lori asked when we were out in the hallway.

“Your sheets?”

“They’re… wet…”

“Oh…. Right… sorry sis, I wasn’t thinking.”

“I came to your room earlier for help, but you weren’t there. That’s how I saw the nursery door.”

I helped her strip her bed and get the sheets downstairs to the laundry room.

“Should I tell Ms. Roo?” Lori asked a little worried as we started the water for the laundry load.

“I think she’ll find out even if you don’t.”

“No she won’t.”

“What, she won’t notice a sheet-less bed? She seems to keep pretty good tabs on things like this Lori.”

Lori looked down at her feet for a moment, as if the answer was written between them on the floor. “Yeah, I guess your right… I’ll let her know when she’s up.”

We left the laundry room and went down to the living room. Lori sat on the corner of the couch and wrapped her bushy tail around herself. She looked something like a fuzzy pillow a little bigger then the rest. I took the seat next to her.

“Don’t feel so bad Lori,” I said trying to calm her, but came up a little short on what else to say. “I mean, we’re on vacation right?”

Lori hugged her tail close to her and rolled her eyes. “Yes, we’re on vacation… and look how I’m enjoying it. I didn’t even pack enough underwear for this type of problem.”

“Oh come on sis, Ms. Roo is doing laundry… and it’s not like you’re the only one.”

Lori took a deep breath and nodded slightly. “Yeah, poor Leslie.”

I was about to say something but then shut up. I realized I hadn’t told Lori yet. “I almost did it too…” I said, suddenly finding my voice very distant. Lori uncurled her tail a little.

“What..?” she asked looking at me incredulously.

“Last night I had a dream. I dreamt I was a toddler and stuff, playing with legos. Then I woke up, and very nearly peed myself.”

Lori’s mouth dropped. “What??”

“And it wasn’t just me either. Erin said she had the same dream the night before last too. We were talking about it when you were off skiing with Leslie yesterday.”

“We’ve… all had the same type of dream?”

“…Yes… yes we have.”

Lori closed her mouth and thought for a moment. “But… I’m the only one who’s had accidents during the day.”

“But Leslie has also had them during the night,” I pointed out.

Lori looked up at me. “Are we sick? Like is it a bad flu that affects our bathroom habits?”

“You’ve asked that before, nothing like that exists. Least I’ve never heard of it. I don’t know what’s going on sis.”

We sat on the couch in silence for a little bit, just thinking about our realization. The silence was broken by a loud thud upstairs. Like the thud of having dropped something heavy. Lori and I looked at each other and got up to go investigate. The upstairs hallway was quiet, we weren’t really even sure where the noise had come from until the bottom of Erin’s door filled with light.

“Do you think that thump came from Erin’s room?” Lori asked, thinking on the same wavelength I was.

“Maybe, I couldn’t really tell where the noise came from, either way looks like she turned the light on.”

It was still pretty dark out, the sun was only just starting to rise. Maybe it was getting close to 6am by now.

Lori and I softly padded up to Erin’s door, and I knocked quietly. There was another sound of sudden movement before the door cracked open just a tiny amount and Erin’s feline eyes peered through at me, just like the time two nights ago, except that time it had been Leslie’s room.

My sister spoke up. “Everything all right Erin?”

“I… I fell out of bed.”

I nodded. “We heard a thud. You okay?”

Erin was quiet for a moment and Lori’s face grew pale. “It happened to you… didn’t it?” my sister said.

Erin blushed a moment, but nodded.

I looked a little befuddled. “What happened?”

“Rick you idiot, what do you think?” Lori meeped. I opened my mouth to say something, but Erin opened the door a little wider to reveal wet pajamas. My mouth slammed shut.

We gave her some privacy to change and then Lori helped her strip her bed. Oddly, she didn’t want me in her room, or to see anything that had gone on, even though I pretty much knew and probably should have expected what had.

I stayed leaning on the wall outside her door and waited patiently as they came out with bundles of sheets and headed down to the laundry room.

“What the hell is wrong with us?” Erin asked quietly. “Why are all the girls having this happen to them?”

Lori was about to speak, but I beat her too it. “Its not just the girls.”

Erin looked at me. “You… your sheets are in here too?”

“No… but I did have a dream and… well nearly didn’t make it to the bathroom this morning.”

“So then the dream has come around full circle?” Erin asked us. Lori and I nodded.

“Having a laundry party?” Ms. Roo said cheerily as she poked her head into the laundry room. Lori jumped a little and grabbed my hand. I shook some too. We tried to form words. “Sorry if I scared you all,” Ms. Roo said as she came in the room and hopped over to the drier. She opened the door and took out a load of sheets. “I thought it was weird I heard talking in here, you guys really are getting an early start on the day.”

We didn’t say anything, we just quietly watched as she grabbed the sheets, folded them and then put them in her pouch. She then turned to us and to the washer we had started and it dawned (even on me) that she knew what we were probably washing.

“Are… all of you all right?” She asked kindly. She hopped over to us and took a moment to look into each of our eyes. There was just a simple warmth and worry in the look she gave us. “I can probably guess what’s in the washer,” she said quietly.

Lori looked down at the floor and raised her paw. Ms. Roo nodded. Erin hesitated, but raised her paw too. This seemed to surprise her a little and made her look my way, to which I just shrugged but shook my head no.

“Well… I… I think I’m going to call a friend of mine who’s a doctor,” Ms. Roo said as she put a paw on both Lori and Erin’s shoulder. Lori looked my way, as if to say ‘see told you we were sick’. I just nodded.

 We followed Ms. Roo back upstairs. She put the folded sheets in the linen closet at the end of the hallway and then disappeared into her room. Erin excused herself to go shower, and Lori did the same. I just shrugged and found myself alone in the upstairs hallway once more.

I wasn’t really feeling a particular need to shower, I hadn’t wet my bed like the girls, thankfully. But given how things were going, it looked like I might be on track too. Ms. Roo reappeared from her room a moment later with a small note-card in her hand.

“Found it!” she said with a smile. She ruffled my fur playfully as she went by. I smoothed it out after she’d passed and followed her down the stairs (didn’t really have anything else to do anyways).

“Found what?” I asked.

She smiled over her shoulder at me. “It’s the phone number for Dr. Burke. I want to give him a call and see if he can’t come by to figure out what’s wrong with the girls.”

I nodded, and thought for a moment of telling Ms. Roo about my dream and my fears of whatever it was happening to me but decided against it. What if the doctor suggested no skiing for those having the problem?

We went downstairs to the kitchen and Ms. Roo picked up the phone at the end of the breakfast bar. I just quietly took a seat at one of the stools at the counter and contented myself with spinning on the swivel seat it had.

“Hi Dr. Burke, its Karen. Sorry to call so early in the morning… Oh no, I’m doing fine, but I’ve got a house full of guests and three of them are a little under the weather … well if you aren’t too busy, perhaps you could find time to stop by during your rounds?”

On probably my fourth slow spin on the stool, I noticed Leslie quietly come into the room. I put my paw out to stop myself and shook my head to clear the dizziness. She hinted at a smile like she was acknowledging I was being silly, but yet she still kept a glum expression as she quietly padded up to the stool next to me. To be honest I don’t know if I like the, pardon my pun, “watered down version” of Leslie. It’s to be in room and not have her enter it like an explosion is going off but, it’s also weird because at the same time it’s not the way she is.

“Morning,” I said as she hopped up onto the stool. She was still in her pajamas and it didn’t look like she’d taken the time to brush out her fur, her eyes also looked a bit heavy, like she hadn’t slept well.

“Hi,” she said softly.  She stared at Ms. Roo as she talked on the phone. “Who’s she calling? It’s not my mom is it?”

“Your mom? No, it’s a Doctor. She wants him to come by and check out you Lori and Erin.”

Leslie nodded and rested her back against the chair. She shut her eyes and let her arms hang limp at her sides, just moving herself with her legs against the breakfast bar. “I guess we do need to see a doctor,” she said. Her voice almost sounded morbid.

“I’m sure he’ll tell you that there’s nothing wrong. Just a little too much time spent out in the cold.”

Leslie laughed a little bit to herself and opened her eyes. “Heh, sorry Rick I’m still kind of tired. But what you said just before, you said Erin didn’t you? Erin needs to be checked out by the doctor?”

I shrugged. Who cared about telling each other at this point. “Her sheets are in the laundry,” I said plainly.

Leslie smirked. “I’d love to make fun of her, if it weren’t for the fact mine are too. But no matter…”

We both turned our attention back to Ms. Roo who as balancing on her big kangaroo feet and finishing up her conversation. “You could make it by 10? That would be perfect. See you then,” and she hung up the phone. She turned and smiled at me, and noticing Leslie sitting there, she smiled at her too. “Good morning Leslie. Was just on the phone with a friend of mine. He’s a doctor and he’ll be by in a few hours to come take a look at you and the other girls.”

Leslie nodded, “Rick filled me in.”

“Well since everyone’s up now, why don’t I start on breakfast? Omelets sound good?”

Leslie gave a non-committal nod and stared at the countertop, I nodded a little more enthusiastically. Ms. Roo hopped over to the pantry and began to get out some things. I turned to Leslie, who had rested her chin on her folded arms on the countertop.

“Ms. Roo?” she asked.

Ms. Roo was still gathering a few pans and some cooking spray. “Yes Leslie?”

“You… wouldn’t call my mom would you? I mean… I know its good to tell her if we’re… sick… but I don’t know if…”

Ms. Roo stopped rummaging for a moment and turned to Leslie. “I haven’t called them yet, but if it gets any worse, I need too. I don’t want to embarrass you if that’s what you’re thinking, but this isn’t something to be taken that lightly. That’s why I called Doctor Burke a moment ago.”

Leslie took her head out of her hands and just nodded. Ms. Roo smiled and continued with her preparations.

Leslie got up and off her chair and headed out into the lounge. I got up and followed her. She threw herself onto the couch and I sat down on the other end.

“It’s like I’m a little kitten all over again,” Leslie said to the ceiling.

“What do you mean?” I asked. The way she said it sounded funny.

“Oh needing new sheets in the morning. Dreaming at night that I’m romping around in my old playroom.”

I rolled my eyes; a kitten? “That’s a little melodramatic Leslie.”

She frowned and turned her head to me. “I’m serious Rick.”

I smiled and threw a pillow her way. “Calm down Leslie, you can’t be a kitten, you’ve been too serious lately to be a kitten again.”

Leslie grabbed the pillow and growled angrily as she sat up to throw it at me. It was a pillow so of course it didn’t hurt, but I could tell in the amount of strength she put into it that she was pissed. She let out a noise like steam escaping a tea kettle and stomped off.

I sat holding the pillow in my hands. I wasn’t entirely sure Leslie had just been in the room. Leslie, the girl who would tackle me at a heart’s notice was actually being serious? I heard a door slam upstairs and it caused me to wince a little in realization. Maybe I was being dumb and a little insincere.

I got up to go back in to the kitchen when I noticed something. There was a little dark semi-circle on the couch where Leslie had just been. My nerves froze for a second and I wasn’t really sure what to do. I looked at the pillow in my hands and quickly plunked it down on the dark spot.

“Just ignore it, and it’ll go away…” I said quietly to myself, tip toeing away from the pillow covered accident. I made it back into the kitchen to find Ms. Roo happily setting out ingredients.

“Ooo Rick, can you fetch the girls? Omelets are best done when made to order.”

“Sure.” I went upstairs to find a bunch of doors shut. I knocked on Lori and Erin’s door, and they both said they’d be down in a moment. I went over to Leslie’s door and knocked to no reply.

“Um… Leslie, I’m pretty sure you’re in there. I’m only here to tell you that breakfast is ready.”

“Not hungry…” came a soft reply.

“Kay, hope you… um… feel better.”

Lori and Erin came down to the kitchen soon after. They were both showered and in their clothes for the day. I felt a little guilty because here everyone was ready for the day and I was still running around in a t-shirt and pajama pants.

We all took a seat at the breakfast bar and choose out what was to be in our Omelets. Ms. Roo filled the girls in about Dr. Burke and they both blushed a little, but nodded consent.

“He’ll be here at 10. No worries, I’ve known him for years. Good old fashion doctor, still makes house calls.” When she’d finished cooking our Omelets, we ate and she went upstairs to presumably fetch Leslie.

We ate in relative silence before Erin looked over at me. “Why didn’t Leslie come down?”

“She was down here earlier, when Ms. Roo made the call to the doctor.”

“Why’d she go back upstairs?”

“Dunno… This whole thing is kind of getting to her… at least… a little bit more then it is to the rest of us I mean. She’s really worried that…” I kind of let my mind drift off. Was it even worth saying?

“She’s worried what?” Lori asked with a mouth full of Omelet.

“She’s becoming a kitten again.”

Erin swallowed a little hard and tried to hold back a laugh. “Again? I don’t think she ever outgrew that stage.”

I smirked a little, but not very much. “I said something like that earlier too, she got really upset and stormed off upstairs.”

Erin shrugged. “Well she’s not only one in the boat.”

I just shrugged.

We finished breakfast and went into the lounge to just relax and watch some TV. Ms. Roo still hadn’t really come downstairs yet. She was still up with Leslie, or possibly in her own room doing something. Wasn’t really sure. I took the chance though to head upstairs to shower and get dressed.

By the time I was out Erin and Lori were still watching TV and Ms. Roo was in the kitchen doing dishes. Still no Leslie. I went to ask Ms. Roo if Leslie was all right, but just as I came into the kitchen there was a knock at the front door.

“I bet that’s Dr. Burke,” Ms. Roo said as she went to go answer it. I followed behind her to the corner of the hall.

As she opened the door a gust of cold air came into the room, bringing with it a dusting of snow. A rather portly seal stepped into the foyer. He looked right out of the 1930’s, complete with striped suit and bowler hat. He took off his hat and made a deep bow to Ms. Roo.

“Hello Karen, you look lovely as always.”

Ms. Roo rolled her eyes, “Gregory, always the flatterer.”

“Please Karen, it’s Dr. Burke, I’m on the job you know. “

“Well come on in Dr., the girls are in the lounge waiting.”

The doctor made his way towards the lounge and I couldn’t help but giggle. Watching a seal try to walk, especially a tubby one; is like watching a refrigerator try to mambo. I put my heels together and tried to mimic his method of movement till Ms. Roo flicked me on the shoulder and smirked in a way to let me know it wasn’t polite. I giggled a little more but stopped as we came into the living room.

Lori and Erin were still on the couch, but shut off the TV as the doctor came into the room. Putting down his bag and the doctor took a moment to get down on one knee near to Erin.

“Well aren’t you a pretty young lioness, my name’s Doctor Gregory Burke,” he said to Erin with a grin.

“My name’s Erin Bynum…”

“Well what seems to be the problem Ms. Bynum?” He asked as he took out a tongue depressor and a stethoscope. Erin’s posture immediately changed. Her ears turned back and she began to nervously rub one paw on top of the other.

“Well… um…”

I could almost feel the embarrassment physically from where I was standing. The doctor seemed to find a response in Erin’s lack of answer and so made a face like he wanted her to open her mouth, which she did and he put the tongue depressor down and pulled out a small flash light to check out Erin’s throat.

“Hmm… a…hmmm… ahhhh…” Rumbled the corpulent doctor.

“Well Gerg, er… Doctor Burke, the girls really haven’t had any sore throats or fevers.”

Doctor Burke put his scope and tongue depressor away. “Well what seems to be the problem then? Stomach virus?”

“I don’t think so…” Ms. Roo said shaking her head.

“Well what are the symptoms then Karen? I can’t be much help unless you tell me what’s wrong.”

“They’ve been…” Ms. Roo looked at the girls, and they seemed to both take in a deep breath. I even noticed that Leslie was peering down from the railing upstairs at us. “They’ve been having accidents,” Ms. Roo said as plainly as possible.

“Accidents? What kind of accidents?” Doctor Burke said, shuffling the bunched up whiskers on his face and looking perplexed. He got up off one knee and came over to the couch, moving aside a pillow to sit down.  “Hmm you have a wet spot on the couch.”

Ms. Roo seemed to flinch a little but nodded. “Umm… those kinds of accidents.”

The doctor looked at her then looked at the spot on the couch, then looked at Lori and Erin, then back at the couch, then Lori and Erin again, then back to Ms. Roo.

“Well um… that is something.”

Lori threw her head back and stared up at the ceiling, this probably wasn’t time well spent for her. Erin turned to look at me, she pointed at the spot on the other couch and mouthed the word “who?”

I meekly pointed a paw at the balcony. Erin’s eyes followed to see her sister, who was blushing so deeply that the white fur on her face almost threatened to turn red.

“Have the girls been through any emotional trauma lately?”

“We’re on vacation,” Lori said, pulling her head back to glare at the doctor. Her voice was almost cross, which was something out of character for her.

“They’ve been having accidents at night too,” Ms. Roo added. The doctor nodded.

“And this wasn’t a problem before?”

Erin and Lori both shook there heads no. The doctor nodded, but stopped short as he noticed Leslie coming down the stairs.

“We’ve been having dreams,” she said.

“Hmmm…? What kind of dreams?”

“About being little again. Like an age when accidents are expected.”

Ms. Roo perked up. “All of you?”

Leslie, Erin and Lori nodded. She looked my way and I nodded too. The doctor looked perplexed.

“I’ve never heard of anything like that before. I mean, its not uncommon for girls to have problems like that at night, it usually arises out of stress or a traumatizing incident, but to just start doing it suddenly for no reason. That doesn’t really make sense.”

Ms. Roo let out a sigh. “Well thanks for stopping by at least. You can’t think of anything to help them though?”

“Rubber sheets on the beds maybe? To help save the mattresses,” he took another look at the couch, “or maybe some type of protective undergarment.”

Ms. Roo showed the doctor out and the rest of us just stared at each other, not really sure what to make of it.

“I don’t know about the rest of you…” Leslie said in a sulky kind of voice. “but my nerves are about shot this morning… I’m going to go sit in the springs. At least if I have,” and she made her paws into quotation marks “an ‘accident’ there, no one will know.” She walked up and put the pillow back on the spot on the couch, making contact with my eyes as she got up and headed back upstairs.

Lori’s breathing became a little irregular and she started to cry softly. Erin noticed and hugged her.

“Its okay, see at least we aren’t sick?”

“Then what’s happening?” Lori sobbed.

“Don’t know…”

Ms. Roo came back into the room. She came over to the couch and took off the pillow Leslie had replaced. “I’ll probably need to put some baking soda on this and try to scrub it out,” she said softly. There wasn’t any accusation in her voice, or even a trace of her being upset, she was simply approaching the spot as something that needed to be taken care of. The rest of us didn’t comment. She went into the kitchen.

Lori sniffled and let out a few more sobs. I went to her and Erin and tried my best to muster a smile for them, “we’re still on vacation,” I said, trying to sound happy. “That should count for something at least.”

Leslie came back down the stairs in a bathing suit. “Oh I don’t think we’ll forget THIS vacation,” she said flatly. She headed out to the springs.

I sighed and put myself on the other couch (on the side where the spot wasn’t). Eventually Lori’s sobs subsided and when I looked over, she was asleep. Erin gently pushed her head from her shoulder to the pillows.

“Guess she didn’t get enough sleep last night,” Erin said with the first hint of a smile I’d seen that day. I let out a yawn. “Me too… went to bed late and was up at like 5 something.”

Erin switched the TV on and silently we tried to pretend that things hadn’t been as weird as they had that morning. Their must be a little magic in these couches though because before the first commercial hit, I could already feel my eyes closing.

Ms. Roo came into the room and quietly cleaned the couch as I started to pass out just as Lori had.

“So… what are we going to do?” Erin asked Ms. Roo, keeping her voice down. Ms. Roo shrugged.

“Sorry Dr. Burke wasn’t too much help. I guess we’ll just wait and see and hope you guys get over it.”

Erin nodded and let herself sink back into the chair. “Yeah… hope,” she said not sounding very convinced. Ms. Roo sighed and headed off towards the laundry room.





Two Weeks with Ms. Roo


By: CS Fox





Usually I can function on just like 5 hours of sleep but for some reason, I was really tired this morning. I don’t really think I was dreaming anything. Least not the dream I’d had the night before.

Actually let me ask you a question. Have you ever had one of those moments where you sort of wake up, like you regain a half-consciousness because your body senses motion around you? I opened my eyes a crack to see Erin up and trying to tug Lori awake.

“Oh Lori, please wake up, the couch is wet.”

And what Erin said seemed perfectly normal. When your half asleep, someone could tell you that humans were real and sure, whatever, it could happen, just let me go back to sleep. So my eyes closed again just as Lori got up with Erin.

I slept for some time more. Not sure how long. I started to regain a fuller sense of consciousness as my ears heard a slight growl. It was an odd and unusual sound, one I hadn’t heard in a few days. I yawned, and stretched and scratched behind my ears, slowly opening my eyes to see if I couldn’t figure out where that noise was coming from.

And then all at once, I was swept clean off the couch. Two arms encircled my midsection as they passed from somewhere behind me and continued to move towards the floor. I felt a bit like I’d just been hit by a car. I rolled over once and felt a familiar weight on my back as well as a sudden tightening of the arms around me.

“Ooof,” was all I could manage as Leslie hugged me from behind. “Well looks like your back to feeling like your old self again,” I said with a slight laugh, half happy, half in pain to see her return.

“Rick!” Leslie said in a jovial voice. She began to purr as she hugged me from behind.

“Wow, you’re… really in a good mood.”

“Uh huh uh huh! I’m a kitten!” Leslie mewed happily. She almost sounded like an excited 13-year-old.

“Well that’s good I think, any chance you can let me go?”
            “Nope!” another giddy reply. She hugged me a little harder.

“Leslie?” came Erin’s voice from somewhere upstairs. It sounded slightly worried. The paws around me suddenly released and I felt Leslie’s weight lift off my back. There was an odd noise to it, a slight crinkling.

I rolled over and started to get to my feet, seeing Leslie as she disappeared up the stairs. I had to squint a little but, she was wearing a green one piece pajama suit thing. My mouth just kind of hung open.

“Um… okay…” I said scratching my head a little more. I slowly followed upstairs, curious what the heck that was about. I came up to the railing overlooking the lounge I’d just been in and found Erin looking flabbergasted at Leslie, who was grabbing onto one of her legs.

“Rick…? What’s going on?” Erin said looking at her sister. Leslie was giggling and working to topple Erin over, which she was successful in doing.

“Erin!” she mewed excitedly as came up to nuzzle her sister’s nose. “Got you!” she said. Erin was to stunned to move, she just laid flat on her back as her sister hopped off and ran into the nursery. Erin and I looked at each other, and I reached down to help Erin up. She pointed excitedly towards the nursery and looked at me silently asking “did you see that too?” I just nodded and shrugged my shoulders.

We both came up to the nursery door and found Leslie inside trying to reach for one of the stuffed animals in the play pen. She bent over the rail reaching as hard as she could. I noticed that the clothes she’d been wearing earlier were piled in a heap near that closet door in the corner that Lori and I had seen earlier this morning.

“I think she’s flipped,” Erin said incredulously. She almost laughed when Leslie toppled over into the playpen, but stopped short as Leslie grabbed onto the stuffed animal she’d been reaching for and cuddled it close. “I thought it was just an act, but… I don’t think she’s acting right now.”

We both walked up to her. It was weird and eerie. I mean for 17 Leslie was a bit immature, but this? As we got closer and she shifted around in the playpen, I kept hearing the crinkling noise. I thought about what was in the closet and then it sort of struck me. I could even see it now through her sleeper.

“I think she’s wearing a diaper…” I said to Erin. Erin just stared harder at Leslie.

“Leslie…?” she said softly, almost the type of question you’d ask someone after hearing a loud noise and checking to see if they’re all right.

“Hi Erin,” she said with a smile while still hugging the stuff animal.

“Leslie, what are you doing?”


“Oookay…” Erin looked at me a little worried. “Lets find Ms. Roo.”

I nodded vigorously and turned around to find Lori at the door.

“What’s all the commotion about?” she asked sleepily. She had apparently been napping again after briefly waking up earlier.

Erin and I just kind of looked at each other. “Umm… well we’re going to get Ms. Roo, Leslie is… not really here right now…” I said at length, looking back at Leslie who giggled and raised a paw to smile and wave at us. I waved back a little hesitantly. Lori sort of blinked her eyes at Leslie and cautiously walked up to the playpen.

“Umm… She looks here to me?” she said raising an eyebrow and turning back to me. At that moment, Leslie suddenly reared back on her hind legs and snuggle-pounced Lori. Lori meeped loudly as she hit the ground.

“LORI!” Leslie purred hugging her close. Lori shrieked a little and started to cry. Leslie immediately got off her. “I sowry!” she said backing up, “I sowry I sowry!” she said repeatedly as Lori cried. Erin and I gasped a little as we saw a wet patch on Lori’s shorts… the pounce had caused her too… wet herself. “I’ll.. I’ll fix it!” Leslie said running on all fours to the closet door where her clothes were piled on the floor. She opened it up and took out a pack of diapers.

I quickly came over to Leslie and took the pack of oversized diapers out of her paws. “Woah, that’s okay Leslie, I think I’ll help my sis out.”

Leslie missed a beat for a moment and then pouted… “I’m sorry…” she said losing a little bit of the childish lisp she had used before.

“I think I’ll take care of this…” Ms. Roo said as she quietly came into the room. All of us turned her way, a little lost for words as she did her little kangaroo hop over to Leslie and I. “Why don’t you sit here Leslie,” Ms. Roo said taking a throw pillow from the closet and placing it on the floor. Leslie sort of had a stunned expression, but complied. “Let me help Lori real quick and I’ll be right back for you,” she said playfully patting Leslie on the head. Leslie smiled, but it didn’t seem her own, almost as if Ms. Roo’s pat had brought it on.

Ms. Roo hopped over to Lori and helped her up. “Aww deary, looks like you had another accident.”

Lori sniffled and didn’t say anything.

“It’s okay, your not in trouble, lets just get you into the shower though, okay?”

Lori nodded. Ms. Roo took her paw and walked her over to Erin. She looked my way and motioned with her head for me to join. I came over and Ms. Roo put Lori’s paw in Erin’s.

“Why don’t you two make sure she gets a shower? I’ll have a chat with Leslie.”

We both nodded and left the room in eerie silence. Ms. Roo had come in with an almost practiced coolness, as if she’d be through this situation a hundred times and the fact that Leslie was dressed like a toddler didn’t phase her in the least.

Erin and I took Lori back to her room and into the adjoining bathroom. She was still sobbing a little bit, but she was the first to break the silence. “What happened to Leslie?”

Erin sighed. “Not sure she just kind of snapped. Started saying she was a kitten and stuff.”

“And tackling everyone…” I added. “But it’s something she’s always done…”

“Not to another girl,” Erin said coldly looking at Lori. Lori nodded. There was another moment of silence and Erin and Lori both looked at me.

“What?” I asked.

“I’m not going to shower with you in here.”

“Ooooohhh… right. I’ll be out in the hallway then,” I said taking my leave.

I went out of the door that connected to my room and then out into the hallway again. No one had shut the door to the nursery and I could hear Leslie talking to Ms. Roo. Feeling a little guilty, but also like I at least deserved to know what was happening, I slowly took a step towards the nursery and perked my ears to listen in.

“And that’s when you came in here?” Ms. Roo asked. There wasn’t a reply, but I could assume Leslie was nodding. “I see, and the diaper… because you’ve been having accidents?”

“I… I’m sorry…” Leslie said, completely devoid of the childish lisp.

“Was the act really necessary though? I was in the kitchen earlier when I saw you fly over the couch onto Rick.”

“Well…” there was a pause. “I came up here, stripped down… put on a diaper and… just… felt good. Part of me felt a little weird and almost, like I was doing something shameful when I put the diaper on… but something else just urged me on… I can’t really explain it better then that.”

“Did it urge you to pounce Lori?”

“…no… well maybe… I don’t know, I just… it felt like I was being me when I did that… and the same for Rick earlier. I felt happy to see them and just… had to show it,” there was another long pause and I wondered what the two of them were thinking. Ms. Roo seemed to be doing something because I could hear her open the closet door and I assumed Leslie was still sitting where she’d been asked too. “Should I take this off?” Leslie asked hesitantly.

“I think that’s what we need to talk about. Tell me something Leslie, and please, be honest with me. If I said I didn’t have a problem with it, would you want to be a ‘kitten’ for the rest of your vacation here?”

My mouth dropped open in stunned silence, and I had to restrain myself from turning the corner and looking into the room to see Leslie’s reaction as well. Whatever her reaction was, it didn’t involve words.

“You’re on vacation, and I want you to relax… and I’m willing to help you do that any way I can… I will admit that we were running a little short of solutions to the accidents that you and Lori were having, but if this is what you’d like, I’ll cater to it.”

There was another pause followed by the sound of Ms. Roo hoping towards the door. “Are you sure?” Ms. Roo asked.

Leslie, who I could only guess had been nodding, said very meekly “I am…”

My heart pounded a little louder in my chest and Ms. Roo was nearly at the door. “Well if that’s what you want why don’t you let me change you into something a little more proper, and we’ll discuss what to do from there.” And she shut the door and I nearly fell over.

After standing in the hallway for about 5 minutes alone, I took a seat and rested with my head against the wall. I curled my tail over my feet and just thought about what had happened. Dreams, accidents, Leslie’s sudden… change… A few minutes later the door opened behind me and I looked up to see Ms. Roo.

“Rick can we talk a moment?”

I nodded and she offered a paw to help me up.

“As you know, the girls have been having a few problems, and after a little talk with Leslie, we’ve decided I’m going to help care for her a little more,” she smiled warmly at me. “And by caring for her, I mean… well let me show you. Leslie, come on out.”

Leslie’s head sort of poked out of the room, but she suddenly seemed uncharacteristically shy.

“You were all giggly 10 minutes ago when I walked in on you, why the sudden change now?” Ms. Roo prodded. She took her paw and scooped Leslie out in front of her.

The change was dramatic. Earlier today Leslie was the oldest of us, and now, she looked like the youngest. Her hair was pinned back with very girly looking little clips, and she was wearing a pink shirt under a pair of overalls. Around her neck she had a lanyard with a pacifier on the end. My mouth hung open a little bit, she looked like a toddler… a kitten… and Leslie knew it. She did her very best not to meet my eyes.

“Rick, you’re not going to make fun of her, right?” Ms. Roo chided.

Her voice snapped me out of a little trance. This seemed a bit extreme in terms of ‘care’ for wetting accidents, but I nodded, looking again to make sure it really was Leslie.

“Good,” she said patting me on the head. She took Leslie’s paw in her own and led her downstairs. As she walked away, I could hear the telltale noise I suspected might be there. Leslie was still diapered.

I slumped back down against the wall. Wow. The panthress who loves to pounce me has suddenly become a kitten. How did this happen in all of 20 minutes?

Erin came out of Lori’s room a moment later. She looked at me and pointed to the nursery. “Is Ms. Roo still in there with Leslie?”

“Nope, they just went downstairs.”



Erin’s eyes went a little wide. “Oh…”






Two Weeks with Ms. Roo


By: CS Fox




“Ms. Roo said it was to help Leslie with the accidents she’s been having,” I said after Erin just stood there staring down the hallway.

“But, isn’t this a little bit much? It’s kind of weird.”

I shrugged, “I had that thought too, but she asked Leslie if being treated like a kitten was what she wanted and… now she’s dressed like one.”

Erin looked like she was having a hard time accepting this. She put her back to the wall and slumped down to sit next to me.

“Well this will certainly be a memorable vacation won’t it? I mean who could forget your older sister suddenly discovering she’s younger then you?”

I smirked. “Oh come on, you’re being melodramatic.”

Erin shrugged. A moment later, Lori came out of her room to join us. She was a bit fluffy from the shower and was doing her best to straighten out her tail with a towel as she came into the hallway.

“Is Leslie okay?” she asked looking around.

I nodded “She’s okay, but she’s downstairs and in diapers right now.”

Lori’s eyes went as wide as Erin’s had been. “You mean she’s going to stay like that?”

“Apparently,” Erin said. She said it kind of forced, like she wasn’t sure it was the right thing to say.

Lori mouthed the word ‘wow’.

“Hope you feel better now that you’ve had a shower Lori,” Ms. Roo said as she came back upstairs. Lori tried to nod a reply.

“Now I already spoke to Rick, but let me address both of you girls. Please, don’t make fun of Leslie, I think you both understand from your own accidents how embarrassing this is. She’s asked that I treat her… a little younger then she actually is. This is your vacation, and I don’t see a problem with anything that helps you relax in some way. So please don’t tease her about what she’s wearing or about the help I’m going to give. Okay?”

We were all silent. It’s not easy to contradict your caretaker, and what do you really say when the person in charge tells you something kind of screwy, like “hey the sky is purple today”. Do you correct them or just go along with it?

Taking our silence as an answer, Ms. Roo smiled and looked over the railing to check on Leslie. “Why don’t you all head downstairs and join her, I’m going to finish cleaning up in the nursery.”

My thoughts were a bit jumbled and I nodded at an easy idea. Erin was already going that way. Lori went back into her room to put away the towel she’d been using to straighten out her tail.

Erin and I came into the living room to find a very embarrassed looking Leslie sitting on the couch… She was sucking on the pacifier attached to her lanyard. She looked at us but then quickly tried to find something else to look at out the window, blushing as much as before. I sat down and reached for the remote to try and get around the awkwardness but Erin sat and nudged it away.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked Leslie bluntly.

Leslie turned our way as if she’d just noticed us for the first time. I couldn’t help staring. It was a complete transformation for her. She looked cutesy where she usually looked tomboyish. She nervously gave her paci a few more sucks before taking it from her mouth.

“I’m… not really sure what to say,” she shifted around so that her hind paws were under her rear. She crinkled quite a bit in the process. “Ms. Roo asked if this is what I wanted and…” She looked down at herself. “I couldn’t bring myself to say no.”

“But, don’t you feel silly?” Erin asked.

“Right now? Yes and no, but it’s a better feeling wearing this and not having to worry about wetting myself. My body’s been acting like a kitten, and now this fits.”

“Leslie…” I said trying to get some sense out of this. “I don’t believe you just snapped and became a kitten.”

She frowned and put the pacifier back in her mouth. “I look wike one don’t I?” she asked around the pacifier.

It was hard to argue that, but Erin had that expression on her face like she still didn’t believe it. “Well if it’s what you want…”

Leslie sucked on her pacifier before giving a slow nod. She dropped it and let it hang on her lanyard before taking a pillow and hugging it to her chest. “I can’t explain it, but… its kinda… nice… like Halloween..”

“I think she looks kind of cute,” Lori said sheepishly as she came downstairs to join us.

Erin crossed her arms. “Don’t encourage her.”

“I thought I asked you not to tease,” Ms. Roo added as she came down the stairs behind Lori.

“I.. didn’t, I mean I,”

Ms. Roo smiled and shook her head playfully, “It’ll take a little adjusting for everyone I’m sure. Leslie most of all… Anyways, come on girls, let’s get started on a late lunch. There’ll still be some time for skiing this afternoon if you like.”

I felt a little slighted that she referred to the girls, but not, but I ignored the remark and got up and headed toward the kitchen. We all pitched in to get lunch ready. I got out the napkins and knives, Leslie got the glasses, Lori the plates, Erin the forks and spoons…

“I’m thinking hot soup for lunch,” Ms. Roo commented when she noticed Erin staring at her sister. She had the spoons in one paw and the forks in another, but she was just sort of standing transfixed as her sister went about filling glasses with milk while sucking on her pacifier.

“Does that sound good Erin?” Ms. Roo asked her more directly.

Erin looked at her when hearing her name. “Oh, yah, soup will be fine.”

“Chicken noodle, it can cure just about anything,” Ms. Roo said grabbing a few things out of the freezer.

Erin forced a smile and quickly went about setting the table. I decided not to comment and just took my seat at the breakfast bar when my place was set.

It didn’t take too long to heat the soup, I think it was something Ms. Roo had already made and kept in a bag in the freezer. She ladled big bowls for all of us.

“All right, dig in when you’re ready,” Ms. Roo said with a smile. She got a napkin and happily went over to Leslie, taking it and tucking it in below her chin, giving her a pat on the cheek. Erin, Lori and I all watched it happen, but when Ms. Roo caught us looking (and Leslie started blushing) we all got to eating as if collectively we hadn’t seen anything. This was just some of the adjustments we’d have to get used too… right?

It’s amazing how much an eventful day can help your appetite. It was a full two bowls before any of us were full. We managed to curve the conversation away from the obvious and started talking about ski plans for the afternoon. The snow was still prime for skiing, and there was still plenty of afternoon left.

 “All right, I’m off to go skiing. Who wants to go with?” Erin asked stretching, after we’d cleaned up the meal.

“I’ll go! I need to get out,” Lori meeped happily. Leslie was quick to nod her agreement and I did the same. After this morning, getting out of the cabin would be nice.

“I want you in before dark,” Ms. Roo said in a very motherly tone to us as we got ready. She took Leslie upstairs to change out of her juvenile outfit and into some sweats, so she could get on her usual snow gear. She was still diapered underneath , and her hair was still done very childishly, but on the slopes it wasn’t something completely uncommon. With the snow gear she looked much older. She smiled, and stuck her tongue out at me as she caught me looking. I smiled back, this was more normal.

For the first run, Lori and I paired up. I had a feeling that there was more for Erin and Leslie to discuss on the lift up. We all got to the top of a beginner hill (mainly for Lori’s sake) and started down. Once again I’d like to emphasize the fun of skiing, and also its recuperative properties to get your mind off of whatever weirdness had taken place earlier in the day.

After the first two runs, we switched lift buddies and I found myself with Leslie. She was all snowballs and play shoves, and I was just happy to see her acting her usual self. She was talking about the skiing on the way up but mid sentence she stopped and started fidgeting.

“Everything okay Leslie?”

She shifted a few more times, but managed to nod. “Yah… I…” She began to blush. “I’m fine,” she insisted.

I raised an eyebrow. “Ants in the pants?”

“… I’m wetting my diaper… I can feel it getting warm, but I can’t feel myself going,” she said shyly.

I stared at her trying to decide what to say to that. “Are… you okay? I mean… this…”

She looked like she might cry for a moment, but sniffed it back. “I’m okay… I’m in diapers after all, this happens to kittens.”

“You’re not really a kitten Leslie, if you want to pretend so that you can relax like Ms. Roo says, that’s cool, I’ll be your big brother or whatever you want, but just don’t get… too into it you know?”

“I didn’t just pee myself on purpose… it just happened, I had no control… how is that pretending?”

I sighed, “I don’t know...”

“Will you really be my big brother?”

I nodded, and she managed a weak smile.

“I’m kind of worried though Leslie.”

“How much do you have to worry? You’re not the one in a wet diaper right now.”

“Well, you want me to be a big brother, big brother’s worry when things start happening to their sister’s unexpectedly.”

She looked at me. Then stared straight ahead, blushing again. “I kind of like what’s happening though,” she said as the lift chair pulled up to the top.

We made it down another two times. We switched partners again and this time I was with Erin. Lori was feeling ready to go down a medium hill again. We rode up and going down, it took a bit longer for her, but she was very proud to make it all the way without having fallen once.

After another few runs, we were getting pretty tired so we decided to head in.

“Good skiing?” Ms. Roo asked as we all came in, tromping snow into the foyer.

We answered with nods and smiles.

“Wonderful, you all looked like you needed some time on the slopes. Now come on, let’s get those wet clothes off.”

 We started getting our gear off and Ms. Roo went to Leslie to give her some help with her jacket and pants. I was down to my suspender snow pants, just as Ms. Roo was helping Leslie take off hers. Pulling them down her thumbs seemed to catch onto her sweats as well and Leslie meeped as a wet diaper was revealed before she could grasp the sweats to pull them back up.

Ms. Roo didn’t look surprised. “Awww I see we have a wet little kitten.”

“You’re joking…” Erin said gasping a little and turned to look at Leslie.

The blush returned. “I, I couldn’t help it.”

“Now now Erin, no teasing remember? Leslie is in diapers, what do you think diapers are for?”

Erin’s mouth hung open (Lori was looking on intently and so was I).

“Come on dear, let’s get you upstairs and changed,” Ms. Roo said like she was talking to a 3-year-old.

Blushing furiously, and ready to escape the embarrassing stare of her sister, Leslie quickly retreated upstairs, leaving the rest of us looking at each other. Ms. Roo hopped up behind her. Once again the three of us were left bewildered and staring dumbly at each other.

“What… what do we tell our parents about this?” Erin asked no one in particular. She was taking the rest of her gear off, just kind of going through the motions, and in no hurry.

“I don’t think we tell them about this… I mean… wouldn’t it lead to having to talk about the accidents you girls have been having?” I said.

“You almost had one too!” Lori added in. She was trying to work a big wool turtleneck over her head… As she pulled it up, I caught a glimpse of something…

 “Do you want to explain to mom why you’re wearing a pull-up?” I asked realizing what it was I could see the top of.

Erin’s head quickly turned to look, and Lori’s arms dropped like they were suddenly made of led. She blushed and held the sweater in front of her to block the gap between t-shirt and sweat pants. I gave her a look that asked ‘why are you wearing that?’

“It’s… it’s… I just thought it’d be a good idea,” Lori said embarrassed. “It was on my bed after I put the towel away.”

“We’re wetting ourselves and our sisters are going insane,” Erin said throwing her arms up.

“AM NOT!”  Lori frowned. “Mine’s not even wet, I just put it on in case,” she stuck her tongue out at Erin. “You’ll probably need one too soon.”

Erin frowned. “That’s not funny.”

“And nobody’s laughing,” I added. We were all down to sweats. “Let’s just leave it and go sit down.”

They both looked at me, but didn’t argue. We all went over to the couch and TV.

Leslie came down with Ms. Roo a few minutes later. She was in another outfit like the one she’d had earlier, scary juvenile, but she seemed happy enough about it, so no one said anything.

“Dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes. I’ll call when it’s done,” Ms. Roo said with a smile as she hopped into the kitchen. We just lost ourselves in TV for a while.

Dinner was light as compared to other nights. Ms. Roo grilled up some type of fish that she had in the freezer. I’m not a big fan of fish, but she’s pretty good at cooking and it went great with some oven fries. The only odd thing about the meal was that Ms. Roo made a show of cutting up Leslie’s food for her, saying it was part of the treatment. Leslie tried to say she really didn’t need help like this, but she was helped anyway.

“Well what would everyone like to do tonight? Board games? More Movies? Hot Springs? What sounds fun?” Ms. Roo asked after we were done.

“What board games do you have?” Leslie asked with a rueful smile. I shuddered a little bit, Leslie can be a bit competitive when she gets into a board game. There was once a game of monopoly that ended with me being forced to swallow my hotel on Boardwalk Avenue. (In case you’re wondering, it’ll pass through your system in a day, you don’t want to know how I know).

“Go take a look, they’re in the closet on the side of the den.”

Leslie was up and crinkling.

“I think I might go for a sit in the hot springs,” Lori said. “Wanna join Erin?”

Erin looked up, she’d been idly staring at the table. “No, I don’t think I really feel like going tonight.”

“I’ll go with you honey,” Ms. Roo said with a smile to Lori. “Why don’t you go change, I’ll go grab my suit and meet you in a moment.”

Lori nodded and went upstairs.

“You okay dear?” Ms. Roo asked Erin when Lori was gone.

Erin looked up again and nodded, “It’s just been an… odd… day.”

Ms. Roo nodded. “Well the hot springs has a way of helping take your mind off things. I’ll be out there if you feel like changing your mind. You’re welcome to use the springs after us Rick,” she added with a smile. I smiled back but shook my head no. She turned and hopped off to her room.

Sitting alone with Erin, she just stared at the table and I could tell something was wrong.

 “Are you really okay?” I asked after a moment.

“Not really.”

“You’ve been in some type of funk all day. You’re acting almost as serious as Leslie was before she decided she’s a kitten.”

“Sorry, I’m not feeling very kittenish if that’s what you’re thinking. I guess I’m just wondering why everyone else is, and why no one seems to mind.”

“I’m not acting very kittenish… if that’s even a word… and it’s what Leslie wanted, so why not go along with it?” I pointed out.

“I guess…”

Leslie came back in with a monopoly box held high above her head. She smiled triumphantly looking at Erin and I. She glanced around looking for Lori and Ms. Roo, but shrugged not seeing them.

“Anyone up for some economics?” Leslie asked spinning the box once.

Erin rolled her eyes. “Nah… I think I might go join Ms. Roo and Lori… The hot springs are sounding pretty good the more I think of them.”

Leslie frowned as Erin walked off.

“Wanna play Rick?” she asked hopefully. I looked up at her, it was funny because she was acting like her normal big girl self even though she was dressed (okay, I’ll admit, adorably dressed) like a kitten.

“Can you play monopoly with only two players?” I asked.

“I don’t know… there are other games; wanna play battleship?”

My mind had images of being force fed a battleship if I were to win. “Umm… anything else?”



Leslie smiled and went crinkling back towards the living room.

After about four games (losing each one) Leslie was satisfied with her winning-predatory instinct and we’d settled on the couch to watch cartoons. Leslie looked almost as relaxed as I did in the hot springs yesterday as she laid out with her pacifier in her mouth, sucking and watching cartoons. She spit it out and blushed when she caught me staring at her doing it, I guess I blushed a bit too. I couldn’t help looking, how often do 17-year-old girls do something like that?

Ms. Roo came in with Erin and Lori a few minutes later. The girls all looked happier as they sat dressed in bath robes and towels over their hair. Erin gave me a little more of a smile so I was glad that she’d at least been able to relax some out there.

“You’re welcome to use the spring now if you’d like Rick,” Ms. Roo said to me.

“No thanks, I’m all right. I think I might just do with a hot shower in a little bit.”

Ms. Roo nodded and tried to dry her own hair with her towel. She turned to Leslie. “How are you doing little kitten?”

Hearing herself referred to as little kitten, Leslie blushed and lowered her ears shyly. “I’m fine.”

“Don’t need a change or anything?”

Leslie meekly shook her head no.

Ms. Roo smiled and nodded.

“Well don’t stay up too late everyone. It’s already past 9.”

We promised we wouldn’t. Thinking about the time, I decided it was probably best to shower now. I headed upstairs to a nice long hot shower.

For some reason, my mind kept wandering and thinking about Leslie and what I’d seen today. It was weird. I didn’t really know how to look at the situation, did she actually say she liked what was happening to her earlier? Erin seemed to be rejecting the whole situation. Not to mention my sister; wearing pull-ups?

I turned off the shower still thinking about it, and heard someone through the other door to the bathroom. Ms. Roo was talking to my sister in the room that shared my bathroom.

“I see you wore the little bit of protection I left you,” I heard Ms. Roo say.

Why do these conversations have to happen when I’m right nearby… I couldn’t but listen in.

“I… I saw it out on the bed after I hung up my towel.”

“I thought it might not be a bad idea because of the accidents you’ve been having. I noticed the one you left in the bathroom outside the hot springs was a bit wet. Did you have another accident?”

“…I’m sorry.”

“No no, it’s okay, but I think it might be smart to wear another one to bed. Okay?”

I didn’t hear a response, but I heard Ms. Roo hop out of the room. I took that as my cue to get about my business. I quickly got dried off and changed into some track pants and t-shirt to go relax in the den if Erin and Leslie were still up.

Leslie was gone, but Erin was laying on the couch watching another chick flick. She looked up as I came in and nodded to a spot on the couch next to her.

“Feeling better?” I asked as I sat down. She adjusted herself so that she was lying with her head on my leg. I don’t know why, but I started to run my paw through her hair. She purred and nodded.

“Better, but still worried and confused.”

I nodded. I knew exactly how she felt. “Leslie already go to bed?” I asked looking around.

“Ms. Roo took Leslie up to bed right after you went for a shower.”

Erin turned to look at me. “She carried Leslie up on her hip, didn’t even look strained doing it. I think she put her in the nursery tonight.

“I guess so,” I said turning to look upstairs over the railing to see if I could somehow see Leslie doing just that.

“You think this is weird, right Rick?” Erin asked as she saw me looking back upstairs.

“Yah,” I said, although a part of me wasn’t sure.

“I mean, furs don’t wear diapers and act like kittens and pups to relax do they?”

“It’s what Leslie wanted,” was all I could find to say.

“I know… but… she’s supposed to be older than me. She’s supposed to be tomboyish and pigheaded, not wetting herself and sucking on a paci.”

I shrugged. “I know, but is she really hurting anyone by acting like this?”

Erin was silent. We settled into the movie. I eventually got tired of running my paw through Erin’s hair, but when I tried to stop she frowned, so I just switched paws and she went back to purring.

“Thanks for at least listening to me,” Erin said at length. She kissed my paw.

Tonight we managed not to pass out on the couch together. When the movie was over we were still awake (possibly because we were still thinking to ourselves) and so we got up, stretched, and went to our own rooms.





Two Weeks with Ms. Roo


By: CS Fox



Nature shook me awake sooner then I wanted to be. I dashed to the bathroom, managing not to have an accident. I scratched my furry ears trying to remember if I’d had the dream or not last night… I was glad that I hadn’t woken up in a wet bed, but having to run to the toilet in the morning this desperately was not something I wanted to continue waking up too.

I walked out into the hallway to see if anyone else was up. The sun wasn’t up so the hall was still pretty dark. It didn’t look like any of the lights in the rooms were on.

I was about to turn and head downstairs when I heard Leslie from the nursery.

“Are you up Rick?” She asked in a voice that seemed like she didn’t want to wake anyone if I wasn’t up.

I came over to the door. “I’m awake, what’s up?”

“Can you come help me out?”

“Sure,” I said, but I rolled the thought around in my head. Help her out of what? I cracked the door open and blinked a few times as I saw her sitting up on her hind paws in a big crib. She was dressed in a pink footed sleeper and was rubbing at her eyes with the backs of her paws, looking a little groggy.

 “You slept in a crib?” I asked stating the obvious.

She blushed, but nodded. “Ms. Roo put the side up last night. I can’t figure out how to get it down.”

I walked up looking around the crib. It was pretty big, probably big enough to fit more than one fur in. It’d been in the room the whole time but I guess we hadn’t really looked that closely at it before since it was in the corner.

“Couldn’t you just climb over the top?” I asked looking at the crib. The bars were pretty high, but Leslie wasn’t exactly a kitten, even if she looked like it.

“Do you think it’ll break if I do? I don’t want to break the crib by trying to climb out over the bars.”

“It’ll be fine, just swing a leg over and I’ll help you.”

Getting up very awkwardly and with a lot of crinkling, Leslie balanced herself on the headboard of the crib. She swung a leg out and over the bars. She looked terribly cute doing this on shaky, uncertain legs. I spread my own legs for balance and cupped my paws for her to put her hind paw on.

She stepped down and looked like she’d be okay, but her pink sleeper seemed a bit tighter then she thought and mid way she found it off balancing her. She tried to get her other leg over by leaning a little further, but ended up toppling over on me.

“Oof.” I coughed out as Leslie landed on me.

“Thanks,” she said shyly, rolling off me and helping me up into a sitting position.

“You all right?” I asked rubbing the back of my head.

She nodded, “I’m okay… but…” she blushed and looked down embarrassed. “I think I need a change. Is Ms. Roo awake?”

My mind wanted to comment about not getting too into the role she was playing, but I held it back. “I don’t think she’s up yet. It’s still pretty early.”

Leslie looked over at the closet and then back at me. “Do you think you could…”


“I haven’t even asked the question yet.” she pouted.

I frowned and crossed my arms. I had a suspicion. “Fine what was your question?”

Leslie blushed redder then before. “Can you change me?”


“I can’t do it very well myself, Ms. Roo said I put the diaper on wrong when I did it. Erin’s the one who babysat, I’m the field hockey player, remember?”


“No you don’t remember or no you won’t change me?”


She pouted some more. “You said you’d be my big brother!”

I sighed and took a deep breath. “Okay, Leslie, if you’re wearing diapers, you’re not wearing anything underneath… I’m not comfortable helping you with this. I mean, what would your sister think if she walked in?”

Leslie looked downtrodden. “Oh… yah, I guess you’re right… I mean, we, er.. you wouldn’t want…”

I gave her a hug. “I said I didn’t mind playing along, but c’mon, are you really comfortable with me seeing you naked like that?”

She shrugged cutely at me.

I recrossed my arms. “No.”

Letting out a sigh, she regained a little of her composure. “I just woke up wet… well at least my diaper and not the blanket.” She got up and walked in sort of a waddle. “Wanna watch some cartoons till everyone else is up?” she asked.

I nodded, and got up as well.

We went down to the den and put on some cartoons. It was about another 20 minutes or so before we began to hear signs of life around the cabin.

Erin was the first one to come downstairs. She had a bundle of sheets in her arms and tried not to look at us as she kept walking straight to the laundry room. I grimaced, thinking this wasn’t going to help with her mood during the day.

“You should go help her out,” Leslie said as her sister went by.

“Do you think she wants to talk after what she’s probably just done?”

Leslie shrugged. “Don’t talk about it, just help.”

I got up and followed Erin to the laundry room. She was crying softly by the time I got there. The sheets were quite obviously stained, and she hadn’t even bothered to change out of her wet sweat pants yet either. She tried to pull her shirt down a little as I came in.

“It happened again.”

I nodded. “… you okay?”

“Can you go get me a towel? I just want to strip off these wet sweats and panties and get in the shower.”

“Sure,” I said, trying to be polite as possible. I hurried upstairs to the linen closet and came back with a nice big towel. She mumbled a quick thanks and I came back into the living room to let her undress and get to her shower.

Lori came down just as Erin was going up in only a towel to take her shower. Lori looked at her kind of confused, but kept coming down the stairs and gave a tired wave to Leslie and I.

“Mornin’,” she yawned out.

“Hewwo,” Leslie said with a smile. “Looks like you kept dry.”

Lori stopped mid-step toward the couch and suddenly brought a paw to her waist and gave a tentative pat at her pajama bottoms. Leslie and I both stared at her not sure what she was doing.

“I wet?” she said confused.

 “Happen again?” I asked.

Lori blushed, and nodded. She turned around and hurried back up the stairs.

Leslie looked at me, “What was that about?”

“Ms. Roo has her in pull-ups.”

Leslie giggled a little, but caught herself when I glared. “Sorry.”

I nodded, “You’re not really in a position to laugh, Mrs. Change-me.”

Leslie stuck her tongue out at me and I stuck mine out right back at her.

We watched cartoons for a little while longer until Erin and Lori came downstairs with Ms. Roo. Erin was in fresh sweats, but blushing a little bit.

“Good morning. Sleep well?” Ms. Roo directed at us.

We both nodded as Ms. Roo hopped up to us. Leaning forward, she smiled and reached toward Leslie. Instinctively Leslie pulled away a little bit but didn’t have anywhere to go with the couch at her back. Ms. Roo’s paw found some small snaps I hadn’t noticed that ran along the underside of Leslie’s sleeper. She quickly unsnapped two of them to prod inside.

“Awww looks like our little kitten has a wet diaper. Well let’s get you changed before we get you dressed for the day.”

Leslie blushed furiously as Ms. Roo picked her up (quite easily, which surprised me) and started carrying her upstairs to the nursery.

“Looks like you’re the only one not to wet last night,” Lori said as she came and sat down on the couch.

I tried to look as humble as possible. “I can’t remember if I had the dream, but I very nearly didn’t make it to the bathroom again this morning.”

“I had that dream again last night,” Lori said looking embarrassed. “You already know the result.”

“Me too,” Erin frowned as she sat down. She crossed her arms and looked as gloomy as yesterday.

Lori leaned over to me to whisper. “Ms. Roo has her in pull-ups too.”

Apparently she didn’t whisper quiet enough because suddenly a pillow found her head.

“What?” Lori meeped, looking at Erin. Erin just frowned a little harder and turned away. “PMS-ing too…” Lori tried to whisper a little lower. Another pillow flew her way with surprising quickness, but she managed to duck (and let the pillow hit me in the face).

“Shut up Lori!” Erin said a little loud.

Lori looked like she was about to say something else, but I clamped a paw over her mouth. “Chill.”

Erin got up and went into the kitchen, while Lori tried to make a raspberry at her, but only succeeded in licking my paw covering her mouth. I withdrew it with an ewww and wiped it on her shirt.

“C’mon sis, that’s not like you. Don’t be mean.”

“She’s not the only one wetting the bed. Tell her to chill.”

I sighed, easier said than done. “I think everyone’s just a little bit on edge with the accidents.”

Lori nodded.

Ms. Roo came back with Leslie a minute or two later. Leslie was dressed once more in a pair of overalls, with a pacifier hanging from a lanyard around her neck. Her hair had been brushed out and was done up very juvenile.

“Who’s up for some breakfast? Maybe some eggs?” She asked with a smile. Lori and I nodded and got up to get to the kitchen. If anything could be said about our vacation, it’s that we were well fed. Ms. Roo loved to cook and provide.

Erin was already sitting at the counter eating cereal and Lori was quick to grab a bowl and beg to get some too (she loved cereal, especially marshmellow, sugar coated, and dipped in chocolate grossness). Erin was still a bit gloomy, but it wasn’t her cereal, so she just silently went about eating a spoon at a time while Lori poured herself a big bowl.

Leslie and I took seats and Ms. Roo started on some omelets for us.

“Looks like it might snow some more this morning,” Ms. Roo commented as she started breaking a few eggs. She looked out the window by the stove and sure enough, a few fat flakes were already starting to drift by. She turned around whisking the eggs in a bowl and smiled as she saw Lori’s huge sugar pile.

“Wow Lori… Got a sweet tooth?”

I laughed. “Actually it’s more an addiction for her. The tooth fairy has been sending hate mail for years,”

“Has not!”

“I was only kidding Lori. There’s no tooth fairy anyway.”

Leslie smiled, and tried to whisper to Lori that I was lying. She nodded.

“Were do those silver dollars come from when I leave a tooth under my pillow? Huh?”

I thought for a moment. “The dentist, he has a frequent visitor award deal.”

Ms. Roo laughed and rolled her eyes. “Oh stop it Rick, you’re terrible.”

I smiled.

Erin’s spoon clanged a little loudly as she dropped it into the sink and put her dish into the wash a moment later. Everyone was still kind of joking around, but she wasn’t smiling. Our mood dampened a little and the laughing stopped as she left. I got up to go after her, but Ms. Roo just put a paw on my shoulder.

“Let her go, I think she just wants some time to herself right now.”

I looked at her and nodded slowly. I guess it’s understandable given what’s been happening. I wondered if I’d be acting the same if I had actually had accidents. Up to now, I felt a little detached because while it was happening to everyone else, it wasn’t to me.

Ms. Roo finished our omlettes and put them on plates for Leslie and I. Instead of a napkin, Ms. Roo pulled out a bib for Leslie. Lori giggled seeing it.

“That’s really not necessary,” Leslie said blushing.

“Oh nonsense, wouldn’t want our little kitten getting a mess on her pretty clothes,” Ms. Roo said as she put the bib on her.

Leslie pouted, and given the way she was dressed, looked perfectly adorable. Ms. Roo smiled ear to ear. I wondered if she’d go so far as to feed Leslie, but Ms. Roo just pulled out some kiddie silverware and handed it to her. Leslie hesitated, but eventually got into it and started eating the omelet.

As we ate we stared out the window and chatted a little bit. By now the snow was coming down a bit harder than it had been a half hour ago. It looked like white sheets, blocking out our view of the slopes.

“This kind of thing happens all the time,” Ms. Roo assured us. “Probably clear up after lunch; but until it does, skiing isn’t very safe.”

Lori sighed. “That mean we’re stuck inside?”

Ms. Roo nodded. “Sorry, we’ll find something fun to pass the time.”



After breakfast was cleaned up, we all went into the living room.

“Hmm, Erin must have gone back to bed,” Ms. Roo said not seeing the lioness. “I’m going to go check up on her, why don’t you three sit and watch a movie or something?”

Everyone got a stack of pillows and took up spots on the couch. Leslie went over to the DVD rack and started poking through.

“Disney okay?”

“Which one?” Lori asked.

“Sword in the stone?”

Lori looked to me, I just shrugged. I could watch that. She looked back at Leslie and nodded.

Just as the movie was starting, Ms. Roo came back downstairs to join us.

“Is Erin okay?” I asked, still a little worried about her.

Ms. Roo nodded, “She’s just going to nap a bit this morning. I don’t think she slept all that well last night.”

I frowned, but nodded. Guess there wasn’t much I could do for now.

 “Well, if you need me, I’ll be getting some laundry done.” Ms. Roo hopped off and left us to the movie.

It didn’t take long for Leslie to get bored with the movie. After about ten minutes she was looking around for other stuff to do. She got off the couch and went over to the closet where the games were.

“Not interested in the movie?” I asked her as I watched her get up and crinkle to the closet.

“I saw these yesterday when I was looking for a game for us to play, and I’ve been wanting to take them out since.”

She came back with a big plastic container of lego blocks. She set it in the middle of the floor, sat on her hind paws and immediately started sorting through the pieces.

Lori giggled, “You look so much like a toddler Leslie.”

Leslie reached for her pacifier on the lanyard she wore. She put it in her mouth and smiled at Lori, who only giggled more.

A part of me was tempted to get up and join in the lego fun, but at the same time, the couch was really comfortable. I let my head sink a little deeper into the pillows and did my best to keep from falling asleep to the movie.

I was just about gone when suddenly Leslie stopped playing and her tail hitched itself up a little bit. The pacifier dropped from her mouth and she looked oddly panicked. I was about to ask if she was all right, when she let out a little fart.

Lori had been watching the movie and giggled hearing the noise. She looked at Leslie, and stopped giggling as she saw the look of worry. Leslie quickly tried to put both of her paws on her rear, but not before she let out another little fart.

I realized she was having another kind of accident. I gasped as I saw the seat of her overalls push out a bit. I had warned her about getting too into this game. Her eyes caught mine, and I could tell that she knew that I could comprehend what was going on. Blushing, she slowly went back to playing with her legos, trying to act as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Lori looked at her confused, but Leslie tried to smile her away. Lori shrugged and went back to the movie. I got up and went to Leslie, patting her shoulder. She turned to me, biting her lip, looking like I might get her in trouble or something.

“I’ll get Ms. Roo,” I said quietly. She nodded still blushing.

Ms. Roo was in the laundry room shifting out some sheets to the dryer. She looked up with a smile when I came in.

“Something I can help you with Rick?”

“Leslie could really use a diaper change.”

Ms. Roo shook her head playfully. “Poor girl, I’ll be right along.”

She shut the door to the dryer, set the timer and followed me out to the living room. Leslie was still playing with legos, but she was sitting a little awkward. Before she’d been resting on her hind paws, but now she was up carefully so that her rear wasn’t resting on anything.

Ms. Roo hopped up and surprised her by picking her up from behind and turning her around to rest on her hip. Leslie grimaced as Ms. Roo gave her a few playful pats on her bottom. Ms. Roo stopped her patting and laughed a little.

“Well Leslie, you really do need a change, don’t you?” Ms. Roo said mock seriously. (I raised my eyebrow curiously, Ms. Roo didn’t seem surprised by this at all).

Leslie blushed, and quickly put the pacifier in her mouth, as if it was an excuse for what she’d done. Ms. Roo took her upstairs to the nursery.

Lori giggled as they went upstairs. “She looks soo cute like that.”

(I bet it wouldn’t be as cute if you knew what was in her diaper), I thought to myself.

After a few minutes, Lori must have gotten bored with the movie because she went to pick up where Leslie had left off with the legos. She started building and not long after, Ms. Roo brought a very embarrassed Leslie back into the den. She still had the paci in her mouth, and I assumed, was now in a clean diaper.

Ms. Roo set her down on the floor next to the legos, and gave her a pat on the head. She smiled at Lori when she noticed she was playing with the legos too, before hopping back to the laundry room.

 “All dry now?” Lori asked playfully.

Leslie blushed and nodded.

Lori smiled and the two of them played with the legos for a bit. I was starting to lose interest in the movie and as juvenile as it seemed, I couldn’t resist the idea of playing with some legos so I went to join them.

At first we were trying to build things individually. I made an airplane, well a winged something anyway, and Lori built a car, and Leslie a house, but nothing really that great. We eventually started trying to build a model of Ms. Roo’s lodge together. We got so involved that the movie was over before we knew it.

Ms. Roo came into the den with a basket of folded laundry and set it down to see what we were doing.

“Hmm, that looks kind of familiar,” she said seeing the den area Leslie was working on. She had built lego couches and they were arranged in front of a solid block that stood for our TV. “Lego lodge?” Ms. Roo asked with a smile.

Leslie nodded.

“It’s going to be great!” Lori added, bringing over a little staircase she’d just built.

Ms. Roo sat and watched us for a little bit longer before quietly hopping to Leslie and kneeling down next to her. Her paw reached down, unsnapped a few snaps at the crotch of Leslie’s overalls and she checked her diaper. I was impressed, Ms. Roo had the paws of a pickpocket. Leslie didn’t even seem aware she was being checked as she fished for a lego piece in the box. It was only when Ms. Roo was resnapping the overalls that she noticed something happening. She scooted away, looking a little embarrassed.

“Looks like you don’t need a change right now,” Ms. Roo said happily. Leslie looked down at the snaps on her crouch and then back at Ms. Roo, a little bewildered.

Seeing what was going on, I noticed Lori lean back a little and pat at her own crotch. She blushed a little herself as a result and tugged at Ms. Roo’s shirt.

“Hmm? What is it Lori?” Ms. Roo asked, looking at her. Lori made a motion with her paw that she wanted to whisper something. Smiling, Ms. Roo bent down and put an ear to Lori’s cupped paw.

I tried to hear what was being said, but Leslie had started sorting through lego pieces again, and the noise of legos clicking against each other didn’t let my ears pick up the hushed words.

“Oh… Are you sure honey?” Ms. Roo asked aloud.

Lori nodded.

“Well, all right then, let’s get you upstairs,” Ms. Roo said.

I looked over at Lori. “You okay sis?”

She nodded and blushed.

Ms. Roo got up and took the basket of laundry upstairs, with my sister following behind her.

She must have wet while we were playing, I thought as I went back to building. I made a mental note to ask her to find a better way to check if she was wet, it wasn’t the most lady like thing to just pat at your crotch in front of everyone.

We finished building the den and were well into the kitchen before I realized it had been a while since Lori had gone upstairs.

“You think my sister decided to take a shower or something?”

Leslie stopped sorting through pieces and took the pacifier from her mouth. “I dunno, maybe,” she said looking upstairs. She shrugged and went back to sorting pieces. I was about to go up and check when I heard Ms. Roo coming back downstairs to the den.

She hopped down the stairs and I gasped; there was something very different. She was carrying my sister on her hip.

Lori was dressed in the same type of overalls that Leslie was. She had a pacifier in her mouth and she blushed and clung to Ms. Roo a little closer as she saw me staring. Leslie looked up hearing Ms. Roo and smiled when she saw how my sister was dressed.

Ms. Roo gently put her down next to Leslie and turned to me.

“Rick, it’s going to be the same rules for your sister as for Leslie. So no making fun of her.”

Somehow I managed a nod.

She smiled and patted me on the head. “Good.” She got up and hopped into the kitchen. “Now play nice, I’m going to get lunch ready.”

Leslie looked Lori up and down once, poking at her bottom to hear the crinkle there. She giggled and Lori smiled back at her. She stopped smiling though when she saw me just staring at her confused.

“It’s… it’s because I can’t stop having accidents,” she stuttered to me. “And… and because I want to relax like Leslie is.”

I tried to find something to say, but finding nothing, I just tried to shut my gaping mouth.

Leslie gave Lori a hug and the two of them started happily building the cabin once more. I just stared at how much like sisters they looked. Both of them were dressed nearly identical, and even though Leslie was a panthress and Lori a squirrel, the clothes added a lot.

Erin came down the stairs looking pretty groggy. She was rubbing a paw to her head as she walked by Leslie and Lori playing legos on her way to the kitchen. She was nearly to the kitchen when she stopped mid-step and turned on her heel to look at Leslie and Lori again. She stared for a full 10 seconds, before turning back very rigidly and rubbing her head again, this time with both paws.







Two Weeks with Ms. Roo


By: CS Fox



“Lunch is ready!” Ms. Roo called from the kitchen in a sing-song voice.

I stretched and did my best to get up and off the couch. It can be hard work lounging around.

There was a clatter of legos as Leslie and Lori both went running into the kitchen, giggling and laughing as they did. I smirked and followed after them. Whatever they were about, they sure had energy to go with it.

Just as I was going in, Erin was on her way out. She was holding a plate of two sandwiches and heading straight for the stairs. I raised a paw to try and gesture at her, but she just weaved around me like a waiter on their way through a crowded room and went right up the stairs.

I found Ms. Roo tying bibs on Leslie and my sister at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. Even after seeing this kind of thing for a day, I couldn’t keep from staring.

“Why don’t you sit right next to your sister Rick?” Ms. Roo asked as she finished tying a bib on Lori. Lori was blushing bright red and poking a paw at the white and pink lined plastic thing around her neck. She looked to Leslie for reassurance and Leslie just shrugged cutely patting her own.

Ms. Roo pulled out a chair for me and smiled.

“Actually, if it’s all right, I thought I might go see if Erin wants some company for lunch.”

Lori and Leslie looked at me for a moment, Lori nodded her approval, Leslie just turned back around, not really indicating her thoughts. Ms. Roo hopped around the counter and got me a plate of sandwiches.

“Good luck,” she said leaning down to give me the plate.

I nodded and I left the three of them in kitchen to head for the stairs. Erin’s door was closed, so I gave a light knock as I came upstairs to it. No one answered.

“Hey Erin? It’s Rick.”

Still no answer.

“Mind if I join you for lunch? Just the two of us?”

I wondered if she needed more time to herself, but the door unlocked and opened. Erin was holding her left arm and looking a little bashful.

“Sorry,” she said after a moment. “I… I was in the bathroom when you knocked.”

I nodded, it made me feel better there was a reason she waited to answer.

She went over to her bed and sat cross legged, putting her plate in her lap. I sat next to her and did the same.

Erin took a bite of her sandwich and sat quietly eating for a second. Despite all she’d been through, she looked really cute when she was lost in thought. Her feline whiskers twitched a little bit and I smiled thinking about it.

She raised an eyebrow at me, but I shrugged.

There was another moment of silence before she spoke. “Rick… our sisters have gone insane.”

I rolled my eyes, taking a bite of my own sandwich. “You said that the other night.”

“Well it’s truer now then it was then, is Lori in diapers or just dressing up for fun?”

I let out a sigh. “She’s in diapers, but Erin, let them do as they w…”

“Wait, before you defend them,” Erin interrupted. “I want you to think about something… I really think there’s something not right here.”

I shrugged and took another bite of my sandwich, waiting to hear her out.

“All right, first, we’re all having weird dreams. That’s four of us, the same general dream. That’s a hell of a coincidence.”

I nodded.

“And then we start having accidents… First at night, and then during the day.”

I nodded again.

“Okay, here’s what really gets to me… It’s the nursery and the stuff that Leslie and Lori are wearing right now.”

I shrugged. “It was their decision,” we’d covered this ground before.

“No… it’s the nursery itself. Where the hell do you get stuff like that? I mean have you ever been to Wal-Mart and seen diapers big enough to fit my sister? That crib is huge! There’s nothing in there even small enough for an actual kitten, pup or cub! I checked this morning.”

I stopped eating and just stared at her.

“And then Ms. Roo comes in all smiles and hugs. She had me in pull-ups before I could even tell her no!” Erin said pulling her sweats down a little to show them to me for emphasis. “When you were knocking, I wasn’t in the bathroom trying to go; I was trying to change a wet pull-up,” she blushed suddenly realizing what she’d said.

I swallowed hard. “Are you trying to say she’s the reason everyone’s having accidents?”

“I dunno,” she said pulling her waistband back, blushing still. “I don’t think it’s all just coincidence. Whatever’s happening, Ms. Roo knows more than she’s letting on. That nursery of hers was stocked before we got here… that’s what bothers me the most.”

“Should we… ask her about it?”

Erin looked at me unsure.

We both ate in silence, thinking.

“I’m prolly going to need diapers pretty soon,” Erin said with a frown. “I haven’t made it to the bathroom since before dinner last night. I’ve had 4 accidents since then.”

“Let’s ask Ms. Roo about it. After she’s done feeding Leslie and Lori I mean, let’s just ask if she can come up and talk with us.”

“Feeding Leslie and Lori?”

“Well, not feeding, but I mean, she has them with bibs and stuff …”

Erin rolled her eyes, “You sure this is all their choice?”

“They were smiling and giggling.”

“Whatever, let’s just go see if they’re done. I want to talk about this before I sh#% myself or something.”

She turned to leave and I choose not to comment about what had happened to Leslie.

We found them all in the kitchen. Leslie and Lori were drinking from cups with little lids on them. Erin did her best not to stare or look concerned.

“Umm Ms. Roo?”

Ms. Roo smiled. “There she is, ready to join us again?”

“Actually I wanted to know if Rick and I could talk to you upstairs.”

“Sure just let me finish up here and check our little ones first.”

She finished washing a cutting board and took the empty cups from Leslie and Lori. They hopped down from their chairs and were about to run off but Ms. Roo managed to make a quick grab for their overall straps.

“Woah woah, not so fast girls,” she said with a giggle.

She bent down and undid some of the snaps on Leslie’s overalls and pawed at her diaper. Leslie bit her lower lip and looked embarrassed.

“One little kitten has a wet diaper,” she sang bumping noses with Leslie. She turned and was about to start the same check with Lori, but Lori backed up.

“I’m.. I’m dry, no need to check,” Lori said hesitantly. She was blushing furiously and looking at Erin and I.

Ms. Roo put her paws on her hips. “You sure dear?”

Lori hung her head and took a step or two forward. Ms. Roo gently unsnapped her overalls and checked her diaper. She looked at Lori with a playfully stern face.

“Well looks like you both need a change.”

Lori gasped and reached her own paw down to check herself.

Erin ribbed me with her elbow, till now she’d been watching the exchange in shock. “She can’t even tell she wet herself?” she whispered.

“All right, let’s get you girls upstairs and changed into dry diapers,” Ms. Roo said taking their paws and leading them out of the kitchen.

We hesitated a moment but Erin and I followed after them. Ms. Roo led everyone upstairs and brought Lori and Leslie into the nursery.