A Kitsune’s Lil’ Girl…

By: Kit Fox


Okay, I know this is not exactly true to the Kitsune history. I have always liked the Kitsune stories and I thought, why make it an exclusive club for foxes? I do like foxes a lot, but I like lots of other animals too. So I curved the Kitsune gene pool a little and I sorta bypassed the multiple tail thing.


So besides the changes to Kitsune in general I would like to dedicate this story to a friend of mine who will probably never read it, and let’s hope he doesn’t… I simply couldn’t resist writing his character. If your wondering which one is his, it’s Oco. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve told him that if he keeps pushing the girls at my Academy, one day they are just going to push back. Funny how that works sometimes.


Before we begin I want to clear up any confusion (And I know there will be), just keep reading if you don’t understand what a Kitsune is. All will be explained in time and just bear with the view changes.


As Always, thanks for taking the time to read my work.


-Kit Fox




I eyed the stack of boards, sizing in the weak point. After some rudimentary stretches I was ready. Forming my fingers in a textbook ridge hand, I lined up my arm and the center of the boards.


“Kya!” I yelled as I brought my hand down in an overhand chop. There was a krik noise, followed by the splintering of five boards. Time seemed to slow as I lifted my head and looked at drifting fragments of wood slowly cascading to the floor. A slight quirk beset my face as I admired my destruction.


“Jesus Amy… A chain-saw couldn’t have done a better job.”


“Thanks Steve.”


“Will you ever teach me to do that?”


“In time, and with a lot of commitment and practice… You just might learn.” I said standing up and walking towards the locker room. I tried to show off my figure as I walked, but, a gi isn’t exactly skin tight.


Getting into the locker room I quickly slipped out of my gi and made my way to the showers. I always make it a point to shower after working out in the dojo. Once that was taken care of and I felt sufficiently human again, I started to get dressed. Along with the rest of the world, I explored my vanity by watching myself in the mirror. It was summer so my skin was a little tan, not to mention my nice long hair was a little lighter then the usual mousy brown that it kept. I turned and looked at my body again… I knew I was good looking, it was something obvious to me and well, just about everyone else. But, I wasn’t great looking, I was just a little above average which was usually enough for me.


“You know your beautiful Amy, so why do you look at yourself in the mirror so much?”


I almost hit the ceiling I jumped so high. “Damn it! Don’t scare me like that Oco.” I screamed attempting to muster the worst possible curse words in my throat. Then it hit me, I realized I was completely naked and on display for him. Reacting as quickly as I could, I grabbed a towel and covered myself. “F#&!ing Fox, where are you anyway.” I asked angrily looking around. Out of thin air he appeared on top of a row of lockers. He wasn’t wearing much, just a bath towel.


“You know if there were other people in here, they might hear you and think you were crazy.”


“No people besides me, and one dumb ass Kitsune.”


“Tsk, tsk now Amy, you almost hurt my feelings.” Oco said as he jumped off the lockers and stood next to me. He looked over in the mirror behind me and smiled.


“What are you smiling at?” I asked sounding a little pissed (Which I was). Rather then answer me he just pointed and I turned to see the mirror. I jumped a little as I realized the towel didn’t cover up my back or shapely butt. “You have got to be the most perverted Kitsune, I have ever known!” I shouted.


“I’m the only Kitsune you have ever known.”


“In that case, I hope the rest aren’t like you!”


“Oh, come on. You don’t mean that. I know you love me, and as I’ve told you before.. Just one night in bed and there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll wake up a Kitsune too.”


I smiled and held up my middle finger, knowing that by now he knew what it meant. He shrugged and followed me around as I tried to walk away. “Can I get a little privacy while I change?”


“Come on, you know I’ve seen you naked before, and just a minute ago you didn’t mind when I showered next to you.. What’s the difference if I dress next to you.”


My face blushed a few shades of red. I remembered that the shower head next to mine was on and given that the stupid fox could make himself invisible to me, he very well could have showered next to me. “Jerk!” I screamed at him.


“Hey, no need to get mad. It is a public Locker room.”


“This is the girls locker room!”


“I didn’t see one marked Kitsune, so I just choose one. This one has nicer furnishings, and it just so happened that you were in it.”


I stamped my feet a few times. I was so furious, but, what could I do? I stood trying to decide things out when I realized Oco was taking off the towel that he wore around his waste. He opened a locker and stood before me, buck naked in his orange fur. Admittingly, he was handsome and well built for something that was half animal. Still, I couldn’t look at him like that. Quickly I turned myself around, feeling my face flush red once more.


“You and your stupid modesty. I hope you know on the semi-plane, nudity is beauty.”


“I doubt I will ever go there..” I said readjusting the towel to fit around me better…


“The offer still stands babe.”


“No thank you… I’m not that perverted.”


“Do you remember the first time I met you?”


I shrugged my shoulders trying to act like it wasn’t such a big deal. Truthfully how would I ever be able to forget the first time I met him? I was exploring my diaper fetish at my apartment late night. I had just wet them and when he appeared and started to change my diaper, I just figured I was in a strange dream. Later when I woke up, I realized that there was a fox sleeping over on the couch. It wasn’t the same fox as the night before, no, the one before was half-human. This fox was all animal and was curled up in a silent slumber on my couch. I scratched my head sitting up, realizing as I did that I had wet my diaper in my sleep. That had never happened before, not even when I tried to have it happen. Anyway I went and woke the fox up because it all seemed to coincidental. When he was awake he changed back into the half-human fox morph.


“Yeah, I remember it,” I said meekly. He spun me around. By now he had a pair of Kitsune jeans on, with his white tipped tail threaded through the back. God, he was cute… But, his personality drew from it so much sometimes that it over levied it.


“Your diaper adventures seem fairly perverted..”


“Uummm…” I stumbled for a decent comeback.


“Do you even remember some of the things you asked me to do to you later that evening?”


“I thought it was all some sort of dream!”


“Exactly why I didn’t take advantage of you. I may have a strong mating sense, but, I have more decency then that.”


“I thank you for, not, doing some of the things I asked..” (I kinda did know what he was talking about. I sorta tried to get him too… Uh.. Well, it was before I really knew him).


“Hey, I may be short of some morals, but, I would never sink too low.”


I actually started to feel a little bit ashamed at having snapped at him, but it went away when a surge of force took my towel off. “Damn it Oco!” I yelled as I tried to cover my nude body without the aid of a towel.


“You’ll feel much better when you learn to cope with nudity as a beautiful thing.” He said with a laugh. He pulled a white shirt over his head and walked off. I waited a minute to make sure he was gone before letting down the cover of my hands (It was probably stupid anyway, he could be invisible and I wouldn’t know it).


I stormed out of the locker room. Walking without even looking where I was going, just knowing that Oco was probably following me some how.




“I don’t want to be bothered now Oco!” I yelled turning around to face the voice. I suddenly went pale when I realized it was Steve. He looked a little befuddled as he tried to make sense of my rant. I quickly tried to laugh and mask it as a joke. “Oh, hi Steve… How’s it going?”


“Um… Who’s Oco?”


“No one, I was just joking with you.”


“Oh, all right..” He paused for a moment, almost like trying to read if I was okay. “Well, I was wondering if you wanted to… I don’t know, have dinner together sometime?”


My heart jumped. I would love to have dinner with a nice, sensitive guy.. Sure beats the heck out of hanging around with Oco.


“If your doing something… I understand.”


“No, I would love to Steve. When would you like?”


“How about tomorrow?” I asked sounding a bit hopeful.


“Tomorrow it is then…” Steve said with a happy grin. He walked me to my car.


“I guess I’ll see you here in the dojo tomorrow?” I asked.


“Looking forward to it..” Steve said as he tapped my door a shut. I waved and sent my most warming smile to him.  At least that was a plus for now. I drove the usual route home but, about half-way there, I noticed Oco sitting in the passenger seat. “How long have you been sitting there?”


“I got in before you did…” He said staring ahead and looking a little gloomy.


“That explains why I didn’t see you get in.” (Mental note: Lock car from now on.)


“I hope you have fun with Steve…” Oco said with a pout, crossing his arms.


“What? Can’t take the competition? It’s not like I would ever elope with you…”


“I may joke around a little too much, but, I still really like you.”


“Sometimes your yiffy personality does make you a bother, yes.”




All right, hold it… This is no longer Amy in charge.. It’s Oco. Now, I know a lot of you reading this have been scratching your head or twirling your tail trying to make sense of some things. I’ll fill in the blanks for you, unlike Amy I take care of my readers. But, truthfully I would love nothing more then to glorify the beauty that is Amy, but, it seems that when I tell everyone how much she loves me… She gets really angry.


I think it would be more prudent to start with my beginnings instead of hers. My name is Oco, it’s a name for a type of stone. I just like to say that it means I am rock hard (Pun intended). Oh, and if your wondering about that Steve guy, he’s a prick (Outta the blue, isn’t it?).


My history begins back in the Semi-plain. Imagine a world of living, breathing, human beings (You probably live there so it shouldn’t be that hard). Then imagine another world of Spiritual Guides. Like a sect of guardian angels or something. That’s where I’m from. It’s a rift settled above your world, where only the Spiritual Kitsune are invited. Oh yeah, I almost forgot... All the spirits are Kitsune. If you don't know what that is, just bear with me.


Kitsune are half human, half animals. All of the animal sides are varieties of the Canine or Feline family (Huskie, Wolf, Fox, Panther, Skunk, Lion, ect.). What makes each one more special and individual, is that each is born with a special gift (Like a superpower) aside from abilities natural to Kitsune.


My natural abilities include a half human form and a complete animal form that I can change to at will, and also the ability to make myself seen or heard only by humans I choose. My special ability is what my instructor Pi-norta called energy manipulation. You see, I can cause balls of light to appear from no where and form real energy into balls of power (But, I prefer not to do that because that yields destruction).


Speaking of Pi-norta (Finally something to get me on track). She was my teacher in the semi-plain. We, uh… Had our differences. She had spent a few lives down (In older age Kitsune can assume a human form) on the plain of huumies (Sorry, but that’s what I call your world. Oops, I almost forgot to mention that we Kitsune live a few thousand years). One of her most memorable lives was played out as one of the first females in the American Army, consequently it left her like a drill instructor. Five years later when she took up teaching and I along with 9 others were apprenticed to her, she kept her military attitude and lingo. Funny, but, not so great to live with.


Pi-norta (Pronounced Pie NorTa) is a light colored Collie, and as far as me or any of my classmates can tell, her special ability is some type of telepathy (She could always sense what we were about to say or know who was responsible for mischief, making her a perfect teacher).


To try and get back on track once again (I apologize, I get off track pretty fast), I’ll start with shortly after I was apprenticed to Pi-norta. When I first laid eyes on her I must have stared for 30 minutes. Just my luck that a war hero would be a stunning collie. She was well formed and I MEAN WELL FORMED. Curvy body and silky fur, oh, paying attention was going to be hell. I know it then and there.


Back then I was only technically a teen. Being so, I was also a bit of a jerk (Pervert is more like it actually). Hey, I couldn’t help it… I was just horny as hell at that stage (And have always been). Anyway, my first impression didn’t go so well.



I stared for a few moments in open mouth shock… My new teacher was one of the damned most fine Collie - Kitsune I had ever been fortunate enough to look at. Her tan fur was mixed with a few patches of creamy white, and she wore this tight little shirt and skirt combo. Oh, if only this were someone other then my teacher.


“Ah, you must be Oco…” Pi-norta said as she walked toward me. I stared on and smiled a little. “Hello?” She asked waving her hand in front of my face. I wasn’t really paying attention to the motion of her hand, but, rather the motion of something else. “You know there is a little more to me then just my chest…” She said putting her hands on her hips and raising an eyebrow at me.


Don’t ask what possessed me to say what I did, but, I found my tough ‘I’m top dog fox on semi-plain’ attitude. “You’d probably like to think that wouldn’t you?”


This time it was Pi-Norta who stared in open mouth shock. She couldn’t believe I was so bold (or stupid) to say something like that to her.


“How about you drop and give me twenty for that…” She said stepping closer and hiking up her voice to try and intimidate me.


I smiled in my sly foxy manner. “Nothing would please me more, but, I can’t because I’m only about 6 ½  inches or almost 8 if you count the sheath..”


Okay, stop right there. From the first time I met Pi-norta, wouldn’t you say she was just a bitch to me? I know I probably didn’t shake her paw right or something, but, boy was she peeved. I couldn’t figure it out, but, she really had it in for me.


Out of a class of ten, I quickly rose to be the class clown. My antics and ‘comments’ earned me a very prestigious position (Yeah, the push-up and mental strike position). Remember how I said that Pi-norta’s special power was telepathy? Well she got so fed up with me one day that she put a suggestion in my head and left it there for two days. It wasn’t going to be the only time she did, but, to me it was the most important, mainly because it led to a new discovery and interest. If I had never experienced this I would have never met Amy.


It was a Friday in the standard week and the sun was high overhead and shone brilliantly on the lush green landscape. I was sitting under a Kintupo tree (A lot like oak trees, but, from the semi-plain) along with the rest of my class. One thing I liked about our class was that it was very casual, with outdoor teaching in a great green valley. Most of us were sitting in a circle under the nice shade of the tree. I’d say a good third of the class had assumed there full animal form, it was just their preference I guess.


Today’s topic was Shakespearean English. I kind of thought it a bore, because the guy was a human and of little to no concern to me. But, he was required material if I ever wanted to go visit the huumies plain. Which I always did. Don’t get me wrong, I love the semi-plain, it’s just not that big and there are only 4 or 5 hundred Kitsune. After so many years you know every one of them and it gets boring.


I was minding my own business and using an energy push to cause Cindy’s (classmate) cute little skirt to fly up and expose her furry, but, tight husky ass, when Pi-norta suddenly walked up to me and placed her paw on my forehead. I felt a surge travel through my body, leaving everything all tingly.


“You just volunteered for our next topic Oco.” Pi said at me. I shook my head for a moment trying to regain my thoughts.


“For what?” I asked innocently.


“For abusing your power. Don’t think I didn’t know you were peaking up Cindy’s skirt.” Cindy turned and looked furiously at me. I shrugged and stifled back a wicked grin. Pi took my paw and led me towards the center of the circle made by the Kitsune. “The new topic is abusing your gifts.” Pi took a moment to stare around and connect a glance with all her students. “Can anyone recite law 3?”


Cecile raised her paw… I looked over at her, she had always been a crush of mine. She was a friend of my family and a grey fox to boot. Also a good looking one at that (Just about any female is good looking in my eyes).


“Go ahead Cecile, speak loud enough so that everyone can hear you.”


“Law 3 says that all Kitsune shall not use there gifts on other Kitsune unless for a legitimate reason…”


“I used mine for a legitimate reason… I was in the pursuit of knowledge.” I pleaded as I stood in the middle of everyone. I sneaked a wink at Cindy.


“Do you need a more in depth explanation of the law?”


I shrugged my shoulders and hung my head. “No…”


“Then as punishment, I enforce my judgment... For the next 2 days, I will leave a slight suggestion in your head.”


“What?!? Your not allowed to do that!?!”


Pi stopped and looked around her students again, they all gave her this look that egged her on. With my instincts kicking in, I turned and started to run. I bolted and jumped out of the circle, but, stopped abruptly by an unknown force.


“I stopped him for you Miss.” Cindy said as she kept her hand out, making a fist in my direction.


“Usually I would scold you for using your gift in such a way Cindy, but, in this case you used your better judgment.”


I could feel beads of sweat rolling down the orange fur on my face. I was paralyzed and Pi-norta was moving towards me. “Watch closely class.” She said, as she placed her paw on my forehead. Pi leaned up and whispered in my ear. “You are going to learn a lesson in humility…” I felt another surge of energy rage though my head, it only lasted a few seconds, but, I felt really weird afterward.


“What did you do to him Pi?” Cindy asked with a smile. The rest of the class looked on intently to find out the answer.


“He now fears any women. If he so much as gets a frown from any of you ladies, he’ll be on his knees begging forgiveness.”


“That’s awful!” Cecile shrieked.


“He’s a special case… I think even the triad would give me permission to do this to him. Besides he’ll forget the suggestion in 48 standard hours.” Pi said as she turned around. There were mixed cheers and gasps from the other students starring at me. I stood motionless for a moment. “Oco, would you come here?” Pi asked. Without realizing it, I hurried to Pi. She stood grinning evilly at me. “Apologize for your immature act to Cindy.”


 “I’m sorry, it will never happen again.” I said to Pi with my head down.


“Don’t apologize to me. It’s Cindy who needs your apologies.”


“Yes, of course…” I said humbly to Pi. Then I hurried over to Cindy and kneeled down. “I offer my sincere apologies for having disgraced you earlier.”


Cindy giggled and a smile crossed her face. “It’s okay Oco,” Her smile widened and she leaned closer to me. “Maybe you can come by my house later and apologize again.” She whispered.


Not that I could really help it, but, I just nodded and sobbed a little. “If it is what you wish. Then I shall be there.”


“That’s stretching it a little thin Cindy, but, since you’re my best student, I’ll trust in your judgment. Now that the demonstration has begun, your homework will be to write about the effects of using your gifts for ill-conceived purposes.”


The class was dismissed after that, but, I couldn’t leave. Five of the six girls in my class confronted me demanding an apology for things I had done in the past. Being in the state of mind I was in, I whimpered and did my best to say I was sorry without a lot of confrontation.


“You can’t let him be like this!” Cecile yelled to Pi-norta as she walked off. Pi turned and smiled.


“Why not, the other girls seem to enjoy it enough.”


“It’s wrong… For two days he’s going to be a different person.”


“It’s not like I made him evil. If anything I lessened that side, he’s just going to be a little more docile and out of trouble.”


Cecile crossed her arms, she knew she shouldn’t argue with the instructor… But, she at least had to have her point known. Sighing, she turned over to look at Oco. While she had to admit he could be a jerk to most of the girls, he had never been one to her. Now he wasn’t even a shadow of the confident fox he used to be.


“Do you know how long I had to wait before it was dark enough for me to go home?!? Three hours… All because you thought it would be funny to take my clothes while I was at the lake bathing, I had to run home naked!”


I lowered my head in shame. “I don’t know why I did it then, I’m sorry. I swear it won’t happen again.”


Cecile sighed again, the cute fox she had always been a little fond of was going to have to lie in a grave of his own making for 2 whole days. She picked up her books and looked back one more time before walking back towards her house.


I don’t really remember my trek home. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember going there. I ended up following Cindy back to her house. Apparently the girls fought for ‘control’ of me and the right to bring a loyal and frightened foxy home. I sobbed the whole way there, thinking nothing good could ever come out of what was happening to me. I was scarred to death of Cindy and she was just gaining more and more confidence as she spoke to me.


Finally after following just behind Cindy for nearly a mile or two… We arrived at her house. She had a nice little cottage type house, that she lived in on her own. She opened the door to the small wooden fence and edged me inside. I nervously stepped up to the porch.


“Well silly, are you going to go in or are you waiting for an invitation.”


I looked up at the cute but now fearsome husky, “I was waiting for you too… No, I’ll go in.. I’m sorry.” (My mind fought desperately to control the crap that was spewing out of my mouth. But, the invading suggestion was to strong.)


I opened the front door for Cindy and waited till she was inside, then I followed her in. The interior was nice, it was small and quaint with only one floor. It also had a few windows which in the recesses of the forest only allowed a small morsel of natural light to spill in.


“You stay here.. Okay Oco?”


I nodded my head quietly waiting for her to leave. A moment later, Cindy went to her room, which was somewhere in the back and left me in the main room by myself. All that had happened added to the fact I was suddenly alone, lead to a panic attack. Uncontrollably I reverted to my animal form and ran for a corner. Scrunching up in a ball I tried to feel as secure as I could (I can always remember having done this when I was young. Sometimes when I was really scarred I would revert. Don’t ask me why, but, I felt a little more secure in this form and I would often sleep in it).


Cindy returned shortly with a large bundle which she placed on the couch. She didn’t notice me immediately so looked around till she saw the little orange furball in the corner. “Did I say you could change forms?” Cindy barked at me as she walked toward me. I lifted my head and noticed that she hadn’t really changed much, not at first glance. I guessed she had just put away her books and gotten that thing now sitting on the couch. “Well?” She asked getting impatient.


Not to upset her more, I quickly changed back. “Sorry…” I said whimpering the apology.


“It’s okay, you just have to ask me if it’s okay next time.”


“I will,” I hurriedly replied.


“That’s good.” She said moving back to the couch. “Now, I brought you home to apologize to me.” She said as she sat down. I suddenly heard myself make a loud gulp noise. What could she be planning to do to me. “Why was it you were trying to look up my skirt?”


I felt my stomach drop out, I wanted to be the big dog fox and tell her why… But my mind and body were betraying me. “I was curious, and I didn’t mean to do it… Honest.”


“As punishment, your going to do a few things for me tonight…”


My ears perked and my lips quivered in a pout. I didn’t like where this was going at all. “What sort of things…” I asked cautiously.


“Well, I’ve always wanted a little Kit..” She said. I looked at her and accidentally reverted to my animal form again. She smiled and looked down at me. “That’s not really what I meant. I have this um… Fetish.”


I shivered a little and moved back into the corner. She got up off the couch and walked over to me. She knelt down and started petting me. I looked up at her as tears began to form in my eyes.


“I want to have some fun with you… So would you do me a favor and become that handsome self you usually are.”


I hesitated, but, reverted to my half human form. I was standing and she still knelt. I looked down at her again and she brushed her paw over my crotch.  I let out a little moan, and tried to move out of the corner, but she had me trapped.


“So, tell me why you were so curious to look under my skirt.” Cindy said as she stood and moved a little closer.


“I don’t know.. I was um..” She cut me a little short as she brought our muzzle’s together. I did nothing to resist as she took over.


“Will you be my little Kit, Oco?” Cindy said in between gasps as our kiss continued. I nodded in a non-committed response. Cindy smiled and starting trying to lead me or really us (We were still sorta locked) to the couch.


As for what occurred over the next 46 or so hours, I have no good idea. The only real evidence that what I thought occurred, was how I woke up Sunday afternoon (Exactly 48 hours after the suggestion had been placed).


My first reaction was surprise, because I woke up in a strange room. It seemed girlish by my preliminary guesses with all the plushie stuffed animals and distinct smell. I tried to recall how I had gotten there, but it actually hurt to do that. I felt like I had donated my brain to a train wreck and gotten the slightly crunched remains in return.


“That’s a good little Kit, just like that…”


I scratched my head and turned to the other side of the bed I was apparently laying in. There was a large lump hiding under the covers and mumbling something. First I gave it a few pokes with my paw to make sure it wasn’t just a few wrinkles in the comforter, but when I had convinced myself someone was laying there. I had to check.


Slowly I peaked under the covers… “Cindy…” I whispered in utter shock. The cute husky just tossed a little and tried to find a more comfortable position. She snuggled up a little closer to me, and as I felt her body press against me, I realized something was terribly wrong. First, I could feel a lot of her body against mine. Which generally promoted the idea of us both being naked, but I could also feel that I was wearing some type of heavy briefs or boxers or something.


Not being able to resist, I pealed away the blanket slowly. First looking over at Cindy to justify my thoughts. To my surprise (And happiness) she was completely naked, but I wasn’t. I was wearing a diaper… Wait, I was wearing a what?!? I tore off the sheets and re-checked myself. I was diapered! What in the hell had I gotten into? As if to answer my question, Cindy mumbled softly again and put her arms around me. Shocked I quickly looked at her and then all my thoughts sort of connected and the puzzle seemed to solve it self.


“Whatever happened involves that girl…” I thought to myself. “I wonder how far I went and why on earth with Cindy? Sure she’s cute, but, all Kitsune are born with a degree of beauty.”


Cindy began to moan softly and grind her body lightly against mine. I gawked for the better part of five minutes before even trying to make heads or tails. (We couldn’t have gone all the way to home base, could we?) Hold on… I’m in bed with a beautiful girl? Who happens to be asleep and making a strong move or at least hint that she wants me.


I smiled and thought about the possibilities. Then the unpleasant thought of the large diaper I was wearing came into mind. If I were going to take advantage of the situation, it wouldn’t involve that infantile thing.


Hurriedly as my excitement grew (I think you understand what I mean) I tried to remove the diaper, this proved to be a little difficult given that Cindy was holding me very close and the stupid thing made a lot of noise.


“Oco? What are you doing?” Cindy said groggily as I guess I accidentally woke her.


“Nothing Cindy, go back to sleep.”


“Wait!” Cindy gulped suddenly waking up a little more. “Oco, am I beautiful?” Cindy asked as she stared into my eyes and noted that my paws were down on my diaper, trying to remove the tapes.


I gulped rather loudly, but didn’t reply.


“Today must be Sunday.” Cindy said with a sigh of realization.


“Sunday??? What happened to my Friday night and the entirety of Saturday?”


Cindy looked at me and a sly smile grew across her muzzle. Quickly she brushed my hands away from my diaper and put her paw down the front. “Looks like my little Kit wet his diaper…” Cindy said matter-of-factly.


“Your little Kit what?!?” I gasped as I moved my torso in an attempt to get her hand away from my privates.


“Guess, we better get you changed Oco…” Cindy said as she rolled onto me and pinned me down. Usually I would try to get away, but my eyes helped me to remember she was completely naked and practically mounted on top of me. “Or we could just leave it on…” Cindy growled slightly as she leaned down and slowly began to grind herself against me again.


“No, I…” (My body shuddered with pleasure for a moment). A few moments past by where my hormones almost ceased control of me, but my will was able to retake control and I inched myself away from her.


“Damn it… Why did time have to continue? Couldn’t he just be mine for a little while longer?” Cindy asked herself as she grabbed onto my tail. I was running away while she anchored herself in the bed with a firm grasp on my tail.


Eventually I won though as I pulled her slightly off the bed and she let go of me. I wasted no time in rushing out the door and into the woods. So intent was I on escaping that I failed to remember I was only wearing a diaper.


That experience was what got me into this. Think of it as a door that opened into a full-blown fetish… It’s not something she could really help doing, but my life has never been the same since. I have often tried to put those feelings behind and to just forget about the treatment I was given, but I never can! I have even almost gone so far as to ask Cindy if I could be her Kit… While it would be the most degrading and humiliating thing on the outside, it’s the only thing I thought for a while that would make me happy on the inside…


Sometime later in my life when I was sent to the plain of huumies, I started to think about my fetish again. This is because I was observing a cute human that seemed to fancy the same thing. Usually until old enough to assume a human form, a Kitsune is not supposed to make contact with a human being. It’s not forbidden, but it’s shunned upon because you never know what they might do.


Now if you remember in the earlier part, I made an offer to Amy. This is because I love her (Though she will deny her love for me) and would like nothing more then to see her as a fellow Kitsune.


Well finally back to the main plot of the story, I’ll tell you my first encounter with Amy…


I had been in the huumie plain for maybe six weeks. It was such a great experience, finally getting to see all that I had learned about first hand! I snuck around cloaked to the humans almost the entire period, only making myself visible when I slept (Which was done in my animal form). You wouldn’t believe the things I saw. When humans think no one is watching, they do all sorts of things. One such occurrence was with Amy.


I was walking through the neighborhood and was just curious. I moved to her window and looked in. You can imagine my surprise to see her lying on her bed changing herself. It rekindled a dormant fire inside me, and for the following days, my time was consumed watching and learning from her.


Silently I observed her life, laughing in her joys and crying in her sorrows. I felt like I was a close family member, but yet we had never met. Anyway one night she was heading into her room after a particular grueling day. I knew by routine what was coming, and being how bad a day she had had, I knew now was the time to brighten her life.


First I waited an hour or so, then I crept over to her side door. I knew she always left a key for it under the mat because she had a problem with locking herself out about once a week. I made sure to be as quiet as I could because I didn’t want anyone to think I was a burglar or rapist or anything.


Amy was lying on her bed watching some TV with a bottle in her mouth. She wasn’t wearing anything, but a diaper and from what I could tell, a wet diaper. My heart leapt to see her like this and I couldn’t resist so I casually walked in the room. To my surprise she looked at me and smiled.


Her eyes had this dreamy quality as if she wasn’t quite awake, but it seemed that I was the bright center of the universe for her. I didn’t say anything, I just walked and picked up some changing supplies (Hmm… I hadn’t seen disposable diapers before). She lied back on the bed and eagerly waited, still sucking on her bottle.


“I’m wet, could you change me bwother?” She asked in a babyish voice. I tried really hard to suppress my grin, because this was nothing like the reaction I expected, or had been trained to expect and deal with.


She handed me her bottle. Apparently it was empty. I put down the supplies beside her and untwisted the cap. I sniffed for a second and my nose wrinkled. As I expected, there was some sort of wine or alcohol in this. I smiled and untapped her diaper.


To be continued…