A Snow Storm

By: Kit Fox


The weather had been kind of bad for a while now. It was cold and about that time in winter when snow was just beginning to drift into the season. From my frigid seat in Ms. Minx 6th grade class, I could see little gusts of wind picking up the light powder and spreading it around like spilt milk.


By cruel fate there wasn’t enough snow to warrant a day off of school, just a light fluffy towel thick layer. To me, it’s terrible when you get all excited only to be let down and forced to go to school in now perverse weather conditions.


I sat in roughly the middle of the class, toward the window. It was always a distraction for me, mainly because I yearned to be free and out of the confinements of my class. Maybe I should have paid more attention and then maybe I wouldn’t be ‘struggling’ as my grandpa put it. Oh well, I know where my heart goes and it’s far stronger then my grandpa’s influence.


“Heather, can you tell us where the Netherlands is located on the map?” Ms. Minx asked toward me. I was still devoting my attention to the development of snow outside. “Uh, Heather?” Ms. Minx asked again.


I was in the far off land of LALA, smiling and imagining myself sledding on the day off of school. Somewhere in there, I heard the sound of my teacher’s voice faintly. It didn’t really grab my attention till it combined with the giggling of my classmates. I slowly fell back into consciousness as I turned towards the front of the room.


I paused a moment before speaking to the on-looking teacher and class. “Ms. Minx, I have a question... Don’t you think we should get out just in case? I hear the weather is only going to get worse Ms. Minx. I don’t really want to be trapped here at school.”


“How about you answer my question first Heather, then I’ll see what I can do.” Ms. Minx said in a calm voice, as my class giggled again.


“Okay, what’s your question.”


“I already asked it.”


“No you didn’t…” I said as I lowered my voice, my class thought this was funny and started to laugh a little more.


“You know, your not going to get all your participation points if you don’t start paying attention. And you wonder why your grade is down.” She said. I sighed as I slumped back into my seat. One of the other girls raised their hand to answer the mystery question of which I had apparently missed. Now, I know Ms. Minx didn’t hate me, actually it was quite the opposite. Somehow we connected and she seemed to understand me a little better then I myself did sometimes. Still, she always maintained a professional student teacher relationship and didn’t hesitate to give me a little push now and then.


Ms. Minx was (Ironically enough) a minx. She couldn’t have been to old, maybe late thirties. She had been married once, but she will never tell her students about it. Now she lived alone. I knew what that’s like, I live almost alone besides Mom and Grandpa.


Well, class proceeded as it always did. Blah blah blah and some math too.  To me it was something of a blur that passed by excruciatingly slow. Yet, there was some luck coming my way. Late in the day (Some time after lunch) our principal Mr. Langley came on over the PA system.


“Students, I’m sorry we didn’t heed the warnings earlier. I am to inform you that school will be let out immediately because the snow is only getting worse and we don’t want you all to be stuck here.”


I crossed my arms in miniature triumph and smirked at my teacher. She smiled back and moved her lips in the form of ‘You were right’. I sprang into action, nearly jumping from my desk and grabbing my bag. I wanted to be home and on that sled hill pronto. I sped out of class right past my teacher as she smirked at me, shaking her head.


In my usual exiting of the school, I would stop by my cubby and grab the rest of my books and cram them in my backpack. Then it was off to the girl’s room for a quick use of the facility.


I walked in and stepped into one of the stalls.


“It was odd, but I kind of liked it.”


“What do you mean Tracy?”


I tried to pretend like I could see through the walls, apparently I wasn’t alone in the bathroom. There were some other girls talking. One sounded like Tracy Ponnel who was in my class, the other I couldn’t place.


“Well, I just always thought that life would be so much easier if I was still in diapers. It was just a feeling of comfort and security.” Tracy said. I tried to stifle back my laughter. She liked diapers, now this was news!


“I can’t believe you weren’t potty trained till you were seven. I would die of embarrassment.” The other girl said. There was a loud sigh from Tracy and then they left. I finished my business and stepped out to look at myself in the mirror. There was that same old face of mine. The cute feline look of yellow fur patched with white and spotted black. I rather liked being of cheetah decent. I was able to run really fast and particularly enjoyed being at the top of my gym class. 


I smiled at myself, and expectedly the person in the mirror smiled back. I thought about what Tracy and her friend talked about and tried to laugh, but for some odd reason, I couldn’t. I kept hearing that sigh. It was a lot of emotion in such a simple expression of sound. I rolled my eyes and decided to think about it later. For now there was some snow outside that needed to be played in.


“The deep Arctic is always terrible. Polar bears and penguins frequent the glaciers all around me.” I told myself as I walked along Main Street. I looked ahead and I could almost see one of the seals on a far off glacier waving a flipper at me. I waved back just as a car drove across the road in front of me. “It’s kind of hard to keep up your imagination when you live in such a boring backwater town,” I said to myself as I crouched on the corner.


While I waited for the crossing guard to direct traffic, I rolled a snowball. Looking at my little white creation, I smiled. I stuck my tongue out for a second and caught a few snowflakes, then I took a bite out of my snowball. It was good, but slightly tasteless. I stood up and looked up at the sky. It was a nicely bruised gray color and the snow was coming down in nice big fluffy flakes. Best of all, it was sticking really well and accumulating so that when my booted foot took a step, my toes went below snow level.


“Come on Heather, I stopped them all just for you.” Officer Steve said. I snapped back to attention and giggled as I skipped across the street. Steve patted me on the back. He’s such a nice old guy. He’s been the crossing guard since I was in kindergarten and even though he’s a big ol’ brown bear, he’s really just a big softy with a son who was in my class last year.


“Thanks Officwer Steve,” I mused as I hurried across. I kept dashing down the sidewalk on the other side. It was kind of hard because the sidewalk was basically a long rectangular indent in the snow. You couldn’t really see much of the ground anymore.


Ten minutes later and I had past the part of the paved sidewalk and was now on the dirt trail and slowly moving down Gains Road. The snow had started to fall fast and hard, mixing with the wind. I was lost for visibility. This was getting less and less fun. I was cold, my pants were getting wet because the snow was so high that it went over my short boots. I kept a math book (My least favorite subject) up in front of me to help block the snow from searing into my face.


I kept looking for a familiar sign, or house, or street, something to get my bearings. Just snow, that’s all I saw, a white mass coming in from every direction as my little self inched on. I felt like all those poor puppies in 101 Dalmatians, having to walk they’re way forth in the terrible storm.


I decided I wasn’t getting anywhere with this. I stopped and just decided to find a house or place to wait for a little bit till the storm died down. I turned and looked around. There were two lights coming way… Yes, headlights were moving slowly toward me. I started to jump and down waving my paws in the air, I didn’t care who they were, a warm car beats wet shoes and a cold nose any day. I kept jumping up and down flailing my arms till eventually I fell backwards. It’s kind of hard to jump up and down with a backpack full of books.


I don’t think it noticed me though, it kept moving as it past at about 15 miles an hour. I started to run after it, the driver was somehow able to depict a road in the layers upon layers of snow forming. After running for about six or seven minutes I caught up to the car. It had stopped in front of a house. It was a small cottage like house. The house didn’t look that familiar to me. I don’t think I had ever seen it before.


“I must have gone done a dirt road by accident,” I told myself between shivers. Gains Road goes a long way and pretty much all the houses off of it have large properties with winding dirt roads leading to them. It’s the kind of quiet boony life you’d expect in this sort of town. Something was wrong though. I had been to most of the houses along Gains Road, and I knew which ones were before and after my house. So, I must have passed my house a long time ago and not even realized it.


I put all this out of mind when I heard someone call from the porch of the cottage in front of me. “Hello, who’s out there?” Came an all too familiar voice.


“I got lost in the snow,” I chattered out between cold, cupped paws. “C.C..Can I just use your phone? I can call my m.mom to pick me up.”


“Sure, come on in and dry yourself off. It’s to miserable to be walking about anyway.”


I nodded my head in agreement and bolted toward the house. I just wanted heat and to be out of my cold, wet clothes. I trudged through the mounds, tripping once because I was in such a hurry.


“Oh, you poor thing. Your covered in snow,” the lady said as she dusted the snow off between the two triangles that formed my ears. I looked up and smiled at her.


“Ms. Minx?” I said in surprise.


“Heather?” She said back. She looked me up and down smiling. “Why is your Math book coated in snow?”


“Um… Hehe, well, it was snowing. As you know of course… And I couldn’t see and…”


Ms. Minx just smiled and escorted me inside. I stood right by the front door, not wanting to get everything wet. I put my books to the side and stretched my arms out, sopping to the very bone.


“Geez, your fur is completely soaked,” Ms. Minx said as she playfully dropped a huge towel over my head and outstretched arms. I wasted no time in swaddling myself in it. “Why don’t you go get a shower or hot bath. I’ll phone your mom and you can put on some of my old clothes. As a hostess, I can’t allow you to catch pneumonia in those soaking clothes and wet fur.”


I shivered my agreement and she helped me take my boots off. Then I allowed myself to be directed to the bathroom.


“You can just leave your wet clothes in a pile by the door, I’ll get them and put them in the dryer. In the mean time, let me get some more towels and clean clothes.” She left and shut the bathroom door. I slowly disrobed and put a towel around myself. In a minute or two she came back with a few stacked towels and folded clothes. “All right, here you go. I’ll just leave these here on the toilet seat and then I’ll take your wet stuff and put it in the dryer. Enjoy your shower.”


“Thanks Ms. Minx,” I happily replied as I waited for her to leave me to my privacy. When she had gone, I shut and locked the door behind her. Then I dropped the towel and walked over to the tub. I turned on the water, letting it run over my paw for a moment to check the temperature. After playing with the knobs and getting the water to a nice warm setting, I sat and waited for the tub to fill. While sitting I looked around the bathroom. No real thrills, just sink, little sink (I think it’s called a bidet), toilet, a little basket with magazines and a picture of seashells. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I knew I was cute by most standards. I didn’t quite have a chest yet, but I was getting there, and besides I thought I always had a leg up on the other girls with my cheetah spots, it was what I considered my best feature.


After admiring myself in the mirror, I walked over to the magazines and being as curious as I am, I had a look. They were all parenting and motherly magazines. New Mother, Being The Good Mom, and Babies, Puppies and Kittens Guide. I scratched my head for a second. Ms. Minx didn’t have children? She must have really wanted to be a mother then, I thought to myself. The tub was about filled by now so I stepped in and just sank into the water.



Sometime later I got out and dried myself off and found the pile of clothing. There was a nightie, which was a little big for me, a pair of cotton panties (which seemed a little thicker then usual) and some thick ankle socks.


I put them all on and borrowed a comb from beside the sink to brush out my fur. After making sure to brush out every part of me even to the black tip of my slender tail, I washed out the comb and stepped out of the bathroom.


“Ms. Minx?” I called out softly.


“I’m here, in the kitchen,” came the reply. I followed the voice back down the hallway. Ms. Minx was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee on the phone. She smiled seeing me. “Well, glad to see my clothes fit, I was thinking of giving those away, I had grown out of them years ago. Oh, here.” Ms. Minx handed me the phone.


“Hello?” I asked.


“Hi Heather…” It was my mom. “You gave us quite a scare. After an hour of hearing on the radio that school is closed your grandfather and I were getting worried about you.”


“I’m okay, I just got lost in the snow.” I replied.


“Well, about that. You’re about two miles in the wrong direction. I don’t think we can get to you with the weather as it is. The snow is still coming down and until then, the car is pretty much snowed in.”


“You can’t come and get me?” I exclaimed. “What am I supposed to do then?”


“Oh, we talked to your teacher Ms. Minx. She is more then happy to take care of you until the storm passes over and the roads are cleared.”


“My teacher!?! But, But… All my stuff is at home.”


“Ms. Minx says she has a big house with plenty of everything. Besides, now you will be able to get your homework done.” I heard her and Grandpa laughing on the other side of the phone. “Well, we love you Heather, make sure to listen to your teacher. You’re her guest, okay? So please do whatever she asks.”


“All right mom. Love you too.” I said hanging up the phone. I drooped my head, staying with the teacher isn’t exactly my idea of a snow day. It defeats the whole purpose of getting out of school.


“Try not to look so happy Heather,” Ms. Minx laughed. “You know, isn’t this odd. It’s exactly what you said. I should have let you out of class early.” I just silently took a seat at the little round kitchen table. “Would you like some hot chocolate? It will warm you up.”


“Sure,” I said after a while.


We sat and talked for a little while. Ms. Minx kept the conversation off school and mainly focused on family and hobbies. After a while she asked me if I’d like to see the house. I nodded thinking it would be something to do.


The main floor was pretty much open living room, connecting to kitchen with a full bath. She took me up the stairs and I guess she noticed I was dragging my feet. She showed me a small room which was just a couch and big screen. That cheered me up a bit, there were DVD’s and a direct TV!


“How can you a.afford this?” I stuttered out.


“I work, silly.”


“You’re a teacher though,” I complained looking back at her.


“Okay, inheritance… Satisfied?” She said jokingly.


“Can I visit this room again later?”


“Sure, whenever you like.”


We went to the next room, which happened to be the main bedroom. It wasn’t terribly big, it was more along the line of cozy. Then there was another full bath and a closet (There is some mysterious thing between kids and closet’s, it’s like a big red button you want to push). Down the hall was the last room in the house. We walked down there together and she opened the door.


My eyes widened when I saw what was there. It was a nursery. There was a crib, baby supplies, playpen, changing table and even a regular bed.


“Well, this is the room you will be sleeping in. Sorry if it’s a little babyish.”


I looked at Ms. Minx for a moment, deciding if it was appropriate to ask this quesiton. “Um.. Ms. Minx?”


“Yes Heather?”


“Did you, or do you have any kids?”


Ms. Minx was quiet for a moment. “No, I haven’t had any kids.”


“Did you want to?”


She tried to force a smile, but it’s hard to get something like that past a smart 6th grader like myself. “I wanted to… But, well… I can’t have kids.”


“Why not?”


“Well, I’m what you call infertile.”


I blinked for a moment, nope it didn’t register. “What’s that mean?”


“It means I won’t ever be able to have children. It’s just the way I was born.”


“That’s so sad…” I said feeling rather stupid after I did. Ms. Minx looked almost as if she was going to cry. I decided to stop asking questions and quickly change the subject. “So, this is the bed I will be staying in?” I asked.


“Yeah, and the dresser to the left should have some clothes roughly your size.” She said wiping a small tear away. I pretended not to notice.


“Do you want to watch a movie or something Ms. Minx?”


“Can you call me Sally? I’m not your teacher while we are here and I want us to be more like friends. So can you call me Sally?”


“K.” I chirped happily as I took her hand.


“You hungry? It’s about six or seven o’clock and this usually the time I eat dinner.” She asked. I eagerly nodded. She took me downstairs with her to the kitchen. “Soup sound good? It’s something usually nice on a day like this.”




We had dinner and talked some more. It seemed kind of odd, Ms. Minx, er.. Sally was really interested in my family and how I was doing. After dinner we made popcorn and went upstairs to the room with the big screen TV. We sat on different ends of the couch and watched a DVD. The movie was a little more childish then I would have liked, but it was still good.


After the movie had finished we sort of just looked at each other, as if already talking and asking ‘what are we going to do now.’


“Well,” Sally started. “It’s about eight now and in the unlikely case you have school tomorrow, I think you should start on the homework I happen to know you have.”


I rolled my eyes, there wasn’t really a way to fool your teacher on an issue like this. Reluctantly I got up and went downstairs to my books and brought them to the kitchen table.

“If you need any help, I’ll be reading in the living room. Okay?”


“All right,” I replied half-heatedly.


I began to do my work. It was tedious, but since it had been a half-day there wasn’t a lot assigned. It only took about an hour, and by the time I was done with that, I was really tired. I closed my last book and rubbed my eyes. I slowly got up and went to the living room. Sally was in a recliner and had fallen asleep with her book on her chest. I smiled and went over to the couch, taking the blanket there and putting it over Sally.


It was getting kind of late, so I decided I might as well get to bed too. I made my way upstairs and into the nursery. I halted for a second as I opened the door. I hadn’t realized something before. Sally couldn’t have any kids, but she had a full-furnished nursery. It even smelt like baby powder. This was a little confusing.


I walked over to the supply area. There were fresh diapers and stuff there, baby wipes and powders too. I picked a diaper up and looked at it. How long had it been since I was in one of these? I thought back to what I had heard Tracy talking about earlier, then I looked at the diaper in my hand again. Curiosity was winning this battle.


I went and shut the door, I would have locked it, but there wasn’t any lock. Then I went to the side of the bed and put the diaper under the covers. I decided I was going to be as discrete as possible. I got into the bed and under the covers, then I moved my paws down and worked my thick cotton panties off my hips, but not completely off my legs. Then I carefully tried to unfold the diaper and place it under me the right way, which is hard to do when you have two blankets and a comforter over yourself.


I unfolded the diaper and brought it correctly under my hips, making sure to thread my tail through. It felt really weird and I was starting to get second thoughts because, well, what would everyone in class think of me if they found out? Something deep inside me kept me going though. I undid the tapes and brought the front up. Geeze, it felt so weird, but oddly, it felt kind of good. Hesitantly I did the tape on the left, then the tape on the right. Then, it was done.


“A perfect fit,” I thought to myself, as I ran my hand over my diapered self. It felt so different to be diapered again, but it also felt so good. I kept running my hand over the soft crinkly material. I smiled for a second and started to realize what Tracy was talking about. I laid back and closed my eyes, trying to remember back to my life as a toddler in diapers.



“Huh, Heather?” Sally Minx asked quietly as she yawned and stretched in her chair. She leaned over and looked at the clock on the table, it was showing well past eleven. “I must have dozed off,” Sally told herself. She got up and went to the kitchen, but Heather wasn’t there. Sally went upstairs, and to the nursery. She opened the door ever so gently and looked at the bed. Sure enough, Heather was lying in the bed. She was resting so peacefully and purring softly. The blankets looked to have slid off her though, like she had been fidgeting. Sally smiled and went up to the bed pulling the covers up a little and back on top of Heather. It was at this time that she noticed something that surprised her.


Heather had her panties down and instead had one of the spare diapers on. Sally looked on in disbelief for a moment. Quickly she pulled the covers back over Heather and walked out. Her mind was spinning… Why was Heather in a diaper?


Sally went to her own room and into the bathroom. She couldn’t get the thought out of her head. Heather was wearing a disposable diaper under her nightgown in the other room, which happened to be a nursery. She took her toothbrush and put some toothpaste on it, bringing it to her teeth. While brushing her teeth she looked for a moment into the mirror. Staring back was the 34-year-old minx that had always stared back. Silky white fur all over (except for a small shaved patch, but that’s a secret) with a little pink nose and a few whiskers.


She looked a little deeper and then peered at her belly. It was nicely smooth and flat as every male she had ever known would like on a healthy attractive female. But, she didn’t want that, she wanted to have a little one kicking inside her, sometimes she wanted it so much, it hurt. When your 34 and don’t have a husband or children, life can be very lonely. Especially for someone who loves children and spends all day around them. It was the only effective compromise for not being able to have her own offspring, and well, adopting wasn’t the same, she wanted the whole experience.


After washing her face and using the restroom, Sally walked back into the bedroom. She lay back on the bed and sighed, looking at the ceiling and trying to get the image of Heather in a diaper out of her head. Something inside Sally was slowly building, some instinct harbored away for along time, but she didn’t know what it was. She looked to her left and saw one of her magazines on the nightstand. It was a motherly magazine, full of pictures of ladies and their smiling and laughing offspring. She picked it up and thumbed through it sighing at all those different people, cradling their kittens, or kits, or cubs or any variety of cute adorable babies in their arms. She turned over and sobbed quietly onto her pillow before falling asleep.



Sally Minx never really slept late. Being a schoolteacher means up early, so of course she was up at 5:45 and immediately turned on the radio. Sure enough, there wasn’t any school today, and on top of that, this was to be the blizzard of the century. Weather wasn’t going to let down for days, and even when it did, there would be almost 6 feet of snow. That’s not an easy amount of snow to get moved from back roads.


Sally smiled and got out of bed. Getting up she walked over to the Nursery door and opened it slightly. Heather was still sleeping and purring. She had kicked the blanket almost entirely off herself and the panties were now resting on the floor. Sally wasn’t really sure what to do, Heather was laying there in a nightie and obvious diaper. Maybe it was Sally’s imagination, but the diaper also looked wet, she babysat enough when she was in high school to know telltale yellow spots in a diaper.


“Heather… Heather?” I heard someone saying. I yawned a little and opened my eyes. It was Ms. Minx looking at me. “You can go back to sleep if you want Heather, I just wanted to tell you there is no school today.”


“Oookay,” I said groggily. With that Sally slowly shut the door, kind of looking at me curiously the entire time. I yawned purposefully showing my tiny fangs like most felines, and I stretched, turning over to find a more comfortable position. As I turned over I heard a crinkling noise that seemed out of place. I dismissed it as unimportant.


This was good, it was snowing, no school, and I felt more refreshed from my sleep then I had in a long time. I wonder what it was the made the difference? I felt a little chilly so I reached down and brought the blanket up. As I reached down though, my hand brushed over the diaper I was wearing.


Instantly my eyes shot open. I had forgotten I was wearing a diaper. I looked down and saw it was in full view, especially with the covers down by my knees. My head turned to the door and I gasped. Sally had seen the whole thing… I went pale with embarrassment, what would she think?


I quickly brought my hand back to the diaper and it was then that I noticed something. The diaper felt a little heavier and damp then the night before. I took my paw and gingerly slid it down the front. My eyes went wide and began to tear up as I realized all that had happened. I had wet my diaper, without evening knowing it, while I slept.


I didn’t feel like going back to sleep now. Slowly I removed all the covers and tried to get up, I guess I was sobbing pretty loudly because Sally opened the door back up.


“Is everything all right? I thought I heard crying.” She said as I quickly yanked the covers back over myself, desperately trying to cover up what I feared was already too late. Ms. Minx had a look of understanding I hadn’t seen her have before, not even in class. “Heather, um… can we talk for a moment?” She said moving toward me a little.


I backed up quickly, clutching the blanket even more. My tears began to flow a little more now. I figured I was in big trouble for what I did. Sally could probably tell what I was upset about.


“It’s okay, I’m not angry.” She said reassuringly. I stopped moving away, but I still clung to the blanket as if it was a lifeline. For some reason, I couldn’t stop shaking now. It was like I was overtaken by a nervous fidgeting. Sally smiled from ear to ear seeing me crying and unable to stop shaking. “Listen, I should have knocked, I know. I’m sorry I didn’t respect your privacy, but if you had a bed-wetting problem, you could have just told me.”


“B.b..But I don’t have a bed wetting problem.” I spurted out in-between sobs.


“Then why did you put a diaper on?” Sally asked a little confused.


“I don’t know, I heard these girls in the bathroom talking about it yesterday… and, and, and I was just curious... I didn’t mean any harm. Honest! And I’ve never wet a bed before.”


“Would you mind if I checked something real quick,” Sally asked inching a little toward me. I scooched away quickly. “Okay, I won’t check, but correct me if I’m wrong. I could have sworn your diaper looked wet earlier.” She commented. I burst into tears now. I didn’t know what to say, nor could I defend in saying that I hadn’t wet my diaper. I just buried my head in her lap and cried. She put her hand on my back and patted me gently. “It’s okay dear, I believe you. Chances are you’re just a little sick from the snowstorm or something. No harm done anyway.” I continued to cry as she started to softly massage my back. “Why don’t you get out of that wet diaper and hop into the shower? I’ll get some more clothes for you and we can just forget about the whole thing. Okay?”


“Your not going to tell my Mom or Grandpa are you?” I inquired not even lifting my head out of her lap.


“It can just be our secret,” she whispered into my ear. I nodded slightly and lifted my head up. She smiled at me and dried a tear from my cheek. “Now go ahead and hop into the shower downstairs. Oh, and toss that diaper in the trash can.”


I cringed a little having been reminded I was in a diaper that I had wet, but I wasted no time getting downstairs to the shower. I nearly tore off the diaper once inside the bathroom and threw my nightey in the corner. I stood there and looked at myself in the full mirror on the wall.


“You’re almost a teenager,” I told myself. “Teenagers don’t wear diapers and wet themselves do they?” I asked almost waiting for a response from myself. “You’re a cute and mature 6th grader and this is all just a bad dream. After that shower, it never really happened.” I turned on the shower and stepped in.



Sally finished making the bed upstairs. She couldn’t help but smile. She almost felt like she had been a mother all her life, it felt wonderful. She went to the drawers and pulled out a simple dress, some socks and another pair of panties.


Downstairs the shower was still running as Sally came to the door and knocked. There was no answer, so she just left some towels and the clothes outside the door. Sally went back down the hallway and into the kitchen, deciding to start breakfast. First thing she did, was what she always did, and that was coffee. She put the coffeepot on and then got out some eggs and started the stove.



It only took me a few minutes to shower, I had washed myself last night and I didn’t feel I was particularly dirty. I finished fast enough and found the things Sally had left for me. I dried off and brushed out my fur like normal, then I put on the clothes. I frowned because they were a little too girly for my tastes, but eh, you can’t be picky.


I found Sally in the kitchen. She was busy with breakfast, so I just quietly sat down at the table, hoping to make this day the least awkward as possible. Sally turned around and jumped a little, I guess I just surprised her being so quiet when I came in.


“I hope you like eggs,” she said after a moment. I nodded and made myself more comfy in the seat. She put some eggs on my plate while I turned and looked out the window. It was still snowing, not quite as hard as it had been yesterday, but still enough so that no one would really be doing any traveling.


We ate breakfast quietly and then retreated to the main room. I sat on the couch and just thought about things for a moment, Sally on the other hand took out some papers and started grading them.


“What do you do for fun?” I asked her sincerely.


“I read, or watch TV, or go shopping.”


“Is that all?” I said with a sigh.


“Pretty much.” Sally said with a smile.


“That’s boring,” I pouted crossing my arms.


“Would you like to play a card game?”


“Sure, it’s something to do.” I said slowly, but not meanly.


She went and got a deck of cards. I came and sat down by the coffee table in the center of the room. While I waited I looked at some of the stuff on the coffee table. There was a picture of Ms. Minx kissing another Minx or maybe weasel like person. She looked so happy.


When she came back she put the deck on the table and started to shuffle. “Any game you like?” She asked.


“Go fish is fine.”


“All right,” she said dealing out our paws of cards. I started playing, but then I looked at her and then the picture.




“Yes Heather?”


“Who’s the guy in this photo?” I asked turning the picture towards her.


“That’s Sedrick.”


“Did you know him?”


“I married him.”


“Oh…” I replied as I decided to pick up with the game again. I played a little more, but then I started looking at Ms. Minx. Actually, staring is more like it. She noticed after a while and sighed.


“We divorced after he admitted to cheating,” she finally told me.


“Did you want to?” I asked sincerely. She stayed quiet for a while.


“Well, he cheated and that’s breaking his wedding vows.”


“My mother said that if you love someone enough, you can forgive them anything.”


There was silence for a little bit longer and Sally moved a little slower. “It wasn’t really my choice. He said he didn’t love me anymore.” Sally said as she put her paw down on the table and left her cards there. I guess the game was over now because I could see all her cards. “And it broke my heart, but I got over it. My friends told me I was better off anyway.” She looked at me and her eyes were kind of twinkling with a little tear. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t be telling you this, it’s all grown up stuff.”


“No, it’s otay. I asked the question. I’m sorry if it hurt.” I said as I hugged Sally. I don’t know why I did, it was just what seemed appropriate. I felt a little closer to her now.


“For a twelve year old, you are very mature.” Ms. Minx said wiping a tear from her eye. She hugged me back. “How about we watch a movie now?” she asked. I nodded and we both headed upstairs to the TV room. “I know just the thing.” Sally said as she picked out a DVD from the little cabinet under the TV.


The movie was really good. It was about a mother and her daughter traveling together. They only had each other and it was, well it was just really good and seemed appropriate. After the movie, it was probably around lunch time, but I really wasn’t hungry, I was actually kind of sleepy. I told Ms. Minx that I was going to go take a nap.


As I walked in the room I forgot about modesty and just took my dress off. Deciding to sleep in only my panties. I jumped onto the bed and pulled back the covers just as Ms. Minx poked her head in the door.


“Have a nice nap. If you need anything I’ll be in the living room grading some papers, all right Heather?” she looked at me in the bed and smiled. “And can we keep what we talked about a secret? It’s my personal business and I’m sorry I told you about it.”


“Don’t be sorry. Yawn. I wanted to know, and as a friend you told me.”


Sally smiled and shut the door. I yawned once again looking at the ceiling and sighing. Sally was so nice to me, and she wanted to have children so bad. I looked over at the diapers upon thinking of that. What had possessed me to put one on last night? More importantly, why had I wet it? I continued to tell myself it didn’t happen. Maybe I could be Ms. Minx baby? I thought rather randomly. Quickly I blocked that thought out and forced my eyes shut. What was I saying?


In a while, maybe fifteen minutes, I was asleep and I had a dream during my nap. It was a wonderful dream where I was a two years old. I toddled around my house in diapers without a care in the world. Everything just seemed to revolve around me and I didn’t even know it.


“Heather?” A dream voice called to me. I toddled in that direction and into a room surrounded by light pink walls. Inside Ms. Minx was standing and smiling at me. She looked different though, she was wearing a long plain jean dress and she seemed, happier. I giggled and ran up to her, squeezing her in a hug. “How’s my baby Heather?” she cooed to me. I smiled and hugged harder. She brought her hands under my arms and began to tickle me.


I rolled around on the floor with laughter. It didn’t stop, I just peeled over and over with laughter, smiling all the while and Sally smiled right back. I laughed so hard that I could feel myself begin to wet my diaper, Sally could tell because she just smiled even more and leaned down to kiss me on the forehead.



“I wonder if that bedwetting incident this morning wasn’t an accident?” Sally asked herself. It was a good question and she had to sit back and think about it. In one of her parenting magazines she had read about infantilism and how to deal with it. The best option was, if it continued, to act like it’s perfectly normal and play along if it’s all right for the parents.


Sally sat and thought about this. “Maybe Heather wants to be treated like a baby?” She smirked a little “Or maybe I want to treat her like a baby,” she said firmly. Sally tapped her finger lightly on the light-stand next to her recliner. She hadn’t really been able to explain why she bought all that stuff upstairs. She knew that the chances of her ever having offspring were a million to one (So the doctor said anyway). It was almost ludicrous how much baby supplies she had, and for almost all stages of a baby’s progression. She just had the impulse to buy it all after she had come to terms with being infertile (That’s not really coming to terms with being infertile, but Sally never completely ruled out adoption. So she concluded that she bought it all in the hopes of someday being a parent, which was just being mildly in denial).


“How many times have I thought about this before?” Sally asked herself with a smile. “Maybe Sedrick was the inadequate one?” That’s interesting, Sally had never really thought about it that way. Yes, she was infertile, but the doctor said she wasn’t sure if it was ever completely so. So why couldn’t she blame it on her cheating ex-husband? Maybe there was some other male out there who could do the trick? Sally smiled coyly and made a note to spend some more time with that cute kindergarten teacher when school was in session again.



“It all felt so good, like a warm sunlight or something.” I said to myself as I opened my eyes. ‘Maybe I do want to be a baby again?’ I thought to myself. I sat up and rubbed my eyes gently, making sure to clear away any sleepies. I looked around when my vision came too and saw that I was still in the nursery. I felt kind of weird because I could remember what my dream was about and that’s odd, because it’s not often that I remember a dream, but right now it was clear in my head like it had just happened two minutes ago. Heck, I could feel like I was almost wearing a wet diaper.


I frowned for a second. That wasn’t right… I looked down and to my horror, there was a huge wet spot on the comforter and it was right above where my waist would be. My eyes watered again and I slowly got myself out of bed.


My panties were soaked, and the white sheets were now stained slightly yellow. I frantically tried to pull them off the bed. I wasn’t sure what happened, but I had to hide it. Confrontation was always bad, especially after how terrible I felt this morning.


I rolled up all the sheets and comforter in a giant ball and looked for some place to put it. At this time my mind reasoned with me that this wasn’t going to work. I couldn’t hide all this, and I would need to put new sheets on the bed and I didn’t even know where they were kept. Slowly I got up and went out of the room. I wiped the tears from my eyes and I looked down the stairs. I called Sally.


“Yes Heather?”


“Can you come up here for a moment?” I asked shakily.


“Sure, I’ll be right up.” Sally said as she put down some papers and got out of her recliner. She was curious about what the problem could be, but she knew she’d find out. She walked up the stairs and turned the corner to the Nursery. Inside the nursery, the cute little cheetah Heather standing and sobbing softly with a large bundle of sheets lying on the floor next to her. Sally opened her mouth to say something, but then she saw the yellow stain covering the majority of the underwear that Heather was wearing. Everything sort of told it’s own story now.


“I don’t know why… It just happened,” I blurted out. Again I tried not to make eye contact. I just did what I did best as a cheetah, and that was run. I ran downstairs to the bathroom. Ms. Minx just stood in the nursery. Slowly she turned to survey the damage to the mattress.


“Poor girl,” Sally said quietly. “If she’s doing this on purpose, she’s really a great actor. This can’t be intentional, there’s to much emotion. And obviously this is a touchy subject.” Sally smiled and thought for a second. “Just when I thought I had plenty of problems earlier, Heather comes to me with some of mine own. As friends I know I can help her with her problem.” Sally picked up the bundle of sheets and went downstairs to start a load of laundry. As she put the sheets in she took out Heather’s clothes from the dryer. They we’re clean now and Sally thought it might make her feel better to wear something more familiar. She picked up some more spare towels and walked to the bathroom. She leaned and listened to the door. The water wasn’t running, but there was sobbing.


Knock knock… “Are you in there Heather?” There was no reply, but she knew Heather was in there. “I’ve got some more towels and your clean clothes from yesterday. You can take a shower if you like and they’ll be waiting for you right here.” Still no reply. “Listen Heather, I’m not mad, but I am a little worried. How about we take your temperature when you get out? We’ll see if you’re not sick or something.”


“Okay,” came a meek reply from inside. I smiled slightly and walked back to the living room.



I sat on the toilet in the bathroom, letting out all that I hadn’t already on the bed upstairs. Why was I doing this? Did I subconsciously want to wet the bed? Was I sick?


I got up and tossed the sodden underwear in the corner. I went back over to the mirror and looked at myself. “This can’t be normal,” I told myself shakily.


For the second time I showered. It was a long shower and I found myself moving slowly. I felt kind of depressed because I was worried about myself. I had wet while I slept the second time in a row. This had never happened before! It just seemed to occur since I’ve been here.


I thought about my problem, but then I thought about Sally’s problem. She was alone, and wanting a child. Here I was acting like a baby, more involuntary. Maybe this was meant for a reason? No no, I told myself shaking my head and wiping the soap out of my eyes.


After the shower it felt really nice to be in my own clothes. It was comforting and they weren’t as flowing as what Sally had let me borrow.




After I got out, Sally checked my temperature. It was showing well with in normal. I sort of slumped expecting this.


“I’ve got the sheets washed, but I don’t want it to happen again.”


I solemnly nodded my head in agreement, but neither of us really knew what to do about it. We both agreed to drop it for now and being as I’ve usually never been one to carry on and mope about my troubles, I did my best to carry on like normal.


I went to the window and found that the snow had let down. There was still quite a few feet piled up, but the snow had stopped. I smiled and went to Sally who let me go outside.


For the better part of three hours I romped around in the mounds. It was great and I was exhausted by the time Sally called from the porch that dinner was ready.


Over dinner we talked a little more. By now, I think we were both coming to terms that we had troubles and this seemed to ease us. It seemed to break the barrier that had kept us at a distance and dinner went smoothly.


After dinner it was another movie and homework, much like the night before. The evening just seemed to fly by and before I knew it, it was time for bed.


I went to the bathroom saying goodnight to Sally. I brushed out my fur and washed my face, also brushing my teeth. Then I went upstairs to the nursery and stripped down to my underwear, also borrowing a nightie from the dresser.



While Heather was upstairs Sally sat and thought about a few things. How was she going to deal with what she had an instinct was going to happen? She could tell that Heather sort of liked diapers and her maternal instincts just kept telling her to give Heather exactly what she wanted. Maybe that was a little direct though, it might be embarrassing. Sally stood for a second longer thinking what to do. She decided on an action that would have Heather choose, but maybe indirectly.



I got up to the nursery and paused. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it out of my head. While in this nursery, I had a strong inclination to take a diaper and put it on. Then I would go to Sally and be like “I need a mommy…” I smiled thinking how happy it would make Sally, but what if she said no, or thought it was really weird? I thought a little harder and began to realize what it was that I was thinking. I couldn’t go through with this, I’m a mature girl and almost in 7th grade! That makes me a teenager. Pretty soon I’d be having boyfriends and everything.


I backed up, but kept staring at the diapers. My mind was telling me to back away, but something else was pushing me forward. It did feel kind of nice, and it was definitely better then waking up in wet sheets. Maybe I could just put it on and hide it a little better then before. It can just be my secret and I’ll help Sally out some other way.


 I went over to the supply table again and took a long hard look at the diapers there. I resisted but reached out a shaky hand and picked up another diaper.


“I brought up a book I can read to you if you’d like.” Sally said as she opened the door. I froze and dropped the diaper right were I stood. It landed at my feet with a dull flat noise. Sally looked at me and went silent. I could see her taking in the situation with her eyes, maybe it was just me, but there was a faint smile on her lips. I took the chance to run up to the bed and jump onto it. Making sure to bury myself under the covers.


Sally stood and thought for a moment more, she knew this was a very sensitive subject. “Heather?” she asked. “Look I’ll make a deal with you.” Sally started. “I know it was an accident those other times, but I can’t be washing sheets all the time. Earlier was the second time in a row that you had wet the bed. Right now I’m going to give you the option of diapering you.” Sally pause and waited for that to sink in. I thought about it intently for a moment. “If you use the diaper I put on you, then from now on while you stay here, you’ll be diapered before you go to sleep. If you don’t, we’ll just forget this all happened and pronounce you cured. Although, if you don’t want to be diapered right now, and you still wet the bed. Then you will be in diapers for the rest of the time you’re here. Okay? That mean’s even when you’re not sleeping.” Sally felt rather pleased with herself. It was a smart move that allowed her to pursue her own interest to have, well sort of have a little baby to take care of, even if only for a little while, and it let Heather have a choice in what she wanted.


“I don’t want to be diapered.” I blurted out of embarrassment. In actuality I was leaning towards being diapered, but it’s FAR too much to tell you teacher. The entire situation made me feel uncomfortable.


“All right then Heather. I’ll leave you to sleep, but may I suggest you use the bathroom before you get to bed?”


I accepted her advice and hoped up to go to the bathroom, making sure not to make eye contact with her. I didn’t really have to pee much, but I did some, which put me a little more at ease.


“Good night Heather.” Sally said to me.


“Good night,” I replied


When she left I couldn’t sleep. I was worried that I wouldn’t make it through the night without wetting and then what? I would be diapered and treated like a baby… It’s almost as if I didn’t have a choice in the matter, it was like something was going to happen regardless. But would that really be bad? Diapers weren’t so awful… They were actually kind of nice, and it would make Sally really happy. I guess the mature side of me just didn’t want to let it happen.


I sighed and fell into sleep. After all of the day’s anxiety, I realized I was exhausted.



I awoke early the next morning. Light was just beginning to filter through the window, but it wasn’t a lot. Something told me that the clouds had not lifted and we might actually get some more snow.


My mind clicked suddenly and I thought about the more important matter at hand. Slowly I brought my paw down and checked my crotch. I wasn’t wet!! I smiled with excitement, sighed a great relief that I had control.


The glow lasted a few minutes, but then it faded. I knew I should have been happy, but I didn’t really feel it. Part of me wanted to take the step back, to do something for Sally (How I decided this would be doing something for Sally was beyond me, but I did). Then the other part wanted to triumphantly show that I could keep myself from acting like a baby, but that part seemed to be giving way to the other.


I bit my lower lip and thought about what I could do. I don’t know why I did it, but I stopped restraining what I usually had to do when I got up in the morning and forced myself to have an accident. I didn’t even think about it, something beyond me just forced it out. I smiled slightly as I felt a little trickle escape me, and then cringed a little as it turned into a steady stream. My mind seemed to be bullying me that this was immature and that I had just forced myself to have an accident. At least the two times before I could claim that it was an accident, this time I couldn’t. But, I didn’t care, it felt good and it felt right.


I kind of liked wetting myself, but it would mean the sheets had to be washed. Still, I think Sally will be a little happier, and truth be told, I think I will be too (Now I need a counselor, I just went insane).


I lied in the bed, feeling how wet the sheets had gotten and I stroked one of my whiskers for a second. I guess as soon as Sally came in, that would be the big moment. Things were going to be a little different and I wasn’t really sure how she would react. I closed my eyes again and drifted slowly back off to sleep.



Sally awoke calmly. She had been dreaming rather happily about having a baby. She didn’t know the face of her baby, but she just cradled it in her arms and all the world seemed to make sense. It was like her and her little one were the special two things in creation to set the standard on love and nurturing. It left her more rested then she had in years.


She got up and put on a robe. Sally didn’t get asleep till late, she was mentally preparing herself for what she was inclined believe happened. She hid a smile though, at least she would have someone to diaper.


Sally left her room and walked down the hallway to the nursery. She brought her paw to the handle of the door, but stopped for a moment. What if this wasn’t what Heather wanted? Chances were the last two times were accidents and what would happen if Heather told her parents that her teacher forced her into diapers? That wouldn’t really reflect to well on herself as a host, she thought. Then again, Heather was the one caught in or with diapers, as if she wanted them. Sally brought her hand closer to the knob of the door. She couldn’t resist the urge to be the mother she had mentally prepared herself to be for all these years.


Sally turned the knob and opened the door. The first thing she got was the smell, it was a smell of stale urine that seemed to affirm her suspicions. Her lips curved in a smile and she walked over to the purring yellow kitten. Sally took a seat on the bed next to Heather and put her paw gently to Heather’s shoulder.


“Wake up Heather… Wake up.”



I blinked my eyes slowly and yawned a big feline yawn. Sally was sitting next to me with a warm grin on her face. I grinned back and began to lift myself up to a sitting position when I was reminded of my ‘accident’ I had earlier this morning. My face must have contorted with my emotions, not because I was surprised, no I had caused the accident. I was overcome with the sense of unknowing what Sally must have thought, and what she would do.


“I.. I…” I tried to stutter out an answer, but I couldn’t find the words.


“It’s okay Heather… But, do you remember our deal?” I nodded my head slowly. “Well, I’ll strip the bed, and I want you to take off your wet clothes.”


I got out of bed and did as told. I was a little surprised because Sally seemed to be doing this very calmly and almost good spiritedly, which I guess she really did want this too. I gathered myself up and found a little bounce in my step.


I went to the corner and removed all my clothing. Sally stripped down the bed. I must admit that I was extremely nervous, I had never been naked in front of anyone other then my mother and stuffed animals.

By now both she and I were finished.


“From now on you will be diapered. And will remained diapered until the storm lifts and you have to go home. Understand?” Sally asked in an affirmative, but also sensitive tone. I nodded slightly as I laid down on the bed. “You had an accident…” I nodded. “It’s okay it’s normal.” Again I nodded. “And you want to be diapered more then anything.” I nodded another time… Wait! I quickly shook my head to try and take back what I had said. Sally smiled at me almost ear to ear. The jig was up. I tried not to smile to much too.


“You won’t tell anyone will you?”


“Only if you don’t tell anyone,” Sally reasoned. She walked over to the supplies and gathered a few things. “You know I’m surprised you haven’t gotten a rash lying in wet blankets so much.” She said with a slight laugh. I blushed a little. She unfolded a diaper and placed it under me.


She took a tube of cream and put a little in her paw, but as she brought it near me, I backed away. I wasn’t too comfortable with this.


“You don’t want to get a rash, do you?” Sally asked. I shook my head slowly. She eased her hand down till it made connection with the soft fur of my inner thighs. I winced a little because it was an odd feeling and the cream was kind of cold. She spread a generous amount around my diaper area and then proceeded to sprinkle some baby powder on me. After that had been done, the front of the diaper was pulled up and taped. Securing me in the babyish item. “Well, we’re done little Heather.” Sally said with a slight childish tone.




“Yes Heather?”


“Can I call you mommy? At least while I’m here?” I asked while still lying on the bed in only a diaper. She looked at me and smiled like I had never seen before, her eyes twinkled like little stars and she bent down to hug me. I hugged her right back.


“You can call me Mommy, only if I can be your mommy for these few days.” I giggled and she helped me up off the bed. “Now,” she said with a little tickle. “What am I going to dress my little kitten in?”


I furrowed my eyebrows a little. What was there to dress me in? Sally stepped away and went over to the drawers, taking out a pink-footed sleeper.


“What? This wasn’t part of the deal.”


“I get to be your mommy, and being how cold it is outside, my kitten needs to wear something warm.” Sally said with a smile as she unzipped the garment. I went along with it, not realizing that what I had kind-of-sort-of agreed to would involve this. I gingerly got myself into the item of clothing and Sally helped get my tail through the back and zipped it up. “From now on, the bathroom is off limits. You can’t seem to control yourself, so you will just have to not worry about controlling yourself and use your diaper.” Sally smiled gleefully upon telling me this. It was almost like she had rehearsed it the night before.



We both went downstairs and sat down to breakfast. Sally made me pancakes for breakfast and I eagerly ate my fill. After breakfast we went into the living room and played games. She had board games and books she could read to me (Not that I couldn’t read, I just didn’t really like to).


I guess it was almost noon when I began to feel the call of nature. What surprised me the most was that it was both calls of nature. Which was something I had never thought about.


Slowly I got up from our game of mousetrap (Which was a favorite of mine) and began to slowly inch toward the bathroom. Sally took notice after a minute.


“Where’re you off too?” she asked still carefully setting up a game piece.


“Nowhere.” I replied a little shaky. See, wetting was one thing, pooping was another. I didn’t really feel to inclined to take advantage of the situation presented to me. I decided that I would just go quietly to the restroom, take care of business and that’d be that. I’d get the diaper on and go back with being a kitten.


“You seem to be heading somewhere.”


“Oh, I’m thirsty. I’m just going to get a drink.”


Sally smiled and stopped what she was doing. “Don’t worry your mommy will go get it for you. You just wait here.” I mimicked a smile back and stood uneasily trying to see how I could get to the bathroom. The urgency in my rear was telling me that this wasn’t the time to be standing around. Sally came back a moment later with a baby bottle in her hand. Again, I was apprehensive. “Here kitty, kitty,” Sally joked.


I hesitated, but I came to her at the couch. She motioned for me to sit on her lap, which I did reluctantly. “You can’t imagine how many times I imagined this…” Sally said down to me as she laid me back a little. Slowly she brought the nipple of the bottle to my mouth and to my lips. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just gave in. I took the nipple into my mouth and began to drink from the bottle.


Sally sighed happily and ran her hand along my back. To her this was the realization of a dream. She had a little or sort of little girl to watch and care for.


I continued to drain the bottle and the cramps in the pit of my tummy kept telling me that I wouldn’t make it to the bathroom if Sally helped. I stopped sucking for a moment.




“Yes baby?”


“I have to go to the bat… Potty.”


She smiled. “That’s what your diapers are for. It’s okay, I’m sure the diaper will hold it.”


I don’t really think she was on the right page with me, but it was to late to sort things out. She put the bottle back in my mouth. I started to suck on it just as the cramps came to me again. I tried to restrain but this time it was too much. I closed my eyes and gave in as I began to fill my otherwise clean diapers.


It was sort of a gross feeling. My diapers felt full and I could just begin to smell what I had done. Sally looked at me.


“Smells like someone needs a change…” She said with an exaggerated scrunching of her nose. I laughed a little and she took the bottle out of my mouth and carried me back up to the nursery.