A  Story To Be Related.

By Dante Otter.



John, I’m so glad to see you, it’s been too long.  I walked through the door while at the same time thinking how long it had been since I had seen my sister, Celeste.  I had been living across the continent, so I did not have many opportunities to see my family. I had been invited to come and see my sisters new baby son, since I was overdue for a family visit anyhow, I decided to drop in for a few days.  I was snapped out of my thoughts by Celeste. “Have you had any lunch yet?”  she asked as we moved into the kitchen. I hesitated as I thought about what a great cook Celeste was. “Naw, I stopped on the way here and had a sandwich.” “Oh, alright.” Celeste responded. I changed the subject as we caught up with each others lives. “I’m anxious to meet this new addition that I keep hearing about.” Celeste motioned to the hallway, “Dante is sleeping in his room but he should be waking up anytime now.” I casually remarked that Dante seemed like an odd name for a 2 year old. “Dante is self-named.” Celeste casually remarked. That remark took me back a step, a self-named child? While I was lost in that thought, we reached the door to the nursery, or so I assumed from the decorations. Celeste opened the door quietly so as not to disturb the baby. We walked in.  To say that I was shocked was an understatement; I was blown away by two objects that hung on the wall that were completely out of place in a nursery.  One, a full length cloak made of black velvet that would have fit me. And a broadsword that stopped just short of the cloak.  Everything else in the nursery reeked of a maternal touch. Celeste walked over to a crib sitting in another corner of the room. Her movements encouraged me to turn my attention to the small form under a blanket. I followed Celeste and looked over to see an otter who was sleeping peacefully, as if the whole world was on sabbatical while he was napping. Celeste reached down and gave the infant a gentle wake-up shake. Small eyelids opened as Dante began to emerge from sleep. Celeste pulled his pacifier out of his mouth and said “Dear, I want you to meet your uncle, his name’s John.”  The Infant, steadying himself with one paw looked directly at me and Spoke “Hi there.”  These words were not the words of a 2 year old learning to talk; it seemed that this child talked as if he had been doing so all his life. “It’s nice to meet you.” Dante said as stuck out his chubby paw in an obvious invitation to shake his hand. I did so, but it was tentatively, I must admit I was a little unnerved by the way my nephew behaved. “Don’t worry he won’t bite.” Said Celeste, as she began to turn her attention to her son. “How was your nap, sweetie?”  “It was good Mom I slept like a baby,” Answered Dante.  Celeste laughed a little as she carried her pup over to the changing table, setting him down and checking him; she conversationally spoke to me, though I was still kind of offset by what I was watching.


“Dante has always had a wonderful sense of humor, hasn’t he?” Celeste said as she tickled Dante while he laughed in an understandable reaction. Celeste continued as she changed Dante into a clean diaper “My little pup has always had a way of making me laugh and forget I’m talking to a baby. There, all done.” Celeste began to walk back out to living room carrying Dante with her “Come on, we’ll go continue our conversation in the other room.” I followed (What choice did I really have?) and took a chair by the window while Celeste took the opposite chair and sat Dante on her lap. Celeste began to explain how she had become the mother of such an unusual pup. “But, you’ll have a hard time understanding unless you hear the story from Dante.” Celeste said.


     Dante spoke slowly and softly “I know that it is going to be hard for you to understand what I am going to tell you, but I want you to keep an open mind.  I used to be an 18 year old human, it was 2003, only one short year ago, and I had just graduated from High School in California. I...”   John interrupted suddenly “Wait, hold on, are you telling me that Humans do actually exist? I mean, I’ve seen the websites on the internet, uh... what is the term they use... Oh yeah! Fleshes. I never did think that Humans were real, I thought they were fabrications of some fur!”  Dante continued “Believe me; Humans are as real as you and I are.  Back to my story, it was the following weeks of my graduation from High School.  My parents and I were never able to get along very well; I spent most of my time alone in a very large house. I was looking forward to a great life. However God has his own plans.  During my Graduation ceremonies, there was a car crash, everyone died, instantly.  I had to go through an entire day of congratulations before the police found me and informed me. I was so sad and angry because I had lost everyone.” John broke in “I’m sorry that you had to lose your family like that, no one should have to experience that.” Dante curled into Celeste’s lap and softly sobbed for a moment before continuing. “I really miss them, The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.  The year before I was a senior, I had gotten into weapons fighting and had gotten fairly good at it, now I had nothing left.  I dressed in my cloak and took my broadsword, sharpened; of course, I was intending to kill myself.  I began to walk deep into the woods, not knowing exactly what I was looking for. I wandered off the trail and soon found myself lost.  I kept walking and eventually found a stairway, it was old, and weathered, but it was solid. The stairway wound downward into a circular courtyard. Oddly enough with a pool in the center. I walked toward the pool and looked in... Imagine my surprise when I saw an otter staring back at me. I was in turmoil with all that had happened in the last few days.

I began, for no reason that I remember, to yell at God.” John again spoke “What did you yell?” Dante continued “I began to ask why he had taken them, I did not argue that he was not right, I merely asked for a reason. I told God that I did not want to live there anymore, but to give me what my heart had always desired.  That is all that I remember that I was enveloped with a warm light such as I have never felt before outside of my heart and I blacked out.”


            “What Happened then?” John asked with an obvious interest in the tale being told. Dante spoke again “All in good time, Uncle. First, I’m hungry, I think it’s time to have lunch.” As I looked at my watch, I realized that it was already noon and that my stomach also, was growling. “Okay, let’s have something to eat and then continue the story.” Celeste got up and carried Dante on her hip into the kitchen while I followed. “What would you like for lunch Dante?” Celeste asked.  “A grilled cheese sandwich!” Dante replied. “Sure thing!” Celeste said, “is there anything you want John?” I was not particular so I said “I’ll just have what you’re having.” Celeste put Dante into a highchair and went over to the refrigerator to get the food out. It seemed like no time at all before she had set a plate in front of Dante and brought some leftovers for me and herself.  Dante busied himself with his sandwich, having to eat in small bites due to the size of his paws. Not much was said while we ate, I thought about what I knew so far of Dante’s life. Celeste spoke to Dante. “Are you all finished dear?” Dante replied “Yes Mom.” Celeste cleaned up Dante’s face and hands and put the dishes in the sink. “Are you ready to go continue the story?” Celeste asked John. John replied “Yes, I’m anxious to hear what happened next.” Celeste began to walk back towards the living room “Come on, we’ll keep talking in here.” After we were seated in our chairs, Dante began to talk again. 


     “As I said before, I don’t remember anything after blacking out.  When I woke up, I had one of the worst headaches of my life, I felt disoriented and unable to function correctly, and it seemed as if my body did the exact opposite of what I wanted.  I remember opening my eyes and seeing the face of an otter, keep in mind that I had never before met a fur, so naturally, I was a mite confused. She looked down at me and asked me if I was okay, I replied that I didn’t feel so good, but I would live. The otter introduced herself as Celeste, and she offered to take me to her house. I agreed, because I was not thinking that clearly. Celeste helped me to my feet and I leaned on her for support, we walked out of the small courtyard and into what looked like a medium sized backyard, I was too distracted with trying to keep one foot alternating the other, otherwise I would have noted that I did not have feet anymore, they were paws, I’ll let you in on a little secret, I had kind of been wanting to become a fur, for a while now. After what seemed like a couple of hours, but was more like five min. We came to a beautiful house overlooking a nice forest. Then, I blacked out, yet again.





     I came back into reality in the cushions of a soft bed; I have always had a weakness for a comfortable bed. And rolled around, trying to get my bearings. Celeste came in, and with her, some of the memories of the past few hours.  What the hell! I shouted, almost asking a question with the same breath, what are you? Of course you could understand Celeste’s reaction of shock. She understood that I had been through a lot. “I’m the same thing you are sweetie.” She said with a slightly condescending tone to her voice. What! No, no I’m sorry but I’m Human and you’re obviously some...thing that I’m dreaming about. Celeste looked a little put off but managed to recover. “Look, I found you in my backyard and brought you in here, I’ve got some dinner if you are hungry and a hot shower, Maybe a little gratitude is in order, Hmmm?” “Yes, of course, you’re right” I said as I regained a little bit more of myself “I’ll take you up on that hot shower and be down in a minute.” “Alright, see you in a minute.” Celeste said as she walked out the door. Groaning, I managed to roll out of bed and walk toward the open door of the bathroom, I was still oblivious to a lot of stuff because I had not noticed a rather large tail dragging behind me. I went into the bathroom, closed the door and turned to the mirror to compose myself....


Celeste later told me, my scream could be literally heard throughout the entire house.


She came bounding through the door after she heard me, “What’s wrong, what happened?!” She demanded, not immediately seeing me, probably because I was under the covers. Now it was my turn to demand something “What did you do to me?!” Celeste, still not knowing of my once human status merely responded “What did I do?”

Me, testy and sarcastic as ever said “What do you think, I’m an otter!” Celeste said “Of course you are sweetie, what did you think you are?” I came back with the only obvious answer “Human!”

It took a lot to calm me down, but once I did I found myself sitting down and eating with Celeste. “Now let me get this straight, I’m here, and here everyone is a fur including me.”  Celeste nodded and said “Okay, my turn, you’re were a human, you yelled at God and now you’re here.” I gave her a nod of my head. I related my story to her about what had happened to me in my life and Celeste told me about how she had lost a child and how her husband had left her. “I still miss them.” Celeste said. “Yeah, I do too.” I said, referring specifically to my own family. Celeste Changed the subject “So, I guess that you have no place to go or live right?” I nodded “Yeah, it’s going to be hard for an eighteen year old otter here.” Celeste agreed and then asked “maybe you would like to stay here for a while, I’ve got plenty of space and it would be a nice change to have someone here with me.” I had to evaluate my options and choices. It took me maybe 4 seconds. “Sure, I’d love to,” Was my reply.




     We spent the rest of the night watching The Great Race,an old favorite of mine and hers. I enquired how she had acquired a human movie and she said “I don’t have any human movies.” That statement kind of confused me until I saw the opening scene was made up entirely of furs. So we sat and watched the movie, I found it was just as funny as the human version. I was beginning to leave that world behind. After that, both of us went to bed, I slept in the spare bedroom that I had slept in earlier.


     I woke up the next morning, lying in the blankets and staring out a window I felt an odd feeling of being smaller and on top of that, a cold, clammy feeling. I got up and took off the covers; I looked in utter shock to see that I had wet the bed! How was this possible, I hadn’t wet the bed in years. I looked down at my boxer shorts, noticing the spot covering my entire crotch. Celeste, picking the perfect time to enter the room, walked right in. “I thought I might come in an tell you that breakfast is...what happened?” she asked. All I could stammer out was “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say other than I don’t know what happened either.” Celeste walked over and put her hand on my shoulder, odd, I was much shorter than yesterday, noticeably even. Celeste said “You looked taller yesterday, hmm, maybe it has something to do with your change from human to fur.” I nodded “Yeah that must have been it.” Celeste started to gather the sheets to wash them “You can go and get cleaned up in the bathroom while I go put these in the laundry room. Come on down to the kitchen when you’re done.” I didn’t have that much of a choice to make, so I went into the bathroom and looked at myself. I could have sworn that I had been taller yesterday, I was getting used to my new body.  I climbed into the shower and washed down my fur, I was unaware of anything new I had to do to clean myself, so I decided to not think about it. When I finished, I came out to find a pair of pants on my bed, That was considerate of Celeste, I thought to myself as I wandered downstairs to a table set with nice plates and silverware. Celeste was over at the stove cooking something I could not see but could already smell. I asked what we were having simply as a conversation starter. “French toast.” Celeste relied “How many slices do you think you would like?” I was hungry for some reason that morning so I said “I’ll have 4, if you don’t mind.”  “Of course not, sweetheart.” Celeste responded to me.  I took a few steps closer “hey, I’m sorry I wet the bed.”  Celeste said to me “Don’t worry about it. Hey, I want to take you out and get you some decent clothes today, does that sound good?”  “Do I have choice in the matter?” I asked, “No you don’t, I want to do this for you.”  With nothing else to say, I relented. “I hope you have good taste then.” I said and Celeste laughed.


     After we ate and I helped her clear the table, we went into town and walked into a department store, I was observing all of the furs that I saw all around me, still trying to get used to this new world of mine. The shopping was much the same as it was when I was a human so I see no reason to go into it much more than to say that Celeste does have a good sense of style and I liked the few shirts and pants and necessary items that she bought.  We ate a late lunch out and I must say that the food was delicious to my new animal senses. As we were sitting there, I suddenly realized that I had the urge to go to the bathroom, immediately. “um, excuse me Celeste, I need to go, right now.” Unfortunately, I did not make it in time. “Celeste, I um, I kind of had an accident.” Celeste looked down and saw that I had wet myself. “Oh, come on, We’ll go home.” Celeste paid and we went straight home where I changed and cleaned up.  We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching a movie. As I went to go to the bathroom, I was a little more conscious than usual, I noticed a door that was near the master bedroom. Curiosity got the best of me and I tried the doorknob, it opened and I took a look inside. I saw a fully stocked nursery with furniture made of teak and fully stocked. I reasoned that this must have been the nursery of Celeste’s child that she lost.  I quietly closed the door, did my business and went back to the movie. Shortly after, I went to bed and breathed a short prayer that I would stay dry.


     The next morning, I woke up to a feeling that was slightly new to me, I was dry. (How weird is that?) When I got up, I noticed that I was now about four feet tall. My scream brought Celeste at a run “What’s wrong? Oh my,” Celeste said as she walked over to me and looked down “What happened? You look like your six years old.”  I looked up at Celeste “What’s going on here? What’s happening to me?” Celeste picked me up and held me as you would, well, as you would a six year old. I held on to her neck, it was an understandable reaction to my sudden regression.

Celeste carried me out to the living room. “Sweetheart, I need to talk to you for a moment.” I looked up at her “Do you think that right now is a good time to be talking?” “Actually,” said Celeste “I think right now is actually a good time to talk about this.”  Celeste resettled me on her lap as she began to explain. “I have been praying to God for the longest time that he would give me another child of my own. When you showed up in my backyard, I began praying in earnest that he might give you to me as a child, I thought you might be my teenage son, I had no idea he would make you a baby.” I began to think about all she had said, here I was in a good position to bring Celeste some of the happiness that she had lost with her first baby. Perhaps this was God’s plan for me after all. I had no other place to go so I decided to accept my position. “Celeste, I would be glad to be your baby.”

Celeste smiled with her eyes and mouth in a maternal manner as she continued to speak “I know this must be strange for you, but I really do appreciate how calmly you are taking all of this.” I nodded and said “How young do you think I will get before I stop?” Celeste tilted her head as she thought about it, “Well, My first son was two when he passed away, maybe you will regress until you’re two years old.”


     Upon receiving the information that I was going to be two again, I mean, what better theory did I have to go on? I sat and thought to myself about what it was going to be like to be a baby again. While I was lost amongst my thoughts, Celeste spoke to me “Since you have been having trouble going to the bathroom recently, and you’re going to be a two year old anyway, perhaps I should just put you in diapers now. What do you think?” What did I think? I thought the same thing that any six year old would have thought at the suggestion of being put into diapers, “No! Why don’t we wait a little bit longer?” Celeste asked the obvious question, “Why? It would be better to start early to get you used to everything.” I was a little disturbed by the way she used she said that, but I decided not to worry about it, Celeste would take care of me. I weighed my choices and opted to let Celeste do as she pleased; after all, I was her baby.  “Okay, I’ll let you put me in diapers.” Celeste got up and carried me with her into the nursery, I was a little nervous and could not help but shiver as I was placed on the changing table, Celeste put her hand on my chest and said that everything would be alright and to trust her. Celeste reached underneath the table and pulled out a tube of cream and powder, probably from Celeste’s first baby. Celeste gently rubbed cream all over my diaper area and pulled out a diaper and unfolded it, lifting my legs, placing the diaper under me and setting me down on top of it. Celeste then sprinkled powder over me and pulled the diaper in-between my legs and taped it up. As a final touch, Celeste flipped me over and threaded my tail through the hole in the back. All through the process, I tried not to think about being diapered, but found that impossible. I wondered about how I was able to fit into a diaper and concluded that I must have gotten smaller during the day.  I was suddenly aware that Celeste was talking to me “There, all done, was that so bad?” I thought about it as I inspected her handiwork. “No, I guess it wasn’t that bad.” I said as Celeste picked me up and set me on the floor, Celeste left me to look around as she went to the closet. I could not see what she was getting out but when she turned around, however, I could see that she was holding a footed sleeper that I rightly assumed was for me to wear. It was dark green, and looked to be very soft. Celeste did not need to say anything, but used one finger to signal me to come to her. I did so, noting the waddle I had to use due to the new bulk in-between my legs. Celeste kneeled down and helped to guide my legs into the sleeper and got me all snuggled in. By now it was early in the afternoon, Celeste and I decided to watch another movie while I got used to my new position. This time we watched Monsters Inc. and I enjoyed cuddling with, well with my mom. While we were watching the movie, I felt the urge to go to the bathroom, I thought about it, and decided to just go in my diaper, I would be doing it a lot anyway. I relaxed and soon enough, I felt a warm sensation as I flooded my diaper.



     The afternoon passed quick enough and it was soon time for bed. Celeste picked me up and carried me back to the nursery where she sat me in the crib. I looked up at her and asked why she had put me here. “I put you in the crib because you might hurt yourself in a regular bed, just trust me.” Celeste replied.


     I slept soundly through the night, and woke up to soft light coming through the curtains. I looked around and noticed that I was wet. I tentatively stood up but ended up leaning against the bar. I called out softly “Celeste?” She didn’t come, so I asked a little bit louder, still she did not come so I yelled out “MOM!” That got a response; I sat down and waited as I heard Celeste coming up the hall “I’m coming sweetie.” Celeste opened the door and walked over to me. “Did you sleep well?” I replied “Yeah.” Celeste picked me up and put me on the changing table. The process was the same as always, so there is not much reason to elaborate. Celeste finished up and asked me if I was hungry. I was and did little to show it. We walked to the kitchen,

Celeste sat me down in a high chair. I looked around as Celeste continued to talk to me “You know, I could have sworn that you were bigger yesterday.”  I looked at myself and agreed “Yeah, I think I won’t be getting any smaller.” I ate, and Celeste cleaned me up. Afterward Celeste carried me over to a playpen where she put me down inside “I have a surprise for you.” She said. I got very excited all of a sudden and asked “What is it? What do have?” Celeste turned around and picked up a huge box of toys, my eyes lit up as she came over to the playpen and set the box down and took out the toys one by one. I began to immediately play with them and was totally absorbed in my own world. Celeste smiled at me and looped a small cord around my neck and put a pacifier in my mouth. I thought about it, and shrugged.  Celeste walked over to a desk and began to do some paperwork, I had never seen Celeste working and it had never occurred to me to ask what she did for a living. So I didn’t worry about it. Celeste only read through papers and did some writing on her computer for only an hour and a half or so, I can’t tell you for sure as I was getting heavily involved with my toys. Celeste came over and asks if I needed something to eat, I said that I didn’t, but I was thirsty, so Celeste went into the kitchen and came back with a bottle. I looked at it and thought about it and reached the same conclusion as with the pacifier. I stuck the nipple in my mouth and with a little trial and error, was able to get a steady stream of milk. I spent the rest of the day with my Mom, having fun and laughing, I don’t remember laughing that much with my human family.


     I spent the following year becoming more accepting of myself and of what God had given me. I had stopped regressing and I had spent the past few months meeting family, new grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins who wanted to hold and play with me. I never did lose my ability to speak and I guess I should be truly grateful for that.  I had to tell this story many times over before I could get anyone to show the slightest hint in believing it, there are some who don’t know to this day because Celeste didn’t think it a good idea to tell them. It was yesterday that seemed to last forever, watching another movie, all of them, of course, my favorites. Getting several diaper changes, I had started messing myself by this time, something that I have never really gotten used to. Celeste put me on her lap and spoke to me. “Sweetie, Your Uncle John is coming to visit for a while so I want you to behave for him, Okay?” “Yes, Mom.” I replied, tired after such a long day. Celeste carried me into the nursery and put me into my crib where I looked at my cloak and sword that I had worn on my first day here, Celeste looked at them, “You still like to remember them, don’t you?” I turned and looked at her “Yeah, just as you do also.” I laid back and curled my blanket over my body and Celeste slipped my pacifier into my mouth. She wished me a goodnight and closed the door most of the way.  I tried to sleep but could only think about the reaction of this uncle I was going to meet tomorrow, some of Celeste’s family had not taken my presence as good news and others were happy to meet me. I did not know where John’s opinion of me would fall. I slept restlessly that night and fell asleep early in the morning, I was woken up around eight to eat and get my wet diaper changed. I was still tired and Celeste noticed, so she put me back in my crib and I fell asleep pretty quickly...


     I was gently shaken awake sometime later, I opened my eyes slowly as Celeste pulled my pacifier out of my mouth and said to me “Dear, I want you to meet your Uncle, his name’s John.” I sat up and steadied myself with my left paw as I extended my right to shake hands with him. “Hi there.”  I said, “it’s nice to meet you.” ...



The End