A Change of Lifestyle

 By: Edward Scott

Chapter 1 – The old Life


My name is, or I should say, was Braeden Smith and a lot has happened in the last year, you could say it was, ‘out of this world’ and in a way, you’d be right. This is my story, and it all began on the first day of year twelve… that was in the year 2006…

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror after I had finished drying myself from my morning shower. I stared at my reflection for a few moments, my hair naturally light brown, but the whole top of it was a very light blonde, my eyes were a very abnormal color of green, and my face was void of any emotion.

I didn’t exactly live the happiest life, well actually to tell the truth my life sucked, I may have had a family and plenty of friends… My parents didn’t exactly have average wages, they were more above average, but it wasn’t as if I ever saw any of this money.

The problem was no one understood me… well a few did, but that didn’t mean anything, one or two friends understood what I was going through, the others didn’t even have a clue. My parents always seemed to pay more attention to my sisters, they were athletes and I was just the ‘lazy’ one. In truth it was my father that caused most of the problems at home. He always wanted to make a good impression and as a child I didn’t make him look too good, but then again, this was around when I was five. I mean who can expect a five year old child to make them look good?

Well my father stopped paying that much attention to me, worked a lot of the time and spent the time he was home with my sisters, shortly after all this started I began playing with computers a lot, and following this I started to mess around with things out of games, I soon learnt how to use a computer better than most people. Well these problems were with me for that long… And my skills with computers just kept getting better. Anyway back to the story.

Well I was seventeen at the time. I lived in Australia so I could legally drive without a supervisor now. So after I had got dressed I headed down stairs, and headed out to my car. Well maybe I was wrong before, I did see some of the money my parents got… well in a way, my sisters both got cars for their 17th but at least my parents bought theirs, I just got my mom’s old car when she bought a new one… A nice old Laser GL station wagon, it was falling apart.

I got in the car and after a few moments got it started and headed towards school, stopping at a bakery on the way to get some breakfast. Well I arrived at school and parked my car and locked it (although I didn’t care if someone stole it, at least if they did I’d get the insurance money for it). I walked over to where my friends were, same spot we met at the start of every day all last year. Well after they greeted me and I sat on the ledge near the wall they continued talking.

I didn’t really say much, I was preoccupied, I was thinking about what my father had been saying to me yet again, he always complained that I mumbled or didn’t open my mouth, both were wrong. I had a tongue that was almost twice the size of the average person’s meaning it made talking kinda hard sometimes, and the rest of the time was because my father was losing his hearing.

Thought that wasn’t the only thing he complained about, he complained constantly about nearly everything I did, or what I didn’t do most of the time. It was apparently ‘my job’ to feed the dog and take out the garbage. I never agreed to it I was just made do it, and it took me over a year to get my parents to pay me for it, when they were always paying my sisters for cleaning the house.

Eventually it was time to go to class, which I did reluctantly. I hated school I was only doing all this to get into university, which I knew I would hate equally as much, which I would endure just to get a job doing something I liked, which I knew would involve working around computers.

Well after first class was done I went to get something to eat and after twenty minutes of doing nothing while my friends talked yet again, I went to my next class, as much as I liked computers, working in a room full of people who talk about nothing important and people who have no idea what they are doing with a creepy teacher who seems to appear behind you and question you about everything… It kinda loses the fun.

After an hour and fifty minutes of that it was finally time for lunch, getting up and leaving just pushing the power button instead of the log off, not that it mattered, it was Windows XP, I walked back over to where I was before that class where most of my friends were already. Not really feeling that hungry I just sat on the wooden railing leaning against the pole holding the mesh cloth roof of the weird hut up.

I sat eating small candies which I new would make the next class unbareable, but then again it would have been anyway. After fourty minutes of my friends talking and not even noticing my lack of interest in anything, I got up and went to my next and final class of the day, English Writing.

Looking back on it this part seems to be very ironic seeing I’m writing this. As soon as my whole class was there our teacher set us a writing assignment on the first day, and not just any assignment but the major assignment of the year, we had half the year to do it, but it was the first day.

What we had to write a ‘short’ story and the main character had to be based on us. Well after sitting there doing nothing till the end of the lesson, I got up and left the class, and went over to meet one of my friends who I was going to drive home. After I unlocked my car and let my friend in I drove straight to his house and dropped him off.

I didn’t quiet feel like going home and no one would be home for hours anyway. I decided to drive up the mountain, it had been awhile since I had been up there, years in fact. When I was passing through the centre of the city, which I had to do to get to the mountain, I pulled over and messaged one of my friends, She went to a different school, which happened to be on the other side of the city from where I went.

To be truthful this wasn’t just any friend, it was Rebecca, one of my best friends who I had a crush on, and she knew it, mainly because I told her…. anyway. I messaged her to ask her if she wanted to meet me at the top of the mountain, it may have been February… and the end of the summer, but it was cold, then again Tasmania was cold most of the time, and the mountain was half covered in snow.

Well I continued driving and when I was leaving the city and heading up towards the mountain, she messaged me back saying she would meet me up there. Well after about half an hour of driving I had reached as far as I could in my car because the road had been closed. I messaged Bec and told her I was going to walk up a bit further from where I parked, to the next look out in fact. It was only a ten minute walk, I went to the back of my car and got out my jacket and pulled it on and changed my shoes to ones with better grip then after locking my car I headed up towards the next lookout.

I waited at the next look out for nearly half an hour, and Bec still hadn’t messaged me back. I just sat near the edge of the lookout looking down at the city, wasn’t much of a site during the day, but it looked great at night. I began to think about everything that was wrong in my life, which was actually a lot. I had thought about committing suicide many times before, the only thing that ever stopped me was I couldn’t hurt myself, I was already in to much pain to hurt myself anymore.

I had always hoped that I could convince Bec to go out with me at least once, but that still hadn’t happened. Well I sat their waiting for Bec to message me, or call me if she had to, but still no reply. Finally after an hour I got a message from Bec telling me to come back to where my car was parked, and it was urgent. Well I got up and as I did I dropped my phone.

I looked down at it, it was fine, five years old and the thing had never broken. I reached down to get it when I slipped on a piece of ice and slid backwards. Towards the edge of the look out which only had wooden railings at that moment because it was yet to be fixed. I reached out trying to grab onto something and caught the wooden pole as I was dangling over the steep ledge, it wasn’t a straight drop but it was very steep and would hurt a lot if I fell, I’d be lucky to walk again if I fell. I began to pull myself up and I noticed my wallet was near my phone as well.

It must have slipped out of my pocket when I fell over, I was almost back up on the ledge when there was a sudden crack and the pole I was holding was starting to break, I tried to pull myself up faster which only seemed to make the pole snap fast because all of a sudden then was a sound like a cracking whip as the whole pole snapped off and I began to fall backwards. I suddenly hit a rock and flipped over landing on my chest with a loud thump and a crack, as I felt my rib cage break.

I continued to fall down the steep slope hitting a few trees and bushes and when I tried to grab onto a tree to stop myself falling I felt another sharp pain and my arm twisted backwards as I felt my shoulder dislocate. I realised I was quickly approaching a sharp drop… well it was less of a sharp drop and a two hundred metre cliff face…

I saw my whole life flash before my eyes and I filled with regret for never talking to Bec sooner as I plunged over the cliff and was falling straight down. Just after I began to fall I saw a black orb appear at the base of the cliff which suddenly enlarged to a big black glowing sphere which seemed to have energy pulsing through it and a short man, who looked kind of like a fox, with large white wings protruding from his back stepped out of it and just as he looked up to see me falling I was about to hit the orb, I closed my eyes seconds before waiting for the sudden pain… but it never came. I just continued to fall… as if I was falling through nothing ness. I opened my eyes to see flashes of color going in every direction and my body began to feel like it was on fire to the point I felt like I was going to explode then it all stopped. The color faded, the pain left, and everything began to fade black.


Chapter 2 – A Short History of the Future


I awoke disorientated, I tried to get up and when I did I felt a surge of pain in my chest and let out a howl of pain, as I remembered my fall, I realised my ribs were indeed broken. My vision was very blurred and everything seemed to be a darkish grew color, though I could see lights on the roof although they seemed very dull and color seemed to be lacking in them.

I heard noises and looked at a door which soon opened, a small group of people walked through the door before it quickly closed again. Although I could barely make out the people I recognised one of them… It was the same weird looking guy that had appeared next to the black orb… thingy… He walked over where I was laying, which I guessed was some kind of bed in a sort of hospital area. I saw his face, which indeed did look like the face of a fox, his fur was entirely white, and I looked at him for a few minutes before I passed out again.

I awoke later, I’m not exactly sure how long I was out for, but when I awoke… things began to change… I was still in the hospital area, and I could see properly again. The fox man was sitting on a chair near the door, his eyes were closed but as soon as I tried to get up he said, “I wouldn’t get up if I were you, your ribs may not be broken anymore, but you’ve got other problems to deal with right now”

I put my arms back by my sides and spoke to him “Where am I? Who are you? What is wrong with me? Can you help me go back to where you saw me on the mountain? Can..”

He cut me off as I continued to ask questions without waiting for the answers, “Now you have to keep calm, that ‘black orb thingy’ as you called it, was a portal, a one way portal at that. You are still technically on earth, but the question you should ask is not where, but when. You are now about a thousand years past the war against man kind, in which nearly all humans died out in. Now that portal wasn’t designed for you, it was designed for me, well my kind anyway. Which means you are going to get sick very soon. Your DNA was infused with a part of mine, and as my kind is pretty much the same as your kind, except with a different DNA manipulation… I’ve lost you haven’t I?”

I nodded slowly not really knowing what all this meant. He nodded back then spoke again “Well I am what people call a Furre, I myself am a Fox. Around about a thousand years ago, humans began doing genetic experiments on other animals, which were not exactly standard. They were cloning humans and infusing them with the animal DNA, for awhile this never worked, they either killed the clone while it was still forming, or they died shortly after.

“After Decades of work, they created the first of the Furres, which I believe was a Rabbit, after that came the others, the felines, not just common house cats but lions, leopards, tigers, not to mention the canines, the horses, the rodents, marsupials… they even made rhinos, elephants, giraffes, lizards… nearly every animal that existed, except the insects… not quiet sure what happened to them… I think the humans actually made a chemical weapon that killed everything including cockroaches… which somehow made a virus that carried around through cockroaches and wiped them all out… anyway off topic…

“The furres were subjected to human testing, and it seemed they all managed to learn just as fast as the average human, and in some cases even faster. Well eventually the human governments worked out that they were a threat and ordered that they all be killed, well the lethal injections they gave them weren’t lethal to them it seems, knocked them out for a few hours instead, well while they were taking the first group of them, the rabbits, to be cremated, they woke up, started a revolt against the scientists and released the others.

“We don’t know what happened after there, they left the facility and we have no further records of what happened before, during or shortly after the war. Humans were very few in numbers after a few hundreds of years and there is only a few hundred left, a couple of thousand at the most

“Now back to the portal. It was designed for Fox DNA, dangerous technology, your life was saved by luck, but it comes at a price, the process the portal will have on you is almost identical to that of which they used on the clones during the furre creation process. So in short, you will become one of us.”

I took all this in… I was shocked, how could humans have done this? How could I become a furre? How could I never go back? The furre suddenly spoke again “I would advise you to try and keep your thoughts quiet, You don’t want to think about anything private, A lot of things happened when we were made, a few of us became able to intercept the signals that the brain puts out, known as psywaves. In short humans made psychics as well.

“I should go, you need to rest, and you have a very painful experience ahead of you, oh and by the way. My name is Edward Scott, and I guess I am your guardian angel now, and I don’t mean that metaphorically” He got up and opened the door and walked out.

None of this made much sense to me… He was psychic, he wasn’t human, and apparently I wouldn’t be either soon. But it was his final comment that made no sense… He said he was my guardian angel… and he didn’t mean it the way most people said it… Was he telling the truth? Was he a real angel?

All of a sudden Edward who was outside the door and walking away yelled out “Yes” which was obviously the answer to my question that I was thinking. I put my head back down on the pillow and tried to go back to sleep, but I could feel a slight burning feeling all over my skin, it was like when I went through the portal except not as painful… well not then anyway.

A few minutes later a female fox walked in, she looked a lot like Edward, her hair was blonde and rather short, for a female anyway, her fur was white, but unlike Edward her eyes were a rich blue color not a moon yellow. She was wearing a light blue tank top which left her lower torso and her arms uncovered. I saw on her arm was a black tattoo which looked a lot like an ancient Egyptian symbol. I wondered what it meant and I found out nearly straight away

She walked to the side of the bed and brushed my hair away from my face with the arm which had the tattoo then spoke in a quiet voice “My name’s Sabrina, and just like you were thinking, I am related to Edward, I’m his sister in fact. And the symbol, it is the mark of the Nilsaga. Don’t let Edward fool you though, Humans didn’t create psychics, they just passed on the ability. The Symbol looks Egyptian because it is, that’s where the clans came from, although I’ll tell you more about it later”

She smiled warmly at me and pulled over a chair and sat beside me, “Now firstly, you need a new name, and before you ask why, there is a perfect reason, you need to pick a new name because you can’t go back, you have to let go of your past, and one of the things that will do that is your name, you have to let go of you old name.”

I shrugged as I lay their and she just smiled again, “Ok, we’ll think of that later then” she continued, “we also need someone to take care of you, I’m pretty sure Rebecca wouldn’t mind” thoughts suddenly flowed into my head, what happened after I left? Is Bec ok? What happened when I didn’t come back? Is she looking for me?

Sabrina suddenly pressed her finger against my mouth as she touched my forehead, “Calm down, I will get Ed to find out what happened for you, but for now you have to try and calm your thoughts, as you are currently still human, you emit a very strong psywaves, and we have quiet a few psychics here, and making a large influx of psywaves will be bad for both you and us psychics.

“Now” She continued once again “there will be more changes than just your species but I will come back and talk to you in a few hours, right now how ever, you should drink this” She handed me a glass which had some strange orange liquid in it, and it smelt like some kind of alcohol, “It will put you to sleep” I nodded gently and gulped it down and handed back the glass and very quickly things began to blur and very shortly I was sleep once more.



Chapter 3 – The Twins
By: Edward Scott



I awoke suddenly a few hours later, the setting had not changed much, the chair that was by the door was gone, but not much else had changed. I turned to my side to find Sabrina sitting on a chair by the bed, she smiled and said “how are you sleepy head?”

I suddenly felt a rush of pain as if my skin was burning, but it went away after a few seconds, I tried to push the covers forward a bit to sit up, and found that my arms were now covered in a very thin layer of fur, not only my arms but… well my entire body.

Sabrina smiled and said, “I guess you’ve noticed your new look, here have a look” she handed me a small handheld mirror which I looked into, seeing my face, it was hard to believe it was mine, it still had the same eyes, but the nose, mouth, ears and everything else were different. Firstly I had a muzzle, which is certainly something I didn’t have before hand, and my ears were no longer attached to the side of my head but sticking up near the top, I looked, well there is no other way to put it, like a fox.

I was shocked, even though I was told this was going to happen it was still hard to believe, while I was pondering this Sabrina spoke again, “Now sweetie, the body change isn’t going to be the only change, as a reaction to the fusion, your going to get… well younger, you will have the body equivalent to a four year old, also there was one other thing that happened due to the fusion…”

I suddenly felt warmth between my legs and when I moved I heard a small crinkle sound from under the sheets, I pulled the sheets up to find I was wearing a diaper, which had a small hole in the back where a tail was beginning to grow. Sabrina continued “I see you found out the other part yourself.” She paused and brushed my hair away from my face, which was no longer brown, but red, blood red, then caressed my cheek softly before continuing, “Your bladder was damaged during the fusion it seems, your bowels might have been effected, but we are unsure, we also don’t know how damaged it is, it may take months to heal or maybe even year if it does heal at all”

I sat there worried, thinking about everything that happened, all that I had lost, everything and everyone that I would never see again, but the one thing I couldn’t get out of my head was Rebecca… I kept wondering where she was, what was happening to her, what was she thinking…

Sabrina gently patted my head trying to calm me down, “Its ok sweetie, Edward will find out the answer to your questions soon, he left an hour or so ago, he will probably be back in a by tomorrow, now calm down sweetie, you need to rest, but first how about I change ya ok?”

I nodded, feeling embarrassed and ashamed and refused to look Sabrina in the face, she pulls the covers right down then picked me up, while she was doing this I realised she couldn’t be normal if she was able to pick me up like that with ease when I was her hight. She carried me through a door to a room joint on to the one he had been sleeping in, it had a few cabinets on the wall that looked as if they had medicine and stuff in them, and small shelves with other such medical equipment. Over on the side wall was a table with a surface that had some weird cover over a padded top, as Sabrina carried me over to it I realised it was an absorbent pad, and the table was for changing diapers.

She sat me down on the table and lifted my legs up onto the table so I was sitting on it then she gently put her hand on my chest and pushed gently and I laid down, she untapped the diaper and I blushed a deep shade of red which was dark enough to be seen through my new short coat of fur.

She pulled the front of the diaper down and lifted one of my legs up and slid the diaper out from beneath me and put it in a diaper pail that was next to the table. She then wiped my whole diapered region with some baby wipes then rubbed in some cream to stop me getting a rash and then sprinkled some baby powered over the region before sliding a new diaper under me and pulled it up and tapped it on.

She then smiled to me and said, “Ok, all done sweetie, you wanna go lay down again or shall I get you some clothes and you can come meet some of the others?” I shrugged truthfully I didn’t really want anyone to see me like this, but I soon realised they probably had either already seen me while I was sleeping or had heard it from one of those I saw earlier.

I jumped down from the table as Sabrina patted me gently on my diapered butt so I would hop down as she pulled the absorbent pad off the changing table and put it in the diaper pail as well because I had apparently wet it while she was changing me without me realising. It scared me to realise I had so little control over my bladder… well none really. I began to think about it then remembered what Sabrina said and I began to realise something and said as if she had only just said it, “wait… what others?”

She smiled as she was pulling a shirt onto me and was buttoning up the front when she said “Those that work here silly” poking my belly softly and I giggled without realising I did it, being ticklish on my belly.

“Where is here exactly and what work do you do?”

She was still smiling as she finished buttoning up the shirt and had begun to pull a pair of black pants on my legs and I lifted my legs one at a time so she could pull them up and she said, “Here would happen to be the back of the bar that I own and run, and our jobs… well there is no simple way of putting it, we’re demon hunters”

Of all the things I had heard, including the fact I was changing into a fox, had no control over my bladder and was becoming a four year old, this was the most shocking. “Demons? You mean they exist? But… how could humans not have noticed them all that time ago?”

She finished pulling the pants on and did up the buckle to stop them falling off and spoke to me, “But humans did notice them, people talked about them a lot, yet people refused to believe, the governments covered it up and people believed Demons and Angels were a religious hoax” She grabbed a black jacket and pulled my arms through the sleeves but left it undone, “well you can either rest or do you want me to show you around the place and everyone here?”

I nodded, a whole lot of new questions forming in my head, before now I always believed that I thought too much… I was right… but at that moment I was thinking so much I’m surprised I could focus on anything at all. I closed my eyes and shook my head as Sabrina had already begun to walk to the door trying to clear my head of thoughts then began to follow her.

As I followed Sabrina back into the room I had been sleeping in, I could hear a rustling sound and it took me a few moments that it was coming from my diapers as I moved, I wasn’t sure if it was loud enough for anyone else to hear, but I began to move as noisily as I could without making an obscene amount of noise.

Sabrina noticed and said, “Its ok sweetie, no one is going to care that you’re in diapers, they already know anyway” with this I blushed as Sabrina opened the door exiting the room and entering a long hallway with many doors. She walked up to one of them and knocked

A few moments later the door opened and standing the door was a male feline, and then a few seconds later another one appeared who looked identical. The one who had been there the longest smiled and said “Hey Sabrina, you want us for anything?”

Sabrina shook her head and gestured for me to come over, the two felines looked at me and the second feline then said, “Ah so this is the squirt I’ve heard so much about”

Sabrina nodded and then she spoke to me, “These are the twins, Lee and Marcus, Lee is the one that is leaning against the door frame, Marcus is the one whose tail keeps moving”

I nodded and stayed close to Sabrina’s side, I don’t know why exactly but I felt safer by her. I looked at Sabrina and realised I wasn’t as tall as I remembered. Sabrina was now about five inches taller than me. Sabrina then spoke to the twins “You guys know where Bec is? I gotta talk to her”

Marcus shrugged but Lee smiled and said, “She is up in the training room, bouncing around while Leo tries to fight her” he laughed then said, “But we all know that he won’t harm her,” he paused for a moment looking at me. “I’m sure nearly everyone but the squirt and Bec know why” He said winking at Sabrina.

Sabrina nodded and said to Lee “Thanks, that all I needed ya for,” Lee nodded back and stepped back in the door and closed it then Sabrina patted my diapered butt softly smiling at me as she set off to another room.


Chapter 4 – The New Friend?


When Sabrina reached the door she was going to she knocked on it and almost instantly the door opened and a little girl fox was standing there, she looked about seven as far as I could tell, I was still having a hard time noticing and understanding features on furres’ faces.

The little girl smiled, she was wearing a short pink dress and her blonde hair was braided, she looked at Sabrina not noticing me, “Hey Sabrina, you want me to get mommy?”

She nodded and the little girl quickly ran off to get her mother, “Who...”

Before I could finish what I was going to say Sabrina replied, “That was Raine, Faye Lawson’s daughter, another of those that work with us, everyone here other than the children work with us”

I nodded then a tall brown furred fox with blonde hair began to walk towards the front door from a room down the end of a hall way that was visible from the doorway. She smiled at Sabrina and said, “Come in Sabrina, is that…”

Sabrina cut her off nodding, “Yeah this is the kid that Ed saved, by total accident though”

Faye smiled at me and said “Now you’re a cute one aren’t you” I blushed and said to Sabrina, “I’m not a little kid, I am eighteen”

Sabrina raised an eyebrow as I said it, not really expecting me to say it, “You may have the mind of an eighteen year old but you only have the body of a fifteen year old at the moment, and you will only have the body of a four year old in about a day”

I thought about it, I hated the idea of being a little kid again not being able to do what I want, but a part of me wanted to be a little kid, it wanted to be cared for and not have to worry about anything, having someone take care of me again. What are you thinking? I thought to myself, you really want to be a little kid again? You already in diapers for god’s sakes, being the small, you’d pretty much be a baby again! Then my thoughts drifted back to me and I was sitting on a couch inside the living room of the apartment I was standing at the door of a few moments ago, and didn’t even noticed when Sabrina guided me in and sat me down.

“Sweetie? Faye wanted to know if you want a drink” Sabrina’s speaking must have been what brought me back out of my head.

I shrugged and said “I guess…”

Faye smiled getting a reply, “Anything you want? I’ve got lemonade if you want it”

I nodded and said “Yes please” and turned and faced Sabrina, who was smiling as she watched me, “what?”

She smirked and said, “Just thinking sweetie, its nothing” I shrugged and at that moment Faye walked back in and handed me a glass of lemonade and Faye’s daughter, Raine came in as well, carrying her own glass of Lemonade and sat next to her mother on the couch on his left.

I took a sip of the lemonade and Faye looked over to Sabrina, “Is he going to keep his name?” This question shocked me, I wasn’t as if I really liked my name but the idea hadn’t occurred to me that I could change my name.

Sabrina shrugged, “Its up to him” she turned towards me and said “how about it sweetie? You ganna keep your name or do you want a new one?”

I thought about it for a second then said “Well I guess I’ll get a new name…”

Sabrina smiled, “Keep in mind it won’t be your choice of your new name, who ever cares for you will be the one who chooses, but I’m sure who ever cares for you won’t pick a name you don’t like”

I nodded guessing that this was just a part of the culture or beliefs, but I thought that changing my name would help me separate myself from the memories of my life, my old life, things that I could never have or see again. Sabrina nodded and Kaye bent over and began saying things to Raine, which I would probably have been able to hear if my hearing still wasn’t acting up because of the fusion, and I knew it would probably become stronger along with the rest of my senses in time.

Raine looked over at me and said to her mother, “So he is defiantly staying?” She nodded and ran over and wrapped her arms around me shouting, “Yay!” then she said, “Now I’ve got someone who can play with me” I was kind of in shock and it probably showed on my face because Faye and Sabrina were both laughing when Raine looked into my eyes and said “Will you be my friend?”

“Eh…” I stuttered not expecting such a question then nodded, “Sure…”

Before I had time to say anything else she shouted “Yay” again and ran out of the room happily

I looked at Faye who was still laughing at her daughter’s behaviour, “Is she always like that?”

She smiled and replied “Only when she is hyper, which is a lot of the time, guess she gets it from me, I used to be like that when I was a kid,” I looked at Faye, as far as I could tell she could only have been in her early twenties, twenty four at the most… As I was thinking this the number twenty three kept popping it into my head as if someone was whispering it in my ear.

I looked back at Sabrina who was nodding gently at me and I realised she was saying it into my head… But that would mean she would have been really young when she gave birth… I heard the voice whispering in my head again ‘She was only seventeen’ a look of shock must have appeared on my face because Sabrina’s smile suddenly disappeared and she glared at me, I quickly stopped thinking about it and Sabrina dropped the glare

Sabrina and Kaye talked and I sat there looking around, drinking the glass of lemonade as I did. It looked like a house from when I lived except certain things looked different. The living room had couches, and chairs, a coffee table and a few decorations like most apartments and houses I had seen from my time, except there was no TV as far as I could see, in fact nothing electrical except for the clock on the wall.

I looked around the room then noticed a thin black line in the middle of the wall across from where I was sitting. I quickly noticed that the line joined with another line at the top and bottom which went both ways till they joined with another line that joint the top and bottom ones again, on both sides of the first line I saw, both equal distance from each other.

Faye realised what I was looking at then picked up a remote that was sitting on the arm of the couch where she was sitting, which I hadn’t noticed before, and pointed it to the thin lines I could see in the walls and pushed a button on the remote and the wall began to move where the lines were and I realised they weren’t actually parts of the wall, but two panels of matching colors which were there to hide something. That something being every piece of electrical equipment I had ever seen in a living room before, and more.

The first thing that it revealed was a large wide screen TV, and beneath it was something that reassembled a DVD player except it didn’t have a disk tray, or at least a big enough one for a DVD, and it was also deeper than any disk tray I had seen. I looked next to the machine and noticed a small thin box which was like a DVD case except thinner across and also shorter but it was thicker front to back to what I had ever seen for a DVD case, and next to that was an open one, but instead of a DVD inside the case, was a small crystal, it seemed to have about twenty sides from what I could tell, and I realised they must have used this to replace DVDs.

There were other various boxes, some I guessed were for things such as cable TV and others looked like radios and CD players, but the CD player had a disk tray the same as the thing that was like a DVD player.

On both sides of the TV were two large speakers and I looked around and saw other panels had moved around the room revealing speakers for surround sound. I looked around in awe, never had I seen anything like this, it made me realise that the furres must have developed technology that humans hadn’t when he was still one.

Faye obviously wondered why I was so amazed by this, as if everyone had things like this, but Sabrina was chuckling, obviously aware of the differences between my old lifestyle and my new lifestyle and she said to Faye, “Humans never developed crystal projections, they believed it possible but never knew how to do it. His old lifestyle and his new lifestyle shall be very different. A change of Lifestyle is usually very hard to understand and get used to”

Sabrina looked at her watch and said to me, “We will go in about a half hour, you can watch something on the TV if you want, just don’t turn the volume up very high, you can sit closer if you want, I know your eyes can’t see as far as ours can yet”

I nodded and got up and Faye passed me the remote and I went and laid in front of the TV turning it on and began to flick through the stations, using the channel up and down buttons, unsure how to do it any other way because I didn’t recognise any of the other symbols on the remote and I couldn’t see any numbers.

After awhile I just left it on a kiddies cartoon, because it was either that, boring soap operas, movies that seemed boring or the news… That cartoon was very similar to that over Invader Zim which was a show I used to watch in my old life, except instead of humans the planet had furres, and the alien wasn’t green, with pink eyes but blue with purple… the similarities were hard not to notice even the drawing of it seemed very similar.

As soon as the show finished Sabrina said to me “Ok, kiddo, time to go, we’ve gotta go see some other people” I nodded and got up, my pants felt a bit lose from what I remembered but I didn’t take to much notice of it. Sabrina said she would see Faye later and thanked her for letting her bring me. Faye nodded and said it was nice to meet me, after saying goodbye we left.


Chapter 5 – Confusion of the Mind


Back in the hallway Sabrina turned to me and asked, “You still dry enough?”

It took me a moment to realise what she was talking about and I shrugged, “I don’t remember it feeling like I needed to go”

Sabrina pulled the front of my pants down to reveal my diaper which was soaked at the front and I looked at it shocked. I guess she was right, I don’t have any control… I looked at Sabrina blushing and realise she was now about ten inches taller, this also came as a shock, I had shrunk nearly a foot since I woke up.

Sabrina pulled my pants back up and tightened them so they wouldn’t fall down, obviously noticing that I was getting smaller and physically younger, but she didn’t comment on it. Once she was done fixing my pants she said “You’ll be ok a bit longer won’t you? Or do you need a change now?”

I shrugged and said “I’ll be fine for now I guess.” Truthfully I wanted to be changed but I didn’t think I could stand the embarrassment.

“Ok” She replied, “This way kiddo, I want you to meet some others.” I nodded and followed her, noticing I had to walk faster than I normally would to keep up due to the height I had lost. Before long we were at a set of stairs which we walked up and was in another hallway like the one we were just in


“Yeah Kiddo?”

“How many of you are there?”

“Well… there is about twenty of us here, not all of us are hunters though, some of them are children or siblings of those that work here, others are just those who are looking for shelter of those we fight. There are more of us though, in total about fifty or so hunters, but there aren’t that many of us here obviously. Edward isn’t actually a part of this group, he has his own work to do, if you ever hear him talking about SGP, that’s his job, he owns a company that does that same kind of thing we do, Seraphic Guidance Pty. But if you ever hear him talking about other work that isn’t related to SPG or us… you best not listen if you can. Its nothing bad, but it isn’t what you should hear”

I nodded and all of a sudden we stopped outside another door, Sabrina opened this door not bothering to knock like the last two times, and we stepped inside. I looked around the large room, on the floors were mats, and other laying around the middle of the room were many objects that seemed out of place. Crates, Steel rods, statues and other random objects, most of which were either big enough to hide behind or be used as a weapon.

I looked around the rest of the room seeing weapons of every kind on the walls, axes, swords, hammers, guns, knives, nearly everything I could think of. In the middle of the mats were two Furres, the one closest to me was a male fox, and unlike all the others he had three tails, in his hands were two carved pieces of wood that resembled short bladed swords.

The other Furre was a female feline, who moved with grace as she moved holding two carved swords like the fox, as she dodged attacks he made at her without needing to parry his attacks at all.

I looked near the side of the room and saw another fox sitting on the ground who looked a lot like the fox who was fighting only she was female. It took me a moment to remember what Lee said and realised the fox who was fighting was Leo and the feline must have been Rebecca. But I hadn’t heard any mention of the other fox from what I remembered and wondered who she was.

All of a sudden Rebecca dropped down and took Leo’s feet out from beneath him and put one of the wooden blades to his neck then threw it aside and helped him up and he thanked her and she said it was no problem, and then they all realised Sabrina was there, and I was standing behind her shyly, Leo noticed me first and said “So this is the kid you were talking about” He paused and looked at me and said “Hey there short stuff. How are you?”

I don’t know what made me do it but I grabbed onto Sabrina and hid behind her, I heard the fox’s whose name I didn’t know giggles quietly and Rebecca awe and say “That so cute”

I blushed heavily hearing this and tried to stay hidden behind Sabrina but she put her hand on my back and pulled me forward, as she did I looked at the floor refusing to look up at anyone. I learnt how ever without look up that the other fox was Lucy, Leo’s sister. I nodded every time I was told something but I still refused to look up.

After a few minutes Sabrina took Rebecca aside to talk to her but told me to stay where I was, as they walked away, walking around the edges of the large room Leo knelt down and looked me in the eye and said “Hey, Its ok little guy, I know this must seem really weird and embarrassing, but no one is going to tease you for it. Everyone here knows what happened and none of it was your fault.”

I nodded, blushing still feeling embarrassed but I was able to see what he meant, the only way I could have gone without damaging my bladder was for that portal never to have opened… and if it didn’t I would have died… and it was never my choice for the portal to open to begin with… so no matter what the result could not have been any different

’your quiet wise for someone your age’

What the…

‘It’s alright sweetie, it’s me Sabrina’

How are you in my head?

‘I’m psychic silly’

So you can tell what I’m thinking right now

‘Isn’t that obvious? I wouldn’t be able to reply if I didn’t’

I stopped thinking trying to focus on something irrelevant, trying to close my mind when a voice said behind me “You know if you didn’t want me in your head you could have just said” I looked around and saw Sabrina kneeling down behind me, “Although your quiet strong at blocking psywaves, I’ve never seen anyone do such a strong block the first time. Her focus shifted from me to Leo, “Leo can you come seem me later, I have a job I want you to do later in the week” He nodded then we said our goodbyes to the three in the training room and went back into the hallway.


Chapter – 6 Family?


We walked back to the stairs and climbed back down them, and curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask, “What were you talking to Rebecca about?”

She smiled and said to me, “I was going to get her to care for you but she has her hands full so most likely someone else is going to have to take care of you…”

“Who will that be?”

“Well sweetie if you let me, I will” This came as a shock as I hadn’t really expected Sabrina to do such a thing, but a part of me kept thinking it would be great, I suddenly remembered what Sabrina was doing upstairs and I quickly focus on something else

While I was doing this I had the sudden urge to poop, and before I could stop myself I felt my bowels suddenly let loose into my diaper and I stopped dead and Sabrina realised I had stopped walking and turned around and looked at me, “What is it?”

I blushed heavily as I said it but I didn’t have much choice if I wanted to get out of the messy diaper, “I messed my diaper”

She frowned at this, feeling bad for me, then took my hand, “Come on, I’ll go change you before I introduce you to one more person today” We walked back down the hallway we had first walked into and back into the hospital wing and took me into the joint room and lifted me up onto the changing table laying me down straight away.

She pulled my shirt up so it didn’t get in the way then pulled of my pants, she then untapped the diaper and pulled it down, and I suddenly caught the smell of what I had done in the diaper, I turned away trying not to smell it as Sabrina lifted my legs up and slid the diaper out from beneath me and wiped my diapered area. Then once again rubbed in the cream and then sprinkled it with baby powered before pulling out another diaper and taped it up and told me I could sit up.

She took the pants and laid them on a table on the side of the small room and then slid off the jacket and unbuttoned the shirt and took it off folding all the clothing and lay it on the table, then said she would be right back and went off the get something, the sound of the door could be heard from where I was sitting, knowing the main reason she was doing this was to hide me from other people while sitting with nothing but I diaper not so I would stay here.

Before long I heard the door unlock and Sabrina came back in with a plastic bag with some things in it. She pulled out a few things from the bag, first of which was a pair of light blue plastic pants to go over my diapers in case they leaked, she lifted my legs up and slid them all the way up to my diapers then lifted me up and pulled them right up, making sure to get my tail through the hole in the back. They were very tight but I supposed this was a good idea because before long they would probably be loose.

She got some more out of the bag which turned out to be the new clothes I was going to wear for now, first she got out a blue T shirt and pulled it over my head and pulled my arms through it, and made sure it went all they way down past the top of my diapers. She then pulled out a pair of grey trousers and pulled them up my legs, and pulled my tail through the back gently, then did them up at the front with the button at the top, which seemed weird to me because that would mean I wouldn’t be able to tighten them when I continue to shrink, but I shrugged it off hoping that I would be somewhere soon where I don’t have to worry about that kind of thing.

Sabrina lifted me up from the table and stood me on the ground then pulled off the cover of the changing table again, because yet again I was unable to control my bladder while being changed again. She then picked up the bag which had more contents than I had realised then held my hand and led me back out into the hallway as if I was a four year old, although I felt compelled not to refuse to do it, in fact, I wanted to do it.

Sabrina led me half way back to the stairs and put a key in the door and unlocked it, which I realised, must have been where she lived in the mass of rooms. She opened the door and waited for me to go inside before stepping inside herself, shutting the door behind her.

I looked around the from where I was standing, it was a lot like Faye’s apartment except it was slightly bigger, and there was more furniture which also looked newer than that in Faye’s apartment, although the walls were also white and I could also see the small line in the wall where the sliding panels hid the electronics of the living room.

I looked around the room further and saw that the kitchen and dinning room were also joint onto the same room, the kitchen was mostly made of pine wood as far as I could tell and most of the appliances such as toasters and jugs were either not there or hidden in the cupboards.

The Dinning room was only a table with six chairs with three walls, leaving the fourth side open for direct access to the kitchen and the other wall dividing the Dinning room from the living room.

I turned and looked at Sabrina and waited for her to speak, she smiled at me and told me I could go watch TV and she would be back in a few minutes, I went and sat down in front of the TV like I did at Faye’s and began flicking through channels. About five to ten minutes later Sabrina came into the room and called to me and I got up turning the TV off and walked over.

It wasn’t till I got all the way past the couches and was looking at Sabrina I noticed another Furre was in the room as well, “Sweetie, this is Tiffany” I looked up at her, she was a feline, her fur was a very soft brown, her eyes were a deep blue, She was wearing a very small tank top that stopped half way to her waist leaving her whole belly in full view, which had a large light brown patch of fur, which went from where her top ended to where her jeans, held up by a brown leather belt started.

I smiled at her, there was no other way to put it… she was hot, even though she was a furre and I had seen barely any furres, I knew that this was beauty… I quickly remembered Sabrina was psychic again and tried to hide this though but then I heard Sabrina’s voice in my head anyway, ‘Sorry kiddo, even if you were her age, she wouldn’t be interested’

Why do you say that, you don’t even know much about me…

‘I know enough, your shy, and you are male, two things she doesn’t like’

Wait… that means…

Tiffany looked at Sabrina smiling, seeing the look on my face, “Sab, you didn’t have to be so blunt with the little guy, you could have said it so it would be less of a shock”

Sabrina was laughing at both the look on my face and what Tiffany said and continued to do so for a few more moments before speaking, “Sorry Tiff, but seeing him make faces like that is so cute” She looked at Tiffany and smiled “So what do you say? Will you let him say with us?”

It took me a moment and then I realised what all this was about, Sabrina wanted me to live with her. So that’s why it took so long for her to talk to Rebecca…

‘Exactly kiddo’

Do you have to keep doing that… you scare me every time… I’m surprised I don’t...

‘Wet yourself? Unless you’ve notices sweetie just did’

I shifted my legs closer together and felt the warmth between my legs knowing what it was, and at the moment Tiffany turned towards me smiling saying, “Fine, he can stay, do you want me to bring Pierce and Gemma’s things out of storage and set up one of the spare rooms again now that they’re sharing one of the other apartments back here”

Sabrina nodded and agreed. I didn’t know if I should ask but I couldn’t restrain myself, “Who is Pierce and Gemma?”

Tiffany knelt down and looked me in the eye, I realised I had continued to shrink, now being under four foot, “Gemma and Pierce are my siblings, both younger, they in this building but they don’t hunt like the rest of us. I raised them since I was seven years old when our parents were killed by a demon, Now that they are both fifteen, they can do what they want, and they both wanted to move out, but stay close by so Sabrina arranged to set up one of the unused apartments for them”

I nodded realising that everyone here had history that was obviously complex, kind of ironic how I ended up with them being the same myself in a way. Sabrina smiled and said to me once Tiffany stood back up, “Want something to drink or eat sweetie?”

I nodded and she showed me to the kitchen and opened the fridge and I looked in, seeing a lot of bottles, but I realised I couldn’t understand anything that was written on them, “Sabrina?”


“Why can’t I read?”

“You can read, you just don’t know how to read our language”

“But how can I understand if this is a different language?”

“Because Edward and me both implanted the knowledge of the language into your conscious mind while you were still unconscious when you came here”

“Then why didn’t you do the same writing?”

“Well firstly it is harder, and secondly, your going to have a long period of time where you don’t need to go to school because you already understand the basics firstly of our language and of science, maths and that sort of thing because you already learnt it. So by teaching you how to write will keep your mind in use while you sit around here. We can’t have you just playing games all the time now can we?”

I nodded kind of understanding what she was saying, and she then said, “Do you want lemonade again sweetie?” I nodded and she took a clear bottle, filled with lemonade in it and a black label around it out of the fridge and took it over to the bench as I followed her.

I heard Tiffany giggling over near the hallway, thinking I looked like a little kid who was very attached to her mother as Sabrina poured a glass of Lemonade for me and handed it to me and put the bottle away, “Want something to eat?”

I shrugged not really knowing what there was to eat and if I’d like it or not. Sabrina smiled and opened a door which led into a large panty which was as big as a walk in wardrobe and she grabbed a box which obviously had food in it and came back out and shut the doors then led me over to the couch and we sat down, Tiffany as well.

Sabrina opened the box and handed it to me, which turned out to be biscuits with flavours on it I didn’t know existed let alone recognised, although they turned out to be very tasty. Sabrina turned to Tiffany and began talking, for the first few minutes I was just eating and drinking, not realising how hungry and thirsty I actually had been.

I sat the food down after a few minutes and had finished the glass of lemonade and sat back in the chair and listened to what they what Tiffany was saying, “….And Gemma is a bit pissed off the Pierce took the bigger room, but you know how kids are”

“About kids, kiddo here has agreed to have a new name, well seeing we’re going to be taking care of him together, I though you should help pick his name as well” Sabrina turned and smiled at me which I returned, sitting patiently waiting for something to do.

Tiffany nodded and they both began listening names at random making a list of names on a piece of paper. The list consisted of these names: Mark, Martin, George, Zack, Kenny, Kim, Samuel, Simon, Spike, James, Lance, Patrick, Peter, Philip, Robert, and Daniel.

Sabrina handed me the list and a pencil to cross off the ones I didn’t like, I crossed a bunch of names leaving only: Kim Samuel, James, Robert and Daniel. Then handed the sheet back and the both of them looked over it for a minute then Tiffany said to me “So, how about Daniel?” Sabrina smiled at me agreeing, waiting for me to respond, I sat still for a moment then nodded my head.

Tiffany got up, “Well I’ll go and get the stuff for Dan’s room then” Sabrina smiled and thanked her as she opened the door and left. I felt tired all of a sudden and lifted my legs up onto the couch then tried to get comfortable, when Sabrina lifted my head off the couch and sat it softly on her lap and ran her hand gently through my hair as I drifted off to sleep.



A Change in Lifestyle

By: Edward Scott


Chapter 7 – The new life begins


When I awoke I had no idea what time of day it was, then again I didn’t even know the time before I went to sleep anyway. I began to open my eyes, and it took them a moment or two to adjust to the light and when they did I began looking around the room I was in.

First off I realised I was on a bed, or at least I thought at first, but then I realised seeing the sides had bars, I realised it was actually a crib. I looked to the side of the room seeing a changing table, stocked with diaper supplies for changes. On the wall adjacent to the changing table was a chest of draws and a wardrobe built into the wall beside it.

Next to the crib in which I was sitting was a few shelves which held various toys and in the corner of the room was a large pile of stuffed toys. I looked down at my body and found I was a lot shorter than I was before I went to sleep, but the tingling had finally stopped which I assumed meant I had stopped getting younger. I would have checked the condition of my diaper except I was stuck in a blue footed sleeper with the zip at the back, and as my arms were not shorter I was no longer able to reach my back properly.

 I stood up then climbed over the railing of the crib and slipped halfway over and landed with a soft thumb on my diapered butt, feeling the contents of the diaper squish as I landed, I walked over to the door and was about to open it when it opened from the outside and was pushed open and Sabrina was standing there.

“Hey sweetie” She said picking me up, and flicking the light switch on, then took me over to the changing table and sat me down on it. She unzipped the footed sleeper and pulled it off, leaving me in nothing but my diaper and my thin layer of fur. I looked at my diaper as Sabrina laid me down, and from what I could tell it was pretty wet, which was weird because I couldn’t seem to feel it.

Sabrina untapped the diaper and pulled it down and I felt a sudden chill as the warm diaper was drawn away from my skin, I shivered as Sabrina wiped my diaper area cleaning me up. I looked at her and asked, “How did you know I was up?” thinking she had been reading my mind again, but she merely pointed to a small baby radio that was sitting on a little table next to the crib.

Once Sabrina had finished she pulled out a pair of plastic pants and pulled them on me without bothering to diaper me first I was about to ask when she said “I’m going to give you a bath sweetie” She grabbed some clothes out of the chest of draws and grabbed some diapers put them in a bag with other changing supplies and then picked me up in one arm and carried the bag in the other.

She took me out into the hallway of the apartment and then took me into a room only a few doors away which was a bathroom. The room was nearly all white except for the pink changing table that had obviously been added to the room for the convenience of changing me in the bathroom.

She put me down on the floor and I found the white tiles very cold on my rear paws. I stood still shivering slightly as Sabrina ran the bath, which took a very short time to fill, less than thirty seconds, and the bath was big enough to fit two fully grown people in it.

Sabrina picked me up and was about to put me in the bath and I asked, “Shouldn’t I take these off” gesturing to the plastic pants.

Sabrina shook her head and laughed slightly, “Don’t be silly, we don’t want you having an accident in the bath now do we.” I realised she was right, the plastic pants were quiet tight around both my legs and my waist, it wasn’t likely that they would leak if I had an accident, and she could always clean that part of my body after I guessed.

Sabrina put me in the tub and began to scrub my fur, which I found out was a lot harder to clean than just skin. It meant I pretty much had to use shampoo all over my body, including my tail, and obviously my hair. I relaxed in the tub as Sabrina scrubbed my fur, I helped at the start but found it very hard to do, and Sabrina said I wasn’t doing it right so she decided to do it herself to make sure I was completely clean.

Once Sabrina had finished cleaning my fur, she let me play in the tub for a few minutes, I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to, I guessed my mind was regressing along with my body at first but realised that, if that were true, my thoughts wouldn’t have been so complex. I had no idea why I wanted to act so childish.

After a few minutes of playing Sabrina helped me out of the bath and sat me on a mat and put a towel around me while she drained the bathtub, then pulled my plastic pants down, which I had wet in slightly while in the tub.

She put me back in the empty tub pulling a shower hose down off the wall and turned it on and began to clean that area but more gently than she had the rest of my body and I found out cleaning that fur could be quiet ticklish as I burst into a fit of giggles multiple times while Sabrina was cleaning me.

She picked me back out of the tub after turning the shower hose off then wrapped a towel around me and dried me from head to foot then picked me up and sat me on the changing table and I laid down knowing how I would be changed.

Sabrina pulled out a bunch of diapers from the bag and set them down on the table and I looked at them wondering why there were so many and realised they were cloth diapers, not disposable ones.

Sabrina rubbed in the cream again then sprinkled on the baby powder before she unfolded the diapers then slid them all under me and pulled them up and pinned them on.

She looked in the changing table’s cabinets for a pair of plastic pants, I couldn’t put the pair I just had back on because she had already put them in the pail, but she stood back up holding a pair of pink plastic pants with ruffles on the back and lace around the legs and waist. I was about to protest and she said, “Sorry sweetie, but these are the only pairs I can find at the moment, you’ll have to wear them to we go get some more”

I blushed and nodded and she pulled them on me, they were quiet tight around my legs and waist but there was plenty of room for the many layers of diapers. She reached into the bag and pulled out a blue shirt and a pink shirt she sat them both down, “Well you can either have the blue one, or you can have the pink one if you want to have matching clothes.”

I shrugged still to embarrassed to say anything, though I didn’t mind the idea of wearing the pink shirt, I just couldn’t bring myself to say it. Although it didn’t really matter because seeing I didn’t answer Sabrina chose for me pulling the pink shirt over my head and pulling my arms through the sleeves. She picked me up and carried me to the mirror, and I had a feeling it my hair was longer I would have probably been mistaken for an actual girl.

Sabrina picked up the towels and the mat off the floor and hung them over the towel rack and put the changing supplies away and opened the door and led me back into the living room where I saw Tiffany sitting on the couch watching TV. As Sabrina and I entered the room she turned around and I hid behind Sabrina embarrassed to be seen wearing what I was.

Tiffany giggled as she saw me hide behind Sabrina’s legs, already aware of what I was wearing and she asked Sabrina, “Is he always like this Sab?”

Sabrina smiled and nodded taking my hand and leading me over to the couch, where she sat down and picked me up and sat me on her lap. I realised I must have been very short now, because I where near their heights and I was only just tall enough to climb onto the seat of the couch if I tried myself.

I sat on Sabrina’s lap while her and Tiffany talked and before long I was laying curled up on her lap, I don’t know what made me do it but not long after that I began sucking on my thumb.

It didn’t take Tiffany very long to notice and she giggled saying how cute I looked, I blushed not sure to be embarrassed or to take it as a complement. Sabrina brushed her hand through my hair softly, which was getting quiet long I realised, as it had been months since I had it cut before this whole incident happened, my hair was beginning to come down over the tops of my eyes.

Sabrina and Tiffany began talking again not long after, and although I was sitting so close to them as they talked I just seemed to drift out as Sabrina continued to brush my hair softly with her hand. After about half an hour there was a knock on the door and Sabrina said she would get it to Tiffany and picked me up off her lap and sat me down on the couch.

I looked at Tiffany, still not sure how to act around her as I had known her for so little time. Well I had known Sabrina for less than two days, but there was something about her that made me feel comfortable around her. I guessed Tiffany had noticed my reactions about this because she put an arm around me and pulled me closer to her so I was leaning against her side

“You ok Danny?” It took me a moment she was talking to me because I was yet to get used to my new name, “You seem a bit distant to me, I may have only known you for a few hours but you seem to act a bit different to me than you do to Sabrina”

I shrugged not really knowing why I acted different to Tiffany, but then she continued, “Don’t worry sweetie, as you’ve probably guessed I am Sabrina’s partner” I nodded as I had already guessed as much, “Well when she chose to take you in I agreed to be as much as a parent to you as she would be, so don’t worry about anything sweetie, I’ll treat you just the same as Sabs will” I nodded again then she asked me, “How about I get you a drink, dinner will be soon”

I nodded and she got up and came back a few moments later with a glass of lemonade, I guessed she knew more about me than I thought, because lemonade was my favourite drink. She gave me the glass and sat back down and put her arm around me as I lay against her side sipping the lemonade while Sabrina closed the door and walked back into view.

No one had to ask who it was because straight away Sabrina said, “It was Leo, I had to talk to him about later in the week” Tiffany nodded obviously aware of what it was about I just continued to sip the lemonade and assumed it was about their work.

Sabrina then went off to the kitchen and began cooking, I assumed she must have been making it up before she gave me a bath because there was a lot of food already and cooking utensils all over the bench when I walked in although I couldn’t work out what was being made.

I sipped from the glass, leaning against Tiffany, who had her arm around me as we sat watching cartoons. Before long Sabrina called out saying dinner was ready, I got up carrying my glass over and set it on the counter because it was empty and ran over to the table and climbed up onto one of the chairs. Tiffany who was following me with two plates laughed as she saw me climb up.

She put one plated down in front of me along with a knife and fork and a full glass of lemonade. I tried to eat, but found I was too short to reach properly. Sabrina came over with her plate and drink, put them down on the table then left the room to enter again shortly carrying a large cushion, that she put under me so I could reach the top of the table easily.

The meal went on uneventfully, and when it finished Sabrina picked up all the plates and carried them back over to the kitchen area, and wiped all the scraps into the sink as Tiffany sat in her chair and smiled at me, then said after a few moments “you can go watch TV for a while sweetie”

I tried to push myself out of the chair by pushing against the table, but I couldn’t seem to do it, I noticed that Sabrina was watching and she said, “Danny, your muscles have weakened because of the age regression, don’t worry for now though, your reflexes won’t have changed, your just as strong as a four year old, as you should be”

I nodded then slid down off the chair under the table and crawled out, hearing both Sabrina and Tiffany laugh as they watched me do it. I couldn’t be bothered getting back up feeling quiet tired so I just crawled out through the kitchen and into the living room, hearing Sabrina giggle and Tiffany once again saying how cute I looked.

I grabbed the remote and climbed up onto the couch, with some difficulty, because like Sabrina said, I wasn’t as strong as I once was, and being so much shorter it made simple things like getting onto the large couch more difficult.

Once I was up on the couch and laying down, watching TV I began to feel pretty tired, after a few minutes of watching TV, Sabrina and Tiffany came and sat down as well. Sabrina put her arm around Tiffany the put her arm around me and pulled me closer, and before I knew it I was curled up on her lap drifting off to sleep.

I woke up suddenly a while later, Sabrina and Tiffany were talking quietly about something but I couldn’t really hear, as my ears were adjusting as were my eyes. Sabrina felt me move and looked down at me and smiled and said, “Hey sleepy head, how about we get you ready for bed?”

I nodded for a second the paused and said shyly, “Can Tiffany do it?”

Tiffany smiled and got up as Sabrina nodded, letting Tiffany pick me up off her lap. Tiffany held me in her arms, my head lying softly on her shoulder, she took me down to the room I woke up in and opened the door and flicked on the lights, then walked over to the change table and put me down on it.

I laid down while Tiffany got the changing supplies out and sat them next to me then pulled down the plastic pants and slowly undid to pins on my diapers and pulls them down, as soon as they were pulled away from the skin, that part of my body suddenly felt cold. Tiffany lifted my legs up and wiped my whole diapered region then lowered my bottom back onto the changing table and picked up the soiled diapers and put them in a diaper pail as well as the plastic pants.

Tiffany slid even thicker diapers under me than those that I was wearing, then rubbed in the cream the same way Sabrina had then finally powered me before pulling the diapers up, and pinning them at my sides. She pulled out a pair of pink plastic pants and pulled them up me legs and over the diapers.

She got out a blue footed sleeper like the one I woke up in, I don’t know why but I frowned, and Tiffany saw as she looked at me then smiled slightly and whispered to me “I think I know what you want” she went out of the room for a second then came back a minute later with something behind her back, then walked up to me and pulled in front of her a pink footed sleeper, I blushed heavily, even though it was what I wanted, I just wanted to see what it would be like just for once.

I continued to blush and asked quietly barely able to say what I did, “Can we keep this a secret from Sabrina?”

She nodded and smiled then helped me into the sleeper, helping me pull my tail through when it got stuck yet again. She picked me up and took me over to the crib and I rested me head against her neck sucking my thumb gently with my eyes closed. She lay me down in the crib then pulled the covers up and asked “Do you want a drink sweetie?”

I nodded and she left the room, after about five minutes Tiffany came back and sat down next to the crib and pulled my thumb out of my mouth gently, then slipped a pacifier in my mouth instead and put a baby bottle full of warm milk in my arms then leant over the bars of the crib and kissed me on the forehead, wishing me good night and left the room after turning the lights off.

I dropped the pacifier from my mouth and began sucking on the bottle softly as I heard Tiffany say that I had already fallen asleep, after I had drank half the bottle I left it there then put the pacifier back in my mouth before I heard Sabrina say something to Tiffany mid-sentence, “…to check on Edward, he should be back by now, make sure that…” Then I drifted off to sleep forgetting about it for now.


Chapter 8 – A Different Perspective


‘It has been a week since he disappeared, everyone thinks he is dead, but I don’t believe it, he may not be the strongest guy I’ve ever met, but he is truly something, he wouldn’t die without a fight, and if that was so, they would have found him by now’

I sat on my bed thinking about this, actually I had been thinking about this for a week, ever since he went missing, the last three days in that week I had not left my room. I just sat in my room quietly thinking, only eating and drinking when my parents brought in meals, only leaving to go to the bathroom.

‘I can’t believe I hid my feelings for him. He was open with me even though it hurt him to do so, and I just played hard to get… now he is gone.’

A lot had happened that day, that morning before school my parents told me that my dad had got a major job offer interstate and we would be moving there in a few weeks, I argued with them for half an hour before getting in the car and driving to school. When I got there I didn’t tell anyone about what I had been told by my parents, I wanted some time to try and reason with them before I gave up and said goodbye.

Later that day, when I was driving up to the mountain to meet him like he said, my car had stalled halfway up, I was in a dead zone for reception, so I just sat and waited for twenty minutes for someone to drive by, finally someone had seen me and pulled over. After a few minutes they had the engine running again and I thanked them and drove off again.

When I finally reached the cut off zone where all the cars were parked I began to slow down as I approached the car park then all of a sudden a car backed out very fast and without having enough time to react I slammed into the backside of the car with an almighty crash.

I sat in the far for a moment as people came rushing over and I reached for my phone and found a message from him saying he was at the look out up ahead, then messaged him telling him to come back down to the car park. After half an hour of waiting for him to come back and dealing with the crash, I walked over to one of the police officers that had arrived and told them about how he had not come back. One of the officers said they would deal with the fuss of the crash and told another to go with me.

Not long after we reached the look out and saw the broken railing and the wallet and phone on the ground, the officer picked them up and showed me the ID to confirm it was his, and one quick look at the phone showed the message from me.

It wasn’t long before a search party was set up and the sun set, the officer that had gone to the lookout with me asked if I would like a drive home and offered to have someone else follow us behind with my car, I nodded and sat in silence the whole drive back to my house.

When I got home, my car was parked in the driveway and the officer got out of the car and went around and opened the door on my side, I started walking towards the door when my parents came out asking what was wrong, the officer said she would explain, and said it was best not to question me at the moment. I walked inside my parents and the officer behind, I went to my room and my parents and the officer went to the living room and began to talk.

It was that night I began to have more problems than people knew, it was probably just the stress of everything that had happened that caused it but, from that night and ever night for the following week I wet the bed. I was ashamed of it and too afraid and upset to say anything about it.

On the sixth day of that week, I was sitting on my bed, which I had fitted with the plastic sheet I had on my bed back when I was younger to protect the bed in case I wet while I slept. I had been looking out the window for about an hour thinking, when I looked down and noticed I was actually wetting right then and there without realising it.

Again later that day when my mother knocked on the door to bring my dinner in, I opened the door and took the tray I felt my leg becoming wet, so I quickly said thank you to my mother and shut the door, putting the tray down I looked at my pants which were by then completely soaked around my crotch.

And again three times the next day, the third time which happened to be right as I was sitting on the bed, thinking about all this, no longer caring about it. It was about ten o clock at nite, and I could hear my parents going off to bed, but I heard my dad say to my mother, “She’s been in there for a week, she can’t keep hiding from this, she has to come out some time soon!”

My mother replied, “She will come out when she is ready, a lot has happened, she is under a lot of stress at the moment” I heard my father sigh loudly but he did not continue as far as I knew. I got up and pulled my pants off and threw them over in the corner along with a small pile of clothes which had had the same thing happen in. I slowly pulled down my panties and threw them over with my pants.

I stood there for awhile, my lower half naked, then I opened a draw and pulled out a pink thong, I sat it on the edge of the bed, then grabbed a cloth and dipped it in a glass of water which had been there all week and cleaned my crotch with it then grabbed the thong and slid it up my legs and pulled it all the way on.

I then ripped the covers off my bed and threw them over with the other wet clothes then using the cloth cleaned up any wetness that seeped through then grabbed a sleeping bag which had been in my room for a few months and climbed in and lay on my bed in it then drifted off to sleep.

I awoke at seven in the morning realising how much of a bad idea it was to go to sleep in the sleeping bag, as it was soaked. I got up and threw the sleeping bag over in the corner then pulled off the thong and threw it over with the pile which was now getting bigger.

I went to grab another thong to put on after I had a shower when I suddenly remembered something he had talked about with me on the internet once. He talked about how he had ‘urges’ where he would wear diapers, this suddenly sparked my mind because there was a chance that he had these diapers hidden somewhere in his room, and in my circumstances, they would have been very useful.

I grabbed a thong out, as well as a knew bra and pulled one of my skirts out of my closet then pulled out a shirt which only just reached my waist line but revealed more if I bent over at all. I grabbed these clothes and wrapped a towel, which had been in my room since yesterday around my waist and went off to the bathroom.

I went in and locked the door laying my clothes on the floor, I went over to the toilet and sat down, and emptied my bladder of what it still had inside. I turned the shower on and stepped in, I began to wash my long hair slowly, putting in more shampoo than I needed, but I didn’t care. Before long I was out of the shower and drying myself off.

I stood in front of the mirror, completely naked, looking at myself. My hair flowed softly behind my head, I knew I was good looking but I hated admitting it, and often got embarrassed when someone said something about it, which he had done on quiet a few occasions.

I put on the bra and pulled on the thong then put the skirt on and finally pulled on the shirt and did it up at the front. I brushed my hair quickly then went back into my room and grabbed my purse, my keys, my phone and my backpack. I pulled out a pair of socks and put them on then put on my shoes and went to the kitchen.

I looked around seeing no one else was up yet, I got some breakfast and ate it quickly then got a pen and some paper and left a note saying I was going out. On the way out I went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet making sure I didn’t need to go, I was about to get back up when I suddenly began going, as I was going I realised I wasn’t even trying to go, it was just happening.

A few tears ran down my face, as I began to realise how little control I really had. I left the bathroom then opened the door and went down to my car which still had the front right side smashed in slightly, but was still fortunately drivable. I got into the car and started the engine then backed down the driveway and began to drive.

The trip seemed a lot shorter than it was, because it seemed like only moments later I was standing in front of his house. I walked down the path then rang the door bell, it was a few seconds later the door was opened by a girl that was very short, then I suddenly realised this was his sister, the one that was four years older than him.

“Hi, I’m Rebecca, I’m one of your brother’s friends, I was hoping I could speak to your parents and look in his room for something”

“Sure, Fine” She responded casually as if nothing was wrong. I began to realise he was very right in saying that his family didn’t really care about him. His sister told me where his room was and said her parents were at work at the moment, but I was fine to go look in his room for what ever it was I needed

I went up the stairs and found his room, it was a mess, and it looked as if someone had searched his room for something, but I knew because he had told me once before that his room was always a mess. I walked over to the desk and opened the draws and found paper and various other things.

I went over to his wardrobe and opened the doors and looked around, I found nothing in the first half of it then slid the door back and opened the other half of the wardrobe, and I looked in and found a few shelves and a chest of draws.

I went through the chest of draws first and found just clothes in the first three draws but in the fourth draw was two packets of Depends medium fitted briefs, one was open and only had half of the diapers left. Next to them was a packet of Depends large fitted briefs, which had yet to be opened.

I grabbed all of the diapers and put them into my backpack then continued to search. The next draw down I found a bottle of baby powder which I put in the bag with the diapers. I looked around on the shelves and found hidden under a stack of paper a pacifier. It looked like it was old, and had a few bite marks on it.

I closed the wardrobe and went out of his room and into the bathroom just across for the room. I shut the door behind me and flicked the lock up, then pulled out two of the medium Depends and grabbed a razer off the counter and cut the bottoms of them then pulled out a large Depends and put it aside. I pulled off my skirt and thong, which was now a bit damp.

I grabbed the first medium Depends then laid down on it and sprinkled some of the baby powder over my crotch then pulled the front up and taped it on. Then I grabbed the next one and put that over the first one then grabbed the large, unfolded it and put it over the others.

I put my thong in the backpack then grabbed my skirt and pulled it back on and I realised it only just went down over the diapers, and if I bent over in anyway, it would be visible from both above and below.

I went back into his room quickly and turned on the computer. On the desktop in the middle of the screen sat a README file icon titled, FOR BEC. I opened it and read the contents.

Hello Bec, I know you are trying to find me. Retrace the steps you believe I took on that day, and you are sure to find me

I closed the file and turned the computer off then quickly got up and went downstairs, I was almost to the door when his eldest sister said from behind me, “You dropped you keys”

Suddenly I was filled with horror, I had to bend down to pick up my keys and no matter how I did it the diapers would show. But I had no choice, said thanks then bent down facing her so the diapers would only be revealed behind me I grabbed the keys and began to stand back up when I slipped and fell backwards and my skirt fell up, leaving the diapers in full view.

I quickly pulled the skirt down and stood back up quickly but his sister had already seen, I blushed then said I had to go and quickly opened the front door and ran up to my car, got in and took off. I pulled over a few streets away so I could think. It was so embarrassing to be seen wearing diapers but I didn’t have a choice, the stress was making me lose control.

I thought about the message on the computer and got out of the car, leaning against it looking up at the sky. I saw a bird fly over head, it was a rather weird looking bird, it had long legs sticking out the back, and its head stuck out level with its wings instead of above them. I was watching it fly towards the mountain when I saw two arms reach out on both sides.

Thoughts flew through my head as I saw it, got into the car again then began to drive towards the mountain. I got to the road that led up the mountain and I was looking around and saw a bird fly towards the look out, I wasn’t really able to tell but I was ready to bet my car that it was the same weird flying thing I was earlier.

I reached the cut off point where he had parked a little over a week ago, his car sat where it had been a week ago, no one had bothered to move it yet. I walked over and looked inside, on the back seat sat various ropes and such to climb. I looked and saw the door was unlocked, I opened the door and pulled out the ropes and clamps and put them over my shoulder, carrying my backpack over my other.

I ran towards the look out, not caring about the cold snow all around me, or the strange looks people were giving me, which I realised were because my skirt had come up around my back and was revealing the diapers to everyone I ran past. I reached the look out which had been taped off with caution and police scene tape, which I ducked under after making sure no one was around.

I went to the edge of the look out then quickly tied one of the ropes around a sturdy pole then slowly slid down the rope and left it there being careful not to slip on the very steep ground, which was quiet easy seeing the snow was now quiet deep and my feet were sinking in giving me more grip, the snow being very solid here and not soft unlike I heard it was in other places.

After a few minutes I began to see an opening and I realised there was a very large drop. I grabbed the end of a very large rope I was carrying, and tied it around a tree and slid one of the clamps onto it so it wouldn’t move, then began lowering myself over the edge and down the cliff.

It was frightening, but I knew I had to do it, as I was descending the rope in fear I began to feel great warmth between my legs, and looked down, my skirt and come up as I slid down the rope and the front of the diapers was now becoming damp and the blue lines were fading.

I was coming to the end of the rope and I realised I was no where near the bottom and looked around and saw a ledge sticking out of the side, I began to swing the rope making it swing towards the ledge and when it was close enough I let go and landed with a thump on the ledge. I looked the ledge which I saw went inwards to the cliff face into a cave.

I went into the cave and my foot hit something and I nearly fell over, I bent over and found the item I nearly tripped on was a torch which I flicked on and walked father into the cave, which very quickly began to decline. After about ten minutes of slowly walking through the cave which tilted slowly I saw natural light which I began to walk towards seeing the cave exit back out the cliff face.

I came out of the cave to see the ground was also covered in snow here but it was thin and was very flat. I climbed down the small hill that the cave entrance was on then walked over to a clearing where the trees opened up. I saw someone leaning against a tree, hidden by shadow, embers coming from what looked like a cigarette.

I walked towards the person and suddenly the clouds shifted and he was thrown into full light, revealing a man who was wearing a black jacket, and blue jeans, two swords sheathed at his sides and one on his back, on his hips were holsters holding a revolver on both sides.

His whole body was covered in what seemed to be white fur, his hair was blonde, and his face was that of a fox, and I remembered he had once told me about half humans half animals, he called them Furries. The man looked at me with his moon yellow eyes over his black glasses and said, “Your quiet smart, I only left you a few clues and yet you were able to follow me here”

“Wh... Who are you?” I stuttered

“My name is Edward Scott”

“You lead me here?” I asked “But I was looking for my friend”

“Yes it was me that lead you here, and yes I know about your friend”

“Bu… But, the thing that gave me the idea to come here was a bird” I replied

“That was no bird my dear” He said, then leant forward and two large white wings unfolded from his back and spread at full width “It was me”

“O..k..kay…” I stuttered, “I’m going to go…”

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, you’re not going anywhere but with me”

“Wh…Why do you want me?” I asked beginning to feel more afraid, thinking he was here to kidnap me or something

“Because you’re of more value than you think” He said

I looked at the tree next to me out of the corner of my eye and saw a large thick branch, I began to panic then grabbed the lump of wood then swung it at Edward. He turned and the wood hit his side with a thump and snapped in half ripping his jacket and the shirt beneath it revealing a shinny plate that looked like steel.

“Now why did you go and do that? I liked that jacket” He said, as if he felt nothing. I heard a buzzing sound and turned around seeing a small black sphere floating in the air which suddenly began to expand into a large swirling black sphere.

I saw a figure stepping out of it. She was medium height, but unlike Edward she wasn’t a canine, she was a feline, her fur was a very soft brown, and her eyes a deep blue, She was wearing a very small tank top that stopped half way to her waist leaving her whole belly in full view, which had a large light brown patch of fur, which went from where her top ended to where her jeans, held up by a brown leather belt started.

Even though I knew little about these people she looked… well… beautiful.... She looked at me then over at Edward and said something I couldn’t understand. In sudden fear I just ran towards the black orb that the feline had walked away from and jumped into it, hearing Edward say behind me “That”

I felt a sudden surge of pain as if my skin was burning from beneath, as if every part of my body was being pulled and pushed at the same time and then a few moments later I landed softly on a patch of grass and the pain faded.

This pain was replaced a few moments later by a new pain, a surge of pain which was stabbing at my bladder and I felt my control go completely and I saw the diapers becoming wetter and wetter, until it was soaked and a it began to leak out the sides and I sat on the grass crying feeling even more ashamed than I had earlier.

Only a minute or so later the feline came through the portal again and knelt beside me, and brushed my cheek softly trying to calm me down. She was saying something, but again I didn’t understand her.

I sat there a few minutes longer crying as the feline rubbed my back softly holding me close as a mother would a crying child. Finally another portal appeared where the last one had vanished after the feline came out and Edward came out and said something to the feline who got up and walked over to a van that I didn’t noticed before.

Edward knelt down and said “You’ve got to come with me, I’ll take you to him”

My eyes widened and I became filled with an energy I didn’t have before and I got up and ran over to the van with Edward, which was slightly harder now that the diapers were completely soaked. When we reached the van Edward opened the side and let me hop in before getting in and shutting the door after him

I don’t know what it was but something about him made me feel I could trust him now my fear of him had left. I sat down on one of the seats on the side and I felt the diaper squish as I sat down.

Edward sat my backpack down on the ground which I had dropped before I ran into the portal and didn’t realise he had. He opened the back and I blushed as he looked in and pulled out two mediums and one large like I had before.

He unfolded the mediums then slit the bottoms with a claw then told me to lay down. I did as he said and he untapped the diapers and pulled them down, he pulled out a small box of wet wipes and wiped all the urine from my skin then lifted me up slightly and pulled the wet diapers from beneath me and slid one of the new ones beneath me then sprinkled some powder on me quickly and pulled it up and taped it on.

He then grabbed the next medium and pulled it over the other and taped it up as well before finally putting the large on me and taping it on. He then helped me up and pulled my skirt back over the diapers then picked up the wet ones and threw them in a bag.

He sat there for a few minutes looking at me then said, “You and him are a lot alike”

“Huh?” I said caught off guard by this sudden statement.

“You and your friend are a lot alike, and you will be even more so soon”

“He wears diapers by choice, he enjoys it. I don’t enjoy this” I said in a stubborn voice.

He chuckled quietly and said, “Firstly he no longer wears them by choice much like yourself. But I will admit he enjoys it, and I believe you’re lying when you say you don’t” He smiled to himself knowing something I didn’t

“What makes you say that?” I said in a voice that sounded more demanding than curious

“Because... As you obviously realised even for a Furre I am not normal. I am a half blood”

“Half blood what?” I asked

“I’m a half blood Angel, and to make me even more abnormal, I’m a psychic” he told me

“B… B…”

“Yes I can read your mind and I know you find the embarrassment rather enjoyable”

I suddenly went very quiet blushing, feeling quiet embarrassed indeed. I became more curious as the ride went on and asked Edward, “How come I can understand you and not the feline?”

“I learned English and other human languages some time ago, and that feline’s name is Tiffany, you will learn our language soon enough”

“You mean I have to learn to speak it?”

“Well in a way, but you won’t have to do much, just sleep while me and Sabrina put the language into your mind”

“What do you mean, put it into my mind, and who is Sabrina?”

“Sabrina is my sister, and we can input our knowledge of our language directly into your mind while you sleep, just like we did for Daniel”

“Who is Daniel?” I asked

“Your friend’s new name, he chose to change his name as his new life began, and you have the same choice”

“New life? You mean I can’t go back?” I asked feeling as if I left too much behind

“I doubt you will want to go back before long, Dan never wants to go back, he found like here more enjoyable, I’ll let him tell you about it though” He said and leant back closing his eyes

I looked around and was about to get up and look around when Edward said “Don’t get up the road ahead is bumpy”

I would have been shocked if he hadn’t just told me he was psychic, so I sat still and stayed quiet till the trip came to an end, as the van stopped and I could hear a large garage door opening, and the van moved forward slowly then stopped and the engine turned off and garage door was heard shutting again.

The side door was opened from the outside and Edward nodded for me to get out so I got up and stepped out followed by Edward who left my bag and all his weapons but the sword on his back in the van and shut the door behind him. Tiffany was walking towards a door at the side of the room, and I began to follow her then stopped and turned to Edward

“Can you thank her for trying to help me before?” He nodded then called out to Tiffany and said something I couldn’t understand then smiled at me and brushed my cheek softly saying something

“She says it was nothing” Edward told me, and we were lead into a large hallway, then past a heap of doors until we went into a set of double doors and I found myself in a room which looked like a miniature hospital, Edward helped me into one of the beds after taking off my skirt, leaving me in nothing but diapers and my shirt.

I sat in the bed and I heard people walking towards the room, I heard the voice of a small boy talking, and the voice of a woman talking back, but what they were saying didn’t make any sense to me.


Change of Lifestyle

By: Edward Scott


Chapter 9 – Power of Change


I yawned and stretched out my arms, I looked at the baby bottle which lay beside me empty, and then at myself remembering I asked Tiffany to put me in the pink sleeper. I dropped the pacifier from my mouth and hit it and the bottle under the pillow.

I got up then jumped up grabbing the railing of the crib and pulled myself over and landed with a soft thump as I landed on my diapered butt, which I could feel was wet. I walked over to the closet and pulled off the sleeper and quickly hid it in the closet then went to the door only wearing the diapers and the pink plastic pants which was over them.

After opening the door, which was slightly hard seeing I could only just reach the door handle I called out for Sabrina or Tiffany. A few seconds later Sabrina came walking down the hallway and smiled at me “Afternoon sleepy head” She said playfully, at first I thought she was just joking about afternoon, but when she picked me up I saw her watch said 2:17pm.

She carried me over to the changing table and sat me on it, already used to this I laid down and waited for Sabrina to begin changing me, she changed me the same way she had every other time, when she was done she lifted me off the changing table and sat me on the floor. I poked the pink plastic pants softly and shrugged.

I turned to Sabrina and asked “Why did I sleep so long?”

“You’re body is trying to readjust to the times here, our days are longer than what they used to be from the time your from. History tells us that some time around four hundred years or so after your time, the humans shifted the orbit of the earth due to global warming, which also slowed the planet rotation, no one is quiet sure how or what they did, because all those in the project were killed and their work destroyed after it was done

“So now our days our thirty hours long, a week is ten days long, three weeks to every month, which is thirty days in every month, and there is fifteen months, which makes four hundred and fifty days. It is a good thing that we became the dominant species of this planet, because after the shift many places became a lot colder and began to snow a lot more. Only those with fur can really live in the areas far from the equator”

I nodded, getting more information than I needed, but I had to learn these things some time. I was still curious and had to ask “Sabrina, when I turned into a Furre why did my hair go red?”

She smiled and picked me up, and said to me, “Because you wanted it to”

I was confused and asked “But why did it do what I wanted it to then?”

“Because Danny, you’ve got more powers than you think, you’ve always had the power to change yourself in certain ways, but being human, your body and mind weren’t… as well linked as they are now, you now being a Furre”

“So if I wanted blonde hair it would go blonde?” I asked

“Yes it would, you can also make it shorter and longer if you focused, although it may take awhile to change to the way you want, all skills take time to develop” She told me as she walked down the hall carrying me.

As she was carrying me it occurred to me she might have checked on me while I was sleeping… and if she did she would have seen me with the bottle, pacifier and wearing the pink sleeper. I was too curious and had to ask “Did you check on me while I was sleeping?”

She nodded “Its ok sweetie, I understand how you feel, and I’m not going to judge you just because of something that makes you feel safe and happy. I’m psychic sweetie, you’d do well to never forget that, just because I’m not reading your mind doesn’t mean I don’t know how your feeling, being empathic isn’t something you can stop easily”

I nodded blushing, and I had a feeling it showed even through my short fur, because Sabrina began brushing her hand through my hair softly for a few minutes before sitting me down on the floor in the living room.

I sat there wearing only my diapers and plastic pants and Sabrina asked “So you want lunch now kiddo?”

I nodded, thinking quietly. Not really sure if Sabrina was able to read what I was thinking, but I didn’t really care because guessing from what she said she would probably know anyway. I climbed onto the couch and turned on the TV watching it for a few minutes.

Sabrina called me over to the kitchen, and I got up and waddled over, still finding it hard to walk properly in such thick diapers. When I got there Sabrina lifted me up onto one of the stools so I could sit at the bench and eat, she then went over to the corner and brought over a toasted cheese ham and tomato sandwich, which I was one of my favourite lunches.

She cut it into four slices then asked if I wanted a drink, and I nodded and she asked what I wanted to drink, I thought for a few seconds before replying. “Milk pwease”

She smiled and went over to the fridge, I stopped watching her and began to eat my lunch slowly, I was still having trouble eating as I was used to having my mouth near my chin, not along the bottom of my muzzle, which I didn’t have as a human.

Sabrina laughed as she saw me eating making a mess and getting food on myself, “Be right back sweetie” she said leaving the room. She came back a few moments later and walked behind me as I was eating, the next thing I knew I had a pink bib on, which was just in time because as I tried to take my next bite some of the hot tomato fell out of the sandwich and landed on the bib.

Sabrina smiled as she moved in front of me and pulled the tomato off the bib and sat it on the plate, then turned away for a few seconds to get my drink then said, “Drink up sweetie” placing a pink baby bottle full of milk next to my plate. I blushed as I saw it but put the slice of the sandwich down and put the end of the bottle in my mouth and sucked on it softly, the milk slowly filling in my mouth.

I put the bottle down and finished the rest of the sandwich, when I was done Sabrina came over and took the bib off and took my plate over to the sink, she helped me down from the stool then handed me the bottle and said I could go back to watching TV.

My head sat on a pillow as I lay in the middle of the couch with the bottle in my mouth, while I watched the television wearing nothing but my diapers. After a while I had finished the bottle and was becoming bored of the shows on the Television, I was about to get up when Sabrina sat down next to my head and brushed my hair softly away from my face, then held out the pacifier that Tiffany had given me last night.

I blushed then opened my mouth slightly and Sabrina put it in my mouth as I moved my head of the pillow onto her lap and curled up, sucking on the pacifier softly. Sabrina smiled looking down at me, “If you want to be babied Danny, you just have to say so, I don’t mind looking after you, and I won’t mind if you want me to mother you”

I nodded softly still laying my head on Sabrina’s lap as I sat there for quiet sometime, Sabrina softly brushing my hair as she watched TV. I lay their thinking to myself, I thought about what Sabrina said about me being able to change my appearance, and thought I would look better with long blonde hair. I thought about that for a few moments then remembered Sabrina said that wasn’t the only thing I could change, thinking about this I thought my eyes would look better blue, instead of the green they currently were.

After what seemed like only a few minutes, but was actually hours, Sabrina patted me softly and told me it was about time I put some clothes on. I nodded and got up and followed her, she walked down the hall and opened the door to my room and I followed her in. I sat down on the floor as Sabrina went through the closest looking for something for me to wear. She saw the pink sleeper hidden at the bottom and picked it up and hung it up in the wardrobe.

She pulled out a white shirt which had a gold pattern all over it and handed it to me, I took a hold of it and pulled my arms through the sleeves and begun doing the buttons up while Sabrina pulled a pair of jeans out of the wardrobe and shut it. She put my legs into the jeans and pulled them up as I was doing the buttons up still sitting on the floor.

She stood me up and pulled the jeans all the way up after feeding my tail through the hole in the back, making sure the jeans went right over the diapers, and then pulled the shirt down gently to straighten it.

She stood up properly then went back out to the living room with me following her. She picked me up and walked over to the couch and sat me down on it then picked up the remote and pushed a button which revealed a small box beneath the TV, next to it was a controller, it looked like a cross between a play station three, and an X-Box 360 controller.

She walked back over and handed me the controller then switched the channels on the TV so the screen was blank and white, then pushed another button and started up the console. She quickly told me how to change the game with the remote and what each game was and I had to remember using the pictures because none of the words made sense to me.

“If you need me sweetie, I’ll be in the study reading ok? I’ll leave the door open so you can tell which room it is” She said after teaching me about the console, I nodded and she got up and walked down the hallway. I laid down on the couch facing towards the TV.

I played the games for quiet sometime, realising that my reflexes truthfully did not stay the same as I was when I was human, they were even stronger. It didn’t take me very long to master the driving games and the shooter games, and I could easily react faster than I knew was possible.

I put down the controller and sat up, then undid the top of the jeans and pulled them down over my diapers and looked down at them and touched the front of them, finding them warm and soaked. I pulled the jeans back up and got down from the couch then walked down the hallway and towards the door which was open which I knew was the study from what Sabrina told me before.

I pushed the door all the way open and walked inside, Sabrina looked up from her book as she sat behind a desk, which had a computer and heaps of paper all across it. I looked at Sabrina’s face and saw she was wearing glasses, reading glasses from what I guessed, but they made her look even smarter than she already looked, but also making her look cuter.

She smiled at me and said “Thanks for the complements kiddo” and I realised she had read my mind yet again, I was about to speak when she got up and said “Lets get you changed” I closed my mouth and stretched out my arms wanting her to pick me up, which she did and carried me into my room and sat me down on the table.

I laid down and Sabrina pulled my jeans off and threw them on the ground casually then began to change me, which was becoming very routine through the changing part, and before long I was back in cloth diapers and plastic pink pants. When Sabrina finished changing me she lent over and blew a raspberry on my stomach, and being very ticklish there I giggled loudly.

She picked me up again holding me in one arm and picked up my jeans and carried me back into the study with her. She threw the jeans across the room and they landed almost perfectly on a chair near the wall. She carried me behind the desk with her and sat down on the chair where she was when I came in the room before and sat me on her lap.

She smiled at me and said “You were trying to change your appearance weren’t you sweetie” she said, I thought for a moment that she had read my mind again, but I nodded anyway, and she held up a mirror for me to look in.

My hair was still mostly blood red, but it was streaked a very light blonde in big sections. But the amazing thing was one of my eyes had gone a very deep blue yet the other had stayed pale green.

I looked up at Sabrina and smiled nervously, thinking I did something I shouldn’t have, but Sabrina smiled back and brushed her hand through my hair, “Its ok sweetie. You’re not in trouble. But be more careful when your doing that next time, your mind has to be focused, if your being distracted things like that will happen, although I admit you do look very cute with one blue eye and one green eye”

I smiled and relaxed again and was about to get up when Sabrina looked at the clock on the wall which was followed by a knock at the door, she picked me up and carried me to the front door. She opened the door with one hand still holding me, as the door was pulled open I saw Leo standing on the other side, and he simply said, “He’s back”

With the Sabrina nodded and put me down, she went back into the study and came back out with my jeans which she helped me back into then took my hand and led me out into the hallway which I was now beginning to hate. We followed Leo towards the hospital wing that I had awoken in, as we were approaching the door my stomach rumbled and I said to Sabrina, “I’m hungry”

She smiled and said back “We’ll get you something to eat soon”



Chapter 10 – Reunited


I looked towards the door hearing the people walking closer, then the door suddenly opened and a group of furres stepped in. The one at the front was a female fox, white fur, short blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing worn jeans and a black shirt that only just made it to her waist.

Next to her was another fox, a male, his fur both tan and white, slightly taller, his blonde hair brushed back, his eyes were a deep yellow, he wore a blue shirt and black cargo pants.

Behind both of them was another fox, he was a lot younger than the other two. His hair was half blood red half blonde, as if someone put blonde streaks through his red hair. One of his eyes was a pale green, while the other was a deep blue and his fur was white and very soft looking. He was wearing a white shirt with a gold pattern and a pair of jeans.

The boy brushed the hair away from his eyes then stopped and stared right at my then ran and jumped on the bed yelling excitedly in a language I didn’t understand. The female fox patted him on the shoulder and said something to him, then turned to me.

“Sorry, he is just a little excited to see you and forgot to speak English” She said kindly to me

“Eh… Ok… why would he be excited to see me?” I asked kind of confused about what was happening.

She smiled at me and said “look deeper than his new form, you will recognise him”

I stared at him and he stared back then spoke in English then he said “I missed you Bec”

I was still confused for a moment then it hit me “Is that really you Br…”

The smile faded from his face and he said “My name is Dan now”

“What happened? The day you disappeared I mean”

“I was at the look out, I was waiting for you, and I fell. I probably would have died if Edward wasn’t there. Hmmm I still have to thank him for that”

A voice shouted out from the connecting room “No need kiddo, your thoughts are good enough”

I must have had a shocked look on my face or something because Dan said to me “He’s psychic, so is Sabrina”

“Who is Sabrina?” I asked, having so many questions.

The female fox then spoke to me “I am sweetie, you’ve already met Tiffany, and the guy over near the door is Leo, there are others here but you will meet them later”

I looked at Dan and asked “Why are you like them?”

“It happened because I went through the portal, I went through Edward’s which is why I turned into a fox, who’s did you go through?”

“Tiffany’s…” I replied, remembering that she was a feline.

Dan just smiled and said “I told you ages ago you’re more of a feline” he then poked his tongue out at me for a moment then continued to smile at me.

“So I’m going to turn into a feline. I get that, but why are you so small?”

“Something to do with a side effect of the change, it makes us go younger, there are some other side effects as well… but I think I’ll let Sabrina or someone else explain that…”

I suddenly had a voice inside my head, speaking to me, I shook my head softly, but then I saw Sabrina wink at me and I realised she was speaking into my mind

The other side effect that Dan is to embarrassed to say is the major damage to the bladder and some minor damage to the bowels. Well as Edward told me, your bladder is already damaged, from stress I see. But your bowels, you will also have a problem with. You can’t really tell at the moment but Dan is diapered, just as you can’t tell you are’

I blushed heavily hearing this, Dan looked at me confused, he was about to say something when he just shrugged and laid down on his stomach looking at me. We continued to talk, for an hour or so, during which time a furre named Rebecca, a female feline, and two male felines that looked identical which were named Lee and Marcus. The three of them came and went, but every time they were there I began to understand a small bit more about what they were saying.

After quiet some time Sabrina tapped Dan on the shoulder and told him it was time to go so I could get some rest, which I understood even if it wasn’t in English. Dan got up and held out his arms and Sabrina picked him up and held him in her arms, she told me to sleep then walked out, with Dan waving goodbye to me over her shoulder.

Even though I explained to him how I ended up here, I left out two things, the fact I was diapered before I came here, and the reason I came in the first place. The only reasons that came to mind, were he didn’t want to know, or he already did.

I was pondering this when Edward came over and handed me a glass of some amber liquid. I took a sniff, smelling the liquid first, it smelt like strawberries and apples. I drank the whole thing in one gulp as Edward told me to, finding it tasted nothing like it smelt, it tasted like a mix of vodka and red wine, and not a very good one either.

I was thinking for a few moments before I drifted off to sleep, it was weird, during that sleep it felt as if nothing happened, as if I had dreamless sleep, my mind frozen at the point of nothingness for an eternity, an eternity that never happened, feeling both as if time froze and skipped forward at the same time.

I opened my eyes with a sudden shock of searing pain all over my skin as if my very skin was burning from beneath, I winced in pain, holding my eyes shut as tight as I could, then all of a sudden the pain left.

I opened my eyes slowly looking around, it took my eyes a moment to focus but when they did, I saw I was in the same room where I had been before, except now the lights were off, the only light coming from the hallway and the room that was connected at the side.

I looked to my side and saw Sabrina was sitting there smiling at me and she spoke to me “Hey sleepy head” she brushed my hair away from eye face, her hand brushed against my cheek and it felt different than I remembered, I touched my own cheek and it felt weird to me, then I saw my hand. Covered in fur, I was shocked even though I was told it would happen

Ideas and thoughts rushed through my head, but Sabrina put her finger on my lips pressing one against her own, then said “You’re thoughts are a lot like Dan’s were, although your not worried about someone you left behind which is weird. Also, you’re thoughts are a bit calmer than his, seeing you were awake for us to tell you most things before hand”

I nodded softly calming down slightly then I realised what Sabrina had said, “What do you mean he was worried about someone?”

“I thought you knew… He was worried about you” She said in a soft voice

I began to realise that his feelings for me were more than just a mere crush, he actually cared deeply for me. Sabrina nodded softly to me and I laid there in silence for a few minutes while she sat there patiently.

After awhile she broke the silence and spoke, “I was wondering two things. Firstly would you like me to care for you like I do Dan? That way you can be with him a lot more”

I nodded nearly straight away then Sabrina continued, “Secondly I wanted to know… do you want to have a new name? You won’t pick it yourself, it’s up to your carers, which in this case would be me and Tiffany”

I thought for a few moments, Sabrina sat patiently in silence awaiting my answer. Part of me wanted to keep my name holding onto the last part of what was left of my old life, but then there was the other part wanted to leave my name and my old life completely and start a new.

My mind fought with itself for what seemed like an eternity, but in the end my mind came to the fact that I followed Dan here, and he chose to do it, so I guessed I should as well. I opened my mouth to speak but Sabrina nodded and said “I’ll go talk to Tiffany”

I nodded back and she got up and left the room I lay there in silence for an unknown amount of time. At one point I remembered that I was wearing diapers, and reached down and touched the front of them which was warm and soft. I lifted the covers up and looked down at them, the wetness indictor nearly completely gone.

I put the covers down and saw Sabrina and Tiffany standing in front of the bed and I blushed heavily, looking away. Sabrina came and sat back where she was before, and Tiffany stood by her side. Sabrina handed me a piece of paper with a short list of names on it then said, “Pick your favourite, and that will be your new name, the names in the brackets are nicknames”

I went over the list for about ten minutes trying to decide, I closed my eyes thinking about the names then finally one name seemed to appear in my mind. So I opened me eyes and handed Sabrina back the paper pointing at my choice. She smiled and nodded then got up and kissed me on the forehead “Night Amy”

Sabrina stepped back and Tiffany stepped forward hugged me gently then said to me “If you ever need someone’s shoulder to cry on again sweetie, just come talk to one of us”

I nodded and tried to sit up and felt a pain on my tail bone, I put a hand down to feel it through the diapers but I felt something else there, it was curled up in the diapers. It took me a moment to realise that it was my tail which was forming, and it was becoming cramped as it was twisted inside the diapers

“Umm… Tiffany…” I said quietly and shyly.

“Yes Sweetie?” She replied

I leant closer and whispered into her ear “I need a change and my tail is stuck in my diapers”

I felt a few tears forming in my eye from shame and embarrassment, Tiffany nodded to Sabrina who walked out the doors, then Tiffany pulled the covers back and helped me up slowly. She took my hand and led me to the room that was conjoint at the side by a door, she opened the door all the way and stepped in.

“Go sit on the changing table” She said to me as I followed her in, I looked around the room and saw a changing table at the end of the room, following her instructions I walked to the end of the room and sat down on the table.

Tiffany walked back over with a packet of disposable diapers and various changing supplies. She took the diapers I was wearing off then threw them in the diaper pail then told me to lay down, she quickly cleaned me diapered region with a baby wipe, then rolled me onto my side.

“You know someone should have thought about your tail sooner instead of letting it grow like that, sorry but its going to be a little sore for awhile” She held my tail softly and straightened it to its full length then curled it up again and straightened it again. She did this for a few minutes, to help the muscles I guessed.

She finally stopped exercising my tail then rolled me onto my back again with my tail between my legs. I became aware that I was still naked and blushed heavily. “Its ok sweetie, don’t be embarrassed, I’m going to see you like this a lot, someone has to change you”

I nodded still blushing, as Tiffany rubbed in a cream softly on my diapered region then powdered me softly then slid a new disposable diaper under me, pulling my tail gently through the hole in the back of it, then pulled the front up and tapped the sides on. I looked at it then felt it, this diaper was even thicker than the three I had just been wearing all up.

Although it was embarrassing I had to admit it was very comforting. Tiffany helped me down from the table and I flicked my tail around behind me trying to gain use of it, but it didn’t seem to go where I wanted it to, and it swung into Tiffany’s, who just smiled at me then wrapped her tail around mine gently then unwrapped it as we reached the bed.

Tiffany helped me up into the bed and smiled at me, “It’d be best if you slept on your side for now, don’t want to put to much strain on your tail” I nodded as she pulled the covers all the way up tucking me in then kissed me on the forehead as Sabrina had “Night Amy”

“Night night” I mumbled drifting off to sleep. The darkness yet again claming my conscious mind.

I awoke some time later, how long I slept I am unsure of, but Dan sat on the bed in front of me, wearing a blue footed sleep, and I realised that all the light were on, and guessed it must have been day time, and that Dan must have just got up

He smiled at me and said “Hey sweepy” He spoke with a sight lisp and in a babyish voice

“Hey Dan” I replied rubbing my eyes, “where is everyone else?”

“Sabwina said she would come back wiv some breakfast for ya when you were awake. Tiffany is still asweep. Edwad has gone home and Weo is twaining”

I nodded then asked “Why are you speaking like that?”

“Because I wanna” He replied sticking his tongue out

“Put that tongue back in Dan” said a voice from behind him, I looked past him and saw Sabrina walking in with a tray, but I noticed she looked bigger, then I noticed Dan looked bigger as well… my size really. Then I remembered the whole thing about becoming four years old, and realised that was what had happened.

Sabrina secured the tray into two slides, one on each side of the bed then lowered the tray as I sat up so it was at the perfect hight. On the tray sat a plate with some pancakes and maple syrup on them, next to that was a glass of milk

I smiled at Sabrina and thanked her, being in the perfect mood for pancakes and milk. I ate the pancakes silently and was done before long, I then talked to Dan for about ten minutes, as he explain what he had learnt so far about his new life, still using the babyish voice, as I drank the milk.

When I was done Sabrina moved the tray somewhere else, so it was out of the way, then pulled the covers back, I found I was wearing a pink footed sleeper, much like the one Dan was wearing except a different color. I realised someone must have changed me to appropriate clothing while I was sleeping, and I must have been sleeping pretty heavily not to have realised it.

Sabrina picked me up holding me with one arm then picked up Dan as well and walked over to the room where Tiffany had changed me the night before. She sat me down on a table on the side of the room and took Dan over to the changing table. She pulled the sleeper off him and he laid down as she pulled off the blue plastic pants and then pulled out the pins on the thick cloth diapers which she threw into the diaper pail along with the plastic pants.

She cleaned him up and before long he was wearing a new thick cloth diapers and a new pair of blue plastic pants. She put a blue T-shirt on him and then brought him over to where I was sitting and we changed places.

I was carried back over to the changing table, blushing as Sabrina pulled off the sleeper, I looked down and saw I was wearing pink plastic pants, which Sabrina soon pulled off and threw into the diaper pail, while I began blushing heavier. Sabrina undid the pins on the cloth diapers and cleaned me up and quickly had a new cloth diapers on my and pined them on then pull a new pair of pink plastic pants on me.

I looked at the plastic pants and realised they had frills around the legs and waist and touched the back feeling rows of ruffles along there, I turned to look at them seeing they were all a light shade of pink. Sabrina pulled a pink T-shirt over my head and helped me get my arms through then picked me up. She walked over and picked up Dan as well.

While Sabrina carried us back into the room we were just in, then out into the hall of  various doors. As Sabrina carried us along I noticed that Dan’s plastic pants had ruffles and frills as well, just they were blue, not pink.

Sabrina opened a door then walked in, Tiffany was in the kitchen doing something and she smiled, waving and said hello. Me and Dan both waved back, Sabrina just nodded due to the lack of free hands.

She put me and Dan down and told Dan to show me around. Dan nodded and walked off down the hallway. He got to the first door on the left and reached up and opened the door, revealing a nursery painted blue, which he told me was his room, I had a quick look around then stepped back out into the hallway guessing I could see more of it later

Next he opened the door on the right of the hallway which turned out to be the bathroom. He opened the door next to the bathroom and told me it was the study, its bookshelves were fully stocked and the desk was cluttered with paper.

Back into the hallway, shutting the door behind us, we walked over to the door next to his room, he opened it and walked in, it was pretty much an exact mirror of his room except everything was pink instead of blue, and turned out to be my room. I smiled briefly then nodded and followed him back into the hallway, shutting the door again.

Dan gave me a rushed tour of the few other rooms he knew, avoiding one door which he told me was off-limits according to Sabrina. We went back out into the living room and sat down on the couch, he grabbed the remote and pushed a button revealing all the electronics.

He quickly explained what he knew about the remote then got up and grabbed the two controllers and turned on the gaming console, he rushed back and handed me one. He explained what he knew about the games and how to play them and let me choose a game.

We played various games for hours on end, picking a new game every now and then taking it in turns to choose. It was around noon when Tiffany called out “Kids, lunch time”

We both walked over to the kitchen, and Tiffany led us over to the dinning room. Tiffany carried our meals over and put them on the table, “what do you want to drink you two?”

“Milk” Dan replied straight away

“Same” I said

Tiffany went back into the kitchen and Sabrina came in carrying something then put it against the wall then helped me up into a chair near the end of the table. Sabrina moved the chair at the end of the table out of the way and put it in the corner then carried over what she brought in and unfolded it and I realised it was a high chair.

I looked at Dan who was blushing, as I looked at him. Sabrina picked him up and sat him in the high chair, putting his plate on the tray in front of him. I opened my mouth to speak but my mind told me not to so I just ate instead.

Tiffany came back in and put a glass of milk in front of me, and I tried to thank her while eating and was only able to let out a muffled thanks. Tiffany smiled and walked over to Dan placing a baby bottle which was filled with milk on the tray next to his food.

With this, he blushed so heavily that it looked as if his fur was a tinge red, then I realised it actually was, as he blushed his fur changed with his skin. Sabrina came back over with her own plate followed by Tiffany who realised the look on my face.

Tiffany sat down next to me and whispered to me, “His fur blushes with his skin, but he must be pretty embarrassed to go that color. I don’t think that was something he wanted you to see”

I continued eating trying to ignore Dan, but he was still blushing and slowly ate his lunch. I was done long before Dan, and got up, Sabrina told me to leave my plate and glass and to go pick a movie from the list near the TV and she would bring my in a glass of Lemonade soon.

* * *

I watched as Amy left the room, still blushing heavily, not used to acting like this around her, even though she knew I felt like this it was very embarrassing.

“Dan sweetie, don’t worry, if you want to be like this so badly, don’t be embarrassed about it, yes I know you don’t want her to see you like this but she was going to see it eventually” Sabrina said in a calm voice as Tiffany carried the empty plates and glasses to the kitchen

I nodded softly and began to eat more and drinking from the bottle as Sabrina got up and went to the kitchen as well

* * *

I went through the list of movies then picked one, not really knowing what it was about. Sabrina came in with a glass of Lemonade which she put on the table then came over to me. She nodded smiling with my selection then pulled out a case from rack then opened it, pulled out a small crystal and put it inside one of the machines.

She loaded it up and told me to go sit on the couch. She left the room for a moment then came back with Dan and sat him next to me, and left the room yet again. The movie started and it turned out to be a kid’s movie. Sabrina came back in and handed Dan the baby bottle again, except it was now filled with Lemonade.

We watched the movie silently for a hour or so, when I became aware that Dan was laying against me softly sucking his thumb as he slept. I smiled seeing him like that then closed my eyes as well drifting off to sleep.


Change of Lifestyle
By: Edward Scott

Chapter 11 - Leo the Sitter

I yawned when I awoke and climbed over my crib’s railing and landed on my diapered butt which squished beneath me as I landed. I opened the door then began to run to the kitchen, tripping over on the way there and just crawled the rest of the way.

Tiffany watched me with the same look she always did when ever she thought something was cute. She smiled as I crawled up to her feet then sat down with a quiet squish.

“How’s my little pup this morning” She said picking me up then adding, “Other than needing a change”

“Hungwy” I said smiling, not really caring about my wet and messy diaper

She nodded then turned around and smiled at Sabrina as she walked in carrying Amy “How about I make these two breakfast while you run a bath for em Sabs”

Sabrina nodded putting Amy down on a stool as Tiffany put me down on the one next to her. Sabrina looked at both of us then said “Who wants the first bath?”

Amy and I both looked at each other then at each other, then at the same time pointed at each other then began to giggle.

“Well if there are no volunteers, I guess we’ll just go with the saying, Lady’s first, but I guess little girls count as well” Sabrina said playfully, smiling before she turned heading off to go fill the bath.

Amy pouted hearing this, obviously not wanting someone else to bath her. Her frown disappeared quickly as a plate of pancakes was placed in front of her as Tiffany said “If you’re bathing first, you get to eat first”

A few minutes later Tiffany placed a plate of pancakes in front of me as Amy drank her orange juice which Tiffany gave her as my breakfast was cooking. I began to eat and Tiffany bought over a bottle with orange juice in it for me.

Not long after Amy had finished and was about t climb down, Sabrina walked back in and picked her off and carried her off to the bathroom.

After I finished eating Tiffany refilled my bottle and picked me up and took me over to the couch and let me lay in her lap. She undid the sleeper and took me out of it as I lay there. She checked my diaper and asked “You think you’ll last five minutes without a change sweetie?”

I shrugged in response and continued laying in her lap, sucking on the bottle softly as I lay there in her lap. Five minutes later Amy came running in giggling with only her diapers and a pink t-shirt on and her hair and fur still slightly wet. She jumped up onto the couch then pounced on me

“Eh... Hi” I said looking up at her face as her long brown wet hair brushed over me making me wet as I recovered from the shock of her doing it.

“Hiya” she replied playfully, Sabrina walked in and picked Amy off me sitting her next to Tiffany who had just smiled as she watched this small event take place on her lap. Sabrina handed a towel and a pair of overalls to Tiffany, then picked me up and carried me off to the bathroom.

Sabrina sat me on the floor as she looked around at the bathroom, which was now covered in water after Amy had had a bath. Sabrina looked at me and said “Your sister really makes a mess at bath time”

It took me a moment to realise she was talking about Amy, which is when I began to think about it

Was my attraction to her me wanting to be my partner, or was it me just wanting her to be there for me… like a sister…

Before I had time to reflect on this anymore Sabrina picked me up under my arms looking at my lower half, I looked down seeing my diaper had begun to leak. Sabrina put me down on the changing table and pulled my diapers off quickly and wiped away the mess then put another pair of plastic pants on me then gave me a bath like the first time she bathed me.

When the bath was done, like the first time she used the show to clean my diaper region then she put me on the changing table. Shortly after I was being carried out wearing new diapers, a blue t-shirt and overalls.

I was brought into the living room and Leo was standing in the open door talking to Tiffany, Sabrina put me down with Amy and went to talk to Leo. Amy and I both looked at each other wondering what was going on, but not very long after they all walked over and Tiffany spoke

“We didn’t want to say anything to you two because you were just beginning to settle in, but me and Sabs have got work to do today, so Leo is going to stay here and look after you.”

Meanwhile Sabrina was speaking to Leo, “Lunch is in the fridge, don’t give them too much soda, and don’t let them have junk, look after them Leo and…”

She was about to continue but Tiffany cut her off “I’m sure Leo will be fine Sabs, all he has to do is use common sense” Sabrina sighed and nodded, after saying goodbye and hugging us both, they left.

Once the door was closed Sabrina could be heard saying loudly, “Leo?! Using common sense? Like that is ever going to happen Tiff…” her voice faded out as they walked away. Leo shook his head smiling a bit.

I looked at him curiously “what did ya do to make her like that around you?”

He smiled at me and said “I’ve pulled my fair share of dumb stunts in the field… fair share being enough for all of us and SGP combined according to her. I guess she is right sometimes, the reason I was left behind to look after you two is because she thinks I still act like a kid myself”

I smiled at Leo knowing he would be a lot of fun to be around. He decided we should watch a movie, he got out a few movies at random and went through them, telling us what they were about basically giving us a non biased version of what was on the back.

We chose one in the end and he put it on, while it was loading through the previews and such, he went and got us both drinks. Both of them being soda in sipi-cups, both of us embarrassed, Amy because she was embarrassed about drinking from a sipi-cup and to nervous around Leo at the moment to ask for a glass, and me because I was too embarrassed to ask for it in a bottle.

We got over it as we watch the movie, which I found boring and forgot what it was about not long after it was finished. After the movie Leo let us play games on the console, occasionally grabbing the third controller and joining in, I wasn’t surprised that he was losing a lot of the time because it seemed as if he was doing it on purpose.

This went on for a few hours till Leo said it was time for lunch, he told us to just keep playing and that he would get it for us. A few minutes later we could smell toasted sandwiches, which Leo brought over with another drink each. Again neither of us said anything we just ate the sandwiches and drank the soda.

After lunch Leo suggested we should take a nap, which was actually a good idea, as I was beginning to feel tired and I saw Amy’s eyes were becoming quiet heavy. He led us both to our rooms and put us in our beds and told us to just get up and come get him when we wake up.

I lay down in my crib taking out the pacifier which I left their when I got up and sucked on it softly drifting of to sleep.

* * *

I woke up looking around my pink room, I got up realising I was still wearing the same clothes Sabrina and Tiffany put me in this morning, I wondered if Dan was up yet as I climbed out of the crib. I pulled the overalls down checking my diaper, which was wet, I left them down then walked out to the living room to find Leo.

I walked in rubbing my eyes and Leo looked over at me, “Hey Amy, you need a change?” he asked

I nodded softly and he came over and picked me up carrying me the short distance to my room again and changed my diaper.

“You want the overalls back on or not?” He asked

I shrugged not really caring, and he just nodded helping me down, leaving them there in case I wanted to put them back on later on my own. He led me back out to the living room and sat me on the couch.

“So you worked out what you can do yet?” He asked curiously

I was confused, not sure what I mean and had to ask him “What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you know? You and Dan have special abilities, Dan is a polymorpher, he can change his shape and stuff, and you have your own powers, I’m curious to know what they are”

I stared at him dumbfounded, finding it hard to believe then realise it must be true when I remembered Dan’s eyes being different colors and his hair being a very odd color. “So you mean I can… do things….”

He laughed softly “well yeah, what these things are, aren’t going to be anything like Dan’s but you can do things yeah”

I looked at my palms as if expecting something to happen

Leo said to me “Try willing fire to appear in your hand or something, think of nothing but fire, picturing a flame in your hand”

I was a little confused but did what Leo said, staring at my hand thinking of fire, trying to imagine fire there, then with a small flash a tongue of fire appeared for a few seconds before disappearing.

Leo smirked and said “I guess I was right then, you’re an elementalist.”

“I’m a what?”

“Elementalist, you can create and control elements by willing them to do what you want”

I stared at him amazed and shocked. Finding it completely alien to me to even hear of something like that let alone do it myself.

“Why don’t you practice with it a bit, the elements you can control will be Fire, Water, Earth, Electricity, Wind, Gravity and Ice… I advise you not to do earth, electricity or gravity yet… they’re a bit dangerous, oh and don’t tell Sabrina I told you about this, she’d kill me if she knew I told you” He said smiling

I smiled back and began playing with it a bit. After a few hours I was able to make a small ball of fire appear for a few seconds and was able to freeze a whole glass of water, which I stopped trying to do after I accidentally made Leo’s glass explode because I made it freeze too quick and it expanded making the glass shatter.

He cleaned it up, laughing as he did, finding it quiet funny even though it made quite a bit of mess. I looked up at the clock seeing it was nearly dinner time. Leo’s phone rang and he said he would be right back opening the front door and walking out closing it behind him.

* * *

I yawned as I got up, my diaper saturated. I pulled off the overalls and threw them in the corner, finding them uncomfortable, then climbed out of the crib and walked out of my room.

I walked in the living room just as Leo opened the front door carrying two flat square boxes, which I could tell were pizza boxes, not from the shape but the smell.

“Hey I was about to go wake you” He said as he shut the door behind him putting the boxes on the counter then walking to me and picking me up taking me into my room and changing me. He carried me back out and sat me on the couch.

He brought the boxes over then sat down opening them. He let us help ourselves, which meant we had to climb off the couch, grab the pizza then climb back up, while he was off getting drinks.

He came back over as me and Amy were trying to climb back on to the couch holding pizza in our mouths. He laughed putting the drinks down then picked us up one at a time and put us on the couch. He picked up the box we got out pizza from and put it between us, then picked up the other and sat it on his lap and began eating.

After we were done eating he let us pick another movie then made pop corn and got us more drinks. I realised we had drank nothing since soda since Sabrina and Tiffany left, not really caring but noticing that Leo was indeed more like a child than any of the others.

Near the end of the movie I began to feel very tired and began to lean to my side softly, not realising I was beginning to lean on Amy as she was leaning on me the same. As the movie ended we were nearly asleep as Leo carried us both off at once, both of us falling asleep as he carried us.