A Little Mint
By Carotte
(Started by CS Fox)

(All names and characters used in this story were intentionally harmed in its writing, we also test make up and hair care products on bunnies. Especially the really cute ones).

--Chapter 1--

“What are you doing?”

The American was getting on his nerves. Carotte took a bite of his croissant and tried to ignore him. “Just reading the paper,” he replied holding it up as a barrier between the two of them.

“Blech… why would you read those horrid things?”

Carotte paused and lowered the paper so that his eyes looked over the top. “Didn’t you write for one?”

“Back in my honest businessman days, but I’m way past that now.”

“Right…” Carotte slowly raised the paper again.

The American rapped his fingers on a plate a little uneasily. “Soo…” he asked looking hopeful. “Are they done?”

Carotte kept the paper up. “No.”



“Why not?”

Carotte didn’t answer; he just turned a page of the paper and took another bite of his croissant.

The American frowned and continued to rap his fingers on the plate. “You know, I heard artists and authors have been getting killed recently.”

Carotte lowered the paper again and raised an eyebrow. “Is that so?”

The American nodded. “There was a guy back in the states that was beaten to death by an angry mob for never finishing his rpg-video game,” he buffed his nails and paused for effect. “Real sad story to, I heard the game had real promise.”

Carotte smirked. “Oh, that’s too bad.”

“I’m serious!” The American said frowning some more. He tried his best to look cool and intimidating. “You should watch yourself. You never know when your own fans will come after you.”

Carotte laughed slightly and folded up his paper, placing it on the table next to his plate. The American sat up a little straighter, sensing that business was finally at hand.

“Well now that you’re done reading the paper. When can my employer expect the art?”

“In a week, possibly two.”

“TWO?!” The American let his mouth flap in the breeze. “We never agreed on two!”

Carotte took out some change and put it next to his plate. “In a week or two. I’m sure your employer can manage till then.” he said as he turned and walked away.

The American frowned and followed Carotte with his eyes as he left the sidewalk café. He got up and put on his coat, muttering to himself, “I’m not paid by my employer to allow things to take a week or two…” And with that he walked briskly back to the hotel.

It was cold outside, not really the nice kind of cold, but then again, cold wasn’t nice very often when the money you should’ve used on a big, warm coat, was spent on painting supplies.

Carotte was walking down some dirty alley, from where most common people would politely walk away, trying not to stare too much at the local misery, in case it would look back.
Working in the job you love was something good, starving to death wasn’t as good, and dieing of cold was actually pretty bad, Carotte needed the money from those Americans commissions, but there was some big problem ahead of him, an invisible wall, high as the Babel Tower, and thick as a politician’s skull.

Artist block.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get any of those commissions right, his mind would empty itself every time he brought his train of thoughts on these rails.
Two weeks would be too long indeed, not that he cared much about his employer, but he’d never get paid soon enough to pay his next rent, and he wasn’t especially thrilled about the idea of sleeping under a bridge.

“inspiration, ô inspiration.. where the hell have you been ?” he muttered under his breath, arriving to a dark dead end.

Carotte took out his set of keys, unlocked what some optimistic people would’ve called a door, and began the arduous task of climbing two stacks of moaning, irregular stairs.

“home, sweet home” he thought as he opened the door to his own apartment.

Carotte’s apartment wasn’t anything special, if anything, it looked rather nice compared to its general surrounding, as he lived there for more than five years, he had found the motivation to put some work in cleaning up, and fixing most of the rot, rust, suspicious heating device and evil mud-spitting shower.
His art supplies were scattered almost everywhere in the apartment, piles of sketches, box of various paint and brushes, easels… He sure had drew a lot since he had arrived here, and most of his works had all left a trace somewhere.

The young man hopped through the mess, to the kitchen’s table, and sat down, realizing his breath was still forming little puff of vapor, he cursed under his breath, as this meant that the heating was down again, that or his electricity had been shut down.

“I need my inspiration back..” he said, running his fingers through his brown hair, his eyes closed, he had already suffered a lot of artists block before, and his muse would always come back, she was just a bit late this time..

Carotte sat there for more than a hour, so lost in his thoughts he barely heard the knock on his door. The young man raised his head, looked straight at his door and wondered who could’ve come here :

“Yeah ? What is it ?” he said aloud, hoping it wouldn’t be that sleazy American, coming to execute his threats already.

“Speciaaal Deliveryyy !!” an unexpected, booming voice yelled back through his door, it had a strange tone.. its owner sounded like an overly excited santa.

“What the hell..? Who’s there ?” asked Carotte, knowing better than opening his door to some complete stranger who sounded like he was at least twice his own weight.

“Better come and open that door to know the happy awnser !” replied the weird voice

“Listen big guy, there’s no valuables, no cracks, nothing to steal in there, why don’t you go and bother someone else ?”


“..good” Carotte said to himself, then went back to his deep thoughts

Knock knock.

“WHAT ?!” he yelled this time

“I’m going to leave the delivery here on your doorstep, you… will come and get it, right ?” said the voice through Carotte’s door

“yeah, sure, whatever, just go !”

“Have a nice day then ! and Congratulations again sir !” replied the voice

Carotte waited a bit, he did not hear any sound of cracking steps and assumed the fat ass was still at his doorstep.

“oh please…” he muttered to himself as he stood up from his chair and hopped toward his door.

The young man took a peek through the peep hole and was surprised to see that nobody was waiting outside, and surely enough, there was what looked like the top of a basket handle showing from below. Unlocking it, Carotte opened his door apprehensively.
He looked down and saw the large basket placed at his feet with a sheet drawn over it.

“OH come on… how trite and overdone can you get?”

He looked up and down in the narrow staircase seeing no one. He was about to step back inside to just ignore this freaky gift when a feline paw reached out from under the sheet and scratched at his pants leg. As he lowered his head and looked at the paw, he knew something was not right, it was much bigger then anything belonging to a normal sized feline.

“What the hell?”

The paw had little claws on it that caught his pant leg.

“Hey! Leggo!” he said yanking his leg away. It caused a tiny rip to form as the claws took a little bit of fabric. Carotte frowned and reached down to pull off the sheet.

Excepting some kind of freaky tiger or anything as dangerous, he almost fainted when his eyes fell on what looked like a half human half cat person, staring at him with its big, light blue eyes.

“W..What the..??” was the only thing he could mustered, taking a few steps back in his apartment, Carotte stumbled on an old pile of sketch and fell hard on his back.

The cat-like creature leapt out of its basket and into Carotte’s apartment with worrying agility, and even more worryingly jumped on the young man’s chest.

Carotte looked in the eyes of the strange beast again, unable to make a move, and thought his last hour had came in a most unpredictable and weird way, when the thing opened its jaws and :

“Daddy !” it cried happily, rubbing its head on Carotte’s face and purring loudly.

--Chapter 2--

Carotte stood there, motionless as the weird cat kept rubbing its head on his face.

“whoa whoa, s..stop it, okay ?” he said, pushing the creature’s head as gently as he could from his face.

It is a commonly established fact that artists are really imaginative people, who often seek dreams and wonders in real life just like a knight in armor would seek an old moldy goblet, and that the mention of a big, half human, half cat creature, somewhere in this world would probably brings a whole galaxy in their eyes.
Carotte, however, who had the said creature sitting on himself, could already feel a black hole, full of very real problems, forming, menacingly in the back of his worried eyes.

The thing pulled its head back up, crouching on the young man’s chest just like an oversized feline. Carotte took advantage of this to look more closely at the strange creature.
The first thing he realized was that whatever that thing was, it was definitely female, her voice, chest, and general outlook were some pretty good giveaway, she had light orange, striped fur, red hair and two, big, light blue eyes, looking excpectingly at him.
She wasn’t really heavy, considering the fact that she was more or less resting on his lungs and he could still breaths.
Carotte then remembered that she had just talked :

“Ok, what are you ?” he asked bluntly

The cat girl looked at him with a quizzical look and seemed to think hard about it for a few seconds :

“I’m your daughter ! and we’re Family now !” she cried excitingly again, wrapping her furry arms in a tight embrace over the young man’s neck.

“my wha..?” Carotte’s jaw dropped, then he realized air wasn’t as willing as before to get in his lungs “let.. go.. god.. dammit..!”

The creature backed away and looked quizzically in Carotte’s eyes, who was trying to catch his breath back.

“You okay, Daddy ?” she asked

“sure.. never been better.. now wait a minute, who’s that guy who dropped you on my doorstep ?”

“Meow..?” she threw that quizzical look at him again, but no hard thinking this time.

Carotte sighed : “…ok, can you just.. get off of me ? please ?”

The cat girl moved gently to the side and Carotte stood immediately up, walked to his doorstep, grabbed the big basket hastily and shoved it in his apartment, closing and locking his door behind him.
He finally let himself rest against the door and tried to understand what exactly had happened.
His eyes landed on the young cat girl, who was sitting in the middle of the room, looking back at him, and he realized that, except for the fur, she seemed to be almost naked, just wearing what looked like a… pink diaper ?

“You’re… in diapers ?” Carotte asked, somewhat hoping that asking that question would maybe lead to a negative awnser

The cat girl seemed to blush and lowered her head a bit : “Yes..”

In the black hole, a new problem opened the door of Carotte’s brain and went straight for the couch.

“How old are you and what’s your name ?” he asked, feeling like there would soon be a fight for the remote control.

“My name.. is.. Mint” she answered, pausing between each word, as if she was still trying to learn how to spell each word.

“And how old are you, Mint ?”

“err..” she looked embarrassed again “I dunno”

Looking down at the basket, he noticed what looked like a small letter slid into it, he took it and proceeded to open it.
There was a card in it, decorated with golden lines twirling all around the small, well written text :

Congratulation for adopting

May you and your new daughter live happily

Carotte turned the letter around a few times, hoping to find some kind of indications about whoever bring this basket here or whatever the hell was going on, after several minutes of inquisitive examinations he just dropped the letter back in the basket and looked at his “daughter”, or at least at the place where she was a minute ago.

“Mint ?” he asked

There was some noises of crumbling papers and crinkling diapers coming from his bedroom.
A blink of an eye later,Carotte was at his bedroom’s door, the catgirl rolling happily on the floor, eviscerating a pile of his more recent works.

A few miles away, a bird flew up in the sky, and a cat cursed about whoever was screaming.

“Meow ?” Mint looked innocently at Carotte

“my.. you.. they..” he stuttered, trying to decide between chopping the girl’s head off or just breaking her arms.

He was lost in his thoughts when he felt little claws tugging again on his pants. He looked down at the catgirl’s face.

“What..?” he hissed

What she did, as an awnser, is a bit difficult to explain, but to put it simply, let’s say she just cried, in a very loud, very aggravating way, mixing a baby’s wail and a a kitten’s scream of agony.
Carotte’s brain suddenly reminded him of the fact that he had neighbors, and the fight for the remote control began.

“Whoa whoa, shut up ! stop it !” he cried, in an impressive effort to say it high enough to cover the girl’s scream and low enough to not lead her to cry even louder.

Carotte had absolutely no idea of what he could do, she kept crying, though in a bit quieter way, but still loud enough to bring some angry neighbors at his doorstep.

“Ok, just.. hold still ! I’m coming back !” he said, panicking

And he ran back to his kitchen where he had left her basket, if there was something to calm her down, there was no way he’d find it in his own stuff, so he started to search inside the basket.
Under the pink blanket were several items but one in particular caught Carotte’s eyes.

“There ! I’m back ! Stop crying now !” he cried, coming back quickly in his bedroom and kneeling before the girl.

Mint opened her wet eyes to look at him and felt a pacifier being pushed a bit roughly in her mouth.

Carotte was looking at her as if he had just disarmed a particularly nasty bomb.
But the look she was giving him back told him that he may had cut the wrong wires.

“That’s.. what you wanted right ? this pacifier ?” he asked, a bit unsure of himself

The catgirl shook her head, Carotte scratched his.

And then the smell decided to charge with full force.

A Little Mint... Part 3
        By: Carotte


“G.. oh no you didn’t..” muttered the young man

The cat girl was starting to get teary eyed again.

“Ok ! ok ! you did, fine ! don’t scream like you just did again- don’t.. just don’t make noise, ok ?”

Well, at least, now that the previous outburst was finished, Carotte noticed that she did seem a lot more calmer, which was one problem gone, just to let a bigger one (smellier too) have its way on his brain’s couch. He had no idea how he was supposed to change a messy diaper, not that he wanted to learn that much anyway, but he quickly considered that changing one smelly diaper wouldn’t be as bad as another kitty scream attack. He hesitantly took one of the girl’s... paw and proceeded toward his bathroom, fetching Mint’s basket on the way.

Mint followed the young man, waddling slightly, apparently, it was obvious she did not appreciate the feeling of a messy diaper all that much, and bothering her new daddy with such a problem so quickly wasn’t exactly how she would’ve imagined her first family experience.

“There, step in the tub”

Carotte led her in his bathtub, and took a worried look at the girl’s diaper, trying not to get too much eye contact with the messy garment, he awkwardly undid both tapes. The smell was pretty bad, but being a single young man without much sense of cleaning duties, Carotte had smelt worse in his own appartment, and a cat girl’s messy diaper wasn’t anywhere close to the Forgotten Moldy Old Cheese of Doom. He disposed of it quickly, and turned the water on, then looked up to the girl. Mint was still sucking on her pacifier, looking at him with a slightly worried look.

“Err.. it’s okay, ..Mint, it wasn’t your fault- stay in the tub !” Carotte cried as the cat girl was about to pounce him again “there, good.. girl” he said, patting her on her head, she responded with a loud purr.

Letting the bathtub filling itself, Carotte took his time to investigate the other items in Mint’s basket. There were three baby bottles and what looked like a pink notebook. He would’ve looked closer to the notebook, but at this time, his attention was drew by the fact that no matter how hard he searched, there were no diapers in that basket.

Carotte was about to ask himself how the hell he was supposed to change her without diapers when someone knocked at the door.

“dammit ! Mint,” he asked, turning to the cat girl “be a good girl and stay in the bathtub, ok ?”

“hmfk” muttered Mint behind her pacifier

The young man cursed a little more under his breath before getting to his door, and checked the peephole.
Something white was standing in front of his door. Carotte cursed again, and unlocked the door to reveal a small, white haired girl.

“Hello paint guy”, she said, smiling broadly and waving her hand

“Hello brat, you need something ?”

Wilhelma Knight (Helm for short), was Carotte’s neighbor from upper level since he had arrived in his appartment. She was a weird girl to say the least, looking something like 16 or 17, she lived alone in her appartment, and sure enough she must had some kind of job, which probably had a connection with this huge collection of swords that was covering every single wall of her place. She was a nice girl though, but something about her that Carotte always had trouble to understand was clearly implying that she was nice “at” the people instead of being nice “with” them.

“Not really, just heard someone screamin’ her lungs out, and it sounded like it was coming from your appartment”

“well you heard wrong, it wasn’t coming from my appartment”

“where was it coming from then ?”

“Why would you care anyway ?”

Helm brought her hands behind her head, a thoughtful expression on her face :

“I’m bored, and I was gonna visit you anyway, so you gonna let me in or do I have to go fetch my tent and start a campfire ?”

Carotte tried to think fast :

“I’m.. really busy right now, maybe next time, ok ?”

The sound of splashing water echoed toward the door. Helm rised an eyebrow.

“You’re with.. someone ?” the way she asked it clearly stated how she seemed to conceive Carotte’s social life, a tight spot between a pox’s and a rock’s, you could even hear the italics in her voice.

“actually yes” Carotte awnsered through his gritted teeth. “and it’s not a guy”

“Oh..” it was obvious Helm did not get to use the disappointment feeling quite often, she stared at it for a few instants, then decided to just kick it in the nuts. “well, I see”

Carotte raised a suspicious eyebrow :

“see what..?”

“don’t worry, I understand you’d prefer to hang around a girl who doesn’t have any problems with keeping her bed dry”

“huh ? wha- ?” he had not forgotten about this, but the fact that she was a bedwetter had always been kind of overshaded by all the weirder thing about her. “that’s right, you’re a bedwetter” Carotte said with maybe a little too much joy in his voice.

“err.. yeah.. you’re not supposed to repeat it like that, you know”

“you’re still wearing diapers at night, aren’t you ?”

“I.. hey, that’s none of your business” Helm was blushing now, another unusual occurance for her.

“would you mind lending me some ?”

“..what ?” she said, surprised, “what in the hell would you do with my diapers ? ..that I don’t own anyway”

More splashing sounds. More thinking.

“I.. wet the bed too ?” Carotte said a bit hesitantly

“they wouldn’t fit you.. if I had them, that is”

The whole mess was starting to get on the young man’s nerves :

“Oh geeze, they’re for that girl in my bathroom, ok ? she’s a mess, right now she stinks, and I need those damn’ diapers for her, so can you, “please”, lend me some ?”

Helm stared at Carotte for what seemed hours, and then just blankly said :

“you’ll owe me one for this, paint guy, I’m not gonna ask anything about what the hell you’re doing in your place.. at least for now, but don’t excpect me to accept ignorance for too long” she finished, waving her finger in front of the young man’s nose.

“sure.. and about the diapers ?”

“I’ll bring a few in a minute..” she said through her gritted teeth, turning her back and walking up the stairs.

Carotte closed his door, turned around, made a few steps, stopped, then turned back, walked to his door, opened it again, and shouted :

“thank you !” in the staircase.

Closing door again, locking, turning around, hearing splashing water again, cursing, running.

It could’ve been worse, Carotte thought, as he turned off the water before it could run out of the bathtub by itself.
It could’ve been worse indeed, but Mint had apparently made it a personal affair to make sure that water could get out of the bathtub as quickly as possible.

“Well at least you washed yourself.. kind of..” Carotte said, “with the rest of the bathroom..”

“you proud of me, daddy ?” Mint asked

“sure, why not- stay in the tub !”

The cat girl sat back in the tub with a pout on her face.
Getting her out of the tub and drying her wasn’t exactly the easiest task in the world, as the wet Mint was constantly trying to hug or rub her head on Carotte, who was trying with all his courage to dry a soaking wet, furry, bouncy cat girl.
After some long and fastidious minutes of hard labor, someone was knocking at the door again.

“Must be brat, keep this towel on, I’m back in a second” said Carotte, leaving Mint alone in his bathroom.

The young man went to the door, where bra- helm was indeed waiting for him, holding what looked like five thick, teen sized diapers :

“happy ?” she asked, still a bit annoyed about not knowing what was going on.

Carotte stared at what she was holding for a minute :

“..you wear pink diapers ?” he finally managed to say, more than asking.

“what ?”

you, wear pink diapers ?”

“They’re the only one I can find in my size !!” she cried

“sorry sorry” Carotte apologized a bit laughingly, taking the diapers, “I’m sure you look cute in them”

Helm remained speechless, staring at Carotte’s right arm.

“..brat ?”

“meow ?” someone asked from behind Carotte’s right arm.



A Little Mint,

by Carotte

--Chapter 4--

A minute or two and a fly passed by.

Helm was the first to open her mouth :

“Carl..? could the fact that this girl is naked be the only thing I’m supposed to notice..?”

“Weeell.. err.. hehe..” cunningly replied Carotte

“What’s your name ?” she asked the young cat girl

“Mint !” she awnsered happily before hugging Carotte in a tight embrace “and this is my daddy !”

“What did she say ??”

Something in Carotte’s brain told him that the situation was slowly drifting toward some uninvinting rocks :

“It’s not what you think !” was all he could think of, thankfully, Helm fainted before he could say it.

“Oh geeze...”

Carotte told to Mint to get back in the appartment and tried to lift Helm, who happened to be surprisingly heavy for her small build, he tought, not that he’d had a lot of experience in lifting uncounscious girl before, mind you. In some kind of herculean effort, at least for him, he finally managed to carry her to his bed. Mint was watching the scene with a curious eye, it was obvious she had absolutely no clue about what was going on.

“Ok.. first things first” Carotte said aloud to no one in particular, and turned to Mint. “Mint ? you know how to put a diaper on right ?”

Mint shook her head.

“Why do I even ask..?” Carotte sighed, then took the cat girl’s paw and led her on his bed, next to a fainted Helm.

To say that Carotte lacked any maternal experience would’ve been quite an understatement, but Mint was unexcepectedly calm, and even the passing of her tail through an improvised hole in the diaper’s back went smoothly.
Carotte fastened the tapes a bit tightly, but, receiving no complains from Mint, he just left it that way.

“Well, how does it feel..?” he asked her.

Mint seemed to ponder on that question for a moment, then replied :


“... Don’t tell me I already have to change you again..”

Mint shook her head, then Carotte realised that a growing wet spot was forming on his bed, a fainted girl lying in the middle of it.

“Oh sh..!! Wake up brat !!” Carotte cried, starting to shake Helm.

Helm was slowly opening an eye when Mint joined in and started to shake her too.

“Wake up ! Wake up !” she shouted happily

“I’m awake dammit ! shake me just once more and I’ll rip your toes off and shove ‘em in your ears !” Helm cried back, showing off surprising skills to shout elaborated threats in less than a second.

“Yay ! Brat awake !” exclaimed Mint

Helm ran a hand through her messy hair, looking a bit disoriented :

“damn’.. where the hell-“ she began before looking down on her crotch “... oh”

“Dun’ worry Brat” Mint said, putting her paw on Helm’s shoulder “daddy’s gonna change you too”

Helm blushed furiously, looking frozen, but it was clear that a volcanic sized pressure was boiling up inside her.
Carotte, who kind of knew what to expect from a boiling Helm, decided to head toward his kitchen, grabbing Mint’s paw.

“Ok, we’ll be in the kitchen, clothes are in the closet and I didn’t see anything happening in this room” he said while going out, in a slightly forced cheerful tone.

Then he came back, bent over, grabbed an old shirt lying on the ground, got out again and closed the door.

Carotte sat down at his small table, pushing a pile of papers of another chair and leading Mint to sit on it.

Fives minutes later, Mint was wearing a loose, paint stained white shirt with several suspicious claws’ holes, Carotte’s bedroom’s door was opening, and Helm was coming in the kitchen, still wearing her thoroughly soaked jeans, and holding the rolled up wet sheets under her arm.

Carotte was about to ask about it but decided against it when Helm sat quite roughly on his last spare chair. Knowing her, she was probably planning to burn the evidences, all he had to do was to persuade her to not add him in the list.

“So, where does she come from ?” she asked, looking straight at Carotte.

“I.. have no idea” stuttered Carotte, feeling like he would soon stop trying to understand the situation, not before a good night of sleep and a full bottle of whisky.

“Do you know she’s a cat girl ?”

Carotte looked at Mint for a moment, then turned back to Helm to give her his best “Well.. duh !” look.

“how did she end up in your appartment ?”

Mint was following the questionning like one would’ve followed a tennis play.

“Some weird guy who was gone before I could see him left her in a basket in front of my door, there was a note in the basket congratuling whoever read it for adopting her”

“...and you didn’t ask for it ?”

Carotte looked at Mint again. She was already losing interest in the conversation and was now looking around the mess that was his kitchen.

“As far as I can remember, no”

“Oh, then I guess it’s cool”

“Yeah I guess it’s- wait, what ?”

“it’s cool, if you didn’t ask for it, then she can’t be one of those asian demon who suck life out of people’s sexual energy” Helm said matter-of-factly, sitting up

Mint was now searching through pile of old paper scattered even through the kitchen’s ground. Carotte looked at her thouroughly, he wasn’t exactly sure that diapers were the perfect attire for weird furry succubus.

“Anyway, I gotta go, see you around Carl” Helm said, walking to the door.

“Hey wai-“ Carotte stopped “how do you know my real name ?” he asked, a bit surprised.

“I’m psychic” Helm said in a misty voice “I can read in your.. mailbox”


“See you around !” she said while getting out and closing the door before Carotte could stop her again.

As usually, when Helm was leaving a room, everything seemed suddenly a lot calmer, Carotte turned to Mint, who was apparently trying to understand how to play with an empty ink bottle in some funny way.

“She.. took it pretty well” he said to himself

Now that he was thinking about it, Helm didn’t seem to care as much as the fact that Mint wasn’t supposed to exist than the fact that he had a girl under his roof.
Ok, Helm was a weird girl herself, but she had the decency of being anatomically correct, she had white hair and yellow eyes, granted, but nothing a bottle of hair dye and a pair of eye lens could not explain. Carotte checked his watch, it was getting late, looking through a dirty window, he could see that night was already showing itself from the corners of the sky. He wasn’t very hungry, but he felt like he really needed a good night of sleep, but how could he sleep with Mint in his appartment ? That and he had no idea what he was supposed to fill her bottles with.

“Mint ?” he asked

The cat girl immediately stopped her ink bottle investigation, as if she was expecting it to be something very wrong and looked at Carotte with a sad kitten face.


“What do you want for dinner ?” he asked, ignoring the sudden reaction

As usual, Mint seemed to think about it for a while, Carotte was starting to realise that she was probably not searching for an awnser but more for the question’s meaning. Mint finally shrugged. It took a few tries and a lot of demonstration with almost every single liquid roaming around Carotte’s kitchen to finally learn that Mint was probably drinking plain milk in her bottles. Thankfully for him, the usual lone bottle of milk, lost in the fridge’s depht, was, for once, still edible, and the holy micro wave took it upon himself to heat the filled baby bottle. Mint drank it all without complaining, purring loudly and rubbing her head slowly but intently on Carotte, who were still sitting on his chair, but now with a cat girl curled up on his lap. Once emptied, the young man took the bottle back and casually threw it softly in his evergrowing pile of dirty dishes, old habit are hard to break, and Mint seemed to be succombing to her own feline habit as she was curling herself up a bit more and was clearly intenting to have one of those lap nap that trapped millions of animals friends on various sitting device for several long hours.

“No” Carotte stated matter-of-factly

“Meow ?” said Mint innocently

“Get in your basket”

This might’ve probably worked if Mint was a dog girl but giving an order to anything related to the feline realm was about as useful as looking for Santa Claus in the 24th’s cold night’s sky, she was already burying her head again under Carotte’s arm.

“...I might have fleas, you know” he said.

Fives minutes later, Mint was in her basket.