Adachi’s Lesson in Humanity

By: CS Fox


“Oh lord… older brother, what are you doing now?”

I held up a finger to my mouth. “Shhh… watch this.”

Plura followed my gaze which rested squarely upon a group of girls animatedly gossiping in the middle of the lunchroom.

I smiled and whispered out of the corner of my mouth. “You see dear sister; the trick is to wait till one of them laughs hard enough.”

“No Adachi, that’s the temptation. The trick is to just ignore them and not abuse your powers.”

I rolled my eyes and waved a dismissive hand at her. “You sound like Pi-Norta, where’s the fun in that?”

Plura smirked.

I returned my focus to the girls. My mouth started moving, copying the voices of the girls I was watching. “Yah, it’s like she doesn’t even try. Like she totally rolls out of bed and says ‘ho hum, let’s go to school in the same clothes I wore yesterday’.”

Plura giggled, I think she thought it was kind of funny to hear her brother channeling the voice of the most popular girl in school.

“And Mr. Browning,” another girl said (through my voice) “What a joke! I swear… the man has a total hard-on for beakers and stuff.”

One of the girl’s in their little circle started laughing a little harder then the others. My smile broadened and I momentarily stopped my voice mimicry and brought a hand up. Thinking hard on the desired result… I snapped my fingers.

The girl’s laugh suddenly died away as her smile contorted into a look of utter shock. The immediate change in her demeanor caught the attention of her friends.

“What’s wrong Jenny?” she asked through my voice. Tears began to form in the girl’s eyes and one of her friend’s noticed what the distress was.

She had wet herself.

Quickly as a collective, they moved. The popular girl took off her jacket and the others formed a protective huddle while they tied the garment around their friend’s waist. Then like some hospital emergency, they rushed out of the cafeteria, banging the doors open as they did.

“Okay… and what did that prove?” Plura asked me.

“That irony is best served dripping wet!” I said bursting out into a laugh and pounding my hand on the table.

“Stop it, you’re making a scene.”

“Hahahaha sorry sister. I couldn’t help it. You just had to be in my class yesterday.”

She cocked an eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“That girl, the one with.. *snicker* the leak. She was making fun of Anastasia for her problem.”

Plura rolled her eyes. “Again with Anastasia, you’re never going to tell me what her problem is are you?”

“Hey it’s a personal problem, and not my thing to share.”

“I don’t understand you… You’re just like Uncle Oco. You’re both infatuated with humans…”

I let out another good laugh before stopping to recompose myself. “I’m just looking to serve up some justice.”

“Our mission isn’t to bring a vigilante order, we’re here to observe and take notes.”

“I know… I know… But I’m just sooo fascinated by human social reactions. I’d rather take more in depth notes on those then what their educational standards are.”

“Well maybe you should remember that the number one rule of recon, is to not to have yourself noticed.”

Plura took her tray and stood up.

I frowned. “Fine Plura… I’ll be good…”

Plura nudged me. “We should get to class. And just so you remember, we really shouldn’t be using our real names. Remember, I’m Emma, your Vince.”

“Right… right…”


Let me explain… *puts on a movie-preview-guy deep voice, and plays a gentle eerie music overture* I’ve been to your schools… I’ve studied right next to you and you probably didn’t even know it… I’ve learned that *voice sort of fades* ….your schools confuse me…. Okay maybe I haven’t learned a damn thing. Maybe I’ve just picked up a profound misunderstanding… I mean, everything is promised to you, most of all the future; and you accept these outrageous assurances without blinking. You’ve learned the way the world should be, and you’ve learned the way the world was, but you haven’t learned the way the world IS!

Not making sense am I? Well, there is only one girl in my homeroom class who knows what I am talking about. Her name is Anastasia Bennett. Because of a car accident when she was 12, Anastasia became incontinent, mostly bladder control. It’s something routinely embarrassing for her, but she’s learned to live with it. The other kids; who have long since found out, are for the most part polite about this matter, as they would be if she had only one eye, or metal-wrapped legs. She is essentially seen as a peer, but still viewed as if she had a slight mutation. No matter how many times her parents or teachers tell her that no one is laughing, that everyone will be fair… she knows first hand that it’s not true. Like I said, they’ll tell you the way the world should be, but not the way it is. Unacceptable.

As for me and my sister Plura… School records show our current personas as Vince Martel and Emma Martel. They also show that we just moved from Nebraska a week ago. We look like your typical blonde haired, blue eyed, American kids of 16. Maybe it’s not so typical that we look like boy/girl twins, but in a way it only makes our cover more credible. For you see, there is a misconception here, one which we have carefully constructed. We are actually very cunningly disguised kitsunes, and the age part is true enough; although we’re older then 16, we are somewhere in the young-adult stage of kitsune life, so in a way we’re about 16, only just a little older by different standards. My other form is a fox kitsune. Not the type humans are used to, but a bipedal 5’10” fox with beautiful orange fur (hehe not that I’m humble or anything). My sister is the same, although she’s more of a pinky-orange then just plain orange; but I digress.


Roughly 20 minutes after lunch, I was seated in History. My sister was in Algebra II down the hall. As boring as ever, Napoleon was plodding through the old world of Russia in the droning voice of one of my classmates. He was reading aloud from our irrelevant (and might I add inaccurate) history book. I was in the back of the classroom and I was contemplating trying a “slow-fade”. I’ve found that if you move your desk very very slowly, like 3 inches a minute, you can move it and yourself right out into the hallway without the teacher noticing. Just like my superiors back on the Middi-plain; human teachers fail to realize that everything either interesting or lifelike in the classroom proceeds from what they would probably call “interpersonal relations.”

I looked around at the faces in the room and smiled slightly as I came upon Molly. This specimen of human teenage awkwardness was very cute. Red hair, bunch of freckles, nice curves. She wasn’t quite in the popular group that I had plagued during lunch, but she was trying very diligently to be so. This deserved punishment. Or actually, this would be entertainment, since class was getting too boring.

I pointed my fingers at Molly’s lower half and thought once more on the desired result. Snapping them, I willed her body to suddenly need to pee. I professionally hid the grin I wanted to show when I saw her face racing with the surprise of needing to pee so bad. Just as the other classmate of ours was reaching the best part of Napoleon’s conquests, Molly’s hand shot up and she scurried out of the classroom before even finishing her request to go to the bathroom.

I felt a kick at my ankle. Anastasia was next to me and was looking at me with slight interest. Despite her feigned naivety, I think she knows that I am more then I seem. She’s really the only human paying attention to my silent antics. All the more reason I like her.

“What was that?” she asked quietly while our teacher, Mrs. Brownly, ducked out into the hallway to call Molly back.

“What was what?” I asked innocently.

Anastasia mimicked the little finger pointing thing at me. “What…” she poked me with the finger, “was…” poke “that?”

“I plead the 8th.”

“You mean the 5th… And don’t give me that, why were you snapping at her?”

“She was fidgeting weirdly; you saw how she ran out of the classroom.”

Anastasia raised an eyebrow at me, but didn’t press the point further (pun-intended). I shrugged and leaned back again, allowing a slight smirk. It was fun to stir up the class like this.

Napoleon continued his march through Europe, but was eventually interrupted by the class bell, thank goodness.

Anastasia followed me out of the classroom. “You’re not going to get away with it forever.”

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about,” I replied with a smile. My sister would have beaten me over the head if she knew, hehe unlike lunch, what I’d done to Molly was simply for the fun of it, rather then the lesson of it.

As if on cue, my sister came up to us as her class let out too.

“You must be Anastasia,” Plura said holding both straps of her backpack and walking along side of us. Plura looked like your cute non-descript blonde. She was my female opposite (our human forms were twins like our kitsune forms).

“Oh um… yah… Nice to meet you… and you are?”

I groaned. “Anastasia, this is my twin sister Pl…” (Plura frowned and nudged me) “Emma… My twin sister Emma.”

“He’s told me so much about you,” Plura (Emma) said.

I coffed her in the back of the head while Anastasia looked confused.

“I uh.. didn’t know Vince talked about me so much,” she said blushing a little bit.

“Eh heh, yah, sister’s are dumb like that… Nothing really.. I mean, just mentioned that your in my class and all,” I said nervously. Plura giggled.

We walked along the hallway as more classes got out and we headed to our next class. I had Gym with Anastasia again, Plura had a family studies class, which was about the biggest joke this school had.

Along the walk, Plura’s kitsune ears picked up on a crinkling noise coming from beneath Anastasia’s modest (maybe even a little unfashionably long) skirt. She leaned toward me.

“Is it just me or is Anastasia wearing a diaper under that skirt?” she whispered.

You have to give humans credit for their ears. Anastasia blushed and tried not to let it show on her face. “Well, I guess your brother hasn’t told you much about me after all,” she said stoically.

Plura slapped her hand over her mouth and blushed a little. I coffed her on the back of the head again. She stopped walking and shut her eyes, bringing a hand tenderly to where I’d hit (perhaps I’d done it a little hard).

“No need to be mean to her Vince. It’s not like everyone else doesn’t already know.”

I blushed, and looked at her then at my sister. “Sorry,” I said to them both.

Plura shrugged it off. “I guess I finally figured out what you meant by irony when you did that thing to the girls at lunch.”

I glared at Plura once more and she clapped her hand over her mouth again. For being wise and the one to always talk down to me in the middle of a mission, she sure couldn’t keep her trap shut.

“Thing at lunch?” Anastasia asked looking at us both.

“Nothing… drop it,” I said sternly, grabbing Plura by the hand and quickly walking ahead. Anastasia was left staring at us weirdly.


After PE, I was free from school, and more importantly, my educational study mission, and able to do as I pleased. Well, actually that’s a lie. I was supposed to go straight back with Plura to a hidden Middi-plain portal and make a report to Pi-Norta, then its straight home to sleep only a few hours before getting up and doing the whole thing again for another thrilling day at human school. At least, that’s what I’m SUPPOSED to do.

Instead… I hung around the school and just sort of wandered the halls, doing my best to hide from Plura and her dumb mission following demands. I like to just wander around and idly listen with my boosted hearing. It always gives me a good reading on what the emotions d’jour are in the furnace of love that is human high school. Not that our superior Pi ever cared, but to heck with her, I’ve figured out that human high schools are about emotional education.

I was rounding a corner near the nurse’s office when I bumped into Anastasia. She was just leaving and looking as awkwardly blushing as she usually does when someone just discovers her secret. I knew that when she went to the nurse’s office, it meant she was having her diaper changed.

“Hey,” I said casually trying not to call attention to the obvious. Anastasia nervously raised her hand and mouthed it back to me too. We walked past each other.

I kept walking, but heard Anastasia stop somewhere behind me and turn to follow.

“Umm, Vince?” She asked hesitantly. I turned her way. She looked at me hesitantly, “I talked to the nurse… and at lunch… That girl who was making fun of me yesterday… Jenny…”

It was my turn to blush, but I maintained composure with a little effort. “Whatever it is, I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said plainly, and quickly I turned and walked away. (Damn it… why is it so much fun to mess with human continence? I’m going to end up blowing my cover if I keep doing it).

I smelt my sister approaching fast from another hall, undoubtedly seeking me as well. Her natural smell was also laced with a slight tang of anger (everyone produces slightly different smells with their moods, just most humans can’t smell them).

“Ooooh Vince,” she said smartly, like she was calling an errant dog.

“I knew you were coming Plura, no need to be like that.”

“It’s Emma stupid, and stop screwing around, we need to get going. Now.”

I shrugged, and agreed to leave with her. No point in arguing anyways. We made a quick stop by our lockers and grabbed the books that normal humans would take home with them for homework and left the building. Once again, I found myself near Anastasia. She was walking just few dozen feet ahead of us as we left school.

The sidewalk was actually fairly crowded with students streaming towards home. Girls and guys, with plans to relax or study… all just walking along and minding their own business for the most part… That is… until my hearing picked up on two girls in particular.

“That’s her! That’s the girl in diapers! Teeheehehe, I bet you she’s wet right now and going home to mommy for a change.”

I growled to myself. And shot a look to the girls. They were from the same group at lunch. “We’ll see how you like it,” I said in low tones, snapping my fingers at them.

The girls suddenly yelped in confusion as there jeans started to get wet. Other students started laughing at the girls and Anastasia turned around and saw me standing there, the only one besides my sister not laughing but instead looking slightly angry. The two girls were hysterical about their pants.

Plura grabbed my hand and quickly ran us across the street, nearly getting us run over in the process.

“Holy crap Adachi, I swear you’re trying to get us found out! You get to tell Pi that one, and don’t you dare blame any of it on me,” she said as she hurried us along. She ducked into a busy parking lot and weaved us through the cars and then behind a grocery. We took the slightly longer and less scenic back alley route to our secret portal.

The portal is actually a locked door that doesn’t lead any where. It’s in an alley and sort of in a shady spot. Plura hurried me along and got the key out. I was a little busy being worried about that look that Anastasia had given me. I know in the eyes that she had shown me, that she had made the connection of the earlier incidents and this one. It could be the nail in the coffin for my recon days… jeeze… all in one afternoon?

The door was opened and Plura shoved me inside.


The middi-plain is a very beautiful place. Imagine if you will, a bunch of islands floating in a clear blue sky. The islands are large, lush and sometimes have waterfalls infinitely falling off their sides. It never rains, or snows (unless we make it do so) and there are trees and rich fertile fields in which our endless supply of food grows.

Apparently for centuries before my time kitsune’s used to just sleep under the stars on the grass or even in some of the trees. But as they began to observe the human world in depth, many made houses with lavish creature comforts to compliment and enforce their studies. My parents were such a couple. Like Plura and I, they had both spent some time in the human world (they had too or we wouldn’t have been here).  Its been many years for them though, enough so that their knowledge of humans wasn’t really applicable any more (dad always asks, “how is the war going?” referring to WWII). Still, they maintained a very nice house that they raised us in.

I stumbled forward a little as Plura stepped through behind me. Stepping into the middi-plain, I shrugged off the momentary dizziness and did what I usually do when I arrived. I began to strip off my clothes and dropped my human disguise. It was just so much nicer to be in my fox kitsune form. Plura came through and did the same.

I could smell that Pi was nearby, and I knew she could smell the sense of unease I had about me. Plura and I started to gather our clothing up. We didn’t need to put any on, Kitsunes didn’t really care for human modesty. But, smelling something off-key, I turned, and saw that our door, which was in the base of a big tree, wasn’t quite shut… Quickly I dashed towards it, and Plura saw me do it, but not before Anastasia came through it.

Her mouth fell open. She nearly looked like she was going to faint. A breeze in the alley behind her shut the door, and it disappeared, seamlessly blending into the tree trunk. Anastasia backed up against it, her mouth still not closing.

“Anastasia!” I said in stark surprise.

“Vince?” she asked looking at me like she couldn’t believe anything.

And then she did faint. I think it was seeing Plura and I in our kitsune forms that did it… well, possibly being on a giant floating island with other islands floating about in the sky and everything else contributed, but you get the point.

“Tell me I’m not seeing this…” Plura said, rushing to Anastasia’s side as she fell down, unconsciously lying against the tree.

“If I tell you it, will it make her go away?”

Pi-Norta seemed to materialize out of nowhere at our side. (For those of you that don’t know, Pi is a collie kitsune, and sort of the steward of the human portals).

“I don’t think we’ve had an accidental human visit in 5 years,” Pi said with a frown as she looked down at the 3 of us. “Your lucky I saw her and put her to sleep when I did. Chances are she’ll wake up and think this is all a dream.”

I just stood still as Pi looked her over. I couldn’t remember a human being here in recent memory, and she was acting remarkably calm considering our error. She bent down and put a hand to Anastasia’s forehead.

Plura let out a low whistle “busted…” she mouthed to me. Pi’s expression suddenly changed to a frown and then a glare as she shot her eyes to me. (Warning: older kitsune’s can read human thoughts by touching them on the forehead). I suddenly felt the urge to bolt and run. I took a cautious step back and slowly began to turn around. As I did I bumped into Pi’s chest (crap she’s fast).

“So… decided to abuse your powers did you Adachi?”

I gulped loudly.

“That makes things a bit more complicated… Anastasia here won’t think she just had a dream, after knowing what she knows. Being here will probably only reinforce her thoughts since she made the connection of YOU USING YOUR POWERS…” Pi said poking me rather forcefully with each yelled word.

I bowed my head in shame and tucked my tail between my legs. Pi was famous for her punishments… I knew whatever it was she was thinking, it was and going to suck… and even worse, I’m pretty sure I deserved it.

Plura grabbed my paw and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

Pi smirked. “You know what?” (closing eyes, bracing for impact) “You made this mess… and being how you’re almost an adult, you’re going to be the one to fix it,” she laughed softly and snapped her fingers at me. The noise seemed to ring a little loudly in my ears. I slowly looked out of one eye (no pain? I’m not dead?). Plura squeezed my paw nervously.

“Since the secret is out, you’re just going to have to convince Anastasia not to tell anyone.”

“But… how?” I asked honestly.

“You’re the self styled expert of human emotions… figure it out,” Pi said with another smirk. She began to make strange motions with a hand toward the tree where the door had been before. “Oh and no cheating by using your full fox form to live off the land. Took that power away among other things.”

“Wait! You can’t!” Plura cried, but it was too late. In a flash of white, I was sitting with Anastasia leaning against me in the alleyway.

I noticed the portal to the middi-plain wasn’t there. Pi was going to keep me here for a while.


Anastasia began to stir next to me. Her eyes opened slowly, looking into mine. They blinked twice, before they widened and she hastily scooched away from me with a shrill but quiet yelp of fear.

“What? What are you?” she demanded. I could smell that she was wetting her diaper. I let out a long sigh and laid my head against the brick wall I was leaning against.

“Ho boy, how best to explain this.”

“Where… where was that place?” she asked looking at the spot in the wall where the door had been.

“It’s hard to explain. It’s the home for… my kind. I’m a kitsune.”

Anstasia balanced herself a little and crawled toward me, tugging at my tail which was lying on the ground. I flopped it around a little to let her know that it was real, and that I was in control of it. Her stunned expression remained.

“You’re… you’re an alien?” she asked after a few moments of dead silence.

“Not really, but for all intensive purposes, we’ll say I am. Cause I am from another world.”

“What did you do to Vince.”

I sighed. “I am Vince. Or at least the human you know as Vince.” I willed myself to change forms. Anastasia gasped and then blushed bright read, turning her head away from me.

“Umm… you’re very naked.”

I looked down at myself in surprise. (My human clothes! They were back in the middi-plain!) I jumped up and quickly got behind a trashcan, awkwardly covering myself.

“Damn it Pi!” I barked. (Human nudity wasn’t acceptable, normally I wouldn’t care about this sort of thing on the middi-plain, but I knew that here it could cause trouble).

Seeing me look as comical as I did, Anastasia relaxed a little bit. “Um who’s pie?” she asked still looking away.

“I’ll explain later… just please, give me some clothes.”

“What, you want my skirt?” she asked furrowing an eyebrow. “Snap your fingers or something, I’m not giving you anything of mine. I’ve only got on a bra and diaper under this shirt and skirt.”

“Can you help me get something to wear then? Please, you can’t leave me like this.”

Anastasia frowned. “I’m only going to do this because I want a complete explanation. Deal?”

I nodded. Anastasia got up and made her way to the end of the alley, which opened up into a low income rowhouse neighborhood.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I could hear her tell herself as she carefully hopped a fence into someone’s backyard.

She came back a few moments later with a big v-neck t-shirt and a pair of pink shorts. This didn’t look promising.

“Was there anything a little more… manly? Maybe some black shorts or something?”

Anastasia tossed the clothes at me. “Pink is the new black, deal with it. I’m not stealing anything else.”

I grabbed the clothes and put them on.

“Why don’t you just change into a girl if your so upset about it?”

“I can’t. It doesn’t work like that. Either I look like this, or I look like my kitsune self… Well, I also have a real fox form too, but I can’t change to it… Long story.”

I stepped out from behind the trashcan.

Anastasia giggled a little. “Looking good,” she tried to say with a straight face. She tried to get back to business. “Now come on, let’s go. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.”

She turned to leave but I grabbed her hand. “Go where?” I asked looking into her eyes. She pulled her hand away from mine.

“Well can’t we…”

I interrupted, “Let me start with this… I’m being punished right now. I am stranded in this world. I don’t have a home or a place to go.”

“Do you have money for a hotel room?”

“Oh why certainly, let me just pull it out of the pocket of my hot pink shorts.”

“You know, you’re being a jerk to someone who just stole for you.”

“Excuse me if I don’t like being punished.”

“Sleep in the alley, I don’t care. Either way walk me home… You own me one weird ass story.”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine… whatever…” I’d figure something out later (always do).


We were almost to Anastasia’s house.

“Okay so let me get this straight… You’re one of many kit-suu-nays who routinely visit this world to study humans?”


Anastasia looked a little perplexed. “Umm.. why? I mean the way you explained it, you guys have a great life on the middi-plain.” She held up a hand and began to tick off the points, “No wars, no famine, no money or poverty, no expectations of a job, I mean… it’s a freaking utopia. Why bug us?”

“Think of it as studying our origins. We also… well we need the human world to survive. We’re all originally from this world.”

“Umm… like you evolved here and then left?”

“No… I mean, we kitsune were all humans at one point. The whole reason I can only change into this human, this particular face and form, is because its how I would have looked if I was still human.”

Anastasia stopped walking. “What? What the hell does that mean?”

I sighed. “Okay, let’s find somewhere to sit down, this could take longer then I thought.” We stopped at a little kids park nearby, and sat on the swings. I felt kinda stupid in the clothes I was wearing, but I did owe her a promise.

“Plura, my sister… well you know her as Emma. Her real name is Plura and mine’s Adachi. Well, she and I were born here in the human world sometime in your 1930’s. During the height of the depression, we were newborn unwanted mouths to feed. Not even a week old, we were abandoned as orphans on the door of a small church.”

“That’s awful,” Anastasia said. She paused a moment. “But wait, that would make you like… 70 years old?”

“Not really… Time moves differently on the middi-plain. Things go by here a little more then 4 times faster then they do there.”

Anastasia scratched her head. “Huh?”

“We were only in the middi-plain for maybe 20mins, but if you check your cell phone, you’ll see that nearly an hour and a half went by.”

She checked and I was right.

“So… 16 years on the middi-plain…?” I said prodding her.

“Would be like 64 years in this world?” she asked after a thought.


“Wow… but how did you get there and become fox boy instead of a poor orphan?”

I smiled. “There in lies the whole reason that we kitsune come to your world.”

Anastasia raised an eyebrow.

I got off the swing and started to pace around. “Kitsune’s can’t produce offspring with each other. They need humans for something we call ‘turning’.”

“What do you mean ‘turning’? Are you telling me that Kitsune’s are baby snatchers? What are you guys, the real Jersey Devil?”

I sighed and dropped my head. “No no no, stop for a second. We have strict rules and guidelines… Remember I said I was an orphan… Keyword… ORPHAN.”

Anastasia looked at me oddly.

“Okay, there are two ways a human can become kitsune, the most common being for a female kitsune to breastfeed a human. This takes like a week of regular feeding. My parents… Or my adopted parents… Took Plura and I home to the middi-plain, after adopting us, and then just used this method for our turning.”

“Oh…” was all Anastasia could say.

“I’d like you to think of something,” I said, getting a little emotional. “You said yourself… our world is a veritable utopia. What do you think my life would have been like if I’d been left with my sister at that orphanage? Do you think for one second I’ve ever regretted being a kitsune?”

“I…I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be, I’m not mad, I was just defending our way of life. Rules are that we only adopt orphans and give them a new home as a kitsune, or allow willing humans to join our collective through love with an adult kitsune. If we didn’t do this… we’d simply cease to be because we can’t reproduce with each other.”

“That’s… really something…” Anastasia said awkwardly. She looked over at me and blushed a little. “Umm… you might not want to return those shorts now…” she said pointing at my crouch.

I looked down and found a damp circle growing. I quickly pulled my shirt down… “Oh no…” I said to myself, “I…I can’t… control it.”


“PI!!!!!!!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs… (THE FINGER SNAP! That bitch!) “Damn it! Poetic irony my ass!”

Anastasia looked at me strangely. “Umm… do kitsune wet themselves often?”

I quickly took off my shirt and wrapped it around my waist the way I’d seen the girls at lunch do. “No!” I said angrily. “This is part of my punishment… Pi, well she’s like the police-dog of human affairs is punishing me.”

Anastasia let out a good laugh. “For the finger snapping thing right? Hahah I knew that was you!”

“Stop it! It’s not funny!”

“Oh ho, tell that to the girls you did it too.”

I frowned… I’d mainly done that in her defense. I was about to say such when Anastasia took my hand. “Come on… I suspect you’ll need more of my help for a little while.”

Anastasia lived in a fairly big house by human standards. I walked through the big double doors and felt a little out of place, dressed ridiculously as I was.

“I’ll get some of my dad’s old clothes. He’s away on business anyway.”

“Umm okay… I said looking around.”

We came into the kitchen and Anastasia stopped at the island in the middle. There was a large shopping bag with a note attached to it. She ripped the note off and read it aloud.


Sorry I won’t be here for dinner, I had the maid pick up some carry out from Morton’s. It’s your favorite. Don’t wait up for me, I’ll be working late and may not come home. Do your studies and get to bed early for school.



Anastasia crumpled the note in her hand. She held it there, clenched tight in her fist. I stood quiet. She tossed it into the trashcan and ignored the bag on the table. The moment passed like a sudden storm just blowing over.

“Let’s go… get those clothes.” Anastasia managed at last. I looked at her, it was like she’d suddenly lost a little bit of the wind in her sails.

“Yeah…” I said hesitantly.

She led me upstairs to the hallway bathroom.

“You shower, and I’ll leave the clothes outside the door. I’ll be at the end of the hall in my room.”

I nodded and went into the bathroom to shower. I’ve never showered as a human before, or even in a human style shower. We have standing pools of clean water on the middi-plain. I was familiar with the use of human showers, but it still didn’t feel natural. As I stripped down I reverted back to my kitsune form and began to wash myself.

After taking a good while to use some of the human shampoo on the ample amount of short fur I have, I hopped out and wrapped a towel around myself. For sake of the chance other people might be home, I reverted back to my human form and peaked outside the door for clothes, but found none. I could hear Anastasia down the hall and so I went to see what had happened to the clothing she’d promised.

As I approached her door, I heard a second voice, but I knew from the slight distorted quality that it was coming through the receiver of a phone.

“So what are you doing again Mom?” Anastasia asked the phone a little wearily. “Or should I say who…?” she added under her breath.  “And you think it’ll take all night? …Oh… so maybe you’ll be back Satruday? What about Dad? …. What do you mean you don’t care?  Don’t say that… well no, I’ll be okay… yah love you too.”

I could hear her hang up the phone, and I could smell a unique sadness about her… like she’d failed at something. I stood there for a few more moments with just the towel wrapped around me before finally knocking gently. I heard a slight movement inside as Anastasia came to the door.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I completely forget your clothes,” Anastasia said, suddenly changing the tone of voice to a cheerier version of the one I’d heard only moments before.

“That’s… alright…” I said trying not to look like I knew any more then I should have. She walked passed me and down the hall into another room which I assumed was probably her parents bedroom. She came back with another plain t-shirt and a pair of shorts; black this time.

“Awww no pink?” I asked playfully. She cracked a small smile.

“I could always wash the ones you peed in earlier.”

“That’s quite all right,” I said sticking my tongue out at her. I went back into the bathroom and changed, then came back to her room. Thinking about the pee comment actually reminded me of something. “Umm.. Anastasia… Can I borrow a diaper? Knowing Pi… that wasn’t a one time thing...”

“Oh, um.. sure, let me get it for you out of the closet.”

“I’ll get it,” I said reaching toward the closet since I was closer.

“No wait,” Anastasia yelped.

I opened the closet door and was surprised to find a whole arrangement of babyish stuff. There were stuffed animals, and baby style clothes, a few play sets and not to mention overly foofy party dresses.

“Wow….” was all I could say.

Anastasia blushed a deep red.

I quickly just grabbed a diaper off the shelf and shut the closet door. “I’ll um… be right back,” I said not want to drag out an already embarrassing moment. I got into the bathroom and did my best to get the diaper on. It was a little difficult, but it wasn’t exactly rocket science so I managed to get it on. Although I felt a little childish as I walked back to her bedroom crinkling.

I got back to find that Anastasia had changed into a long t-shirt over just her diaper.

“Oops, I should have knocked,” I said starting to shut the door after opening it.

“No, its okay, I’m changed. Come on in.”

I walked in and awkwardly stood looking around the room. Wondering if she was going to say anything about what I’d seen in the closet. I heard her giggle softly.

“What?” I asked.

“Sorry, just the way your shorts are puffing out with that diaper underneath… Never thought I’d have a boy in my bedroom diapered like I was.”

I rolled my eyes. “If it makes you feel better, I’m really not a human boy.”

Anastasia slowed her giggle. “Yah, I guess your not.”

The silence stretched a little longer then I’d liked. “So, um.. since your mom is gone till Saturday, is it cool that I spend the night here?”

“She probably wouldn’t care even if she was here…” Anastasia looked down at her feet but then suddenly looked up at me. “Wait… Saturday? Did you listen in on another phone in the house?” She asked looking a little angry.

I flinched a little. “No no, I’m sorry it was wrong of me to do that… and no, I didn’t listen in on another phone,” I flicked my ears a little, “they work a bit better then yours… I couldn’t really help listening in.”

“So… you heard everything?”

“Not all that your mom said, but yah, everything else…”

Anastasia bit back tears. “Right… well, I guess if you want to know about humans, broken families are a good place to start.”

I did my best to be sincere, “I’m here to talk if you want…”

She sighed, “there’s not much to talk about really… Some people are just the way they are.” Anastasia went and sat on the edge of her bed and looked up at me. “Let me ask you something though.”

“Um.. sure.”

“Why did you make those girls wet themselves at school today?”

I felt my face flushing red.

“Is that your fetish?”

I frowned. “No.”

“Did you want to get yourself in trouble with your superiors?”


“Did you do it for me?”

I didn’t answer … which I guess in its own way can be interpreted as an answer.

Anastasia nodded slowly. “Why?”

“Because I couldn’t stand them.”

“Like I said, some people are just the way they are.”

“But no one should be treated the way you were… I mean, it’s not your fault that you have a weak bladder, and it’s not like you enjoy it.”

Anastasia blushed and looked hesitantly at her closet. I was about to say something else but fell silent. There was another awkward moment where nothing was said.

“I don’t need to be protected,” she said a length.

“It wasn’t that I was protecting you… I just… I felt like they should see what it was like. I mean, my sister and I had been looking at everyone in the school and you were one of the most intelligent and sincere among those we studied, and yet all your best qualities were completely overlooked…”

Anastasia blushed. “But look where it’s gotten you. Now you’re stuck here.”

I nodded, but I turned her way with a smile. “I can think of worse things.”

Anastasia smiled back.

“So what do you want to do now?” she asked me.

“Well I’ve got a question for you,” I said.


“Which one of those big party dresses in the closet is your favorite?” I asked with a grin.

“Oh you’re so dead!”

Anastasia hit me with a pillow and sort of leaned into me as she did it. It began a laughing wrestling match from there. We rolled around giggling till we bumped the bed again, coming to a stop with Anastasia on top of me. Despite my better efforts, I was a little out of breath from laughing so hard, she was too. She looked down at me and put her arms stiffly on my shoulders.

“Gotcha!” she said with smirk.

Not to be bested, I raised one knee and got the position good to roll her onto her back and switch things up.

“Who’s got who?” I asked playfully as I put my arms out on her shoulders the way she’d done to me. Anastasia giggled but suddenly stopped and blushed bright red as she looked into my eyes. I quickly took my hands off her shoulders and backed off her.

“So um…”

The silence stretched on and on once more… But the stand off broke down when I suddenly felt her hand on mine.

“Did you really mean what you said about me?”

I nodded and looked at her nervously, “My sister wasn’t too happy, I think she knows I’ve had a crush on you.” She brought her lips to mine. My eyes went a little wide, and my mouth tried to deal with quickly learning to kiss the human way, but the moment only lasted a minute or so. Anastasia pulled away and blushed again.

“I’ve… sort of had a crush on you… Vince...Adachi… since you first started going to my school.”

“…same,” was all I could manage, looking extremely embarrassed. I noticed that somewhere in our mouth lock, my diaper was a little wet… and by smells, hers was as well.

“Could I get another diaper?”

“Oh? Um.. sure,” Anastasia said with another blush, but she managed a genuine smile. This time I let her get up to get it. She came back and I reached out for the diaper but she held it in her hands for a moment. “Actually… I’ll change you… if you want?”

“Uh…” I froze up.

Anastasia took my hand, but I slipped out of her grip.

“Are you sure about this? I mean, I’m perfectly capable to change myself,” I said earnestly… I didn’t really want to say it, since the idea of her changing me was kind of turning me on, but I knew it was the gentlemanly thing to say.

“You may be able, but it doesn’t mean you’re capable.”

I blushed… “Are… are you sure?”

Anastasia nodded and led me over to her bed. “Here, just lay down and I’ll take care of the rest.”

I gulped, but did as asked. Anastasia reached under the bed and took out a few supplies. She took off my shorts, and proceeded to untape my wet diaper. She blushed as she saw me naked again. I did the same and quickly looked up toward the ceiling, pretending that if I didn’t see this, it wouldn’t be as embarrassing as it felt.

The diaper was removed and a fresh one was placed under me. There was a moment or two where nothing happened and I looked at Anastasia to see what was going on. She was looking at me with a blush before she got out baby powder and oil. “It’s best to use this…” she said with a deeper blush. “It helps prevent rashes.”

I just nodded and concentrated on anything other then what was going on… but then I realized where the baby oil would be going… Anastasia dripped some of it on my diaper area and the moment it touched my… well… manhood… I started to get hard.

Anastasia blushed a bright red and stopped for a moment. She looked at me, but I didn’t return the look, too embarrassed to make eye contact. Her hand tenderly touched me and I let out an audible gasp. She slowly stroked up the length of my shaft working the oil in.  I let out a soft moan and put my hand on hers to stop her.

“Please… you’re going to drive me crazy… I don’t think you want to do this,” I said looking into her eyes. Anastasia didn’t say anything for a moment, but her hand slowly slid itself down the length of my shaft once more. I shuddered but put my hand back on hers to stop her. She looked at me a moment more and then, her face was suddenly next to mine. Her lips pressed quickly into a kiss that took me by surprise. Her hand squeezed harder on my manhood.

I moaned aloud and couldn’t help but return the kiss. Our lips parted and our tongues met… the heat of our intimacy over taking me. I brought a hand up to massage her chest, and the other to caress her tummy on the way down to her diaper.

Anastasia slid her legs up onto the bed and worked her way over me. She began to kiss a little more passionately as my hand slowly crept into her diaper. She moaned aloud as I probed with my finger. It wasn’t long before her shirt and diaper were both off. Our heavy petting was starting to get a little out of control and I could feel something begin to spread from me, like I was giving off this heavy musk of sexual energy.. it might have been affecting us by this point, but it was really beyond my control. The feeling was beginning to get stronger. I felt my body begin to take over for me.

With a sudden rush, I reverted back to my kitsune form. Anastasia meeped and looked at me awkwardly for a moment, and I tried to say an apology, but her mouth quickly found my muzzle and began to experiment with how best to kiss it. My tail brushed by her leg and I felt her hand timidly reach back and brush through it. I murred softly as I felt her fingers brush through the bushy fur there.

Anastasia slowly moved herself a little lower down my stomach, until I felt her sex gently touching mine. My eyes met with hers and I suddenly lost a little bit of the lust that had been building, remembering the slight bit of rationalization of what just might be happening. I found I couldn’t speak with out lips locked but tried to say with my eyes “are you sure?” Anastasia just brought her hand between her legs to take hold of me and guide my manhood inside her.

Slowly I slid inside her, feeling an almost rapturous pleasure as we connected. Anastasia’s breathing increased and she shut her eyes, placing her hands on my furry shoulders. She moved up and down very slowly, letting me slide in and out. My breathing increased as well and that same musk scent from earlier seemed only to get stronger, like something was happening, and in my head I knew I should be paying more attention to it. In short time we were going at it with a bit more force. Her lips were still on my muzzle and we awkwardly tried frenching as we continued. I could feel something else happening though. I could feel a knot forming… More of my rationalization came back and I wanted to stop right there, I knew that if that knot were to move any further up… that things could get…

“We need to stop…” I tried to get out between moans, breaking off our kiss.

“You’re infertile, it won’t matter,” Anastasia said as she leaned forward and nibbled on one of my ears. “You can go inside me, it’ll be okay,” she whispered… I knew this was a bad idea, but my body responded immediately without my consent, working a little harder to pump in and out of her.

“You don’t understand… I…” I was interrupted as Anastasia’s lips found my muzzle once again and she worked her pelvis down on mine a little harder. I couldn’t stop it now. The pleasure was too intense and the knot had formed and was moving up.

Somewhere in our passionate kiss, a deep moan and sudden gasp of surprise worked itself out of Anastasia as she felt my knot meet her. The rational part of me knew that this was a mistake, but the part of me that was completely overcome by the incredible pleasure I was feeling had no problem silencing him. My hips gave a hard thrust and my knot passed into Anastasia.

She moaned into my mouth and her hands clamped down on my back, stiffening with the sudden feeling of my knot’s penetration. Our movements increased and our lips remained locked as we worked toward the edge.

Anastasia was the first to reach it, her body began to shudder and her movements became a little more irregular. Suddenly I felt her clamp down around my shaft and she let out a moan that almost bordered a scream. It was too much for me to take. I let out a yelp of my own as I felt orgasm grip the two of us and I let go inside of her.

With each pulse of my sheath, Anastasia let out a muffled cry as she broke off the kiss and buried her face in my chest. I hugged her close and just let it happen.

Coming off the high, I started to comprehend just exactly what I’d done. I could feel Anastasia panting heavily on my chest… The turning was going to happen… She suddenly grew very weak as she tried to use her arms to push herself up… but found she somehow lacked the strength… she gave a soft moan in surprise before she passed out. My arms were still around her, and in a quick but stupid thought, I tried to pull out, but found that my strength was leaving me as well… and soon my vision blacked out too.


I didn’t wake up for a few hours… It was dark in the room and I could feel a body laying atop mine. My bones ached a little, but the rest of me actually somehow felt really good. I moved my paws across Anastasia’s back and realized the terrible truth… she didn’t have skin anymore… she had short fur.

“Oh shit… They’re going to kill me…” I said in sudden shock as I tried to let my eyes adjust to the dark room. My heart jumped as I saw the beautiful fox kitsune lying naked upon my chest. She moved a little and I heard a soft yawn.

“I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well in my life,” she murred out, clutching at me a little more affectionately… I felt her tail swish happily, and then her eyes opened in shock, “What was that?” she asked as her tail swished a little more irregularly. It moved left to right very slowly. She was trying to see in the dark as well, but I don’t think her eyes were as good at it yet as mine were.

Her tail kept swishing, making delicate little circles as she slowly reached a paw back and touched the silky thing at the base of her spine. Her eyes went a little wider as she dragged her paw up her side, feeling all the fur there. Then her mouth opened up and she let out a scream like never I’d heard from human lungs.

I quickly slid out from under her and jumped off the bed, nervously avoiding any type of violent reprisal.

“I told you this would happen!” I tried to say in my defense, over her scream.

Her voice tapered off into hysteric crying as she sat up and kept rubbing her paws on her side as if she could just pull the fur off like a bunch of clothing.

“What did you do to me?!?”

I put my paws out very cautiously and tried to make a shushing noise to calm her down as I inched forward. “It’s okay… we can… fix this.”

“I’m you! You mutated me!”

“No no, I tried to explain earlier… please, settle down.. I can explain this.. and we can undo it.”

Anastasia tried to stop crying and gulped back a few heavy sobs. I flinched a little because the bed below her was a little bit wet. We’d need to get her diapered fast as well.

“Okay close your eyes, and just concentrate for me.”

She did as she was told, and I put my paw on her shoulder and she shook a little nervously.

“Just remember yourself and think real hard on it, push as hard as you can with your mind.”

Anastasia began to shake a little harder, her body was changing a little. It reverted almost back to her human form… almost except for the fox ears and tail.

“Shit…” I gasped.

“What what?” Anastasia said opening her eyes. She looked down at herself and breathed a sigh of relief, but frowned when she saw the wet spot. I quickly changed into my human form, to try and make everything seem more normal.

“It’s all just a bad dream, go back to sleep and you’ll wake up human,” I said taking my paw and trying to ease her back to a laying position. As she laid back, she felt her tail get pushed against the bed.

“I’ve still got a tail Adachi!” she yelped as she bolted up again. She reached around and put her hand to it.

“No you don’t, your just dreaming remember. Go back to sleep… we didn’t do anything.”

“Oh my god we had sex didn’t we?!”

I bit my lip again. “Umm… that was all you.”

“All me?! I didn’t make myself like this?! You impregnated me!”

“WHAT? I did nothing of the sort. I tried to stop you.. I tried to stop my own base instincts. I told you earlier that having sex would cause this…”

“You didn’t tell me anything like that. You told me that if mommy’s breast feed babies this would happen.”

I tried to think back and remember whether I told her or not.

“It doesn’t matter now,” I sighed, “what’s done is done. I’ll teach you how to change yourself completely back to human form, and it’ll be like you’re not actually a kitsune. You’ll just have that option… yes, that’s it, you’re a human and no one needs to know other wise…”

Anastasia glared at me. “You’re just going to cover this up?”

I tried to smile and scratched the back of my head. “Don’t you think its best?”

“GOD DAMN IT WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?!” Anastasia yelled as sobs broke out again. She curled her tail around her waist and tried to dry her tears with it. By smell I could tell that she was starting to wet the bed a little more. She gasped and started crying a little harder, losing her concentration at the point too and turning back into the kitsune form.

Looking at the poor sobbing fox, I knew that I was dead. It was probably a little selfish to be worrying about my own fur… but I knew so completely that I’d really screwed up this time. But what could I do?

I reached under the bed and got out the supplies that Anastasia had taken out for me before we had… gotten a little crazy… I didn’t say anything, but cautiously pulled her down to the bed and tried my best to diaper her, having to use a claw to cut a little cross mark where we could work her tail through.

After I’d done that, I helped her off the bed and then stripped the sheets. She just sat on the floor, crying into her tail, and rocking back and forth.

“This is permanent isn’t it?” she asked between sobs while I took off the last fitted sheet. I just did my best not to make eye contact and look away. She knew the truth already. “What am I going to tell my mother and father?” Again I didn’t have anything to say.

“I’ll tell them if you want. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll kill me before Pi does.”

“Don’t say that. If anyone’s going to kill you, I want to do it first.”

To a point, I knew there was some truth in that statement. After I’d gotten the sheets off I went to the bathroom and diapered myself again before I had any accidents. I came back and found Anastasia trying to put on a long shirt, but her tail got in the way of letting it fall completely over her diaper. She tried to shove it between her legs out of hopelessness.

“I’ve changed my mind, I want you out of this house,” Anastasia said coldly looking up at me as I came back into the room.

“But but…”

“But nothing, you did this to me… you get out.”

I felt hurt, “Anastasia... you’re going to need me, to help you learn too…”

“Nothing. I got along fine before you were here, I’ll get along fine after your gone.”

“Where… where will I stay?”

“In the alley, in the woods, I don’t care, just get out.”

There was a splitting noise as my tail suddenly went through the diaper and I involuntarily reverted back to my kitsune self. I quickly grabbed the shorts and shirt I was wearing earlier off the floor and ran out the door just before I lost it and tears began to fill my own eyes. What the hell had I done… and what the hell was I going to do now?


I ran out of the room and down the stairs… Stopping only a second at the front door to try and force myself to turn back to human form… but it wouldn’t happen… My tears were coming and I couldn’t concentrate. I doubled back and went to the back door and hopped off her deck to sit down in the bushes to cry a little.

What had come over me? Why had I… let myself… and let her… do that?

I crawled under her deck a little and pulled my legs up to my chest and curled my tail around them. I cried by myself there, wondering what I could do to make amends when my ears perked as I heard her too. Her room was just above where I was, and she was opening her window a crack. I dried my tears and lifted my foxy ears up to listen, not so much eavesdropping but more nervous concern… I’d been sent here to make sure that she didn’t let out the Kitsune secret… and here I’d made her a part of it.

“Goddamn fur is hot!!” Anastasia said angrily in her room. It sounded to me like she was still trying to pull it off. Her voice was a mix of frustration, anger, and sadness. I could hear her pacing around the room, tripping occasionally or perhaps falling… walking on kitsune paws is a little different than on human feet.

I heard the phone once more.

“Hi mom…” Anastasia said in a shaky voice. “I know your busy mom, but please… I really need someone to talk to right now.” There was a moment of silence. “MOM!! Tell whatever guy you’re with to shove it! Something is really wrong right now… No, no one broke into the house… No your cars are probably still there… Well I, it’s hard to explain… um… well I had sex. WHAT?! No, stop, this isn’t funny mom… yes I’ve had sex before but not like this… MOM THAT’S GROSS I’D NEVER DO THAT!...” I could hear she was choking back tears now. “How many? What do you mean how many boys tonight? One! No no, I’m serious mom, please come home I need to talk to you in person. Hello? HELLO??”

Anastasia screamed and threw the phone; I could hear it crack against the wall. Despite what she’d told me earlier, I knew now was not the time to leave her alone. I snuck back into the house and tried to stop my own sobs as I climbed the stairs back up to her room.

The door was ajar and I could see her sitting on her legs with her head on her bed, crying her eyes out. She was still wearing nothing but her t-shirt and diaper. She caught sight of me outside the door and her ears immediately shot back and her muzzle contorted as she screamed “GET OUT!” groping blindly for a pillow from her bed to throw at me.

I ducked out of the way of the pillow, and then again as she grabbed one of her shoes, and then the other. The second shoe bounced off my head, ringing my bell a little, but not painfully. I kept plowing forward as she reached for anything she could.

 “Get away from me fucking kitsune!”

I was right up next to her now and she brought her paw back to hit me in the face, but I put my paw out to stop her. She cried a little harder now, still struggling to belt me good, but she slowly gave up and then… she was just crying into my chest… instead of forcing me away, seeming to be pulling me closer…

“I’m sorry…” was all I could manage in a weak voice. I put my arms around her and held her close.

“You could hear it couldn’t you?” she asked lifting her head from my chest to look into my eyes. I nodded.

“I don’t think telling your mother is going to solve this…”

“She wouldn’t listen or believe me if I did…”

Eventually Anastasia managed to stop crying and we just sat on the floor of her room hugging in silence. Somewhere along the way our tails had sort of hooked and wrapped around each other.

“So what happens now?” Anastasia asked.

“I don’t know… I guess we wait till someone comes to contact me. As I told you earlier, I’m stranded here.”

“So you’re just going to leave me the first chance you get?”

“Well I really can’t do that now… er… well I could… but I’m not going too.”

Anastasia frowned. “Leave me like this and I kill you.”

“You told me to get out a couple times earlier.”

“Consider my perspective… you just stole my humanity,” she said flicking me not so playfully in the nose. I really couldn’t argue with her though. We both got up and as we did, Anastasia’s tail suddenly began to hike a little higher. She looked back at it a little confused… but then her eyes suddenly widened.

“Bathroom!” she exclaimed suddenly pushing past me.

I looked at her slightly confused as she brushed by. “Umm I thought you were in diapers?” I asked as I heard her crinkle down the hallway.

There was another sound of vulpine frustration as I heard her trip in the hallway, apparently still not used to her new paws. Then there was another noise all entirely, much more subtle.

“Are you okay Anastasia?” I asked. She didn’t answer right away, but I could hear her crying again. I got up and went out into the hallway where I found her hugging her tail and crying into it. My nose told me she needed her diaper change… and not because it was wet.





I kneeled down and tried pick her up wedding style, but she struggled a moment.

“Don’t touch me!” she said pushing against my chest. She didn’t struggle that hard, and her pushing gave way to quiet sobs. She allowed me to carry her back to her bed where I tried to change her diaper.

“I don’t have these types of accidents,” she said to me looking a bit upset.

“You’re body just went through a lot. Nothing would surprise me much right now.”

She nodded and looked up at the ceiling a moment. “Why did this have to happen to me? If I have to be a kitsune, couldn’t I have gotten some more control over that part of me, instead of less?”

I was trying to listen, but I was also in the process of changing her, and feeling pretty damn embarrassed about the wiping part.

“Just what are you doing down there?” she asked trying to pick her head up to look at me.

“I’m trying to clean you up, this isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do when you have fur and… well a mess to deal with. Not to mention the smell.”

Anastasia sighed and laid her head back. “Of course, why would anything be easier? Fuck it, I’m going to shower.”

I tried to at least clean her enough so that she could get to the shower. As she got up, a part of me was sort of transfixed. She’d been pretty before, but as a Kitsune, she was really beautiful.

She went to shower, while I tried to think about what to do. A younger kitsune might not be able to tell she was a kitsune if I could teach her to hold her human form properly… but for someone older like Pi… she’d see through that a mile off, and then murder me. I paced around the room trying to work my way around the problem. Maybe there was some way I could pass her off as always having been a kitsune that Pi had just never met? Noo… she was the gatekeeper, she knew us all. Damn it, she could find out the truth by just putting her paw to our foreheads…

Anastasia came stomping in with a towel, her fur completely fuzzy as she’d tried to dry it and not met with much success. She glared at me. “Laugh and I swear it’ll be the last thing you ever do.”

I kept a straight face and nodded. I got a brush and tried to coach her a little. After we’d gotten things a little more under control, she diapered herself and got dressed.

“I decided something in the shower,” she told me seriously. She sat cross legged on her bed and tried to figure out how to sit comfortable with her tail as she adjusted herself. She glared at me. “I want to know everything I should be able to do… or at least the extent of Kitsune’s. If I have to deal with this, I want to know what’s involved. Can I force choke someone, I’d love to try that on…” she looked at me and made a choking motion.

I gulped and nervously shook my head. “I guess that’s possible, but very very unlikely. There are common powers to kitsune, and then unique powers.”


“Well there are certain things that every kitsune can do… Like revert to their human form, or their baser animal form. But then there are powers unique to most kitsune.”

“Like making girls wet themselves?”

I sighed, “Well that’s not really a unique power, that’s sort of a perversion of another power that my uncle Oco taught me. It’s a long story.”

“Snap your fingers at me and die fox boy.”

“I haven’t yet.”

“What’s your special power then?”

I shrugged. “I don’t really have one. At least not yet, sometimes they develop late, like a puberty thing, or sometimes not at all. It’s different for everyone.”

Anastasia frowned. “Interesting, but altogether not helpful right now,” she yawned and looked at the clock. “It’s already this late and we have school tomorrow too,” she looked at herself, then at me. “You’re not allowed to sleep here until you can figure out how we’re going to make this work, unless you want me going out like this and breaking this colossal secret about your kinds’ existence.”

I half smiled “our kind… you’re kitsune now.”

She frowned.

There was a moment of awkwardness, and I don’t know why, but I kissed her. She looked cute when she was pouting, and in all honesty, I needed to lighten the mood somehow. She just blinked at the kiss.

“Damn it,” she said before kissing back.


“These sweats will look stupid. Am I going to school or going jogging?”

I frowned while trying to tie her tail to her left leg with torn bits of cloth. “I’m doing what I can. If we keep working on it, you’ll be able to change forms without the tail and ears, and this won’t be necessary.”

“This isn’t going to fool anyone. Half the time my damn tail has a mind of its own. I bet it comes undone by lunch.”

“It’s not like you’re not used to hiding things in your pants anyways. If it comes undone, we’ll fix it. Just think of this as two secrets instead of one.”

“Hmph…” she crossed her arms and I ran my paw gently over her hair, trying to sweep her ears back while tying a bandana. She winced a little as her ears were pressed down against her head. I had her step into the sweatpants next, pulling them up over her diaper.

The look wasn’t too bad, she looked like a relaxed jogger or maybe a little latina, but it wouldn’t be completely unheard of at school. Her vulpine ears and tail were hidden at least.

Anastasia looked at herself in the mirror. “Passable I suppose… but I still think something’s going to happen. I mean, when my emotions flare up I change forms. Let’s see you dress me in something to hide that.”

I took in a deep breath. This wasn’t going to be easy, it was reckless.

“Let’s skip school again today, call in sick, whatever we have to do.”

Anastasia sighed, “and we just got ready.”

“No, we’re nowhere near ready, this isn’t something we can risk.”

“Having sex was something we shouldn’t have risked. We’ve been here two days, and I want out of the house. We’re just lucky my mom’s a tramp and hasn’t come back yet.”

I tried not to comment about her mom. She liked to call a bit drunk and have food deliveries sent. Luckily none of the drivers seemed to care that a boy was picking them up when they were addressed to Anastasia.

“The school will notice if we stop going. Hell, maybe your sister is there.”

I’d thought of that before, although given the way our usual gate was closed, it was more likely she was on a break from school too. Pi would have seen to it she couldn’t come get me out of this mess.

“My sister won’t be at school, if she was, that would offer me a way back and Pi won’t make it that easy, trust me.”

“The school is still going to notice all our absences. Excuses don’t last forever.”

“I know, I know, I just don’t think you’re ready yet.”

“Fine, we’ll skip school today, but I want out somewhere. Mall, grocery store, something.”

I sighed, I wouldn’t be able to win this one.

I dressed in my human form and we agreed to go to the store. We needed to get diapers anyway. I was finding some success with the bathroom, but still had a lot of wetting accidents. Anastasia on the other hand  had blamed me with the loss in her bowel control on top of her already very weak bladder.

The store wasn’t that far. It was a chain drug store on the corner about four blocks away, and I prayed we could make it that far without incident.

“We’re just a couple of teens out for a walk during school hours,” I told myself as we left her large house.

“Jesus it’s hard to walk like this,” Anastasia said walking down the front steps. She had to make odd movements with her left leg, where her tail was tied too.

“Try not to bring attention to your leg.”

“If anyone asks, I’ll tell them you beat me.”

I frowned, “That’s not very funny.”

“Whatever fox boy, let’s go I’m tired of being in the house.”

We started walking to the store. It was quiet and sort of awkward with how she was walking, and I probably wasn’t doing much better wearing a diaper under my pants. I still wasn’t used to wearing them under clothes.

Half way there, Anastasia put her hand in mine. I looked at her curiously. She blushed but held onto my hand.

“Look, I know we’re not really officially boyfriend and girlfriend, but like it or not, we’re going to get through this mess together, so we might as well…” she looked down at our hands. I looked down too and shrugged. She frowned “you ass, you didn’t mind having sex, but now you’re giving me weird looks over holding hands.”

I smiled and gave her hand a squeeze. “You’re cute when you’re frustrated.”

She blushed and looked away. “I hate not being able to get mad at you when I want too.”

It’s kind of funny the way things had been the last few days. I couldn’t tell if Anastasia hated me for what happened to her, or if she was quietly happy about the big change in her life. I hadn’t been able to ask her directly, most of the time she was at least pretending to be pissed off, but I was starting to learn her real emotions a little better.

The store was fairly straight forward. We got in, we picked up what we needed and we paid for it at the counter. We weren’t trying to attract attention, buying diapers as teens is already strange enough. We just went in and went out and started back towards her place. She may not have been the happiest about such a short outing, but I tried to maintain that it wasn’t something worth risking.

As we were heading back to her house, Anastasia suddenly started walking really funny… well funnier then she had been all day.

“You okay?” I asked, slowing a little.

“My tail,” she gulped. “It’s tugging at my leg. I think it’s trying to raise itself, and if there’s anything I’ve learned about that over the last two days…”

Anastasia suddenly heaved a little and gasped. She let out a soft ‘no’ but it didn’t really stop anything as she messed her diaper.

She turned right to me and stamped her foot. “That’s three times! Three out of four times I haven’t been able to make it to the bathroom for that because of you. One of them was in my god damn sleep!”

I sighed, it was technically my fault I suppose, but how could I apologize any more for it?

“Let’s get back and I’ll change you,” was the best I could say.

She frowned and started to walk a little faster, “As if hiding wet diapers wasn’t hard, freaking pooping myself is going to make it impossible, and ears and a tail, what’s next, freaking wings?” she muttered to herself as she tugged at my hand.

“Vince!” I heard a voice call out. I stopped and turned to see my sister in her human form. She was hiding behind a trashcan at the edge of a driveway.

“Plura!” I said smiling at her. “Please tell me you’re here on behalf of Pi.”

Plura looked around nervously. “… Not exactly… and don’t call me that name. You’re with a human. I don’t care if she already knows the secret.”

Anastasia squeezed my hand… yah… she knew more about the secret then Plura thought she did.

“Why are you two holding hands?” she asked looking at us curiously.

Anastasia dropped my hand and took a nervous step away from me.

“Why are you hiding behind a trashcan?” I asked in turnabout.

Plura sighed and walked out from behind the trashcan. She had a big wet patch running from her crotch to the inside of her pant legs. Anastasia and I gasped.

“You… you…” I couldn’t believe it. “What does this…”

“I tried to find a way to reopen the gate and see how you were doing. Guess who found out and sent me here. The accident…” she looked down at herself. “It just happened, I couldn’t control it.”

I slumped my shoulders. “You’re not here to tell me to come home then.”

Plura looked meekly at the ground. “No…”

I sighed. “Well the accidents are Pi’s joke on me. After finding out what I had been doing to the girls at our school, I think she thought it funny to have me suffer the same problem here. Guess you didn’t get spared by coming here.”

“Is there somewhere I can change?” Plura asked stepping towards us. As she did she got a sniff of something and looked at Anastasia.

Anastasia blushed. “I need my diaper changed.”

My sister stared at her incredulously.

Anastasia blushed a little redder, “I can’t help it, ever since your brother,” she stopped as my hand suddenly clapped over her mouth.

Plura raised an eyebrow. I held up the bag I was carrying on an arm. “Just take this bag sis and follow us, we’re going to Anastasia house, and I’m sure she’ll have something for you to change into,” I said calmly and evenly. There was no need to cause a scene here on the street.

I gave the bag to my sister and she held it in front of herself and tried not to walk downwind of Anastasia as we started toward her house again.

“How’d you find us?” I asked as we crossed a street.

“I went by the school and the teacher said you haven’t been in class for a few days, and neither has Anastasia. I put two and two together, snuck into the office and got her home address, and found you on the way.” She smiled mischievously at me. “How much does she know?”

I stopped walking.

“Pretty much everything,” Anastasia answered for me.

My mouth felt like cotton, I was trying to pick and choose ideas in my head of how to break the news of what had happened. It was only a matter of time before she found out.

“Adachi filled me in about your basic history, powers, life on the middi-plain.”

Plura frowned. “No offense Anastasia, but are you really sure it’s okay to trust a human with all this brother?” she asked looking to me.

I managed a weak nod. “It’s a unique situation.”

We made it back to Anastasia house and went up to her bedroom. Plura seemed impressed, she hadn’t been in many human houses before and this qualified as one of the nicest. We all went up to Anastasia bedroom and Anastasia found a plain pair of shorts and shirt for Plura to wear.

“You… umm also might one of what’s in that bag,” Anastasia said a little embarrassed.

Plura wasn’t sure what she meant and opened the bag. “Diapers?” she asked surprised. She laughed a little, “you can’t be serious.”

I tapped my sister on the shoulder and pulled my pants loose a second so she could see mine.

“Vince?” she asked looking at me like I was crazy.

“Just call me Adachi, Anastasia does too, its’ okay around her… and the accidents, they’ll keep happening, so you might want to put that diaper on.”

Plura frowned. “Fine, I’m going to go shower at least.”

Anastasia and I nodded. My sister went off to shower and I changed Anastasia while she was gone.

“When do we tell her?”

 “I’m surprised she hasn’t found out already. She’s usually really alert for stuff like this.”

No sooner did I finish changing Anastasia then Plura came back. She was still in her human form and was drying her hair. The shorts were a little big on her and kind of hung loose around her diaper.

“Okay, something’s weird Adachi,” she said taking a seat on the bed and continuing to work at her hair with the towel.

“You mean besides the fact that the three of us are diapered?”

“Yes, besides that.”

I looked at Anastasia and she looked back at me. She shrugged her shoulders meekly, trying to convey the question if we should tell her now or not.

“The water was running, but I could still hear you both talking about something together.”

I looked at my sister… “Well, Anastasia and I…” I took her hand in mine. This wasn’t going to be easy to tell.

My sister gasped and threw down the towel “You have a human girlfriend?!? I knew it!!”

“Well, not exactly… I mean, we’re kind of boyfriend and girlfriend now, but… well…”

I nodded to Anastasia and she let go of my hand, slowly reaching up to undo the bandana in her hair. As she took it off, her vulpine ears rose up.

Plura’s eyes suddenly got bigger.

Anastasia hooked her thumbs on her sweats and slowly pulled them down. It took her a moment to pull down the cloth ties before her tail sprang free, and she was standing, looking very embarrassed and half human in just a shirt and diaper.

Plura couldn’t speak. She just stared at Anastasia and then at me again. She drew in a breath and shrieked a word I’d never heard before. I winced a little, as did Anastasia, but suddenly the three of us reverted to our full kitsune forms.

“That’s a new one,” I said moving my ears a bit, trying to get the ringing out. Plura was already on her feet and staring point blank at Anastasia.


Anastasia bit her lip, her ears were lowered and she was holding her tail in her paws out of embarrassment. “It… it was partly my fault too,” she said.

I felt a little better hearing Anastasia say that, it was the first time she’d admitted partial responsibility, but my sister was quickly in my face.

“Pi is going to murder you! Do you understand that? Not punish, but kill you in cold blood for this. You… you…” she looked at Anastasia again and let out a shrill scream into her paws, “you horny bastard… you turned her.”

Anastasia and I blushed.

“It… just sort of happened,” I said.

“You knew what would happen!”

“We’ve been coping, you’re brother has been teaching me over the last few days how to turn back into a human.” Anastasia tried to emphasize her point by turning back into a human, but with a gasp, realized she couldn’t. “Adachi… I can’t change back!”

I frowned, but tried to do it myself and found the same problem. “Umm… Plura why can’t I shift forms?”

Plura looked at me and then closed her eyes for a second. She suddenly looked startled too.

“What did you say that caused us to change forms?” I asked evenly.

“I saw her ears and thought it was a joke,” she played with her paws a moment. “So I used a power that Pi taught me a long time ago.”

I took in a deep breath, Pi meant problems. “What did you do?”

“It forces all kitsunes to revert to their kitsune form for a little while. Pi calls it ‘honesty’. I just had to know if Anastasia was…”

Anastasia started breathing hard. She held her tail a little tighter.

“PLURA!” I said angrily.

“Don’t you dare get mad at me, I reacted because of what you did! You stupid horny bastard.”

“Stop saying that, you weren’t there, we couldn’t control ourselves.”

“Control yourself?! How hard can it be? You don’t see me walking around town and stuffing my tits into any cute guy’s face and trying to get them to nurse their way into becoming a kitsune!”

“Stop it,” Anastasia said putting herself between us. “Jesus you both fight like little children.”

Plura crossed her arms and turned away from us. I stuck my tongue out at her, but withdrew it when I saw the look from Anastasia.

There was silence for a moment, but Plura’s ears perked up, and suddenly, mine did too… I ran to the window, Plura behind me and Anastasia a moment behind her. There was a white Mercedes pulling into the driveway… and three diapered kitsunes in the bedroom.