Levithan Redwing






*I was asked to look after my cousin tonight witch I was a little pissed off about since I wanted to hang out with my friend teddy who was an 18 year old male white arctic fox. He and I have bin best of friends since he was 4 and I was 5, we would always chill on Friday nights ever since we were young this would be the first Friday in years that we havenít.  My name is Levy and I am a 19 year old red dragon standing 8.5 feet tall and 12 feet long from my snout to tail tip. My wing span is 30 feet in diameter. I am your typical red dragon. Horns, ears, but since my great great great grandfather was a wolf fur has been carried down the line in my family and I have fur that starts out as a mane on the tip of my head and continues down between my wings and stops about half way down my tail, then puffs out at the end of it like a lionís tail. Enough about me, the fact of the matter was tomorrow I had to baby-sit my 14 year old cousin named Justin who was a green dragon. But unlike the notion of green dragons being peaceful and at one with the earth he was totally the opposite. He was the biggest brat I knew and would do almost anything to get attention. you would think a 14 year old would know better by now and outgrow those behaviors but even though he had a lil brother named matt who was 7 years old and also a green dragon that had little accidents still in bed from time to time I would tell him that he was bigger then his brother because he was always well behaved. But I didn't have to worry about matt tonight he was staying the night at his friends place and there parents Becky and David didn't want to leave Justin home alone even though he was old enough for they wouldn't know what he could get himself into. *



*So here I am sitting in class at collage at the end of the day waiting to go meet up with teddy and tell him that tonight is off. Finally were able to go and I grabbed my stuff and bolted out of the class. Walking down the hall to where teddy had his last class I see him walking my way. Since it was nice out today even though there was still snow on the ground witch he likes he was wearing cut off blue jeans just above his knees and a black t-shirt that said "The Hunted" witch were one of the heavy metal bands we listen to and saw live once. Heís also wearing his sliver chain that he got from his parents for Christmas.*


Teddy: yo levy howís it going! So whatís the plan for tonight? any concerts to go to maybe ya wanna get some tail at the bar tonight *he smiled and winked at me from last Friday that we went out and had a yiffy good time with some female gryphones*


I on the other hand had my ears sagging as well as my wings a little as well and he knew that something was up for those were every easy tells.


Teddy: whatís wrong levy? * It didn't take him long to figure out that we weren't doing anything tonight*


Sorry Teddy I cant go tonight Iím babysitting my cousin Justin tonight, you remember the spoiled brat.


Teddy: oh yeah, the trouble maker that kept pulling our tails at your hatching day last month


Yeah, thatís him, his parents are going out tonight and they donít want to leave him alone for fear that he might burn down the house or something. God I swear heís a bigger baby then his lil brother.


Teddy: * laughs loudly* yeah, your right! Hey man its ok will chill tomorrow night * he smiles splaying his ears witch made me laugh and smile back*


Ok bud ill check ya tomorrow then?!


Teddy: yep see ya then


*we then both turned around and hitting our tails against each other before walking off. (It was kinda like a high five or the old hitting knuckles together) a little thing that we created when we were younger and we have used it ever since. Normally you would just hit the tails and walk off without looking back but this time I lowered my left wing and glanced back at him as he walked down the hallway and out the door his big fluffy tail swaying behind him and then I left as well. Getting outside the building I opened my wings and flew home fast for I wanted to finish some of my homework before I had to go look after the green terror as I like to call him. I was home for maybe 2 hours it was now around 4:30pm before I got a phone call asking if I could come early tonight? With a sigh of annoyance I then said sure I will and then hung up the phone and packed my stuff with me. Leaving a note for my parents I left the house and started for whatís probably going to be a trying night.*


Walking up to the door I knocked twice and David answered.


David: hey levy thanks for coming early me and Becky wanted to get an early start and try to get as much time alone as possible.


Hey its ok I understand * I walked into the house as he shut the door behind me. I was just wearing my blue jeans and a white t-shirt that had a paw print on the back of it the shirt saying " save a paw donít declaw"* so where ya off to tonight?


David: oh we got reservations at that new fancy restaurant that opened up I think itís called The Phoenix?


Oh yeah, I know of it suppose to be really nice * I acted like I knew what I was talking about but really I didn't know what the hell he was talking about. as we continue talking we walked into the kitchen and sat down it was then that I notice Davidís attire very spiffy with the tux and bowtie around his neck. He looked like someone you would see at the wedding*


David: yeah, so where going there and then to the symphony that will be playing at tigerpaw park.


* wow what a night of excitement I thought. sounds like something that would put me to sleep but they were a bit old fashioned so if they get to spend some time away from the green terror then I guess I could do them that favor. That is when Becky came into the kitchen in a fancy black and silver dress witch really brought out her baby blue eyes* wow Mrs. Flicker, you look beautiful!


Becky: oh thank you levy, And thanks again for looking after Justin heís in one of his moods today. The same "Iím to old to have a babysitter" witch I agree but he needs to show me it.


Yes I agree with you he needs to grow up a little


David: Youíre his big cousin try and show him a thing or two and donít have to worry about matt his friend Jeremyís parents picked them up from school its just whats downstairs that you need to worry about.  JUSTIN WE'RE LEAVING NOW YOU BE GOOD FOR YOUR COUSIN! * after his yelling there was nothing but silence*  YOU HEAR ME!?

*still nothing* !!!!!JUSTIN!!!!!!


Justin: FINE!


* David then put his paw on my shoulder* David: good luck bud, your gonna need it!


yeah, thanks * I laughed under the words as they left the house closing the door behind them  the sound of it seeming to echo throughout the house just another reminder that I wasn't doing anything that I wanted to do with teddy tonight. I let out a heavy sigh and then walked downstairs to the family room where the green terror was watching "The Furry Guy" a cartoon comedy about a family of furs witch the husband is an idiot, his daughter is not liked by anyone, his wife might go insane from the family, his son is a retard like him and his youngest son wants to be the next ruler of the world they also have a funny pet human.*


Hey Justin whatís up? * there was no response from him he just sat slouched on the couch his tail tip tapping on it with his arms crossed his hind paws hanging onto the coffee table by there claws where you could see from the rest of the coffee table that he did that a lot from all the deep marks and wood chips from the edge. He was just in casual black cargo pants and black t-shirt he also had his spiked collar on and his ears were splayed back in annoyance. I then sat down on the other couch that sat vertically to his horizontal couch*. Do your parents know you put your claws on the coffee table? * That finally got a rise out of him*


Justin: donít you start with me too you shouldn't even be here iím old enough to take care of myself I donít need a babysitter!


Well then maybe you should stop acting like you do and your parents might give you a little more freedom. And donít think that iím happy to be here either I had plans to chill with teddy tonight that I had to cancel because I have to look after your childish tail


Justin: teddy! You two hang out so much everyone will start to think youíre gay


* That comment got me a little steamed but I got my composer back and settled down before I made my response* Fur please do you know how many females I have yiffed in this month alone probably more then you'll yiff in your life time, and maybe if you HAD! Some friends like teddy you would have more respect and not be such a pompous ass all the time making smart ass remarks. * He then tried to get a word in for a comeback but I stopped him by continuing on* ok this is whatís gonna go down Justin. Your gonna turn off the TV and do your homework and I will check it when your done to make sure you did it right. Then were gonna eat dinner later on if you donít give me any more bullshit attitude then I might order a meat ball pizza if not then I will make you eat vegetable salad. If you not done your homework by dinner then you will continue after dinner until itís done. If you do it right and continue not to give me attitude then will go rent a movie and if youíre really good it might be that new horror flick that you have bin wanting to see so bad "Claws 3". If you are bad then I will make you watch one of your brothers Disney movies like sleeping furess, or Robin Hood or maybe make you watch Barney. But if your good then ill let you stay up later tonight and watch whatever you want BUT *grab his shoulders* if you make just one more comment like the one you made earlier then I will lock you in your bothers room for the rest of the night do we understand each other!! * he then pushed me back with a growl I could of held on for I was a lot stronger then he was but I wanted to see what he would do. he then starts to stomp off up the stairs* hey where ya going?


Justin: to do my homework!!


* I smiled as he disappeared and just to through the icing on the cake I yelled back* GOOD BOY!!! * I then heard his room door slam I then said to myself* see you just have to be straight forward with these cubs today. *I picked up the remote and turned the TV off then went upstairs to get my book bag and opened up the rest of my homework and started to do it and study. It was 6:30pm by the time I finally looked up at the clock I then rubbed my eyes and stretched letting out a yawn. I was surprised that I hadnít even heard a peep from him after the door slam I then got up to go check on him you couldn't miss his door for it had about 8 signs on it saying " get lost, go away, leave or die, F off" I just smirked and knocked on the door all I hear back is a* Go away! * From within I then opened his door and see him actually doing his homework on the floor it was shocking to see actually.* Well Iím surprised I have expected to not see you here and the window being open.


Justin: I canít mom and dad put bars on my window its so bullshit


* I just laughed at that remembering that he had sunk out of the house before and because of it they put bars on the windows so he couldn't do that again* well you deserved it for the last time you snuck out at night


Justin: you got some fucking point cause if you do then get to it


HEY donít you be giving me lip you were doing good till that comment I was gonna order pizza but now I donít know after that little remark. * he then just lay there in silence gripping his pencil like heís trying his hardest not to say anything and swallow his pride as  he lets out a sigh *


Justin: Iím sorry


Apology accepted now continue your work and donít come out till I come get you.


Justin: But I have to go to the bathroom.


Ok thatís your only exception. * he then got up and went out of his room and into the bathroom that was across the hall I then went back into the kitchen and ordered a large metal pizza witch was gonna take about 20 minutes. after I hung up the phone I then realized that I to had to go to the bathroom as well but when I got to the door I saw the door still shut Justin must be in there still so I waited as I was waiting I walked down to Jeremyís room and turned on the light it was exactly like a kids room would be. There was a bed in the far corner with a teddy bear quilt and a rail half way down the front side. There was also a baby dragon border across the top of the walls and he had a stuffed animal placed on the pillows. The walls were baby blue and there was a dresser just to the right of the window with some Lego ships on top of it. I just smirked thinking back to when I was this young although donít know why they donít change his decor looks more like a 4-5 year old room not 7-8 but meh whatever. What then caught my attention was the portable Cub potty sitting against the wall it was a light and dark blue in color and has a big white bunny on the top of the seat cover. I then remembered that he dose have occasional nighttime accidents so I guess they put this here just incase he woke up in time to use it. I then smiled and blushed a little at the thought of using the cubbish potty. But then I blushed even deeper at the thought of just having an accident and wetting my pants. I donít know why but these thoughts intrigued me and my heart started to flutter nervously and I could feel my erg to go pee getting stronger now I looked back in the hallway and saw that the door to the bathroom was still closed. I then turned back and looked at the cub potty and thought. I couldn't use that could I? What if I was caught? Hey the terror is in the bathroom he wonít see a thing and you can just empty and clean it up when heís back doing his homework. I finally made a decision to use the cub potty and I reached down to unbuckle my belt when I felt a warm tingly sensation in my crotch witch made me freeze in movement. I then looked down and saw a big dark wet patch on the crotch of my pants and growing rapidly. I couldn't believe it I was wetting myself and I couldn't stop it no matter how hard I tried. I could feel my crotch very wet and my legs getting wet as it spared down them and then soaking into the white carpet I could also feel it running down the bottom of my tail and then dripping off of it and all I could do was just stand there in shock as this happened. Then what happened next made me wet the rest of it out and making me cringe a little. A loud laugh could be heard behind me as Justin seeing the light on in his brothers room went to see what was going on and gets a glimpse of a big red dragons back with his hind paws in a dark wet puddle soaking into the carpet pee still dripping off his tail hitting the floor*


Justin: *LAUGHING* OH MY GOD after all the speeches down stairs of me acting my age *laughing more* I see you wetting your pants in my lil brothers room. * laughs even more* you could have at least used his lil potty but you just go head and full out wet your pants HHAHAHAH this is priceless.


SHUT UP!!! stop laughing this is not funny * at this point I was so embarrassed that I had just wet my pants I couldnít get mad no matter how much I tried. I was almost in the verge of crying but it was taking all my might to hold the tears back. How could this of happened to me especially in front of Justin with his big mouth and attitude the whole family will know in a week*


Justin: are you kidding this is HILARIOUS just wait till everyone hears about this.


NO NO please donít tell anyone ill do anything!!




* I then had to think about it for a second but standing on the sopping carpet and wet pants made a tear run down my face as I dropped my head in a nod*









Chapter 2



Justin: ok this is what itís gonna take. Number 1 Iím in charge tonight you will do what I say


* I sigh and give another nod reliving my power to him with a nod*


Justin: number 2 since you wet your pants while you were awake making you a bigger baby then my lil brother who has accidents when heís asleep and cant help it you will wear one of my brotherís pull up training pants.


But they wonít fit me Iím to big for them!


Justin: normally that would be true but since my parents just got these new one size fits all pull-ups training pants they will even fit the likes of you easily * he gives a big smirk crossing his arms leaning against the door frame*


* That pissed me off a little with my fists clenching and wings stretching out a little more and giving a snort*


Justin: ah ah ah temper temper pisspants levy!


* I growl and really wanted to hurt him but again I swallowed my pride and lung my head nodding*


Justin: good boy now go get out of those wet cloths and put them in the wash then get a towel to clean up your mess you made on the carpet * he then walked back down to the TV and turned it on while I finally moved off the big wet puddle on the carpet and takes off my pants and boxers.   Hesently I then went into Jeremyís closet and looked at the open pack of the onesize fits all pull ups. I then reach inside and take one out looking at it. On the front it has lil blue paw prints down the crotch that disappear when you wet and near the waist of the pull up is a picture of a cartoon dragon in a pair of these and 3 words that say "BIG BOY NOW". I sigh at the sight and then I slip them on and its true when they say one size fits all for they fit perfectly. They seemed a little bulky but not to bulky for I still could walk normally around witch I was happy about. Wearing only the pull-ups and my t-shirt I take my wet pants and boxers downstairs to the laundry room. On the way down the stairs Justin looks at me the whole way.


Justin: aww now doesnít that feel better baby then wet icky pants?


Shut up Justin just shut up and leave me to what dignity I have left!


Justin: oh no Iím in charge tonight you will go put those wet pants into the wash and then come back here and will watch a wittle movie for the wittle guy


* snorts and shakes his head not liking the power that i just gave him Literaly by accident. Going to the washing machine in a separate room of the bottom level witch both washer and dryer were in i put my pants and boxers in and started it up. Coming back into the family room as I see Justin standing there waiting for me with a pacifier in his paw*


OH no I am not sucking on that!!!


Justin: oh yes you will its my brothers old one he doesnít use it anymore so I thought since you wet your pants like a big hatchling that it could be yours now. And you'll suck on it or ill tell everyone that you wet your pants!


* I growl loudly at him before grabbing the pacifier and put it in my muzzle then sucking on it*


Justin: aww thatís a good hatchling now before you sit down for your movie * gives me a towel* go clean up that puddle upstairs


* growls behind the pacifier and grabs the towel stomping p the stairs to go clean up my accident. Could this night get any worse*


After soaking up as much of my accident as i could out of the carpet I went back downstairs where justin was picking out a movie out of his familys collection. the only problem is that he picked it out of his lil brothers collection.


Justin: "oh good your back i picked a good movie for the big baby to watch." he then pluged in all dogs go to heaven into the dvd player.


I shook my head witht he pacifier still in my mouth and crossed my arms refusing to watch such a childish movie.


Justin: levy you will watch it or i will tell everyone you wet your pants!


I letting out grunt sat down on the floor infront of the tv like a hatchling would do just in my trainers and t-shirt when he started it. As he did the door bell rang. Right! I thought I forgot about the pizza! Atleast something good will come out of this night. justin then looked at me.


Justin: "you stay put lil guy ill get the door."


 Crossing my arms I sat there waiting for him to get back with the pizza my stomic really grumbling now and i wanted it badly. Finally justin came down with the pizza in paw and places it on the table i get up and turn around walking to the table to grab a slice when he stops me.


Justin: "whoa whoa!!! lil babys like you cant eat pizza your to young. Tour teefies are not sharp enough yet." he continued to tease me " ill get something special for my lil cousin!"


This made me furious I grabed his shirt and lifted him into the air growling at him behind the pacifier. I dont know why i didn't take it out by now but I was ready to tose him against the wall and he just smerked at me.


Justin: "Go ahead levy do it! Ill make sure you pissing your pants is heard not only in the family but all throughout your collage as well!"


shaking with anger it took all my might to stop the smoke from seeping from my nostrils and put him down gentaly breathing heavily looking down at him.


Justin: "Good boy no go sit!" he pointed to the spot where i was sitting before, "And Ill go get you your dinner."


 I then went back and sit down continuing to watch all dogs go to heaven. when I hear justin comming back down the stairs i turn my head around and what hes holding in his paw is his brothers old babybottle with formula inside.


I spit out the pacifier " OH HELL NO no way am i drinking that Im not a hatchling damn it "


Justin: "wet pants!" was all he said and then held out the bottle for me to take it i just look at it like a foren object. I then snorted and angerly took the bottle from him.


Justin: "Good boy" he then patted my head and went back to the couch opening the pizza and starts to eat.


I turn back and look at the bottle turing it from side to side. it was your typical hatchling bottle with cartoonish dragons in diapers on the sides of it and the nipple extra big for your hatchys muzzle to get around it. I shrug and take the nipple into my muzzle and start to suckle on it. It really wasn't as bad as i thought it was gona be the sucking sensation took me back to when i was a lil hatchling and the formula was warm and good taisting. So i just continued to suckle on the bottle and leaned back against my tail and watches the cartoon dogs get into more trouble. Justin couldn't believe how well levy was taking to the bottle as he just eat his pizza and read one of his comics. The next time justin looked up from his comic books the movies credits were over and levy was laying down on his back his wing slightly spred with the empty bottle beside him and sucking on his pacifier sleeping. Justin just burst out in laughter.


Justin: "HAHAHAH Oh my god your the biggest Cub i have ever seen i would have never thought you would actually act like a hatchling!"


His laughing and then yelling of words woke me up from my peaceful slumber  and sat up looking at him angerly. dont know if it was from the night so far or that he awoke me from the nicest nap that i have ever ha. i then realized that i needed to go pee again and i just got up and started walking to the stairs.


justin: "Hey where are you going?


" I have to go to the bathroom so i was going to the bathroom."


Justin: "Nope! dont think so! your to young to go potty by yourself you proved that you cant hold it that long by wetting your pants earlier tonight. speeking of witch there probably ready to go in the dryer."


"BUT JUSTIN thats not fair i can make it this time im a bigger dragon then you are!"


Justin just shook his head and pointed to the laundry room. I gave a scowl and then stomped off to it getting my pants and boxers out and putting them int he dryer. my Bladder now starting to ach a little more as my ears go back i let out a whimper after starting hte dryer and coming back into the family room where justin had a big smerk on his face.


Justin: "oh and Levy if you have an accident in thoughs pullups it only proves to me that you are what i have bin saying all night  big hatchling  witch would make me the oldest of the family."


"Well how can i not when you wont let me go to the bathroom?"


Justin: "Oh fine you can go but im comming with you to make sure you dont piddle all over the floor again."


" fine with me!" with him in tail i start up the stairs and get just outside the bathroom door when i then start to feel a warm sensation in my crotch. It wasn't like before it felt more heavy and not as wet as i look down i had indeed wet my pullups for the paw prints that were there before are no longer there and that made me let otu a big whimper. Justin at the second that i had stoped moving knew what was going on.


Justin: Uh huh just what i thought a Big hatchling wetting his training pants. I was right you are a more of a hatchly then my lil brother!


 With that comment my heart sank as he was right. I had wet myself 2 times in one night and wasn't able to stop it. I then looked back at him over my shoulder with a teared up eye. he just rolled his eyes and sighed with frustration pushing me into his borhters room.


Justin: Just take off that wet pullup and ill get you another. then you can go put your pants back on and act your own damn age for my parents will be home any minute.


I then took the very wet pullup off as justin then handed me another to wear and i pulled them on getting my tail comfertably in the back hole as he just smerked and watched as i did. He then led me downstairs and i put my boxers and then pants on overtop of them and then went back upstairs as justin releaved his command over me and i packed my books up. so meny different emotions and thoughts were running through my head about this past night. But the one thing that kept coming up over and over again was that you wet yourself twice, you wet yourself twice and your in pullups. By the time i got my stuff packed up david and becky came in the door.


David: were home!


justin came upstairs to meet them as i stood just inside of the kitchen waiting them to come in.


David: hey there sport did you behave?


Justin: of course!


david:"uh huh" they then walked up the 2 steps and intot he kitchen where i was.


"Hey there you guys how was the dinner and the show?" i asked acting like it was a normal night.


becky: oh it was very nice one of the best nights out yet. So how was justin?


I then looked as justing standing behind them with a big smerk on his face and his arms crossed." He was very good didn;t do anything wrong... i got him to do his homework."


David: "well this is a change." david looked back at him "maybe you are starting to grow up a little."


Justin: "OH!" he looks at me " more then you know.


I blush every big and then speek up" so umm its late and i should be getting home."


Becky: "oh yes go right ahead." she then searched through her purse and gives me $20 for quote " looking after him" end quote. I said thank you and then walked out the door.


Justin: "laughs after levy walks out" oh my god mom dad your not gona believe what Levy did when you were gone...