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Jinx (hanging onto Cyborg): Please don't sue him.


Robin checked the clock on the wall. It was almost time to go and meet Raven. then he heard Starfire come into the living room and groaned.

"Robin! would you like to come with me?" Starfire asked, flashing him a suggestive look.

'Yeah right, Like that’s gonna happened again.' Robin thought. "Sorry Starfire, but Raven said she needed my help with something. She wouldn't tell me what, but I figure after that mess with Trigon I should pay more attention to this magic stuff." Robin said with a smile on his face. "You understand right?"

His face showed concern. Starfire meahwhile had had to fight the urge to hiss like a cat at the mention of Raven. "Of course not beloved. If it will help with the protecting of the city then take all the time you need." Starfire said in a choppy voice.

"Hey." Robin stood up and lifted her chin up to meet his look. "How about tonight? In your room?"

Starfire broke into a smile and caught Robin in a crushing hug. "Glorious! I shall see you tonight then!"

Starfire floated out of the room, probably going to get her room ready. Shaking his head Robin made his way towards Raven's room after setting up the scanners to maximum alert. Beast boy and Cyborg were off training, so with only three titans in the tower they couldn't afford to get careless.


Starfire set about cleaning up her room, smiling the entire time. She was also feeling a little foolish. She had been thinking Robin was avoiding her ever since they had taken the next step in their relationship and mated. She had already said sorry for losing control of her strength and crushing Robin's pelvis. But other than that, the experience had been quite fun and Raven had even able to heal robin. Starfire couldn't keep the sneer off her face as she thought about the witch. These days she seemed to be making up reasons just to be alone with her Robin. The numerous hugs had not gone unnoticed.

"Hopefully Robin will demand that she stops trying to take up so much of his time." Starfire said.



"Your late." A naked Raven said with a frown. "Starfire again?"

"Yep. She wants to fuck again." Robin said with a shudder as he stripped down.

"Still sore from the first time huh?" Raven said with a smirk.

"Yea. I can't believe I spent all that time trying to score with her just to find out she can't control herself during sex." Robin said sliding into the bed next to Raven.

"You could always just go on top." Raven said joking.

"I was on top." Robin said with a look of horror on his face.


Confused? Ever since Raven had been in Robin's head, they had found themselves becoming closer and closer. Meanwhile his and Starfire's relationship had stayed the same, up until the night she decided to give herself over to Robin. Robin had already been falling in love with Raven and realizing that his relationship with Starfire had been a crush; albeit a big one, but still just a crush. However, after seeing what she could be like when they had crashed on that planet a while back, Robin didn't know how to let her down gently. Crushing his pelvic bone hadn't made things better between the two. Meanwhile, him and Raven where falling more and more in love with each other as the days passed. They didn't always have sex, only about half of the time. Other nights, they would stay up doing nothing but talking. With Trigon gone, Raven was free to express more than before and Robin was glad to hear her out. He had confessed he had had an eye on her for awhile, but thought she was with Beast boy. Turns out that BB and her had gone out but it hadn't worked out. They had stopped before things could get nasty and remained good friends and she had promised to keep helping him try to save Terra.


Robin brushed Raven's hair out of her face and kissed her on the lips and tried to slip her the tongue but Raven broke the kiss off.

"Robin... this is wrong." Raven said sitting up and reaching for her clothes.

"But..But you invited me in here today!" Robin said looking confused.

Raven therw her clothes down on the floor but turned her back to Robin. "You might as well go back to Starfire. At least with her you could have a family."

"Raven?" Robin asked, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and pulling her back towards him.

"...My Father knew I'd never perform the ritual if I was bearing a child. He knew I would have simply kept moving dimension to dimension till I gave birth to the child. And he also knew I would never let any child of mine suffer his evil. In order to keep me a good little girl…" Raven broke off, tears in her eyes.

"He made it so you could never become pregnant." Robin said.

Raven nodded her head.

"So loving me is a sure fire way to make sure your family name dies out.  You'll never have a son or daughter."

Robin moved Raven around so they were face to face and kissed her.

"Raven, I love you and belive it or not, I'm not just looking at you to bear my children. When the time comes and we are both ready for a child and want one, then we'll simply adopt." Robin said.

Raven managed a weak smiled and kissed Robin long and hard.

"But what about Starfire? You can't keep going behind her back like this."

"I know but I do still care about her enough that i don't want to hurt her."

"The longer you put it off, the worse it'll be." Raven warned.

Suddenly, Raven and Robin grinned and looked at each other.

"Pinkey, are you ponding what i'm ponding?" Raven asked with a grin.

"Yea brain, but where are we going to find enough pudding to fill up a pool?"


Starfire had here room looking exactly as she wanted it, and had had time for a nice long shower before Robin knocked on her door. Giggling to herself, Starfire raced across her room, the see-thru night gown she had picked flashing up to reveal her lacey thong.

"Robin, how nice of you to come by." She said in a silky voice. Robin looked down at what she was wearing and blushed a bit before walking into the room. He was carrying a bottle of wine and two wine glasses.

"I brought us something to drink." he said.

Starfire lead him over to her bed. "And what makes you think we will be needing something to drink?" Starfire said coyly running her hands thru Robin's hair.

"C'mon Star, let's make this special, instead of just being two horny kids." Robin said.

Starfire pouted for a second then nodded. Robin grinned and kissed her on the cheek and then opened the wine and poured some into both glasses then handed a glass to Starfire.

"A toast, to my best friend and lover, Starfire." Robin said.

Starfire was far too exited to notice the faint look of guilt going across Robins face now and the beads of sweat on his brow.

"To my beloved, Robin!" Starfire gulped back the wine and made a funny face. Robin chuckled as he took a sip out of his wine.

"First time having wine?" he asked.

"No, I have had it before, I have even had this brand before. I believe there is something wrong with it and it has become tainted." Starfire said. Robin looked slightly worried now and couldn't keep the tension out of his voice.

"R-really? Maybe your just mistaken. My glass tastes fine." Robin said.

'Shit! i didn't think her taste buds would pick up on it!'

Starfire gave him a funny look but by then her eyes seemed to cloud over and her voice was slurring.

"Maube your wright." she slurred.

"Well you might just be more senseative to wine taste. Did you know you're supposed to warm this kind of wine? Did you do that with your bottle?"

Starfire slowly shook her head, a stange feeling passing through her body.

"Nuh. wobin...feel weird..." Starfire said looking confused.

"Here, have some more wine, it might help." Robin said holding is glass to her lips.

Starfire drank more of the wine down like a good girl and fell back on her bed. Every thing was moving around in slow motion around her. Every thing sounded different too, deeper and harsher. She heard a knock at her door and felt Robin get off the bed.

"Wobin?...No...good..." Starfire was trying to tell robin she was really messed up.

"You ok?" she heard Raven asked.

"Yea, I took an antibody to protect me from the drug and only took a sip. But Starfire here drank her glass in a gulp and then did the same with mine." Robin said.

Starfire's eyes darted around the room trying to spot Raven and Robin. She could of just turned her head but it was so hard to move all of a sudden.

"W-waven? Wobin?" Starfire called out, starting to panic. She didn't understand what they were going on about and she felt so weird. They walked into her view and Raven smiled down at Starfire.

"I see she's still awake, mostly." Raven said.

"But unable to do anything but breath." Robin said.

Starfire had a look of shock in her eyes, they had done this to her?

"I think we had better explain before she passes out." Raven said.

Robin nodded his head and knelt down on the bed next to Starfire.

"Star, Me and Raven have been going out for awhile. Consider this the end of yours and my relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. Now the only reason I hid this from you for so long, was that I still care for you and didn't want to hurt you."

Starfire started to cry, tears sliding down her cheeks.

"Nuh, wobin yous eloved." Starfire said with much trouble.

"What did she say?" Robin asked Raven who was kneeling on the other side of Starfire and started to stoke her hair. Starfire tied to pull away from Raven, her hate of the witch becoming an overwhelming force in her.

"Calm down star, you're only going to hurt yourself." Raven snapped. Starfire stopped trying to move around and lay their silently sobbing.

"And she said 'no, you’re my beloved.' I told you not to put it off as much as you have." Raven scolded Robin.

"Starfire, it's not as bad as it seems. Me and Raven have worked out a plan that will keep you close to me."

Starfire s mind was barely listening. How could Robin be doing this to her? She loved him with all her heart! The edges of her vision started to black out.

"Starfire calm down and breathe! You're forgetting to breathe! Shit maybe that was too big of a dose!" Robin said.

Raven bit her lip, then closed her eyes and muttered something. Starfire saw the black engery come out of ravens head and come towards her and once it touched her, Starfire felt all her worries melt away and fell into a peaceful slumber.



Gary: See? aren't you glad i waited till you guys weren't all cuddleing?

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Raven looked over Robin shoulder as he carefully took a knife to starfire's skin and started to cut her open.

"Are you sure you know what your doing?" Raven whispered.

"Yes, and not to sound mean but it would help out a lot if you weren't breathing over my shoulder. This is delicate work so I can't afford to be distracted." Robin said through gritted teeth.

Starfire was on a table in the med room naked and belted down to said table just in case. Robin wore white gloves and a white surgeon’s gown with a surgeon’s mask over his mouth. He had sliced a long cut in Starfire’s side and was reaching for a needdle filled some a bluish liquid as Raven backed off. Dabbing at the blood and noting that the drug he had given her earlier was slowing down her blood loss, Robin stuck the needle into Strafire’s side through the cut and pointed it towards her heart before letting the fluid go.

Starfire let out a tiny gasp as her body temperature dropped rapidly. The fluid had started to freeze her insides in a controlled manner. When a little frost appeared on Starfire’s flesh, robin pushed a red button on a controller and the nanobots in the fluid stopped freezing Starfire and moved toward her spine. A TV monitor turned on giving Robin a first hand view of the nano bots work so he could change anything just in case. The reason for the freezing was because these nano bots were from an original design that Wayne enterprises had come up with. However their flaw was they melted from the amount of heat a human, or any living creature could produce. Robin had saved a batch of them with plans for them someday. With Cyborg’s help he had installed a few new tricks into them like being able to cool down the patient so they could work without melting. Of course robin had just thought that they might help out if someone was ever hurt when he first took the nano bots.

A clock next to the screen beeped and showed a count down from 7 minutes. It was how long the nano bots had to not only finish they're work with Starfire, but defrost her as well before her body started to suffer from the cold. Robin watched with an almost cold detachment as the nano bots spilt into two teams. One was using parts from themselves to build the device robin had instructed them to build; the other was taking themselves apart to make two of them able to carry the device once it was built. Team two finished upgrading the two nano bots and what was left of the other nanos took off to get in place to defrost Starfire. There was only 3 minutes left as the first team finally made the device and they took off to get in place while the first nano bot started to drag the device over while the other one did a quick cut allowing them both into the spine.

Both of them moving the device now and getting some nice speed while doing so. Once they reached the exact middle of Starfire’s spine they let go of the device and activated it's program which caused it to fuse itself to Starfire's spine. The two super nano bots got out of her spine and fused the cut shut before taking their places to defrost Starfire. With 50 seconds to spare robin pushed the yellow button on the controller which caused the nano bot to start super heating themselves while defrosting Starfire, which melted the little guys. A shame when you think of the great job they had just done. Robin watched as Starfire’s body temperature returned to normal before using a low power laser to take care of the cut he had given her. Now finished he moved to go get changed back to normal while Raven moved to untie Starfire and used her powers to carry the girl.


Starfire awoke a little while later with a start but found herself in her own bed. She looked around, wondering if everything had just been a dream. Looking out the window she saw it was going to be a cloudy day, as grey light came into her room. Over on her table was the bottle of wine and two glasses. However the bottle was near empty while she remembered just the two glasses being drunk. On the table there was a note.

"Starfire, you kinda hit the wine pretty hard last night and passed out. Decided that you needed your sleep and just tucked you in. -R"

She was still in her see through gown, and if she had drunk all of the wine like Robin said, then it would explain her horrible dream. Shaking her head she moved to her closet and took out a hanger that had one of her uniforms on it and floated towards her private bathroom while yawning. Making it into her bathroom she started to strip but froze as she looked into the mirror and saw a scar on her side.

"That was not there before." she whispered, a look of horror on her face.

Starfire quickly got dressed and flew as quietly as she could towards Robin’s room. Her uniform didn't hide the scar at all.


Raven and Robin were in the main room watching some TV. 8 AM was kinda early for them usually, but neither of them had been able to sleep. Raven's eyes glowed black then went back to normal as she grinned and kissed robin.

"She’s awake and found the scar. She's on her way to your room and she's in enough of a mood that I suggest you page her or something otherwise your room will get trashed."

Robin grinned and took out his com.

"Hey Starfire, you awake yet?" he asked.

"Yes dear robin, I am awake." Starfires voice said, sounding very stressed.

"Cool, c'mon and meet me in the main room and we'll share breakfest."

Starfire never bothered to answer as Robin grinned.

"You have the controller, right?" Robin asked Raven.

Raven nodded her head, looking slightly nervous.

"Shouldn't we have tested this out first?"


Starfire flew full throttle to the main room and went right after Robin. She hardly noticed Raven as she tackled Robin to the floor and picked him up and slammed him into a wall.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?" She demanded, eyes glowing as she pointed to the scar.

Robin grinned.

"Why tell you, when I can show you. If you would Raven?"

Raven lifted up what looked like a TV remote, and pointing it at Starfire she pressed a button. Starfire went to blast Raven with her eyes but the energy barely came out of her eyes. Then she started to feel weak as her legs started to buckle and Robin pushed her back with ease and Starfire was caught by Ravens powers.

"W-whats -happening?" Starfire asked weakly.

"The scar in your side is from a surgery I performed on you last night. I've installed a device in your spine that can drain you of all you powers and even your ability to walk and talk. However as easily as it can drain you we can give you back your powers."

Starfire sat on the floor, tears in her eyes.

"I thought it was a dream." she said.

"No such luck." Raven said coming up behind Starfire and sitting next to her.

"You left her able to talk normaly?" Robin said looking at Raven.

Raven nodded.

"Seemed like a nice thing to do considering everything else we're doing."

Robin shrugged and pulled Starfire into his arms and carried her over to the couch.

"Why do you do this? Let me have my powers back and I will leave you and Raven alone. I will return to Tameran." Starfire said looking down at the floor. She looked up when she heard Raven and Robin laugh slightly.

"Starfire we don't want you to leave. We realize that this must suck finding out like this, and that the surgery must of seemed like a lot, but personally we were scared shitless of how you were going to react. I've seen what you can do when pissed off. But we still wanted be your friends and you are a valued member of the teen titans. However…" Robin trailed off blushing and looked over to Raven for help.

"However, while Robin and I love each other very much; my Father created me without the ability to bear children. That’s where you come in." Raven said.

Starfire looked outraged.

"I will not bear a child just for you two!"

Robin laughed again.

"Actually that was something we hadn't really thought of. Although..." Robin trailed off and grinned, till Raven shot him a glare. Starfire looked at both of them confused.

"Then what were you planing?" she asked.

"Well we were thinking you could be our baby." Raven said.

Starfire stared at Raven like she was on crack.

"I see..." Starfire said. 'I see that Raven is one hergil short of a zilmac.' starfire thought.

Raven grinned.

"I don't know what a hergil or a zilmac is, but I assure you, I'm not crazy."

"Now Starfire, your part is needed in here. because let's be honest, this won't go outside of the tower and we'll try and keep Cyborg and Beast boy out of it but let's face it, it'll be for nothing if as soon as me and Raven let you go back to normal you just start talking to every one." Robin said.

"What makes you think that I will go along with this!?"

"Because while we would really rather leave you able to be a functioning member of the team we always could just jump the device in your spine power till you can't talk or do anything but be a helpless baby and me and Raven won't ever turn the power down. We've taken quite a few risks and can't be caught now." Robin said coldly.

Starfire looked in horror at Robin then at Raven. Robin met her gaze without flinching but Raven looked away.

"What is to stop me from agreeing now and then telling the others later?" Starfire asked, pushing her luck and knowing it.

"Because if you agree to our terms then you'll have to fully 100 percent mean it and Raven will be reading your mind to check. And even if you betray us later on... if we're going to be fucked we'll take you down with us." Robin said.

Starfire started to cry. How did this happen? Why had it?

"Y-you promise to treat me nicely if I agree?" Starfire asked, her lip trembling.

Robin broke into a smile with Raven.

"You'll be our daughter if you agree. Of course!" Raven said.

It took all the will power Starfire had left to sit herself up and she was clearly exhausted by the effort and was very unstable much like a 3 month old baby.

"I...I agree." Starfire said. She was defeated. No matter what she said or did in the end Robin and Raven would win. The best she could do is take the deal that would leave her able to regain herself every now and then.



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Robin was carrying Starfire back towards Raven's room. The Tamerian had not said anything since agreeing to be their baby and Robin was slightly worried. Looking over at Raven, Robin nodded down at Starfire, who's face was buried in Robins chest.

Raven mouthed she's ok as they made it to her room. In the far corner there was an adult sized crib set up and a changing table, once again adult sized. Robin carried Starfire over to the table and set her down gently as Starfire turned her head away from him.

'Well I can't really blame her if she wants to be pouty.' Robin thought.

He quickly undressed Starfire, inculdeing her wrist guard until a very embarrassed and very naked girl lay before him. Robin pulled out a white thick disposable diaper.

"Can you lift your butt up Star?" Robin asked. Starfire still wouldn't look at him but tired to lift herself up but couldn't.

"I can’t do it Robin." She said in a small voice.

"Daddy, or dad." Robin said.

"Is that what I am to refer to you as from now on?" Starfire asked.

"Yea, and Raven is to be referred to as mommy or what not."

Starfire was silent and robin sighed and lifted Starfire up himself and slid the diaper under her. Picking up some baby powder he sprinkled it onto her before taping up the diaper. Raven walked over carrying a pink sleeper with a yellow duck on the front and anther onto the butt. It had a snap open crotch. It didn't have any holes for hands on it. Raven pulled Starfire’s hair back before dressing her in the sleeper. With a grin Robin walked up and tied a cute pink and frilly baby bonnet on Starfires head. Raven finally pulled out a (Yes, you guessed it, pink) pacifier and held it in front of Starfire's mouth who just looked at Raven like she was on crack.

"Open you mouth." Raven instructed.

"I do not wish to suckle on a piece of rubber." Starfire said.

"You also didn't wished to be diapered, put in a sleeper and be made into me and Raven's baby." Robin said.

Starfire shot Robin a look but opened her mouth and began to suck on the pacifier.

"You wanna go ahead and set up the high chair and play pen?" Raven asked Robin.

"You’re the one who can teleport." Robin said with a wink at Starfire who despite herself had to slighty smile around her pacifier. Raven walked away from Starfire with a grin on her face as she lightly punched Robin's arm.

"Look here you, you know I can teleport you into the room and then walk in there with little Starbright." Raven said. "And since you'd be more likely to figure out how to put all that stuff together then I think you should go and put it together."

"Well when you put it like that…" Robin started to say. He was cut off as Raven teleported him into the living room. With a grin she turned back to Starfire.

"So little Starbright, did you want me to carry you into the living room or did you want me to give you enough strength to crawl into the living room. Left hand for carrying, right hand for crawling."

Starfire lay there thinking about her choices.


"I don't believe it! I can figure out how to hack Brother Blood’s computer, I've built 90 percent of my weapons. I've done body work on the Batmobile. I've even built a freaking power suit when I was Red X and I can't figure out how to put this high chair together!" Robin ranted.

The playpen was ready to go, it was close to the TV and had a couple of plush animals in it. (Includeing a plush Rabbit that Robin had snuck a mini set of Raven’s clothes on.)The main problem was the high chair from hell which refused to be put together. Robin took a deep breath and stood away from all the parts for a second before screaming bloody murder and rushing the parts and in a flurry attacking them. When he stopped to take a breath he was surprised to find he had built the damn thing.

"....Oh yea, Mad skills."





Starfire raised her left hand. She had thought about it and really she was just going to be embarrassed either way. This way she might inconvenience Raven. Raven however didn't seem to mind as she used her powers to grab a hold of Starfire and keeping the poor girl by her, they made their way to the living room.

Starfire kept shifting around, partly to try and get used to the bulk between her legs but also the material used to make the sleeper was super soft and felt so nice. Raven let out a low whistle as they walked into the living room.

"I'm impressed, I thought for sure you wouldn't be able to get every thing built." she said.

"Nosense! They don't call me the boy wonder for nothing you know." Robin replied with a grin on his face. Raven rolled her eyes as she put Starfire in the high chair and set the tray in place. Holding a hand out in front of Starfires mouth Raven looked at Starfire with a grin.

"You can spit the pacifire out now." Raven said.

Starfire rolled her eyes and spit it out, wondering why they had bothered to stick it in her mouth in the first place.

"So Starbright, what will it be? Banna's and appels or Pea's and carrots?" Raven asked holding out jars of baby food that were about the size of a jar of jam. "Left hand for banna's and appels and right for carrot and peas."

Starfire looked from jar to jar biting her lip.

"Don't worry, we'll add mustard." Robin said from the fridge as he was getting ready to make him and Raven bacon and eggs. Starfire smiled and choose the carrot and peas. Raven opened the jar up and pulled a normal chair up to Starfire's high chair and took out a spoon and the mustard.

"Have I ever mentioned how weird your mustard fetish is?" Raven asked as she spooned mustard into the baby food and mixed it in with the spoon.

"Coming from us that means so much I'm sure." Robin called from the stove.



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After a couple of tries Raven managed to get the feeding thing down enough that all of the food was making it into Starfire's mouth. Robin made a comment that Starfire looked cute with the baby food on her cheeks and chin and earned a glare from the girl.

"You food is ready." Robin told Raven.

"Just leave it beside me, I'll eat after Starfire is done." Raven said. Robin shrugged and set the plate beside Raven and sat down at the table himself.

"Oh yea, what did you want to drink?" Robin asked, getting up to grab two glasses and a baby bottle.

"Cherry juice for me and milk for Starfire." Raven said.

Robin grabed himself some milk too and put Raven and Starfire's drinks next to Raven's plate as he sat back down. By this point Starfire had actually gone through half of the baby food and was feeling a little stuffed. When Raven tried the next spoon full Starfire turned her head away and kept her mouth closed.

"You full Starbright?" Raven asked.

Starfire nodded her head.

"Robin, go put Starfire in the play pen and put it on cartoon for her."

Raven said as she handed Starfire her bottle which Starfire took and started to drink out of. Robin sighed but put down his fork and took a face cloth and wiped Starfire face off before taking her out of the high chair and putting her in the play pen. He then turned on the TV and put it on Treehouse.

"Give a cry when your done with the bottle ok Starbright?" Robin said, patting her on the head. Starfire nodded her head, blushing. She didn't know why but all of the attention Raven and Robin were pouring on her felt kinda nice. She could do without the diapers and the fact that Raven was a man stealing whore, but other than that it felt good. And not just like the warm blanket on a cold day good. She was tingling in her pussy and it was getting hard to ignore.


Raven shot a look over at Starfire who was shifting around blushing in the play pen while watching teletubies.

"You didn't do what I think you did right?" She asked him in a whisper. Robin gave a light chuckle and grinned.

"Come on, It's just a little fun, and I don't think she's complaining." Robin whispered back.

"Just because you can trigger sexual arousal in her and make her cum doesn't mean you should!" Raven hissed.

"Look, She deserves a little pleasure and it'll also help condition her into liking this more." Robin whimpered.

They finished they're breakfast in silence both keeping a eye on Starfire who was sucking on her bottle eyes closed with a hand on the front of her sleeper trying to rub herself through the sleeper and diaper. Both of them had to bite their lips to keep from laughing. Raven took the dishes to the sink as Robin called over to Starfire.

"You finished you bottle yet?"

Starfire's eyes flew open as she dropped the empty bottle and her entire face turned beet red.

"Are you done with the bottle Starbright?" Robin asked, a huge grin on his face. Starfire slowly moved her hand onto her leg as she nodded yes.

"Did you want anther Bottle?" Robin asked.

Starfire shook her head no. Raven came over and put the pacifire in Starfire's mouth before going to sit on the couch. Robin came over and joined her.

"Do you mind if we change the channel Starbright?" Raven asked.

By this point Starfire pussy was begging for attention but she just couldn't put enough pressure on the diaper to please herself. Sucking hard on the pacifier Starfire shook her head no. Raven flipped through the channels and stopped to watch Stargate SG1. As the show went on two things started to happen. The first was that Raven and Robin began to kiss each others necks then lips and then began to full out make out. Falling back onto the couch with Raven on top the two teens began to rub and grind into each other.

The second thing that started to happen wasn't as nice. Supper last night wanted to pay a visit through the southern exit. Starfire squirmed around and whimpered through her pacifier as the cramps got worse and worse. 'Surly when they said I would be their baby they did not mean for me to soil myself.' Starfire thought.

She started to take out her pacifier to say something when Raven's energy covered it and forced it back into her mouth.

"B-be a g-good baby girl and keep- just a second robin! And keep that in your mouth!" Raven called from the couch.

Starfire whimpered but it was no good. Every time she tried to take the pacifier but Raven merely forced it back in. It was bad enough to have to take a shit and have to watch your former boyfriend make out with his new girlfriend, but Starfire still felt an over-whelming need to rub herself.

Knowing she was defeated Starfire used her remaining strength to roll onto her hands and knees and crying gave a push which was all that was needed as the back of her diaper began to expand and made a crackling noise. Her farts were muffled by the diaper and sleeper, and the rest of the noise was covered up by Stargate which was still on. The mess bulged out the back of the diaper as much as it could before it started to slink towards the front. She finished as her mess touched her pussy making her want to throw up and cry out in pleasure as the warm mess was goading the yearning in her. Her muscles gave out and she slammed down onto the play pen and moaned through the pacifier as she felt the pressure hit her pussy. In need of a fix now, Starfire began to hump the play pen which wasn't all that much to help her but she couldn't help herself.


Raven whimpered into Robin ear, kissing and sucking on his neck as he thrust two fingers in and out of her wet hole. His cock was rubbing against her leg as she reached out with her power and started to give him a hand job with her energy.

"Robin I'm gonna-"

"Me too!"

They locked lips and mashed tongues as they both came. Laying there for a couple of seconds afterwards they both smiled and stared at each other. That’s when they noticed the smell.

"Real romantic." Raven said rolling her eyes.

"Hey it wasn't me!" Robin said. "I was gonna ask if it was you."

"Wait, if it wasn't either of us..." Raven said.

They got off each other and looked over at Starfire and her very full diaper.

"Maybe we should have listened to her when she was trying to talk." Robin said with a sheepish grin.

"I knew there was going to be a down side to making her our baby." Raven said with a sweatdrop. Robin pulled out a coin.

"Call it in the air, loser changes Starfire." Robin said tossing the coin in the air.


Robin caught the coin and looked at it and smirked.


"Alright but you get next diaper change." Raven said.


Raven wrapped her energy around Starfire and lifted the smelly girl towards her room. Robin meanwile was opening windows and looking for the febreeze.

"Whatever that girl had for supper last night is being taken off the menu." Robin said to himself making a face. Just then an icon popped up on the computer screen announcing that he was getting a com message from Titans east. Composing himself Robin answered the call.

"Hey Cyborg, what’s up?" Robin asked as the tin mans face filled the screen.

"Nothing much, just thought I'd check in. and let you know that some freak of a new villain slipped by us and might be heading to jump city." Cyborg said kind of blushing.

"All those titans there and the guy got away?" Robin asked.

"Well he can read your mind and make you live your fantasy. While you're living it he can control your body. Called himself mindfreak. Anyways, when just me and BB were fighting him the fantasy weren't that strong and we could fight them off. But as more of us showed up he seemed to get stronger. So me and BB are gonna stay here and hope that with just three of you he won't be able to get you guys that well."

"I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the heads up."

"No prob. See ya later."

Robin pressed a couple of buttons and the transmission ended.

"Just what we needed."


Starfire was on the changing table whimpering as her mess was pressed against her. (Well she was also whimpering because Robin hadn't turned it off her and pussy was still quivering in need.) She was sucking on her pacifier trying to think of something else as Raven used her powers to bring the wipes and baby powder and a new diaper over to her.

Raven knew she should expect the bad smell to get stronger as she undid Starfire’s diaper but she couldn’t help just staring in shock. Starfire's shit was mustard yellow. Exactly the same color.

"How much mustard do you go through a day?" Raven asked. "Wait, I don't want to know."

Raven took a couple of wipes and began to gently clean Starfire who meeped through her pacifier when the first cold wipe touched her skin.

"Relax Starbright." Raven said with an amused look on her face. Raven first cleaned Starfire's sweet cheeks and little corn hole, wrapping a wipe around her finger and sticking it right up in Starfire, earning a moan from the princess.

"Did Starbright like that?" Raven asked in a playful voice. Starfire nodded her head very fast and Raven began to finger fuck Starfire’s asshole as Starfire moaned and moved her body to try and get more in her as a glazed look came on her face along with a blush and some sweat. Raven felt herself growing damp downstairs though in all fairness she was still wet from making out with Robin. She slowly pulled her finger out of starfire butt and wiped it off before taking a new wipe and started to clean Starfire's pussy causing the princess to squirm like all get out.

"Hold still starbirght." Raven said sternly lightly slapping Starfire's leg. Starfire whimpered but did her best to hold still. After the poor girl’s pussy was cleaned of her own shit Raven clicked her tongue.

"Tsk tsk Starbright. I try to clean you up but you just keep on leaking." Raven said referring to starfire's pussy juice. Raven spread Starfire's leg out farther and leaned her head in close.

"Maybe this needs more personal attention eh Starbirght?"

Starfire met Raven's gaze about a second before the dark teen buried her face into Starfire’s hot hole, licking and sucking on Starfire's clit. Starfire cried out and had the most explosive orgasm she’d ever had, spraying cum all over Raven's face just as Robin walked in.

"Did I miss something?" He asked with an amused look on his face.


Both of the girls just kinda looked embarrassed and said nothing while Raven cleaned her face off.

"Well Starfire, At least you can look forward to diaper changes." Robin joked.

Behind his back he quickly turned down the hormone levels in Starfire so the girl could have a break.

"What brings you in here Robin." Raven says, her tone a tad icy, causing Robin to do a sweatdrop.

"Er, I just got off the phone with Cyborg, seems like a new villain is heading our way." Robin said before proceeding to tell them both about this mindfreak’s supposed powers.

"Well then, we'll just have to be careful then won't we?" Raven said with a smiled as she finished re-diapering Starfire. Starfire's insides froze up when she heard this.

"Surly you do not mean for me to fight this villain like this?" Starfire asked, in a panicked voice.

Robin and Raven exchanged smiled before patting Starfire on the head.

"You'll be wearing your uniform just with a thinner diaper under it." Raven assured her.

"But..But if I am throw to the ground and my skirt flips up.." Starfire says eyes wide.

"Then consider it a motivation not to get flipped." Robin said with a grin. "Ok, I got the stink out of the living room, did ya guys wanna go back and watch some TV?"

Raven nodded her head while Starfire pouted.

"whats wrong now Starbright?" Raven asked, rolling her eyes.

"You guys will just ignore me and start with the making out again. I do not wish to watch you and Robin acting like fulor during their mating season." Starfire said. She yelped when she got a slap on her leg.

"Look here little Missy, I told you to call us daddy and mommy. No more calling us Raven and Robin. And I know it must be hard for you to see us make out but it's going to happen, get used to it." Robin said in a stern voice.

Starfire stuck out her bottom lip but didn't say anything. Raven sighed and picked Starfire up with her powers and lead them back into the living room, this time sitting Starfire on the couch between her and Robin. Robin, now joining in on the pouting flipped thru the channel till coming to a stop on Dave the barbian. As the three watched the show Starfire slowly stopped pouting and subconsciously started to lean into Robin and wrap an arm round him. He started to say something then noticed that Starfire was sucking her thumb and grinned. He shot Raven a smile and she returned it, not feeling at all jealous.


Inside of a jewel store Mindfreak stood back watching his handy work. He was 5'10, with pale skin and a thin build. His head was bald but he had an orange goatee and brushy orange eyebrow that made up for it. His eyes were yellow, as were his teeth. He wore black leather boots, with leather straps warped around his legs. He also wore a Black t-shirt with a black leather jacket that reached down to his feet. His hands were covered in black leather gloves. *AN: Any one else noticing a trend? ^^() *

The staff of the store as well as the customers where putting all their money and jewels in bags and then putting the bags in a black van. Each of them was wrapped up in their sweet desire and that was how he was able to control them. Of course, for those whose desire was sex, they had to stop every now and then to let loose a load into their pants, a couple of them already showing through the front.

Best of all, it would take the Titans actually being exactly where he was to find him and try to stop him. None of these fools could sound an alarm.

"God I love my job."