First Meeting
By Avm Tenebrae

(Trajan, Loupy, Dio, Razzie, & Haruko are copy write of their specific owners. Avm and all other titled characters are copy write of me.)

“F-forgive me… please…” she begged, tears streaming down her eyes, her body weak from the pain. Her breath came in soft and ragged pants and her eyesight was blurring. With the last of her strength, she lifted her head slowly, looking at the dark figure seated upon a golden throne. She reached out to him and bit her lip softly, uttering “I’m… sorry…” before collapsing and sinking into the darkness.


Rebecca awoke with a gasp. The brown furred wolf panted as she sat up in bed, and then buried her face into her paws.

“Ugh… again…” she spoke softly, her tail already curled around herself under her sheets. “Am I never going to forget that night…? It’s already been a year…” she sighed and rested her back against the headboard of her bed, letting her arms fall limp to her sides.

Rebecca stared at the ceiling quietly, thinking to herself. She had been so unhappy then… and she’d worked so hard to get here now, away from all of it… she knew she was much happier now, leading this normal, free life… yet, that dream kept coming. It was like it was trying to tell her something, but in truth, she was too scared to look into it very far.

The young female sighed again and looked at the clock. 6:52.

“Least it didn’t wake me up too early. Just 8 minutes…” she said, turning off the alarm and getting out of bed.


Mmmmmmmm…” Rebecca murred to herself, sipping down the rest of her iced green tea as she walked down the city street. She was heading back from lunch, back to her secretarial job. The pay was decent, and she never really had a problem with her employers trying to cheat on their wives with her. She guessed it was because of how she looked. She’d overheard a few of the guys talking about her at the office, saying that while she looked like an angel, she looked far to innocent to even think of trying to get close to.

“Just like a high schooler.” Had been the exact quote. “she’s good looking and got a great personality, but every time I think about it, I feel like I’m not even worthy to buy her a drink.”

She chuckled a little as she remembered this. Most females would be insulted by such a comparison, but not her. She truly liked it. The wolf knew far too many people who wished they had appreciated their youth. She was going to hold onto every second she could.

Rebecca walked down the nearest alleyway, just like she did everyday. Crime rates were close to zero during the day time, as long as you were in the populous areas, so she knew she had nothing to worry about. Just when she was about to reach the alley intersection, she heard a pair of voices. Always the curious one, she padded close to the corner and peeked.

Down the alley, behind a dumpster, were two people. A male tiger and a female otter, both casually dressed. The female had her back to the wall and was looking down shyly, while the male stood before her, watching her with warm eyes.

“Gosh… what a scenic getaway…” the otter said softly, her shy eyes slowly moving up to look at him eye to eye.

The tiger smiled and gently drew closer. “I’m sorry… I couldn’t wait until tonight… I had to see you… hold you… it’s just so hard to believe…” he replied, gently stroking her cheek.

The otter closed her eyes and placed her paws upon his. She paused for a moment, then opened her eyes and looked up at him with a smile. “You shouldn’t be so surprised… we love each other… we were meant for each other…” she told him gently.

He smiled and drew even closer, his paw moving down to her hip. “Yes… I am for you now… forever and always…” he purred.

Rebecca’s heart felt so light at that moment. It was like something out of a movie, and she was such a sucker for these kinds of movies. She was about to turn and leave them to their sweet nothings when she heard something said that made her freeze.

“I’ll always thank Master for his kindness.” The tiger said softly. “Without him, I would have never found you.”

What? Her heart had stopped cold

“Yes… I was so scared that Master Avm might not allow us to be together…” the otter said back, their lips almost together. “But he could see how pure our love was… how much we felt for one another…”

Master? She begged for her heart to start again, so she could run away.

“Roger… kiss me…”


“Only you, my love, my Angela…”


And then their lips met in a passionate lock. Roger’s paw slid up her thigh, pulling up her skirt, while Angela’s knee rose up and dragged down against his pants. Rebecca’s eyes widened, seeing the unbelievable. As the skirt was lifted away, a section of thick pink disposable diaper came into view. At the same moment, the tiger’s falling pants allowed the waistband of a blue and white diaper to be revealed.

There was a clatter, and the two of them shot their eyes over to the corner of the alley. All they saw was a spilled plastic cup of green tea on the ground.


Rebecca slammed the door behind her as she made it to her apartment. Sliding to the floor with her back against the door, she gripped her shoulders and panted up a storm. Master… the word kept echoing in her mind. Those two had been slaves. They had submitted themselves to someone, giving up their wills and their bodies to him that they called Master.

“But why did they sound so happy? And why were they walking around in such normal clothes? They didn’t even have collars on!” she asked herself desperately. “And why the heck did they have those diapers on???”

She just sat there, holding herself and panting for a few minutes until she calmed down. She called up the office and said that she’d eaten some bad seafood at lunch and was taking the rest of the day off. The wolf then changed out of her work clothes, wrapped herself up in a bathrobe, and went to make herself some sweet tea.

As she sat on her couch with her mug of tea, she let her mind drift, though never far enough that she would slip back into her memories of over a year ago. Slaves weren’t people bound to eternal servitude for nothing. No, it was more of a personal thing, almost like a hobby, but much, much more serious. Some couples were slave and master behind the security of their doors, as an expression of love and devotion between them. A Master with more than one slave, though, was what she facing. If he had two out in the open, it was likely he had many more, and if that was true, he had both a lot of space to hold his slaves and possibly a lot of money to provide supplies.

Rebecca blinked, and then shook her head. Why did she care? She didn’t want a Master. She should just relax for the rest of the day, get a good night sleep and forget about what she’d seen.

She stared at her TV quietly, and the image of the two of them kissing came back to her mind. Before she could stop herself, their clothes vanished, leaving them in just their colorful diapers. They began to make out, grinding and pressing up against one another while burying their tongues into each others muzzles. “No!” she gasped, shaking her head to throw the image out of her head. She quivered and reached down to touch her sacred fem hole, and felt herself blush as she realized she was wet and hot.

“I’m… aroused? By diapers?” she asked herself, feeling so strange and embarrassed.


The rest of the week was very awkward for her. No matter how hard she tried, she found herself doing things that would lead her closer and closer to discovering who the Master of Roger and Angela were. In her free time at work, she scanned the internet, searching for the name Avm. True, a number of Masters did not go by their true names. They took on secondary, more seductive names around their slaves so that they could lead their normal lives more easily. Surprisingly, she did find an Avm, and he truly did fit the bill to be a Master. A tall black panther, owner of his own semi-large electronics company, single, a lover of fine dining and the arts, and yet much was unknown about his home life. He had his own top floor condo at a building near the other side of the city, about a thirty minute ride by taxi. Again, the question of why she was looking into all of this arose in her, and she tried to will herself to stop. But she couldn’t. A carnal curiosity clawed at her, and it would not be satiated until she’d found whatever it was she was looking for.


Rebecca quietly stepped out of the cab and paid the driver, then looked up quietly at the tall apartment building. This was definitely meant for the upper branch of society. Each of the floors was its own separate abode. There were no apartments 1A or 1B here. Driven by her gut, the wolf swallowed lightly and stepped into the building.

Walking across the decorated lobby as if she were there for a reason, she headed straight for the elevators on the other side. The first thing she looked at was the directory. Looking at it quietly, she blinked in surprise as she read it. She quickly went back outside and looked up at the building, then went back inside to the directory.

“There are two floors missing here…” she said to herself quietly, wondering what the deal was with that. When she counted the names listed and compared it to the number of stories she could see from outside, there seemed to be two extra.

“Now why would that…” “Good Afternoon, Mister Avm.” Came a greeting from the front desk. Her breath vanished as her eyes looked behind her.

Walking calmly, with his paws held behind his back, came Avm. He was wearing a black suit, with a red shirt underneath and a black tie. His cunning eyes were a reflective gold, and his head fur was trimmed as short as the rest of the fur on his body. What she really noticed was his muzzle. On it was a small little smile, no teeth showing, giving off the feeling of a kind cheerfulness, and yet with some kind of higher knowing behind it, as if the world in general amused him.

He walked right up to the elevator and slid a keycard through a slot, then his ears flicked and he looked over at Rebecca.

“Can I help you miss?” he asked her, his voice like silk ribbons trailing across her brown ears.

Rebecca thought she was going to panic, but instead some kind of higher thought bloomed in her mind.

“You work for an advertising company. Use it as a cover to get near him and find out what he is and what he does.” She heard in her inner mind. She felt brilliant at that moment, and with a confident smile, she reached into her suit pocket and pulled out a business card.

“Hello there, sir. My name is Rebecca.” She said, offering the card to him. “I was just here to ask you if you would be interested in hiring my company for an advertising gig anytime soon.”

Avm took the card from her hand and looked at it, then smiled politely at her. “I see. I actually might have a job for your company for a new product.” He said, pocketing the card. “Would you like to join me? We can discuss what I need in my condominium.”

Rebecca made her mind work at computer speeds. Joining him would be like walking into the spider’s den. If he was one of the more dangerous Masters, she might be leaving with a collar around her neck. But that’s what she was here for, wasn’t it? To find out what kind of Master he was, though she still couldn’t find out why she wanted to know.

“Sure, I would love to.” She said with a smile. The elevator soon swung open its doors, the two of them stepped inside, and then the elevator headed for the top.


“Ah, Miss Rebecca…” Avm started to say.

“Please, just Rebecca.” She told him cheerfully.

“Rebecca then.” He said, smiling down at her. “Please don’t be upset about this, but I know you aren’t here for your company.”

She blinked. “Wha?” she asked, barely a whimper.

“I’m sorry. I already turned down a proposition with your company a week ago.” he told her.

Rebecca quivered softly, wondering what the heck she was going to do. She jumped a little and looked at him when he spoke again.

“Since you’re not here on business, I’m supposing you just needed an excuse to talk to me personally?” he asked her, his understanding smile still on his face.

Rebecca looked up at him quietly, trying to get some kind of reading off of the panther, and while she didn’t pick up much, she did know the feeling of danger was minimal. She decided, for now, to go along with it.

“Actually… yes.” The wolf said with a nod.

“Very well then. Once we get to my home, we’ll sit down and have a nice chat.” He said to her with a slight nod. Not long after, the doors slid open, and Avm stepped out. Rebecca followed him in and looked around the condo curiously.

The condo was very well made. Soft white carpeting, curving cream walls, and a high ceiling. The elevator led out to a living room with a coffee table and two long, rounded couches, and a few stair steps led up to the viewing windows and over to the kitchen and dining areas. There were two hallways leading away next to the kitchen, and another one to the left of the stairway.

As Avm and Rebecca sat together on the couch, a young looking Doberman, wearing the classical maid uniform, padded out from one of the hallways.

“Welcome home, Master.” The dog said with a bow. “Does Master or his guest care for anything?”

“Nothing for me now, dear. Would you like anything?” Avm said, looking to Rebecca.

“No, not really. Thanks, though.” Rebecca responded, looking at the maid curiously. The dog’s voice sounded high enough to be a female’s, but low enough to be a male’s. The perfume the maid was wearing also made it difficult to tie down a gender scent. One thing she was certain of, as the maid turned and walked away, was the sight of a black collar and the distinct sound of something crinkling under the skirt.

“Now then, what is it you wished to speak to me about?” Avm asked curiously.
Rebecca was still trying to figure out what she was going to do. She felt so scared and unsure of herself at this moment. “Come on, brain, speed up again…” she begged internally.

The wolf chanced a small glance up at Avm, who simply smiled kindly at her. There was a small glimmer across his eyes, and she felt confidence start to fill her. An idea came to her, strange and crazy, but somehow it made a good deal of sense to her.

She hardened her face and looked the panther straight in the eye. “Let me just cut to the chase.” She yipped curtly and full of command. “I know you’re a Master. I saw a couple of your slaves making out in an alleyway.” Rebecca was aiming to try and show off the strength of her will, giving off a clear message that she was nobody’s bitch.

Avm looked at her thoughtfully, and then smiled. “Ah yes. Roger and Angela commented on how they believed they’d been seen.” He said calmly. “And what of it?”

“I’m… interested in your operation. I want to see it.” She continued.

Avm let his eyes travel up and down Rebecca’s person quietly, and then smiled. “Very well then. Would you mind coming with me?” he asked, standing up and starting to walk off. Rebecca blinked, then stood up and followed him.
The black panther led her over to a doorway in the back of his house, took out a key and unlocked the door, then opened it to reveal a dark stairway. He made an inviting motion to her, and Rebecca took the hint to start stepping down the dark stairway. Avm followed behind her, turning on a light and closing the door behind them.

Rebecca let her tail sway lightly behind her as she walked down the stairway. They reached a door, and Avm came forward and slowly opened the door. The wolf blinked and stepped out of the stairway, looking in awe at what she was seeing. She’d stepped into a pastel painted room, which looked like the reception desk of a pediatrician’s office. There was a desk right before her, with a cheerful looking vixen wearing a nursing uniform sitting behind the desk. There were a few other doors around the room, leading off to who knew where. Avm padded over to the desk and greeted the vixen, making a bit of small talk with her before she pressed a button and one of the doors opened up.

“Come along, Rebecca, you said you wanted to take a look, right?” the panther said invitingly. She quit looking in awe of the wall colors and followed after him into a hallway that sat right behind the nurse’s desk. This hallway was lined with large black windows, and colored a soft peach. He led her over to one window and pressed a button next to it. The black window became clear, and inside was a sight that sent shivers down her spine. Why, she couldn’t tell.

Through the window she saw what appeared to be a baby’s nursery, complete with a crib, changing table, play pen, cute cloud wallpaper, soft forestry carpeting and a mobile of clouds and birds floating high above the room. However, they were all much larger than commercially available, and what really shocked her was what she saw playing within the wooden playpen. It was a fennec fox who was sitting on the floor with his legs splayed. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and a thick white diaper, and was sucking on a round blue pacifier. He was playing, looking very happy, with a stack of plastic colorful blocks, his tail swaying across the soft floor. He seemed oblivious to them, and she realized that there were shades of patterns across the window.

“It’s a one way mirror so we don’t disturb him. Quite adorable, isn’t he? Fennecs are quite easy to care for, due to their natural small size. It doesn’t take one of the larger species to lift him up and cuddle him or hold him over one’s shoulder.” Avm explained, before looking back at Rebecca.

The wolf kept her composure, though her heart suddenly felt incredibly full. He was so cute… and he looked so innocent… and his diapers actually looked meant for a baby. “Say… are those Cuddlers?” she asked, trying to keep up her façade of calmness.

“Ah yes. Adult Fennec Size.” He said with a smile.

Rebecca blinked and looked at him. “Excuse me? Adult?”

“Yes, Adult. He could have fit into the youth size of a regular fox, but the species specific design is much more comfortable.” He continued calmly.

Cuddlers make adult diapers? That have cute little cartoons on them?” the wolf continued, completely shocked.

“Why yes. I get a discount for ordering them in bulk for various species, as well as being a major supplier.” Avm said with a chuckle. “They don’t do it publicly, though I’ve told them over and over again that their sales would skyrocket if they did. They simply don’t want to cause controversy for their customers. Thank goodness for the Internet, eh?”

While Rebecca tried to fight off the thought of imagining how the diapers felt, she just smiled politely to Avm.

“Lets continue.” The panther said with a nod, heading off to the next window. Rebecca followed quietly, and then looked into the next window. This time, she felt her tail give a hard flick at the sight.

A dingo wearing a childish dress and some thick pink diapers peeking out from under the skirt was being led over to the nearby changing table, holding onto the paw of a smiling white furred rabbit with a mass of red poofy head fur in jeans and a t-shirt. Rebecca found herself smiling. Another pair of sweet lovers like the two in alleyway, except only one was wearing the diapers. She was about to ask their names, but noticed something when the dingo was laid down and the diaper was undone by the rabbit. Her eyes widened a little and she blushed as she saw definite proof that the dingo was totally male.

“A lovely couple indeed. They come here to rent out one of my rooms often.” Avm commented with a smile.

Rebecca looked over at him in surprise. “You mean they aren’t your slaves?” she asked bluntly without meaning to.

Avm laughed. “Oh no, not those two. I offer these rooms for rental to those without their own nursery.” He said with a smile. “You wish to see one of mine?”

She nodded reluctantly, and Avm led her to a window down, to the right. When he turned on the light, inside she saw a white furred ferret with streaks of dyed purple across her body in random places. Despite looking quite punkish with the dyed fur and small silver rings in her ears and one in her nose, she also looked quite cute in the light purple onesie with baby blue lace around the leggings and across the rear. She was being held in the arms of a brown bear nurse, who was in the process of feeding her a baby bottle. She was curled up and had closed eyes, and looked absolutely at peace.

Unlike the two before her, this one wore a deep purple collar around her neck, with a pink female symbol tag and an information tag hanging from it.

“All of those under me wear those, along with their diapers.” Avm said with a playful smile. “Both are required before they are allowed to call me Master or Father.”

“They call you Father?” Rebecca asked in surprise.

“Father, Papa, Daddy, Sir. I give them relative freedom in how they call me.” Avm said with a smile. “So, most of the rooms are basically the same. Five rooms on either side, one for supplies, the other a small kitchen and relaxation area for the nurses,  then a large playroom at the very end for multiple children to play together.”

“I… I see…” Rebecca responded, gently gripping one of her elbows, trying to figure out what she was feeling. It was so peculiar. She could almost feel the soft padding hugging her furry rear, and her tongue gently ran across her teeth, suddenly having an urge for fresh, warmed milk.

“Would you like to continue on down here, or shall we move on to the next floor?” he asked with a smile.

“Next… wait, you mean you own the two floors under you?” she asked surprised at how wealthy this panther was.

Mhmm. The top floor is where I live, the second floor and third floor are meant for my clients and children.” He told her, walking down the hallway.

“Is the lower floor the same as this one?” she asked curiously.

“Not exactly.” He said with a small smile as he took her past the information desk and opening up another doorway with a stair case.

She followed him down quietly, then looked around as they entered a new room, quite like the reception room upstairs, except it had a more clinical feel to it, lacked any pastel colors and the badger female sitting behind the desk was wearing a strict looking military uniform with a discipline crop at her belt. Upon seeing Avm, she stood and gave a salute, and he gave a quick motion with his paw which led her to open the door behind the desk for the two of them to enter.

Rebecca looked down a hall with windows just like upstairs, and the black panther led her to another window. When he turned it clear, she felt her whole body shudder, with a mix of apprehension and terribly shameful delight.

The room looked quite a bit like the nurseries upstairs, except the equipment was laden with cuffs and restraints of many kinds, and some of the toys scattered about looked like they were meant for a more adult kind of playtime. Inside the room was a grey wolf, with pink restraints covered his head, muzzle and upper torso. His paws were encased in thick pink strapped on mittens and booties, and he was gagged with a pacifier and taped in a thick and wet diaper. He didn’t seem to mind all the restraints, carefully working with his near useless paws to try stacking some plastic rings on top of one another.

Rebecca found her breath start to quicken again, her nervousness returning. Her mind began to turn on how humiliated she would be in that get up, how confined and helpless she would be, and achingly raged at how she could feel her pussy start to moisten again.

Avm seemed to take no notice of her change in behavior, already moving onto the next window. The wolf found herself gripping herself for comfort as she followed, giving another shudder as she viewed the next scene.

A pink furred female cat, wearing a schoolgirl uniform, a collar and a diaper around her ankles, was bent over a desk in a classroom like room, where a raccoon wearing a Victorian nurse uniform and another collar was holding her down with one paw and spanking her behind with a paddle in the other. The cat was bawling her eyes out as she gripped the table, and the raccoon seemed to be calmly scolding the girl with every swing.

“Both of them…?” Rebecca whined, finding it harder to control herself as she winced at every soundless smack.

“Yes, indeed, both of them are mine… well, technically one is, the other belongs to the one being punished, you can tell by the differences in the collars.” He said with a light chuckle. “she begged me to give her to her friend, and who was I to refuse?”

Within the shameful heat within her burned a hurt rage. He didn’t care about those under him. She could hear it in his voice, and no one would willingly be so humiliated and shamed, would they? He was just like the other… he didn’t care at all about what those under him wanted, just his own perverse gratification. She wanted to growl and strike at him, but he’d already moved to the next window. She felt afraid at what she was going to see, but the strange attraction within her dragged her over to look inside.

This room looked exactly like a padded insane asylum room, the white walls and floors soft and plush. Inside, a collared German Shepard was crying up a storm, restrained in a straight jacket, a muzzle and a pacifier gag, even having a restraint over his thick diapers. The sight of him, rolling about with his large brown eyes pouring tears made all of her strange arousal vanish. All that was left for pity for the poor dog inside, and a full burning hatred for Masters.

“Let me guess…” she said with an icy glare toward Avm. “Freshly caught? Just going to keep him in there for a few days to make him easier to break?”

“Actually no. I don’t take in those who aren’t willing to be taken.” He replied simply, his golden eyes watching the dog with a touch of sadness. “He recently admitted his fetishes to his girlfriend, and she left him. I was just able to make it to him before he tried to commit suicide. I’m just keeping him here until I can get a psychologist to talk to him.”

Rebecca was once against stunned, all emotion draining from her.
“What do you mean…? You don’t enslave people here?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper.

“Oh no, I do.” He said, looking at her. “But they ask for it, they want it. The diapers, the punishments, the restraints, everything. It’s my job as a Master to guide them and let them know they are cared for, and it’s theirs to be obedient and well behaved. Taking someone and forcing them to do what you want is something I don’t believe in or support. I know those who need me will come to me eventually.”

The wolf felt her tail tucking between her legs, and her heart start to flutter. This was all wrong. Masters weren’t like this… they were cold and cruel and domineering… they didn’t care about the feelings of their slaves… it had to be a trap.

“Thank you… I think I shall be going now.” She said, turning and walking toward the exit. Avm followed after her, and then opened up a door that led to the elevator. “Go right ahead. I hope you enjoyed your stay.” He said with a smile. Rebecca just nodded as she stepped into the elevator, the doors sliding shut.

“It’s a trap… the moment I get out of this elevator, I’m going to be captured, tied up… diapered too, I guess. I wonder if he’s going to take me hard on the first night… or maybe he’ll just make me a toy for some of his friends… I hope the diapers feel nice… and that he only spanks my butt…” Rebecca found herself thinking quietly, before going back to the first time.

She’d just been having a good time at a club, she hadn’t noticed the black bull watching her from the VIP area, nor the two muscled collared males who grabbed her and dragged her into a van. The next few months had been filled with yiff, humiliation and punishment, and for a while she’d reveled in it, loved every minute. But the feeling that she was missing something grew and grew, until it made her cry with shame and confusion at night. She’d finally asked her Master to set her free, and after a day of pain and degradation, he tossed her out like she was worthless. She vowed she would never be someone’s pet again.

She closed her eyes and gave a sigh as the doors opened; giving up on that vow, ready to be taken. Avm seemed nice enough anyway.

She waited… and waited… she heard the elevator doors close. She peeked open an eye and looked around, and was shocked to see that no one was around her. She tried the elevator button, and the doors slid open again. She cautiously stepped out and looked around, her feet slowly carrying her through the hall and back out onto the street. She checked her pockets, her clothes for any tracing devices, and then realized she was completely free.

Rebecca stood in the middle of the sidewalk in shock. Avm had meant what he said. She’d just walked out of the door, and she could just go back home and never return the wolf looked off into the distance, into her own thoughts, her wants, her needs, then quickly turned about and rushed back inside.

She ran to the elevator and nearly started to cry when she realized she didn’t have a keycard, and then blinked as the elevator doors slid open on their own. The Doberman maid was standing there, paws folded and head bowed slightly. “The Master instructed me to wait here for you in case you wished to return quickly.”

Rebecca stood there, the last bit of apprehension fading from her mind. She could see herself, wearing a white footed sleeper with pink designs, a big bow tying back her head fur, and smiling behind a pacifier muzzle while a yellow collar hung from her neck. She took a breath and stepped inside, her last thought before the doors slid shut was whether or not it would be appropriate to arrive in wet panties. She giggled at what a naughty, naughty cub she was, and hoped Papa Avm set her right.