“HEY JOEY GET YOUR ASS UP AND OUT OF BED”.  I leaped out of my bed like a spring as I heard my dad yell.  It was 8 AM on a Saturday morning.  Oh my God what does he want this early.  I got up sleepy eyed and put my head out the door.






“Its too early I'm sleeping in”


"OH NO YOUR NOT! YOUR GONNA DO WHAT I TELL YA TO” he said this time almost yelling his head off. I took my head out of the door, rubbing my eyes and turned around back into my room that was filled with dragon stuff hanging on my walls, dresser, and bedside table. Being 17 was no fun I couldn’t do anything I wanted and my family never understood me.


I walked back tripping on a few clothes on the ground and sat down on my bed, but I sat on a piece of paper as well. I sat up and grabbed it.  It was a drawing that I had drawn last night. I looked at it a little more closely as I couldn’t remember really drawing it.  It was a drawing of a red dragon hatchling. But I must of drew it as it was my style of drawing and my mom had said before she died that she came into my room one night and I was drawing in my sleep. I looked at it again… this time making me smile a little…

I put my drawing back in the pile with the rest of them quickly put some clothes on and ran down stairs and met my dad in the kitchen.

“Its so early though” I protested

“I don’t care you will mow the lawn and then I got some other chores for you to do.”

Grunting I stomped out of my house mad as I was because I was always treated without any freedom or any opinion in my house. I muttered to myself as I filled the gas tank and started up the mower… as I continued to cut the grass on this cloudy day, it really looked like it was going to rain so I hurried up and mowed quickly…for I didn’t need to be stuck in the rain… after I finished I went back inside… my dad was not in the kitchen. so I felt that this was my opportunity to go back to my room and avoid him. but as I got in my room their he was standing their looking at all my dragon stuff.

“What’s wrong with you he said”

“what” I shook my head as the question hit my ears.

“What are you doing in my room”  I asked feeling a little violated
as my privacy was now being invaded.

“Its my house and ill do what I please. so what’s wrong with you” he repeated “you got something fucked up in you head or something.” Now I was getting mad, dragons were the only thing that I had left after mom died and my girlfriend left me for some macho fuck head

“What’s wrong with me how about what’s wrong with you? you’ve changed for the worse ever since mom died.”

As I said that his backhand hit my face and I was thrown to the Floor.  I was shocked; he had never hit me before. I looked back up at him and he had his eyes locked on mine


“NOW” he said very angry to me. “I’m leaving to get some groceries, this house better be spotless when I get back” he stomped out of my room and out of the house slamming the door behind him like a two bulls colliding together .

That was it I said I’m not staying here anymore that I would go to my tree house… the tree house I had built in my spare time was a place strictly for myself when I wanted to be away from everything and just relax.  I also had without dad knowing taken little bits of food their and I had quit the hoard of food up over the weeks. 'Just until he calms down that is' I thought even though I knew perfectly well I never wanted to come back again.

I got my backpack and packed it full of the stuff that I thought that I needed to bring. Some extra clothes, my drawings, and my most valuable thing to me: my stuffed dragon named Mally. I zipped the backpack up but Mally's head stuck out of the top for he was a little big for it but I didn’t care.


How ironic that once I stepped out side it started raining. God could my day get any worse? I knew that it was a good kilometer to the edge of the forest and then about 200 paces to my tree house so by the time I would get there Mally and I would be drenched. Well I just ran as fast as I could, not to get out of the rain, no I wanted to
get away from that house. I hated this world and my family why did mom have to die? NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME. Why did mom have to die? No one likes me here! WHY DID MOM HAVE TO FUCKING DIE?! As I ran harder and harder I didn’t know if it was the rain on my face or if I was crying but I just ran as hard as I could. Never looking back. I then get to the edge of the woods and slowed my pace to a walk trying to catch my breath.  The forest provided better protection from the rain but it didn’t matter for I was already drenched from head to toe. I had gone through that forest many times to go to my salvation tree. That is what I called it. So I knew exactly where I was going.  Well at least I did know, but for some reason it got so foggy in that forest I had no idea where I was going. All I could do was follow one tree after another hopping that I would find my way through but out of the blue I tripped on something, hit my head against the base of a tree as everything seemed to go black.

As I started to see light again  I couldn’t tell where I was.  I was in someplace warm I figured that out fast. I
didn’t know where, and it felt like I was under a blanket.  I opened my eyes but they really hurt for some reason. I rubbed them a couple of times trying to help them adjust.  As things became more focused I sat up, I was in a house, I didn’t know whose, but soon that didn’t concern me as much as I removed the blanket and looked down.  My mouth dropped open as I saw my body Not as a human but as a dragon.  I had scales not skin, I had three toes on each foot and they were all clawed. I looked at my hands and they had claws too.  I then looked behind me and I had a tail as I felt it hitting my legs. When I looked back something else got in my face, wings! I had wings too.  Then I heard a voice…

“Well looks like the little hatchling is finally up”. As I looked at the door way there was a wolf standing their and I don’t mean a normal on all fours wolf, she was dressed in clothes and standing up on her hind feet. All sorts of questions ran through my mind but the first was ”where am I”?

“You're in your new home” she said. she then came and picked me up as I then noticed that I was smaller then her, which I thought was weird for I was always a good sized person in my family. "But what’s" I stated with a question but she put a claw to my mouth as if to say to hush. So I don’t know who she is but I do know I was a dragon that I had always dreamed of.  She then carried me into a bathroom and placed me on the ground as she ran some water into a tub.

“We don’t want you to catch cold after being out in that rain do we!?” But I didn’t pay any real attention.  The notice that their was a mirror above me held most of it.  I was to short to see over the sink.  The wolf turned around to look at me as she didn’t hear a answer to the question she gave. Then gave me a heart warming smile that I hadn't received in a long time from anyone, and then lifted me to the mirror.  I was amazed as I stared at
something I never thought I would see in this life time.  I looked exactly like the drawing I did of myself as a dragon.  I had red scales, a baby blue mixed with a navy blue mane that ran down my back and bushed out at the end of my tail.  seeing this brought a big smile across my muzzle. As the wolf seeing that I looked satisfied with it took me and put me in the warm water in the tub.


I then looked at her “who are you?”

“I’m your new mommy" she said "my name is Jenny”

“Jenny” I said she then looked at me again and said “but you can call me mommy”

I didn’t say anything, as that was a very touchy subject for me. She then dumped a bucket of water over my head  as my mane flopped in front of my eyes she continued to wash me.

“I’m going to be taking care of you from now on ok?”  I then asked “why did you bring me here?”

“Well I had a hand in it but you’re the one who wanted to come”  I then looked at her puzzled.

She then smiled at me again.  I don’t know what it was but her smile somehow made me feel a little calmer

As I was about to ask another question she interrupted again “Hush no more questions for today” as she picked me up out of the tub and started drying me off.  I was still a little puzzled with everything but I decided not to ponder those thoughts and just enjoy what was happening.  she wrapped the towel around me and then looked to the door.

“Hey come on ill show you to your new room.”  She gave me a wink and left the bathroom and out to the hall I fallowed behind her we walked down the hall to the end and took a right as she opened the door.

“Here it is" she said As I appeared inside my mouth dropped open again and questions started to drowned my mind.  “Its a nursery” I said.  There was a crib, a table against one wall a dresser against another, and it was painted in baby blue with dragons trimming the edge against the roof.

“yep this is your new room I know its a little hard to understand but a hatchling your age needs these things”.  I was still a little confused but I decided once again to go along with it thinking that I might be waking up any time soon.  “Ok” I said as I left the towel in the door way and walked in.

she then grabbed my tail and flipped me to the ground and started tickling me.  “Hey” I giggled and laughed I didn’t mean to laugh it just came out.  I put my claws over my snout as she smiled at me more I smiled back trying to hide it.

she picked me up and put me on the table that was against the wall and laid me down on it.  I then wondered what this was here for as I watched her kneel down to get something out of one of the compartments that the table had.  she then came up with powder, cream, and a disposable diaper.  “Diapers” I said I leaped up and stood on the table. “I don’t need” she cut me off again putting her paw on my shoulder.  “shhh now now a hatchling your age will need them” "but” I tried again to protest  but she put her claw again to my snout.  I looked into her eyes and sighed laying back down on the table now realizing that it was a changing table. Trying to hide the fact that I always liked the idea of being diapered I tried my best to look like I was against it.  She then started to spread some cream around what would be my diapered area.  I watched her the hole time and every move she made.  I then was rolled on my upper back and was now starring at my hind claws, she threaded my tail though the tail hole in the diaper first then put the back part under me and laid me back down.  As I felt the bulk of the diaper under me she then put some powdered me and brought the front part of it through my legs and taped it in place.

“There ya go” she patted my belly and lifted me off the table to the ground.  I stood there and examined the diaper for a minute as she was once again busying herself with something in the dresser. It felt weird yet kind of nice to be wearing a diaper again I was still unsure of myself though weather I would use it or not.  I then looked back up
at her as she brought out a one-piece footed slipper.  I was about to open my mouth and protest again but I just shut it realizing where that would head and helped her the best I could to put it on me.

“We don’t want little dragons like you to catch cold now do we she giggled.”  I smiled a little “nope” I said giggly with a smile. She started again with threading my tail first and the put my clawed feet in each pant leg and then their was a problem for they didn’t really make slippers for winged creatures but when it got to that she just
snorted took one of her claws and made two slits in the back for my wings to fit through.  Then she put my arms though and zipped it up.

“There ya go nice and snug”. I looked down and moved around a bit to get the feel of it. It felt really soft and comfortable. My attention was then to my backpack that was on the ground in the corner with my clothes on top of it.

“Hey these are my old clothes.” yes she said but you don’t need those anymore.  I then ran to my backpack as I noticed Mally was gone.  Hey I started rummaging though it.  I then heard Jenny say over there as I turned
and saw jenny pointed to the bed and he was lying on the pillow. My eyes widened with joy as I ran over pounced on the bed and on him.  Wow I realized how big he was or I should say how small I had gotten when I was human I would sit down beside him and the top of Mallys head reach my chin but now I was as small as him. As I pounced him I wrapped my arms legs and tail around him. then I dragged him off and put him on the ground beside me.  Jenny looking at me the whole times smiling I then looked at my tail and moved it around and then my wings and flapped them once. My mind was over whelmed with joy. I then stared at the room and it felt like it was moving in circles around me when I was the one that was moving in circles standing in one spot.  My eyes started to tear up as I finally realized that this was all real and I wasn’t about to just wake up from it.  This is what I have always wanted all my dreams had come true.  Jenny then saw my watered up eyes and asked “What’s wrong?”

“You have no idea I said the feeling I have this is all to good to be true.  My wishes have come true thanks to you how can I ever repay you?”

She then smiled again ”call me mommy”

I then gave the biggest smile as a tear ran down my cheek. I don’t know what it was even for a wolf but she had a slight resemblance to my mother that died.  I ran up to her as she knelt down and picked me up as I gave her the biggest hug I could muster


“Thank you mommy” I said as I almost bust out in tears of joy. All the tension, questions, everything seemed to just melt away as I hugged her fur.  I could almost feel that she was about to cry too as she said back.  “You most welcome my Levi.” (by the way Levi is suppose to sound like Lev-ee)

“Levi” I sniffed and leaned back in her arms to looked at her. “is that my name?” “It is” she said “your the one who gave it to yourself” I sniffed again as she wiped away my tears and I licked off the one tear that she had running down her fur.

“Now why don’t we go make some lunch huh” I grinned and nodded as she put me down and I ran back to get Mally and dragged him behind me as I walked behind her.  This was my new home I thought and I couldn’t be happier.









As I walked behind her down the hall with her tail swishing this way and that in front of me I had a uncontrollable urge to pounce it and I did just that.  I leaped off my feet and grasped firmly onto her fluffy furry tail.  I giggled as she stopped walking. She turned her head around and looked at me…then she giggled..


“So little one you want to play”… I gave a big grin as she then pounced on me really fast and started tickling me again…. This time I got into it an laugh a lot.. I was really enjoying myself now.. I laughed really hard “no mommy stop” I said in between giggles… she then stopped as I panted to ketch my breath.. She could tell that I was having fun as she just smiled from once again hearing the word she wanted to hear from my mouth…. “Ok little Levi lets get you some lunch”… I grabbed Mally again and dragged him as I followed her back up the hall and to the left then to the right for it was either that or go down some stairs to a door way witch I suspected where I came in jenny’s arms… As I walked into the kitchen their was the kitchen table to my right and the counter to my left that went about 6 feet and then took a right angle turn to the left to the fridge that was against the wall.. The kitchen sink and stove was straight in front of me.. Jenny walked in and went to the fridge to get some stuff out what turned out to be some chopped up meat, veggies, and milk.. I walked to one of the chairs climbed up on it and sat down then turn to look at jenny… “Do you need any help mommy?”.. I thought… she brought me here at least I could help her with lunch…


“You want to help mama?” she asked in response


“Yep” I gave a big grin..


“Ok then”.. She came over picked me up and brought me over to the counter where she set me down on… I had never bin on the counter before as I was always to big. I look on her with a unsure look…


“Yes Hun don’t worry its ok you can sit their just don’t go on the counters without me being here ok?”..


“Ok mommy” I replied as I looked at what she was doing.  She was cutting up the veggies for me and putting them in a little dish and then some meat and stirred it all around…


“Want it heated” she asked I nodded as I always loved my food warm…


“Ok then this is where you can help”…I gave a puzzled look as I looked at the bowl


“How can I help with that mommy”.. I asked still looking at the food..


“I think its time to see if your little dragon breath works yet”… It then hit me.. that’s right.. I’m a dragon I can breath fire right?!… my eyes light up… as I did what I thought dragons would do to breath fire….pointing my muzzle at the dish I took a deep breath and blew out… but only a big puff of smoke came out…. I was still surprised even though it wasn’t what I was suspecting. Really happy with what I had done I clapped my paws together and giggled..


Jenny waved the smoke away and coughed once.. “well I guess its for the best anyway we don’t want you burning down the house now do we” .. she laughed as my red scales glowed more red as I blushed” 


“Its ok Levi your fire breath is just not ready yet will try again when you a little older”.  She then nuzzled her snout on myn.. “Why don’t you go sit back down while I heat this on the stove”… I nodded and jumped off the counter> Unknowingly I spread my wings and glided to the floor.. I then stood their wide-eyed and my mouth open, as I never meant to do that.  It was like a natural reaction like I knew how to do it all along…


Jenny then looked at me with wide eyes as well I guess It even surprised her.  “Oh and by the way Levi!” I looked back up at her….”No flying in the house she said with a laugh in her voice”.. I giggled and sat back on the chair where I had left Mally.. My attention then was turned and was focused on one thing and one thing only.. a sensation that I had felt before.. I had to pee… This was the time I had to decide.. But to my surprise I made that decision fast really.. I just smiled and sighed as I did what felt natural at the time and just let go… I could feel my diaper go warm as it absorbed the liquid., It felt really nice actually and It made me smile even more realizing what I was doing and that I really liked it.. I then got down off the chair and walked over(more like waddled for the diaper seemed a lot more bulkier when wet) to jenny and tugged on her pants…


“What’s wrong levi” I looked up at her with a little bit of a sad face trying not to give away that I was enjoying myself. I had my paws behind my back and my tail between my legs..


“Mommy.. I’m wet”…I said as my snout went red again


 She then laughed “awww”…she picked me up and hugged me.. “Its ok my little one.. will go change you before you eat”…. She then carried me back to my nursery and put me back down on the changing table unsnapped the snap’s on the slipper and started changing me.  Before I new it I was in a dry diaper and back in the kitchen.. jenny had finished heating my food as she placed it in front of me with a glass of milk.. I dug in and eat everything I was really Hungary.. I started and just couldn’t stop.. until I was done.. i even licked the dish.  I then realized that I got more food on my sleeper then in my mouth…. Jenny looked at me and laughed again.. “I guess will have to get you a bib next time” I just smiled and nodded as I licked all around my snout with my long reptilish tongue.. I again was surprised how long it was I could wrap it half way around my snout .. “she took the dish and placed it in the sink”….my ears then perked up as I heard a ringing… I looked over from where it was coming from… but it was only the phone.. Jenny then went and picked it up.. I tried to listened to the conversation.. but I could only here jenny I could hear the other person but couldn’t make out what they were saying…


“I’m so happy” she said.. “yep he’s here”….”oh he’s doing very well”.. Well I knew that jenny and who ever was on the other line was talking about me but I didn’t care… again I stared thinking.. where am I?

dose my dad even care that im gone?… I then remember a news paper head line back at my old home a mouth ago that happened about two or three towns over.. It read… 16 year old disappeared.. Apparently a boy of 16 disappeared one day and the only lead that the police had was a women that lived next door.. She said that he was turned into a baby fox and lived in a different world.. well obviously no one believed her but I found it quit interesting…. Could the same thing of happened to me?.. And if so am I in the same world as he’s in? At that thought I was cut off by the click of the phone being hung up I turned and looked at jenny…


Who was that mommy?


Oh that was just one of mommy’s friends were gona have company tomorrow.


“Company I repeated” well I thought I guess ill have to know others if I’m gona live in this world I then looked at jenny with a big grin…. “ok mommy”…she just smiled back.. “Hey .. wana watch a movie…” a movie.. i then wondered what movies their were…. “ok mommy I said again”.. we then walked down the stairs where we came to the door of the house and then took a left to go down some more stairs to the basement ..it was all furnished and in the corner was a big screen TV… “wow” I said and ran over to it that towered over me... Jenny then walked to a book shelf and opened the two bottom cupboard’s …I waddled over their and looked at what I had…. I had almost every Disney movie ever made… and some others the others were exactly the same as the ones at I had in the other world but their was creatures

staring in them not people… I decided to pick a Disney one .. So I chose Robin hood.. always loved that movie…


I picked it out…”This one” I said… she grinned… “ok go sit down ill plug it in”.. I then ran back to the couch that was against the other wall and sat down .. She plugged it in and turned around.. “want something to drink”….i nodded as I was kind of thirsty.. “Ok ill get you something”.. I sat back and watched the opening credits… she then came back down holding a bottle… wait a minute I said …”I was gona protest since I can drink from a normal cup… “what” she replied …”I’m not drinking from that”.. But she just smiled again sat down beside me and patted her lap….. I shook my head…. “come on levi please… for me”… oh she just had to say that didn’t she….I sighed and crawled across the couch and laid down on her lap.. she then cradled my head and put the bottle to my muzzle…..I tried to resist but I just started sucking on it…. ooooh the warm milk felt so good hitting my tongue and trickling  down my throat.  It completely relaxed me and put me in a slight trance…. I just ignored the movie and just sucked on the bottle letting in all the sensations it was giving me.. I felt myself drifting off ….all of a sudden I was in blackness and I couldn’t hear anything … completely silent….and then I could hear something faint in the back ground and getting louder…. “Joey” ..Its said.. “JOEY WHERE THE HELL ARE YA”.. it was dad… my eyes widened and I then ran as fast as I could in the darkness as fast as I could even though it didn’t feel like I was going anywhere… NOOOOOooooooo I yelled ..in a frantic cry as tears ran down my muzzle “JOEY” he said again as if  heard me… “NOOOO” I yelled again.. “I don’t wana go back”… I yelled and just ran as hard as I could… “NOOOOOO”… I then awoke in jenny’s arms not sucking on the bottle but my thumb I looked at  her as a tear ran down my muzzle for real…


She then hushed me and rocked me back and forth.. “Its ok levi you just had a bad dream that’s all”… she wiped my tear away as I …. I then clung to her and hugged her tightly “sniff”.  I don’t wana go back I said.. Its ok she cooed at me you don’t have to go back if you don’t want to..  I sniffed again and kept sobbing.. “I don’t wana go back”….I kept hugging her as I realized that I was wet again…..


“ shhhh shhh You don’t have to little one” ..she then wiped my tears away again and put her paw on the front of my diaper… “oh its ok levi you don’t have to be scared I’m here mommy’s here.. lets go get you changed and make some dinner”.


Dinner I thought what happened to the rest of the day.. I must have slept through most of it as I realized that the movie was over and the t.v was turned off she picked me up and started walking up the stair’s as I sucked on my thumb again


After I was changed and I had eaten (we had left over beef and salad from lunch it was very good) …we went back to my nursery.. Now this I didn’t like.. Having a early bed time but I didn’t argue for I was getting a little sleepy… she asked me where I wanted to sleep… The bed or the crib.. I decided to try out the bed … for the more mature part of me was still fighting and for now had won..  So she tucked me in and gave me mally as I grabbed him and started sucking on my thumb as she sang a soothing lullaby to me …I couldn’t be more relaxed as her voice was so heavenly and I started to drift off again…


 she then leaned in a kissed my snout “I love you my Levi”.. “I love you too mama” I muttered behind my thumb and fell asleep…








Part 3 


“ Awoke the next day with a jolt that all that had happened yesterday was a dream but looking around my nursery made me realize that I wasn’t… “oh thank god it wasn’t a dream” I said as I looked at my claws… I then sat up witch was a big mistake.. For it was like sitting up in warm mud…. I then looked down and realized what I had done during the night… I not only had wet my diaper which was weird for I haven’t wet the bed since I was 4..5.. But I had messed in my diaper….. oh I was not happy about what I had done.. it didn’t feel right as I sat their in my own mess and started to cry… Jenny heard my cry’s and came in… “Oh my little one.. what’s wrong”… But I just sat their crying my eyes out as I felt so ashamed that I messed my diaper.. Jenny walked over to me and picked me up out of my bed.. Her snout crunched up as she caught a whiff of me.. I then stopped crying sniffed and hung my head.. She then said “uh oh someone needs a new diaper badly”… I sniffed again and whipped my tears away…. oh don’t worry Levi I completely understand that’s why I put the diapers on you in the first place…. Its ok”  I thought but still it didn’t feel right…


Jenny then carried me over to the changing table and proceeded to changed my diaper…. As she untapped it and opened it up the sent of it even made my snout crunch up… “wow you made a big mess”… she giggled as I blushed again.. she finished diapering me and changed my cloths putting me in a baby blue t- shirt again having to put slits in the back so my wings would fit through, and in some camouflage shorts even though you could still see the bulk of the diaper under them…


I then wondered and asked.. “Mommy.. Do I have a daddy?”


She looked at me with as a shocked look and then sadden look as she shook her head and turned away… I felt really bad as I must of brought up some painful memory for her oh mommy I’m so sowwy I didn’t mean to”..


She then interrupted me “ its ok Levi its not your fault but you daddy died in a accident last month.. He was so looking forward to having a child of our own” she was starting to cry in spit of it… I then jumped up and into her arms hugging her..


”I’m so sowwy mommy please don’t cry…" she held me tightly..


"Thanks my little one.." we just stood their hugging each other for a minute.. then we went to the kitchen for breakfast I sniffed the air and I was overwhelmed with senses I sniffed more and I could smell jenny, myself, traces of what had to bin my dad… but what I smelt the most was French toast… my mouth watered as I kept sniffing… Jenny looked down at me.. she then chuckled ..


“like my cooking?" she asked.


I smiled and giggled… “I cant wait” I said… as we got to the kitchen I ran up and planted myself in the same chair I had yesterday and waited for my French toast… Jenny then places a plate with one peace of French toast on it… I licked my scaly lips and tried to reach the syrup but it was to far for me .. So jenny took it and put it on for me…I dug in but as I was finished it I realized that I was full.. I sat back and said…


“that is strange I used to eat three or four of these but I cant even finish this one I’m so full”…. Jenny just giggled…


”well your much smaller then you used to be”…I then grinned as again my ears perked up and I was interrupted by a bell…. but it wasn’t the phone… “well I told you that we would have company today” as she got up and went down the stairs to answer the door I leaned in with my ears open to listen….


“Hey TJ how are you today”…


“Oh I’m good.. and you....just great… I’m so happy you could take care of blue for the day”..


“oh no problem at all”. 


“Well I better get going so you be good for auntie Jenny, ok?"


“I will daddy” … as my ears twitched to hear a third smaller voice.. I then heard the door close and I rushed and peeked around the corner to see who it was… I saw jenny undressing a small creature… her back was to me and I looked down on her ..I realized it was a her from the sound of her voice.. she had a puffy silver furry tail with white tipped fur on the end of it like Jenny’s but a lighter silver.. she then took of her hood off from her sweater and she had white tipped pointed ears on the top of her head… She then turned around and I then realized she was a wolf like Jenny… had a white strip of fur from the inside of each eye running down around her snout then meeting under her chin she also had baby blue eyes that’s why her parent must of called her blue.. I got to admit she was very cute as my mouth dropped open in amazement…


“I got a surprise for you blue” jenny said.,.


“A surprise oh boy” she replied in a little voice..


“Yep your right he should be upstairs in the kitchen”.. I then stepped back and waited as I heard her little padded feet running up the stairs.. she then turned the corner and her eyes met with myn as he mouth dropped open….. you never said it was a dragon.. blue exclaimed in amazement.. I then smiled and waved walking over to her


“Hi I’m Levithan but you can call me levi”…I then put out my paw for her to shake it…. She was still wided eyed in amazement then she smiled and shook it…


“I’m blue”.. we both giggled as jenny stepped into the room….


“You too can go intolevi’s room and play… I have to clean the dishes from the table”..


“ok auntie”.. blue replied as I took her paw and said this way as we walked to my nursery….OH wait I thought my nursery …oh shit… I then slowed the pace hopping for it to take a little longer for me to make up an excuse… but we got their sooner then I was hopping… as she walked in she smiled and said…


”I like your nursery.. its a little different then myn but that’s ok”… my mouth again dropped open….. and then smiled…


“how old are you?”…


“well I’m 5 but I used to be 16”…… my mouth dropped open again…. And then she ran over to my bed and grabbed Mally right off of it…


”OH MY GOD” she said.. “he’s so cute”…


I blushed and stared at my clawed feet for a minute but then walked over to her.. “why thank you… his names Mally and he keeps me safe and happy at night”…I then blushed realizing what I had just said… thinking that a dragon needing something to keep it safe a night sounds just a little wimpy… but she just smiled and hugged me.. she hugged me and a warm feeling was sent though out my body it was like she put me into complete relaxation for I then wet my diaper..


“its ok you’ll get used to it she had said in a mature voice and that snapped me back into thought and ignored the quality of my diaper…I then looked at her with my mind over whelmed with questions…I think she could tell that I had questions because she had sat down in front of me and asked .. what I would like to know…I then sat down too and let my mind loose with questions..


“How long have you bin here”…?


“About 3 months” she replied.. I could tell she was then in deep thought as well


“All this stuff is so new to me but in a way I feel like I belong here” I said..


“I feel the same way”


I then opened up and started telling the hole story… “My past life was horrible.. first my mom died then my dad started beating me”.. it was a mess


The hole time she stared into my eyes like she was seeing my inner soul…she then got up and gave me the biggest hug that she could muster and I just hugged back but we quickly separated when Jenny came in


“Hey you too” jenny said.. “having fun?”


“oh yes momma” I stared talking in the most babyish voice I could come up with… I gave a big grin and

spread my wings.. “I was just showing blue my wings”.. I exclaimed still grinning.. I think it had worked for she was to distracted by my new tongue and my red wings.. blue smiled and look at jenny from out the side of my wings and wave… “ok you two ill check up on you later jenny” said leaving the room and back down the hallway….i then folded up my wings and sat back down….


“Where are we I asked”…. “I don’t know blue said but I’m just glad im here”…I nodded and agreed with that… she then turned a bright red and blushed… “whats wrong I asked”… “I wet” she said .. my mouth dropped to the floor realizing that their was no wet marks on her pants and that she wore diapers just like me....


“you wear diapers too” ..i said…she nodded still blushing… “aww its ok”


I walked over and hugged her.. “I wet when you first hugged me”…. I light up like a Christmas tree again….. “you’ll get used to it” she said.. “Soon you wont even realize that you do it… until you feel the warmth in your diaper”…..this time my head sank as she said that  for another part of  my adult hood I felt was taken from me again but the exchange for something that I have always wanted was getting the better of me….. I then offered the option of going and telling jenny that we both needed to be changed.. she agreed and we both walked paw in paw down the hall to the kitchen where jenny was just finishing up cleaning everything from breakfast…I then started..


“Mommy”.. jenny turned around and looked at the both of us holding paws and looking at her both really red faced even though it was hard to see since she had red fur and me red scales but non the less you could tell we were embarrassed .. “what is it my little ones” jenny asked… we looked at each other and said at the same time… “we're wet”.. as we both looked down at the floor


Jenny just laughed at our cuteness and walked over picking both of us up in each arm.. “well I guess then its time for a change isn’t It”… we both giggled and answered at the same time again.. “YEP”..I then looked at blue as the sun from the window hit her fur at just the right angle giving it a light glow… she was so cute my heart felt like it was about to burst out and I was about to cry with joy but I stopped myself and smiled back at her after I realized that her attention was on me.  

We where then back in my nursery and jenny put me down.. “Ill change blue first levi then you will be next”…


“Ok mommy” I said waiting for my turn…jenny then laid blue on the changing table and proceeded to change her… blue looked over to me and I could tell that she was in the most embarrassment anyone could be in ..so being a creature that respects other creature’s privacy I turned around and looked the other way…


She finished changing blue and put her down then picked me up.. “ your turn next squrt” jenny said setting me on the changing table… I then looked over at blue and realized that she was giving me the same respect I gave her by having her back to me ….


It was nice to have someone return a favor that you had given out of your own heart… after she changed me and put me down beside blue she asked us if we wanted something to drink.  Be both said yes and

then she motioned to go and sit downstairs and watch some t.v… we agreed and I was about to run back and get mally but I realized that blue already had him….. she really liked him… I guess I could let her hold him for now.. we walked down the stairs to the big t.v and flicked it on.. as we where watching the bugs bunny tweedy show jenny walking down the stairs and gave us each a bottle.. blue started drinking right away I just starred at it for a while still a little part of me didn’t really drink from it …but then started drinking from it as I saw blue looking at me


“JOEY JOEY GET YOUR ASS UP”.. I woke up with my dad standing over me…”where the hell have you bin boy” “oh NO” I said as I started to run but my dad then grabbed my tail “what the hell happened to you and why are you direst in a diaper”.. “NO I said no im not going back”. “oh no boy your coming back with me”.. he then lifted me up by the tail so I was completely off the ground “NO I repeated im not going back”…. “put him down frank”…w..wait a minute I thought I know that voice.. then the blackness became bright white so bright that your eyes could hardly handle it but you could and it felt really warm… as the light faded standing their was my old mother that had died …“Margaret” my dad said… “I said put him down frank” my dad then put me down as I stood up and looked at her… she then smiled at me and said.. “Go Levi your new mommy waits for you” I smiled back at her spread my wings and flew away leaving the two of them standing in the darkness “thank you mama”..    I woke up beside blue with a jerk…. As a tear ran down my cheek I smiled for I now knew that my mom was still looking over me and all she wanted was for me to be happy… Jenny then looked down at me and picked me up..” oh what’s wrong Levi” I smiled again and hugged her.. “Nothing mommy.. nothing at all” I just kept hugging her and wouldn’t let go… she then cradled me and rocked me back and forth as I started sucking my bottle again because I hadn’t finished it… after I did finish she put me beside blue again and went up to make some lunch as me and blue started singing along to the songs of Aladdin after jenny put it in… we laughed so hard afterwards because it was so cool that we knew every word to the songs.. jenny came back down and brought us back upstairs to have some soup.. it was alphabet soup..… we both finished our soup quickly before jenny could sit down… “could we go play In levi’s room auntie jenny” blue asked…. “Oh ok blue but ill be in their soon to put you two down for your nap’s”… ok mommy I said and me and blue rushed back to my nursery…


we got in my room and sat on the bed.  Blue then asked what I had a dream of.. I explained that it was my dad and he wanted to take me back but my mom came and saved me.. “it was scary” I said “because I didn’t want to go back and he was going to drag me back” blue then got up and gave me a hug…


“Am I interrupting anything” jenny said standing in the doorway… me and blue split apart and both grinned…. “ok you two time for your nap”…. Nap I thought now theirs something I wasn’t ready for… naps have never bin on my agenda.. and I just had a short one downstairs but I wasn’t going to complain 


“Auntie jenny could we sleep in the crib”… jenny then looked at me as if to ask me if its ok ..


I looked over at blue and she had a big grin on her face as if to say please….. I gave out a sigh and nodded my head.. “ok” I said “I will sleep in the crib” saying that as again another part of my adult hood was pulled away from me…


Blue gave out a YAY and hugged me again…


Jenny then picked both of us up with a smile and placed us in the crib… I guess it did feel a little more secure then the bed and it felt really nice for me but I wasn’t going to let that out… so I just settled in… jenny kissed me on the snout an blue as well “Have a nice nap she said” … “we will mommy”.. jenny then left the room..


I then noticed something was missing.. and I then realized that I didn’t have mally… blue had him… I then sat up.. “blue”.. I asked… “could I have mally its just I always sleep with him he’s my protector

sort of.”


She sat up as well… “awwww but then I wont have anything to sleep With” … that made me feel a little guilty for even asking for him back but I loved my mally always have I thought sit-in their.. I looked at blue again as she gave me a cuter look.. girls always had ways of making others feel guilty and give in… I couldn’t help but smile a little at her cuteness ..”ok you can sleep with mally” I said laying back down trying to seem happy but was crying on the inside… I laid their for a good minute before I felt something fuzzy touch my scales.. it was mally ..I looked up just to see blue lay back down on the opposite end of the crib I was so happy I gave mally a big hug but then the guilt came back as I looked back over at blue.. i didn’t want her to feel sad she was my new friend in this world hopfully one of meny.. but then I got an idea i picked mally up and waddled to her put mally down beside her and then laid down beside mally ..i looked over mallys stuffed head at her and she looked at me I couldn’t see her mouth but I could tell she was smiling. I just smiled back as we both held onto mally and feel asleep..



sorry guys but …   to be continued