My life as a teenaged baby
By: Yami Joeys Dog

June 10th
So it all started normal enough....a mission to save the city....a mission that had us going to a chemical plant to take care of Plasmus. only the whole thing back fired...Yours truly, the mistress of magic raven of the teen titans, got covered in this thick goo that Plasmus was making to eat. the end result of this goo?....let's go to the flash back...

*Flash back*
"Raven look out!" robin yelled.
I never had a chance to respond, a barrel of goo was coving me. the stuff made me gag, but more than that, while i had been floating before I slammed into the ground with a thud. starfire had just finished blasting the blob into submission, and dashed over to me.
"Friend raven, whats wrong?"
Naturally, i was panicking big time as i tried to use my powers. i shut my eye and gave a push, trying my damndest to use my powers...all the pushing did instead....
"Dude, whats that smell?" Beast boy said walking ovr. "I mean, Plasmus stinks and all, but it smell like somebody shat themselves over..."
*end flash back*

so you see what happened? your's truly is now powerless, and diapered. to make matters worse, while I'm staying on at the tower as tech support, between starfire and beast boy, i think they're slowly starting to make me into a big baby!...hopefully, this diary will help me maintain my teenage-Ness...till next time, hopefully I won't be embaressed TOO much...

June 12th
well...things aren't going any better....In fact...they've gotten worse. Cyborg and robin are out of town, helping titans east...and this means I'm left by myself to fight off BB and star....when i woke up this diaper was ex-termly messy... still bugs me about waking up like that and i will admit, i was crying a bit...unknown to me, BB Had stuck a baby monitor into my room when i tried to talk to him last within moments of my little fit beginning, starfire burst into my room and began to comfort me and insisted on changing don't realize just how strong a person is till they can pin you down with one hand while wiping you're poopy butt...the worst was the ballerina outfit she got for me, and insisted that i wear....*sigh*...maybe I'll get lucky and my powers will come back...either that or I'll go insane...

June 17th
It's official, the force of heaven and hell have agreed that they hate me.I can prove this...I finally managed to get a pair of jogging pants that somewhat hide my pampered butt. and a cute top to go with it.
then Starfire suggested that since i could hide my shame, that we should go for a walk in the park. sounds simple enough. till we get in the park (starfire with a back pack filled with wipes, powder and two extra diapers)
And some twat runs pass and pushes me into a mud puddle. needless to say my pants were ruined, my shirt was too, and my diaper filled with muddy water.
starfire knocked the twat into the puddle too, then scooped me up. with everything that had happened to me lately, i broke down and started to cry...But just a little!
I was too upset to notice where starfire was taking me, till we were in a alterate lifestyles shop! as i tired to protest, starfire took me right into their bathroom, and i was striped of my clothes, and soggy diaper. before i could stop her, starfire fried my clothes, claiming they were trashed, and then ignoring my outraged cries, pinned me down and re-diapered me. then, in just a freaking diaper, i was lead back into the shop, getting coo'ed at and was pulled over to the adult baby section of the store.two hours later, i have a wardrobe of baby clothes that fit me, and i was cared home in a ballnina outfit....

why does god hate me?

June 20th
Just when i thought it couldn't get any worse....
so there i was, typing away on the keyboard, bring up tech specs and goes over blueprints for various buildings in the city, since i would need to know some of this stuff for my new role, when the most wonderful smell hits me. almost drooling, i turn around to see that Beast boy has gotten a plain cheese pizza, my favorite kind of pizza.
"is that for me?" I had asked shyly.
He had smiled and set it on the table, as starfire came into the room with a blender.
"In a way....yes."
Before i could ask, BB had me picked up, ignoring my weak hits, and to my utter horror, put me in a high chair. I was stripped of the black aero-smith t-shirt i had been wearing over my diaper and the bastard had pined my arms under the tray shortly after the shirt was off and a pink bib, with the words mummy's little princess was tied around my neck.
the i heard the blender, and saw that starfire was turning all of my wonderful pizza into jars of pizza baby-food, which by the way doesn't taste all that great....
Man...I can only hope that Robin and Cyborg are coming back soon, before i go nuts...

June 20th (again ugh)
After a horrible supper of pizza baby-food, your's truly was just sitting on the couch, watching some TV. on either side of me was starfire and Beast boy, but for a change, they were leaving me alone.
finally, i decided on watching Spider-man 2. the movie was going great, but to my horror, with it only being 7 pm, i was getting sleepy. after the 12th yawn starfire got up, and Beast boy pulled me into him, wrapping a arm around me. i tried to glare, but yawned again then starfire was coming back with a baby bottle full of cherry juice.
"Your not *yawn* gonna try and put me to bed are you?" I asked in a small voice.
Beast boy chuckled and patted my head.
"No no...just gonna help you with you're ba-ba...though you SHOULD think about going to bed once the movie is done..."
I looked away staying nothing, then i was pulled into BB's lap, him cradling me as starfire handed him the bottle. the nipple was slowly pushed in my mouth, and feeling ready to die of shame, i started to suckle, eyes turned to watch the movie.
it wasn't even five minets later i dozed off, and would wake up five hours later, when i rolled out of my bed and landed on the floor, bonking my head and started me crying.
the end result of that, was starfire in a nightie, coming in and scoping me up, petting my back and kissing the bump, telling me it's OK, I'm gonna be aright.....then....well.
she claimed that she didn't trust me not to fall off the bed again, and climbed in bed with me, her arms wrapped around me protectively.

June 25th
So moving on, My once kick ass goth bed has been replaced with a teen sized crib, filled with stuffed animals, and has a mobile hanging above it. they've removed my books to make room for a changing table....
In any case, when i woke up this morning, I was in a soaked diaper, and my in my 'daddy's lil stinker' t-shirt. the crib was designed to keep teens in it.
So there i was, legs spread with a soggy diaper,hanging onto the side of the crib.
"Um...Beast boy...starfire? I'd like to get up now please..." I called, blushing at how i needed them to get me out of bed.
I waited about ten minets, still nothing.
"Guys...I really wanna get out of bed now!" I said in a angry voice.
More time went by, and my diaper was was really making me start to itch and not to mention start to slide off.
within moments, both of them were in the room and glared at me.
"I do not think you should be using such vulgar language..." Starfire started..
"yeah..i think the baby needs a spanking.
"First of all, fuck you about the baby comment, second of all, I tried asking nicely about 20 minents ago, and no one answered me. I'm trapped in a crib in a sagging, wet and itchy diaper. I'm allowed to be in a bad mood!"
They both blushed and gulped.
"Er...about 20 minets ago eh?" Beast boy said rubbing his neck.
"We" starfire said.
"...Were you too busy doing the nasty?" I asked in a low tone.
"well, Mommy and daddy do like to do a special hug..." Starfire started.
"...and that mental image shall replace trigon in my nightmares...can you just let me otu and change me?"
They both nodded and i was lifted out, and set on the changing table, the diaper pulled off and starfire gasped.
'Oh, our little one has the diaper rash...You poor thing!" she sadi petting my head.
It's OK baby Rae, Daddy has some rash cream for you."
I glared at him, and started to say something with a paci was shoved into my mouth, and damn it, if it didn't taste so good i had to suckle.
"I told you dipping it in candy powder would make her suckle." starfire said with a grin.
Just about then, Starfire's com went off.
"I shall go answer this, you take care of the rest..."
"With pleasure." Beast boy said.
I froze a bit in disbelieve and then glared at Beast boy.
"mmm uh mmm!" I said with the pacifier in my mouth.
"sorry love, i didn't catch that.." He replied with a smirk.
he un-taped my soaked diaper and smiled as he stared at my sex.
" Oh my...poor baby...."he said in a low voice, patting my cunt.
I spit the paci out and glared.
"Don't you fucking dare!" I yelled at him.
Beast boy popped the paci back in my mouth, and then slowly teased a finger over my pussy lips cause me to moan even as i looked away.
"Awww come on Rae's not soooo bad is it?" He asked me, leaning forward and kissing my cheek.
I suckled hard on the paci, as his fingers dance over my cunt, and were quickly moisting me up.
"Maybe when this is done, baby can suck on dada's ba-ba.." He whispered into my ear.
that was enough, and i sat up and spit out the paci. he grinned at me, knowing he was far strong than me and plunged three fingering into my cunt.
"MOMMY! BEAST BOYS RAPING ME!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, as BB panicked and bitch slapped me across the face.
I was crying, and bleeding a little down stairs as starfire came rushing into the room, and BB was grabbed and taken out of the room. i didn't her what was said, but i did hear a loud thud before mommy came back in and hugged me, telling me everything was going to be alright...

July 10th
Sorry Dairy...after what happened...I have not been in much of a mood to write in you..but I'll get you caught up.

"...and that is why, till Raven is either healed back to normal, or is able to be here without flinching around a certain teen, Myself and raven will be taking a leave of absence from the titans. Jinx and Kid flash have volunteered to cover for us." Starfire said.
I was in her arms, hugging close to her, whimpering softly.
Beast boy, was next to us, as we were talking to robin and Cyborg via video coms. Jinx and flash were standing in the back.
"...I wish you wouldn't...But if you feel that you need to, then go ahead...In my room, on top of my dresser is a locked box. the combination is 34354, inside is a master-card in you're name, with ten thousand dollars on it." Robin said.
"As for you...Beast boy...we'll talk when we get back...Jinx, Kid flash, welcome to the team."

2 days later, i was still trying to get used to our setup. starfire reasoned that we didn't need alot of room, so we have a one bedroom apartment My crib and changing table is in the main room, along with the TV and couch, while starfire has her own room, which i am to stay out off.
Of course, while she was sleeping on the couch, tired after doing all of this unpacking.
So I may of crawled off, exploring our new just a thick diaper. I was finding it harder to walk these days so crawling was just easier
The bathroom was fun, strange how i had never noticed it before, but starfire had picked up this form blaster hand soap and I was having fun seeing how far i could spray it when i heard a ahem behind me, and turned around to see a smirking starfire.
"...You never said i had to stay out of the bathroom.." I said with a sweat drop
"well, i suppose i didn't tell you to stay out of the bathroom.." starfire said trying her damndest to look stern. "But from now on, you're only allowed in here when i am.."
"Why would i wanna be in here while your going potty?" I asked making a face.
"No Silly, i meant for baths!" starfire giggled
"...I knew that.."
Starfire began to clean up the mess, shaking her head as i watched. I felt a little bad so i grabbed a face cloth and weakly began to help her, which cause her to make a aww noise and kissed my forehead.
"You're just mummy's little helper aren't you?"
I blushed, but nodded.
"well, i was going to punish you with no TV, but since your helping to clean up.."
"That and you have a soft spot for a certain pampered teenaged girl..." I said with a giggle.
it was her turn to blush and she quietly finished cleaning up and then scooped my pampered butt up and sat me in the living room, and turned it on teletubies.
"Stttttaaaaaarrrrrr!" I whined. "You know i dun like this show...I wanna watch winx club!"
"winx club isn't on yet and you know it." starfire said, heading for the stove, getting ready to make supper.
"But I wanna watch it!" I whined.
"Raven, it's not on." She said in a stern voice.
"Raven, one more squeak out of you and you'll have a sore backside."
I glared at her, and crossed my arms.
"Pout all you want. maybe I'll buy some winx club dvd's later. but for now, be a good girl and watch your show, while i make Mac and cheese."
I turned my head away from her, and refused to look at her, hearing her sigh and m,utter on about why does she put up with this again.
"star...where's my bunny?" I asked.
She had been giving me a look of anger and then smiled.
"It's in my room, i have not unpacked it yet. I'll get it for you in a bit."
She turned her attention away to shredding up some sort of alien cheese, so i crawled off toward her room.
"want my bunny.." I mumbled, before opening her door slowly.
I made my way into her room, and crawled over a pile of clothes.
a cardboard box in the corner seemed to be my best hope, so i crawled over with all due speed and started to look though it, and then meeped.
It was as I had a lesbian porn mag in my hand, mouth wide at the fact that Starfire of all people had a box full of porn, that i heard the dreaded ahem again, and slowly turned around to see a very mad starfire.
"I know I told you to stay out of here." She said, eyes narrowed and a blush on her cheeks.
"...I love you mommy?"
Five seconds latter, i was over Starfire's lap, diaper down and she was giving me a spanking.
No, calling it just a spanking would be mild...this was a spanking to end all other spankings. after three hits i was brawling like a big baby, and starfire told me i had earned Ten swats. my butt still hurts from that...
I ended up in the corner afterwards, my diaper around my ankles and sniffling.
But...strangely I understand why she did it...and i agree with what she said afterwards, when she hugged me after i was let out of the corner.
"I do not wish to hurt you Raven, but sometimes caring for someone means you have to be willing to punish them when they're naughty. otherwise they never learn right from wrong."
...Some how...the idea of her spanking me because she cares so much about me..made me feel loved...gah...maybe I'm just thinking too much...I need to get out more...

July 15th
Starfire sat me down, and we had a nice long talk the other day. we both agree that me just sitting around the apartment and stinking things up isn't going to help, and she's getting restless herself. she isn't going to go back to the titans, but found me a day-care that understands the situation, and even has a few other meta's there.
At first, i was against the idea, but starfire gently argued with me that it really was for the best, and that I should at least try a day of it.
She's going out and doing volunteer work while I'll be at the day-care.
Tomorrow's my first day, and i'm so nervous I'm filling my diapers more than usual. at least starfire got out commander bun bun for me last nigt...wish me luck diary!

July 16th
Gah! today was horrible! as soon as i got there, this five year old with materialization powers started picking on me. he would run up and make a gas mask appear on his face and say in a very loud voice that i was a stinky baby!
then, during snack time he took my cookie saying babies don't eat cookies, they eat baby food, and made a jar of baby food appear in front of me.
I got mad and tackled him to the floor, and got him right between the eyes with a fist, and then he laughed and shoved me off of him.
I was pined on the ground by him, blushing at how weak i must be if a five year old could pin me, and he opened the jar of baby food and started to force feed it to me.. ashamed as i am to say it, the brighter part of the day kicked the form of Melvin.
She swooped in and knocked the boy off of me with a hard punch and told him to leave her Raven alone, or next time she's having Bobby show up and help.
the kid ran off, and in my un-dieing shame, i curled into Melvin and started to cry.
starfire told me that the boy was removed from the day-care, and that the girl who was suppose to be watching us is in trouble for not stopping my fight. I got my hands slapped (OW!) for starting the fight, but Starfire's assuring me that tomorrow will be better...but if it's just as bad, she'll pull me out of day-care.
I love my mommy!
Gah...did i just write that?? Diary...I'm beginning to worry about myself...