Star Wolves

By: Kit Fox


The Maniac tore through the mass of fighters like they were a butter patty. It’s metallic shine gave it a crimson glow as it flew past lasers and energy beams. Spinning in the black space as it veered left and dodged right, letting loose a volley of it’s own laser fire. Leaving behind a few extra crispy alien ships.


“Warning! Annihilator Class Battleship approaching.” The onboard AI chirped as the small ship Maniac was suddenly engulfed in the shadow of a gargantuan craft.


“Damn it all to bloody hell,” Capt. Star Wolf yelled, “How am I going to get out of this mess?” As an ironic reply, a laser suddenly caressed the starboard hull.


“Shields down to 12%. Suggest dawning a space suit in case of hull breach.”


“AI, please shut up.” Capt. Star Wolf asked, trying to remain calm and cool. He took the joystick in hand and pressed the throttle to max. The craft screamed forward in response.


Lasers flashed from every angle as the Maniac went in for a strafing run. It’s fast recovery cannons hummed as they spit red beams of warm goodness at the Annihilator. They didn’t have a great effect on it’s shields though and as he passed over, counter fire raped the Maniac. Causing it to fall apart with hit after hit to the aft.


“Shit!” Capt. Star Wolf screamed into space as a laser found it’s way into the Maniac’s power core and the tiny ship burst into a flash of white. Immediately following, a few letter’s spelling out GAME OVER, crashed into the screen.


“Damn that battleship, I can never get past the first run.” Jason yelled throwing the controller onto the floor. “Grr… How in the bloody hell am I supposed to beat the evil Human empire if their battleship is so damned powerful?” He asked clenching his paw into a fist.


“The accent is killing you most of all, but, if you give me a turn, I bet I can beat it.” Chimed in James, Jason’s brother. Jason turned to frown at his brother, if someone was going to beat it, it was going to be himself.


“How about you both bow down to my superior female abilities?” Jennie said as she stood in the doorway with her hands on hips. James and Jason both looked at her and growled.


“And who said we would even let you play?” They chimed in unison, trying their best to flash their fangs.


“Being as I was born 3 minutes before the both of you, I see it only fair that you let the oldest demonstrate just how inferior you are.” Jennie said walking into the room and swaying her tail in the benevolent manner she did so well. She took time to flick her tail in Jason’s face and tickle the point of his triangle ears as she sat down and took the controller.


Jason and James stood aghast as they were powerless to stop their sister from taking away their entertainment. James was the more sensible of the two and just shrugged, sitting down next to his sister. Jason was a little more hot headed and sat down on the other side of Jennie, but made sure to pull on her bra strap from behind and let it snap back into place.


“Jason! You little shit, you just caused me to crash.” Jennie yelled as she threw down the controller and glared at her brother.


Jason was grinning like an idiot, taking great pleasure in the words that ran across the screen. Lt. Jennie ‘Space Girl’ Canus, will rest in piece in the hall of losers for the 34th place score. Jennie took offense and clawed Jason on the shoulder.


“Hey, what are you scratching me for? It’s not my fault that you suck, figuratively and physically,” Jason said, softly adding the last part. Jennie immediately pounced on him and they started to wrestle around the room. Meanwhile, James took his opportunity to have a go at Space Fighters.


“Supper time!” Called Leslie Canus from the kitchen. Mrs. Canus could say a lot of things about her three pups, but, she could never say her small pack was late for dinner. Right on cue, they all came rambling down the stairs and rushed to jump into their seats. “Do I have to remind all my pups to wash their paws?” Mrs. Canus asked.


Just as quickly as they sat down, all of them were up again and pushing each other to the bathroom. Crowding the sink they put some soap on there paws and ran them through the luke warm water.


Mrs. Canus barely had time to turn around before her three pups were sitting and smiling like little angels. She grinned ear to ear and relished in the glances they gave the plate she carried. She knew that they could all smell the venison well before she had begun to cook it, and loved how much they drooled for it.


“All right who’s hungry?”


There was a chorus of  answers.


“All right, there’s plenty for all,” Said Mrs. Canus as she began to serve her family.


“Are we going to wait for dad?” Asked James as he held a piece of venison on his fork, just inches from his snout.


“Not tonight, your father is not sure when he’ll be home, but he’s pretty sure it will be within the hour.”


“Traffic that bad again mom?” Jason asked between chews.


“It’s always bad coming back from Starbase 7.”


“Do you think he saw any action today?”


“Oh, I hope not. You know he’s not allowed to talk about it if he did.”


“It’s those dang humans, they are on the brink of our solar system and you know they will never reason with us.” James complained.


“Yeah, and some day we’ll both get to go shoot um’ down in Foxtrot class fighters. Right bro?” Jason asked giving his brother a nudge with his elbow.


“Ahem, the three of us will get to shoot them down.” Jennie added with a smile.


“Stop it, all of you… You know the military is not out to kill the humans.” Said Mr. Canus as he stepped in the front door. “Hmmm, what’s that lovely smell coming from the kitchen?”


Mrs. Canus put her napkin on the table and got up to greet her husband. “Hi honey, how was work?”


“Tiring as always, beyond that, you know I can’t say.” Mr. Canus gave her a kiss and then set down his briefcase and put his beret and jacket on the coat hanger.


“Hey dad.” Chorused his three pups.


“How’s my fine sons and beautiful daughter this evening?”


“Fine.” They all replied as they concentrated on eating.

“Can you at least give your old man more then a one word answer?”


“Later, after dinner maybe.” Jason said as he continued to stuff his face then guzzle down a glass of water. Mr. Canus looked over at his wife who just smiled and shrugged.


“You know how they are when they eat dear..” Mrs. Canus said as she served a plate to him. Mr. Canus sighed then sat down to join them. Settling over a normal evening in the Canus household.




The next day was one of the most beautiful there had been in a solid month. Mrs. Canus was downstairs doing the laundry and heard her pups roughhousing upstairs.


“It’s a beautiful day, can’t they go do that outside for once?” She thought to herself. Quickly she finished starting the next load and headed upstairs.


“I was here first, I control the remote!” Jennie shouted at Jason.


“Not when your watching the Backalley Cats on AMTV (Animal Music Television). I have to do what any self respecting male would do, change the channel as fast as I can.” Jason said holding out the clicker and changing the channel to Austin Flowers.


“But I was here first!”


“And I respect that, but, you allowed me to take the remote.”


“I didn’t allow you! You snapped my bra again and took it from me!” She said stepping toward him. He was smiling and reclining on the couch now, in his natural lazy manner. Allowing his tail to hang over the side as he put his feet up.


“And I’d do it again if I had to!” Jason said mocking her. She ran up and pulled him off the couch by his tail. He tried to grab onto the cushions but they just came off with him. Soon he was on the ground wrestling around with his sister… The prize, er… remote, rested a few feet behind them.


“Hey, no biting!” Jennie screamed.


“Owe, then don’t pull my tail.” Jason answered.


James watched with relative interest. The two teenage wolves that were his siblings, always quarreled over something trivial. Sometimes he would try to stop them, but, why bother anymore… It was like throwing rocks at the ocean and expecting the waves to stop rolling in.


Just then Mrs. Canus came up out of the basement carrying a basket of laundry. She turned and saw Jennie and Jason rolling around in front of the TV and James was sitting in the chair a few feet from her. James looked at Jennie and Jason and rolled his eyes, turning instead to talk to his mom.


“There at it again, remote control this time.” He said.


It’s amazing how in such few words he could describe and inform so much, but, as often as his brother and sister fought. He had learned to sum long stories into little more then a sentence. Mrs. Canus took note that James was not involved as usual, then set down the basket of laundry.


“All right pups, you can take your little wrestling match outside. It’s a beautiful day, and there is no way I am going to let you all squander it inside.” All her pups looked up at her, Jason and Jennie even stopped wrestling.

“Aww… Mom. Do we have to?” Jason and Jennie asked.


“Yes, now get your furry butts outside.” Mrs. Canus said pointing a finger at the front door. James was the first to get up and reluctantly go outside. Jason and Jennie followed shortly behind, sulking and showing their protest. “Finally, maybe now I can get some work done.” Mrs. Canus thought to herself.


“So what do you two want to do?” Asked James as they all walked around the house to the back yard.


“I dunno…” Shrugged Jason, looking at the ground with his hands in his pockets.


“I say we just go exploring..” Jennie said in a giddy manner.


“Don’t you think we are a little old for that? We are almost 15.” Commented Jason, looking up at his sister.


“Do you have a better idea?”


“Yeah, Capt. Star Wolf. How bout’ it?” Inquired James.


“An unexplored planet is a grand site for adventure…” Jason said in his best English accent as he heroically stood facing the forest beyond his house.


“In that case, Sergeant Major James and Lt. Jennie reporting in, Sir.” James said, presenting a ANSF (Animal Naval Space Force) salute.


“Hey, how come he gets to be the leader of our expedition.”


“When you outrank me, you can be leader.”


“You only outrank me because you play m….” James put a hand to Jennie’s mouth.


“Not again, please. Just let him be Captain.” James pleaded. Jennie shrugged and decided it was stupid anyway.


The forest itself stretched for miles behind their house. It was a perk of the recently colonized land (If you count a hundred years recent) that usually comes bundled with new home worlds. They loved the untouched pocket of wild territory that spread out their back yard. Of course they had ventured into it a thousand times in the ten years their father had been stationed on planet, but, it had been a few years sense last they did. So, today was like reopening a wrapped present.


“It does feel strange to experience these feelings again,” James thought to himself, moving along. “I haven’t done something as riveting in half my life. I guess it’s just the innocence of our game, but, it almost feels like an old home.” James smiled at the thought and hurried to catch up, but, also taking time to observe the serene beauty. More then anything James was impressed by the huge trees. They stood like Kings over their ground, with leaves colored every pastel shade, and gently peeling bark like smooth cast copper.


By now, an hour had gone by and they had started past the familiar part of the forest and were in deeper then they usually cared to go. The new part of the forest looked a lot like the old and familiar part of the forest and both were getting a little boring.


A few distant claps of thunder, almost announced the light patter of rain that followed. Jason’s ears flickered slightly at the sound high overhead. Seconds later, they were treated to a few trickles of water cascading from the treetops and ending in a slight dribble on their furry heads. While this was pleasant sounding in the forest, it also proved annoying. Serving only to dampen their clothes and the ground beneath them, making it that much harder to walk.


“Jason?” Jennie asked, to which he didn’t reply. She rolled her eyes and tried a different approach. “Capt. Star Wolf?”


“Yes, Lt.?”


“Can we go back now, it’s starting to rain and this is getting pretty boring.” Jennie said. James looked over at her and nodded his agreement.


“Go back? I find it an annoyance that you would say such. Never have we just turned back before.” Jason said still using his crappy accent.


“We’ve never ventured out this far before, and what’s more, we haven’t eaten lunch yet.” Jennie said matter-of-factly. Jason gave her a shooing motion with his hand as he continued up a hill against the pitter patter around him.


“If that’s how you feel then go back, the Capt. doesn’t….” Suddenly Jason stopped mid sentence. James quickly looked to see what was up. He knew that if his brother shut up voluntarily, something was seriously wrong.


“What do you see Jason? Did lightning strike or something?” James asked.


“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Jason said suddenly falling out of character and losing the bad accent. James and Jennie hurried to the top of the hill to have a look too. What they saw, amazed them both.


It was a derelict space craft, hidden in the thick of the forest. It was about mid size, a little bigger then a shuttle, but no bigger then a corvette class. All three of the wolves just stared on in awe. They couldn’t believe what they saw. What was a spaceship doing in the middle of the forest? It didn’t look like it had crashed, but it didn’t exactly look brand new either. Jason losing to his curiosity, began to move towards it.


“Jason, where are you going?” Jennie asked grabbing his tail to stop him.


“I’m going to check it out,”


“You know curiosity killed the cat Jason,” James added wisely.


“And I’m a wolf, so there is nothing to worry about.”


“I had a feeling he’d say that, so we better follow him, no telling what he’s just gotten us into.” Jennie said with a sigh. James was reluctant too, but, followed behind her.


Jason reached the craft and looked over the hull. It was a faded cream color with some words scribed along the side, which were now all but illegible. Jason continued probing it’s surface for a way in, James and Jennie came up behind him.


“There’s got to be an opening,” Jason said as he placed his hands on the craft. “I bet it’s dry inside…” He added taking notice of his wet siblings. Eventually he hit a panel and a hatch slid open.


“It opened…” James looked surprised. Jason wasted little time stepping inside, followed quickly by his sister Jennie. “Guh, why am I the only one with common sense???” James questioned in utter dismay. He really didn’t want to go into that thing, but, what choice did he have now. “I guess someone has to keep them out of trouble.” James said carefully entering into the craft.


The ship was dimly lit with emergency lights. They brought a gentle glow to what Jason and Jennie were already inspecting all around the room. It was filled with cribs, changing tables, high chairs and other baby type items.


“What do you think it is?” Jennie asked looking at the baby cribs.


“It looks like some kind of nursery…” Jason said as he walked toward the cockpit.


“Don’t you guys remember, a year back a floating daycare center was hijacked from the lot after duty. That fox mastermind Sygal, Sygiale whatever was blamed, but, authorities could never find him or the ship. I guess we found what the authorities didn’t.” James said as he watched over his brother and sister.


“Thank you Mr. Encyclopedia…” Jennie smirked.


“This may be why, someone pulled the locator box and a few wires with it.” Jason called from the cockpit, continuing to peruse the switches and buttons looking for something of interest. He was about to leave when suddenly he noticed a large switch labeled power. Jason tried not to, but, couldn’t resist the temptation to turn the power switch on. “What if it still works and flies? We could just throw out the daycare stuff and have a space worthy vessel.” Jason happily thought to himself. With that he flipped the power switch on. The lights began to flicker on all over the craft. Jason looked pleased and even more so when screens began to fill with readouts and information.


James was outside in the main room along with Jennie, James was getting a little curious as to what the hell Jason was doing in the cockpit and why the lights had come on. Jennie was to busy looking around all the baby equipment to really care at the moment.


“Jason, what the hell are you doing?” James said sticking his head in the cockpit.


“Seeing if this baby can fly.” Jason mused as he rapidly looked over screens and buttons.


“No! Turn this thing off right now. What if it was ditched for a reason, maybe it’s unsafe.” James said sensibly, but, his words once again fell on deaf ears.


Jason continued to happily search the controls when he came over a small screen and combination of buttons. They were labeled New Care Entry. Jason grinned and thought to himself, also turning to look back. James had turned around to check on Jennie and make sure she wasn’t in any trouble. With his opportunity in hand, Jason pressed a clawed finger on the screen. It immediately filled with a series of commands.


“All right,” Jason whispered to himself and went through the options. “New charge…” He said as he tapped the icon. The screen swirled with color then brought up a 3D scan of himself and his siblings. “Hmm… Must have scanned us when we entered,” Jason thought to himself. He tapped the likeness of his sister, Jennie. He knew it was her because he didn’t have tits. A new menu came up, it was labeled treatment. “Let’s see,” Jason mumbled and began selecting options. “Name… Jennie, Age…6 year old, Appropriate clothing…Yes, Diapers… Yes; night and day, Feeding method… Bottle and baby food, Naps… Yes; 1 per day.” This was going to be fun Jason thought to himself. “Duration of stay… Till logged out.” Jason sat back and smiled as a final screen came up and displayed everything he had selected. Quickly he turned back and looked in the main room.


Jennie was looking at a cyborg standing next to the wall, it was inactive and wore casual clothes, he couldn’t tell but it looked feline from his view. James was a few feet away, checking another one of the cyborgs. Jason waited till it looked like Jennie was about to touch the cyborg, then timing it just right. He confirmed what he had done the precise moment she touched the cyborg.


“I think this is some type of nanny for the nursery.” Jennie said to James as she looked very closely. Jennie had never seen cyborgs that looked so real. Each was different, with fur and individual clothes. “Very cool” she thought as she put a hand to caress it’s furry feline face. As soon as she touched it, it’s eyes began to glow. “Uh, James… I think this one’s alive?!?” Jennie said shakily backing away as the cyborg looked at her.


“What did you do!?!” James asked as he came rushing over to her.


“I just touched it.” Jennie pleaded as she kept slowly backing away from it, this time she put her hands up, like she was trying to ease it back.


“Hello Miss Jennie…” It said in a pleasant voice. Jennie was amazed that the cyborg’s lips synched perfectly with it’s speech, but, was even more amazed and truthfully frightened that it knew her name.


“Okay, I think I need to be going now.” Jennie said turning to go hide behind James.


“You can’t leave until your signed out hunny. Your my new charge.” It said happily, grabbing Jennie by the wrist. Jennie tried to get away, but, she was overpowered and led over to a changing table.


“Oh, no you don’t!” Shouted James as he moved to swing at the Cyborg. But, before his paw could even connect, another cyborg came to life and restrained him.


“We don’t tolerate violence in the nursery.” The cyborg scolded. James twisted back around and was pushed away by the cyborg. “So if you do not desist, I will be forced to remove you from the premises.” It said, stepping between him and the changing table his sister was on.


“What are you doing?” Jennie asked the cyborg.


“I’m just getting you into your diaper and ready for a nap.” It said humbly. Jennie’s eyes grow wide as she filled her lungs.


“Help!!!” Jennie screamed. “I don’t want to be diapered!!!” James looked around the cyborg blocking his view and saw that the cyborg with Jennie had her on a changing table, with fastened restraints, and was now in the process of removing her clothing. Still looking, Jason came running out of the cockpit. He quickly evaluated the situation (Even though he knew perfectly well what was going on).


“What happened, what happened?” Jason cried.


“Jennie touched the cyborg and now it thinks she’s it’s new charge.”


“Didn’t you try to stop the borg?” Jason asked as he peered over at Jennie. Jennie flushed red under all her fur, the cyborg had stripped her completely naked… And in front of her two brothers no less.


“Will you just get over here and save me?!? Stop standing around like a bunch of shitheads and get me out of this mess.” Jennie screamed as the cyborg took out some baby powder and diaper cream.


“I don’t think we can get anywhere near you with this cyborg in front of me here.” James said sticking his tongue out at the cyborg, it just stuck it’s tongue out, right back at him.


“Can’t you do anything, it’s about to f***ing diaper me.” Jennie screamed. Jason knew she was really mad when she said that because she only used curse words sparsely unless really angry, still this was his moment of glory and he intended to watch it continue.


“Maybe a baby like you deserves it.” Jason said as he watched the cyborg put diaper cream all around his sister’s diaper area.


“F*** you Jason!!” Jennie screamed out. The cyborg attending to her quickly put a pacifier in her mouth.


“Where does a 6 year old learn such language?” The cyborg asked Jennie. Jennie in return tried to scream out through her pacifier, but, all that came out was a muffled moan. “If that happens anymore you will be punished young lady, is that understood?” Jennie mumbled loudly in response again. “I’ll just take that as a yes.” The cyborg said with a smile as it took out a disposable diaper. Jennie began to moan louder on seeing it.


“What are we going to do? I know she deserves this, but, we really can’t let this continue.” Jason said to James. James gave him a sarcastic look, which already delivered the message ‘of course you idiot’.


“Did you see anything up front that would control them?” James asked.


“No, but, I can check again.”


“Good, you do that and I’ll check the back room area.” James said as he turned to go off. Jason stayed to watch Jennie.


Jennie could feel herself crying, as she tried with all her strength to escape or at least spit out the pacifier. The cyborg was lifting up her bottom and placing a diaper under her. This had to be the most humiliating thing in her life. The fact that her twerpy brother Jason was watching the whole thing was like insult to injury. After the diaper was under Jennie, the cyborg expertly took her silky gray tail and threaded it through the small hole, then it took the baby powder and generously sprinkled her with it. With that, it pulled up the diaper between Jennie’s legs and taped it into place. Jennie let out a little squeal at this final indignity. Her mind was screaming because her mouth couldn’t.


“Why me? I’m almost 15! I’m not some newborn pup or toddler!” She thought in self pity. She took a moment to glance around the room, but, she couldn’t stop noticing her brother Jason standing there with that sly grin. She looked down at herself and remembered she was nude except for the diaper. She felt open for anyone who cared to see, which only served to bring fresh tears to her eyes.


The cyborg went over to a dresser and took out a bright pink footed sleeper. Surprisingly enough, it looked just about the right size for the young teenage wolf. With a smile it came back over to Jennie and undid the restraints, helping Jennie up and off the table.


“Since I was never able to introduce myself, I’d like to say it’s a pleasure to be taking care of you. My name is Molly, but, you may call me mom if it makes you feel better.” Jennie heard this and furiously tried to remove the pacifier, but, found she couldn’t for some reason, nor could she raise a limb of her own will. “Here, let me help you into that.” Molly said as she took Jennie’s furry leg and guided her into the sleeper. Jennie continued to sob softly as she tried her best to comprehend how she had gotten into this situation and even more on how she was going to get out. She was reawaken from her thought as the zipper of the soft pink sleeper was pulled up on her. It did feel kinda nice to have something to hide her nudity, but, she still detested the babyish quality it gave her.


“I think she needs a nap.” Jason called to Molly playfully. She didn’t respond back to him, although Jennie turned and gave him a nasty ‘I’ll get you later’ look.


“It’s almost nap time little Jennie,” Molly said cooing to Jennie. Jennie turned, shocked at Molly. Was she listening to Jason’s order? “Pennelope you can stop guarding now, I have it under control.” Molly said to the other cyborg. It in turn, nodded and stepped back over to the spot on the wall it had come from and shut down. “Let me help you up into your crib.” Molly said as it suddenly picked up Jennie and brought her to a crib.


“No! Put me down, I don’t want a nap! Here, go take care of that brat standing over there, not me!” Jennie screamed, only it sounded to the outside world as little more then a garbled moan. Seconds later she had been carried over the railing of a crib and set down gently inside.


“You just wait right there, I’ll be back in a moment.” Molly said with a wink. Jennie didn’t really care and wasn’t paying attention, she was working on just trying to move any part of her body other then her eyelids. “Here you go…” Molly said handing Jennie a baby bottle and draping a small blanket that was folded at the edge of the crib over her. “Sweat dreams little Jennie.” Molly leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, then she pressed a button on the back side of the crib. A clear blue light filled the open top of the crib.


As the light spread across the opening Jennie found that she could move under her own power. Before even realizing it, she spit out the pacifier and threw the bottle at the blue light. It just bounced off and landed on her harmlessly.


“Force field,” She mumbled. She hit it with her hand and it felt as solid as the crib itself. She repeated the action a few times, trying to relieve pent up emotions, and suddenly everything just sank in, all that she had been through and the fact that she was basically caged, just sent her into bawling. “Damn this horrible place! Why is this happening to me?” She cried out as she buried her face in the fluffy pillow before her. It was covered in light baby designs and even though she detested them, she didn’t really care at the moment.


Jason walked over to the crib and smiled down at his sister. She looked just like a baby pup and her loud crying only added to the effect.


“There, there, Jennie,” Jason said kneeling down to look at her eye to eye. “It’ll be all right, we’ll find a way to get you out of this.” Jason said calmly and reassuringly (Even though he was enjoying himself quite thoroughly).


“That’s easy for you to say, your not diapered and locked in a crib!” Jennie wined lifting her head from the pillow to look at him.


“Well, we will do what we can. You have good ol’ Capt. Star Wolf to protect you!” Jason mused with his accent and a heroic stance.


“That’s not… sniffle.. very funny right now.” Jennie said trying to wipe away her tears.


“I’m sorry, but, I couldn’t find anything worthwhile in the back.” James said as he came into the room. He quickly took notice of Jennie in the crib, dressed in the bright pink sleeper. “Is she all right?” James asked looking up at Jason.


“Just a little scared, but, she’ll be okay. So long as we get her out of there.”


“Here you watch her and I’ll go get mom. Maybe she can get Jennie out.” James said as he rushed towards the main hatch.


“Good idea, I’ll stay over here and guard her. I won’t let those screwy cyborgs touch her again.”


“You do that Jason, I’ll be home and back in a flash.” James called as he exited and started off into the forest. “It stopped raining.” James’ voice trailed off.


“I wonder how long he’ll be? It took us a good hour or so to get here…” Jason said with a slight laugh, but, he stopped himself as not to upset his sister. “Did you here what James is going to do?” Jason asked Jennie.


“No, what is he going to do?”


“He’s going back to get mom, she’ll now what to do.”

“Really, but, that will take hours! I don’t want to be in here another minute!”


“You should have thought about that before touching that cyborg.” Jason said raising his voice slightly.


“Me, you’re the one that dragged us into this stupid nursery ship.”


“You didn’t have to follow you know.” Jason said as he sat down and leaned up against the crib.


“It doesn’t matter, it’s still your fault!”


“Look, crying about it right now isn’t going to help. Just relax and I’ll check again for anything I can do.” Jason said as he got up. Jennie watched and let her head fall back to the pillow. All the trauma she had been through nearly exhausted her, and the soft, fluffy pillow was a little more comforting than her stupid brother.


Jason looked around (Or pretended to anyway). He was curious about some of the other ship’s functions and so went to the cockpit check out more options.


After finding nothing of real interest he walked back to the crib. His sister had fallen asleep, and was quietly at peace for the moment. Jason smiled and watched the innocent baby wolf that lay in front of him. She looked to be sleeping so soundly that he thought it a crime to wake her. Truthfully he loved all that his little prank had turned out to be, but, now it was getting late and he was tiring of the situation. He resolved to at least let his mother come have a look at his baby sister. Besides he was tired and Jennie wasn’t exactly about to waltz off anywhere. He looked around and saw an unoccupied rocking chair. It was almost beckoning him to come sit down and have a rest, so he did and fairly soon, he too drifted off to sleep.


“Where am I?” Jennie said waking with a start. She looked around and saw Jason asleep in a rocking chair. Then it hit her, slowly she looked down at herself. She was wearing the bright pink sleeper. Jennie shrugged and sank down to the pillow again. “If only this had been some horrible nightmare.” She thought to herself. Suddenly, her tummy grumbled and she realized she was just about starving. She hadn’t eaten since breakfast and who knows what time it is now. Then another feeling assaulted her, she had to pee… and it didn’t feel like it was going to wait like her hunger would. “Jason… Jason!” Jennie called to her brother.


He yawned and blinked his eyes open. “Huh, what?” He mumbled looking around. “What is it Jennie?”


“Jason, I’m hungry and I really have to pee!” She blurted out at him.


“See that blue shield on you crib, I can’t remove it… How am I supposed to get you out to go to the bathroom?” Jason asked realizing he could stand to relieve himself too. “Why don’t you just use your diaper?”

“Shut up, this isn’t a joke. I really have to go.”


“Well, who’s joking?” Jason said with a laugh. “Anyway, all this talk about pee has me needing to go, I think I’ll go mark the territory.”


“Hey, where are you going? Don’t leave, what am I supposed to do?” Jennie whined as she felt the pressure growing stronger with every moment spent thinking about it.


“Whatever is natural…” Jason called back as he stepped outside.


“Hmph..” Jennie pouted as she sat down on her diapered butt. She tried to sit still, but, she couldn’t… She really really had to go and it wasn’t about to wait for long. “What the hell does he expect me to do?”


“This is turning out better then I expected!” Jason thought to himself as he walked out of the ship. “I wonder what else this Nursery can do?” He thought with great delight. “Guess I’ll find out soon enough.”


Jennie crossed her legs in an effort to hold back a little longer. It was as if she could almost feel her bladder about to explode. Looking up at the ceiling, she tried to ignore the pain she was in, but, it was something of a lost war. Soon enough she knew what was going to happen and it brought a flood of tears to her eyes.


“No…” She cried out softly as her bladder finally released and warm pee rushed out of her and into her diaper. She felt like she was going to hurl as she laid there soaking her diaper and to make it worse, Jason walked in to see her in the last moments of agony. “Damn you Jason, you did this to me!” Jennie cried as she pointed a finger at him.


“Oh, what now? Did the little pup wet her diaper?” Jason laughed heartily as he walked over. Suddenly, Molly’s eyes lit up and she came to life again.


“Did little Jennie have a nice nap?” Molly asked sincerely, walking over to the crib. “It’s seems as if she could use a change. We’ll take care of that and then have some dinner.”


“No, just let me go back home with what little dignity I have left!” Jennie whined.


“Oh don’t be silly,” Molly said as she pressed a button again.


“Oops… Why didn’t I think to do that?” Jason thought as the blue shield dimmed then disappeared.


Molly picked Jennie up and out of the crib, putting the pacifier back into her mouth. Once it was in, Jennie found she had no control of her own body. All she could do was moan loudly. Taking the opportunity that Jennie was incapacitated, Molly carried her over to the changing table and gently placed her on it.


Jason decided to go check out the cockpit again. The display screen with Jennie’s information was still active. Jason smiled as he pressed options.


“Now what was it Jennie said a moment ago? She was hungry right? Hmmm…” Jason suddenly got a devilish grin and thought back to what he had seen earlier. “All right, options… Feeding method… Change Method… Change to Mother’s Milk / Breast Feeding.” Jason started to laugh to himself hysterically as he looked at the final acknowledgment. “This is going to be something I can’t miss!” Jason thought to himself as he tapped the ‘confirm change’ icon. After that he quickly ran back to the main room.


Jennie was on the changing table sobbing and starring up at the ceiling. She was naked again and Molly was busy cleaning her with a baby wipe. Jason smiled, “Oh, this is going to be good.” He thought. Molly finished diapering Jennie and put the sleeper back on her. Then she picked Jennie back up again.


“Are you hungry my little Wolfy?” Molly asked. Jennie looked like she was about to curse the daylights out of Molly between her sobs, but, nodded slightly and let her head rest on Molly’s shoulder. Jennie then began to suck lightly on the pacifier, continuing to sob.


“Did she just do that voluntarily?!?” Jason asked himself bewildered. A new smile grew as he thought about it.


Molly moved over to the rocking chair that Jason had slept in earlier. Even though Molly was not all that much bigger then Jennie, she still managed to comfortably seat herself with Jennie in her lap. Jennie didn’t even take notice of what was happening. Then, letting her right arm support Jennie, Molly began to lift her shirt up from her waist.


Jason watched on with interest. He couldn’t help but get a little excited at what was taking place. It was like some bizarre fantasy to watch a beautiful cat cyborg about to breast feed his 14 year old sister. Molly may have been a cyborg, but, she looked real enough and was drop dead gorgeous.


Jennie had gotten into some kind of relaxed haze when she realized that her pacifier had been removed. It sort of snapped her out of it, or at least enough to see the perk of Molly’s breast inches from her mouth. She was about to scream out when she realized she couldn’t. Molly’s nipple was firmly in her mouth and she found she couldn’t remove it.


“Well, go ahead little Jennie. Didn’t you say you were hungry?”


“That’s not what I meant!” Jennie moaned out. Desperately she tried to do anything she could to show resistance, but, her body didn’t obey her commands. There had to be some way she could revolt… But, Molly just sat there smiling down at Jennie, keeping her paralyzed some how. Tears flowed freely yet again as Jennie admitted defeat and began to nurse from Molly. She couldn’t stop thinking that she had been wrong earlier, this was the most humiliating thing in her life.


Jason felt embarrassed now, the scene before him was getting him really hard. He couldn’t let his sister see him like this so he retreated to the cockpit. He had an almost irresistible urge to, well… um. Release… Yeah, that’s it. So he went into the cockpit (No pun intended) and began to busy himself there.


Meanwhile Elsewhere…


“Come on mom, we’re almost there.” James called back as Mrs. Canus hurried behind him.


“Oh, I hope my little girl is all right.” The two of them kept moving closer until they heard a really loud rumbling noise up ahead.


“What on earth could that…” James was thinking to himself until it became clear. “The craft is taking off!!!” He shouted as they both made it to the top of the hill. When they did they could see the Nursery ship 30 or 40 feet off the ground.


“Oh, good lord. Is that the ship James?” Mrs. Canus asked bringing her hands to her mouth. James just nodded his head, unable to move in amazement.


Back on board…


“Oh, shit!” Jason yelled as he accidentally bumped one of the controls. In his sudden urge to ‘release’, he had mistakenly hit a control panel. The ship began to shake as the main engines went online. Jason suddenly lost his urge, but, relized a knot had already formed… Grumbling to himself he began trying to turn the darn thing off. To no avail, it started to rise off the ground.


Jennie who was still crying her brains out and suckling Molly, began to wonder just what the hell was going on?


Jason frantically searched for a switch or lever to correct his problem, but, with no warning the empty spot where the locator had been, began to release a bunch of sparks. Jason jumped back till it settled down.


“New charge logged in…” Said a new voice from behind him. Jason spun around to see a computer generated likeness of himself on the care screen.


“What?” Jason shouted as he lurched for the screen, but, before he could reach it. Something grabbed his tail and tugged him out of the cockpit.


“Hello, Mr. Jason. My name’s Penelope and I will be taking care of you!” Jason turned to see the other caregiver firmly holding his tail.


“Oh no…” Jason squeaked as his eyes suddenly went wide.


For the first time in nearly half an hour, Jennie stopped crying. She was still nursing from Molly, but, a new development had occurred. The other crazy cyborg had just said it was going to be taking care of Jason, things may have just turned a little her way. She allowed a small smile as her eyes focused on Jason.


“No! You stupid machine, let go!” Jason pleaded trying to free his tail, but, Penelope had quite a bit more strength then he did and he was losing the tug of war. “When I say let go… It means…” Jason brought a paw up to claw the feline machine, but, before he knew what happened, his arm was twisted behind his back and he was being shoved forward, rather then dragged.


“Wow, you’re a feisty little Wolf.” Penelope noted to Jason as she continued to prompt him forward to the changing table. “It’s a good thing you’re here because you almost missed dinner…”

“Dinner???” Jason asked as his voice trailed off in terror.


“Don’t worry, I’m ready to give you dinner… We just need to get you in a diaper so you don’t have an accident on me or anything else here in the Nursery.”


Jason resisted or tried to anyway, but, soon he had been pushed down to a changing table and restraints had been fastened. Penelope wasted little time in undressing Jason, depositing his clothes somewhere out of site.


Jennie giggled as Penelope ripped her brother’s clothes off. In a few acts of desperation, he tugged harmlessly at his restraints. Moving quickly, Penelope had him naked in no time.


“Seems like this little guy is excited…” Penelope commented noticing something that might be a problem to get a diaper over. Jason blushed some of the darker shades of crimson trying to hide his erection and the knot at the base. But, with no body parts to control, that proved impossible.


“What the F***?!?” Jennie thought to herself. “Is he excited to be diapered or to see me diapered?”


“There, that wasn’t so bad… Now was it little Jennie?” Jennie was snapped back from her train of thought. She was so interested in the spectacle of her brother’s misfortune, that she had forgotten that she was being breast fed. “Now that you’ve had dinner you can play or watch TV for an hour before bed.” Jennie was surprised when she was picked up as easily as if she were a sheet of lined paper, and set down into a play pen. Molly took a seat back down in the rocking chair, settling to watch Jennie. Then pointing her finger at a section of the play pen, a blue holo view screen materialized. Jennie ignored all this for the moment and turned back to see Jason.


Jason only watched in horror as he remained powerless to stop Penelope from diapering him. She was already busy powdering and applying diaper cream to him. All that was needed was the diaper and most likely a footed sleeper.


“What would you like to watch little Jennie?” Molly asked in a vie for her attention.


“I don’t care.” Jennie hastily said. Molly shrugged and the view screen disappeared. Being an android made her immune to boredom or fatigue, so she really didn’t mind.


Jason had ceased cursing a few minutes before, not because he wanted to, but, because he couldn’t work his own voice. The same thing that had rendered his sister powerless was now doing the same to him. He wasn’t even able to stop Penelope from pulling his tail out of his freshly diapered bottom.


Jennie grinned as she saw Penelope help her diapered brother into a sleeper. No doubt he was going to be fed like she had been and that might prove as a decent encore punishment for her sick brother. As if to strengthen her thought, Penelope picked him up and brought him to a rocking chair.


“When you finish dinner you can go join your sister in the playpen.” Molly told Jason. Jason couldn’t figure out how it knew that Jennie was his sister, but, he guessed the scans might have revealed it.


Without warning, Penelope slid her shirt up and put a tit to Jason’s mouth. He tried to reject it at first, but, when the fail safe controls kicked in, he sucked in earnest. Jason didn’t want to, but, couldn’t help it… Worse still, was that all that was taking place aroused him. Being forced to partake from a beautiful cat was strangely pleasing.


Penelope could sense what was going through the perverted teen’s head as he suckled her. Utilizing some code that Sygial Fox had added to her language, she began to rub over the front of his diaper with her paw. Jason moaned into the breast he was feeding from as he felt something over his member. He was so close earlier that this threatened to send him off soon.


Jennie stared in open mouth shock. Her brother was going to get off from that cyborg!!! There were laws against having cyborgs programmed to do that sort of thing, so why would a Nursery bot be able to?


Being allowed to move slightly, Jason began thrusting his hips in time with Penelope’s paw. He was so close and his head was so swamped with the mixed emotions that he didn’t care that his sister was watching, or that he was in a diaper, or even that he was being breast fed. Penelope could sense that he was close and so decided to finish off her programmed function. She knew how to touch him just right, eliciting a loud moan and causing him to bite down on her nipple a little harder. Seconds later he burst over the edge and came into his diaper.


It was fairly obvious what Jason had just done… Jennie still couldn’t believe it though, she just couldn’t understand how he could derive any pleasure from this situation or how the cyborg was able to beat him off.


“Your probably not to hungry after that…” Penelope cooed to Jason. He couldn’t tell whether he was still forcibly paralyzed or to spent to move. Either one didn’t seem to pleasant as he was lifted up and into the play pen. “Now play nice. I’ll let Molly watch you both till bed time.” With that Penelope walked back over to her spot on the wall and shut down.


As if by magic, Jason and Jennie could suddenly move to their own will and speak freely.


“What the hell was that Jason!?!” Jennie demanded grabbing him by the front of his sleeper. He was to out of it to really notice. “Did you want to be diapered?”


“I…” Jason started as his speech slurred a bit, “ I think I wet my diaper…”


Jennie pushed him away and crossed her arms, “Just great… My brother gets off and I’m still stuck in diapers and in this…” Jennie was suddenly struck by an idea. She tried and found that she could stand. She was well tall enough to climb out so why not? Could it really be that simple? She put her hand on the railing and was about to climb over when Molly chimed in.


“Where do you think your going little Jennie?”


“Ummm…. Me?” Jennie said turning to look back over her shoulder. “For a stroll…” She mumbled.


“I don’t think so, why don’t you just sit back down and enjoy the rest of your play time.” Jennie was about to resist, but, then realized the logic in that. Still, the idea was a little tempting and what would the cyborg do? Taking a chance, Jennie started to pull herself up and over. Molly began to stare and narrowed her eyebrows in response. “Maybe if we make you a little less comfortable, you’ll listen next time.” Molly smirked.


Jennie suddenly felt a little sick… Her stomach felt like it was jumping up and down. Then she got a really bad cramp and another odd feeling. Jennie let herself back down into the crib, as not to set anything off inside her. She could feel an urgent need to have a bowl movement and knew her disobedience was a direct cause.


“Please no. Don’t make me do this Molly.” Jennie felt a little weird having said that, it was the first time she had actually addressed Molly.


“I’m not making you do anything.” Molly said with a smile.


Jennie began to cry as suddenly the pressure on her rear exploded into her diaper. She felt horrible to be standing there, a teenage wolf almost 15 years old, filling her diaper like she was 2. On top of that her bladder released, and she was treated to the most awful mix she could imagine in her diaper.


Jason started laugh as he fell over. He was still a bit disoriented, but, he knew what his sister had just done.


“Craft approaching, incoming hail.” Chirped the onboard AI. Molly smiled and continued to watch her little trouble maker fill her diaper. It wasn’t in her programming to fly the ship or respond to hails, so why worry about them?


“For doing what I told you not to do… I think you can just sit in your mess till bedtime, young lady.”


“No, I can’t sit in this another millisecond. You have to change me!” Jennie felt more then odd asking to be changed, but, then again. Anything was preferable to what she was in now.


“Nope, as punishment you have to stay in it till bed time.” With that Molly motioned her hand down. Jennie’s body obeyed and to her dismay, she soon found herself sitting in what amounted to a large pile of warm mud.



Sector 38, Alpha Grid 4562-95700

Shadow Sword Squadron



“Colonel, this is Starbase 7 command… Over”


“Reading you loud and clear command, over.”


“Sir, we have a UI 30 miles from your current position. Proceed with caution and ID, over.”


“Roger that command, over and out.”


Shadow Sword squadron broke out from upper atmosphere, slightly detering from their daily patrol. Colonel William Canus was flying point and only spoke a few words to his wingman (Or really wingwoman, as Major Holly Higgins was a hell of a pilot) before they had started on an intercept course.


“So what’s up CC?” Holly asked sounding a bit hyper.


“We’ve been rewarded with a little excitement today.”


“Sounds good, does this mean you pay for the hotel room or is it my turn?”


“It can be your turn as long as you don’t expect me to join you… How about we track a boogie instead?”


“Oh, and I was so looking forward to seeing what your wife is always blabbing about…” Major Holly tried to actually hide her disappointment, even though she was joking around, she had feelings for that stiff ass Colonel.


“I think we should just maintain radio silence till proximity…” Colonel Canus said as he made a mental note to talk to his wife later.



15 Minutes later



Colonel Canus’s thoughts began to drift as the distance reading cycled lower. Why was he getting this strange feeling. He couldn’t describe it but, he knew something was amiss about the mission.


“Nearing UI, CC.” Holly said, breaking the silence with her com. Colonel Canus pushed his feelings aside and opened magnification on the UI craft. It seemed like a transport, but, a little different.


“What is it Holly?”


“It’s a C7 Transport conversion.”


“To what though? It’s quite obvious that it was converted, but I don’t think it has offensive capabilities.”


“That’s affirmative, after initial exterior scans, no weapons detected. Hey CC, This may be interesting though, the markings match those of a lost Nursery craft. Last piloted by the terrorist Sygial Fox.”


“Could he be re-surfacing?”


“Not likely, I used to serve as a pilot for Sky Watch Daycare 5 years back, not the same company, but, same controls and flags. They would never employ or allow parameters for weapons programs on their craft. It’s harmless.”


“Is the pilot or auto-pilot responding to hails?”


“We’d be talking to them by now CC…”


“Then someone is flying it, and they ignored warning after warning. No telling what could be inside or what threat it might poise. Could be explosives, toxins or even soldiers… New objective is now to board and secure the ship.” Colonel Canus clicked his com link on and sent for command. “Colonel William Canus, clearance 4356 reporting UI is a non-combat, but, still not responding to hails. Request permission to board, over.”


“This is command, permission granted, over and out.”


“You heard the chain Holly, get to it.”


“Already on it CC. Matching speed and programming latches.” Shadow 1 and 2 accelerated slightly and got pace with the Nursery ship, coming up under the old white craft. “Docking procedure initiated, latches engaged.” Holly remotely guided the crafts in as there was a loud whine of pistons and servos moving. Slowly the two fighters connected to the docking hatches on the C7’s underbelly.


Colonel Canus’s flight harness released as it was safe to board the craft. Quickly he jumped up through the hatch and landed in a hallway, drawing a weapon and surveying the scene. Major Higgins was back to back with him seconds later, also brandishing her standard sidearm.


“All right Major, were going to do this by the numbers. I’ve got point and you cover the rear, room by room search beginning with the left door.”


“You know I got your back CC, just don’t send anything nasty down wind.”


Colonel Canus smiled slightly, and continued carefully down the hallway coming to a door marked storage. This, the four hatches and the other door were all that made up the hallway. Taking his time to gingerly open the door and do a standard check for traps or trip wires, Colonel Canus peeked into the room. To no surprise it was filled with baby care essentials, lots of boxes and the main engine with all it’s blinking lights and controls. Still very cautious Colonel Canus entered the room. Holly came in behind him and casually walked around.


“Not much of a surprise here… Huh CC?”


“Consider that lucky, now let’s cover the rest of the ship.”


They both got back out in the hallway and crept up to the other main door. Using the same technique and carefulness, Colonel Canus opened the door.


“I think you’ve learned your lesson little Jennie… Besides your father will be here to pick you up soon.”


“What?!?” Jennie almost screamed at the thought. It woke Jason from his daze too.


“Your dad is coming aboard in a little less then 5 minutes, so I think it would be a good idea to have his daughter smelling nice and clean.” Molly came and picked Jennie up… Jennie was confused, not sure really to be happy that she was going to get out of this mess or that her dad of all people would see her and her brother like this. Then again, getting changed did sound pretty nice (Or being clean was preferable to dirty). “Does Jason need a change too?” Molly asked, but, before Jason could even answer, Penelope came to life from her spot on the wall.


“Don’t worry Molly, you have your own charge. I’ll cover little Jason here.”


“All right,” Molly said bringing Jennie over to a changing table. 





Just as the two cyborgs were finishing up, the rear door was opened.


“Good evening Colonel, we’ll have your pups changed and ready to leave in a moment.” Molly happily said as she powdered Jennie. Colonel Canus was taken aghast at what he saw.


“Hey CC, aren’t those your kids?” Holly said stifling back a giggle.


Colonel Canus just stared on in open mouth shock until his mind regained control and suddenly his brow narrowed. If two of his pups are here and causing an air clearance incident, boy, are they going to be in trouble.


Jason and Jennie both began to cry. Not because it was embarrassing, no, they had seen that look on their father’s face before and knew it meant big trouble for them.



Two days later…


“Mom, Jason snapped the back of my diaper again!” Jennie cried.


“Baby…” Jason said crossing his arms. James, who was sitting behind them, just rolled his eyes and continued playing space fighters. He didn’t really understand why his parents kept Jason and Jennie in diapers for punishment, but, maybe it’s because they both act like babies any way. A slight smile crossed James’ face, thinking that he was pretty much the oldest now.







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