This Is A Man's World
by: Rich1




Iím high up in the mountains of Colorado in an old mining cabin I guess, with my love, Kristen.I have been roughing out a living down in the town of Cripple creek.I have done my best to keep Kristy away from every one, for better or worse, that is what it came to.I prayed my efforts would not be in vain and that we would be ok. I work very hard and Kristy has kept the house while I was away during the day, until I return at night to take care of her.

I suppose I should start way back at the beginning of all this, just in case whomever reads this is completely clueless.

The year is now 2025.†† 15 years or so ago countries all over the world began to notice something strange going on.It seemed to start in Asia and work its way all around the world.Doctors began to see masses of cases of baby girls that were not growing up.

That is hard to explain, see I guess what it was, the girls body would grow up, and get bigger, but her mind, her mental state would not.All of them seemed to stop mentally maturing around the age of 2-4 years old.This persisted around the world and before any country could figure it out, or close their borders, it spread everywhere in less than a year.

5 years later the entire world was searching for one girl that had mentally grown beyond the age range.None was found at that point.It became the focal point of the world like none had ever seen in history.Doctors and scientists spent all the resources on locating the disease. Research on cancer, aids, everything else was halted trying to locate the source of the permanent toddlerisim as it was named.Toddlerisim became the focal point of every news cast, every talk show and soon, the focal point of the future of the human race.

Couples began to abort female children to rid themselves of the certain burden to taking care of a giant toddler for the rest of their lives.Other committed outright murder after years of frustration.All countries across the world made it known as quickly as possible that female abortion and murder would not be tolerated.The future of the race was at stake.

Soon there were no girls entering school, little boys had no one to grow up with.The future looked bleak, and talk was residing to the fact that as men got older, to continue the human race, they would have to procreate with the infantile women just to continue making children for the future.

This is about the when test tube babies were tried and ultimately given up.

About 5 years ago a girl was discovered in Russia.She had the capacity of a much older child than she was. She was 6 or 7 yet seemed to be just on a pre teen mental level.She was obviously born after the complete epidemic swept Russia, and her parents hid her from the world, making people think she suffered Todderlisim like the rest of girls her age. They were afraid of exactly what happened.She was discovered and taken away by the government and given to scientists.


Within I think two years Doctors were trying vaccines, serums, inoculations for pregnant women, everything they could think of to create a cure or stop it from continuing in the yet unborn.

Thatís when it happenedÖÖ

The plague across humanity got much worse than what ever was expected.

It started in the UK, it spread slowly and was obviously a virus of some type.It effected all women regardless of age, yet the younger a woman was, the quicker it spread its effects.

The end results were always the same.The effected woman would be reduced to the mental age of around 2.News reports said that the few lucky ones kept higher functioning skills around the age of 5, yet a small percentage were reduced to complete infancy.

The virus spread very quickly across the world this time, borders were closed yet it seemed to have no effect.No one could figure out how it was transmitted and no woman was immune.It would sweep a town leaving no woman safe.

It started to show its effects as a womanís mental capacity would dim, kind of like get worse.She would forget things, then lose things like math and complicated words.Bodily functions would start to go, then speech would soon deteriorate.It would leave the woman completely at the mental state of a toddler.Most all retained memory that were at that level, but could not express it very well and could really not carry on conversations about anything much more than having their diapers changed.All of them acted like babies.They needed naps and sippy cups and baby bottles, most needed to sleep in cribs I heard.Some understood what happened, but most all thought that they really were two years old.

Women across the world were scared to death literally.So many women committed suicide and many others were murdered by their loved ones rather than see them regress to a toddler.

Toddlerisim type two it was named when the gene modifying virus was identified. It turned out that it was some mutation that started out from a real toddler that was in trail cure program for type one.It was something the scientists accidently created that was on the brink of destroying humanity.

In the U.S. we almost seemed immune from it due to the strict borders we kept up from the very beginning.Most of the entire worlds women had been reduced to babies when it hit the US.And again it spread like wild fire. And again, no one was safe.Talk about panic I have never seen in the streets before.Couples committed suicide together, whole families killed themselves.

The virus would take any ware from a couple days to a couple weeks to have complete effect.Some were reduced to toddlers in just days, some lingered on for over a month living with the certain fear that diapers and dribble cups were in their future.

After the regression was complete, most women acted completely like toddlers, but so many still had somewhat of a sex drive.Now I know that sounds bizarre and the thought of having sex with a squealing toddler that used to be your loving wife is just nasty, but the government claimed it was necessary to keep births up and maintain the human race.†† I heard on the news many times about toddler women that fussed around but still wanted to have sex.I was always kinda freaked out by the thought.I remember one redneck looking guy that was interviewed saying his toddler wife loved to give him blowjobs.He said that she would ask for a loli pop and poke at his pants.He said it took him a few times to figure out she wanted to suck on him and not a piece of candy.I think I remember that he said his toddler wife didnít react too well to actually having sex, but she sure loved to suck on his loli pop.

Reports of this behavior became wide spread and seemed to be come normal.Sex suddenly became a whole new ordeal. First having to get a giant toddler in the mood, as long as it takes women to get going, combine getting them in a clean diaper, then taking it down to go through with the deed.Makes a good blow job seem so more worthwhile for the effort.

It became normal to see women wearing loose childish clothes being pushed around in large strollers.Companies that made baby strollers began to make them bigger to fit toddlerized women.I watched it all on the news as the virus swept across the nation towards us.Society began to break down to its lowest levels.TV shows went off the air and women began disappearingeverywhere as it spread.I remember one attractive news caster that was in the middle of talking and she began to loose composure and talk like a child, still reporting the news.She had said that she had been stricken and didnít have long left just as her associate next to her made a deal that her chair was soaked.She jumped up and began crying and ran off.She had not returned and was surly a big baby like them all.

I was determined to no let this happen to my Kristi.I packed up and ran for Colorado up into the mountains.I found a cabin that used to be like a miners home or something and kept her there.I kept her away from contact with everyone in hopes that she would not be exposed to the virus.I found work repairing buildings all around the area and was able to barely support us and fix up the cabin.

Kristy was severely bored in the cabin with nothing but the slow satalite internet and tv.She craved to have human contact with more than just myself.We had not been married but had planned on it as the plague approached but we needed to flee before we had the chance.

We had made it.The entire country of women had become toddlerized and for the news it was the rest of the world now as well.Kristy was safe.She was probably the only one and certainly I told no one as she would be a ripe victim for people tired of making love to overgrown toddlers in messy diapers, let alone expose her to the virus from another woman.

We were safe, it had been two years since I had seen another woman that was not toddlerized.I would see them on the street in town, either waddling along in hand with their men, or being pushed in a huge stroller.I saw one poor bastard pushing a huge stroller that had side by side seats with toddlerized girls that must have been in their early and mid twenties, then he had a leash attached to the stroller leading up to a toddlerized woman that looked in her 40s, the two girls in the stroller were wearing just tops and diapers, while the woman on the leash had on a dress than just came down to cover her diaper.All of them were sucking on pacifiers.The town park was full of women from their 50s to real physical age 2 playing on the equipment in the sand.It was really pitiful to see this happen to people.


Eventually an advance was made in medicine.A real toddler that was part of a trial program here in the US began to grow up.She had reached age 4 and was showing signs of mental acuteness no one had seen for years.Some others in her group apparently also showed slight improvements.Before long the hopes of the entire world hung on to these children.Indeed within a year most of the kids in her group were showing signs of passing up Toddlerism.


The vaccine was shared with the world in hopes that improvements could be made to it as well as a reversal for adult toddlerism stage 2.Many children began to be vaccinated with the drug across the US in hopes that it would be the cure.


ThenÖone day Kristy had a memory glitch, kind of a brain fart.I caught it but she just kept on talking.My heart skipped a beat and I was scarred.I didnít say anything to her because I wanted to see if it happened again.A couple days later she started to act different, looser and less depressed.She began to get more giddy.I became worried and pointed it out to her and she passed it off that we were safe and she was just finally adjusting to the situation.Then she started to speak like a child a few days later.She would stop in conversation and fumble a little.She knew what was happening and that she was starting to turn.She pleaded with me to stop her and save her from transforming into a big baby. She begged me to kill her. I couldnít do it and would hear noting of it.I was sure that she would become suicidal so I unloaded my guns I kept for protection and hid the ammunition under the floor. No need for them now any way. Kristen was about to be the last woman to become a baby.

I became depressed over the next couple days and did not seek out work. I spent all my time with my love as she continued to loose adult coherent speech.Then she wet herself.I forgot that was coming. I had to run to town and get diapers. I bought a lot of them and the guy at the counter remarked that I had never been in before to get diapers. I told him of our ordeal. He said he had no Idea and was sorry for me but I was lucky to keep her for so long as he pointed to his own wife, crawling around on the floor behind the counter with some plastic toy in her mouth, drolling all over it. I got sick to my stomach and ran out with like a million diapers and jumped in my truck and headed back to Kristen.

I came home and she was naked sitting on the toilet crying that she couldnít keep it in at all.I powdered and diapered her and then hugged her. She put on her sexist top and we made out and made love.She giggled and squealed as we did which was kind of distracting.Afterword I had to diaper her back up because she was afraid of wetting all over the bed.Good thing too because she would have.I just held her in my arms all night.

Kristy progressively got worse in just a few days.She would break down and cry for no immediate reason except the fact that she was now wearing diapers and knew that her time as and adult was growing short.When her speech began to get worse she would cry because I couldnít understand her sometimes.


Within two weeks she was gone.She still remembered her old life a bit, she had full memory of me and of us making love and our life together if I would question her, but otherwise she would drift back to innocence like it all never happened.She acted and spoke like a toddler and cried all the time.She became what they called a crawler.She really preferred to crawl more than walk.Her knees got bloody and I had to carpet the cabin to protect her from wearing down to the bone.She could walkÖwell toddle around but really preferred not to.


I had to buy the full gambit of big baby supplies to take care of her.If she didnít have a pacifier she would suck her thumb which was annoying and probably not clean.Kristy had a very difficult time eating even baby food.I donít know if it was the taste or just the thickness of it.She really didnít want to be fed and certainly could not feed herself.I broke down to bottle feeding her most of the time.What a chore that was.She would drink formula, protein shakes, juice and milk but just didnít like solid foods.Kristy used to love steak, and I tried to cut it up in small bites and feed it to her but she would try it chew it and drop it out of her mouth.


As time went on her memory of us faded and I was not able to recall it out of her with playing or questioning.I feared that her memory of us was gone and that noting but the clean slate of a childís mind was left inside.She still acted like she loved me, and knew that I was her care giver and would even call me by name, when she would talk to me or call me, though she had trouble pronouncing my name correctly, it came out sounding just like a toddler trying to learn to speak it.††


Kristy still liked to kiss very much and when we would snuggle on the sofa she would rub me through my pants.I enjoyed that of course and always wondered how far she could go. Iíd seen that stuff on the news before and wondered if Kristy was telling me she still had sexual desires. It had been along time since the two of us did more than a semi passionate kissí so one night when she began to rub me I opened my zipper and pulled my under ware down a bit just to show it to her.With no hesitation Kristy grabbed it, worked it a little and began sucking on it.I was shocked and couldnít deal with it. I pushed her off and closed up my pants, she began crying instantly pointing at me.I took her to her crib and put her down then came back with a warm bottle for her to calm down, it usually did the trick.Not too long it was half gone and she was fast asleep sucking her thumb.I had to pull it out and put her pacifier in.†† This is when she was the most adorable and most like her former self. Except for sucking on big pacifier and wearing a thick diaper, she resembled the woman that I had loved.I played with her hair until I was tired and went to our bed and went to sleep.


The next day came and went like nothing had happened.I asked her later that night if she liked my weenie and she just nodded and giggled a little.A couple days later she began to rub me again while we were snuggling on the sofa so I decided what the hell, if she wants to do it, its not like Iím forcing her to, and maybe she feels itís a shred of adult thing left she can still do.I lifted her up and she began to fuss a little until I opened my pants.I didnít finish because she was pulling on them until she had me exposed and began to play. I laid back a bit and let her go at it and in no time she was sucking till her heart content.She wasnít really that good at it I guess, what kind of technique does a toddler have for that sort of thing any way, even though the thought of it is kinda repelling.She did however go on for a while until she got tired and sleepy.I eventually had to stop her and put her to bed.She seemed frustrated, like when she was talking to me and I didnít understand her.


Not too many more times happened like that until she was able to actually make me orgasm.Thatís what she was trying for, I figured.She was very happy when I did and began giggling and clapping.It was not the reaction I thought would happen thatís for sure. I thought that she would be startled and scared off when it happened but she wasnít.


Eventually I had to get back to working so I decided there was no use to hide up in the mountains in a cabin any longer.I had fled to the most remote place I could think up to hide Kristy from toddlerism and all it really did was depress her until she became a toddler again.I took her back home to San Diego.I met up with her father and saw her mother in the same state that she was in.Her older sister was also the same with her husband.I put Kristy in a daycare center so I could get back to work and got us a nice place within a few months.


Kristy really enjoyed going to daycare, she could finally interact and play with other people her own age level, not quite the conversation and human contact she missed when I was hiding her out those years up in the mountains, but she seemed happy.Then one day when I picked her up I saw another toddlerised woman crawling around the floor that looked weird.When she rolled over and laid on her back I saw it, she was pregnant. I did a double take and the guy that was working there noticed.He just commented that yep, it happens, and that was all he said.That got me thinking if Kristy was still interested in that making love.She still had her birth control implant, but I had never really had a desire to have sex with her since I began changing her diapers, especially when she was on her period, it was just so gross you know.


After a few days I began to get turned on when she looked certain ways, especially when she was cleaned up in a cute outfit and adorable, not messy hair, drooling all over the place with a stinky diaper.I decided I would try it if she went along with it.I felt dirty, like a pervert or something, yet they had even said that this would be necessary on tv to continue the human race, besides, she wasnít going to get pregnant and nobody would know, even though by now, Iíd noticed several pregnant toddlerized women.The most recent had been that day, I saw a young guy pushing a really cute girl that looked in her teens down the street in a stroller.The sad thing was she was only dressed in a tank top and her huge diaper was exposed and appeared to be messy.My instant thought was, ďBabies having babies, wow, what a concept to graspĒ.


That night I decided to go for it but I knew I needed to get Kristy in the mood first.After I had changed her and cleaned her up, I put her back into her sexy black lingere and a teddy, with nylons garters and all.She really didnít quite understand what I was doing.I couldnít get her panties on over her diaper and they nearly ripped so I backed them off and gave up on that.She got a little cranky with me taking so long to dress her up so I held her and gave her a bottle of warm milk.While I fed her, I began to rub the crotch of her diaper. She began to breath hard and soon finished her bottle. I put her pacifier in because she tried to suck her thumb.I continued to rub her diaper until her hand got in the way, she was trying to help me.I stopped and she continued.I looked down at her face and her eyes were closed and she seemed to be really enjoying it. I took out her pacifier and began to kiss her.She kissed me back and began to suck on my tongue, so much so that it hurt and I had to retract.I kissed her all over her face, her neck and put my hand back on hers to keep her going. We did this for about half an hour or so until I couldnít stand it any longer. I ripped her diaper off and began to take her.She giggled first then squealed and was breathing very heavy and nearly screaming with pleasure from it.Then she pissed on me and the bed.Dam that killed it.I pulled out and jumped up to clean off and get her back in a diaper.She began to cry and reach her arms out to me to come back but it was over.I had to clean up the bed and while I did Kristy crawled away.I cleaned up the bed and found her laying under the table with her hand between her legs trying to keep herself going.Great, I thought, well, she liked it, but I got to figure out how to do this.


Kristy wouldnít calm down, she was whimpering sucking on her paci rubbing her diaper still trying to stimulate herself so I picked her up and took her to the couch. I prepared a warm bottle of milk with a sleeping pill in it like I had to do a lot of times to calm her down at night.I held her tight keeping her hands away from her diaper and fed her the bottle.In not time she was out and I put her down in her crib for the night.


I often tried to have Kristy share the bed with me, but she always kept waking me up at night and I wouldnít get any sleep.Most of the time when I did that it was when I was depressed about how much I missed my old Kristy and it just seemed that when she slept peacefully next to me in my arms, it was like old times, and it was really her, not the toddler she became.


I eventually figured out how to keep her in a diaper and just loosen it up on one side around a leg band and slip myself into her to be able to make love.Kristy truthfully enjoyed it, especially when I rubbed her diaper to get her going.That was usually what would set her off.I became fond of fondling her diaper and rubbing her padded bottom, it would turn me on.She still would just out of the blue some times start rubbing the front of my pants wanting to suck on me so we continued that as well.Once, just for fun, I put on one of her diapers and played with her, then we kind of made out and we made like we were having sex except both of us were still wearing diapers.I blew in it and wet it just to see what she felt, then it was nasty and I yanked it off and never tried it again, Kristy seemed to enjoy it though, but again, she was toddlerized and enjoyed playing with her rolled up wet diapers some times too.


We kept up like this for a couple years.Some of the oldest recovered Toddlerism girls were approaching 8 years old now and hope was that it had been cured.The vaccine seemed to be working and children under that age were progressing along.The vaccine was being produced as fast as possible but still it was only being given to babies and small children.It seemed to work in about 80% of girls, yet it had no effect in long term trials on older girls and women that had been stricken with Todderlism type two and regressed to toddlers.It seemed bleak that there was no hope for our loved ones that had been reduced to crying drooling babies.


It seemed still that hope for the future of humanity was looking up, yet hope to ever have my Kristy back was non existent.Most men were resided to the fact that their women would be crawling or toddling around playing with baby toys for the rest of their lives.For me it got even scarier.


You see, in the years that Toddlerism type one and two had ravaged the planet of our women, cures for everything else took a back seat, even prevention of diseases and cancer was let down.This was the case for me.


Even though I was relatively young, I had a cancer growing and didnít know it.One day, one of my testicals began to hurt.It didnít go away, but I thought that it might just be bruised or hurt from the strange way I made love to Kristy.The pain lingered for over a week until I finally went to see a doctor.Thatís when I found out I had extensive testical cancer.It had spread throughout my body and the doctors told me that massive Kemotherapy was my only hope, though bleak.I worried about who would take care of Kristy if I under went such a drastic treatment, let along who would take care of me.I had no one other than her.


Kristy liked daycare because she could play with the other toddlerized women both physically older and younger than her self, yet just about all on the same mental level.But she always was sad when I dropped her off and thrilled when I picked her up.The doctors told me that if I didnít take the Kemotherapy that I likely had less than a year to live.I donít have enough health insurance, and these days, with all the focus on Toddlerism, there really wasnít much help for someone in my condition.I didnít know what do.I couldnít go through the treatment, even if I had enough money to pay for it, there wasnít anybody to take care of me let along Kristy.I just decided that I would let my fate be up to God and count my days on this earth.At least it wasnít fear in my heart about turning into a toddler as I watched it happen to Kristy.


As the weeks passed by, I talked to Kristyís father and her brother in-law about caring for her when I got sick, but they had their hands full with their wives, and her sisterís four year old daughter that was on the vaccination and growing like a normal child.I more or less got the response to turn Kristy in to one of the many hospital like nursery care facilities that the government had set up in the last several years to house and sort of care for all the Toddlerized women that were left without care givers.


Iíd heard all about those care facilities on the news, they were always in the news.Girls and women getting pregnant by the staff, abuse and neglect ran rampant in those places.I certainly would not let her go into oneof those places.


Since I had come back to civilization I had made a couple of close friends.Some had their own wives and girlfriends that were toddlerized, and a few were single.Non of them wanted anything to do with babysitting or permanently ďAdoptingĒ my Kristy.In fact one of them said he was counting on in the next 10 years to be able to date and marry a normal vaccinated girl as soon as she turned 18 so that he could hopefully have a normal sex life.He was dilutional if he thought that an 18 year old would be interested in a 40 year old by that time.


SoÖas my time slowly began to run out on this earth, and Kristy and I kept our strange but somewhat happy relationship alive, I sat her down and talked to her about my emmenient demise.She understood some of it, that life ends and you go away to heaven, that I would be gone forever and she would never see me again in life.She cried and cried that she didnít want me to go and to never leave her.For the next several days she would not let go of me when I would drop her off at day care.She babbled for weeks that she wanted to go with me when I left.At a mental age of 2 years old she could not comprehend death any more.She was apprehensive every time I left her somewhere and was scared that was the time I would not come back.I had to convince her every time that it was not time for me to go yet and I would be back.She was stuck on it permanently, I should not have told her because her small mind could not handle it.


I began to get sick about 6 months after my diagnosis.It grew throughout my body and I got weaker and weaker.I had to stop working and began to use up my savings.I began to fear what would happen to Kristy when I passed.Still, her family, caught up in their own problems refused to help me and still pushed me to relinquish her to an institution and I would not.As long as I could feed her and change her I was determined to take care of her.


Soon however I was getting so weak I had a hard time getting around.Kristy knew that something was wrong and told me that she knew I was going away soon.She became very depressed and moped around.She really didnít know how to think about the future but continued to beg me to take her with me when I left.I decided to tell her that I would take her with me when it was time to go I would let her know.


A bout a week later I was so weak I could not lift her around any more to change her or barley hold her.I told her it was time for us to go the next day.She seemed very happy that we were going together and packed some of her stuffed toys into her diaper bag thinking they would be ready to be taken with us the next day when we left.


I did my best to bath Kristy and get her into a clean diaper and a very cute dress top.Then I made her a special bottle filled with a whole bottle of sleeping pills.I held her in my arms as best I could while she sucked it all down.She got tired and fell asleep in my arms.I carried her to the bed and sat her down.I just pulled out the next bottle of pills and took the entire bottle myself.I am about to lay down next to Kristy so both of us can leave for our next journey of life together.I hope to see my old Kristy in heaven, if the Lord will forgive me for what I have done to her.