Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

A Sequel to Kit Once More by Zen Black

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            “There. All done.” Daniel said with a satisfied smile as he closed the latches of his last suitcase. The fox, dressed in a footed sleeper for bed, padded over to a backpack and unzipped it, checking inside to make sure everything inside was ready. “Lessee… some books, a notepad, some pens, a few travel games, iPod, chewing gum… that should be it I guess.” The fox said with a satisfied nod, zipping the bag up. Suddenly, the door swung open, and a grinning Maria stepped inside.

            “Danny, sweetie, you already to go?” the panthress asked happily, padding over to him and giving him a soft hug.

“Of course.” He said with a stout nod as he snuggled in her arms. “The business trip tomorrow is very important. I have to make sure I’ve got everything, or else I’ll feel flustered when we talk to the higher-ups.”

“What a good boy. Here, let me check.” She said with a grin, quickly unlatching his suitcase.

“Aww! No, please, you’ll mess it all up!” he said unhappily, trying to tug her away as she ran her paws through the inside.

“Hmm? What’s this?” she asked with a disappointed frown, looking through his numerous plain clothes. “Nothing but pants, ties, shirts and a suit… you aren’t really going to go with only this?”

He looked up at her curiously. “I don’t need anything else.”

She frowned at him while placing her paws on her hips. “Now Daniel, you have to be kidding me. The meeting is going to be right by the beachfront, in the early summer! Where are the bathing suits, the t-shirts, the flip-flops? I mean, don’t you even have one colorfully loud, artistically designed, button down silk shirt?” she asked him in exasperation.

“No, not really.” He said with a simple shrug. “I wasn’t going to do much after the meeting… maybe sleep in for a while, get some work done, read, watch a movie.”

“Grah! What is wrong with you???” Maria growled, grabbing him around the middle and picking him up into the air.

Daniel yelped and kicked his feet. “Lemme go!” he yipped as he tried to wriggle free.

“When you get the chance to go somewhere fun, WITH ALL EXPENSES PAID BY THE COMPANY, you take every advantage you can get!” she scolded him, twirling around a bit as she held him up. “You go out to the local restaurants, you swim in the ocean, and you take naps next to the pool! You are not going to be staying in your room for more than an hour at a time unless its bedtime or you become sick, you hear me?”

“Yes, yes, I hear you! Just stop spinning, I’m getting dizzy!” he yipped unhappily.

Maria set him back down and snorted a bit as he struggled to reorient himself. “I can’t believe that you’re this much of a workaholic.” She sighed, shaking her head. She put her paw on his head and gave his head fur a ruffle. “Ah well. That just means I gotta teach my kit how to let loose.” She said with a playful grin and a chuckle.

Daniel blushed lightly and looked up at her with his innocent little look as she ruffled his head fur. Even though a part of him felt a little nervous about what Maria would be planning for him, a much greater part felt a tender glee at the two of them taking the office trip together. He’d been living with her for a month now, and had gotten used to (and found pleasure in) the many baby activities Maria expected of him. He’d even received a quick spanking, after he’d gone to his laptop to work on a new report after Maria had told him to go to bed three times. It was painful, and embarrassing, but the cuddling that she’d given to him to help him fall asleep more than made up for it.

“Anyway, we need to clear out some space in here.” Maria said, pulling out a few shirts and pants. “You’re going to need it on the return trip.”

“Why’s that?” he asked, knowing it would be useless to try to stop her as he watched his neatly folded clothes being pulled out, one by one.

“We’re going to be getting you some proper fun time clothes there.” She said with a smile and a wink. She put away his clothing, tossed in a few t-shirts she managed to scrounge up, and then put the suitcases and bags at the front door before taking him to his nursery. To leave Daniel some feeling of dignity during the full transition back to kit hood, they’d brought in his furniture from his old place and set it up in another spare bedroom, mostly just to save him some face in case they ever had a visitor.

She brought him into the nursery, her brown tail swaying, while checking his diaper through his sleeper. “Mmm, still dry I see.” She chuckled lightly as she placed him down in the crib. She tucked the blanket around him, gave him a pacifier and his gryphon plushie to keep him company, then kissed his head gently and turned on his mobile. “No getting up tonight. We’ve got an early flight tomorrow, so keep asleep.”

“Mmhmm, ok.” He said, already starting to feel a little drowsy. “Whatever you say, Momma.”

Maria smiled, and then gave him another kiss before turning out the light and walking out of the room. Daniel yawned a bit, and then watched his mobile turn before falling asleep peacefully.



“It’s almost time to start boarding.” Daniel said the next morning, looking up at a nearby clock as he sat besides Maria at their gate. He was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts that Maria had forced onto him before they’d left, and had his small backpack along with a briefcase besides him. He also had a pair of dark and light blue training pants under his shorts, since he still wasn’t completely comfortable wearing diapers outside of the house or the office yet. “Where do you think she is?”

“She probably just got caught up in customs or something.” Maria said, standing up and starting to scan the crowd. Her eye caught a waving paw, and she smiled. “There she is.” She said, raising up her own arm and waving back.

Chibi quickly padded over to them, smiling with relief. Chibi was a calico, a combination of white fur with large tan spots across her body. Her face was clear of spots, but she had a single one covering most of her right ear. She had been working at Daniel’s office for a while, taking a job a little before Maria had joined.

“You’re right on time.” Maria said with a smile, giving her friend a warm hug as she arrived.

“Thank goodness. I had a bit of a problem with parking. I entered the long term parking instead of the short term.” She chuckled, hugging Maria back. The cat padded over to Daniel and smiled at him, asking “And how are you today, Mr. Daniel?”

He blushed and pouted at Chibi. The rest of the office had taken to teasing him with that name after they’d seen what Maria had done to him.

“Stop calling me that…” he merfed unhappily, looking away. Chibi just chuckled and gave him a hug, which kept him blushing but less unhappy.

An announcement was made for boarding to start, so the three of them gathered their things and headed for the line.



The flight was uneventful for the most part. The three of them sat together in the middle section, which Maria voiced her disappointment that they didn’t have a window seat for their kit. Daniel blushed and reminded her of her promise not to embarrass him in public, so she just smiled and gave his head a pat before sitting down. The next few hours were spent listening to music, watching TV on little mini screens in the seats in front of them, eating snacks and reading. Daniel grew a little drowsy midway in the flight, so Maria got him a pillow and a blanket, and then covered his head with the blanket so he could doze and suck his pacifier without having to be embarrassed. He was woken up by Chibi as they started to land, and soon they were heading out of the plane.

“Whew! That was a long ride…” Maria sighed, sitting back in an available seat in the terminal. Daniel and Chibi sat with her, and the three of them took a moment to stretch and get some feeling back in their tails.

“Right then, let’s get going.” Daniel said, taking a hold of his backpack and fitting it on his shoulders. “I’ve already got a rental car reserved for us.

Maria smiled and ruffled his head fur. “What an organized little fox.” She purred happily.

“Stop it….” Daniel whined, blushing as he pawed at her. Chibi smiled happily, always liking how cute Daniel looked when he blushed.

The three of them headed off and got the rental car, and Maria drove them off to the hotel, which of course, Daniel had provided directions for. Within minutes, they had arrived, and were carrying their bags upstairs.

“Alright, so the nearest beach is about forty minutes away, they’ve got a mall a few blocks down, and the night life is centered riiiiiight about here.” Maria said, marking off a map that the lady at the reception desk has provided.

Chibi smiled then looked over at Daniel and asked “And you’ve got the directions to the meeting center, right?”

“Of course.” He said matter-of-factly, making Chibi and Maria giggle about how proud he sounded on that fact.

Daniel opened the door and led the way into the two bedroom room they had gotten. He took a quick look around to make sure everything was satisfactory while Maria and Chibi unpacked their things.

“Gosh, look at the view…” Chibi purred, going out on the balcony and looking out across the city. Maria smiled and was about to join her, when she noticed Daniel was looking a bit strange.

“Something the matter, sweetie?” the panthress asked, padding over to him and petting his head.

“I don’t know… it just feels like I’m forgetting something…” he responded, his arms folded and his brow furrowed in thought.

She smiled, knowing that he probably was just thinking too hard, so to snap him out of it, she undid his pants and slid them right to his ankles. He yelped in shock and protest, brining Chibi back inside to investigate. The cat smiled playfully at her boss in just his t-shirt and a pair of soaked trainers, while the fox just blushed brightly and tried to tug his shirt down over them.

“Maria!” he whined loudly, while the panthress just chuckled. “Chibi, would you like to get Danny into a fresh pair of trainers so we can go out?” she asked.

Chibi giggled and nodded. “Sure, I don’t mind.”

“Nooooo!” Daniel whined, hiding behind and tugging at her shirt to make her stop.

The two felines laughed, and then Maria gently led Daniel to the bathroom with a tote bag over her shoulder. She returned a few moments later with Daniel in a fresh pair of green and blue trainers and sucking on a pacifier. He still blushed when Chibi looked at him, but his pacifier helped him stop from feeling TOO embarrassed.

“Awww, what a cutie.” Chibi cooed, going over to Daniel and giving him a warm hug. The fox blinked, and then returned the hug with a shy little look upon his face.

Maria smiled at the two of them, then clapped her paws and said “Alright now, the meeting isn’t until tomorrow afternoon. I propose we spend the rest of the day shopping for Daniel, tomorrow morning scoping out the restaurants, and then the day after we spend the day at the beach.”

Daniel was reluctant, but after a hearty yes from Chibi, he knew he had no choice. After getting a new pair of pants on, he left the hotel with the two ladies, though he still couldn’t fight the feeling that he was forgetting something.

They walked off to the mall, and Daniel allowed himself become a practical doll to the two ladies. They shoved dozens of pants and shirts into his arms and sent him to the dressing rooms, had him stand in the outfits before them and then send him back to try on something else. In truth, he found it kind of fun. He had plenty of money left over from selling his apartment and moving in with Maria, so a new wardrobe was definitely within his price range. They left the mall after night had fallen, carrying a bunch of bags from various stores, and with Daniel wearing new jeans and a green t-shirt covered with blue swirls.

“This is kind of weird for me…” he said as they headed back into their hotel room, setting the bags down. He tugged lightly at his shirt, and looked behind him at his long jeans.

“It’s a good look on you.” Chibi said with a smile.

“Mhmmm. Now then, let’s find ourselves a nice restaurant and have some dinner.” Maria said, taking out a few brochures she’d snagged from the info center at the mall and opening them up. Chibi and Daniel looked over her shoulders, and the three began to discuss.

“Let’s see… this looks like a nice place…” Maria said, pointing to an Italian restaurant.

“I guess… oh! Let’s go here, this looks super good.” Chibi said with a smile, pointing to a Japanese restaurant.

“Um… could we find a nice place with something simple? I kinda have a craving for a hamburger.” Daniel asked softly.

“What are you talking about?” Maria said, looking at Chibi. “That’s all raw stuff.”

“Um, hello?”

“So? It’s really really good.” Chibi argued.


“How can you eat something raw? Fire was made to cook things.” Maria returned.

“Um, hamburgers?”

“How can you say that and be a feline?” Chibi asked indignantly. “And it’s so healthy for you too.”

“Guys? I want hamburgers… please?”

“Bleh. Give me a nice hot plate of seafood pasta any day.”


“I bet you haven’t even tried Sushi before.”

“Hey, hello?”

“What does that have to do with it?”

“HEY! I WANNA HAMBURGER RIGHT NOW!” Daniel shouted angrily, stomping a foot hard.

The two blinked and looked back at him, and it took less than a minute for the fox to start blushing through his brown fur at his behavior.

Maria just smiled, and then patted his head gently. “Alright, sweetie. Chibi, can you find us a nice diner?” she asked while cuddling the blushing fox. “Our baby here looks on the brink of a tantrum.”

“Right away.” Chibi said with a giggle, looking back to the map. Daniel remained meek and pretty quiet for the rest of the night, still quite embarrassed at how he’d reacted. Once they’d gotten home, Maria tucked him into bed with her and kissed his ears after dressing him in a sleeper and thick diapers. They all said goodnight, then floated off to sleep.



“I WANNA HAMBURGER RIGHT NOW!” shrieked little Daniel, clutching onto Maria’s paw as he stomped his little feet.

“Daniel, behave yourself.” Maria said with a frown, bending down and pushing his pacifier into his mouth. “Our table is almost ready, you have to be patient.”

The kit just hmphed and pouted up at his Mommy, his tail flicking in irritation. The toddler tugged a bit at the strap of his shortalls, still feeling fussy.

He took a look over at Chibi, who was sitting on a bench nearby. Danny blinked and rubbed his eye a bit, noticing that the cat was smiling and playing with someone on her lap. The someone was small, about his size, but was too blurred to really make out. He couldn’t even see what species or gender it was. Just as the blurred someone was beginning to come into focus, his nose caught a scent, and he turned to see a big serving tray floating to him, carrying the biggest, juiciest and best smelling turkey burger he’d ever seen and smelt. He felt himself start to drool as he reached out for it, getting closer and closer until…



“Daniel. Come on sweetie, wake up.” Maria cooed gently, shaking his shoulder. Daniel blinked and shook his head a little as he woke, before looking over at Maria curiously. She smiled and pet his head.

“Chibi and I have decided to go out to window shopping hun. Care to join us?” she asked him softly.

“Do I have to? I wanted to sleep some more before getting ready for the meeting today…” he said groggily.

The panthress smiled and shook her head. “No, you don’t have to. But can I change you so you don’t have to sleep in a wet diaper?” She asked.

“Yes please…” he yawned. She pulled his blankets away, and then rolled him onto his back. She undid sleeper, then removed his diaper gently and began to wipe him up. Daniel just murred, reaching around until he found his pacifier and placed it in his mouth. She powdered him, taped a diaper snug around his bottom, then redid his sleeper and tucked his blankets around him again.

“I’ll set the alarm to go in an hour, alright? Sleep tight sweetie.” Maria purred, kissing his cheek. She grabbed her bag and headed out the door, while Daniel drifted back into dreamland.



“Awww, Maria, those new earrings look lovely.” Chibi purred happily as the two of them exited the elevator.

Maria smiled, flicking her ears a bit to make the twisted hoop earrings bounce a bit. “You really think so? You think I should wear them to the meeting today?” she asked.

“Oh yes, definitely.” The cat said with a nod, getting out the keycard and slipping it into the slot. “I hope Daniel doesn’t think we’ve arrived too late. He always seemed to prepare hours ahead of any meeting.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Maria said jovially as she opened the door. “I’m sure he’s already got everything ready, even… our… suits…?”

The two of them were greeted by a disaster zone. The beds were unmade, clothing was scattered across the floor, and the suitcases lay wide open. Even the pillows had been tossed from where they rested.

“What happened here…?” Chibi asked cautiously curious as she stepped into the room.

“I don’t know… and wheres…?” Maria started, before hearing some familiar sobs coming from the bathroom. She opened the door and found Daniel sitting in the corner, his head buried into his knees and his tail curled around his body. He was dressed only in his diaper, which she could smell was close to leaking.

“Daniel? Sweetie? What’s the matter?” Maria cooed softly, kneeling down besides him.

Daniel looked up at her, looking miserable beyond anything she’d seen from him. “It’s awful…” he whimpered quietly. “I… I… *sob* I lost my briefcase…”

“Your briefcase? is that why you tore up the room? Looking for it?” she asked, starting to pet his head.

The fox looked ready to cry again. “I had all the forms, all of our data… and my laptop in there… If we don’t have it when we get to the meeting… I’m going to be in so much trouble…” he sobbed.

“Mmm… come on.” Maria said, taking a hold of him and lifting him into her arms. She carried him into the bedroom and laid him back on the bed.

“Chibi? Could you start to clean up a little? I’ve got to take Daniel out for a moment.” Maria told her friend as she began to change him out of his sodden diaper. She placed his pacifier to his lips, and he sucked it hard while closing his eyes shut.

Chibi just nodded quietly and began to clean up. She was amazed. She’d never thought that Daniel could lose himself so completely to panic. “I guess that’s why he always makes sure get everything ready ahead of schedule.” She said as she started to remake the bed. “If he starts to get pressured, he must get very nervous.”

A while later, Maria had gotten Daniel into a fresh diaper, as well as a fresh pair of jeans and a new t-shirt. “Come on sweetie.” She cooed softly, heading out the hotel while shouldering a purse.

“Wh-where are we going?” he asked quietly, her very presence helping to pull him out of his deep funk.

“We’re going to go find your briefcase.” She responded, entering the elevator.

He looked up at her in awe. “You know where it is???”

“Honey, the only place it can be is the airport.” She chuckled. “We went straight from there to here, and when we got here you said you forgot something.”

As he wondered how he hadn’t thought of that, he continued “But what if someone stole it???”

“Honey, why don’t we just focus on the positive aspect of life for now? You could use that.” She told him, kissing his head gently.

Daniel blushed, and then realized he still had the pacifier. He quickly removed it and placed it in his pocket, blushing and keeping close to Maria.

Maria got them to the car, and then drove off for the airport. Daniel sat in his seat with his paws in his lap and his head hung, looking like a child whose pet bird had just died. From time to time at the stop lights, Maria reached over and gave him a pat or a nuzzle to console him.

When they got to the airport, she took him by the paw and led him inside, heading right for the information counter. “Excuse me, but do you have a lost and found anywhere nearby?” The panthress said, giving Daniel as supporting squeeze of the paw.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Said the female Labrador behind the counter. She gave Maria directions, and the two of them walked off.

Daniel’s tail began to twitch with anxiety as they arrived at the Lost and Found counter. An older panda male let them inside the storage room, and before he could give another worry, Maria picked up his briefcase and held it up to him with a smile. “There we go. All found.”

The fox was ready to cry with relief as he snatched the case from her and opened it. Everything was safe and sound inside of it, and Daniel couldn’t be happier. He promptly grabbed Maria around her middle in a tight hug, yipping “Thank you thank you thank you…”

Maria smiled down at him and gently returned the hug, and then the two of them left the Lost and Found.

Daniel smiled brightly as they headed for the entrance, one paw holding onto Maria’s and the other swinging his briefcase lightly, when he realized with alarming suddenness that he was currently wearing a diaper under his pants. He had been so wrought with worry and grief that he hadn’t even noticed.

He blushed brightly, and the moment he saw a bathroom, he started to make for it, only to have Maria keep her paw firmly gripping his and her feet still heading toward the exit.

“No time Kit, we have to get right back to the hotel if we want to be on time. That’s why I got you padded.” She told him.

“B-but I have to get out of these!” he whispered fiercely, his blush darkening his brown fur.

“Come now, you don’t want to be late for the meeting you fretted about so much, do you?” she said, looking at him playfully. Daniel could tell that even while she was helping him, she had still been planning ahead to get him into public in diapers.

“Nuuuuuuu…” he whimpered unhappily, dragging his feet as Maria led him away. It was quite a funny scene. A full grown fox toting a briefcase was being half dragged out of the airport by the paw of a taller Floridian Panthress, like a child reluctant to leave his favorite theme park.



“Whew… I’m glad that’s over…” Chibi sighed a while later, sitting back on a couch near the conference room.

“Yeah. I hope I can get out of this thing soon.” Maria groaned lightly, tugging at the collar of her suit. They had made it just in time. After they’d all changed into their suits, they’d quickly made their way to the main building. They arrived through the conference room doors bare minutes before the meeting started. Daniel, who had recovered completely into his normal all-business attitude, took full control of the meeting. Profit, progress, issues and employee concerns and work ethics went by one by one without a single hitch or conflict. Maria had to stifle chuckles the entire time, wondering how Daniel could be so commanding and still be nothing but a big fuzzy kit inside.

As Daniel continued to talk with the higher-ups about the branch he supervised in the conference room, Maria took a quick look at her watch and gave a thoughtful look. “Say, Chibi, what do you think about Daniel and I? Our relationship as Kit and Mommy?” she asked her feline friend.

Chibi pricked her ears up and looked at her, then gave a shy little blush. “Well… I really think it’s cute.” She said, twiddling her fingers together a bit. “Having someone so cute and innocent to cuddle and care for… someone who would put all their faith and love in you like a real child… yet still be able to think about you and your feelings, and want to make you happy and proud… It’s really wonderful.”

Maria grinned. “One last question. Do you prefer male or female children?”

The Calico put a finger to the side of her muzzle in thought, and then said “I wouldn’t mind either, but if I had a choice when I have my own children, I’d like to have a girl first.”

“Great. Be back in just a bit, hold down the fort.” Maria said, getting up and quickly heading off.

Chibi smiled and sat back, then blinked with sudden realization.

“Wait a second, what did you mean with those questions?” she asked, but Maria had already dashed off.


The panthress was on a hunt, and from what she knew, her prey would be quite easy to spot. She headed up a floor, and began to peek around to try to find the secretarial area. Her ears picked up a voice saying “One moment, I’ll forward your call.” She grinned and slowly crept to the source of the voice, then put her back to a wall and peeked around the corner.

Sitting behind the wide secretarial desk was a vixen, just a little younger than Daniel. While physically she was just another fox wearing a white blouse and a long blue skirt, she would definitely not be able to walk down a sidewalk without attracting a lot of attention. The reason was that her fur was a mix of bright orange and blue, the orange consisting of her upper fur, and the blue being her underfur, paw and feet fur, and at the tip of her tail.

When the vixen turned away to look at something on her computer screen, Maria started to creep up behind her very quietly.

“Guess who?” she whispered playfully, placing her warm paws over the vixen’s eyes.

The vixen yelped in surprise and flicked her ears nervously. “Um… um… um… Mina?”


“Uh… Haruko?”

“Guess again.”

“Oh I don’t know! Who is it?!” the vixen yipped, stamping her feet and pawing at the paws covering her eyes.

“Aww, that hurts. You don’t even remember someone who’s changed your diapers?” Maria giggled, pulling her paws away.

The vixen gasped and jumped around. “Maria!” she cheered, grabbing her in a happy hug around her middle.

“Hey there Lily.” Maria laughed, giving her a warm hug back. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been really well. I’ve missed you since we met a few months ago.” Lily mewed, pulling back and flicking her tail happily.

“I’m glad we kept contact online though.” Maria said with a smile, before getting a mischievous little look. “Say Lily; remember when I told you I would keep an eye out for a good caretaker for you?”

Lily smiled and nodded, then blinked and gasped. “You… you haven’t found one, have you?”

“I do believe so.” She said with a smile. “Here, I’ve got a good plan for you to meet her. First thing we have to do…” she began to whisper her plan to the girls ear, making her eyes grow as wide as plates and her fur start to darken with her blush.



Chibi looked around quietly, sipping at her drink quietly. She was sitting at a restaurant and waiting for someone to show up. Maria had talked to her after putting Daniel to bed, asking her to show up at a specific restaurant and wait for a friend of hers to arrive. The panthress had stated that she felt that Chibi and her friend, Lily, were made to be good friends for one another. The cat had agreed, and then asked how she would recognize the friend. “And then she just smiled and said ‘You’ll know her when you see her.’” The Calico murred in confusion to herself.

She sighed and looked around, being in the street section of the restaurant. Then, she felt a soft tap on her shoulder and looked behind her. She was completely blown away by what she saw.

Standing next to her table was a blushing vixen, her fur bright orange and blue. But what was really striking about her today was what she was wearing. She had on a pink and white sailor fuku, with a pleated skirt going down to her knees, knee high socks, a big pink bow on the top over the neckerchief, and to finish it off a lovely rounded sailor cap between her ears.

“H-hello…” the vixen nervously mewed, her paws folded over her skirt. A soft rustle allowed Chibi to know that the vixen was diapered under her skirt. “M-my name is Lily… Maria asked me to meet you here…”

Chibi continued to look stunned, and then felt a warm loving smile forming on her lips. Maria knew her far too well. She knew that this girl was going to end up as her baby to care for, and she was sure she was going to love every minute of it.



“Where’s Chibi?” Daniel asked curiously as he looked up at Maria from his seat on the beach blanket, wearing a sun visor and a pair of red swim trunks over a pair of swim diapers.

“Oh, she’ll be here in a while.” Maria said, sticking the umbrella into the sand next to the blanket. She was wearing an orange and white striped one piece bathing suit, along with a pair of wire sunglasses and minus any earrings. “Meanwhile, you should go out and enjoy the ocean waters.” She said, patting his head with a smile.

“Alright, I guess.” He said, setting the visor down. He knew Maria wouldn’t take no for an answer, so just going in would probably be easier than her grabbing him and tossing him into the salty waters.

He headed off and jumped into the water, shivering with the sudden chill soaking into his fur. He kept moving to keep his body heat up, walking across the sandy bottom at times, and other times paddling deeper and deeper.

After a while in the water, the tide started to come in, meaning larger waves for the fox to deal with. A sudden big wave took him by surprise, but he managed to quickly dive under and avoid being tossed about in the turbulence.

When he got back up, he looked back to shore, and was happy to see that Chibi had arrived. She was looking especially gleeful in a plain blue bikini, and was standing next to Maria in the shallows, waving to him and looking like she was trying to say something.

It was then that Daniel noticed that he felt like something was missing. He folded his arms and tried to think of what it could be, when a quick look downward revealed that he’d lost his trunks. He yelped and sunk himself down to his neck in the water, covering his swim diapers with his paws, looking about frantically to where they may have gone.

“Come on… come on…” the brown fox whined loudly, before jumping a bit at a tap on the shoulder. He looked behind him and saw Lily for the first time, smiling bashfully and wearing a yellow one piece. He was stunned. He had never seen someone with a full body dye before, but he knew he liked it. His heart told him he liked it VERY much, and completely because the dye was on a very pretty vixen.

“Um, these wouldn’t happen to be yours?” she asked him, holding up his red trunks. “Y-yeah… thanks…” he said, reaching up for them, trying his best not to stand and reveal his padded shame. His heart suddenly felt squeezed, as if in a vice, all because of the thought of the lady before him finding out he wore swim diapers to the beach.

“You’re Daniel, right?” she asked him as she handed him back his trunks.

“Um… yeah.” He said, surprised she knew his name. How could she know his name?

“I’m Lily.” She said cheerfully. “My new… *giggle* my new mommy Chibi told me that you were going to be my playmate.”

“M-m-mommy?!” he asked in surprise, once again forgetting about his need to hide his padded behind. “You mean you’re wearing…?”

Lily blushed a little, but nodded. “Yeah. I’d show you, but I think It’d be kind of hard to see through the water.” She told him.

Daniel remembered his trunks and pulled them back on, then stood up and rubbed the back of his head shyly.

“It’s… it’s nice to meet you, Lily.” He said, offering her a paw. “Gosh, she’s so cute… I’ve never seen any body cuter…” he thought as he blushed.

“Nice to meet you too.” She replied, shaking his paw while thinking “Mommy never told me how handsome Daniel was…



“I think I spot a pair of waterlogged love birds.” Maria said with a grin, watching Daniel and Lily off in the distance, blushing shyly while shaking paws.

“You really are a devious one.” Chibi said happily as she watched the two started to chat. “How could you know that both Daniel and I would fall in love with Lily?”

“It’s the fur, sweetie. No one can resist the fur.” Maria teased playfully, smiling at her friend.

The calico simply smirked and replied “It’s something more than that, though the fur definitely is a big part. But I bet you already have the next step planned, don’t you?”

Maria grinned happily. All of her dreams had been coming true lately. Making Daniel her baby, finding Lily a parent, getting herself a new Mommy to be able to chat and fuss over their babies.

“Let’s just say…” she purred, looking up into the limitless blue sky. “I’ve already got all the paperwork ready. Starting next week, Lily’s going to be our secretary.”


The End, For Now.