Earth 2160

By: Grey_Wolf

“Come on, move! Get inside right now, bitch!” the
female guard yelled at me.
I was pushed inside the gloomy cell and she started
undoing my handcuffs. When she was done she activated
the force field locking me in and said,
“Welcome to your free trip to Mars. I hope you’ll
enjoy the luxury of your suite.”
Then she started laughing, probably thinking she just
said something funny and left. Finally alone…
My wrists hurt, because of the handcuffs I had worn
the last hours and my orange jumpsuit was starting to
get itchy. I looked around and recognised two beds, a
toilet, a washing basin with two bars of soap, two
washcloths and two towels. Right over the washing
basin was a mirror hanging on the wall. Although
everything was pretty small there was still not much
space left in the cell as it was only a very small
room. I hoped I wouldn’t get a cellmate. I laid down
on one of the beds and looked up at the ceiling,
thinking why I was here and what would happen to me
In 2150 the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) and the United
Civilzed Nations (UED) signed the great peace treaty
of Philadelphia to end the war they have fought over
ten years. It was not a war about ideologies or a
glorious fight for freedom. It was a desperate effort
to secure the last reservoirs of drinking water left
on the planet. At the end of the war there was no
winner, only one defeated: mankind.
When both sides recognised that it was impossible for
any of them to win this war, they signed a peace
treaty giving either side half of the reservoirs on
earth left. I’ll never understand, why they couldn’t
make THAT solution out before starting a war that
would end the lives of billions of humans.
When the war started mankind had already set up large
cities on Io, Titan, the moon and Mars. All of these
colonies belonged to the largest company existing on
earth: The Lunar Corporation (LC). This company
declared the independence of their colonies one day
after the first bombs fell on Europe and America. When
the war finally came to an end the LC set up an
agreement with the ED and the UCS. They would help
them rebuilding their countries, for getting as many
juvenile deliquentors as possible. No one actually
know why the LC would want to sign this treaty, but it
sounded like a great deal for both the ED and the UCS.
From that day on a juvenil criminal would not be sent
to a detention center anymore, but to a colony far
away from earth. It didn’t matter if your parents or
any other relatives were still alive… You are under 18
and a criminal: You get sent to Mars or Io. No one
knew what happened to these children, but actually no
one really cared. And because of this, I got sent to
Mars as well.
I grew up in the streets of what was New York a long
time ago. Today there are only ruins left thanks to
some heavy bombings from the ED… I never knew my
parents, only my brother John, who was six years older
than me. We earned some money by breaking in, dealing
with drugs or some other small-time stuff. But of
course this didn’t go very well for long and my
brother got shot by a rival for dealing in his
territory. This happened in September 2160 and I was
only 14 years old. Though my brother had showed me how
to survive on the streets it didn’t take the police
long to arrest me.
At the juvenile court my case took about five minutes.
I had no lawyer and also wasn’t allowed to say
anything, so the judge announced my punishment quiet
“Transport to Mars. When the transport arrives it is
up to the LC security on Mars, what to do with her.”
I honestly think the judge didn’t know what was
waiting for us on this planet as well.
Suddenly the force field faded and the guard dragged a
twelve years old girl into my cell. She had blonde
hair and blue eyes and was fighting the woman as hard
as she could. I noticed, that she wasn’t handcuffed…
Maybe her wrists were to small for any handcuffs they
had. I got up from my bed.
“Stop squirming around, you little brat!”, the guard
shouted. “You! Sit back down on your bed!”
I sat back on my bed. The girl noticed that the guard
was now looking at me and immediately took advantage
from the situation. She bit the woman in her hand.
Although she was protected by a handcloth it certainly
did hurt her, because she yelled. The guard turned
around and slapped the girl hard across her face. She
fell on her knees and started to cry. I got up from my
bed again and said,
“Hey! You can’t do that.”
“I can do, what I want bitch. And unless you don’t
want that I box your ears as well you’d better shut
She turned around, got out from the cell and activated
the force field again.
“Can’t wait to get you little brats off this ship. The
LC knows how to deal with punks like you.”
She left me with the crying girl alone. I kneeled down
beside her and asked,
“Hey, what’s your name?”
The girl didn’t answer me, but kept crying. When I
tried to help her to get up, she eventually bit me in
the hand. I yelled out in pain and reeled back from
“Oww! What’s wrong with you? Why did you bite me?”
She again didn’t answer, but just kept sitting on the
ground and cried her heart out. I gave up.
“Fine. Have it your way. Why should I care what
happens to you anyway?” I asked.
I sat back down on my bed. I guessed it was her first
time in prison. That was maybe the reason, why she
cried. I on the other hand, always hear the concernced
voice of my big brother saying,
“Ashley, whatever happens to you in prison: Don’t cry.
This is a sign of weakness. Don’t do it, or the others
will bring hell down on you. Trust me.”
So I never cried, even when I was arrested the first
time. My thoughts went back to the situation at hand.
From what I’ve heard from some friends on the streets
a trip to Mars took at least five days. When I looked
at the crying girl and sighed. Seemed like these were
going to be the most exciting days in my whole life...
I just hoped we would start soon. Couldn’t say that I
would miss Earth very much. Everything bad what can
happen to a child has eventually happened to me on
that damn planet. I also didn’t really care at that
moment what the LC security stuff was going to do to
me… Would I become a slave in some mines? I certainly
didn’t care at that point in my life anymore.
“I’m Tiffany,” the girl suddenly said.
I looked at her again. She was still sitting on the
ground, but she had ceased cyring and wiped away her
“Hi,” I said. “My name is Ashley. You okay?”
She nodded still sobbing a little.
“I think you should probably wash your face. If we
have to get out of the cell and one of the other girls
sees, that you were crying they’ll make your life that
much worse.”
I could see that she was still fighting with her
tears, but she managed to get up and went over to the
washbasin. She turned on the faucet and sprinkled some
water in her face. I got up from my bed and went over
to her.
“Here, let me help you with this,” I said.
I took one of the two washcloths, sprinkled some water
on it and began to wash her face. At first I didn’t
realise why I helped her. I didn’t know her and it
wouldn’t be my problem if she was picked on by the
others. I already knew she would get me into troubles,
but here I was washing away every sign of evidence,
that she had cried.
“Thank you,” she said, still sobbing a little.
Her voice was very gentle and she seemed to be
somewhat shy.
“You’re welcome,” I said and sat back down on my bed.
She dried her face off with one of the towels and then
sat down on her bed as well. I tried my best not to
look at her, but failed miserably. She looked back at
me, but didn’t say anything. So we just sat there
looking at each other until I just couldn’t stand the
silence anymore.
“So, what are you in for?” I asked.
“I hacked the database of a bank and tried to steal
100.000.000. $ from them.”
“Really? So why did you get caught?”
“I actually don’t know. Seems like they were tracking
my IP. Ten minutes after my little trip into their
database two agents from CSIS (Civilised States
Intelligence Service) came to our house and arrested
me. I couldn’t even say Good bye to my mom. They just
took me with them and…” Tiffany started to sob at the
end again, so I quickly intervened.
“Hey, it’s okay. At least you have parents left. Me on
the other hand…”
“You don’t have parents?”
“No. I never knew them. I used to live with my older
brother, but he died as well. Since his death, I’m
“That’s horrible,” Tiffany said. “How can someone live
without knowing his parents?”
I smiled, because of her innocence.
“You don’t really belong here. I wonder, that your
father didn’t try to save you from being sent to
“He tried to save me,” Tiffany said. “He is a lawyer
and I was perfectly sure, that he would get me out at
the trial, but actually there never was one. I was put
into a cell for five days and then I was brought here.
Since I was arrested I haven’t even spoke to my
parents. Maybe they think I ran away, or worse that
I’m dead.”
Tiffany almost began to cry, when she finished. I
suddenly felt the urge to do something to make her
feel more comfortable. I got up from my bed, went over
to Tiffany and hugged the girl tightly. I hold her,
until she calmed down again.
“Tiffany. You really have to stop crying. Trust me.
Everything will only get more horrible, if you don’t
stop crying all the time.”
She nodded her head.
“I’ll try.”
I smiled weakly. I still didn’t know why I helped her.
Did she remember me of someone? Suddenly an alarm
began to ring. I supposed we were going to take off in
a few seconds. I felt the whole vessel trembling a
little and then it was quiet again. The take-off went
by much smoother than I had imagined.
The next hours Tiffany and I just talked about our
former lives. None of us dared to speak about what
would happen to us on Mars. The girl told me
everything about her beautiful house and the expensive
school she attended. Although we had nothing in common
it just felt great talking to her.
When Tiffany was going to tell me some more about her
family a bell began to ring and the forcefield of our
cell faded away.
“Okay, Ladies. Get out of your cells. It’s dinner
time!” a guard yelled.
Slowly Tiffany and I got out of our cell and waited
for the next order. There were at least fifty cells
more in our block and from every cell two girls got
out. Most of them were in their teens like me, but
some were younger like Tiffany.
“Everybody, get up in a row! Someone feels the urgent
need to talk, I feel the urgent need to put her into
solitary!” the guard yelled.
After a couple of seconds we were standing in a row
facing the exit of the cellblock.
“Okay, now let’s go. Follow me!”
More than 100 hundred orange jumpsuits followed the
woman to the dining hall. We were flanked by at least
20 guards armed with Plasma assault rifles. None of us
dared to move, but we didn’t go in complete silence as
the guards were yelling orders at us. Tiffany was
going in front of me and I could see by her movements
that she was on the edge of tears again.
After a couple of minutes we reached the dining hall.
“Okay, get inside and grab something to eat. You may
talk once you sit at your table. No pushing, no
One after another we went inside. For dinner we got a
plate of rice with some raw fish. I think my brother
had called this “Sushi” once. It was one of the
cheapest meals nowadays on earth. When Tiffany and I
looked for a table, where we could eat a girl suddenly
got up from her seat and took Tiffany’s plate away.
“Hey!” she yelled.
“Thanks for bringing my food over to me,” the girl
There you go. I knew Tiffany would get me into
trouble, but I hoped she would have waited at least
for the next day…
“Give her the plate back,” I ordered with a calm
“Who are you? Her personal bodyguard? Butt out of
this, it’s none of your business,” she said.
“I said, Give her the fucking plate back,” I repeated
my order.
“Make me you bitch,” she challenged me.
She had short black hair and green eyes. From how she
looked I could see, that she was an experienced
fighter. But I couldn’t stop now. If I wouldn’t do
something now, she would pick on Tiffany as long as I
would refuse to fight her. I invaded her territory by
challenging her and now she wanted to fight with me.
All the girls around were silent by now and looked at
us expecting to get a show.
I didn’t lose any time by looking for any guards,
because I did not want to give her the opportunity to
hit me first. I just clenched my fist and hit her as
fast and as hard as I could directly on her nose. I
could hear a crackling sound coming from where I’ve
hit her and knew the fight was over. She fell back
dropping Tiffany’s plate on the floor. Blood was
coming out of her nose. Immediately everyone began to
yell. Some of them cried at the girl on the ground to
get up again, while the others were already cheering
at me.
“Hey! What’s going on here!” a guard suddenly shouted.
Immediately everybody fell silent again and got
quickly back to their tables. I turned around and
looked directly into the woman’s face.
“The stupid bitch stumbled and fell on the ground. She
broke the plate of my cellmate here when she fell,” I
said pointing at Tiffany.
The guard looked down at the girl and asked if what I
just said was true. She weakly nodded her head, but
looked at me like I was her worst enemy. The guard
looked back at me knowing that we were both lying.
“You can be certain that from now on I’ll watch every
step of yours. So you’d better be careful, girl.”
Then she looked at Tiffany and told her to get a new
plate before she helped the girl I had hit to get up.
She got her out of the dining room to the medical
ward. When Tiffany came back with her new plate full
of sushi we sat down at a table facing each other. I
could see that she was still stressed from our little
encounter with the girl and the guard.
“Thank you very much,” she said.
“No problem. Couldn’t stand her anyway. From the first
time I saw her I wanted to crack her nose. You just
gave me a reason to do it.”
“Oh… I see,” she said sounding a little disappointed.
I giggled.
“Hey! That was only a joke. I’ve never seen her
before. I did it to protect you, silly.”
“Really?” she asked now sounding excited.
“Of course.”
We ate in a comfortable silence until Tiffany asked,
“Why didn’t she tell the guard the truth? They would
have sent you into solitary, wouldn’t they?”
“Because she would go there as well. They don’t care
who started the fight or who has won. They just put
everybody who had something to do with it into
solitary. And of course…”
I smiled a little while telling her this.
“Because she is just to scared of me to tell the guard
the truth.”
Twenty minutes later we had to get back into our cells
and the forcefield was reactivated. Tomorrow we would
be allowed to spend some hours out of our cells I
supposed. Tiffany and I spent the most time talking
about our past. I told her about my life on the
streets of New York and she some more about her
family. The girl really changed something inside me.
When I talked with her the world didn’t seem to be so
gloomy at all. Tiffany even managed to make me smile
once in a while.
At ten p.m. we heard an announcement that we had to go
to bed and that the lights would be turned off in ten
minutes. We brushed our teeth and I got out of the
orange jumpsuit as fast as I could. I just hated this
prison wardrobe. I laid down in my bed only with my
underwear and waited for the guards to turn off the
lights. I looked over to Tiffany. She was just getting
in her bed as well, but something caught my eye. Her
panties seemed to be a little thicker than ordinary
ones and even seemed to have some nursery prints on
them. I decided not to ask her about this.
When the lights were turned off I didn’t fall asleep
as fast as usual. I thought about the things that
happened today. I still didn’t know which person
Tiffany was remembering me. It was defenitely not my
brother and everybody else who came up to my mind
didn’t make any sense at all. I sighed and gave up. It
really wasn’t that important after all. I closed my
eyes and tried my best to fall asleep, when I suddenly
heard Tiffany’s voice next to me,
“Ashley? Are you asleep?”
“No. What is it?”
I opened my eyes and looked for her in the dark. She
was standing next to me with a frightened look on her
“I… I can’t sleep,” she said.
“I can see that. So what is it?” I asked again.
“I’m afraid of the dark. At home I was always allowed
to sleep with a nightlight. Please… let me sleep in
your bed next to you. I’m so scared in the darkness.”
I sighed, but pulled the covers back so she could get
in my bed. Tiffany smiled when she laid down next to
me. Suddenly I felt her panties touching my skin. I
thought about what they had looked like and then it
hit me…
“Tiffany? Why are you wearing diapers?” I asked.
I felt her little body shaking and heard that she was
fighting back the tears. I quickly pulled her into a
tight hug.
“Don’t worry. Nothing embarrassing about that. You can
tell me.”
“They’re… *sob* … not diapers. They’re pull-ups.”
“Of course. Excuse me,” I quickly apologised to make
her feel more comfortable.
“I sometimes have accidents…” she said her voice
“At nighttime?”
“Not only. I have to wear these stupid things for over
two months now. The doctors said, that it was just a
phase I’m going through and that I would stop having
these accidents after a couple of weeks. But I didn’t.
Maybe Mom and Dad were mad at me because of that. And
maybe that’s why Dad didn’t get me out of prison?”
At the end Tiffany again began to cry. I calmed her
down as best as I could. When she was only sobbing
softly anymore I said,
“Look. I’m sure your mother and father love you.
They’ll do anything for you and certainly wouldn’t
sent you to a prison colony on Mars just because you
need to wear pull-ups.”
“You sure?”
“Of course. You’ll see. It won’t take your father long
to get you out of here. And I bet you’ll be on the
next ship that goes from Mars to Earth. You’ll see
your parents again and everything will be fine at the
Tiffany looked into my face with happy eyes and
“And I’ll take you with me,” she said. “You’ll live
with us and be my big sister. You will have a family,
a good education and a beautiful house.”
“Of course,” I answered and smiled.
I reached with my hand under the covers and padded the
behind of Tiffany’s pull-up.
“And until this happens your little secret will be
perfectly safe with me.”
She smiled happily and two minutes later we both were
fallen asleep.