With Valentine's right around the corner. I thought it might be nice to have a Halloween porn story. Yes, you read that right. Halloween. Porn. Story. Started this a while ago. It is straight up diaper horror movie porn. I do not expect it to be taken seriously. Fappity fap fap.

The Ghost House Trap
By: CS Fox

It was Halloween. A cold, raw wind whipped dead leaves about the ankles of the four girls as they got off their bus at the corner of Stony and Silent Oak. They were cold, but no one had shivered. Not yet. They usually went their own ways, but the strangest thing had stopped them from parting.

The twin high-school seniors, shielding their eyes against the stinging chill, were Izzy and Carmela. The smaller wiry junior pointing at the house on Silent Oak was Natsumi. The fourth girl was a dark little freshman, Lilith.

They faced north, gaping like statues cast in the moment of discovery, until Odette, a middle schooler, ran up to them. “Look! Look, there’s smoke--- there’s smoke coming from the chimney of the Burgess house!”

The others had seen it. What did she think they were looking at anyway? Stupid 12-year-old.

Odette leaned with her hands on her knees, panting for breath. She looked to Lilith who was nearest to her age. “Do you think--- do you think old lady Burgess is up there?”

Lilith’s clothes were black; her skin almost white. She looked severe. Rigid, in fact. Rigid and righteously severe. No one could have guessed that under the stern façade her stomach was doing flip-flops as she stared at the house. She summoned her best horror voice.

“Nobody’s seen her for years.” Lilith began darkly. “Most say she’s dead. Long dead. They say her corpse is still up there in that big old house. They say her body is sprawled on the master bed, and her flesh is rotting off those mean bones and maggots are creeping in her eye sockets and crawling out her nose holes.”

Someone was shivering now. It was Odette. She began to think about racing home. Izzy and Carmela smirked at the story.

Natsumi, the junior and self proclaimed smartest girl on the block, wasn’t as impressed. “Who’s they? Smoke doesn’t magically appear out of a chimney Lily. Someone’s alive in that house.”

Lilith growled, she hated the name Lily.

“Where there’s smoke,” Izzy began. “There’s fire,” Carmela finished. If you didn’t watch the mouths of the twins as they spoke, it often seemed like one person was saying a complete sentence, when often it was the two. “It’s a mystery!” they said in unison.

Everyone besides the twins, collectively rolled their eyes. Let’s just say the boys didn’t like them for their big pair of… smarts.

“Should we call the police?” Odette asked still feeling a little nervous.

“I don’t think we need to call the police because of smoke coming out of a chimney. Do we actually know if anyone lives in Burgess house or are we just counting on Lily’s ‘they think she’s dead’ story.” Natsumi smiled and did her best to rub the name in a little more.

“Why don’t you go knock Nati?” Lilith taunted. “You’re so sure about someone being home.”

The twins made an ‘ooooooo’ noise. They loved challenges even more then mysteries, but a little less then boys and puppies.

Odette quickly mumbled something about needing to get home and ran back as fast as she could. She wasn’t about to stay around and get caught up in this crazy challenge.

Natsumi gulped nervously and played with her long braid of black hair. She had the same plain but yet exotic beauty that her Japanese ancestors had, even though she was 3rd generation American. “Fine…” she choked out. She was a little scared, but she wasn’t about to let a gothy little freshman push her around, “but… if I do it, you have to go ding dong ditch afterward.”


The twins smiled. Lilith calmed her stomach. Natsumi said a silent prayer; and they all turned to look back at the house again.


Natsumi squinted into the blackness that lay within the open French doors. Open, as though some one… or some thing… was expecting her. She didn’t think they were open when they were looking at the rickety place from the street.

She felt pretty safe, knowing that there was no such thing as a ghost, and besides all you had to do was speak friendly to them (everyone knew that ghosts, like dogs, know when a person is scared.) Ghosts are worse, or so Lily would have her believe, but it didn’t matter. She wasn’t scared. Nope, definitely not scared. Not even a little bit. Not one tiny… well maybe scared wasn’t the word. She was terrified.

Since the doors were open… she wondered if it was really necessary to knock. Her feet were telling her to go back and ask. Lilith, Izzy and Carmela were all waiting and watching her from the stone pillars on the sides of the driveway entrance.

Lilith noticed her hesitation. She was too happy about the obvious discomfort of the annoying asian nerd, she couldn’t let her whimp out. She ran in a crouch to the bottom of the wraparound porch. She looked like a long haired skinny black beetle scurrying across the unkempt front lawn.

“The doors are open!” Natsumi tried to whisper but it sounded like a muted yell.

“Just ring the doorbell.”

Natsumi looked. “What doorbell?!”

“Then go inside.”

Natsumi stopped right there. Knocking on a door was one thing, going into creepy central was another. “Fuck you Lily, I’m not going in there.” She started walking down the steps.

Izzy and Carmela came running up at a crouch. “The doors are open!” One of them said, “is there anyone inside?” asked the other.

“I’m not going to find out!” Natsumi whispered very loudly and shouldered past the three of them.

“Will you go if I do it first?” Lilith asked. Her stomach tied itself in a knot again, but she was willing to fight it back if it meant the same for Nati.

Natsumi stopped mid-step, her hand finding her braid again. She turned to look at Lilith, the dumb freshman had that attitude filled goth smirk on her face, something that she particularly hated. She looked past the dark doorway and could vaguely make out the outline of a dark hallway.

“You run down that hallway and touch the door at the end of the hall. Make it back and I’ll do the same.”

Lilith checked the route Natsumi had suggested and fought the feeling in her stomach once more. She didn’t reply but gave a hard nod. The twins looked at each other with another smile; mystery then challenge, now grudge match… Freaking awesome.

Lilith took a careful step onto the porch and then a few more to the doorway. She carefully looked in, checking any angle that the doorway provided for signs of life. Finding none, she took a deep breath of chilly air and bolted down the hall.

It was like the shuttle run in gym. Lilith hated gym, and the fact her gym clothes weren’t black, and that the girls commented about her whitish skin, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t athletic… or really fast.

In fluid motion as she raced, she planted her foot in front of the door at the end of the hall, changing her momentum as she tapped the door and pushed her body back the way she’d came. The wooden boards in the floor creaked and groaned. She was just back to the end of the hall and almost to freedom when the doors slammed shut.

The twins gasped and Natsumi stared in open mouth shock as the French doors suddenly slammed shut and there was an immediate thud against them a moment later.

Natsumi, Izzy and Carmela all screamed.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god,” Natsumi kept repeating.

“The wind!” said Izzy, “The doors!” said Carmella. They both looked at each other and wondered if they shouldn’t be heading home now.

“Lily???” Natsumi asked softly. She repeated it again, but didn’t get an answer, or even any noise that there was life on the other side of the doors.

“I think we’ll be heading home now,” one of the twins said… or maybe it was both.

“But.. Lily? We can’t leave her!”

One of the twins was about to point out how a moment earlier Natsumi probably would have been happy to see Lilith disappear, but suddenly… the double doors creaked open, and the hallway was empty again.

The three girls looked at each other, suddenly fearing the house.

“Lilith?” The twins asked in unison. There was no answer, just dead silence.

Natsumi began to quietly chant “oh my god” again to herself.

“Do we go in?” Izzy asked Carmella (Izzy was a little more adventuresome). “How about we not get killed.” “Maybe she’s not dead.” “Maybe this house is evil and out to get us.”

It started out quiet at first, but soon it got louder, and the girls could all distinctly hear a lullaby being sung somewhere inside the house. It was soft and beautiful, but haunting as well.

“Lily?” Natsumi asked again. She took a step toward the house. The twins each grabbed her by a shoulder.

“Don’t do it, what if the door slams shut?” one of them said.

Natsumi bit her lip and thought hard. “We can’t leave her, won’t we get in trouble?”

The twins looked at each other, and then back to Natsumi. “We didn’t force her into the house, she did that on her own.”

The lullaby was getting louder, and they could just about make out the words. “…Lullaby and good night, thy mother's delight… Bright angels beside my darling abide…”

The twins took their hands off Natsumi and each took a step toward the house. “Isn’t that a sweet voice?” one asked. “It’s soo pretty,” commented the other.

Natsumi felt her heart leap. What were they doing? “Izzy? Carmela? I… I thought you didn’t want to go in there?”

“I want to hear the pretty song,” Izzy said, closing the gap to the door.

“No, don’t!” Natsumi said quickly jumping up to grab the hands of the older girls, but they just kept walking, almost unphased by her tugs, and before she realized it, she was inside the house with the two of them. And the door slammed shut.


The chain that stretched from belt loop to wallet was bouncing up and down on her butt as she raced back to the front door. Her bracelets and the cross necklace were flying around and her damn heavy black jeans weren’t helping either. She only weighed 98lbs, and she was light on her feet, but she had at least another ten with all the 'attitude-wear'. She was almost there, just a dozen feet to the light.

With an echoing *CLACK* the double doors slammed shut. The light spilling in was cut and with an equally loud *THWACK*, the light in Lilith’s head was turned off as it found one of the ornate panels on the French doors. She crumpled to the floor.

If she’d been conscious, Lilith might have felt the temperature begin to drop. There was a long mirror at the end of the hall, right next to the door Lilith had just touched. It was caked with dust and half covered by a sheet, but as the doors had shut, the sheet had fallen off and lay piled on the floor. Frost crystals began to form in the corners of the mirror, and a slender foot stepped out.

A young woman, translucent and whsipy, took quick steps toward Lilith. She was human in most cases, but her ears were decidedly feline…not to mention a tail. She knelt and brushed her long white hair over a triangular cat ear as she bent to check for signs of life. Her fingers passed through Lilith’s neck, and she took them back with annoyance, but it was only for a moment. Her form became more dense and a healthy blush began to spread over her skin as she became solid. She pressed her fingers again and found a pulse on the unconcious girl, just as she’d been taught to do.

She looked up, the hair spilling from her ear and tickling the face of Lilith as she was able to put together that the girl had run into the door. She was silent for a moment, someone was yelling, but she couldn’t hear it. She gathered Lilith up in her arms and flew up the stairs to the nursery, slamming the door. The front doors opened on their own when she was gone.

The young woman laid Lilith out on the bed. Every piece of furniture in the room was covered in dusty sheets, but as the woman ran to a cabinet, the walls began to paint themselves, the covers began to disappear. Although there wasn’t a lot of light coming through the shaded windows, the room seemed brighter as the nursery came together.

She opened a drawer and removed 3 cloth diapers, along with some plastic pants. She used her tail to close the drawer and went over to the bed, laying what she’d gathered next to Lilith. The bed was solid wood and had four posts on its corners, each standing about as high as a person. The room had finished rearranging itself and the young cat-girl noticed with a happy mewl something she was missing, there was a small nurse’s hat sitting upon one of the bedposts…

She paused her preparations and stood up to take the cream white hat. It wasn’t much bigger then a barrette and it was emblazened with a red cross. It matched the cream outfit she wore, as did any nurse of her order, and it made her feel justified once again as she placed it on her head. She stood in a pose, smiling to herself and twitching her tail happily. It’d been too long since she’d gotten to care for someone. The more she cared, the stronger her form would get.

Lilith had a severe pain in her head, and everything seemed a bit fuzzy. She felt gentle hands untying the laces of her boots. They fumbled a moment, probably because of the way she knotted them on one side, but soon she felt a gentle pressure release from her feet as the boots were removed. Her striped socks came next, followed by her heavy black jeans.

Something didn’t seem right. Her head throbbed so hard, she couldn’t see or even tell what was happening, all she could feel was dizziness and pain.

Fluffy now. Soft and fluffy. It was encircling her. Something smelt pleasant. The pain was going away, someone was humming something… no they were singing something. It sounded like a lullaby. She heard a gentle ringing too, like a little bell you’d find on a cat’s collar.


Natsumi’s heart beat like a jackhammer. Her breath was coming in short gasps and it felt like she might have an asthma attack. She was barely able to wretch her hands away from the twins to grab her inhaler. She took a deep breath, as the twins both stopped at the bottom of the staircase in the main hall.

Somewhere upstairs, the haunting lullaby was being sung. It floated like a light breeze, echoing off the old wood. Izzy smiled to herself, the lullaby reminded her of days she’d long forgotten, days which she suddenly wanted to remember. Her sister Carmela was feeling warm all over, something in the song, something in the soft voice was making her feel happy in a way she’d never felt before.

The lullaby scared Natsumi more than the house. It was perfect in pitch and sounded sooo sweet, but it was wrong. The house was supposed to be abandoned and it looked that way. The furniture in the rooms off the hallway were covered with sheets and dust. The windows had heavy curtains drawn over them. Lullaby’s weren’t sung in places like this.

Natsumi ran back to the doors, nearly tripping in her haste. She pulled the handles, both doors held tight. It felt like they were dead-bolted, but she couldn’t see a latch.

“They’re locked!” she shrieked, her whisper giving way.

Izzy and Carmela both smiled. “It’s okay, we’ll just stay a while.”

Natsumi wasn’t sure what to do, so she ran up and took one of the twins by the shoulders and started to shake her. “Stop it! What’s wrong with you?”

The lullaby began to fade upstairs, and with it, the glazed look and happy smiles of the girls. The girl she’d been shaking was Izzy and she suddenly jerked away from Natsumi.

“Why… why are we inside when we should be outside?” Carmela asked, suddenly feeling as scared as Natsumi.

Izzy brushed past them both and went to the doors. “The doors are locked!? Natsumi!! Why’d you bring us in here?” She asked in a panic.

“I didn’t! You pulled me in!”

Izzy began to freak a little. “No… I… we…” her breath was coming as short as Natsumi’s had.

Carmela rushed the doors, not trusting her sister’s judgment. She pulled and tugged and with another *CLACK* one of the doors popped open and Carmela smacked herself in the face with it.

Izzy and Natsumi screamed as Carmela hit the ground.

A door burst open upstairs. “Oh my goodness!” Someone yelped.

Still screaming hysterically, Izzy and Natsumi looked upstairs just as a Victorian cat nurse (how weird must that be to see?) flew down. Her feet weren’t moving, as if she wasn’t touching the steps.

It looked like she was going to collide with Natsumi, but somehow she flew right through her. Izzy screamed as the cat girl’s body came towards her, but as she suddenly felt the cold chill of something passing through her body, her breath stopped and her eyes rolled up in her head and she fainted. Natsumi stuffed a knuckle in her mouth to muffle her own screaming.

The nurse knelt, and pulled her white hair back over the same cat ear as she put two fingers down to check Carmela for signs of life. Her eyes shot from Carmela over to Izzy as she slumped down. She quickly picked up Carmela in one arm, holding her as easily as a towel, and flew over to Izzy, checking her the same way.

She picked up Izzy with her other arm and hastily looked around the hall to see if anyone else needed help. Seeing no one, she flew back upstairs and a door slammed behind her.

Natsumi shakily reached for her inhaler again. It was a ghost, a weird one… It passed right through her… It might be blind, it looked right at her, it had to have, and didn’t see her. She put the inhaler to her mouth, trying to stop the shaking her screaming had brought on her.

As she finally gained her wits; she began to hear a soft lullaby coming from the top of the stairs… Natsumi tried to collect herself.

“Okay, calm down. This is all a bad hallucination brought on by asthma or something. That ghost thing didn’t just take the twins. I’m not actually in this house right now.”

She took a few deep breaths and closed her eyes. When she opened them, she was still standing alone in the creepy house. She looked to the front doors and for a moment she remembered that one had opened and Carmela had smacked her own face with it. She quickly ran to it trying to open it once more. Tugging at the door (but careful not to let it smack her in the face as it had the blond), she found it wouldn’t budge, and despite her wanting to believe that none of this was real, the evidence was stacking up that it was.

She ran around the main floor checking windows, all were boarded up tight. She kicked at a few, but whoever had secured this house, had done a good job. Hesitantly she looked up the steps where the ghost cat thing had taken the other girls. She was stuck and it was either stay where she was, or investigate and possibly save the twins (Lily too if there was time)... there was also the possibility that she'd end up splattered against a wall like all those horror movies…

“Fortune favors the bold,” she told herself, trying to feel cool. Gulping loudly she started up the stairs.


The cat-girl laid the twins out on beds next to the girl she had laid out earlier. There were 5 beds in the room, at one time it had been a play room and nursery to the visitors of the house oh so long ago. It was sort of like a game, and the magic wasn’t completely gone; it was just faded.

Putting the twins down she went over to the first girl she had brought up and checked on her. She was still out and okay for the moment. She looked pretty cute in her black shirt and white diaper. “Almost forgot!” she exclaimed running back over to the dresser. She picked up a jewelry box that was filled with leather collars.

The nurse smiled. She had one on her own neck with a little silver bell on it. It was the prize she'd won years ago when she'd played, and won the game. These collars would unleash the magic of the house… the game would revive itself.

She went to the girl with the black shirt and gently brushed her hair back to reveal her neck. The girl was very pale, but it didn’t really seem to bother the cat-girl; she knew that would change soon. She took out a black collar with a white stripe and fastened it around her neck.

The young woman purred softly. She could already feel a little bit of its power as it began to activate. Her tail swayed happily and she put the box down, going over to the drawers to gets supplies for the twins. She’d learned a long time ago that you dress them FIRST and then you collar them.

The twins weren’t wearing as much as the pale and yet dark clothed girl had been. Their shoes and jeans came off easily, and they didn’t even stir as she thickly diapered them. It took a moment of searching, but she found two matching yellow collars in her jewelry box and put one each on them.

She looked over her work, feeling a little more power return to her as she did. Three girls in just their shirts and diapers. The house would take care of the rest once they were up.

“The house!!!” she yelped. She still had a lot to prepare. She quickly flew out the door.


Natsumi had been outside the door for a good five minutes. She wasn’t sure she was ready to see what was inside. It had taken all her resolve just to make it up the stairs, and even then, only one at a time. She knew the girls were in this room, but so was that ghost thing, and who knew what it was doing. The worst part was that it was quiet. She wasn’t sure if this meant nothing was happening or if the girls were still unconscious… or worse… dead.

Taking another quick breath from her inhaler, Natsumi reached a timid hand for the doorknob. The moment she touched it, the door flew open and she quickly withdrew her hand a bit shocked as the ghost flew out of the room in a hurry.

Natsumi held in another scream as the ghost flew right by her once more, not stopping. It flew down the stairs and into one of the rooms off the foyer. Natsumi took this as good fortune and quickly let herself into the room, locking the door behind her.

The room looked completely out of place. The rest of the house was falling apart, but this room was a nursery and looked freshly painted. The heavy smell of baby powder was everywhere and she could see three girls on some of the beds lining the long wall. She ran to the girls and stared in shock as she found them thickly diapered with legs bare.

“What the hell is going on here?” she couldn't help asking aloud. She ran to the nearest twin, not sure which it was, and tried shaking her awake. She felt warm and she could tell she was alive, just... very unconscious.

“Wake up! Wake up wake up wake up! We have to get out of here!”

There wasn't any response other then a low dreamy mumble. Natsumi quickly tried the next twin and found much the same problem. Even Lily was dressed the same, a big cloth diaper under plastic pants and... a collar on her neck? Natsumi hadn't noticed it before, but both the twins were wearing one too.

She heard the door and dived under Lily's bed.

“That should just about do it,” said the cat-girl nurse as she floated into the room. She wasn't solid enough to walk yet, but she was at the point she couldn't go through walls any more. Natsumi watched her from under the bed as she came over to the first twin.

“Time to get up little one. The game is about to begin.”

“Still tired...” mumbled the twin.

“Awww... I know, but its time to get up, you can sleep a little later if you want.” The nurse floated to the next twin, gently nudging her. “You too, wakey wakey, time to play.”

There was a similar grumbled response as she began to stir.

“And it looks like my first girl is already starting to grow her tail, wonderful, you're just about ready to play.”

Natsumi felt movement on the bed above her. She froze and stuffed her inhaler in her mouth once more, trying to stay calm.

“I had the weirdest dre... .... AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Woah, woah, its all right, you're not hurt, you're all right little one.”

One of the twins continued screaming hysterically. The other one joined her in harmony a second later as she woke up enough to realize her situation.

“I'm... I'm not human!?” Lilith exclaimed from her bed.

The cat-girl turned and smiled at Lilith. “Hehe, wow that happened quicker then I expected,” she removed something from her pocket and flew right next to the bed. Natsumi could see her white shoed feet floating just in front of her face from the floor.

There was a muffled noise of surprise and the cat-girl flew to the other two beds. The screaming stopped immediately.

“There... a little less noisy. Let me just say this nice and simple. You three will be delighted to know that you're just in time for the start of the game.”

There was mumbled groans and murmurs, Natsumi looked about and could see one of the twins sitting up a little, weakly trying to stand. She had a pacifier in her mouth preventing her from speaking.

“You may have noticed already, but you are not human any more. Blacky, you're a skunk. And you two girls... you're both golden retrievers I should think. I'm half-cat myself, kinda fun... meow,” she said cutely, putting her hands up in a cat like pose.

There was more intense groans and frustrated noises.

“If you want to be human again, you will need to win the game. How you win, is a secret that you'll need to find out. Aside from your new forms, you may also notice that all three of you are in wet diapers. I apologize for that, but it seems the initial transformation causes you to wet yourself...”

The cat-girl flew over to a large changing table and began getting out more diapers. She went to the first bed and began to change the golden-retriever anthro into a dry diaper.

“These pacifiers make you too weak to move or talk... and these diapers... well, I'll explain more about them in a second...”

The girls continued to groan and shift about, but it seemed futile. Natsumi watched the whole thing transfixed. The cat-girl floated from girl to girl, humming that same lullaby as she changed their diapers.

“ All dry... Now, where was I... Oh.. right, doy, diapers. All three of you are going to steadily become more diaper dependent. The longer you play the game, the more like big toddlers you'll become. Everything outside this room is potentially part of the game. After the first ten minutes, everything inside this room is also part of the game. The game is over when someone wins... or everyone has lost. You'll know if you've lost.”

The nurse looked at the three girls and nodded curtly. “I'll remove your pacifiers as I leave the room, the effects should wear off in a minute or so... Do you girls understand?”

Natsumi could see the three of them nod softly.

“Good... Oh, one last thing. I'm part of the game too. I may not be actively doing things at all times. One of the ways to win involves me... but that's the only hint I'll give you regarding the game. If you want more, you'll have to find me somewhere in the house. The game exists only in the house and you'll find once started, you can not escape the house till the game is over.”

With that the nurse took out the pacifiers of all three girls and put them in her apron. She bowed politely and then left the room with a feline giggle. “Game on.”

There was more moaning from the girls and Natsumi slowly got out from under the bed. If seeing the girls in nothing but diapers had been a shock earlier, seeing them now was a heart attack.

Natsumi had spent some time on deviant art... she knew what a furry was. Lily, Carmella and Izzy were furries now. Diapered furries.

Lily was a skunk, she had rounded out a little adding some healthy curve to her formerly beanpole body. She had a big black tail with a big white diamond kind of design on it. The twins were golden retrievers, and seemed about the same proportions as before, big chests and all... except the yellow bushy tails.

“Holy fuck,” Natsumi said not believing her own eyes.

The girls looked at her pleadingly, only able to turn over slightly with their bow legged diapered selves. Natsumi ran to each to make sure they were okay. Aside from the new forms and rediculous clothes, they seemed fine.

“Wh..why?” Lilith asked as she was finally able to move her mouth.

Natsumi shrugged. “I don't know, but... whatever's happened we need to get out of here.”

“But... but... the cat nurse said...” whimpered one of the golden retrievers. The other was pawing at her large diaper in disbelief.

“She said a lot of things, all of them potentially scary, we need to get out of here.”

“She said you can't leave once the game has started.”

“Which twin are you? I'm soo confused right now,” Natsumi said a little frustrated. They needed to start leaving, not talking.

“I'm Carmella...”

“I can't believe I wet a diaper,” Izzy said still pawing at hers. She tried to pull the plastic pants off and panicked a little when they wouldn't budge. “They won't come off!!”

Lilith immediately tried at hers. They were dark red, and kind of offset her black fur and white accents. “Mine won't either!!”

The three girls struggled for a few minutes, hopping around and rolling around on the beds and found that whatever they did, the diapers and diaper covers were not coming off.

“This blows,” Lilith said as she sat down finally and crossed her arms.

“Why aren't you some type of animal?” Carmella asked Natsumi while pointing a shakey paw at her.

“I didn't get caught. For some reason I don't think that ghost cat girl whatever can see me.”

Lilith slowly got to her feet, frowning at how much the diaper pushed her legs apart. She tried taking a step forward and found she had to waddle.

“This is stupid,” she said looking at her paws and tail shooting out of her diaper.

“WE... NEED... TO... LEAVE...” Natsumi said slowly. The twins stopped checking each other out and even Lily looked at her. “What ever is happening here, its not going to end well. We need to get out of here before anything worse happens.”

There was a slow agreement of nodding heads. The girls got up and slowly waddled to the door, Natsumi leading them.

“Okay... as long as the cat girl's gone... we'll just sneak to the front door and get out of here,” Natsumi said as she slowly opened the door.

All four of them gasped... the entire house had changed... what had been a dingy rundown house before, was now brightly painted like the nursery. Everything was white or pink or canary yellow and baby blue. There was no sign of deterioration, there was no creaky wood, everything looked happy and inviting.

“Oh god... I've gone to hell,” Lilith shuddered seeing the new house.

“Where's the front door?” One of the twins said. The girls all looked together down the main stairs at what had once been the front door... it was a smooth wall now.

“Told you she said we couldn't leave,” Carmella said matter of factly to Natsumi again. Natsumi was fumbling for her inhaler once more... they were trapped.

“What do we do?” asked Izzy.

“What can we do?” asked Carmella.

“I'mma go hang myself. Night,” Lilith said darkly as she walked back into the nursery. Natsumi was quick to run after her and force march the waddling skunk into their huddle.

“That's not funny Lily,” Natsumi frowned.

“STOP CALLING ME LILY! And look around! Do you remember how I dress? Do you remember who I am? I hate these colors. I hate things that are soft and gentle. This is the epitome of my worst nightmare.”

“We're stuck too,” the twins whimpered.

“Look, there has to be a way out. Physics demands that if you can walk in, you can walk out,” Natsumi tried to sound reassuring.

“Physics says I can't be a dog,” Izzy frowned.

“And physics didn't remodel the mansion,” Carmella added.

“Whatever... do you want to help me look or just wait around as big furry toddlers?”

Lilith grumbled but shouldered past Natsumi and waddled her way down the stairs. The other girls followed, crinkling and nervously looking around for windows that were no longer there.

The stairway ended in the foyer. There was a room to the left and right, and a hallway heading deeper into the house and lined with eight more doors.

“Was the house this big earlier?” Natsumi wondered aloud.

The twins clung to each other and shook their heads no. With all the rooms upstairs, there might be twenty total, which had to be double what there was earlier.

The rooms on the left and right were big and opened to the foyer. One looked like a playroom with toys scattered about and a plastic slide. The other looked like a sitting room with two large couches, an armchair and a rocking chair. There was also a bookshelf with a hundred or so brightly colored books on it.

“Hanging myself is really looking like a good option about now,” Lilith said darkly as she turned from one room to the next.

“Do we split up?” Izzy asked.

“Are you crazy?! Haven't you ever seen a scary movie? That's what they want!” Carmella whimpered still clutching her twin.

“You two can do what you want, I'm sick of all three of you already,” Lilith said, trying to look full of attitude as she waddled down the hall.

“Lily we need..”

“It's LILITH bitch!” she said as she stuck a middle finger of her paw up at the three of them and opened the first door she could find. The door was an off yellow color and Lilith stood staring for a minute before quickly shutting the door.

“What.. what was in there?” Natsumi asked curious.

Lilith quickly put her back to the door. “A bathtub... and flying soap and wash cloths. They started for me when I opened the door.”

“Flying soap?” Izzy whimpered.

“Wash cloths?” Carmella gasped.

Natsumi put her hand to her foorhead. “Okay... so this... uh... this is a game then. Right? I mean, the door's gone and that crazy cat-woman said something about everything in the house being part of the game.”

The twins nodded slowly.

Lilith sighed aloud. “We're going to have to play along... or kill ourselves.”

“Stop with the morbid ideas!” Natsumi yelled. However bad this was, or could get, suicide was not an option in her opinion. No one had been in 'mortal' danger yet. Just... oddest of the odd... and besides, how would they kill themselves? Make a chain of cloth diapers and hang one by one?

Lilith didn't take well to being snapped at. She pushed herself off one door and went to the other side of the hall to try another. Her stomach was tying itself in knots again. Acting brave and being brave were two different things. She was too full of pride to let it show that she was just as scared as the others. She waddled up and slowly opened the door.

“What do you see?” The twins asked together this time.

Lilith looked like she was about to say something, but she was suddenly yanked inside the door by an unseen force. It shut quietly behind her.

The twins stood still hugging each other and staring wide eyed at the spot where Lilith used to be. Natsumi quickly ran to the door.

“Lily, are you in there??” she asked pressing her ear to the door.

“No.. no no no. Let me out!” Lilith yelled from inside.

“Where are you?” Natsumi asked trying the handle. It was locked.

“Its a kitchen.. and... no no!! Get away! There are floating gloves!”

Natsumi took a step back from the door. Whatever was happening, it wasn't pleasant. The twins whined puppishly from the foyer.

“What do we do?” Izzy asked.

“I think... we're supposed to play,” Carmella answered.

Natsumi wasn't sure that 'playing' would be anything pleasant... From the door she could hear muffled noises, as if there was a struggle going on. Occasionally there'd be a random curse word yelled. Natsumi closed her eyes and said a little prayer that she'd be spared whatever awaited them. She was the only human, and as far as anyone could tell, the only one not 'playing the game.'

“Why does it say 'don't stand here'?” one of the twins asked, interrupting Natsumi's thoughts. She heard another muffled noise, this one behind her... She opened her eyes and spun around to find... ... an empty hallway.

“Carmella...? ... ... Izzy?” she asked while looking around and taking a step back towards the door. She was suddenly alone.


Lilith stood holding the door open and wondering just what she was looking at. It seemed like a kitchen, but everything was a little retro. The fridge was rounded, the stove looked weird... and there was also a rather odd looking high chair in the corner.

“What do you see?” the twins asked her.

Turning, Lilith was about to tell the twins that she saw two diapered idiots, but instead found something yanking at her black shirt. She meeped as she stumbled into the kitchen and heard the door slam behind her.

There were two white gloves floating around her. One of them had apparently dragged her into the room.

“Lily, are you in there??” asked Natsumi from outside the door.

“No.. no no no. Let me out!” Lilith yelled as she backed away from the hands. They were hurding her away from the door.

“Where are you?” Natsumi yelled.

“Its a kitchen.. and... no no!! Get away! There are floating gloves!” she yelled still back peddling.

The hands approached her slowly, they were simple white gloves, almost mickey mouse hands, but not as puffy. They floated in the air held up by something she either couldn't see or understand.

“Fuck off!” she yelled looking for something to throw. She felt her tail brush something as she came to a stop in front of that odd high chair... ... “Wait... high chair?” Lilith asked as she turned to look at it. Kitchen... high chair... her in diapers... “Oh no...”

The instant she stopped looking at the hands, they flew under her arms and hefted her up into the high chair, quickly bringing a locking tray into place over her lap.

“NO! FUCKING STOP!” she whined. She tried removing the tray but found it was right up against her chest. She couldn't even get her arms free. She frantically looked around to see the hands had gone to one of the cabinets lining the walls.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck...” she swore as she kicked her legs and tried to rock the chair around. It didn't budge, all that happened was that her plastic pants crinkled noisely. Her goth attitude wasn't translating well into actual rage.

A few letters on the tray caught Lilith's eyes. She stopped struggling a second and realized that the entire top of the tray had intricate writing all over it.

“You will be fed two jars of baby food and one bottle of formula followed by two more jars and another bottle,” she read aloud. “Oh fuck me...” she kicked her legs more, trying to escape while reading the rest. “If you have not gotten out of the chair by the time you have finished the second bottle then...” She kicked harder. “Then? Then what? Wait... where's the rest? What happens if I don't get out of the chair?” Lilith asked looking around the tray some more. She noticed that the hands had stacked four jars and two baby bottles on the counter.

One hand picked up a jar, the other a spoon and they flew over to the high chair. Lilith quickly clamped her mouth shut. Dropping the spoon, the two hands worked together to unscrew the top, the label said bananas.

Lilith glared at the hands as they dipped the spoon into the jar and came out with what looked like light yellow ketchup. She shook her head no. Under the tray, her paws were trying to find a latch or release level, anything to free her.

The spoon approached, Lilith was almost nashing her teeth she was clenching down on her jaw so hard. The spoon stopped an inch from her mouth, she could smell the sickly sweet smell of bananas... she hated bananas. She tried to turn her head to get even further away from the spoon, probably looking every bit like a big fussy furry toddler... but as she tried to turn her head, she found that instead she loosened her jaw and took the spoon into her mouth. She swallowed down a mouthful of banana paste.

“GAH!!! That's fucking awful!” she yelled, letting her tongue hang out, trying to get the taste out of her mouth. The hands were quickly prepping another spoon, and she did her best to clamp her mouth shut once more... but no sooner was the spoon under her nose and her trying to move away from it... then she opened up and had another helping of banana.

The entire jar, which was only 10 or 12 spoonfuls, was finished quickly. Applesauce came next.

Lilith had resigned herself to the fact that she couldn't stop herself from eating. Once or twice she'd managed to turn her head as the spoon was leaving her mouth, and the only thing that had done was to mat a little of the fur around her mouth with banana or applesauce.

Her paws had completely searched underneath the tray and found nothing to help. The second jar was already finished and she could see the hands getting the bottle. She re-read the tray, hoping for a clue and as the bottle got closer, she started to kick her legs again and yell curses, but she fell silent as the bottle was thrust into her mouth.

It tasted like heavy cream. She didn't want to drink. She wanted to spit it out and turn her head... but the more she tried not to drink it, the more she did. She suckled the bottle just like a baby.

Lilith began to cry softly. She wasn't sure how this was a game, but as she sat drinking from a bottle, she knew that she wasn't winning.


The twins had always relied on each other. They held each other close and whimpered like puppies as fear gripped them in this creepy house.

“What do we do?” Izzy asked.

“I think... we're supposed to play,” Carmella answered. They looked over to Natsumi hoping that she had an answer. They took a step toward her, still holding each other close... and Izzy noticed something.

“Why does it say, 'Don't stand here'?” Izzy asked as the two of them came to a stop on a red X with those very words. They hadn't noticed it before... it seemed to just appear out of nowhere on the ground.

An instant later the floor gave out underneath them.

There was barely time to do anything more then yelp as a comically simple trap door opened up and the two girls hit a tube slide. They were in darkness for maybe four seconds before the bright blue interior of the slide came into light and they were dumped out into a basement playroom with a crinkly thud.

The wall where the slide had shot them out of magically closed itself. Both girls were left with their heads spinning. Carmella got up a little dizzy and clawed at the wall where the slide had just been, whimpering.

“What... just happened?” Izzy asked still kind of out of it.

“We fell down a slide... I think,” Carmella said looking around the room a little unsure. They were now in a play room kind of like the one next to foyer, but there were a lot more toys. There was also a playpen in one corner with a babyswing near it... and one of those little walker things... but everything was sized way too big for a baby.

“I don't like this...” Izzy said crawling to her sister.

“I don't either,” Carmella said.

On the other side of the room they saw some movement and the two girls quickly hugged each other in fear. One of the toys stood itself up and began to toddle toward them. Izzy let out a very dog-like bark and tried to growl, Carmella did the same when she realized she was a dog too... but as the toy came closer, they stopped.

The toy was a teddybear wearing a world war 1 style helmet cocked to one side. He was about two feet tall and he waddled as best as his fixed joints would allow and offered the girls a salute as he stopped in front of them.

“A ... walking... teddybear...?” Izzy asked as her growl died out.

“OMG THAT'S CUTE!!!!” Carmella burst out. She dive/hugged the teddy. “Commander Teddy I presume?!”

The bear shrugged but nodded, and Carmella squeeled happily, hugging it. Izzy was quick to join in the hug, overjoyed to find that at least something wasn't scary in this place. The Teddy, although unable to smile, would have been happy to have died in that moment crushed between twin sets of... smarts. Thin t-shirts didn't do a lot to suppress smarts either.

After a prolonged hug, the Teddy freed himself and readjusted his helmet, making a pointing motion toward the playpen, the walker and the babyswing. The girl's looked at each other a little unsure.

“I think he wants us to follow it?”

“Uh... Commander Teddy?”

The bear did not acknowledge them but began to waddle march in the direction he'd pointed. The girls slowly stood up and followed after him, having to waddle a little themselves with their thick diapers and swishing tails. The teddy took a seat in front of the three toddler objects and folded its rounded arms.

“What... are we supposed to do?”

“I think we're supposed to play...”

“You already said that.”

“Well, its true right? I mean, like, what else are we going to do?”

The Teddy looked confused as he tried to figure out which of the identical dog girls was talking. He decided to settle the matter by walking up to one and shoving her forward.

Izzy looked down at the Teddy who was pushing on her leg. For being fluff and cloth, he was pretty strong. Izzy found herself moving toward the baby walker.

“Hey! Stop being pushy, I don't want to play with that!”

“But we're supposed to play!” Carmella echoed.

“No we're not! We're not supposed to be in this house, and like.. we're not supposed to be dogs!”

Izzy was so busy yelling at her sister, that she didn't notice that two white gloves had flown up from a pile of toys and secured themselves under her arms. She tried to squirm away and whimper for help, but all that happened was her getting placed into the walker. The hands flew back to the toy pile.

“That's not fair!” Izzy complained as two straps shot over her shoulders and held her securely to the device. It felt like she was sitting in a cloth seat of some type that connected to a wraparound tray. Even though it was big enough for her, she was still very close to the ground and her knees were bent under the tray.

“Are you okay Izzy?”

“No! I'm stuck!!!”

Carmella came over and tried to help her sister out, but the Teddy began to push at her too. Carmella stopped as she realized he didn't want her to help her sister. She was pushed towards the swing.

“Carmella! Help me out!”

“But... commander teddy doesn't want me too.. he wants me to use the swing.”

As Carmella got near the swing, the same two white gloves flew over and lifted her up under the arms, putting her in the swing and securing two straps over her shoulders that connected just in front of her diapered crotch. Carmella let out an eep as she realized she was just as stuck now as her sister was.

“All right Carmella... here we are... we're both stuck... how do we pla... pla...” Izzy was about to ask how to play, but as she looked down at her paws, she realized there was writing around the tray top on her walker. “You have five minutes to walk ten laps around the playroom?” she said as she read it aloud.

“What are you talking about?” Carmella asked looking over at her sister.

“It's written on the tray! There's more. 'Go outside the play pen, outside the swing, around the plush pile and continue... if you fail to finish ten laps then...”

“Then what?”

“I dunno, it doesn't say...”

Carmella thought for a moment. Usually when she was in thought she liked to look up at the sky and twist a lock of her blonde hair... she started to do just that but then stopped as she saw writing on the bar that the swing was connected too.

“You will begin to swing and have to stay awake for five minutes... if you are not awake by the end of five minutes then... .... ... then? Izzy, mine's not complete either.”

Both girls looked at each other with a frown and a little panic. There was a sudden clicking noise and Carmella eeped again as she felt the swing begin to tilt back and the rock forward.

“Izzy!” she said as she began to swing. “It's a game, remember? Five minutes!”

Izzy looked at her sister confused, but then she noticed the Teddy, he was making a motion for her to move. He pointed very determinedly at a path through the scattered toys that led around the outside of the room. Izzy looked at the tray and eeped a little herself. She tried moving her legs forward under the tray, slowly but steadily walking around the room.

“You said ten laps right sis?” Carmella asked. Izzy nodded. “And all I have to do is stay awake... that should be pretty easy,” Carmella said to herself. She watched her sister as she started walking the long portion of the wall. She couldn't help giggling at how much she looked like a big toddler in her walker, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and oversized diaper.

“Go Izzy, you can do it!”

Commander Teddy saluted.


Natsumi took a step back from the door. Whatever was happening, it wasn't pleasant. The twins whined puppishly from the foyer.

“What do we do?” Izzy asked.

“I think... we're supposed to play,” Carmella answered.

Natsumi wasn't sure that 'playing' would be anything pleasant... From the door she could hear muffled noises, as if there was a struggle going on. Occasionally there'd be a random curse word yelled. Natsumi closed her eyes and said a little prayer that she'd be spared whatever awaited them. She was the only human, and as far as anyone could tell, the only one not 'playing the game.'

“Why does it say 'don't stand here'?” one of the twins asked, interrupting Natsumi's thoughts. She heard another muffled noise, this one behind her... She opened her eyes and spun around to find... ... an empty hallway.

“Carmella...? ... ... Izzy?” she asked while looking around and taking a step back towards the door. She was suddenly alone.

Natsumi walked back towards the door, she noticed oddly that it said 'do not stand here' on an x on the floor. She avoided it carefully, figuring that it was part of the game or something.

She looked to the left, and then to the right, checking the sitting room and play room.. but no sign of the twins.

“Okay... this is... bad... I'm here, and alone, and... oh god what do I do?”

Where the hell had the twins gone? Had they disappeared? Wait! That X.. Natsumi went over to it and tentatively put her foot on it... nothing happened.

She looked around nervously and found herself right back where she'd been a minute ago. Unsure what to do, but with plenty of options. Basically it was a matter of choice. She could either just wait here, or... try one of many doors down here or upstairs.

“Fortune favors the bold,” she said to herself again. It wasn't very reassuring, but the idea that she had not actually been told that she was 'playing' was kind of nice. She walked back to the door Lilith had gone in and tried the handle. It was still locked. She put her ear to it, and she could hear muffled noises inside, but nothing substantial.

She looked at the other doors in the hallway and picked one two doors down. “Okay... nothing too this... open it, see if its an exit... shut it if its not.”

Natsumi opened the door slowly, checking for any trip-wires or hidden blades, and was more then surprised to find nothing but a nice couch and a big old style TV with wood accents. The room looked like a simple entertainment room. She ventured inside, not letting her hand off the door and looked a little more. There didn't seem to be anything that odd about it...

“Okay, so one room was a bathroom... one room a kitchen... this one an entertainment room.”

She was about to leave the room when she noticed there was something written above the screen on the old TV. She leaned over as far as she could without actually letting go of the door.

“The TV will be on for ten minutes. You are not supposed to watch it. If you find yourself staring at the TV for any longer then a continual 30 seconds then...”

Natsumi was confused. Was this some type of cryptic note? The TV wasn't even on. She decided it best to leave and quietly let herself out of the room, shutting the door behind her.


Lilith had finished the third jar of babyfood and the glovess were already opening the forth. She'd only been a little hungry when she'd stumbled in here, but now... she was almost full.

“Stop you stupid hands! Let me out!” she squirmed in her seat. Her big black tail didn't do anything other then sit pressed against the seatback behind her. If she tried to wiggle it, she could feel it bump behind her head. “I mean it! Stooo” she opened her mouth and took a spoonful of peaches. The tears returned and she tried cursing some more between spoonfuls.

She hadn't given up looking, even though her paws knew every inch under the tray, she tried and tried again for something new. She even tried pressing her paws down on her diapers to see if the answer was there for whatever reason, but nothing helped.

With her mouth doing its own thing and continuing to take spoon after spoon of peaches, she tried working her throat... maybe she could throw up all the food like the blonds probably did... she tried for a moment, but it was no good, the mouth and throat were working together to fill her tummy.

Lilith gulped loudly as the last spoonful of peaches went down. The hands went for the second bottle. “No.. no no no, I'm not thirsty. Seriously, I'm full,” she complained, but the gloves didn't listen, and probably didn't have ears.

Whimpering and renewing her struggle, Lilith's ears dropped down as the nipple of the bottle was shoved in her mouth. She couldn't do anything to keep herself from drinking. Half her body seemed to be rebelling against her commands. The more she resisted, the quicker she'd nurse on the bottle.

The bottle was half gone and she began to feel something wrong. Her diaper was starting to feel warm and damp. The feeling persisted as she continued to finish the bottle. A few more gulps and she realized she was wetting her diaper... she could barely feel herself letting go, it was almost like that feeling when you sit down on a wet seat and you don't realize it till it hits your butt that you did.

Lilith finished the bottle and whimpered pathetically. She was full, but more then that, she was fearing the consequences of not winning 'the game'. The hands lifted her tray off as if it was held down by nothing at all. Lilith struggled some more but was unable to stop the hands from lifting her up and setting her gently on the floor. The door to the hallway opened by itself and the gloves gave her a pat on her wet bum.

“That's.. it?” she asked as she tried to get up and leave.... something else was wrong though. She couldn't stand up. Try as she might, she just could not stand up. She managed to get into a kneeling position, but her body felt kind of off balance and she quickly fell onto all fours.

Lilith panicked a little and tried again, but found that she could only sit, kneel or crawl. The gloves once again patted her bum, giving her a little shove forward.

“Why do I have to crawl!?” she whined.

The gloves did not have mouths and simply went to rest on the counter. Lilith frowned and slowly crawled her way out into the hall, feeling completely humiliated.

“Lilith?... Are you all right?” Natsumi asked.

Lilith crawled out of the kitchen and the door shut behind her. She looked down the hall to see that Natsumi was at one of the doors. Natsumi was the last person Lilith wanted to see.

“I'm okay... I was fed and.. I think I lost one of the games. I have to crawl now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am physically unable to get up on my feet,” Lilith complained as she continued crawling toward Natsumi.

Lilith could kind of see inside the room that Natsumi had open and it seemed to be some sort of bright pink tailoring room with a large stand up mirror and dresses all over the wall. As Lilith got closer, one of the bring pink dresses flew off the wall and Natsumi was quick to slam the door shut.

“Well... that proves one theory,” Natsumi said to herself.

“Proves what? That this place is crazy?”

“No, it seems that I'm not affected. The rooms react to the people playing 'the game' and every room I've tried in this place so far doesn't seem to react to me.”

Lilith was right in front of Natsumi now and Natsumi reached down to take Lilith's paws and try to stand the poor skunk on her feet. Lilith was up for a moment, her legs very shakey, but even as she stood supported by Natsumi, she could tell that it wouldn't last any longer then Natsumi held her for support. She whimpered as she began to fall back and landed with a slow crinkly thud on her rear.

“You... really can't stand up?” Natsumi asked, still not believing.

“You think I want to crawl around because its fun?! This is humiliating!”

“What was the game like in the room? I've checked in a few of the rooms on this hall and almost all of them have writing somewhere with vague instructions about things.”

Lilith's ears sank again. “Mine was getting fed in a high chair...” she blushed. “You had to escape the highchair before those creepy flying gloves were done feeding you... I um.. lost... and I have to crawl now,” Lilith frowned. She had also wet herself, but she didn't need to let Natsumi know that.

“Hmmm... so there are punishments for not winning...” Natsumi thought aloud. “I wonder what happens if you win?”

Lilith shrugged. “If you've checked this hallway, is there any really easy 'games' or whatever?”

Natsumi thought for a second. “Well... that door's a bath tub room. Your's was a kitchen. Then an entertainment center. The tailor room. The room with a rocking chair... uh... I'd have to go with the entertainment room. There's nothing in it but a TV and a couch and all it says is you have to not watch TV for like 30 seconds.”

“Not watch TV?” Lilith looked confused. She looked at the doors Natsumi had been pointing too. “Did you check all the doors already?”

Natsumi shook her head no. “I checked a few, but I haven't seen that cat-girl yet, and I haven't checked any of the rooms upstairs or those last few doors down the hall. I've been taking it slow and exploring each room I opened.”

Lilith nodded. As much as she hated this situation, and as much as she wanted out, she had been sobered enough by the last game to know that she needed to at least try something else. If she was stuck in a game, she had to play a little. Maybe if she had a win...

“All right, lets try that entertainment room... Can't be too hard right?”

Natumi raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly. “Sure, its right over here...” she said getting to the door and opening it up. Nothing happened immediately, but as Lilith crawled closer to the door, the TV turned on with a gentle hum. The picture was in black and white.

“What were the instructions?” Lilith asked looking at Natsumi. She was making a point not to look at the TV yet.

“It said something like 'the TV will be on for 10 minutes, don't watch it for more then 30 seconds at a time.”

“Soooo... if I go in there and not watch it at all I should win right?”

“I guess... I'm not really sure what will happen. The instructions just sort of ended.”

“Can you help me on this one? Since you're not playing, can you hit me or something if I start staring at the TV?”

“Uh sure,” Natsumi nodded. Hitting Lilith sounded kind of fun.

Natsumi followed her into the room. She felt somewhat safe after having been in this room and others before without having a problem. She took a seat on the couch as Lilith crawled and flopped down, facing away from the TV.

At first Natsumi hadn't really thought to even check the TV, but as her eyes wandered, she saw on the black and white tube just about the funniest thing ever. It was Lilith... only when she was in early elementary school. She was dressed up in a rediculously poofy dress... and sitting in the mudd.

“Oh my god...” Natsumi giggled while looking at the TV.

Lilith frowned, but remained staring at Natsumi. “What is it?” she asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. She didn't turn around to look.

Natsumi looked at Lilith and then back at the TV. She tried to keep from laughing out loud. The scene had changed now to Lilith standing in line at some theme park, and she had ice cream in her hair.

“Haha awwww ice cream in your hair.”

Lilith froze. That sounded like a spookily familiar bad memory. Lilith turned around and her eyes got wide to see herself on the TV as a child. The scene changed from the theme park to one of her in Sunday school.

“OH HELL NO!!!” Lilith said quickly shuffling on her knees in front of the TV. She wobbled in her toddler balance and tried to put her back up against the TV to block Natsumi from watching it.

Natsumi shifted left and right on the couch, trying to see around her. “Awww come on, I wanna watch. You were an adorable little chubby kid.”

Lilith was about to start swearing when she noticed something. Natsumi was still laughing and trying to see around her, but what she didn't see, was a large growing wet spot on her jeans.

“Uh... Natsumi?”

“Hahaha awwww, really Steven Benkle? You kissed Steven Benkle behind the school?”

“Shut up!!!!” That had not happened. NO no no no no... no one was supposed to know about that.... that... that giant nerd. “Natsumi you're wetting yourself!” Lilith shot back defensively.

Natsumi stopped mid-laugh and realized that she did indeed feel something wrong where she was sitting and she jumped up gasping and putting her hands over a growing wet spot on her pants.

“No.. but.. I'm not playing!”

“Well... in that case... are you just having an accident?” Lilith grinned.

“I'm not! I'm... I'm...” Natsumi was about to say some choice things about the stupid skunk when she noticed the TV had changed and was now showing her as a four year old, splashing naked in the bathtub. “Oh no...”

Lilith could see Natsumi's eyes go wide and she looked over her shoulder, backing up as she tried to see what was on the TV that had her surprised. There was no mistaking the asian baby.

“Hahaha you're parents dressed you as a boy!” Lilith laughed as she saw a six year old Nati in a blue jacket with yellow bucket hat.

“No they didn't! That's how Japanese school children dress, I was only there for half a year.”

The scene changed once more, and the self proclaimed smartest girl on the block flushed red as she recognized what was about to show. Scrambling off the couch, forgetting the wet spot on her jeans, she did all she could to turn the TV off. Lilith could tell this was about to be particularly juicy and moved to block Natsumi.

“Heheh, what's this... something happen in the back of the library?” Lilith asked as she saw Natsumi studying quietly at a table. She looked a little younger, but it couldn't have been much younger, maybe a year or two ago. Natsumi pushed past the skunk and tried turning the old knob on the TV... and nothing happened, the picture was still crisp and black and white.

Lilith laughed and sat right down in front of the TV. She grinned as she saw someone come in from the side of the screen and Natsumi looked up from her books. It was some girl that Lilith didn't recognize. She took the seat next to Natsumi and the two of them... started kissing. Lilith's eyes grew big and she got a huge smile just as the non-TV Natsumi let out a quiet 'noooooo'.

“Hahaha Natsumi! Didn't know you were into rug munching... hahahaha.”

Natsumi wanted to hit Lilith. She wanted to do something, but all she could do was cry. That girl had been very special to her and seeing her again brought back a whole bad memory of heart break.

Lilith was glued to the TV. It was like the blackmail show or something. She was so intent on getting more dirt, that she didn't realize her tail was lifting up slightly. She sat up on her knees, the scene had changed once more, it was Natsumi taking a test... and she had an answer sheet neatly in her lap as she did.

“Oooo cheater,” Lilith teased. She was about to point in a condescending way, but two things happened suddenly at once. The TV turned off, and Lilith felt something very unpleasant.

Lilith's insides gave a sudden push. She gasped and tried to stand up in realization of what her body was telling her a bit too late was about to happen. Her knees wouldn't obey her and instead of standing up, she put her paws out in front of her knees... and her body pushed a big mess into the back of her diaper.

Natsumi had been so caught up in self misery, that when she saw Lilith's sudden odd behavior, she wasn't sure just what was happening. When Lilith bent forward with tail raised... she knew that Lilith was having a much worse accident then she'd had. Seeing her misfortune made her feel a little better.

“Ha you... you... you skunk,” Natsumi taunted.

Lilith wanted to cry. Had she just... pooped herself? She reached a paw back to feel the seat of her plastic pants and there was no doubting what was there.

“Someone's had two losses already,” came a cheery voice from outside the door.

Natsumi and Lilith both looked at the door and gasped as the handle started to turn.


Commander Teddy and a floating pair of gloves sat playing each other at cards. They had seen it all before and didn't seem that interested in the twin girls currently at play.

Carmella had fought valiantly against the super comfortable rocking baby swing. She had started by cheering her sister on... but the constant swinging had put her into a more relaxed state then she had realized.

“I'm almost done sis!” Izzy said excitedly as she walked slowly around the room. She'd already done 9 laps and was just into the final one. Progress was slow because her knees were practically up to the tray. Her thick diapers didn't help either. Luckily she had discovered after the first three laps that it was easier going backwards then forwards.

Looking over her shoulder and concentrating on her movement, Izzy weaved through the toys. She ventured a glance over at her sister who was doing the tell-tale head nod.

“Carmella! Stay awake!” she urged.

“I'm finnnee...” Carmella said offering a weak wave of her hand. She tried to blink away her sudden tiredness, but in an instant her eyes were shut and she was napping quietly in the swing.

Izzy bit down on her lip and told herself to focus. She could win this. She passed behind her sister once more, and noticed that the gloves and Teddy had stopped their card game.

The gloves began to clap in mid-air and the Teddy did the same.

Flying over to Izzy, the gloves undid the straps and lifted her out of the walker and placed her gently on the floor. She stood up and started to toddle toward her sister, the gloves flying with her and Commander Teddy bringing up the rear.

The gloves undid the straps and lifted Carmella out of the swing, laying her still sleeping on the ground. Izzy was next to her in an instant shaking her awake.

“Sis!!! Sis! Get up!”

Carmella stirred for a moment before opening her eyes. “Hiiiii Izzy...”

Izzy rolled her eyes. “You weren't supposed to nap...”

“I wasn't?” Carmella asked rubbing a paw against her eyes, still looking a little tired. She noticed the swing and suddenly blushed. “On no! I lost didn't I?”

“I think soo... do.. do you feel any different? I don't know if anythings happened.”

Carmella looked at herself, wondering if things could become more weird then they already were. She didn't feel any different. She put her paws over her chest and patted herself down, stopping when she got to her diaper...

“It's wet!” Carmella whimpered. She shifted her knees together a little uneasily as she felt the damp bulk between them. She must have wet in the short amount of time she was asleep. She tried to stand up to check over herself further but as she tried to stand, she fell onto her hands and knees. She tried again with the same result. “I can't stand up!”

Izzy looked at her confused. “What do you mean?”

Carmella tried to stand once more but again found herself crawling. “I want to walk, but somethings making me crawl.”

Commander Teddy nodded his head knowingly.

Carmella pouted at him. “Do... Do I have to crawl?”

Izzy frowned. “I guess that's what happens when you lose?”

Commander Teddy nodded once more and started walking away from the girls. They watched him go over to a wall and pressing on it, the wall slid away to reveal a staircase heading upstairs.

Izzy and Carmella both looked at each other and then at the stairway. “Are we done here?” Carmella asked. Commander Teddy offered a salute and took a seat by the stairs.

“Oookay... guess we go,” Izzy said walking toward the stairs. Carmella had to crawl after her.


The cat-girl waited patiently in the master bedroom. Usually it was one of the last rooms any one checked when playing the game, and to be honest, it was one of the hardest to get through. ...but that's part of the reason that she was there. Even though it wasn't required of her, she loved this room the most, it offered the best show.

She smiled in a very cat-like manner as the bell on her neck began to ring softly. Someone had just lost a second time. This meant that she'd need to get up and go retrieve them.

Players are only allowed three strikes. After the first strike, they'll have lost control of their bladder and will be unable to walk. After the second strike, they will have become completely incontinent as well as not able to crawl... the cat-girl liked to think of it as three stages; preschooler, toddler, and infant. As an infant, the player would have to be carried to the next room of her choice.

Yawning and stretching, the cat-girl got up and quietly left the master bedroom. She was completely solid now. She could even walk on the floor. It'd been soo long since anyone had been here to play.

Downstairs her bell began to ring again, getting slightly louder as she came down the hall. It was at it loudest in front of the TV room and with a simple tap from her finger, the bell fell silent.

“Someone's had two losses already!” she said happily to the door. She could hear confusion on the other side. She took the handle and opened it slowly.

Sitting on the floor in front of the TV were two surprised looking girls. One was a skunk and from the way she was on her knees with diapered bottom slightly off the ground, she was probably the one with two strikes. Sitting next to her was another human girl... one that the cat-girl hadn't seen at the start of the game.

“Uh oh... looks like someone else snuck in as the game was starting,” she smiled, not missing a beat. She could see a nice big wet spot on the girl's pants. Even if she wasn't dressed properly for the game, she was playing and had one strike already.

Both girls shrieked and tried to get away. The human tried to get to her feet, but stumbled to her knees and ended up having to crawl behind the TV. The skunk tried to crawl away as well, but as soon as she tried to tilt forward, her body worked against her and tilted her back. She sat down heavily on her padded rump and the face she made was just about priceless.

“Awww its okay wittle one,” she coo'ed and knelt down next to the skunk. Sitting in her mess had caused her to start crying. “Mama kitty is going to make it all better, don't you worry, we'll get you changed and then you can have your pick of the last room for your game, how's that sound, hmm?”

The skunk continued crying and tried to get away again, but ended up falling softly on her side.

“Sorry baby, you've had two losses... you won't be able to crawl. Mama kitty has to carry you.”

Kneeling down, the cat-girl picked up the skunk, carrying her on her hip. Magic is a wonderful thing for getting over size and weight differences. Walking over to the TV, the cat-girl peeked around the side to find the human trying to hide.

“Shit... you can see me,” said the human trying to run again, but panicking once more as she had to crawl.

The cat-girl laughed softly to herself. It was fun to watch them like this. She reached into a pocket and got out one of the magic pacifiers. She walked calmly in front of the human and bent down, sticking it in her mouth before the girl could do anything.

The girl stopped crawling and sat on her butt. Her eyes were darting left and right, and she mumbled behind the pacifier, but that was all that came out.

“Don't worry, I'll be right back for you as soon as I've changed our stinky skunk here,” she grinned, patting the human on the head.


The staircase exited into a small tailoring room. Izzy opened the door and looked in carefully while her sister crawled in after her.

“I think its like a sowing room or something,” she said still holding onto the door. She looked around some more but didn't see a sowing machine.

Carmella didn't really care what type of room it was. Crawling up stairs was annoying and she was happy to sit her butt down onto carpet again. She wagged her tail slightly upon seeing all the frilly dresses and different outfits that lined the walls.

“Wow... there's like a hundred different outfits here,” she grinned.

Izzy nodded, walking away from the door and not paying attention as it shut itself. Both girls looked around the room, seeing the obvious door at the front that likely led out into the main hallway.

“I wonder what we play here?” Carmella asked. As if to answer, a hat-rack wearing a bowler-cap rolled over to them from the corner of the room.

Both girls meeped and Izzy knelt down to hug her sister. The rack politely tipped its hat and pulled out a card seemingly from nowhere, handing it to Izzy. The twins looked at each other, and out of curiosity, Izzy took the card.

“You have ten minutes to pick out two matching outfits. Outfits need to be a complete set of matching socks, bloomers, and a dress. To show a complete outfit, you need to wear it in front of the mirror and spin around once. If you have not shown two outfits, or show a non-matching outfit then...”

“And it just ends again,” Carmella frowned. “I don't like these games.”

“Me either,” Izzy agreed. She looked up from the card and to the hat-rack who politely nodded at her once more. She sighed and looked around the room, flicking the card away.

“We have ten minutes,” Carmella whimpered, crawling toward some of the frilly stuff. She may not like this, but something told her she needed to get started or things would get worse.

Izzy toddled over to the other side of the room to start sorting through dresses. Everything was laid out in a somewhat organized fashion; dresses in one area, bloomers in another, etc. What really surprised her was the variety and quantity.

“Are there any pink lacy bloomers with heart trim?” Izzy asked as she held out one dress that seemed unique. Carmella couldn't reach all the items and the hat-rack was reaching things for her where she pointed. It was only fair since she couldn't stand up any more.

“I think soo...” Carmella said looking around a little more. The game was disconcerting, but at the same time, she harbored a secret love for outfits like these. She still had a lot of her old easter dresses in her closet back home. She didn't wear them, she just liked to look at them.

The hat-rack bent down, the wooden stick he was made of didn't seem to care that it shouldn't bend like that, and handed a pair of bloomers to Carmella, tipping his bowler one more time. She held them up, they were definitely big enough to go over the diaper cover she and her sister were already wearing, and they were super frilly and silky on the outside.

“Is this what you meant?” she asked tossing the garment to her sister. Izzy picked it up and held it with the dress, it was a near perfect match.

“Yup! Let's get you dressed in it,” she giggled.

“Huh? Why me?”

“You've already lost once, we need to get you a head start.”

“Oh.... okay,” Carmella said tilting her head. She tried to walk toward her sister, but made a cute 'oof' as she went from sitting to her paws and knees. Reluctantly she crawled to meet her sister half way.

Holding her arms up, Izzy helped her sister get her shirt off and helped her put on the dress.

“Can you lay down sis?” Izzy directed while trying to get the bloomers on. Carmella complied and after a moment, she had been changed into a frilly pink dress with a ton of ruffles and trim in the shape of little hearts. Izzy couldn't refrain from smiling. “Awww soo cute.”

“I wanna see!” Carmella said rolling over and crawling for the mirror.

“Wait! Socks!” Izzy said suddenly remembering the card. The last thing they needed was an accidental fail at this point.

The two of them went over to the socks and started going through them. There were about a hundred pairs of socks in there, and they weren't matched up, so it was a bit more troublesome to find like pairs. In the end they found a pair matching what Carmella was already wearing and they hurried to get them on. They were kind of bigger then human socks, shaped more like foot mittens for her paws.

“And.... ta-dah!” Izzy said from behind Carmella as she marveled at herself in the mirror. Carmella giggled, both girls were getting into the spirit of dress-up. She crawled around in a circle and the hat-rack clapped two of its wooden arms for her.

“Next one, next one!” Carmella grinned childishly.

Izzy nodded, but thinking more, finding the first one had taken a few minutes on its own. “I'm going to start on mine, we need to hurry.”


Lilith cried softly as she was picked up. Her diaper felt heavier and her butt felt like it was covered in warm oatmeal... only it wasn't oatmeal. She felt herself lifted up and held to the cat-girl's side, with an arm securely under her mushy rump.

Natsumi was crouched behind the TV with her hands over her head, trying to look as much like the wall as possible.

“Shit... you can see me,” she said, knowing full well that her hiding in plain sight was not working. A part of her had hoped that the invisibility she had to the cat-girl was still holding. She quickly tried to run, but was forced to crawl, just as Lilith had been.

The cat-girl laughed and took something out of her pocket. She walked calmly in front of Natsumi and stuck a pacifier in her mouth.

“Don't worry, I'll be right back for you as soon as I've changed our stinky skunk here,” she grinned, patting the human on the head.

Lilith tried to growl through her tears at the reference to her. Seeing the sudden blank stare on Natsumi's face did make her smile a little. “Nah more' impunity,” she said, rubbing her eyes and not catching her own slip of speech. Natsumi didn't reply. She just sat on her wet butt, sucking her paci, and watching anxiously as Lilith was carried away.

There was no one in the hallway, wherever the twins had gone when Lilith was eating, they hadn't returned yet. The cat-girl took her up the stairs and right back to the nursery.

“Awww poor wittle smelly kitten, it didn't take you long to lose twice. Might be a record,” she teased.

Lilith wanted to react angrily. She wanted to delve into her reservoir of gothy attitude that she kept for just such remarks against her... but all she could do was whimper and nod slowly as she was placed onto a large changing table.

The cat-girl was careful to lay Lilith's tail out first, and ease the skunk onto it. She had changed all manner of humans, half-humans, and furs, and she was accomplished with attending to different physiques. She hummed the same haunting tune she'd been singing to herself all day and slowly worked the plastic panties off of the thick diapers.

“I know you're probably kind of angry right now... maybe a little upset for losing, or for being here...” the cat-girl said as she went and got a few more cloth diapers and pins, along with a damp wash cloth. As she turned away from Lilith to get them, she smiled to herself; it was a cat's nature to toy with others.

“I nah happy,” Lilith lisped, quickly covering her mouth as she did.

The cat-girl walked back to her with her arms full. “There's a little something you might have realized while you were playing... Do you remember what I said? The more times you've lost, the worse your potty ability is getting?”

Lilith gulped, but nodded.

“Well, I'd like to tell you another secret... you only get three strikes in this game... if you lose one more time... well, lets just say the result will be a little more permanent then you'd like.”


“Awww... it's okay... You won't be the first, and probably not the last with how things are going,” she smiled. With practiced skill, she unpinned Lilith's thick diapers and began to clean her up.

“I dun wanna play anymor,” Lilith whimpered. Her mind was still sharp, even if her speech was wobbly, and she wasn't sure if she could even crawl.

“But the game's not over yet. You have at least one more round to play. If you lose, then you can stop playing, okays?”

There wasn't a lot that Lilith could say back. She gave up her weak struggle and allowed herself to be changed like an infant. There was an odd sense of nostalgia to the whole thing... and Lilith hated it.

The cat-girl snugly pinned on three thick cloth diapers and brought the plastic panties back up. She gave a gentle pat to Lilith's padded crotch as she finished her task.

“There we go, all clean,” the cat-girl said picking Lilith up. She carried the skunk on her hip and headed for the door. “Now you get your choice of rooms little one.”

“Wha bout Nati?”

“Nati? Ohhh the other girl? She's going to be playing too, but first I'll have to prepare her.”

“Cann I watsh?”

The cat-girl smiled slightly. “Well... I suppose that's all right, but you'll have to choose a door right after that. Okay?”

Lilith nodded enthusiastically. She could stall AND watch Natsumi get hers.

The cat-girl took out another paci and put it in Lilith's mouth. “If you're going to be with me, can't have you run away,” she grinned as the skunk suddenly went limp, laying her head on the cat-girl's shoulder.


Natsumi felt like someone had cut the link between her body and her conscious thought. She could see, she could suckle the pacifier in her mouth... but that was about it.

The wet spot on her crotch was cold and uncomfortable. She'd been left alone in the TV room for a few minutes now and the wait was starting to get to her... she knew what was going to happen. She knew that any minute she'd probably end up diapered and sporting some fur... and knowing all that only made it worse.

Tears rolled down her face and she tried to think of other things to pass the time. For a brief moment, the memories she'd seen on the TV crossed her thoughts, but all of them had been either embarrassing or painful to look back upon. This house... this game... it was all some terrible nightmare.... and now Natsumi was stuck.

She tried to lift her arms again. She tried to move from sitting to walking, or even crawling... but nothing happened. She just sat and sucked on the stupid pacifier. Maybe ten minutes after she'd been left alone, the door opened and the cat-girl walked in with Lilith on her shoulder. Lilith had a pacifier in her mouth and was resting her head, looking a bit more lethargic then she had when she'd left the room.

“You all ready to get dressed for the rest of the game?” the cat-girl asked Natsumi cheerily.

Natsumi tried to shake her head no.

The cat-girl walked up and knelt down to scoop Natsumi up. She made a teasing mewl as she felt the girl's wetness on her arm. As earlier, both girl's seemed to weigh nothing as she carried them with ease out of the room.

“What collar should we use hmmm?”

Natsumi tried to say that she didn't want a collar, but all that came out was a mumble.

“Hehe, I'm honestly not sure what they all do, so it's kind of a surprise for me when I put it on someone,” the cat-girl said. She couldn't help grinning as she thought about it.

She brought both girls up to the nursery. She set the skunk on one bed, letting her sit propped against the pillows. She was still sucking on the paci, and the cat-girl removed it for her in hopes that the effects would wear off by the time she was done preparing the human.

“You be a good girl and sit and watch, I'll have your friend ready in just a moment.”

Natsumi mumbled around her pacifier again. She was laid out on one of the beds and the cat-girl began to hum to herself as she undressed her.

“Poor girl, you went and wet yourself just like a baby,” she said, knowing full well she had no control over it. The cat-girl walked over to the closet and got out three more cloth diapers and a pink pair of plastic pants.

Natsumi watched everything happen and laid powerless to do anything about it. She was stripped naked from the waist down, and gently cleaned up before the cat-girl gathered her diapers. She tried to will herself to move and run one more time... but nothing happened. She just laid there sucking on the paci. The cat-girl lifted her up by the legs and in just a few moments, she was thickly diapered just like Lilith.

“And the final touch...”

Skipping over to the little jewelry box, the cat-girl took out a white collar. She grinned and wondered just what would happen as she cheerfully put it on the newly diapered girl.

Still sitting on the other bed, Lilith had watched the cat-girl undress and then diaper Natsumi. That stuck-up junior was going to get everything she'd been through, and the dark parts of her were glad. She felt the effects of the pacifier wearing off as she was able to move around a little.

“Serves you right...” she managed to say weakly as the cat-girl put the collar on Natsumi.

Natsumi glared at Lilith from the bed. The changes began to happen quickly, but they weren't as dramatic as they'd been for the other girls. Two long ears grew out from Natsumi's hair, and she arched her back in a moan as a snowy white puff came out of the back of her diaper.

“Hmmm... not quite what I expected, but you'll make an adorably baby-bunny-girl,” the cat-girl said with a gentle pat to Natsumi's thigh.