The Infinite Shape (all)

by :Orms Einbani

Imagine if you will that our lives are strings, flowing along side an
infinite number of other strings, either of your own, alternate reality
lives, or other lives. Now suppose that some disturbance can cause a ripple
in one of these strings. As the ripple worsens, past end of the thread comes
closer to the future thread, causing the present to overlap with aspects of
the past. The closer these strands come to touching, the more that the past
will affect the future.
Since these threads represent a single life line, the only person who
would see the changes that are a result of the threads being so close, are
the person whose thread is being effected, all others would notice nothing
that would seem out of the ordinary to them. The following is a story of
one such life ripple. We don't know what happened to cause the ripple,
perhaps the collapse of a reality, perhaps a butterfly flapped its wings at
just the wrong time, who knows... all I can show you is what happened as a

John Adamson sat in his living room playing video games. At 14 years
old, his life was going along as fine as could be expected. His dad left
his mother before he was born, and John and his mother both agreed that it
was for the best. John's mom, incidentally, was a work at home mom, having
already made a sufficient living through hard work as a stock broker, and
now being able to stay home and enjoy the life that playing the stock market
can provide.
John wasn't what you would consider a hugely popular child, having only
one true friend, but he was well liked in school and in the community. He
kept mostly to himself, but was always polite, courteous, and would help
others if they asked. He thought himself mature and level headed, but even
his even temper was known to blow during stressful situations. But right
now, playing these video games, he thought he had nothing to worry about.
Unbeknownst to him, his past was about to catch up with him (so to speak).
"John, dinner's ready." his mom called.
"Coming, just gotta save this game".
John stood up from his game, feeling very strange, as though the entire
world had just wavered around slightly. John attributed his strange feeling
to the sensation you get when you stand up to fast and the blood leaves your
head too quickly, and recovered quickly.
"Ahh well," he thought. And with that he went to join his mom at dinner.
"So how was your day, Honey?" his mom inquired. This struck John as
strange seeing as how his mom hadn't asked him about his day since he had
made a big deal about becoming a teenager a year ago.
"Ok, I guess" he replied apathetically.
"Did you have a good day at school?"
"You and Dylan play nice today?"
"Uhh... yeah... Why do you ask?"
"Well, I know how boys can be sometimes"
"Mom, are you ok? Me and Dylan are cool, and have been for a long time"
"I know, but sometimes older kids can be mean to you younger boys"
"MOM! He's only 4 months older than me!"
"I know, but just because he's older, don't let him tell you what to do
or push you around ok?"
John just sat there in a stunned silence, wondering why his mom would be
talking like this. It just didn't make sense.
The rest of the night went pretty much like a normal night. John watched
TV, played some games, and generally forgot about the conversation at
dinner. At 10pm, it was time for bed.
John brushed his teeth, washed his face (c'mon, old fashioned family here
ppl) and got dressed in his PJ's. When he was about to lay down, his mom
walked into his room and started to fold down the sheets on his bed.
"Did you brush your teeth John?"
"Wash your face?"
"Uhhh... yeah.... Are you ok mom?"
"I'm fine, now come here and I'll tuck you in."
"Mom!" John was stunned, his mom hadn't tried to "tuck him in" for over 3
years! "I can do it myself!"
"Well I guess my little man is growing up faster than I thought" she said
as a small tear rolled down her cheek.
"Mom, I think YOU need to go to bed..."
"You little kidder, you... Good night"
"Uhh.. yeah."
Now, John was puzzled, his mom was acting really, really strange,
treating him like he was 10 years old or something. It didn't make sense.
Well, there was no reason to ponder over it.
"Besides," John reasoned, "My mom has rarely ever made much sense."
Being the typical young teenager as he was, the thoughts and actions of
the "adults" around him were utterly confounding. Who knew why his mom had
suddenly started acting like he was much younger than he really was?
Besides, John was tired, and his bed was soft and comfortable.

When John awoke the next morning, he rolled over, stretched, and felt
odd. After a few seconds of feeling around on the bed, he realized what the
problem was, and it was indeed a large problem.
"What the HELL?!" John shouted.
John's mom ran into the room, worried as to why her little boy was
"What's wrong? What happened?" she was concerned, but quickly saw what
the problem with her son was.
"What.. Why... Huh?" was all the distressed John could say as he sat in
his wet bed, on the verge of an angry outburst.
"Now honey, don't cry. It happens to all little boys sometimes, its not a
big deal." his mother comforted him, "We'll get this all cleaned up and no
one will have to know about it, OK?"
"But" said John "Why did this happen? I haven't wet the bed in years!"
"Its ok honey, it happens, that's all. It's not your fault; let's just
get you cleaned up ok? Why don't you go get ready for your bath ok?"
A visibly shaken John could do nothing more but make his way down the
hall to the bathroom. As he was getting undressed and running some water to
let his shower heat up, his mom walked by with his wet sheets.
"Ahh! I'll be right back to help you honey, don't worry."
"I think I can handle this mom. Geez, it's just a shower."
"Oh are you a big boy enough now that you can take a shower are you? Ok
then, little man, if you need help, just yell and I'll come help you out."
Her voice had a very thickly sweet tone to it, as though she were talking to
a child no more than 7 or 8 years old. Instead of supportive she sounded
more patronizing than anything.
This was all very distressing to John. First he wets the bed for the
first time in YEARS, and now his mom wants to treat him like some little
kid! It was all too much for him. He finished up his shower, only to find
that he had forgotten to bring any clothes in with him. Wrapping a towel
around his waist, he made his way back to his room and was shocked to find
that his mom had already picked out some clothes for him to wear and placed
them on his bed.
Not wanting to make waves; indeed, he only wanted to get out of this mad
house and try and sort his thoughts; John donned the clothes his mother had
laid out for him on his bed. He immediately noticed that the clothes laid
out were some of the most childish clothes he had ever seen in his size. He
did not remember owning a set of overalls, or the yellow shirt that went on
under it. The shirt itself had a picture of Grover from Sesame Street on
the front, which was somewhat gratefully mostly covered by the front bib of
the overalls. The socks were white with light blue stripes and the shoes
were Velcro fastened. The shoes, John was sure, was certainly not his.
Where had these clothes come from he wondered.
"Mom!" he called.
"Yes? What is it?" she said as she walked in his room. "Ahh, I see my
little man already has himself dressed! Oh I'm so proud of you!"
"What? I'm plenty old enough to dress myself! And where did these clothes
come from? What is going ON?!" John almost broke down completely.
"Oh, you're just growing up so fast. Those are the clothes you got for
Christmas from your aunt Gracie"
"If you say so, but I certainly don't remember it. Anyway, you don't go
to crazy mom, I'm going out to play with Dylan ok?"
"Alright, I've got some shopping to do, so I'll leave the key under the
mat for you. And you be careful around those older boys, don't let them
boss you around."
"Mom! I'm only... never mind, I'll see you when I get back."
Frustrated, confused, and totally fed up with the childish treatment his
mom seemed to be giving him, John left the house, headed for his friend
Dylan's place. When he arrived, Dylan was hanging out with some other guys
that John didn't really know that well, but decided to join in anyway.
"Hey guys!" John greeted the crew.
"Hey John..." Dylan said, not sounding too enthused to see him.
"What's happening? Want to hang out?"
"Whatever man, geez." Dylan replied.
"What's wrong man, what pissed you off?" John said, obviously perturbed.
"Why don't you just-" Dylan started, but was cut off by one of the other
guys in the group, trying to speak to low for John to hear.
"Dude, remember what your mom said, we gotta let him hang out with us
'till his mom gets back."
"I know man," whispered Dylan, "but dude, hanging out with little kids is
so lame!"
John was stunned. Not only was his mom giving him the child treatment,
but now his best friend just referred to him as a "little kid". John
decided to not take this insult lying down.
"Now wait just a damn minute here Dylan. You and I know both know that
your only 4 months older than me! What's wrong with you? You think that just
because your around all these other guys that I'm suddenly a 'little kid'?!"
"Woah! Calm down John, geez, you can "hang" with us. Just don't cry or
anything!" Dylan countered in a sort of joking manner.
"Whatever man, don't start with me today ok?" John said, relieved that it
was all just a joke......

After hanging out for a while, John saw that he was obviously not wanted
in this group. Every time he suggested something to do, they all would roll
their eyes, and humor him as though they really thought of him as a small
child. They were constantly telling him that only 'big boys' could play the
video games they were playing, or that he wouldn't understand a joke because
he was 'too young'. At first, John thought it was just a running gag, but
eventually came to the realization that they really viewed him as
significantly younger than themselves.
"Fine guys, if you don't want me around, I'll just go home. I don't need
to hang out with @ssholes all day anyway." John said, obviously mad.
"Geez man, c'mon, don't pout about it! Geez, its cool!" Dylan tried
desperately to calm John's anger.
"No, man, it's not cool. I'm sick of being treated like a little kid!
You, my mom, and everyone else can just blow me!" And with that, John
stormed out of Dylan's house and headed home.
"Aww crap, he's mad now Dylan," said one of the other boys, "He's
probably gonna tell on us, then we'll be in trouble! Way to go!"
"Don't worry, he's just a little kid, our parents will understand." Dylan
replied, "They can't expect us to hang out with him all the time like this,
he's just too young."

As John walked home, he was almost on the verge of tears. His mom, his
best friend, even random people on the street (who had asked him if he was
"lost little boy?") were treating him as if he were no more than 5 years
old! This was just too much. To make matters worse, he needed to take a
piss. As he walked into his house, his mom was already home.
"Oh honey, welcome home! Did you have fun with your friends?"
"Not really, those bunch of jerks!"
"Oh don't worry, some day you'll be old enough to have your own friends
to hang out with, and they won't be so mean to you anymore!"
This statement only served to infuriate John, but right now he had other
matters on his mind, most specifically he needed to relieve himself and
"John, lunch is ready! I made your favorite, peanut butter and jelly!"
"Be there in a second mom, I gotta use the bathroom!"
"Do you think you can do it yourself, or do you need me to help?"
"WHAT?!" John was stunned! Has his mom lost her MIND. "I'm PERFECTLY
capable of handling my own business!"
"OK, but if you need me just yell! Seriously, one day your wiping their
bums the next day thei......" His mom's last statement faded away as he
walked down the hall towards the bathroom, completely sure now that his mom
had absolutely lost her mind.
After he had finished and washed his hands, he went to the kitchen, and
to his surprise, his mother certainly did have lunch ready. There was a
peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut into 4 pieces with the crusts cut up
sitting on a plate at the table. Next to the plate was a small green and
yellow sippy cup filled with some unknown liquid.
"Mom, whets up with this!" He said as he started to remove the lid on the
sippy cup.
"You leave that lid on mister. I don't know how old you think you are
but I do not need any messes on my clean floor. Last time you tried to
drink with no lid you got it all over your self, your clothes, and the
table!" his mom suddenly turned around from the sink.
"I am NOT going to drink from a child's cup! I'm 14 years old for god's
sake!" John blurted out. "And further more-"
*SLAP* Johns mom had just given him a swift slap right on his butt.
"You do not talk back to me young man. Now I think someone here needs a
nap without any lunch for being a bad boy."
Stunned, the only thing John could do was stare at his mom in disbelief.
"Go to your room Johnny! And I don't want to see you back out of there
until I come and get you, do you understand!"
"No buts, now go. Or do you want me to take you over my knee for a
spanking young man?" John's mother was getting angry now.
Defeated, tired, and utterly confused, John went to his room and flopped
down on his bed, only to jump back up again quickly. His bed had made a
suspicious crinkling noise! Flinging back the covers, John discovered that
his mom had put a waterproof sheet on the bed, probably because of the bed
wetting episode of the night before. John was suddenly to tired to even want
to fight about it, so he just flopped down on his bed and cried into his

A few hours later, John woke up to find that he had once again wet the
bed. What was happening to him? Why was he wetting the bed? Why was
everyone treating him like a little kid? What was going on!?
His thoughts were suddenly disrupted due to the sudden appearance in his
room of his mom. "I see it was a good idea to put that sheet on your bed,
but I cant keep on washing sheets like this Johnny."
"I'm sorry mom, I cant help it!" John had decided not even to argue about
the childish treatment, he planned to just ignore it and hopefully his mom
would just go back to normal on her own.
"Its ok baby, it happens, don't let it get you down, you'll grow out of
it eventually. Now why don't you go get undressed and I'll get these in the
John went into the bathroom and started to take his clothes off. At
least he could get out of these overalls and embarrassing juvenile shirt
now. Just as he finished undressing and was about to start the shower, his
mom walked in like nothing was happening.
"MOM, What are you doing?! A little privacy please?!"
"Nonsense Johnny. We've got to get you cleaned up and I don't want to
hear any fuss from you young man, or I'll take you right across this knee
and give you a spanking like you've never had before."
John was stunned. For the first time in 9 years his mom was going to
bathe him. Emotionally, he was near the breaking point. He gave in with no
fight, mostly because he just wanted it to end. This had so far been the
worst day of his life. Wetting the bed twice, being treated like a child
for no reason by everyone around him, and now this.
"If I can just make it through the rest of the day, and to tomorrow,
maybe it will all end up being one of those weird dreams where you think
your awake or something...." Johns thoughts being interrupted by his mom
starting to lead him to the bath tub by the hand, and setting him down in
tub. What followed was probably the most humiliating and relaxing
experience of his life. His mom gently washed him all over, slightly
massaging his tense muscles and generally making John feel bad to be so
After John's mom was done washing him, she helped him out of the tub,
dried him off, and led him to his room to get dressed. The assortment of
clothes that she chose for him mad John feel a little better. A simple pair
of underwear, some oversized jean shorts, and a white t-shirt. After
helping him get dressed, John's mom left him alone and he spent the rest of
the day watching TV.

Every so often throughout the evening, John's mom would constantly check
up on him to make sure he didn't need anything or that he didn't need to go
to the bathroom or anything. Of course John had to go the bathroom
eventually, but he waited 'till his mom was busy doing other things before
he sneaked in, he didn't want his mom trying to "help" him use the bathroom.
Dinner saw him sitting at the dinner table in front of a sectioned off plate
and yet another sippy cup filled with apple juice. John endured it all,
convinced his mother had snapped. At about 9 p.m., his mom came into his
room with an announcement :
"Time for beddy-bye for my little man!"
"But mom, its only 9 o'clock! Why do I have to go to bed?" John whined.
"Because all boys need their rest, little one, now come lets get you
ready for bed!" And with that, John's mom lifted him off the floor to a
standing position and proceeded to strip him of his pants, and shirt. She
then led him into the bathroom by the hand, where his mom made him sit on
the toilet.
"Now Johnny, do your business and then we'll get you dressed for bed ok?"
"Can I have some privacy, please?" John was fed up with the kid
treatment, but as it didn't seem to have any end in sight, he just continued
along with it, trying to keep all the dignity he could in the process. It
seemed it was a loosing battle.
"No sir young man. And you will sit there until you do your business so
that I don't have any problems later, do you understand me?"
"Yes, Mom."
John did his 'business', mostly because he saw no other way out of this
situation that didn't include a spanking or grounding or whatever his mom
had planned for him as punishment. He had already convinced himself that
she had completely flipped her lid by this point, and was going along to
keep her from going any more over the edge than she already was. After he
was done, his mom made him bend over while she happily wiped his behind at
the same time as praising him for being a "big boy" and going in the potty.
John was about to pull up his underwear and head back to his room when
his mom suddenly reached down, grabbed his underwear from around his ankles
and instructed him to step out of them. John blushed hard as his mom raised
the underwear up to her face.
"That's a good boy, keeping your underwear all nice and clean for mommy.
Aren't you proud of yourself now?"
John could do nothing but lower his head in a strange sense of shame. It
wasn't very humiliating, because of his mom's obvious insanity, but still,
to be 14 and praised for keeping your undies clean and dry was still kinda
weird. John was lead back into his room and told to stand in the middle of
the room so his "mommy could get her little man dressed for bed". He stared
at the wall in an attempt to ignore what was happening, but was suddenly
snapped back into reality when his mom walked into his room with a Wal-Mart
bag in her hand. John couldn't see what was in the bag, but it was soon made
clear to him.
"Well Johnny, until you can quit wetting the bed, I think its best that
you wear some sort of protection." John knew exactly what this meant....
"No! I don't care how crazy you are lady; I am NOT going to wear DIAPERS
to bed! This is ridiculous!"
"Johnny, I know you don't want to, but even big boys have accidents, so
it really is best for you. Wouldn't it be better to wake up in a dry bed for
a change?"
"For a change?! I've only wet the bed TWICE, and both of those were
"Well, denying the problem wont solve it, so like it or not, you are
wearing these diapers! Now, are you gonna lay down and let me put this on
you, or are you going make me spank you first!"
"No! I'm not gonna do it!"
John's protests were cut short due to the fact that he was suddenly over
his mom's knee getting a good old fashioned spanking. It wasn't hard, only
light smacks, but it was deflating none the less. After his mom was done on
his behind, she rolled him off her lap and onto his back on the bed. Through
his tears, he saw his mom open the package of what looked like Luvs diapers
and started to pull one out.
"What? She really has flipped, those will never fit me. Geez, what is
going on here?" John was almost amused and certainly surprise at the
so-thought insane attempts to diaper him with baby diapers. John was by no
means a smaller than average or anything like that. He was a full grown 14
year old boy, not a baby. But the thing that was more surprising was the
fact that as she pulled the diaper up between his limp legs, the diaper fit
John's mom taped up the sides with the single large tape on each side and
gave the diaper a little pat on the crotch.
"There, all set and protected."
She then proceeded over to John's dresser to place his new pack of
diapers in the top drawer beside his underwear. This gave John the chance
to look more closely at the strange garment wrapped around his crotch. The
diaper was large, definitely larger than any baby diaper he had ever seen.
The baby design, however, was unchanged. The diaper wasn't contoured as an
adult diaper would be; it was shaped just like a baby's diaper. The
thickness of the diaper was also larger than normal. It was at least an
inch and a half thick, and that, combined with the non-contoured shape,
forced his legs pretty far apart.
John was stunned. It was like these were baby diapers specifically
designed for his size. They weren't to loose, or to tight, but they were
very babyish. The Barney designs were the one thing that put it over the
top. John wanted to cry. This was to weird now. He couldn't claim that his
mother was crazy anymore, seeing as how she had somehow come across diapers
just like baby diapers (and upon closer inspection of the bag, WERE baby
diapers, just bigger) in his size, and the fact that everyone else was also
treating him like a child. His only hope was that this would all turn out
to be a very vivid dream.
"Well, that's that. I'll be in to check you in the morning. Now sleep
tight baby, don't worry, you'll grow out of this and then no more diapers
ok?" John's mom kissed him on the forehead, tucked his covers around him,
and turned on a night light that had sat dormant next to John's bed for 10
years. "Don't let the bed bugs bite, if you need anything, I'll be in my
room. Don't worry about waking me up!"
John's mom turned out his light and closed his door all but a small crack
to let the hall light in. With this strange diaper strapped around his
waist, and tears still rolling down his cheeks from the spanking he had just
received, John thought his world was going to end. Try as he might, the
only comfortable position he could get into was flat on his back with his
legs bowed out.

When John awoke in the morning, he almost forgot what the previous day
had brought.
"Wakey Wakey sleepy head, time to get up" Came a sickenly sweet voice out
of the darkness of John's closed-eyed half awake state. "Lets get that icky
wet diaper off you and get you dressed ok?"
John's eyes flew open. Sure enough he was laying on his bed, the strange
diaper still taped around his waist, but only this time with a major
difference. The diaper was now totally soaked. John almost broke down into
tears, but instead he bit his lip and struggled to remain calm. He WOULD
figure this out today, before his state got any worse.
"That's a big boy," his mom crooned, "no need to cry over something small
like this, its only to be expected. Now lets get you changed."
John's mom started to untape his diaper while the still groggy boy just
laid there, too tired of the ordeal to put up any struggle. After his mom
got the diaper off (with a small comment about being a heavy wetter) she
started to clean his bum and privates with something cool and moist. John
lifted his head to see that she had a baby wipe in her hand, cleaning up his
diaper area. John only rolled his eyes. After the wipe down was over, his
mom pulled him to his feet and walked him over to his dresser. The now wide
awake John was almost not surprised to see his dresser drawer empty of any
kind of mature underwear, and instead was filled with what looked like..
"Step up, we've got to get your trainers on Johnny." His mom said,
kneeling down with a pair of large, childish training pants in her hand.
John immediately started sniffling as he obediently did as he was told,
memories of the previous night's spanking still fresh in his mind.
"This has got to end sometime" he thought, "Its just got to!"
"Now Johnny, remember, if you feel you need to go potty, come get me and
I'll make sure you get to the toilet as soon as possible ok?"
"Yes ma'am" John rolled his eyes as his mom pulled the training pants up
his legs, making sure they were in place. How had they gotten there? Why
was this happening to him? These thoughts and more flowed through his head.
John HAD to find out what was happening, and stop it.
"Lift up your arms sweetie" came his mom's command. "This shirt should do
nice for the day." The shirt in question was light blue with a picture of
several baby loony tunes, which offset the baby Disney on his trainers quite
"There, my baby is all dressed for the day. You can watch TV for a little
while before lunch, but be sure to tell me if you need to go potty ok? If
you can stay clean and dry for a whole week, then I'll buy you some big boy
underpants! Doesn't that sound like FUN?!" His mom was genuinely
enthusiastic about the whole ordeal.
"Yeah mom, real fun!" John replied, faking his excitement, only wanting
this whole thing to end. It just wasn't right! HE WAS FOURTEEN YEARS OLD! He
had been potty trained for almost 11 years now. He didn't need training
pants! Worst yet, he didn't want the whole world to see that he had them on!
He reached for his dresser, intent on getting something to wear over his
"Stop right there young man. We aren't going anywhere today, so you
don't have to wear any pants. Besides, they'll only get in the way when you
go potty."
John was mortified. Someone was gonna see him! This was unacceptable, but
any further attempts to get some pants were met with a hard slap on the
wrist and the threat of a spanking if his "shenanigans" continued.
"Now why don't you go watch TV." John's mom said as she led him down the
hall to watch TV. John sat on the floor where instructed as his mom turned
on Barney. She also handed John some large toddler-esque toys that she said
he could play with if he really got bored. This was all well and good,
until about 3 hours later when he realized he needed to go pott- er- use the
John stood up and headed to the bathroom but was stopped by his mom. "And
just where do you think you're going there, Johnny?"
"To the bathroom, geez" John figured the truth was probably the best
course of action at this junction.
"Oh, well, lets go then. I'm so proud, my son growing up so fast. It
seemed like just yesterday I was rocking you to sleep in my arms. Ahhh.."
She seemed lost in her own world as she led John to the bathroom by the
hand, pulled down his trainers for him, and watched as John sat on the
toilet to pee. As he was doing what he needed to do, John's mom checked the
inside of his trainers to see if he had leaked a little out.
"All dry! Good boy!" She praised. John just rolled his eyes.

Throughout the rest of the morning, John watched TV (mostly kids shows,
as his mom controlled the remote), played disinteresting with his toys, and
generally was miserable. At about 11:30, John got up to go to the bath room
again, but before he could go 3 steps, there was a knock on the door.
As John attempted to find somewhere to hide, his mom walked into the room
to answer the door. The sight on the other side of the doorway made him
stop dead in his tracks. There, staring directly at him was his best friend
Dylan. John was mortified. Dylan just looked at John with the kind of look
that an independent minded teenager would look at a small child, still not
out of trainers. More than anything it was that look that freaked John out
the most. It wasn't contempt, or anything that would indicate that Dylan
was surprised, it was just, that look.
"Hello Ms. Adamson, I just came over to apologize to Johnny." Dylan said,
"Me and my friends were kind of mean to him yesterday and I felt like I
needed to make him feel better if I could."
"Sure he's right here, go ahead. You're such a nice boy Dylan, I hope
Johnny has friends like you when he grows up."
"Hey Johnny!" Dylan said, walking over to where John stood, fastened to
the floor, "Hows it goin?"
"Umm.. O.o.k... I g-guess" was all John could stammer out.
"Look little guy, I'm sorry about the way me and my friends treated you
"Ok.." John stammered again, suddenly blushing and looking down at his
"Aww Johnny, don't be that way, besides, I still like you!" Dylan reached
out and ruffled John's hair. "Anyway, I'm sorry, and keep on trying, you'll
get the hang of this potty thing eventually ok big guy?"
John couldn't say anything. Here he was, being encouraged to go to the
potty by the very same guy who had just a few days ago tried to get him to
skip third period in school to look at nudey magazines.
"Bu-" John started, and was cut off by his mom speaking to Dylan.
"Don't worry, I'm sure he accepts your apology Dylan, John's just a
little shy around older boys. He'll grow out of it."
"I understand Ms. Adamson, I hope you 2 have a nice evening"
"Thank you Dylan, tell your mother I said Hi, OK?"
"Sure thing."
John was still stuck fast where he was, not moving, not believing what
had just happened. This was too much. John was utterly confused. Sure
Dylan had treated him strangely yesterday, but that doesn't explain why he
wasn't even phased by the fact that John was wearing nothing but a t-shirt
and training pants. Surely Dylan remembered that John wasn't wearing
training pants yesterday, or that he was being treated as a child this badly
yesterday, what was different from yesterday to this morning?
Johns thoughts were interrupted by his mom staring at him funny. Maybe,
John thought, She saw how Dylan was treating me and has realized that I'm
NOT a little boy! Maybe she'll snap out of this!
"Oh my Johnny! I cant believe this! Why didn't you tell me you needed to
potty!" John caught his breath.
"What do you mean?"
"Oh Johnny, you're soaked!"
"What?" John followed his mothers eyes to his crotch, where his trainers
were indeed soaked. The stars were gone. There was a slight yellow tint to
the dark wet-looking stain on the front of the trainers. They were sagging.
All signs pointed to John wetting himself. But he hadn't! Had he? The only
thing he could come up with was that the shock of seeing Dylan see him
dressed as he was caused him to loose control. Surely being seen by your
seemingly best friend wearing training pants and a very baby-ish t-shirt was
enough to make anyone loose control of his bladder.
"Oh well, lunch is ready now, and your nap after that, so we'll get you
cleaned up after we eat ok Johnny?" His mother asked, but not even waiting
for a response continued on. "Ok then, lets go get you something in that
little belly of yours."
John got to the table to see the same cut up PB&J sandwich setup that he
had seen the previous day, sippy cup and all. John was forced to sit in his
wet trainers while his mother made sure he ate and drank everything on his
plate. When he was done, his standing up revealed that his trainers had
leaked onto the kitchen chair slightly.
"Ohh this isn't good at all. C'mon, lets get you changed and down for
your nap." Johns mom said, taking his hand and walking him down the hall to
his room. There she proceeded to pull his trainers off and tossing the
soaked disposable garment into a strategically positioned covered pail,
right next to John's bed.
"Ok, lets get a diaper on you for your nap ok? Then when you wake up, you
can have a bath and back into your trainers." Johns mom crooned, not really
wanting a response, not waiting for one, as she pushed John on to his bed
and rolled him over on his back. She then opened his dresser and produced a
large changing pad, rubber backed and all, which she then placed under
John's bottom by way of lifting his ankles, just like she would a baby.
Next came another wipe down with a baby-wipe, then the diaper was placed
under John's butt.
"Oops, Almost for got one of the most important things! Silly me!" John's
mother turned around and grabbed another item out of the drawer. She then
sprinkled the newly appeared baby powered all over John's bottom and front.
She then pulled the diaper up between his legs, two tapes, and it was over.
John opened his eyes to see his mom looking down at him.
"There, that's better. I cant trust your trainers not to leak on your
bed, so these diapers are very convenient. Sleep softly my baby."

As John slowly woke up from his nap, his first thought was to check his
diaper. Sure enough, it was as soaked as could be. As he lay in bed,
pondering the events of the past two days, John was sure, more and more as
the minutes ticked by, that he himself may be crazy. But surely this was not
the case, for he was completely aware of what was wrong with everyone else.
Besides, he figured, I know I'm not crazy so no more thoughts of that.
But if he wasn't crazy, and everyone else seemed to be in on the whole
ordeal, then they weren't crazy either. To be sure that everyone in the
town could not have gone completely insane overnight. So what else could
have happened? Was he on some sort of reality TV show? No, because not even
reality TV could stay hidden this long, especially with all the laws
prohibiting people from using video footage of you without your consent or
something. Besides, that wouldn't explain his recent brush with bed and
pants wetting would it? The whole thing baffled John to the very fiber of
his being. The only thing he could be sure of, though, was that things just
kept getting weirder and weirder.
John lay and thought on his predicament for a long while, until his
thoughts were interrupted by the entrance into his room by his mother.
"Hello baby, did you sleep well?"
"Mom, we need to talk." John had finally decided to attempt to assert
"That's nice honey, lets get you changed out of that icky wet diaper ok?"
John was once again flabbergasted. His mom seemed to be completely ignoring
him! She was definitely more intent on removing his soaking wet diaper than
holding a serious conversation with her visibly distressed son. What was
going on!?
"Mom, what is going on here? Why are you treating me like a baby?"
Johns mom didn't even skip a beat wiping his bum with the cool, moist,
"You're not a baby, Johnny," At last! Some sense had come to her! "Your
just having a little trouble getting to the potty on time right now." John
was being powdered on his bottom and crotch, heavily at that.
"Wha--" John started, this was not the response he was expecting.
Suddenly, instead of the grudgingly expected training pants, John's mom
pulled another diaper out of the top drawer of his dresser and approached
her son, intent on putting it on him, like any good mother would.
"So until I think you are ready to start training again, I think we need
to go back to diapers. The trainers aren't absorbent enough to keep your
accidents entirely contained. I defiantly would not want to keep cleaning up
your clothes, not to mention the furniture everyday."
"OK Mom, the joke has most definitely gone to far now!" John was scared
now. "I conceded to the diapers to protect from my bed wetting, and I wore
the training pants because I was afraid of what would happen if I didn't.
But you are NOT about to put me back into diapers in the daytime! This is
ridiculous!" John struggled against the efforts of his mother to re-diaper
her son. All this accomplished was to anger his mom.
"Little boy, if you are going to act like that every time I try to change
your diapers, then I think its high time I taught you some respect!" This
lesson came swiftly in the form of a spanking, the likes of which John had
never before been subject to. When his mom was done, he could only lay on
the bed and sob as his mother lifted his legs, placed the diaper under him,
pulled up the front, and, with the swift securing of two large pastel tapes,
sealed Johns fate.
"~sob~ Why, ~sob~ are you ~sob~ doing this to me? ~sob~" John cried
"Its for your own good, baby. If you need to go potty, just let me know
and I'll still take your diaper down so you can go on the potty, but if not,
then its no big deal. Just enjoy your childhood while you can." His mother
said as she held his head in her arms, hugging and gently rocking him.
"Well", John thought," it cant get any worse than this. I've been
spanked, diapered, and now cuddled by my mother. What else could possibly go
John's mom picked him up, set him on the floor, and led him by the hand
into the TV room. There she spread out a large pastel blue baby blanket in
front of the couch. There she placed some small toddler toys and some
stuffed animals.
"Now Johnny, I want you to stay on the blanket and play nice while mommy
cleans up the house OK? Ok." With that, John was left on his own, thickly
diapered, defeated, and positively babied. At 14 years old, this was not the
ideal place to be.

As John sat in the middle of the blanked he had been told to stay on, he
pondered his predicament for perhaps one final time. There was obviously no
way to fight the way his mother and everyone else was determined to treat
him, so what was he to do? Suddenly, one course of action suddenly made
itself perfectly clear. He needed to poop. It suddenly hit him.
"All this is possibly a result of my bed wetting?" he thought, "My mom
thinks I cant control myself, so all I've got to do it prove that I'm old
enough to not be treated like a baby and maybe this will all end!"
John stood up shakily on his spread out legs. He slowly and carefully
wobbled into the kitchen where his mother was washing the last of the dishes
that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher.
"Mom.." He started.
"Yes baby? What do you need?"
"Well mom, I need to use the bathroom, bad." John said, blushing.
"Well then, have you decided to start using the toilet? Could you be
wanting to be potty trained?" John winced, hadn't he already been toilet
trained? Hadn't he just not even two hours ago been told that the diapers
were because she didn't think he could handle potty training? Now she was
acting like he had never even attempted to use the potty before!
"Well, lets not waste any time! My big man wants to use the potty!"
John's mother took him by the hand and walked him towards the bathroom. As
he passed his room, something caught his eye. John pulled his hand from his
mothers grip and waddled back down the hall to his room.
"What the..." John was speechless, his jaw hanging limp.
"Now what is so interesting in there Mr. 'I need to potty'?" John's
mother asked, as if she were talking to someone who couldn't understand her.
But John heard and understood his mother, he was just unable to respond
in any way. The room that John had lived in for the last 2 years since he
had decided his previous room was to childish was gone. In its place was
something completely different. Instead of his normal twin bed was a large
crib, almost the same size as his bed, only taller, with bars, and baby
bunny stencil paintings on the ends. His dresser had been replaced with a
taller more slender dresser matching the crib in color and design, baby blue
stuffed bunnies danced on top next to a baby monitor and various baby
supplies. Gone was his Television and TV Stand, instead replaced with a
diaper changing table stacked high with the large diapers he had been so
rudely introduced to in the past days, along with a tub of baby wipes,
talcum powder, and at its side, on the floor, was a diaper pail with his
name, "Baby Johnny" stenciled in blue on the side.
John stood, silenced, stunned, and confused. This was the last straw.
Tears welled up in his eyes as he realized his 14 year old life was gone.
There was no stopping the tears as they started to roll down his face. John
fell to his hands and knees in the doorway, bawling like an infant, totally
aware that his bladder and bowels were in the process of emptying themselves
into his diaper.
"Oh well, maybe it was to soon to think I would finally be able to quit
changing diapers. Oh well, baby, lets get my little snukkums all cleaned
up!" John's mom reached over to the dresser, picked up the pacifier that sat
there, placed it in the now blubbering and totally defeated John and
proceeded to carry him over to the changing table to start the arduous task
of cleaning up her baby.
"I hope you never grow up, Johnny"


Lets take a step outside of this tale. As the quantum mechanics churn to
manipulate and repair the time string, it is eventually snapped back into
place, the ripple stopped, and time is continued to flow as normal. For
John Adamson, his life will be forever altered. Since it was his thread
that was affected, he will retain all memories of his life before the ripple
However, since all the other strings around his were simply reacting to a
change in another thread, they will see all things as natural, normal, and
right. Johnny will continue to be his mothers large baby. He will always be
seen as a baby, not a misfortunate, but simply a happy, giggling, drooling,
diapered baby. John may enjoy this new life, he may not, that is for another
time. For now it is sufficient to say that no matter how he tries, the
events of the time ripple will forever effect him. He is now he baby he
once was. His past, in a manner of speaking, has caught up with him.