Jeffy Gets Into diapers Part 1
By Diapernh

          Jeff is a normal 12-year-old boy. He does boy things, and plays with other boys. Recently Jeff started to wet the bed. At first his mom thought that it was just something that would stop in a day or so. It didn't stop and Jeff's mom was getting pretty tired of washing Jeff's sheets and mattress. She put a plastic sheet under the fitted sheet of his bed. This stopped the mattress from getting wet, but not the sheets and blankets. After a few weeks Jeff's mom was getting tired of washing sheets.

          She took Jeff to the doctor to make sure that there was nothing medically wrong with him that would make him wet the bed. The doctor said that there was nothing wrong with him and that sometimes kids just wet the bed for unknown reasons. He told her to just wait and hope that it would stop by itself. After 3 weeks she was tired of waiting. She had to try something different.

          Jeff's mom had told Jeff that he needed to stop wetting the bed soon, or she was going to take matters into her own hands. One day while watching Lifetime TV she saw a show on bedwetting, she heard about how some parents have their kids wear diapers at night. She thought that this was a good idea. That day while Jeff was gone at school she went down to the local medical supply store and bought disposable and cloth diapers, plastic pants, and even looked about some printed cloth diapers too.

          That night Jeff went to bed at his usual 9:00 bedtime, and his mom stayed up and watched TV for another 2 hours. When she went to bed she stopped and checked on Jeff to see if he had wet. Sure enough he had wet the bed. That was the final straw. She went into her room and got the packages from the medical supply store and brought them into Jeff's room. She gently took his PJs off him and cleaned his soon to be diapered area. Then she lifted his legs up and slid a diaper under him. At about this time Jeff woke up. Still in a daze he asked his mom what she was doing.

          "Jeff I am tired of you wetting your bed, I am putting a diaper on you" She told him

          "A DIAPER !!!! MOM!!! I don't want to wear a diaper", He whined

          "Too bad! "I would rather wash diapers then all of your sheets and stuff", she said as she pulled the diaper up between his legs. Jeff started to try and fight his mom, but that ended with a sharp slap on the side of his behind.

          After she pinned the diaper snugly on him she put plastic pants on him. She made him get up out of bed and help her change his sheets. She then made him go back to bed. She told him that he better not mess with his diapers until the next morning.


          The next morning Jeff woke up in a dry bed, but not in a dry diaper. He was just getting his plastic pants off when his mom came in his bedroom.

          "Jeffrey you are not to mess with your diapers at all. In the morning I will change your wet diapers, and at night I will put you in a dry diaper" She yelled as she grabbed Jeff and spread out a changing pad on his bed and pushed him down on the bed and unpinned his diapers. "Since you messed with your diapers you will be punished. I am making you wear a diaper today since this is a weekend."

          "But Mom, I don't need a diaper during the day" Jeff whined

          "No buts young man, or I will spank your butt" She replied as she grabbed a disposable diaper and lifted his legs up and slid the diaper under him and fastened it up.

          After lunch Jeff's mom sat him down at the table and talked to him. "Jeff, I know you don't like wearing diapers at night, or during the day, but you need to. I can't be washing wet sheets, blankets, and pajamas each and every day. If you are wearing diapers then the only thing I have to wash is the diapers."

          "How long will I have to wear diapers?" Jeff asked

          "Well as long as you are still wetting the bed you will be wearing diapers." His mom said

          "I don't want to wear a diaper, but I did like waking up in a dry bed. I have not woken up in a dry bed in a long time. Mom, please don't tell any of my friends or anybody that I wear diapers" Jeff said

          "I won't tell anybody unless you want them to know, OK", Jeff's mom said. "but at some point they will figure it out"

          Just at that moment the doorbell rang. "Mom I am wearing a diaper" jeff said in a scared tone.

          "You have pants on, nobody will notice if you keep cool" His mother said as she answered the door. it was the neighbor kid, he wanted Jeff to play with him. Jeff's mom said that they could play inside today since it was getting kind of cold outside.

PLEASE WOULD SOMEBODY WRITE ANOTHER PART FOR ME, I am out of creativity and time. I will post it here along with the other parts, and you will be given credit.

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