Kit Fox : Part 1

By: Kit Fox



"Joshua... It's time to get up. Joshua.. Joshua! I'm not coming up there!"

"I bet," I rolled off the bed and onto the floor. Groggy and still half-asleep I looked at the clock. It was tilting off my desk and blinking something, I squinted and read 6:00 AM... Why do I have to get up this early? I'm just gonna make up for it in class.

"Are you awake up there!?!"

"Geez... Mom, It's a wonder you didn't wake the dead. I heard you the first time."

"Then answer me when I call you!" I mumbled some stuff under my breathe as I got to my feet. I rummaged for my shirt in this filthy mess I call a room. Kicking some dirty clothes out of the way I found a piece of paper face down on the floor.  I Scratched my back reaching down to get it. Flipping it over I looked at a drawing of a fox kit, he looked like one of my cartoon characters. He was about to fall asleep in the picture and I didn't blame him. What caught my eye was that he looked so happy and relaxed in that picture that I could only wonder how I had managed to capture such emotions with out even realizing it. Come to think of it, when did I draw this?

"What are you looking at Josh?" My sister came in the room, she was being nosey as usual. She just snatched the drawing from my hand with out a word and turned her back to me.

"Not more of this animal art, and look he's even a fox. Is this another play mate to go along with your other creations? Because he looks really young, like five." Quickly seizing my property back I took the drawing in my left hand and pushed her out the door with my right. Locking the door and leaning up against it. I looked down at the drawing again. He looked so content that it was beginning to make me feel good too. I put the drawing in my art binder and grabbed a white t-shirt off the floor. Fighting with it to get it over my head, I made my way downstairs and to the kitchen.

"Sleep well?" My mother offered as she sipped from a coffee mug leaning against the counter.

"I was having a beautiful dream about how I became a world renowned author and artist, but then a siren shocked me back to reality." I grinned at my mom slightly as I took a bowl out of the cabinet and got out a box of cereal.

"Maybe you should get an alarm clock, then I won't have to yell to get you up."

"I thought you enjoyed that though?"

"Oh, I do... I was just trying to offer an alternative." She sat down at the table as my step-father Bernie walked into the Kitchen.

"Uh, oh... Josh, I think there is something on your shirt there." I kept my eyes trained on him as he extended a finger to point at my shirt. He was trying to get me with that old gag again.

"Don't think so Bernie. After you've done that constantly for the past 7 years, you'd think I would catch on." Looking a little disappointed he went over to poor himself a cup of coffee.


I finished off breakfast eating some toast and cereal. I quickly went upstairs to get dressed for the day. Scrounging around in the heap again I managed to find my favorite shirt and a pair of jeans. In the bathroom I checked myself in the mirror adding some deodorant and taking my hair back to a pony tail. Finally I grabbed my backpack and I was off. Going out the door I saw the usual gang standing in the center of the court. I met up with them, giving the customary greeting and putting my arm around my neighbor, she gets cranky if I don't give her a hug or she doesn't have a mocha laté for breakfast. We waited at the bus stop as I listened to the groups latest set of troubles (I always end up the shoulder to cry on or the big brother to my friends). Late as usual the bus driver pulled past us and waited for us to board.


Arriving at school I shuffled past the usual ethnic groups. Even though racism is not an issue it usually came to be that people made friends with other people of the same ethnic backgrounds. I nudged into one guy by accident trying to get through the crowded hallway.

"Why, don't you watch were your going punk." He snapped at me as all his friends stood behind him starring me down.

"Err.. Sorry," I had to grit my teeth at him to keep from cursing at his overall rudeness.

"Thought so bit**!" He turned around as I just made a fist and stormed off. School is so full of jerks that this place is more of a minimum security prison.


Getting to first period and taking my seat I got out my homework from the night before. My history teacher collected it and surprised us with a pop quiz on a totally new subject. My day went downhill from there. Next period it was only worse as I was humiliated in Spanish, my teacher used me as an example for the class on what not to do and kicked my chair out from under me when I fell asleep. I couldn't really help falling asleep, I was so tired and she was so boring... What was I to do?

Lunch wasn't much better as some more jerks enjoyed throwing french fries and chicken nuggets at me and my friends at the table. Then when my neighbor got up and started yelling how stupid and immature they were, she was hit with a squirt of ketchup on her shirt. I got up and grabbed the kid by his preppy jacket. He was one of the smaller ones in the group of six and was trying to be cool. I happened to know he was in 10th grade too. With a firm grip on him I burst into an explosion of cursing and shaking his puny body in the air as he shrank to a shadow of his former self. I forced him to apologize to my neighbor and then go get some damp napkins.

As he left to get them I turned to look at his friends, the majority knew who I was and we were about equal in size. I looked so ticked at the moment they shut up and sat back down.  I was about to turn back around when the assistant principle put his hand on my shoulder.

I was busted for fighting and insubordination for arguing it with him. He had seen the 'fight' starting at were I grabbed the guy, of course he didn't believe a word of my side of the case. I was sentenced to afternoon detention for three days. This was definitely not a good day.


Getting home I walked through the front door, still a little angry and stressed out. I had forgotten about a major test which I was so sure I failed in last period today. Even worse one of my good friends was having a severe depression, and I had to talk him down from suicide all the way home. School sucks, I hate it and it causes more stress then one person she be legally aloud to take. My parents tell me it builds character but BS to them.

"Josh, go walk this movie back to the video store and I'll need you to mow the lawn when you get back, the Smiths are coming over."

"What? Why do I have too??"

"Because I'm on a conference call and you could use the excercise, rather then being up there in your cave on that computer."

"Guh, why me," I slouched for a moment as I shook my head. I shut the office door so I didn't have to hear any more orders from my step-dad for the day. I took the video off the counter and put it in my back pack. I ran upstairs to grab my roller-blades.

A few minutes later I was on the side walk of  Old King road. I was moving at a good clip as I saw a blue car of some sort open it's window up ahead. I tried not to pay attention to it when it came by me flinging a beer can and yelling obscenities at me. Over boiling with stress I trudged on and not to long after, my day was topped off nicely as it began to pour rain as I reached the half way point to the video store.

"Great!" I said as I stopped and spread my arms out to feel the rain hit my palms.

"What next, is some random ass going to mug me or better yet, my best friend could betray me some how..." I kept going from there trying to decide how much worse my day could get. By this point I was broken, like that feeling you get when your favorite team is so far behind that they can never come back to win the game. I just kept moping as I started again for the video store.

By this time it really started coming down as it was getting hard to see and nearly impossible to blade. I tried putting a hand up arched over my eyes to get the rain directly out of my face. I kept going as it rained harder and harder. On the long stretch I slipped on something and went down onto the side walk. I was lying there for a while completely soaked with rain and somewhat scratched from the concrete. At that point I guess I blanked out because next thing I knew I was in a strange room.


I was lying on this huge couch, with a towel draped over my shoulders and around my body. It took a second to register that I was not in a big room, but I was smaller than I used to be and worse still I wasn't even human. I tried to move when I saw my arm, it was small and furry. I gawked as I stared down at my open paw. Barely able to form words, my mouth just hanging open. I was spaced out until I heard a sweet voice talking to me.

"Well, looks like little Kit is awake. That was a nasty fall you had outside." I turned to see a kindly wolf, she was like one of the morphs I drew all the time. I huddled on the couch shivering, I was afraid. She moved up next to me sitting down on the couch. She pulled me over to her so that my head was resting on her shoulder. She was tall or at least tall to me, her facial features gave me the image she was about 30 or so.

"It's okay now, your home and out of that nasty storm." She hugged me as I looked up at her still confused at what was happening. Was this a dream? I kept repeating that question over and over again in my mind. She took my hand and guided me off the couch and out of the room.

"I know just what you need, a nice warm bath." I just followed closely behind her not sure what was happening or what to do. There was an odd manner about her that was almost… comforting. We came into a bathroom and she bent down to take the towel off me. I shivered as she took it off and then looked down at myself to realize that not only was I naked but, I was covered with redish-orange fur over the majority my body and a cream white fur on my chest. Taking a look over my shoulder, I also noticed a big bushy tail lying on the floor behind me, I felt it move slightly as I focused on it. This was getting more confusing all the time.

I noticed a mirror to my left, I moved closer, till I was standing directly in front of it. I stared into a reflection of Kit, my drawing character. I put my paw to my face, feeling the fur.

“What's wrong Kit?” I turned to look at the Wolf smiling at me in a way that made me feel warm and fuzzy. "You look perplexed?" I tried to smile back and spoke for the first time.

"Where am I?" I felt shocked, my voice was different.

"Why your at home silly. You just had a spill out side playing in the rain." I pointed a shaky paw at her.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Fern, you know that." She said it like I had known it all my life.

She moved over to the bath tub and started the flow of water. As she moved I noticed a laundry hamper behind her. Peaking out of the top was the sleeve of my favorite shirt I had been wearing when I was roller-bladeing to the video store. I quickly moved over there and reached up to grab it. Pulling it out I found that it was indeed my shirt. It was soaking wet and torn at where my elbow would be. Looking at it now, I realized that it was too big, almost like a tent.

"What are you doing Kit?" Fern said as a smile crossed her face. She was talking to me as if I was playing a game.

"This is my shirt mama." I clamped my jaw shut as I realized what I had just said. Her smile widened.

"It was your shirt, but it's to big for you now." I must of looked even more confused as I stared at the shirt.

"What happened to me? I'm not supposed to be like this."

"It was for the better Kit, you will be so much happier this way." She turned back and stopped the flow of water.

"Now come on little man up you go into the tub." She quickly picked me up and placed me in the tub, I tried to protest but it didn't help any. In the water I was sitting next to some plastic boats and a sand pail. The water in the tub was warm and rather soothing.

"Isn't that nice? Hmm?" She kept smiling at me as I sank into the water, I couldn't help but let the heat envelope my body and my mind fade away. It was easy to forget my troubles as the water cleansed my soul. I realized I was being washed as I returned from my dreamy state, I sat up in time to be dowsed with water over my head.

"Wait," I tried to talk as the water ran over my face. "Tell me what you did to me."

"I just brought you inside from the rain and dried you off."

"But I was human!"

"You where so unhappy though, you where miserable and I just couldn't leave you there Kit." My ears where pushed out to the side for a moment as she patted my head.

"My name is not Kit, it's Josh!" I said crossing my arms.

"Oh, your so cute when you pout. Here we're almost done.. Let me just rinse you off one more time." She poured another pail full of water over my head. She pulled the plug and got a towel while I shook my head trying to get the water out of my eyes.

"See that wasn't so bad. Now let's get you dry and into some clean clothes."

"I want my old clothes, and my old self." I could feel my eyes tearing as I said these words.

"Don't cry Kit, I will take care of you from now on. I've always wanted a kit of my own and I almost melted earlier when you called me Mama." She scooped me up from the tub and wrapped a towel around me. Letting me stand she got another towel.
"But, but." She put a finger to my mouth as she bent down to rub me dry with the next towel.

"Don't worry your in loving arms know." She gave me another hug, as I stood there whimpering softly. "Come on lets get you into some dry clothes, and I'll show you your new room." She led me back out into the hallway and down to another room. I was wearing only the towel she had used to dry me off as I followed slowly behind her. Only now did I notice that she also had a soft furry tail, it was colored gray but shone like silver. I felt an urge to play with it, but, it subsided as I shivered again. Wherever I was, it was cold.

"This is your new room Kit, I hope you like it." I stepped into the room, it was like my sister's nursery when she was little. There was a crib, a small bed with a rail on one side, and dresser to the left. I didn't take much notice to the crib and walked forward to inspect the bed. It had a plain navy blue blanket on it and a quilt folded up at the end. I ran my hand along the rail on the side, my sister used to have these so she wouldn't accidentally roll off the bed in her sleep. I used to image being little again and even trying on my sister's diapers, but I stopped after she grew out of them and got potty trained.

"Let's get you dressed. Can't have you running around in just a towel now can we?" I looked at the towel and then back at the floor and my attention was brought back to the tail down there next to my foot. I tried to control it and almost instinctively I felt my muscles kick in as it swished behind me.

"Gotcha," She playfully grabbed my tail as I put it behind me and pulled me into her arms. She began to tickle me as I dropped the towel and started laughing, I had always been ticklish. Getting more in the spirit I fell to the floor, rolling around with laughter, as she bent down and continued.

"No.. hehe, stop.. I'm too ticklish mama.." I stopped laughing as she looked down into my eyes, grinning wildly.

"Was that so hard Kit?" I tried to act like I didn't hear that.

She picked me up under the arms and laid me down on a table against the wall, I hadn't noticed it earlier. I looked at her with suspicion in my eye as I saw her go to the dresser and get something out of the drawer. She came back carrying a disposable diaper, some baby powder and a tube of cream.

"Diapers???" I blurted out suddenly startled and realizing something that should have been painfully obvious before.

"Yes, you need them. I haven't potty trained you yet."

"But, I'm already potty trained! I can prove it to you."

"Your only 5, that's still technically a toddler here." I tried to get up and off the table. She just gently put a calming hand on my chest and laid me back down. "Here, I'll make a deal with you. If you can go the rest of the day with out having an accident, you won't have to wear them. But, if you use them... Then you will wear them till I feel you are properly trained." I went over the conditions in my head and it sounded easy enough. I agreed and set my head down on what I now realized was a changing table. The truth of it though, I was tempted to purposefully use them. I liked the idea of being diapered but tried not to show it. I always thought it embarrassing and like a dark secret. "Just relax Kit, I'll diaper you for now and you can just tell me when you need to go to the bathroom." I nodded solemnly, trying to hide my desire.

She unfolded the white disposable diaper and placed it under my bottom. She applied the cream around my diaper area. Topping it off with a sprinkle of baby powder. The smell was familiar and permented the room when she had finished. I took in a big sniff and smiled slightly. Bringing the front up between my legs she tapped it on. To finish it off she turned me over and expertly threaded my tail through the loop hole in the back.

Sitting me up I inspected her handy work. Some old feelings resurfaced as I heard it crinkle again. She walked back over to the dresser and went for something in the second drawer. I tried to see what it was sitting on the changing table, but I had to wait till she turned around. It was a footed sleeper. It was red with white feet and had a zipper on the middle as well as snaps around the bottom.

"Do I have to wear that?"

"It will keep you warm and I think you will look cute in it." I looked at it for a while as she held it up in front of me. She took my paw and helped me off the changing table. Guiding one foot into the sleeper and then the other. Finally bending around me, she threaded my tail through the hole and proceeded to zip me up.

"Now don't you look so adorable." She said taking a step back looking pleased. I looked over my back at my tail, I was fascinated by it and could really get used to having it. "Let me show you around now that your dressed." She took me over to the crib and explained she didn't think I would need it but thought it was a good idea to have it anyways. Then she showed me the bed and dresser. Finally she opened a closet and a pile of stuffed animals awaited me inside. My face lit up, I loved stuffed animals…

"Go ahead, choose one.." I was starting to enjoy this and I threw myself into the pile searching for my obvious favorite animal. I found it fast, a cuddly looking fox. I looked down and he had a little dog tag.

"Tucker," I said reading the tag. He looked kinda like me. Taking him in my hands I emerged from the pile. This was getting better by the minute. I romped around the room with Tucker for a few minutes as Fern watched with that maternal smile (She could tell I was beginning to enjoy this).


We toured the rest of the house, I soon realized that I had to waddle because of the new bulk between my legs. But, it felt good to be wearing a diaper, and I heard it rustle every step of the way. Keeping up with Fern I held Tucker in my arms, listening to the wonderful rustle of the diaper. The house itself was beautiful, it had everything.

The entire time we were walking I felt a little indifferent towards Fern , I kept asking about how this was possible and how my real family would take my sort of adoption. She assured me that everything was fine and taken care of, even though I didn't really believe it, I deeply wanted too. This was to good to be true. No school, no jerks, getting to be a kid again... It was what I had secretly always wanted.


"Are you hungry Kit?"
"Yeah, and thirsty." I said looking up at her.

"Good, let's go to the kitchen and fix you some dinner." My ears perked when she said dinner and I realized I had no idea what time it was. I hadn't even cared to look out any of the windows in this house... I looked out a window in the hallway, it was getting to be dusk. I looked out for a moment longer as my eyes met the scenery, it was a big forest and there was some snow on the ground.

"Snow!!!" I shouted putting my face to the window.

"Yep, that's right Kit. It's usually cold around here. We have snow for most of the year and then warm summers." I kept starring out the window mesmerized by the forest, and I could see a lake spotting the background. Then it hit me, there was no snow where I lived. We didn't even get that much in the winter.

"Where is here?" I said still looking out the window.

"I can't really describe where we are Kit, it's not any where you'd openly know." I looked at her confused as usual (What did that mean?).


Soon we where in the living room and beyond that the Kitchen. Fern showed me both rooms, but, I quickly took notice of the big screen TV in the living room.

"Go ahead and watch some TV, it will take me a few minutes to get dinner ready."

"What are we having?"

"Sphagetti," she said. I grinned as I ran and leaped onto the couch. I was a little shocked at myself. In so little time I was becoming such a different person, must be all that stress leaving. As I plopped on the couch I curled my tail around and started playing with it and Tucker as I found a remote on the table to the side of the couch. I was curious to see what was on TV here. Flipping it on I surfed some channels, there were some new shows with Furries that I had never seen before but there was some old stuff from regular TV on the higher channels.

I settled down with Scooby-Doo after a while, but, after fifteen minutes of watching I felt the need to pee. I looked over at Fern, she was cooking the Sphagetti. I went through the choice of telling her and using the rest room or just using my diaper. I was just starting to like diapers and it sounded like a good idea at the time. So, I just let go. It was harder than I thought, but, pretty soon I had wet my diaper.

Dinner was shortly after, she called me for dinner and as I came over she looked at me. I tried to walk normal but the wet diaper seemed to be bulkier and I think she noticed.

"Uh, oh... Let me check something here." She bent down and put a hand on my shoulder. The other hand unsnapped some of the snaps and placed a finger in my crotch. She looked into my face with a big smile on hers.

"Potty trained huh?" She kept smiling at me as I stifled back a smile of my own, trying to look ashamed. "Alright little Kit, let's go ahead and change you diaper. Look's like you are going to be wearing them for a while." I remained quite as she walked me back down the hallway. I was carrying Tucker in my arms and as she walked in front of me, her tail swished up at me. I giggled as it brushed up against my face.

"Hehe, your tail is really soft Mommy." I fell silent as she swished her tail again more at me then last time, then turned smiling at me.

"Your just a little playful guy aren't you?" I couldn't help smiling now. I ran up and hugged her, it was almost an impulse that I didn't conscientiously do. She just hugged me back, not even surprised at my actions.

She picked me up and carried me to my room. Placing me down on the changing table she kept smiling at me. I felt myself forgetting about any and all stress now. She undid my snaps and changed my diaper putting me in a nice dry one. Afterwards we sat down for supper, she let me sit in one of the regular seats and even though I didn't see one I suspected there was a high chair some where.

Dinner was great and I managed to eat with out making a mess, which is hard to do with sphagetti and a new body. When we finished eating I helped her clear the table, then we both settled down on the couch to watch some TV. I was in her arms as we laid on the couch. Tucker was on the floor next to me. We watched my favorite movie, she seemed to know just what it was and put it on before we sat down. So for almost two hours we watched Robin Hood (Disney Cartoon Version).

"Okay Kit, it's time for bed." I looked up at her about to protest but was interrupted by a long yawn, I was really tired and almost nodded off a couple of times during the movie. She picked me up and put me in my bed, I was half asleep any way and zonked out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

"Good night, Kit." She whispered as she turned the light off and gently shut the door.


I awoke in my new nursery the next morning. I sat up and yawned stretching out, as I did so I felt an odd sensation in my paws. I looked at them, trying to repeat the action, and again I felt it. I stared at them for a moment and with a little more concentration I was able to repeat it again in front of my face. Little claws poked out of my paws. I stared at them in amazement, then I put them on the blanket. They were dull, just like pointed nails. Then sitting for a moment forgetting about my claws I felt a clammy sort of hotness in my diaper. As I moved around in bed I realized I was wet. This was news to me, and a little surprising. I had never really had a problem wetting beds before, and at least last night when I wet my diaper I had control over it.

"Did you sleep well?" I turned my head to look at Fern, she was standing in the doorway and I guess I didn't notice her earlier.

"Yes, but I wet my diaper,"

"Well, I guess it's a good thing you were wearing one." She said in a sweet voice as she came up next to the bed and gave me a big hug. "Let's get you changed and ready for a new day." I smiled as she picked me up and helped me undress. She proceeded to change me on the table like she had done yesterday and choose an outfit for me. Today she choose just a long light blue t-shirt, leaving me to romp around in my diaper. After she had finished dressing me, I realized that I didn't have tucker.

"Where's Tucker?" I looked shocked as I ran over to the bed searching for him.

"He's in the living room next to the couch, where you left him." I stopped and remembered that I had left him there.

"Do you want breakfast? I was planing to make french toast." I smiled and nodded, we both went to the kitchen and she started making french toast while I got Tucker.

"There you are." I said playing with him on the floor.

"Oh Kit, I have a surprise for you." Fern called from the kitchen, my ears perked to listen. "One of my friends is coming over today. She is so happy that I finally have a Kit, she really wants to meet you. She has a little daughter who is your age that you can play with too." Sounded like fun, but I felt a little weird. I didn't really think there would be other people around. I wanted to ask her who it was but, thinking that over in my head it was a rather stupid question.

She had breakfast ready pretty fast and by the time she did I was really hungry. She sat me down at the head of the table, then took my plate and put some french toast on it. I hungrily ate what she put on the plate, which was followed by a glass of orange juice.


I spent the rest of the morning playing around the house while Fern did some laundry and other house work. I was really starting to love this. I got my diaper changed a few hours later, I had wet it while playing but I didn't even realize I had till she had checked. Just as she was helping me get my tail through the loop hole in my fresh diaper I heard a doorbell ring off in the distance.

"I bet that's my friend." She helped me off the changing table and started walking down the hall. I followed her lead being a little cautious. She went down a flight of stairs to the front door. I remained at the top of the stairs, being a little shy.

Fern opened the front door and in stepped a raccoon. She looked to be about as old as Fern and just as motherly. She was wearing a snow suit and was lightly dusted with snow. Right after her came a smaller raccoon. I guess that is her daughter, I thought. She was dressed in a similar manor to avoid the cold and I couldn't really make out her face.

"Brrr, It's a cold one out there today."

"It's great to have you over Eve. Please come in and warm up." She motioned as they exchanged smiles. Then Eve started to look around, searching for something. I quickly assumed it was me.

"Hello Emily, how are you doing today?" Fern said bending down to be on level with the little raccoon.

"I'm fine aunt Fern, just a little cold." I looked down as Emily got out of her snowsuit. She was about 5 and she was wearing a pink t-shirt. I jumped a little as I realized she was also wearing a diaper. I liked her already, her voice was perky and she looked really cute from where I was. Her fur was brownish-gray and she had a little black bandit patch of fur on her face. She also had a tail that was about the same color and striped black.

"Where's Kit? I'm really looking forward to meeting him." Eve said still looking around for me.

"He was right behind me a minute ago." Fern turned around looking behind her, then her eyes retraced the path she used to come downstairs. She saw me at the top of the stairs and smiled. I could see Emily and Eve looking up at me to.

"Come on down Kit, don't be afraid." Fern called up to me. I sheepishly made my way down the stairs holding Tucker close. I could hear Emily giggling as she watched me.

"Well hello there." Emily said leaning toward me. I clenched onto the back of Fern's dress trying to hide myself, as everyone starred at me.

"He certainly is a cutie Fern," Eve whispered to Fern.

"Yeah, and he's very playful. But, I think he is a little shy right now."

"Hi! I'm Emily, you must be Kit." Emily said directly to me. She was cuter then I thought from the top of the stairs. She looked so innocent and friendly.

"Hi.." I shakily said still hiding. I felt Fern take her hand and push me forward. I stumbled forward and in between the three of them.
"Hello Kit, my name is Eve. I'm Emily's mother."

"Hi.. Nice to meet you." I can't really explain my change of heart at the moment, but I felt afraid and insecure. Surrounded by strangers, and getting an urge to run and hide.

"Would you like some hot chocolate?" Fern offered to Eve.

"Sure, we can talk and let these two get to know each other."


They hung up there snow suits and everyone went to the living room, next to the kitchen. Fern went into the kitchen and put a kettle of water on, I came in and sat down next to the couch. Emily came and sat down next to me.

"How old are you?"

"5, but I used to be 16." She smiled at me and started giggling again.

"I used to be 16." My mouth dropped open, she had been human once too, and better yet she was technically my age. She kept smiling at me then her expression changed a little as she suddenly looked down at here diaper. "Uh, oh.." I looked at her curiously.

"What's wrong?"

"I wet," She said looking up. I smiled at her, we were going to get along just fine.

"Do you like stuffed animals?" I asked suddenly remembering Tucker and the closet in my room. Her smile widened and we both went off to my room.


"Well, I think they are best friends already."

"I knew they would be."

"Your Kit is simply adorable."

"You know, I think Kit and Emily would make a cute couple." Eve and Fern smiled at each other sipping from their hot cocoa. Eve spoke up again.

"Was he reluctant or accepting, it took me 2 weeks with Emily."

"He was warm to the idea since the beginning. But he told me he was already potty trained."

"Was he?"

"I think so, but he's used the diapers anyway." Fern smiled again.


"This is my room." She looked around inspecting everything. She stopped when she came to my bed.

"Do you sleep in the crib?"

"No, I use that bed."

"Oh, you should try the crib. You'll feel more secure," She said looking at the bed. I took the opportunity to go to the closet. I put down Tucker and opened it. Emily turned around as she heard me open it. I could see the glitter in her eyes as she saw the stuffed animals.

"Come on," I said making a hand motion. She walked up and starred for a moment, then she started digging through them. I watched on, curious to see what she fancied. She came up shortly after with a little raccoon (Surprisingly enough), it had a little dog tag on it too... 'Meko'.


We both played together in my room with our stuffed animals for an hour. Afterwards Fern and Eve came and got us for Lunch. We had PBJs and milk.

"So what have you two been doing?" Asked Eve.

"We played with our stuffed animals mommy," Emily said holding out Meko.

"That was nice of you to share them with Emily, Kit." I smiled and took another bite out of my sandwich.

"What are we going to do after lunch mommy?" Emily asked in between chews.

"It will be time for you both to take your afternoon naps." Emily sort of drooped for a moment but didn't complain, I on the other hand, I perked my ears up and stopped eating.

"We have to take naps Mommy?" I asked. Fern turned around and smiled at me, and I think she winked at Eve.

"After playing so much, you must be tired. You'll feel so much better when you wake up." I frowned a bit but kept eating.


After lunch Emily got her wet diaper changed, I was kinda watching and I could tell she was embarrassed about being changed in front of me. Fern checked my diaper but surprisingly I hadn't wet. When we where both ready for a nap, Emily asked if we could both sleep in the crib. Fern and Eve looked at each other for a moment then put us in the crib. They told us how cute we looked together in the crib for a few minutes then left us to rest.

Emily fell asleep pretty fast. I couldn't fall asleep because of a building problem, I needed to poop and it wasn't going to wait for long. I didn't feel really inclined to use my diaper now. Not that I had a choice but I hadn't thought about this when I wet them last night. The pressure was building fast and worse, I could feel I had to pee also. I looked over at Emily, she was sleeping so peacefully.. I figured if she was in diapers all the time, she had to do this too, so it couldn't be too terrible. What could I do anyways?

I starred at the sealing and released all pressure. Nothing happened at first but then I felt myself wetting, and it wasn't long after that I started messing. At this point I couldn't even stop it if I wanted too. I couldn't help a certain feeling of being utterly helpless, all I could do was whimper a little, but soon I was asleep.


"Kit... Kit it's time to get up," I drowsily came to life with a gaping yawn. I slowly opened my eyes to focus on Fern. "Did you have a nice nap?" She asked smiling at me and running a hand over my forehead. I smiled back and started to sit up... Bad idea, I sat up in what felt like warm mud. Instantly recalling the memory of just before I fell asleep I began to whimper again till I saw Emily. Eve had her on the floor and was cleaning her bottom with a wipe.

"Come on you little stinker, it seems you need a fresh diaper." I looked up at Fern and then back at Eve and Emily. She followed my stare for a moment. "It must be the crib Eve, this is Kit's first poop and Emily went also."

"Must be, Emily usually goes at night." Eve said putting a diaper on Emily. I just tilted my head trying to sort things out. I guess I was more correct then I had imagined when I was thinking about Emily earlier, I felt a little better again. It's definitely helpful to have someone to go through this with.



Kit Fox  : Part 2 

By: Kit Fox




"Now that your both changed what do you say we suit you up and let you go outside?" I looked over at Emily who looked back at me, she was smiling as usual. She kept her eyes on me, as she stood up and ran for the door. I reacted before thinking about what I was doing, racing out of the nursery and chasing her down the hallway to the main stairs.

"Hehe, I'm gonna win!" Emily laughed as she maintained her slight lead over me. Reaching the stairs she started to slow as I started to slide on the carpet. I couldn't stop...

"Whoa, here I come Emily." She turned just in time for me to take her with me about 5 feet forward. We rolled over once and I ended up under her some how as she sat on top of me. She was wheezing a bit as she gave me a triumphant giggle, sitting with her diapered bottom on my stomach.

"You should be more careful Mr. Kit when your running down the hallway."

"Mr.?" I said smiling at her trying to get up. She wouldn't let me up... Playfully she pushed me back down to the carpet. I was a little surprised as I looked up at her giggling again. Then she bent down and embraced me in a hug. I didn't know what to do... I was stunned for a moment, but I hugged back. I was kinda lost in the moment till I noticed Fern and Eve standing over us, startled I let go, but Emily only hugged a little harder and I realized her eyes where closed. Glancing at each other both Fern and Eve had those maternal smiles I was getting used to.


"Okay you two, why don't we get some space in between there." I watched as Emily's eyes opened in sudden shock and she quickly backed off of me. She hadn't realized they were watching us.
            "I didn't mean anything Mommy, Really." She hastily said to Eve.

"It's okay Emily, you didn't do anything wrong." Emily stared blankly at Eve for a moment as did I trying to understand how nothing was wrong.

"Come on Kit, lets get you into some warmer clothes so you can go outside and play in the snow." Fern took my tail and dragged me back to conscious thought, she took me down the stairs to the coat closet and started pulling out various items. I waited and watched while Eve and Emily where having a talk at the top of the stairs. I tried to hear what was going on but I figured everything was alright when Emily began to giggle. I turned my attention back to Fern who had taken out a bundle of heavy clothes. I barely had time to examine them before she moved me off to the side so Eve and Emily could get their stuff out of the closet. 

Fern helped me into a pair of white snow pants first (It was really hard to get my tail through the tiny hole in the back), quickly followed by a big red overcoat. I put the boots and cap on myself while Fern tied a long scarf around my neck and to top it all off I got a fuzzy pair of mittens. I found another mirror on the wall just a little to the left. It was a little to high for me to see myself in.

"Could you help me Mommy, I wanna see." Fern picked me up under the arms and held me up high enough to see myself in the mirror. I looked a little overdressed and I could almost see the bulk of my diaper through the snow pants, but my overcoat came down pretty far. I was ready to go and so was Emily as Fern put me down. Emily was cute as usual for a 5 year old in a one peice snow suit.


"Now don't wonder off to far, when your done playing just come back and knock on the door." We both nodded anxious to go outside. She opened the door, letting a cold gust of wind bite at us. There was a refreshing sent in the air as we both stepped out. Taking in a deep breath I was dazzled for what seemed like an eternity watching the sky and snow. It was a brilliant mix of colors. The green pines and the white snow crashing together off on the horizon.

Wap!... I fell forward into a snow drift with a burst of snow on my back. Only my tail visible.
            "Oh, my gosh... A snowman just ran by and threw a snow ball at you Kit." Emily said standing over me in the snow (For some odd reason I suspected otherwise).
            "You've got two seconds before I get up and hunt you down Emily." Taking the hint she ran off giggling. I rolled over in the snow facing the sky, how tranquil it looked. By now I guess it was late afternoon... I sat up and then got to my feet. Another snow ball shot into the snow mere inches from my side. I spun around in the direction of the snowball. My eyes searched for Emily, but only the white powder was visible.

"You missed me!" I called out. My answer was a snowball brushing my ears and taking my cap clear off my head. "Hey! That's my cap and a little too high to aim Emily." I said ducking down and grabbing my cap. Still kneeling I felt my nose almost twitch for a second. I blinked my eyes and it happened again, it was a rush of senses... I could smell her. I can't describe or explain it but I knew she was over to my left and moving slowly closer. I turned my head in her direction and smiled, I turned to face where my new senses told me she was.

A moment later I saw her head pop up for an instant to see me staring her straight in the eye only 20 ft. away. She quickly ducked down again as I went on the offensive. Slinking low I started creeping up, I was listening attently as her smell was fading a little. As I just about lost her I heard the distinct rustle of a diaper right behind the snow drift. I waited for a moment till I heard it again then, jumped up and shocked Emily. She fell back for a moment kinda shivering before smiling at me again.

"Don't scare me like that Kit, you made me wet." I smiled back at her.
"Then I surprised you?" With a grin she got up. I stood there feeling rather proud of myself for having scared Emily into wetting.

"I bet I can do the same to you..." Emily said as my ears perked in question. Before I could say anything, Emily ran up and kissed me. I..I...I fell back in the snow weak kneed. I sat there for a moment, jaw a few inches lower than normal looking at Emily. Still grinning she came and sat down in the snow next to me, taking my arm she put it around herself then grabbed my tail and started combing through it with her paws.

"Well?" I looked over at her and I received the biggest shock thus far. I could feel the warmth in my diaper that I had flooded it. By my expression Emily got a satisfactory look on her face as she leaned her head on my shoulder. I forgot about the condition of my diaper as I felt Emily move a little closer. It took a while for me to notice this was rather the most perfect scene... We where sitting together facing an open snow blanketed valley underlining a lake in the Sunset.


"What do you think those two are doing out there?" Fern said pulling the curtain to the side.

"Becoming more than friends,"

"This is just perfect, it's as if they were almost meant for each other." Eve smiled as she thought about little Emily, and Kit. She realized Kit was a little behind Emily in progress.

"So, do you think he's ready for the next step?"

"Well, he already pooped I his diaper with out a problem. That should prove enough," Fern came and sat back down in a chair to finish her conversation with Eve. "You know, I think he is really starting to like this… He accepted it in record time." Eve nodded in agreement, beguiling a small laugh.



"I think I'm in luv wif you, Kit." Bewildered for a moment I managed to cough up an answer.


"Mom told me I was, and now it makes alota sense." I heard those words and I couldn't help feeling extremely awkward. I mean this is all great and peachy if we were sixteen, but our bodies are that of five year olds... Well sorta. The other thing that got to me... Why was Eve egging her on? I mean not only was she young but her mother was telling her to pursue me the first day we met!

"You realize we're both 5, right?"

"And formally sixteen, we still retain mental capacity and maturity, that is if we want too." Emily said sounding a little more serious than I have ever heard her be. I tried thinking that over in my head but the thought triggered something inside me. All of a sudden the moment of silence brought forth a million questions to my mind. How were my parents? Where was I really at? How was I turned into a fox? Was I even on the same planet?


"Kit? Kit?!? Are you okay?" Emily asked bending to look into my eyes. "You looked like you were in pain." I blinked my eyes for a moment as I snapped out of it.

"What happened?" I asked shaking my head a bit.

"You spaced out shivering."

"I don't know but my head was just swamped with questions."

"What do you mean?"

"Like where are we?"

"In front of your house."

"No, I mean where we really are. I don't know about you but just yesterday there was no snow where I used to live."

"That's because you don't live there anymore." I looked at her with confusion in my eyes once more.

"Then where do I live know?"

"I don't know either." I slumped back , disappointed that no one knew or wanted to tell me the answer. I guess Emily could tell I was a little frustrated and began combing through my tail again and trying to be overall playful for a while. We sat for a few minutes, I was in deep thought trying to sort things out. "Emily?"


"What was your life like?" I shyly asked.

"When I was 16?"


"Well, it was trying if anything. I was miserable and hated not being able to express my true desire."

"What do you mean Emily?"

"My desire to be what I am now. I've always wanted to be like this, it's not something I realized till I began to experience it. I really can't explain it any better than that."

It was all so confusing, there were so many questions I wanted answered but then again I didn't want to know most of them either. Truths and desires where blinding me.


"Kit, Emily... Why don't you two come in now, its getting dark." We both looked back to see Fern calling from the doorway. "Even love birds go back to the nest when its dark." I gave a sarcastic smile back at Fern, I guess she was in on it too. Helping Emily to her feet we went inside. It was a good thing to because my wet diaper was starting to get really cold.


"Are you wet?" Fern asked as she helped me out of my snow pants.

"Thanks to Emily," She looked over at Emily for a second before continuing.

"Do you need to be changed too Emily?" She nodded her head up and down as we both followed Fern up the stairs and into my Nursery. Eve was already in there picking out some clothes for us.

"Why don't you hop up on the changing table Emily. I'll get a fresh diaper." Emily did what Fern asked as I went over to check out what Eve was doing.

"What'cha doin?"

"Deciding what you and Emily should wear." She held up two footed sleepers, one red the other pink. Satisfied I turned to go to Fern, and wait for my turn. I think I was embarressing Emily to see her without any clothes on again. She looked like she was blushing but it was hard to tell through that fur. I turned around to give her some privacy and waited patiently for my turn.

"Your next Kit." Fern said as she wiskfully picked me up and put me on the changing table. I wasn't very playful at the moment with all the stuff on my mind. "Oh poor Kit, your soaked. Why didn't you come in earlier? You could have frozen your lil self." I was about to respond to that when I interrupted myself with a sneeze. "I hope you didn't catch a cold," I sneezed again, grabbing Emily's and Eve's attention this time. "I think you need some hot chocolate Kit." I smiled as Fern finished diapering me.


"You two almost look like twins." We stared at each other in matching footed sleepers.

"Here are your stuffed animals." Eve handed me Tucker and Emily Meko. Then we were ushered to the living room.

"I'll go get that hot chocolate, back in a minute Kit."

"K, mommy." I said going and taking a seat on the couch.

"So what did you two do outside?" Eve asked winking at Emily. I tried to figure out why they had this so planned out... I, hey wait a minute. Come to think of it, I haven't seen another male of any kind around since I've been here.

"We watched the sun go down, and talked for a while mommy."

"Oh, does Emily have a 'Boyfriend' now?" Eve said looking at me, Emily looked a bit embarrassed. I played along with it.

"I love you..." I said softly to Emily, but I knew Eve heard it too.

"That's a strong emotion Kit, be careful." I was confused as usual, first they set us up, then they warn me to be careful and on top of all that being five was of no concern to them.

"Did I miss something?" I asked risking to be rude.

"Pardon?" Eve said properly as Fern came back in the room.

"Why do you... Actually can you help me understand some things?"

"Like what?"

"This house..." Fern and Eve looked at each other concerned and then back at me. I could see Emily come to attention too.

"What's to understand?"

"Where is it?" I said unwillingly pouting. Fern smiled at me as she winked over again at Eve. (What's with that?).


"Well, I guess you should know sooner or later. Um… How can I describe it." Fern put down a tray as she went about explaining the surroundings to Emily and I. As she put down the tray I noticed there were two baby bottles along with two mugs on it. Eve took one as Emily climbed into her lap. I was spellbound watching Emily begin to nurse the baby bottle. Sitting down on the couch next to Eve, Fern took the baby bottle and motioned for me to come sit in her lap like Emily.

"I don't wanna," I complained. (Why was I pouting so much?) I was surprised at myself in the sudden change of mood that I couldn't help. Anyway, I liked the small morsel of maturity I had left and wasn't about to be nursed from a bottle when I was fully capable of drinking from a cup.

"What's wrong Kit?"

"I want a cup..." Emily had her eyes on me still nursing the bottle.

"But it's so much easier for you to have a bottle."

"Not for you."

"But I enjoy it." Hesitant I glared at the bottle and the inviting smile Fern was giving me (She had successfully once again deviated my attention from the main issue at hand... I always seemed to regress a little more or forget about those things around her, but I didn't realize that).

Slowly I made my way over to Fern, crawling on the couch. I climbed into her lap as she cradled me in her arms. I was reluctant for a moment till she began to hum a tune, which was somehow familiar. It seemed to sooth and comfort in a way I had all but forgotten. Pressing the bottle into my mouth I began to nurse it. I don't know if it was the bottle or the tune or even the warmth of Fern's fur, but I felt more relaxed and care free then I had ever felt before.

It's really strange too, because half of me felt this was the end of the old me while the other half felt as though it were the most natural thing in the world and a perfect beginning.


"Fern, he's asleep…"

"Is Emily?"

"Yeah, she's really out."

"They must have really been at it in the snow."

"Don't they look so peaceful? I don't think they'll ever want to return."

"Do they ever?" They both smiled at that and carried their toddlers to the crib in the Nursery.



"Huh?!?" I looked around in the darkness. I could see myself fine but everything else was a dark haze.

"Josh, is that you?" A dim light outlined a tall figure in front of me. I stood deafly still in fear. "You, you’re a little fox?" My former neighbor stepped into the light, she kneeled down to my level and touched my sleeper. Then she saw my tail and gently took it into her hand. "What happened to you?" I jerked away, not sure what was happening.

"I.I… Don't know." I warily said looking myself over.

"Everyone is worried about you. We've been searching for 2 days." Stopping for a second she focused on me again. "Are you in a diaper?" She said patting my bottom to hear the crinkle. Again, I backed away.

"Leave me alone."

"Your just like a baby. I'm not sure how but, I think it best you go back home to your parents."

"I don't wanna go back." She raised an eyebrow at me.

"Why?" I shyly kicked the dark ground in front of me. "Josh?"

"Umm… It's Kit now."

"Kit? What like the baby fo…" She stopped herself realizing something rather obvious.

"I like being a lil kid again."

"You look like one of your own drawings…"

"Hmph.." I said crossing my arms.

"Don't pout Josh, er… Kit. I'm sure your mom will still love you."

"I have a new mommy, one who really cares for me." I could barely control myself and kept on the verge of tears, arguing with my neighbor.

"I know your old mom loved you too." I sat down and cried, not that I was sad… I was torn apart between what was happening.

"I know… *sniffle* but she would never understand."

"What, that you’re a lil Kit? Who needs to be diapered and treated like the little boy he is." Her words hit hard, her harsh tone didn't soften them any either. She was really close to the mark, more so than she knew. By know I couldn't stop crying, I really did love my mom but I knew this would never fly with her and my step-dad… Oh, I didn't even want to think about it. She looked at me and the personality I remember most kicked in.

"There, there little Kit. Don't cry, if you want you can be my pet… I know you already like my Cat." She said poking fun at me.

"I want you to tell my parents that I am never coming back. Tell them that, and don't come looking for me again." She gasped at me like I had told her something in a language she could not comprehend.

"Josh, your a little fox… In diapers. Do you even have control of what you are saying, much less your bodily functions?"

"My name is Kit! I.I..I…" She walked up using her hand to quickly undo two of the snaps on my sleeper, and checked my diaper.

"Did you even know that your wet?" I continued crying, (Why was she being so mean?) It was all I could take, I pushed her away running off into the darkness. Her voice trailing off behind me… Beckoning me to return to the endless turmoil that was my life. (Why couldn't I just be happy and carefree like yesterday? I had spent today going over thoughts and questions that I was trying to get rid of in the beginning). Still running, I felt a deep black cloud creep into the corners of my eyes as I fought hard to run, to hide from what I hated so much.


My eyes opened themselves as my body sensed motion, I was rocking back and forth in the arms of Fern. I woke with a start as she cooed to me trying to calm my tensed nerves.

"It's okay, whatever it was it's over now Kit."

"I'm not going back." I murmured drowsily.

"Don't worry, you don't have to go back if you don't want to. It will always be your choice."

"Where's Emily?"

"She's asleep in your crib," I involuntarily began to speak, it was a whisper but I had little control.

"I had a dream that my neighbor was looking for me." Fern looked into my eyes as I tried to figure out what it had been. She put a gentle finger to my mouth still trying to calm and comfort.

"I wish I could say she's not looking for you Kit… But, she was really talking to you." That woke me up a little more.


"She was really talking to you, but she probably won't realize it."


"It was a dream to her too, she will wake up and remember it in the morning but I am unsure if she will speak of it." I wanted to say something but couldn't form words. I was so confused at the day's events. Fern pressed my head closer to her, the warmth emanating from her fur was comforting. She slowly began to rub my back as she placed a bottle in my mouth. I'm not sure why but without realizing it I accepted it and began to nurse.

"Tomorrow's a new day Kit. I know how confusing this must all be, but I promise in time you will understand. Just relax and enjoy things here, it will make your new life all that much better." I faded off to sleep with that final thought going through my head. Perhaps tomorrow I will feel better.



Kit Fox : Part 3

By : Kit Fox




I woke up on my own, my eyes still warm with tears and feeling a little shaky from last night. I was still tired, but I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. All I could do was whimper aloud like a lost puppy (It had all been so much). Emily stirred a minute later, I hadn’t known she was in the crib with me again and felt a little worse having woken her.

“What’s wrong Kit?” I sat silent still whimpering and holding Tucker. “Did you have a nightmare?” I nodded, she hugged me patting my back. I sniffled and she smiled at me teasing my face with her striped tail. It felt weird to be so small but then again so grown up. She continued distracting me with her tail and press her paw up against my diaper. “Your wet Kit.” I was pretty much assuming this by now, so it wasn’t as much a shock. Feeling a little better, I decided to check hers. I patted her diaper though her sleeper. I couldn’t really tell anything by that so I leaned over and took a sniff, which caused me to wrinkle my nose a bit as I began to smell a very dirty diaper.

“And you’re messy.” She blushed.

“Sorry, I usually go at night. I can’t help it anymore then you can wetting.” She had me there.


“Smells like one of our babies has stinky pants.”

“Indeed.” Emily and I turned to see Fern and Eve standing in the doorway. They came over and picked us up out of the crib. Each respectively checking their little one’s diaper.

“I think we have a winner here Fern,” Eve pretended to cough, and Emily giggled.

“I think Kit’s just wet.” Emily was first to the changing table because she obviously needed it more. Fern picked up Tucker and handed him to me. “What time do you have to be heading out Eve?” (Heading out? As in leaving?)

“Probably in about fifteen minutes. I wish we could stay for breakfast but the truth is we kind of pushed it with staying the night over.”

“I understand completely. So I guess I’ll see you at the meeting tonight?”

“I’ll be th…” I cut Fern short with a little outburst.

“Eve and Emily are weaving?” I nearly cried.

“Kit, you know they can’t stay forever. They do have their own house to live at.” I frowned, I was really starting to like Emily. “Don’t fret Kit, we can meet up with them tomorrow if you want.” I guess that was okay.

Emily was in a fresh diaper and Fern took use of the table next. She laid me down on it and proceeded to change my diaper.

After that we were both dressed and brought down to the main door.


“Good bye Eve, good bye Emily.”

“Bye Kit, Bye auntie Fern.” I waved sadly while clinging to Fern.

“See you tonight Fern.” Eve called back as they walked off in the snow. Fern brought me back inside, she could tell by the look on my face that I was bummed about them leaving. She knelt down to give me a hug.

“Come on Kit, you’ll see them tomorrow.” She lifted my chin up and dried a tear. “I promise.” I nodded and tried to stop pouting. “Now how about some breakfast?” I started to wander toward the kitchen, not really feeling like answering.

I sat at the table (Which had already been set) while she went to work in the kitchen. My sadness didn’t really seem to be going away so I picked up one of the forks and started playing with it to get my mind off the subject.


“Kit dear, I hate to tell you this but I have to go out later.”

“What?” I dropped the fork I was playing with. “Why?”

“An important meeting is going on, I really have to attend.”

“What about me?” She continued cooking some eggs, me sitting at the table.

“I hired a sitter. She’ll be by in the afternoon.” I slumped and crossed my arms.

“Your leaving me?” Bringing the pan over to the table she made sure I was looking at her.

“Would I ever leave my little Kit?” I smiled, and she leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. “It will only be for a few hours. You won’t even know I’m gone.” I stopped pouting and began to eat some of the eggs that she put on my plate (Today didn’t really seem like it was going to be all that great). I ate my eggs without saying anything to Fern. She ate very courteously showing an almost aristocratic manner in chewing. This was something I guess I had just never noticed before.


The day went by pretty fast. Playtime, movie then a nap. After I had woken up and been changed out of a wet diaper there was a knock at the front door. I knew it had to be the sitter, so I followed Fern to greet the person.


“Just a minute, I’m coming.” I hid behind Fern as she unlocked and opened the door. “Hello Amanda, thank you for coming on such short notice.” A white spotted female snow leopard stepped in. She had a soft and loving face, with her quaint nose accentuating her beauty all the more. She looked to be in her late teens by her proportions. Dressed in a pair of jeans with a winter jacket, also with a backpack. She had a slender tail slowly moving behind her.

“I’m more than happy to Fern,” She had a very pleasant voice, but sounded a little scratchy (I guess she had a cold).

“I want you to meet Kit.” Fern pulled me out from behind her. Amanda knelt down smiling at me.

“Hi,” She said warmly offering her hand. I held onto Tucker and shyly shook her hand.

“I’m Kit.”

“Who’s that little guy in your arms?”

“His names Tucker…” She looked at Fern and smiled.

“He’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen Fern.” I blushed a little, (She was extremely cute, too bad I‘m 5).


“So you’ll be back in a few hours?”

“Yes, while I’m gone feel free to make yourself at home. Also, make sure to put Kit down to sleep at a decent hour.” I stuck my tongue out in disgust at having an early bedtime now.

“Has he eaten yet?”

“No, but don’t worry he’ll tell you when he’s hungry. Right Kit?” I nodded my head and ran up to hug fern. “I’ll be back before you know it. Promise me you’ll have fun with Amanda, okay?”

“I promise Mommy.” She kissed my forehead then opened the door leaving for her meeting (Wonder what it was about anyway).

“So Kit, what would you like to do?”

“I don’t know…” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“Before we do anything I want to tell you I really like your PJ’s.” She tugged at the soft red material. “What are those snaps at the bottom for?” (It never dawned on me but I don’t think she knew I was in diapers). I didn’t really want to have to explain it, cause that could get a little embarrassing (Especially if I was diapered at an age not standard around here, which I couldn’t tell in the first place). I really liked Amanda, and didn’t intend on having an awkward evening if she didn’t like the idea of changing my diapers.

“In case I have to go to the bathroom,” I mumbled. She smiled (That was partly true and I think she bought it).

            “Well do you want to play a game?” I rolled my eyes and tried to come up with an idea of my own.

“How about a movie?”

“Okay, which one?”  (That was a good question, which ones did I have?)

“I don’t know, let’s just see what’s here.” She agreed and we went off into the living room.


“Okay, we’ve got just about every Disney movie ever made. All the Fourth Kingdom Anthropomorphic tales, a few taped episodes of… (She went on down the list for quite a while till I just went and picked one at random).

“This one.” I said standing on the tips of my paws to point high on the shelf.

“Let’s see, oh this is a good one. Dr. X and the Leash of Foxes.” I smiled and ran to jump back on the couch with Tucker, ready to watch the movie.

She popped the tape in and the opening previews started.


“Kit would you like some popcorn?”

“Yes please,” I eagerly said as she went into the kitchen to microwave some. I sat and started to watch the previews but, I was beginning to feel an uncomfortable build up in my bowels.

“Oh no, not now.” I whispered looking around the room. What was I going to do? Amanda had no idea I was in diapers and I would have preferred to keep it that way but how could I? Wait… the bathroom! That’s it, I’ll just do what I used to do before I was put in diapers (That sounded a little different). I started to get up but Amanda walked out of the Kitchen. I quickly sat back down a little jumpy.

“What’s wrong Kit?”


“Well do you think you’ll be okay for a few minutes, I have to use the bathroom.” I nodded (I just wanted her to leave and didn’t think that she was taking my other option with her). “All right, be back in a flash. When I am, I bet the popcorn will be done.” She left the room going down the hallway (I guess the bathroom was that way. Come to think of it, I’d never been in there). I began to rethink my plan. The pressure was a lot worse and I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

“That’s it,” I decided. “I’m going to use the bathroom.” Wait… Where was it? Didn’t Amanda just go off to use the… Oh, no.

I broke down crying and at the same time without warning my bowels released, letting a warm mass out into my diaper. This was the first time I was actually ashamed at using my diapers.

Amanda came back a minute later, I was still crying in the middle of the room.

“Oh Kit, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” She walked closer to me and picked Tucker up off the floor handing him to me. As she was near the floor I knew she could smell it. “Kit, did you a little accident?”

“Uh, huh.” She paused for a moment but smiled.

“It’s okay, these things happen.” She took my hand and brought me to my room. As soon as she saw my room for the first time she stopped and re-evaluated her thoughts about me. I began to cry louder.

“Your room… It’s a nursery!” She looked down at me again noticing my crying a little more. Then she saw the snaps on my sleeper again. That’s when I knew, that she knew. She patted my diaper just above my tail. “Kit, your in diapers?” I started bawling. “Why didn’t you tell me Kit?”

“I thought * sniffle * that, you wouldn’t like me.” She smiled in that same maternal manner as Fern and Eve had so often.

“Kit, don’t cry. It’s perfectly normal for children your age to be in diapers.”


“Sure, I myself was in diapers till I was nearly seven.” I stopped crying. “Come on, I see a fresh diaper with your name on it Kit.” I laughed a little as she picked me and pretended to fly me around the room. Landing me safely on the changing table. She undid the snaps on my sleeper and untapped the diaper. “Some one really filled their diapers.” She said waving a finger at me, I blushed. She got out the wipes and proceeded to clean me up and put a fresh diaper on.


“Let’s get that popcorn and watch the movie.” I grinned as she picked me up and carried me back to the living room. We settled down watching the movie for a while but, she had some homework to do and got that out on the table. I still sat on the couch with the bowl of popcorn.


“Yes, Kit?”

“Can you get me some milk? I’m kinda thirsty.”

“Sure thing,” She got up and went into the Kitchen. I didn’t know this but, in the fridge Fern had left two baby bottles which Amanda took notice of and assumed was what I meant. “Here you go.” I looked in surprise at the bottle. “What’s wrong Kit?”

“I uh…”

“Oh, I know.” She picked me up, even with the confused look on my face and sat down on the couch. “I have always wanted to do this,” she said as she took the bottle off the table. I saw the smile and anticipation that she really wanted to bottle feed me so I didn’t fuss.

She cradled me in her arms and pressed the bottle to my mouth. I began to suck on it as her smile widened.

“I hope Fern knows how lucky she is, Kit.” I smiled, something about her reminded me of my old girlfriend. Guess it’s just her voice. I finished the bottle and vaguely remember flooding my diaper just before quietly falling asleep in Amanda’s arms.


Later that evening I woke up in my bed (Not the crib). I briefly stirred rubbing my eyes and taking a quick check of the room. Maybe it was still a dream but, Amanda was lying next to me, in the bed… with a bottle her mouth. I smiled not really sure what to think except that, I think I knew something a little more about her. Still very tired, I snuggled in closer to Amanda and went back to sleep.


“Did you have fun with Amanda last night?” I groggily sat up and saw Fern at the bedroom door.

“When did you get home mommy?”

“Very early this morning… But you still need to answer my question.”

“Yep,” I said jumping to the edge of the bed.
            “Somebody’s excited this morning.” I smiled as she came and picked me up off the bed. “Wow, your dry this morning.” (That was surprising) “Let’s go ahead and get dressed, we’re going to have breakfast at Eve’s house.” I smiled, I almost couldn’t wait. (I know it had only been a day but something inside of me just really wanted to see Emily).


It didn’t take long as I anxiously prepped myself to go out in the snow. Fern was ready in a few minutes.


“Yeah, let’s go already.” She smiled at my impatience and opened the door. It was snowing outside but just lightly.

We walked along a trail towards the forest. I was running ahead full of energy, she kept smiling and laughing periodically trying to keep up.


“Dis way momma?”

“No, we take the left trail.”

“Otay.” I said skipping onto the new trail. By now it was starting to snow a little harder.

“Don’t go to far ahead Kit.” Her voice trailed off seeming somewhat far away to me.

“Mommy?” I called out. There was no reply but, the wind picked up. I began to wander back down the trail to Fern.


“Mommy?” I started to feel I was lost but when I heard my name I started running in the direction.


Now it was blasting out snow everywhere like rapidly spilling gallons of milk. I was seeing it through, lost in the forest, searching for the origin of the voice echoing my name. I kept my hands in front of me in an attempt to some how stop the sear of the snow rampaging with the wondering wind.

“Kit… Kit, where are you?”

“I’m over here mommy,” I called out cupping my hands around my mouth to carry the sound. I could make out a dim light ahead.

“Just wait there, I’m coming for you.” I stood huddling in a ball, almost frozen and watching my fur turn blue. There was something about that voice. The light came closer, and I perked up some more.

“Hello?” The outline moved to a few feet in front of me, I, I couldn’t make out who it was.

“I finally found you Josh.” My neighbor said taking her hood off. I gasped and fell backward.

“No!” I cried out turning to run. I would have bolted into the forest but she took a firm grip on my tail and held me up by it. “Let me go!” I told her swinging my fists, hanging upside down. “I don’t want to go back!”


“I brought something of yours.” She said ignoring me and taking a folded piece of paper from her pocket. The second she removed it, the snow stopped. I stopped resisting looking around at this odd occurrence. Unfolding it I was looking at the drawing of Kit I had done. Amazed and dumbfounded I suddenly realized that the drawing had something to do with my new fox form (Maybe I hadn’t draw it after all)

“Where d.d..did you get that?” I stuttered.

“It’s a long story, but it’s how I got here.” She paused for a minute looking me over. “Are you still in diapers?” She asked looking at my snowsuit. I didn’t answer. She patted my bottom. Figuring it out she gave me an odd look. “Do you like them or something?” I looked away trying not to make eye contact.

“I need them.” She smiled a little and dropped me into the snow.

“You mean your incontinent?” I tried to get up and break loose once more but she grabbed my wrist holding strong. “Why don’t you come back to your real home?” I really started to struggle this time, I even used my lil’ claws to help.

“No! I’m never going back!” She grabbed my other wrist and held my arms behind me.

“Oh, I think you are.” She marched me forward and I felt helpless about it. She had easily overpowered me and I couldn’t help but remember how much stronger I used to be.


I tripped a few times over roots and sticks, each time I was quickly stood up and prompted to continue on. It wasn’t very far, just a few minutes walking. We arrived at a clearing set deep in the forest. A smooth rounded stone sat in the center. I stood wide eyed trying to figure out just what this had to do with our leaving this world.

“There’s the exit Josh.” I looked back at her, I was still restrained. She let go of one hand and got the paper in her pocket. Again I tried to dash away, only to be tugged back by my one hand still held by her. She took no notice of my attempts to escape and dropped the paper on the stone.

A green light began to emanate from the stone and the paper the drawing was on, turned a pale blue. I stopped trying to get away staring in earnest (What was it doing?). A mix of the two lights began to swirl around over the rock. Bending, curving, combining till a large black ball was created. It expanded rapidly enveloping the two of us. I was a bit shocked at first but it’s not like I could get away.

Standing inside was like the place I was in, in my dream. Imagine looking out of a fishbowl from the inside. On one half is a forest with no snow and a few trees in late autumn. On the other is a snow covered forest composed of pines. Separating the two a field of black mist.


I stared gasping at the blackness clearly separating the two worlds. I was shaking uncontrollably. My neighbor just laughed and pushed me forward. I stumbled into the median of the two.

“Aahhhhhh!!!” I screamed out in pain as my body felt like it was being torn apart. My neighbor’s expression changed from dominating to concern. My back arched upward as I shrank in size, falling over not managing to stand anymore. My clothes where sliding off me, to big and even my diaper. When the pain had subsided I tried to call out but I couldn’t, I was trapped in a sea of clothing. I frantically looked for a way out. Something felt really odd about my arms, they weren’t  moving right.

“Josh, Josh are you all right?” I heard her footsteps toward me as I battled to free myself. “Can you hear me Josh?” I tried with all my strength to call out but, all that came out was a yelp. “Speak to me...” I felt her hand nudge up against my side and then both hands wrapped around my waist, lifting me out of the pile.

She held me right in front of her, her mouth was hanging wide open. I was over come with fear at what might of happened.

“Josh! Your… You’re a fox.” I tried to yell at her ignorance but all that came out was another little yelp. “You’re a fox kit…” (Wait a minute, her tone didn’t sound right) I looked down at myself and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I began to whimper. I wasn’t human, I wasn’t even half human any more. Some how I had been turned into a real fox with human mental capacity. I could hear myself, I sounded like a puppy. “Josh, er… I guess it’s really Kit now. I don’t think I can bring you home like this.” I started crying even harder. She was responsible for this, she pushed me into this horrible black ground. I began peeing, getting some on her. I couldn’t help it, I guess I wasn’t potty trained, er… house broken now either. 

“Ah! You little urchin.” She stood to the side till I had finished. Even though it felt good to get her back in such a little way, I still felt very embarrassed and ashamed.

“I guess you really did need those diapers…” She said looking at the puddle. Then she turned her attention back to me. “You know, I don’t think I’ll take you back to either of your homes. I think I’ll take you back to mine.” I started wriggling to get free, I wanted to cross the line back to fern and become the regular Kit, not a real fox kit.

(Let me go! I wanna go back to Fern!) I screamed that repeatedly in my mind but it came out like little yelping / barking.

“Let’s go little Kit, I think my cat would love to have a playmate.”


I desperately tried to scratch, struggle and break my myself free from her but, she still carried me cross the dark barrier into my old world. All I could do was let out a little howl feeling complete defeat and sorrow for myself.

Crossing over the line was not as spectacular as I presumed. It just flashed and we were standing in another forest, but no snow this time. She was holding me by a scruff of fur on the back of my neck, her nails gave me an odd familiar feeling like a vixen was carrying me around by her mouth. I noticed the drawing on the ground, but she pocketed shortly after.

Apparently we weren’t that far into a forest because before long, we were on the edge of old King road (That’s where I fell when this all started!). I began piecing things together. Fern must have been here watching me in the forest on that day it was raining so hard. When we were along the main road and heading in the general direction I knew to be her house I started to whine and whimper again.

“Quit your whining.” She said shaking me a bit. “Wait a minute,” She paused a moment before putting me in front of her face. “Kit… can you say my name?” She smiled in a way that frightened me. I shuddered but tried to speak. As I thought only a yelp came from my throat. She laughed. “Kit honey, can you understand me at all?” I knew that she knew I could. No reason to lie so I nodded my head. “Then why don’t you speak to me?” I sank my head, she was going to make this hell.


About 20 minutes later and we were standing in her front lawn. I looked over at my own old house next door (I could only wonder how nuts my parents were going). She took me inside her house and down to the basement. I kept scanning everything along the way trying to find a means of escape for the moment she let me down. She grabbed a really big empty box with her other hand and put it in the corner, propping chairs against it. Then she dropped me inside.

“Now, just stay. I’m going to get some things out of storage from my old puppy.” (I never knew she had a puppy before). As soon as I couldn’t see her towering over me, I quickly tried to get out. Whoa… I practically had to learn to walk all over again. My front legs where tripping me whenever I got up. But, as luck would have it I learned extremely fast (The trick was using my tail to help balance, and natural instinct I guess) I started my attempt to escape. First climbing and scratching at the sides. That didn’t work so I tried tipping the box over but, those two stupid chairs held in firmly in the corner. Grr… I exhausted every idea I could but never got close to escaping.

“Good boy,” she said as she came back with a small box which she set on one of the chairs. I already resented the Master to pet tone she was taking. “I’ve got some interesting stuff for you here Kit.” She first took out a collar. It was small and red with a little tag (Is she serious?). She reached down about to put it on me but I snapped at her, trying to bite and claw her to the best of my abilities. “Don’t you dare try and bite me!” She admonished. I completely ignored her and started trying to growl at her.

She put the collar down and grabbed what looked like another collar from the box.

“I got this to keep my old puppy in the yard but I think your nasty biting habit is something worth correcting.” I continued to growl at her, whatever it was she was not going to put it on me without a fight. Having a mini-showdown we stared at each other for a minute straight. Neither moving, just intimidating. Then she made her move reaching down at me as I jumped up to bite and claw her. She managed to bat the nose on my snout really hard. I fell backward in complete disarray, it was like scrambling my senses. I shivered and scratched my nose, it hurt so bad and I couldn’t do anything but yelp about it. During witch time she secured the collar device around my neck. She immediately backed off.

“Oh, I’m sorry Kit. But you gave me no choice. If you did that in public to someone they might haft to have put you to sleep.” I laid down continuing to paw at my nose, waiting for the hurting to stop. “Just to warn you, that new collar you have on… It’s an electronic tracer and kind of mini-taser. You see, if I use this remote, it can either find you or shock you; Not to mention prevent you from leaving my yard. Think of it as incentive not to mess with me.” I knew she had to be bluffing (They hadn’t invented stuff like that, had they?). “Now are you going to play nice?” I didn’t answer. She must of taken that as a yes, because a moment later she was trying to pick me up. I waited till it was nearly going to touch me then I bit and clamped down on her hand.

“OW!!! You little wretch, I warned you…” She shook me off back into the box than pressed the button on the remote. I felt a surge of pain. It was no more then five seconds but I was knocked off my paws and left with my nerves tingling. She shook her head in sorrow. Then picked me up out of the box. This time I was to weak to hardly move.


As we came up and out into living room, something unexpected happened, her step-mom was sitting on the couch there watching TV. I perked up thinking just maybe her maternal ‘Pet’s are a big responsibility, not now’ attitude familiar to all parents would kick in. Seeing her enter with me in her arms she was immediately curious.

“Were on earth did you get that puppy?” She looked up not realizing her step-mother was in the room.

“What? Um… this little guy?” She began to stutter and fault for an answer.

“He’s absolutely adorable! Bring him over here. I want to see him.” (No! Your supposed to hate animals! You don’t want to see me, you want her to bring me back where she found me) “Awww, look at him. He’s so cute!. His little paws and that furry tail. What kind of puppy is he?” She began to fondle me, petting and scratching my back.

“Him? Well, uh… He’s a,” She nervously searched for an answer. I tried to scrimp for all my strength to run but my body had none in it. “He’s a fox terrier.” I looked up at her surprised, then at her step-mom (Come on, your not that stupid! I’m a fox, and an illegal pet I might add).

“Really? I never knew them to be red or orange.” (Guh, maybe I never noted her step-mom’s ignorance).

“Can we keep him.” She jumped on the big question trying to bypass my true species.

“Where did you find him?”

“I uh… Went to one of those classified adds in the newspaper. They were offering him to a good home because they’re moving and they didn’t want the mother to have puppies anyway.” (Wow, I don’t think I could have pulled that lie off).

“Really, you mean this little guy’s an orphan. Oh, of course we can keep him.” She began to scratch my underbelly. Even though I hated it, it felt so good. I couldn’t help but kick my leg a little, forcibly rolled onto my back. “Do you know if he has his shots?”

“Yes, he does and I went ahead and put Shep’s old collar on him. They said he might run back to his mother but she already moved earlier today.” (Run back to mother? That wasn’t far off from the truth. As for shots, I’m pretty sure that was another lie).

“I’ll keep the doors shut and have a look out for him. In the mean time why don’t you get some of Shep’s other stuff for him.” She happily went down stairs while I was held in her step-mom’s lap. I began to whimper some more, my situation was not going to get any better. “Oh, you’re a cute little guy. Yes you are.” She kept talking to me almost like a mother to baby manner I had almost gotten used to. The difference being she had no clue that I had intelligence and expected me to be some happy idiot animal for her enjoyment.

“I got a pillow for Kit and Shep’s old leash.”


“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you his name’s Kit.” Her step-mom smirked looking at me.

“Kit, what a bad name. I’d name you something like… I know, Mortimur. She can call you what she wants but to me your name is Mortimur.” I stuck my tongue out at her. That was an insult to my old name. I happened to be very found of the name Kit, at least it was appropriate.


After another 10 minutes of my neighbor scurrying around the house gathering pet necessities her step-mom noticed my tummy-growling. She looked at me surprised. Then called over to my neighbor.

“Your not planning on letting this little guy starve are you?”

“Of course not, I just forgot that he needed food.”

“Forgot??? Little puppies like this need to eat, especially when they’re so young.”

“How young do you think he is?”

“Not older than a month or two, but I could be wrong.”

“What do they eat?”

“Well, they don’t really eat. They drink their mother’s milk. I bet you can get a substitution formula at the pet store.”

“Yeah I’ll go pick it up in a few minutes.”

“Better hurry, he looks really hungry.”


She came over and picked me up off her step-mom’s lap, now I had a little more energy and put up a decent resistance to get away. Unfortunately as soon as I broke out of her hands she grasped my tail. Again, I was hanging in mid air inches off the floor, upside down by my tail. This time it hurt a whole bunch more though.

“Don’t do that, it’s bad for him. All the blood will rush to his head or something.” She quickly grabbed my collar nearly choking me and carried me up to her bedroom taking me inside, locking the door as she came in.


“Mother’s milk, huh?” She said looking me in the eye (I didn’t like the sound of that). “I think I know a better place to find some milk.” She took a seat in the chair in her corner, holding me in her lap. I tried to scratch her and she dropped me on the floor.  “Oh you will never learn will you Kit.” She grabbed the remote from her pocket and tapped the button again. (I’m beginning to hate that thing) I was jolted to submission losing most of my strength again. I started to cry as I laid there, my paw was even shacking uncontrollably. She picked me up cradling me in her arms. I looked up at her solemnly, trying to figure out what she was doing.

She sat back down in the chair and let me stand on her lap. I managed to shakily stand upright and move slightly. I noticed her begin to unbutton her blouse, at which point I got concerned. Instinctually looking for a way out my eyes found their way back to the floor (It looks awfully far to the ground…). I started to whimper and pace around her knees.

“What’s wrong Kit? You’re not hungry anymore?” I looked back at her, she was down to the last button on her blouse, leaving only her brassier. I quickly turned back hoping to escape in a last chance. About to jump my body betrayed me as I could hear my tummy grumble aloud. “Sounds to me like you are.”

She picked me up cradling me with one arm and undid her bra in the back with the other. It fell off and landed quietly on the floor. I shut my eyes as she held me closer, offering her breast. Turning my head resenting this but I only began to shake with immense hunger (When was the last time I had eaten?). She helped me a little by pressing my snout to her. I was too weak to protest and some hidden instinct kicked in as I began to nurse from her. Slowly at first but than I couldn’t stop sucking and drinking her milk (How was she able to give milk?). For what must have been an hour she nursed me till I drifted off to sleep.


“Come on lil’ Kit, we need to take you outside so you won’t go on me or anything else in this house.” (Huh?) I slowly perked my ears to try and wake up. I was on a pillow in the corner of the room. I got up and trotted out of the room and down the stairs without thinking. When I got to the landing something just clicked. I realized I was free for the moment, the door was open and my neighbor was a little behind me coming down the stairs. I instantly took off and out the door, going in fast strides on instinct. No sooner had I crossed into my own old houses’ yard, then I received an electric reminder from that stupid collar. I cried out in pain with a yerf because as long as I was out of her yard the shock continued.

            “Kit!” She ran and picked me up and out of the yard. Honestly, I have never been in so much pain, I literally could only see white and had trouble feeling through my body. “Well, maybe you’ll believe me now when I tell you that it prevents you from leaving the yard. At least you peed while you learned…” (As if the shock was going to help me regain control, if anything it would begin to permanently damage something somehow).

            She gently brought me back inside, cooing in an almost motherly matter and caressing me to help soothe the pain. I could hear her clomp back up the stairs and then place me on a pillow, I couldn’t tell exactly where it was but I assumed by the smell, it was the one in her room.

            She laid me down as I continually blinked my eyes, trying to see straight. After a few minutes when the detail started to come back, I realized she had left and locked the door. I got up and surveyed the room finding it hopeless for means of escape (The thought was starting to hurt anyway). Giving in for the moment I went to what I guess I could call my pillow. I tried to think happy thoughts (Like when I get the remote and she has this shock collar on) and fell asleep again.


I woke once more but it was very dark. I sensed my neighbor in the room. I looked over at her, she was loosening her pants… I was still half-asleep but I think I know what she had in mind. Slowly she crept her hand into her pants and I saw the movement I was suspecting. I put my paws over my eyes not to watch (Was she deriving pleasure from my pain? That is really freaking sick if she is…) I corrected myself for that little outburst (I think I ‘m getting aggressive tendencies from this fox form), I guess she heard my movement.

“Kit? Are you awake?” She said in a quiet voice. I didn’t move any pretending to still be asleep. I just kept my paws over my eyes feeling that some how I was safe in doing so. I could hear her getting off the bed and creeping over to me. I began to shiver a little as I heard her get closer. “Oh, what’s wrong Kit? Why are you covering your eyes like that?” I didn’t answer. She paused for a moment; tapping her foot, suggesting thought. “Have you forgotten about human pleasure?” I shivered again as she laughed in a manner that frightened me. Suddenly she yanked me off the pillow by my collar, I gasped for air but a second later she dropped me on her bed. I watched with a fearful eye as she got on the bed and began to unzip and remove her pants. I looked at the locked door (Fern, why hadn’t you come to take me home yet?)

Still looking at the door and spacing out in hope once again, a pair of panties landed on my head. I swiped at them with my paw taking them off my face. I turned to see her wearing nothing but a t-shirt.

“Come on Kit.” I shook my head and started backing away with my tail between my legs. She smirked seeing me cower. She reached over and got the collar remote. “Don’t make me use this.” She said in a stern voice holding it just in front of me. I cringed as her finger hovered over the button. Standing deafly still for a few more seconds, I watched as she tapped the button. I received a mild current of electricity as I yelped again. She seemed to wince as she let her finger off the button. “That hurt me a lot more then it did you Kit… Please don’t make me use this again.”

She sat propped up against the pillows and spread her legs. She was motioning me to come over to her. I still hesitated but she held the remote up again and I began to inch toward her in fear of the device.

Just when I reached arms length she grabbed my collar and pulled me in. Pushing my head into her crotch. I whimpered trying to pull free. She dug a fingernail into my neck telling me what I knew she wanted me to do; I began to use my tongue to lick her. She kept her hands on my back running them through my fur as I continued (I’ve never felt more dirty or sinful in my life). She pushed my head a little deeper, as my snout went just inside her. I could feel her building with my tongue spurring her on.

Soon she started to shack slightly and with a passionate moan (Witch I did not share), she climaxed sending her juices all over my snout and even in my mouth. I tried to back up but she held me where I was till she had finished.

Finally she moved her hands and picked me up, holding me on level with her face. She saw the cum on my face and smiled. I shuddered and cried as much as a little fox could (I felt terrible at what I had just done).

“Oh Kit, what’s wrong… Didn’t you enjoy that?” I kept crying and whimpering. “I’ll go ahead and clean you off, but I want you to know that with a little work you could be really good at that.” She smiled putting me back on the bed. I felt weak sitting there while she got a scarf from the dresser next to the bed. This was so degrading and the thought of doing it again brought new tears to my eyes.

Getting the scarf she began dabbing it on my face, trying to get the fluid out of my fur. She giggled as she finished… gently taking me and placing me on the floor. I looked up at her trying to convey the message of ‘Why did you do that to so little and lowly an animal’. She hardly paid attention and snuggled under the bed covers. Wearily I made my way over to the pillow in the corner, and softly cried myself back to sleep.


“Hey, who are you?” Someone poked my nose. I fluttered my eyes open trying to focus.

“What’d you do that for?” I was looking at something black standing in front of me. (Wait a minute) I jumped to my paws, (I could hear my speech!). I also realized what I was talking too, it was my neighbor’s cat, Onyx. “You can talk!” I exclaimed. She rolled her eyes, and gave me a sarcastic feline look.

“Duh…” I looked over myself, I was still a fox.

“Then why can I?”

“I don’t even want to be begin… Just stay out of the main bedroom, that’s my territory.” She started to walk out of the room.

“Wait!” I called. “Why can I only speak to you and not humans?”

“Don’t take this wrong way, I think it’s great master found a new pet, but I don’t associate with wild animals… Especially lost cubs.” She left giving me what I guessed was a black cat’s cold shoulder.

I stretched my paws and got off my pillow. I had thoughts about following Onyx to ask a few more questions, but she seemed too cranky to bother. I checked the room for my neighbor but she was gone. The door was still open so I ventured out into the familiar house I had visited nearly every day after school. (That reminded me, school) I began to think about my friends at school… I wonder how they where taking this, I bet my girlfriend was a wreck with worry.

That didn’t make me any happier but what could I do… Standing in the upstairs hallway, I looked around for inspiration. The door at the end of the hallway was cracked open (Onyx was probably in there). Curiosity was pulling me toward it and I couldn’t really stop the call.

I poked my nose into the room, getting a good sniff of the air. I could smell some type of popery heavy in the air and not much besides. I crept in a little further. The door creaked open as I did.

“I thought I told you to stay out.” She sounded aggravated.

“I just wanted to ask some questions Onyx.”

“Get… Hey, how did you know my name?” I moved into the room.

“Don’t you know who I am?”

“Should I?” I realized that was kind of a stupid question on my part given my appearance.

“Actually this may be hard to understand but I’m Josh.”

“And that name means what?”

“I did that drawing of you in the living room.” She stood up on the edge of the bed and jumped down next to me. She looked shocked and paced around me inspecting me closer.

“No way!” She sniffed at me. “You’re the boy next store?” I nodded as she examined me point blank. I thought for a moment and figured a way to convince her.

“Stand still for a second,” I said, she hesitantly did as I asked. I reached out with my paw and began to scratch at a very particular spot under her chin (I remember being able to always grab her attention whenever I came over after school by scratching her like that). She closed her eyes and purred aloud till I stopped.

“I. How...?” (I don’t think I’m going to be doing the questioning for a while)


- 1 Hour later -


“She really made you do that?!?” I shyly turned very red embarrassed beyond belief, or more ashamed I should say. “I knew she had a crush on you but I had no idea she would force such a fragile little.” I began to notice something kick in, I think Onyx was taking a shine to me (Maybe my little fox self and fragile mind was appealing to all females, like sending a subliminal message ‘take care of me’).

“Where is she now?” I said realizing that my neighbor had not done anything mean or nasty to me the whole morning.

“She’s at school. Probably be back home in a few hours.”

“You have to help me escape!” She looked bewildered.


“I already explained it to you. Here, help me get this damn collar off my neck.” She put a claw under the collar and snapped it clean off. As I saw it land on the floor something inside me just unleashed. I took at it with a hatred I had never had before. Clawing and smashing the electronic part of it into hundreds of pieces. I began to cry as I scattered pieces around. Onyx rubbed up against me in an affectionate matter, taking me away from the device. I was panting and sobbing as she tried to comfort me.

“It’s okay, I know you’ve been through a lot, but it’s going to be over soon.” I stood trying to relax. I ruined the moment though because I accidentally relaxed my bladder at the same time. Onyx looked at me surprised but then smiled.

“I guess you really do need diapers…” (Where have I heard that before?) I blushed again still whimpering.


She lead me downstairs and we searched for an open door. Instead we came across my neighbor’s dad. He noticed Onyx and came over to give her a pet, I was around the corner and didn’t know he was coming till he was already looking at me. I froze in fear, I knew him and he liked me, but he was a gun enthusiast and hunter. I was currently a fox, and in his house.

“You want some cat ni… What the hell?” To late he saw me. I turned back and ran as fast as my legs would carry me, keeping my eyes back on him. He was just standing there not moving. I slowed and started to hear a growl. I located the noise at the front door. I couldn’t believe what I saw. A large wolf was standing on all fours with the door open. Snarling and growling at him. I stopped mid-step in fear but my nose came to attention. (That scent… It was Fern!)

I ran and leaned up to her feeling safe now. She smiled down at me, but flashed her sharp teeth at him backing the two of us out the door. I hid under Fern as she covered my exit. Onyx winked with a grin sort of saying good bye, I smiled back but then Fern picked me up by my neck with her mouth. I tried to wave me front paw as I dangled slightly.


I hadn’t felt so happy in my entire life, the ordeal was over and I was going back. I made little happy noises here and there as she trotted back to that spot in the woods.

“How’d you find me Mommy?” She mumbled something and I realized she couldn’t answer because her mouth was full, so to speak. (I guess the way she’s carrying me is an animal thing).

Getting near the spot I noticed something on the ground. It looked like a small child. Fern put me down and went over to investigate, I followed closely behind.

It was indeed a young girl who looked to be no more then six. She was dressed in a school uniform complete with backpack. Fern went and nudged her nose at the little girl. I quickly jumped on her back and began to search for injury. Something caught my eye though, hanging out of her backpack’s back pocket was a folded up piece of paper. The thing that really brought attention to it was that it was glowing a pale blue. Immediately I took the paper in my mouth. Dropping it on the ground so to look at it.

It was a magnificent drawing of a baby wolf morph that had to be no more then 3. The name Athenia was written in crayon across the top. I noticed Fern standing over me looking at the drawing too. She was grinning with that maternal smile. I didn’t realize for an instant but then it hit me, I think I was about to adopt a little sister.




“Uh dear, your not going to believe what was just at the door.”

“What do you mean?”

“A fox was running around the house and the biggest damn wolf I’ve ever seen came and defended it.” She sat up in surprise.

“When did our house become a haven for wild beasts?”

“Sense you let our daughter keep one as a pet…”

“What, you don’t mean that little puppy.”

“I think she has some explaining to do when she gets back.”



Kit Fox : Part 4

By: Kit Fox




I blinked my eyes a few times… They hurt just trying to focus. It was like everything swirled into a white gray blur. I slowly regained my senses back in waves; first a chill of cold air brushing up against my fur, causing me to shiver. Then a soft padding noise around me. Finally I began to re-distinguish defining features and I made out someone standing above me. Something was wrong though, but, I couldn’t quite place my paw on it. I tried my best to stand up, only finding it not possible. After the attempt I fell back into the soft ground. My vision focusing a little more, I watched snowflakes drifting down onto my face, then, Fern’s loving eyes met with mine.

“Momma!” I exclaimed reaching out to hug her from the ground. It was then that I noticed my paws and it hit me… I was still a fox kit (A true animal one anyway). Fern picked me up, lovingly caressing my forehead.

“You’re almost home Kit.” She whispered.

“Why am I still a fox Momma?”

“When that girl brought you across the barrier she didn’t realize what would happen.”

“What do you mean?” I asked surprised.

“You can’t cross the barrier as fast as you did, it can cause retreat syndrom. That’s why your still a real fox.” I looked once again down at my fox form, I guess there was nothing for me to do. “It’s okay Kit, you’ll be back to normal in a few days. Just give it some time.” I still whimpered some but Fern just pressed me closer and started back home in the snow. I wanted to ask her some questions but I felt too tired to even do that. I could barely keep my eyes open as it was.


“Is he all right Momma?”

“Kit will be fine in a few days… He just needs his rest Emily.” I could hear Emily and Eve talking seemed almost like a dream.

“Why is he an animal?”

“Hush Emily… He’s just a little sick.” Eve said, which was I guess not so surprising.

“Eve can you help me, I need you to watch Kit for an hour or so.” Fern’s voice almost tickled my ear, causing it to twitch with the soothing sound.

“Sure Fern,” Eve paused for a moment then started talking quieter (I guess so Emily couldn’t hear it, but, I still could). “Are you going back to get the other one?” There was no reply but I could tell Fern was nodding (I had almost forgotten about the little girl).


A while later I was awake (Or more so than earlier), curled up in a ball on top of my bed. I yawned for a second and tried to focus. I felt really dizzy but I guess it’s normal for whatever I had. Raising my head I looked around, there was no one in the room with me. I slumped down again, it felt a little lonely.

I ran through all that had happened in the last few days, which was just one big head-ache. I brushed those thoughts aside and just decided to get up and stretch my legs (All four of em’). I rolled out of bed slowly and disgracefully, landing on the ground with a thud. Emily must have heard me because a moment later she was in my room.

“Hiya Kit,” Emily said starring at me on the floor. I was lying on my back and had to tilt my head back to identify the voice. “How are you feelwing?”

“Better,” That was hard said given my position and form. Emily walked over and picked me up. I was about 2 feet in size and still a little much for her to carry. She sorta fumbled with me for a moment before dropping me. I fell disgracefully once again, it didn’t hurt but just served to make me dizzier. “Sowwy Kit!” She exclaimed. I tried to get to my paws and shake it off for a moment. “Oh, I’m so sowwy!”

“I’m fine,” I said wearily before falling over (Stupid ground, it was being unstable).

“Be more careful around Kit, Emily,” Eve said. I looked up to see her standing in the doorway behind us. She smiled and picked me up off the floor. “So how is little Kit doing?” I opened my mouth about to say something, but, I felt my tail twitch and a sudden pressure I hadn’t felt in a while. “Kit?” Eve asked.

“I.I..” Eve looked at me strangely.

“Are you okay Kit?” The pressure subsided a little, this was good because I was in control of my bowel movement somewhat. Quickly before I spoke again, I looked down at the rest of my body, I wasn’t exactly wearing a diaper.

“I really have to go potty!” I yelped out. Eve didn’t really flinch but put me down on my bed. I was a little confused, she was being so calm about it and I really had to go! She walked over to my dresser and opened the top drawer, taking out a disposable diaper as she did. Emily just watched wide eyed, while I battled to control myself in the mean time.

“Don’t worry Kit, I’ve got it controlled.” Eve said as she placed the diaper under me. It felt kinda weird to be in a diaper that wasn’t really designed for my current body. She swiftly threaded my tail through the back and taped up the diaper. She gave my nose a little pat, “All right, go ahead Kit.”

I blushed some of the deeper shades of red, it was embarrassing to have to do my business in front of two people. Needless to say though, I did… Right on the spot, I lost control and pooped in my diaper. Not to mention flooding it (Embarrassment had taken control of something else which didn’t really help). At one point I looked over at Emily; who was giggling and trying to cover her mouth. Eve tried to shush her (I guess to make me feel better) and give me a little privacy.


Eve waited a moment but than cleaned me up (For some reason I didn’t think I’d ever be able to live this down, especially with Emily).

“Well, now that that’s over, I’d like to repeat my question.” Eve said to me. “So Kit, how are you feeling right now?”

“Um… Okay I guess.” I said half-wit (Hey, if you had just gone through what I did you would too).

“Well then, why don’t we bring you into the living room? You can get some rest in front of the fireplace or on the couch.” I was still sorta out of it, but next thing I knew I was scooped up and carried out of my room.

Eve carried me out into the hallway, while Emily skipped just behind us. I must say that of all things at that time, I felt particularly awkward… Besides all that had just taken place a few minutes earlier Eve was holding me really… um.. close… to her chest (Which gave me a little chill thinking back to yesturday).

“Oh, are you cold Kit?” Eve said taking a moment to scratch behind my ear with a clawed finger. I shivered slightly as she smiled down at me. “Better hurry and get you in front of the fireplace.” We entered the living room; I yawned slightly as Eve gently placed me on the ground. Feeling a little playful I batted at her hand. She went along with it and pawed me back, I yipped up at her in response. “Just wait here a second, I’ll be right back.” She walked off for a moment, meanwhile I rolled over and tried to stand. Before I could accomplish this though, Emily abruptly jumped in front of me.

“So what’cha wanna do Kit?” Emily excitedly said kneeling over me.

“Sleep.” I replied flatly.

“Hmph… Your no fun…”

“Kit..” I turned to see Eve placing an absorbant pad in front of the fireplace.

“What’s that fwor?” I asked.

“It’s to protect the carpet in case you have an accident.” I didn’t really have time to reply to that because I was shoved onto the pad a second later. It wasn’t really hard but I got the message I was supposed to stay put and rest.

“Now Kit, just relax and stay here. You really need your rest, so take it easy.” I grinned and circled around the little pad, ending in a curled ball.


The door flung open letting in a blast of midwinter. My ears perked to attention although my body was still asleep. I could hear Eve rush out of the room with the light padding of Emily right behind her.

“Eve, can you go tell Kit that he has a new baby sister?” Fern asked as she carried a wolf cub swaddled in blankets through the door. Gently she took the blanket down a little to introduce her to her new life. “Her name is Athenia… But, Athie will be good for short.”


I was scurrying across the hallway and just about catching up to Emily. Eve was standing aghast at the top of the stairs. She smiled deeply and began to move slowly. Somehow she seemed to have some motherly awe, as if suddenly falling in love with a new piece of art or having been struck by lightning, I couldn’t tell. I just stopped behind Emily and nipped at her tail. She giggled as she hurried in front of me.


“How old is she?”

“She’s a little over 2.” Fern said handing the little pup to Eve. Eve’s eyes lit up as she stared on at Athie.

“I remember this exact look when I brought Emily into my house for the first time.”

“Let’s get her upstairs to the Nursery and begin her new life.” Fern said as Eve handed Athie back to her. “Come on Kit, let’s take your new sister to your room.”

A little confused since everything happened so fast. I just tried to happily trot after everyone as they made their way to my room. I came in last with everyone already gathered around the crib and I suspected that’s where Athie was. Getting behind Fern, I pawed the back of her dress.

“Would my little Kit like to see his new sister?” Fern said smiling down at me. I furiously nodded my reply as Fern lifted me up from my waist and held me so I could see Athie. Oh, she was a beautiful little wolf… I know this may have been hard to tell since she was only 2, but, I could tell she was destined to be a beautiful wolf someday. As I looked on in interest, Athie began to stir.

“I think she’s waking up Kit… Why don’t you say hello?” I heard this and looked back at Fern, I could tell I was grinning ear to ear and I could also hear my tail wagging so hard it was thumping against Fern’s side. (Was I supposed to be doing that? I thought only dogs wag their tales..)

I turned back to Athie and smiled as her eyes blinked a few times then slowly opened… She rubbed them and yawned, looking like some little angel fallen into my crib.


“Hi Athie, I’m your big brother Kit!” I whispered happily. Athie in turn suddenly went wide eyed. She started crying as she took in all that her eyes were telling her. I personally felt terrible since it looked to me that I was frightening her. Fern quickly placed me on the ground and put a hand to Athie’s face.


“Shhh little one, it’s all right. Your safe now.” Fern’s words didn’t seem to quiet Athie’s tears as I wandered over toward Emily.

“What happened?” I asked curiously, keeping an eye on the crib from where I was.

“She’s scarwed… Wike you and me when we came.” It took a few blinks of my eyes for that to sink in, but, then I remembered what I had been like when I was brought here.


“I think we should give her some time… K, Emily?”

“Yeah, let’s go back and play some.” With that we both left my nursery. Leaving Fern and Eve to calm Athie. “So what you wanna do Kit?”

“I dunno.”

“We could pway fetch.” She said giggling at me.

“That’s not very funny Emily.”

“Sowry Kit, I just teasing. You know, I wike your new sister.”

“Yeah, she seems nice, but, I don’t think she likes me.”

“Don’t say that Kit, I know she’ll love you as I do when she comes around.” I stopped for a minute as Emily took on her semi-serious non lisp voice with me. Then she smiled and hugged me. “That’s right I love you even if you are a little fox.” She told me. Then she put me down and took a few steps away. Getting a really big grin. “Know wha Kit?”

“What Emily?”

“You can’t catch me!” Emily said giggling as she bolted away. Forgetting about the conversation, I took chase. We toured about half the house in our pursuit, and even though I didn’t really like being a real fox kit, I had to admit that I was faster then my anthro self.

“Almost got you Emily!” I barked happily as I was within the little raccoons tail’s reach. Emily kept her constant giggling and stayed just ahead of me. I was getting a little tired so I decided to end it. I thrust my hind legs out and was jumping up and onto Emily. She was taken to a grouping of pillows (As I had planned it) in the living room by the force of my move.

“Ah! The dog has me!” Emily playfully cried. I did what I guess came natural and licked Emily’s face. “Hehe, stop… That tickles Kit.”

“I got you Emily!” I yipped happily. Emily just reached out and hugged me, which I guess worked because I stopped licking and hugged back.


“Yeah Emily?”

“If I was old enough to date, would you be my boyfriend?” Emily asked giggling slightly.

“Sure, I would.” I said with a giggle of my own, Emily hugged a little harder.

“Thankx Kit…”


“Come on Emily… We have to go now.”

“Aww, do we have to?” Emily replied suddenly letting me go.

“Yes, the rules say we do. So let’s leave little Athie here with Fern and Kit. I’m sure you’ll see them again soon, okay?”

“Okay momma… Bye Kit.”

“Uh, bye Emily.” I shakily said trying to figure out why she was leaving on such short notice. Emily moved to get up and go, but, turned around for an instant and kissed me on the nose.

“Wait fwor me Kit… You know, till I’m old enough.” Emily said with a big smile.

“Of course I will Emily, I just hope it’s not to long.” I said returning that smile with a foxish grin of my own.

“We’ll see you later, Fern and Kit. Call me when things settle down.” Eve said as they walked down the stairs to the front door.

“I will Eve, have a safe trip.”

I got up and left the living room, to head back to my room. To no surprise, Fern was there and diapering little Athie. While she was diapering, she was also humming something that was so strangely familiar. I know I had heard her hum that some where else, but, I had also heard it before in my old life. The question was where…


“While I’m changing diapers, do you need to go Kit?” Fern asked.

“I don’t think so mommy, but, then again I haven’t gone in a while.”

“In that case I’ll put a pad down for you, just sit there and you can help me introduce Athie to our world.” Fern finished diapering Athie, then went to get a diaper pad for me. I followed along playful as usual and curled up on the pad.

I had barely settled down before I heard Athie’s soft stirring noise. I guess Fern heard it too, because she hurried over to Athie’s side. I was a bit curious myself, but, I didn’t want to get up from the pad.


“Hi Angel…” Fern said quietly. Athie was sobbing a little and didn’t speak back. “Your safe now, and in your new home.” Fern paused and smiled down at her. “Well, you certainly look relieved, I bet you had a rough time playing out there.” My ears twitched slightly as Fern said that… (Didn’t she say that to me, when I was first brought here?)

Fern picked Athie up out of the crib and put her down on the regular bed. Athie just sat there quietly while Fern went to the closet and got a small pink footed sleeper. “I don’t want to shock you Athie, but, you’ll have to wear diapers because your little body has been potty trained.” Again her statement went unanswered, in fact as I watched, Athie’s expression didn’t even change. She just moved her thumb into her mouth and sucked lightly. “Oh, and did I mention that this little fox over here is your big brother?” Fern said carrying the sleeper back to Athie. Athie looked over at me and grinned slightly, I did my best to wave my paw over at her. I guess the motion tipped me off, but, I realized that I had been lying in a semi-wet pad.


“Yes Kit?”

“I think I need a new pad.”

Fern smiled as she helped Athie into the sleeper. “You know your brother is just a little sick right now, he usually isn’t a real fox… He’s actually a lot like you are right now. He even has to wear diapers.” Fern finished zipping up Athie. “I’ll change your pad in a moment Kit.” She said back to me. “Now Athie, I’m going to leave you here to talk to your brother Kit… Okay?” She waited for an answer, but, still didn’t receive one. “Do you understand Athie?” Athie just nodded quietly and continued sucking her thumb. “Don’t you want to say anything?” Fern smiled down into Athie’s face, but, she still remained silent. “Okay, you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to. Remember, if you need a change just ask me.”

Fern came over and lifted me off the pad, drying me with a towel and then leaving a new one. Then she left Athie and I alone to play. I looked over and Athie just sat there on the edge of the bed watching me for a few minutes. I did my best to put on a show for her, you now the whole bit. Everything from chasing my tail to tripping over my own paws, but, she seemed as if she was looking beyond me or something.


“Don’t you want to talk?” I asked. “Do you want to know anything?” Athie just continued to stare coldly at me. “Um… how about your other family? Do you remember what they were like?” I said taking another approach. She didn’t answer so I decided to give her some time alone. I quietly took my exit and left for the living room. Fern was in their on some type of phone. Probably talking to Eve.


“Sorry to make you go in such a hurry Eve.” Fern said.

“Oh, that’s okay. We both now the rules. I’m just glad I was able to a least see her.”

“Yeah, I’ll have to invite you over again later.”

“Or I could invite you over here… Whatever works.”

“Well, I’ll talk to you later then?”

“Sure, have a nice evening.”

“You too Eve.” With that Fern stopped the call.


“Who was that Momma?” I asked, Fern jumped a little bit.

“You startled me Kit.”

“Sorry, momma.”

“It’s okay little one, but, why aren’t you with your new sister?”

“She’s not talking and I though she could use some personal time to sort things out.”

“That’s very thoughtful Kit.” Fern said as she reached down to pick me up. “Kit, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, Momma.”

“How do you feel about having a new little sister?” I was a little taken aback when Fern asked me this, because honestly I’m not sure how I really felt.

“I don’t know momma… I really like her and I did have a little sister in my other life, but, well… I don’t know.”

“Well, Kit. I want you to know, that even though I’m going to be giving Athie a lot of attention these upcoming days. I still love you. Remember you’re my wittle Kit!” She said tickling my tummy. I giggled and batted her hand softly with my paw.

“I love you momma.”

“Oh, I love you too Kit.”


After Fern had tickled me to submission she put me down on the couch. I happily yipped my delight and turned to see Athie. She was standing in the hallway watching us. (How long had she been there?) Fern smiled when she saw Athie.

“Well, here is your little sister Kit… Would you like to watch TV with your big brother Athie?” Fern asked. Athie didn’t say anything, but, walked over toward me.

“All right, you two play nice here. I’ll get dinner started.”

“K, mommy.” I said curling up into a ball and gluing my eyes to the TV screen. Athie just sat back into the couch and waited till Fern was in the kitchen.

An hour past as I happily wasted time with cartoons till Athie broke the silence.


“I hated my old life.”

I looked up from the TV to Athie in shock. “Excuse me?”

“I was always made fun of and never understood. Even in my own family.” (Maybe it was just me, but, Athie seemed really intelligent for the majority of six year olds turned 2).

“Um… hate is a strwong word, are you sure you really hate?” I asked looking up to her. As I did, she knelt down beside me and burst into tears.

“I hated them! They never understood me for what I was!”

“Okay, okay… I didn’t mean to get you excited. Just tell me all about it.” (Not to be mean to my new sister and all, but, isn’t this Fern’s job?) Before I could really react, the small toddler embraced me like I was her favorite stuffed animal. Sobbing heavily over my shoulder.

“I’m just so glad **sniffle** I’m here now… You can’t know how much it means to have a caring mother and brother.”

“I now what it’s like to feel pain, and suffering. And to have someone come in and pull you free of it. That’s how I’m here.” I mustered the best smile I could as I tried to pat her back with my tiny paw.

“I just wanted so much to get away, that’s why I ran from it all.”

“You were running away?” (That’s right, we found her in the woods unconscious).

“No, I wasn’t running away…”

“Athie was just running home.” Fern chimed in from the doorway. We both turned to see Fern smiling happily at us. Athie let go of me and ran up to hug Fern. “Don’t worry little Athie, you’ll be safe here with me and your big brother Kit. And you’ll never have to go back if you don’t want to. It’ll always be your choice.”

“I love you mommy.” Athie cried out, holding as tightly to Fern as she could. Fern grinned even wider and hugged back.

“I love you too Athie.”

(I was a little shocked for a moment, Athie was apparently very to accept all this. I remember how it was at least a day before I could even believe anything I was told. But, the prospect of what was to come did seem good). Not able to help it, I myself smiled watching them both, it seemed as if everything was going to be good for now, and I should be regular Kit anytime soon. I fluffed my tail a bit and got a little more comfortable before nestling down to rest.