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Edward Scott, Alex Scott, Sabrina Scott, Tiffany Sampson, Pierce Sampson, Gemma Sampson, Rebecca Fenner, Emily Jones, Jennifer King, Lucy Ridge, Leo Ridge, Fay Lawson, Katie Edge, Lee Fenner, Marcus Fenner and Raine Lawson.

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This is a spin off of my main project at the moment (which will either end up as a serries or an online comic, which is based on my Furcadia character, Edward Scott, it is set a few years ahead of now). This story is based on Leo Ridge, the brother of Lucy Ridge. Now to understand this story I shall first give you an over view of my main project…


Chapter One – Reason


Leo looked around the room, it was rather dull, but then again it was the back of Sabrina’s bar, it was large, and was mostly taken up by a table and chairs, looked kinda like a boardroom for a company… or it would were it not for the weapon cabinets that stretched across both the side walls from end to end, fully stocked with arms to do their jobs.

Leo looked at his sister, Lucy who was next him, with her head resting gently upon both her arms as she lent over the table waiting. She was actually quiet beautiful, though he would never tell her that, her fur was very soft to touch and it was a darkish grey color. Her hair was long and black, and quiet sleek. Her eyes were a deep purple, which made them the made focus of her face. She was wearing a dark blue top over which she was wearing body armour and she was wearing blue jeans with a black belt around her waists which held various weapons as well as hold her pants up.

He looked away from his sister and looked over to Rebecca, she was leaning back on her chair which rested against the ball behind it. He has always liked her though he was never game enough to make a move. She was very beautiful, her long orangey/brown hair went half way down her back, and her fur was a very soft and beautiful white, which she seemed to always keep perfectly clean. Leo was reminded of when they captured on of their bounties after a fight in a very dusty old house, everyone came out covered in dust a few bleeding, except for Rebecca, who had only managed to muck up her hair which she quickly brushed as they drove back to claim their bounty with the criminal they had captured.

Her eyes were green, but not the average faded green color, but a more deep rich green, which made her beautiful features stand out even more, she was wearing a short cut red top which went down to just above her belly button, the top had short sleaves and over the front of it was draped a silver necklace which she always wore around her neck and never seemed to take off. Leo could see her tail flicking from side to side out the back of the chair, it was white like the rest of furre and seemed to make her look even more beautiful. She didn’t have any weapons on her but her holsters were strapped on the guns on the table along with her swords in their cases waiting to be strapped on to the belt. The one thing that set Rebecca apart from most of the group was the fact that she was Feline, her twin brothers may also be felines, but other than that they were the only ones.

Leo was smiling at her and Rebecca looked over and saw him smiling at her and waved, returning the smile, and he quickly looked away blushing. He looked over to Faye, she, like nearly everyone he worked with it seemed was also rather beautiful, he fur was completely black, just like her hair, and her eyes were a very bright blue color, which made them stand out. She wore a green top and a pair of baggy purple trousers, her combat belt was on but she didn’t have any more of her gear on her at all.

Leo got up from the table and Lucy, Rebecca and Faye all looked at him at once as if to ask where he was going and before they had a chance to ask he said “I’m going to the bathroom” and they all looked back down as he walked down the end of the room and into another, closing the door behind him.

He walked over to the sink and looked into the mirror at himself. He looked at his hair, which unlike his sister’s it wasn’t black but actually blonde and streaked with white, not naturally of course. He looked himself in the eyes which were a very strong yellow color, his face what covered by mostly white fur, but around the edges of his face and the tips of his ears, were a tan color, just like the rest of his body. He saw his loose fitting, long sleeve shirt on himself, and the rich red colored belt that did more than just hold up his black pants.

One the belt was various clips and straps where weapons could be strapped on. He put his hand on the belt and felt all the way from one side to the other going along the front side of the belt. He turns the water on at the sink and cups his hands under it then splashes it over his face and hair then grab the towel next to the sink and dries his face then brushes his hair back before pulling out a pair of black framed green lenses sun glasses and putting them on.

He opens the bathroom door and walks out into the room where he was sitting before, and all of a sudden not only does he have Lucy, Rebecca and Faye looking at him, but Emily, Jennifer, Katie, the two twins Lee and Marcus, Tiffany and closest to him starting at him as if he had done something very wrong was Sabrina. Sabrina then said, “Like I was saying…” with this everyone’s attention shifted from Leo onto Sabrina, “Hurry up and gear up, we’re moving out in a few minutes” she paused again then said nearly spitting “My brother isn’t going to make it”

Leo who had been walking back down the side of the table to sit next to his sister again spun around then just blurted out “What?! You mean we aren’t waiting for Edward?”

Sabrina glared at him once more, and the whole room was also staring, it wasn’t like Leo to talk back to Sabrina, especially when they were getting ready for a hunt. Sabrina then said in a harsh tone “That what I said Leo, now gear up we’re leaving in five minutes”

Leo how ever, did not start to get ready he spoke back again “That is just stupid! We can’t go after Alex without Edward, he is the only one who has ever fought against him and survived”

Sabrina was beginning to show the rage that seemed to come out in all of the Scotts when they were fighting, she shouted at Leo “Get ready now Leo or I am leaving you behind, talk back one more time and I’ll dismiss you”

Leo went back over to where he was before to grab his weapons thinking ‘I can’t believe she is making us do this… I can’t believe the crazy bitch is making us go after him now… this is total bull-’

All of a sudden from the other end of the room Sabrina screamed “Leo!” Leo realising that she had been reading his mind, quickly ran back to his place and started pulling his gear on, luckily he could do if faster than everyone else and was ready to go just as the last few were walking out the door, When he got out the door and into the hallway, the others were already heading out the back door of the bar, which lead to a garage where they kept two vans and twelve motor bike. Just as he was about to run after them the door he just came out of slammed shut and Sabrina was behind him

Leo gulped and looked at Sabrina who said “One more smart ass comment Leo and I’ll kick your ass myself, the reason we are going after him now is because he doesn’t know we are coming, Alex diverted all his attention to Edward a few weeks ago, Edward doesn’t even know we are going”

Leo looked at her stunned “but what if-“

Sabrina glared at him again “Leo I mean it, now get on your bike, you’re riding rear tonight, I want you to be ready for anything. Oh and one last thing, be careful out there”

Sabrina glowed white and then suddenly disappeared, obviously reappearing out in the garage with everyone else, she normally would have just walked out with Leo but he knew she only did this to try and show strength and leadership. He did respect her as a leader, but it didn’t help that Leo was usually against her ideas on the situation, then again it didn’t help that he had worked for Edward for a year before he gave that up and came and worked for Sabrina.

He ran out the back door into the garage shutting the door behind him, and catching the keys that Lucy through at him the second he turned around, he grabbed his helmet off the rack and pulled it on just as his sister did next to him and jumped on the motor bike next to his and she asked him “What did you call her this time?” as the van and the bikes in front began to move out of the garage.

Leo jumped on his bike and smirked saying “Nothing much, just a crazy bitch” and before she had time to reply he revved the bike’s engine and took off after the van. Just as Lucy and Leo were both out of the garage, its door began to close slowly, and once it had shut completely the convoy pulled onto the road and headed towards the highway.

After an hour of eventless driving they begun to approach another city, and before they reached the city they took an off ramp of the highway and the lead bikes seemed to be directing the van where to go, as they drove through empty back street’s down to an abandoned warehouse district down by the docks.

They parked the bikes and van a block away from the intended target, and they all got off the bikes and those inside the van got out, Sabrina then spoke to them all “Ok this is it, we have very little time, Alex is moving back to hell to recharge, we have to stop him before he opens that portal, if we don’t we’re going to miss a big opportunity. Leo, Lucy, Bec and Faye I want you to get on your bikes and drive back a block and approach the building from the other side. Tiffany, Jen, Lee and Marcus, you will approach from this side, Katie, Emily, and myself, will come around from the back. You will all wait for my signal, you will know what it is. Any Questions?”

No one spoke and Leo quickly jumped back on his bike revving it and spun the back around and took off as the other three quickly did the same and begun to follow him. They went back one block, then across three and down another so they were three blocks away from Tiffany’s group awaiting Sabrina’s signal. Leo took off his helmet and pulled out a pair of night vision thermo goggles and pulled them on looking over at the warehouse, which was defiantly not abandoned, it was filled with what looked like at least fifty or so rogue demons.

Leo looked around and then on thermal vision then switched to night vision and saw others walking around that he didn’t before around the outside of the warehouse and he whispered to Lucy “we have a problem”

Who whispered back “what is it?”

Leo pulled the goggles off and threw them to Lucy “Vamps”

Before anyone knew what was happening there was a sudden roar as Leo revved the engine of the bike and pulled his helmet back on and took off towards the warehouse, when he the block it was on, there was a sudden uproar inside and outside the warehouse, Leo quickly pulled off the road onto the long stretch of empty space that was obviously a truck loading zone and a heap of vampires saw him and charged at him, but they were too late as he ramped up a stack of loading crates onto an empty freight container had fallen off the back of a truck, and was still sitting on it slightly, turning it into a ramp.

Leo reached the end of the container and took off into the air then straight through a window in the warehouse and landed in an office and fell off his bike which went straight through the wall and hit a half blood demon and broke open its fuel tank, which didn’t explode but just leaked as the bike continued to slide along the ground till it came to a halt after hitting a steel wall, half crushing the half blood demon that got pinned in front of it.

Leo’s ears were filled with explosives as a load roar of Sabrina screaming directly into his mind. He got up and unsheathed his silver blade as he rushed out of the office into the main hall of the warehouse, just like when Leo walked out of the bathroom, when he walked out of the office the whole room looked at him. Then the dark figure of Alex Scott, who was standing on a ledge at the other end of the room screamed “Get him!”

There was a mass amount of gun fire just as Leo dived back into the office and rolled along the ground. Getting a few scraping shots and one that had hit him in the back but didn’t manage to go through his armour, but winded him for a few seconds, he quickly crawled into the room connected to the office, which was in fact another office, but it provide cover as Leo pulled his Glock-18C off his belt and continued holding his sword in his other hand, he waited for the right moment, which was when a group of half blood demons came storming into the room he was just in, then fired the gun, the rapid fire bursts of the hand gun caught them by surprise before they all fell down dead.

There was the sound of explosives going off from both sides of the building as the main entrances of both sides flew off and came crashing down in the middle of the warehouse. From one side of the building came three motor bikes and from the other a van, and then there was a sudden sound of glass shattering in the main hall, not from the windows on the walls, but from the sky light on the roof as Emily, Katie and Sabrina burst through it and a fight broke out as they fought off Alex’s minions and servants. Leo how ever ran out of the office again onto the ledge around the side and ran after Alex, who had run into the far room, which was accessible only from the ledge he was on.

Leo kicked an inattentive half blood demon off the railing then stabbed the one in front of him with his sword then ripping it out again and pushing past him without caring if he was dead or not, he pulled out his other Glock-18C and fired at the two half blood demons that were guarding the door to the room and both fell off the railing, alive, but in pain and unable to reach him.

Leo kicked the door open and fired the Glock-18Cs ammo at the half-blood demon’s in the room and dropped the clip out of the gun and pushed it down on a clip that was hanging off his belt which flicked off the belt as it was forced into the gun and he pushed the chamber down his leg so the bullet would feed into the gun and then moved further into the room and looked to the left to where a door stood ajar then quickly spun around seeing Alex, holding a bow at full pull ready to fire an arrow at his head and before he had a chance to Leo held down the trigger on the Glock-18C sending bullets flying as he was still turning and one hit the metal frame of the door he just came through and ricochet off it and hit Alex in the shoulder, and then he let go of the bow which missed its intended target and hit Leo in the upper right shoulder and he fell backwards, seeing Alex retreating into a room which was glowing black, which was where the portal obviously was, and before he had a chance to do anything the light faded and then he began to black out.

He awoke a few minutes later as Sabrina burst into the room, covered in blood, to find Leo on the ground with the arrow still stuck in him, then she ran out into the main room and screamed “Lucy, Tiffany get up here” and with that the two were up there within a few seconds or that’s what it seemed like to Leo and he was being picked up by Sabrina as Lucy and Tiffany checked the two rooms joint to the one they were in

Leo looked at Sabrina and said “he got away”. Sabrina frowned at him then he blacked out

Leo awoke an hour or so later back in the medical centre in the back of Sabrina’s bar. He looked around and a few of the group were standing around the bed he lay on. Lucy was sitting next to him holding his hand, and Rebecca and Tiffany stood on the other side and Faye was at the end of the bed. Sabrina was obviously some where in the room but Leo couldn’t move around enough to see her, but he could hear her grunting and screaming.

Lucy had been looking over in the direction of Sabrina then suddenly looked back at Leo and then let go of his hand and yelled “He’s awake Sabrina”

Sabrina came running over and came to Lucy’s side and said “Leo I’m so sorry… you were right, we should have got Edward to come, and I should have listened to you about it being a trap”

With the there was a sudden burst of Light and Edward formed next to Sabrina and he said to her “Next time you mind not screaming in my head”

Leo forced a smile and gave out a faint laugh “She always does that Edward, you should know that” Leo’s whole body was numb and didn’t realise that he had not only wet himself but he had messed himself as well without realising.

Edward walked over to the side opposite Sabrina as Rebecca and Tiffany moved out of the way standing at the end of the Bed alone with Faye and Lucy ran her hand through her brother’s hair and moved her chair back but didn’t move go to the end of the bed like the others.

Edward then spoke to Sabrina “What type?”

Sabrina replied to Edward as if this made perfect sense, obviously to her it did but to know one else other than Edward, “Class-7”

Edward nodded and asked “Action?”

She replied quickly “Transformation”

Edward nodded again “Kind?”

Sabrina put a finger to her chin then said “Type 3”

Edward thought for a second then said “Number?”

Sabrina quickly replied “4 and a half”

Edward nodded again then said, “Faye, can you go get some towels and bucket of ice cold water, Tiff, I need you to go get some morphine, He is going to need some major pain lock out” The two of them left to do what he told them. Edward reached into his pocket and pulled out a small card with and address on it, then turned it over to the blank back and clenched his hand around the card without scrunching it and then opened his hand back up which now had ‘Class-7’ ‘Trans type 3’ and ‘4.5’ on it as if they were burnt on with a hot thin spike. He then handed the card to Rebecca and said “Bec I need you to go to that Address, once there you will find a man in a Black Suit at the back of the store, tell him that the Dark Blade spilled blood of the Dove. He will show you into the back, there will be a lion there, give him this card and he will give you supplies that… suit this incident. Once you get the boxes bring them straight back here”

With that Rebecca headed to the door as Lucy got up “catch” she called out as she through her car keys to her, “your going need speed, so use my car” Rebecca nodded after she caught the keys and almost sprinted out to the garage where Lucy’s car was.

Faye came back carrying a few towels over her shoulder and carrying a bucket of water filled with ice blocks, Edward spoke to her “put it down just there” pointing a small trolley at the end of the bed. As soon as that was done Tiffany came running in holding a syringe full of morphine, and Edward spoke to her “Even if this is important please don’t run with a needle, I’ve already been stabbed twelve times that way” Tiffany stopped running and passed the needle to Edward who took hold of it then stabbed it straight into Leo’s arm, who still had some feeling and screamed out as the needle pierced his sing, Edward pushed on it injecting Leo with the full does of morphine.

Edward then pulled the needle out and set it aside and nodded to Sabrina as he said “silver” in a demanding tone, and she pulled out a silver dagger as Edward did the same, the walked over to the bucket and Edward said “you were going to have to do it eventually” She nodded and then slit her paw with the tip of the silver dagger as Edward did the same and plunged his hand into the ice cold water, then grabbed Sabrina’s and forced her hand in there as well, who had been unable to do it on her own due to the pain that she was not used to.

Edward released he arm and pulled his own out a few moments later as the ice cold water which was tinged red began to glow. Edward flicked his wrist to the side and the were a flash of light as if a large flame had suddenly just sparked on his hand, and his furre was dry, He closed his hand and the slit across the middle of his paw closed up, and then Sabrina closed her hand doing the same.

Sabrina nodded to Edward and lent forward as Edward did and their wings burst from their backs, Edward’s very white, Sabrina’s still greyish but a light grey. Edward looked around at the other three that were in the room “Sorry, girls, but for your safety you will have to leave, this can affect you as well…”

Lucy began to protest but Sabrina just looked at her and she stormed out of the room and seemed to be crying. Edward and Sabrina retook their positions on each side of Leo after they were the only three left. Leo looked around with a dazed look and said “Edward… please… stop the pain”

Edward nodded and put his hands over Leo as Sabrina did the same their paws both beginning to glow and light started to emit from everywhere on Leo’s body that began to scream in pain, but quickly fell unconscious…

Leo awoke much later, He looked around he was no longer in the medical area, as far as he could tell, he was in one of the dorm rooms on the third floor, that had gone unused for a few years.

Leo still felt dizzy and he couldn’t see properly, it was either his eyes weren’t focusing right or there was very little light in the room. He slowly sat up and felt he must be really, dizzy, everything looked out of shape and was the really weird sizes, everything was bigger and he felt smaller.

He tried to put his feet over the edge of the bed and get up, but he couldn’t touch the ground he pushed off the bed and landed, wondering why it felt so high, he walked towards the door just as it opened, and someone walked in. He couldn’t see properly to tell who it was, but all of a sudden he was being picked up and was sitting on the person’s lap as they sat on the edge of the bed.

The person spoke and he realised straight away that it was Sabrina, but she didn’t have the firm tone in her voice that she usually did, it was softer, warmer, nicer… “Leo, when Alex shot you he used an arrow tipped with a very dangerous poison, telling from the strong effects it is having on you, we believe that Alex used his own blood to make it…”

Leo was looking around dazed but still taking it in, he nodded, not knowing if this was just some weird dream he was having or if he was just sick and his mind made everything look and feel different.

“…The poison wasn’t designed to be used on mortal furres, so it is having weird effects on your body and you probably haven’t even realised yet, as for the size difference, ok Leo, don’t get mad at what I tell you…”

Leo nodded, feeling curious and worried thinking that something really bad had happened, and that it was all his fault.

“…the problem is Leo that the poison will continue to make people age at a rapid rate, and well there was only one way me and Edward could stop it… and that is why you feel so small. You are actually only four and a half years old Leo”

Leo was shocked, his eyes had focused enough for him to look at himself, and he found that he was not the same fox he used to be… He was no longer 5”8’ and closer to about 2 foot. His three tails were no longer, long and bushy, but short, and still completely tan. He wasn’t wearing the dark blue long sleeved shirt that he loved, but a small short sleeve fade blue T shirt. But it was what else he was wearing that was the big shock to him, under the shirt was a diaper, like the ones he had worn when he was a child only big enough for someone of his new size… He looked up at Sabrina’s face and tried to from words but only managed to make incomprehensible noises that didn’t sound like words

Sabrina frowned like she had back in the warehouse, it was a look of sadness… a look of pity… a look that meant she was sorry. She said to him “Leo the poison was designed for half-bloods, it isn’t meant to be used on mortals, until we find a cure, your stuck like this, not only four years old, but incontinent as well. I’m so sorry Leo, this is my fault…”

Leo was still unable to speak and was convincing himself that this is all some kind of nightmare, that this was just a bad dream he would wake up from soon, that this will all go away and he will get up and shrug it off as something his mind made up. But all these hopes and ideas of what was happening disappeared and he was forced to see the truth when Sabrina spoke again, “your not dreaming Leo, this is real” he knew from the second she said it, she was telling the truth, not even in a dream could someone read his mind…

Sabrina paused for some time then spoke again “Leo, I’m going to get one of the girls to look after you for awhile, OK?” he tried to reply and realised that he wasn’t actually able to talk properly and just nodded “You should be able to speak again soon, its an side effect of age transformation. Is there anyone you want to look after you?” Leo shrugged and Sabrina said “Well I know you don’t want the twins anywhere near you, and I know you would feel uncomfortable with your sister doing it, and I know you have reasons for not wanting Bec to do it” with that he began to blush heavily, so heavily in fact that Sabrina could see him blushing through is thin layer of fur.

Sabrina quickly said “How about I get Faye to come look after you Leo?” he nodded, still blushing when Sabrina put him back down on the bed and he lay down, feeling suddenly tired and dozed off quickly.