Machines Are Not Toys

By: CS Fox


“Come on Justin.”

“No way Amy! That place creeps me the hell out.”

“That’s just it, it creeps me out too. Don’t you want to know what’s in it?”

“There’s nothing in it but bad news.”

“Justin… We’ve been down every path in the woods; we’ve looked in every shed, barn, and garage in this podunk town. Aren’t you at least the tinniest bit curious as to what’s in the last unexplored corner?” Amy emphasized her words by putting her fingers close together. “Not even the tiniest?” She asked again with pleading eyes looking through the space between fingers.

“Sure, I’m curious… but I’m not stupid.”

“Curious is good enough for me!” Amy said grabbing my hand and pulling me along in a run. While making our way 7 streets over to the railroad tracks, all I could do was wonder how this managed to happen so often and why I was even friends with Amy in the first place.

I guess to answer myself; I first met Amy 5 years ago. She moved in just down the street and happened to be the only other person on my block that wasn’t double my age (Was 8 back then, 13 now). It was a little bit of an awkward friendship, I mean I couldn’t get past the fact that my best friend happened to be a girl, but in time things just became normal.

On an important note though, Amy has a lot of something my mom calls gumption. She has more then enough for two people, which is good because I apparently don’t have enough for one. Gumption is that personality trait, that motivation that gets you up and moving, doing things, least that’s what my mom tells me. Point being, Amy is a doer, curious as a cat, and more then happy to involve me in her mischief. Which to finish my thought as we crossed the railroad track, is why I’m being led by the hand into the industrial district today; more or less against my will.

Amy stopped running, and I took a moment to catch my breath and push my glasses a little higher up my nose. Amy panted and wheezed a little surveying the area. There wasn’t really much to see in the industrial district. Back in the 50’s our town got its start from a steel refinery, but that refinery was all but abandoned today (and we’d already explored it too). Amy’s interest today, was in the youngest building on the block. Built sometime before my birth in the 80’s the warehouse-like building had been abandoned for years and was surrounded by a serviceable chain link and barb-wire fence.

I can tell you that the fence is more then likely what sparked Amy’s attention. Anything not meant to get into, is all the more reason to get into it as she sees it. Of the building itself, we don’t know much, just that it belonged to some pharmaceuticals company way back when.

“You ready Justin?”


“To bad, now quick, take off your shirt.”


“How are we going to get over the barb wire dummy?”

I rolled my eyes and started to take off my shirt. There was no arguing with Amy and I’d learned this long before. Either I shell out my shirt, or she chases me and gets it the hard way. Gee we’re such good friends. Anyways, I took off my shirt and handed it to Amy. We proceeded to walk the length of the fence until we found a weather warped strip that bent down a little. Amy quickly climbed up, putting my shirt over the crude barb wire. As I climbed over after her, I heard my shirt rip slightly and I slapped my forehead. After the holes in my pants last week, my mom was going to kill me for that.

We made if over the fence and I took my shirt, putting it back on, finding a nice hole up on my shoulder. I put my finger through it and looked at the pink worm like appendage with a slight frown. Amy giggled.

“No use crying now, anyways come on. Let’s go see what’s inside this place.”

Amy grabbed my hand again and we were off. As far as I could tell there were three entrances. One was a delivery bay for trucks, but the garage doors looked pretty solid and locked. There was a side door near the bays and the main entrance. Amy opted for the side door. I tested it and found it looked.

“Darn, too bad. Let’s go home.”

“Locked doors never stopped us.” Amy said with a smile. She reached to her hair, and finding the dirty blonde pigtail snapped her fingers in dismay, but smiled anew and reached into her pocket producing a hairpin.

“That’s not going to work on a new lock Amy. That works on locks older then dirt that people put on sheds, but not on a…” I was interrupted by the pop of the lock and the door creaking open.

“You were saying Justin?”

“I was saying I think we should get the hell out of here. This is trespassing and who knows what the hell is in there.”

“We’ll know in a few seconds, come on.” Amy yanked my hand once again and we went into the building. I had to hold onto my glasses to keep them from falling off.

“Can you see anything?” I asked in the darkness. There was no light in the room except for what spilled in from the cracked door.

“No, but check the walls there should be a switch around here somewhere.”

I looked around in the dim light, I could tell the warehouse itself was much more vast from the inside, but I couldn’t see into the cavernous space. All I could see was just the plain little inlet we were in with what light we had.

“Found it.” Amy said with a smile as she flipped a switch. There was a humming noise which grew steadily in strength and suddenly little amber bulbs began to glow softly on the ceiling.

“Those are like the lights in our school gym. It’ll take them a moment to power on,” I said walking over to Amy. As I walked by, I felt a slight gust of wind and saw the door wobble slightly. My eyes bulged an instant and I dived for the door, but it was too late. With a slam that echoed throughout the warehouse, it slammed shut. I quickly got up and started jiggling the handle. It was locked, and I didn’t see anything that unlocked it on this side of the door.

“We’re trapped!” I exclaimed in a hoarse voice, suddenly hyperventilating a little. Amy came over and tested the door herself.

“Seems so. Well, if we can’t go out this door we’ll leave out another door then,” Amy said with a smile and a slap on the back. I was breathing regularly again and fixed my glasses once more as we turned to see the now illuminated warehouse.

I nearly lost my breath again. It was colossal. It was some type of manufacturing plant. There were machines of all shapes and sizes. Conveyor belts crisscrossing the floor and hanging from above. There were even what looked liked rooms in the middle, rooms that had no ceilings, but had the walls.

“What.. what is it?” I asked in a stammer.

“That’s what we’re here to find out,” Amy said with a smile. Her eyes jumped for machine to machine and fixed themselves on what must have been a control room. It was elevated a story or two off the floor and had a winding staircase leading too it.

“I bet that has some answers,” Amy said with a familiar tug of my wrist.

As we started to climb the winding stairs I got a better look at the place. I realized there was an order too it. Machines were in front and in back, walled rooms in the middle, connected by walled hallways. It looked kind of like a rat maze. There was also a lowerable ceiling apparently for the rooms. Amy reached the room before me and shouted for glee to find the door open and unlocked.

“Wow!” She exclaimed seeing a dusty desk and executive chair sitting before a large glass window. Arrayed on the desk were buttons of all kinds. Amy wasted no time in plunking herself down in the chair.

“Seems you found the control room,” I said looking a little more interested myself. The place had a feel akin to my comics back home. Amy was busy reading labels.

“From what I can tell, it’s all done in phases. There are buttons here for Phase 1 – 6. Each phase has its own button groups.” Amy said glancing over the buttons.

“Huh. So does that tell you what it is?”
“I don’t know. I think… I think it’s a daycare center.”

“A what?” I asked.

“Well the buttons are marked things like ‘Nap room,’ ‘changing room,’ and ‘playroom.’”

“Weird… But, I don’t remember ever hearing anything about this place being a daycare center.”

“Neither do I,” Amy said quietly sinking back into the chair. As she did, she noticed a small flip top on one of the arm rests. She flipped it up and found another switch labeled “power.” Her eyes grew as did a smile, and she flipped the switch.

Individual lights from the rooms in the center of the warehouse lit up and another humming noise began. This time from the machines. I stared bewitched as belts began to move and gears began to turn. To top it off, the ceiling was lowered onto the small rooms below.

“Power…” Amy said with a deeper grin.

“Um.. Amy… I don’t know if this is okay. I mean… This factory is abandoned for a reason.”

“This is way too cool to quit now.”

Amy smiled and rubbed her hands together. She immediately started pressing buttons but each time she did a small buzzer went off, like a wrong answer on jeopardy.

“Hey what gives? Nothing works.”

I looked down at the panel. The Phase buttons 1-6 were lit up, but none of the other buttons were. I tried pressing one of the phase buttons. It made a different chirp then the other buttons did, but the machines below us still did not move, nor did the other buttons light up.

“Hmm..” I said. “I think it wants something.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you think this place is a daycare center right? Well I think it needs supplies and stuff to work.”

“Hmm... So I guess it’s like a printer out of paper?”


“Well lets go down and see if there is any more paper lying around.”

Amy hopped out of the chair and began to descend the spiral staircase. I shrugged and started after her.

The facility was a whole different sight when lit up. It was like walking up to a rat maze. I had seen the layout with the ceiling removed, but now I was looking at a door leading into what amounted to a large white walled and windowed box. A box that inside was a mechanical daycare center.

Amy walked right up to the door and was about to put her hand on the handle when I managed to grab her shoulder.

“Um… Amy are you sure you want go in? I mean, I still think this whole thing is really freaky…”

Amy stopped for a moment, then took my hand in hers. “It’ll be okay,” she said reassuringly. “But just to be safe.” Amy placed my hand on the handle of the door and pulled my wrist down, causing me to open the door then gave me a good shove inside.

My eyes flashed shut and I braced for the unknown impact… but nothing happened. I slowly opened my eyes and found I was clutching the door handle just standing in a plane white hallway. Amy was behind me looking in over my shoulder.

“Seems safe enough,” she said and brushed past me. I let out a deep exhale released my grip on the door. Amy wasted no time walking right into building and down the hallway.

“Hello!” Chirped a cheery voice. I nearly had a heart attack, and thankfully for my own dignity, Amy jumped a little too. We both clutched onto each other before walking a few steps further and finding a sort of reception desk built into the left side wall. There was a red haired young women sitting behind it. She just looked at us for a moment and we back at her.

“Did someone drop you two kids off?” she asked with a pleasant smile.

“Kids? We’re 13!” Amy exclaimed… “And who are you? I thought this place was abandoned?”

“My name is Lee-Anne, and I’m the programmed greeter and receptionist. It’s my job to welcome new charges and later release them to their parents. I also answer Daycare-1’s phones.”

I nudged Amy and leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Amy.. I think she’s a robot.”

“Such a smart young boy,” the red headed robot said. She seemed so real, even though she was behind a desk, if it weren’t for her little explanation I would have never been able to tell.

“You’re… a robot? Really?” Amy said wide eyed.

“Yep, and I already gave you my name. Now what’s yours?”

“Oh I’m Amy, and this boy here is Justin.” Amy extended her hand and shook the robot’s across the desk.

“Well, nice to meet you Amy and Justin.” The robot extended her hand to me after Amy shook it, it was warm to the touch and felt just like any real person’s hand. I almost doubted she was a robot now. “Well I’m sure the two of you will have a great time here. Diana should be along momentarily.”

I was still in kind of a trance, just blankly staring at Lee-Anne, deciding if I wanted to believe what I was seeing. Amy was sort of in the same mode, but we were both broken out of it by and hand on our shoulders.

“Hey Lee-Anne, are these my two?”

“All yours Diana,” Lee-Anne said with a smile. Amy and I quickly turned our heads to see a tall blonde young woman standing with a hand on each of our shoulders.

“Amy and Justin right? Come on, I’ll take you back to the playroom.”

Her hand quickly moved from our shoulders to our wrists. Amy was quicker to react then me, but not quicker then Diana. She was just pulling back before Diana tugged her back forward. I realized what was happening after the moment had passed and started to tug too, but Diana had an iron grip.

“Hey let go!” Amy said trying to pry the fingers off her arm. I tried to do the same and looked back toward where Lee-Anne was for help, but to my surprise, the lights nearby her were turned off now, and she was just sort of slumped in her chair, like she’d fallen asleep in class or something.

Diana continued to tug us along, Amy digressing to less then polite demands to release us as she worked feverously to get free.

“Where are we going?” I asked, finding myself somehow calmer then Amy.

“Why, we’re going to the playroom,” Diana said matter of factly, taking a turn and leading us down another hall.

“What if we don’t want to go to the playroom?” Amy chimed in, now biting the hand that was dragging her along. If Diana felt Amy’s teeth, she didn’t show it.

“I’m sorry that’s not for you to decide, you’ll be in the playroom till a parent comes to pick you up.”

That comment got my attention. My teeth quickly found there way to her hand too, which I found was like a shrink wrapped rock. Somehow I got my foot up and started kicking her leg as she walked, but it was like kicking iron. As we neared the end of the hallway, I had both legs wrapped in a figure 4 around Diana’s arm, practically hanging upside chewing on her fist, but she didn’t feign to notice. She moved along at exactly the same speed, even swaying her arm a little as if I was still walking beside her like a normal kid.

We came into a large open room, it was white with juvenile drawings along most of the walls. Things like fire trucks and ballerinas, only cartoonish. There was also an assortment of toys along one wall, ranging from toddler toys right on up to some video games at a small TV. There was also a kitchenette and little table and even what looked to be some type of table station next to a large metal panel in the wall.

When Diana entered into the room with the two of us, the door shut and I heard it lock itself.

“Boy you two are funny,” Diana said with a slight giggle, holding up her arm to see me latched fairly solidly too it. “Your like a teething puppy or something.”

She released Amy’s hand, and Amy quickly turned and ran to the door, jiggling the handle and rummaging through her pockets for things to pick the lock with. Then Diana with her free hand brought it up to tickle under my arm. I giggled a little bit and realized that it was pretty pointless to stay the way I was, so I sort of undid my legs and let myself be lowered to the ground.

“Its no good Justin. It’s locked tight, and there’s nothing for me to pick it with.. There’s not even a handle on the door, its just some automated panel.”

A part of me wanted to blurt out “I told you this was a bad idea” but it wouldn’t really get us anywhere, so I turned to Diana.

“Um, Diana, why did you bring us here?”

“This is my playroom. When you’re under my care, you’re in my playroom.”

“Okay… Then why are we under you’re care?” I asked. Diana was answering this questions in stride as she walked across the room to a rocking chair.

“Someone dropped you off at Darecare-1 and Lee-Anne assigned you to my care. So here you are, and here you’ll stay till a parent picks you up.”

Amy ran back from the door to Diana. “No.. no one will come to pick us up. We brought our selves here. We’re too old for daycare. You have to let us out.”

“Silly, of course someone brought you here, and no I’m afraid you can’t be let out. As I said before, I’m programmed to keep you here till a parent arrives.”

Amy stood in silence; I could somehow feel she was losing the adventurous energy she had earlier. She ran to me, kind of all over the place, the way you’d run if you knew life was possibly in danger.

“This is bad Justin, we’re trapped. Trapped good. This crazy place is going to keep us in till we starve and die!”

“Oh how you talk Amy!” Diana said with a laugh. Her blonde curly hair bounced a little, and I was almost comforted by this young women (sort of) who seemed so honestly caring. “Everything you could possibly need is in this room. We have food, beds that can be pulled out of the wall, even toys and movies.”

Amy started to bite her nails… I just stood thinking things over a moment. I figured someone would come looking for us. I mean, after long enough time, we’d be missed, our parents would be worried and it’d only be soo long before they started to search the town and if they looked good enough (they know to by now and our previous adventures) they’d find us here. I was fairly confident of that… But…

“Um… Diana, when was the last time you had someone in your care?” I asked almost casually. The first thing on my mind was the fact that this food she talked about could very well be rotten or spoiled by now.

“You’re the first two I’ve every taken care of actually.” Diana said with another warm smile.

“We have a novice robot?” Amy said in her slightly hysteric state. I put a hand on her shoulder to try and calm her, but kept up with the questions.

“Could you check on the food, I want to know if its still good.”

Diana tilted her head oddly at me for a second, but then shrugged and got up to go to the fridge in the kitchenette. She opened it and inside were some funky looking containers.

“Looks like all the food is still in the containers, unspoiled. Plus the internal power source of this refrigerator seems to still have plenty of juice as well.”

It took a little worry off my shoulders to hear that, but I still almost didn’t trust her about the state of the food. Still, I took my attention off her for a moment and turned to Amy who was still near hysterics.

“It’s going to be okay Amy,” I said reassuringly with a friendly hug. She didn’t say anything, but just shivered a little. “You know our parents will start looking for us when we don’t show up for dinner.” I patted her reassuringly and Amy nodded in silence. “You know its only a matter of time before they think to look in the abandoned warehouse. I’d say at worst case, we’ll be here no more then two or three days…”

“TWO OR THREE DAYS!!” Amy screamed… Her scream sort of tapered off to the verge of tears and she was shaking a little more again.

“Oh dear, poor little thing. Let me help you.” Diana said coming from the kitchenette.

“Huh? Help what?” I asked a bit confused. Amy was crying a little bit now.

“It’s okay Amy, your parents will come get you. We’re perfectly equipped if they don’t come for a few days. This place was made to help kids get by should their parents need to leave for a weekend. But still, let me help you, I see you had an accident.”

It was then that I noticed that Amy had a wet spot on the front of her jeans. It was actually the second time I’d seen her wet herself. The time before was when we were in the old Hill mansion and thought we’d seen a ghost. She was so scared she’d wet herself, and when I started to make fun of her, she gave me a black eye. Flashing back to present, Diana quickly came over and grabbed Amy’s hand bringing her to that station I’d seen in the corner earlier.

“It’s okay Amy, everyone has an accident now and then. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Amy was sobbing now, and trying not to look over my way. I just stood kind of open mouthed and staring. “Okay, up you go.” Diana said lifting Amy up onto the station. Amy realized she was being helped onto something she probably didn’t want and started to struggle at this point, but various straps reached out of the station and started to coil themselves around Amy’s arms and legs like snakes.

“OMG WHAT IS THIS!!” Amy really started screaming and fighting. I ran full tilt toward her, fearing that somehow these things were going to hurt her or worse. Diana put her arm out as I rushed by and caught me in the chest; it was like running into a brick wall. The wind in my lings left me as I doubled over Diana’s outstretched arm.

“Wait your turn Justin; if you want a chance so bad, don’t worry, I’ll let you go next.”

“AMY!!!” I screamed as she was pulled down to the station. “JUSTIN HELP ME!!” She screamed back. The metal panel slid up and the whole station table slid inside the wall with Amy. I watched helplessly as she was taken away and the panel slid closed cutting off Amy’s voice. A minute passed with me punching Diana, which really hurt my hand. The panel slid up once more and out came the table, empty and all was quiet.

“What did you do with Amy?!” I screamed, I was practically crying now too. “Don’t be so upset Justin, I can see you don’t want to be separated from her, don’t worry it’s your turn now.” With that she grabbed my wrists and pulled me up to the table. My eyes went wild and I started to kick and contort my body in any combination I could to get away, but I felt the straps coil around me just as I had seen happen to Amy.

Moments later I was strapped down to the table and I felt a small bump as it began to move into the wall. Inside I could hear some type of muffled noises down the metallic passage.

I was suddenly very afraid. I felt like a chunk of meat on a butchering belt. I began to shiver and shake all over, and somehow I felt sure Amy had probably wet herself again from the same fear, then to my surprise, the metallic walls kind of opened up into kind of a stop on the belt. It was a white room, but a much smaller one. I couldn’t see much except what was to my left and right as I turned my head still strapped down. I couldn’t even tell if Amy was in the room with me. I could still hear that muffled noise though.

I noticed there were two more robots here, one on either side of the belt. They were both looked like young women, attractive, but somehow indistinctive. It seemed the belt ran right through the middle of this room and there wouldn’t really even be that much space to walk around in it if I was off the belt.

“Amy?! Are you in here?” I called out. The mumbling grew louder for a second. I was about to call out her name again, but suddenly something was shoved in my mouth. In surprise I looked to the side and one of the ladies had stuck a pacifier in my mouth and was quickly doing something with it behind my head. I tried to spit it out but found I couldn’t. “mmmmmm” I tried to yell “what the hell” but garbled mumbling came out. At the same time it was a slight relief because I realized that the mumbling I’d heard earlier was probably Amy.

The robots then began to efficiently undress me. My eyes bulged a bit, and tried to struggle again, but I was still restrained, even when my clothing was being removed. In short order they had me naked. One of the bots turned and went to a table in the wall gathering up some supplies she returned and the two bots began to powder the lower half of my body.

It was about this time that a few things occurred to me. One, I was at a daycare center. Two, I’d been stripped naked and was being powdered with what smelt like baby powder. Three, they usually put baby powder on babies before they are diapered (commonly occurring at nurseries everywhere).

As if to confirm what I had suddenly been suspicious of, the bots brought out a thick disposable diaper and put it under me. They had it up and taped around my waste before I could even tell my muscles to attempt to resist. The bots then got out a plain blue t-shirt and worked it on me, followed by a pair of overalls.

Then, as quick as it had began, I was being moved again and found myself entering into the better lit room from which I’d started the little journey. The straps released themselves and I jumped up and off the table. Diana was right there and deftly undid the pacifier behind my head.

“What the f*** was that!?” I yelled at Diana. She smirked a little and shoved the pacifier back in my mouth, but didn’t tie the string behind my head this time.

“What do you think it was silly? It was a diaper change.”

Amy came from behind Diana. “Why the hell did we need a diaper change!?” She shouted. I noticed she was dressed almost identical to me, accept she was wearing a pink t-shirt underneath her jean overalls instead of a blue one like mine.

“Well Amy, you wet yourself and then Justin seemed to want to follow you so I let him.”

Amy gave Diana her “what the hell you talking about look” which I usualy got every time I objected to one of Amy’s ideas. Amy turned and looked at me a moment, scanning me up and down.

“Diapered?” Amy asked. I nodded. She turned back to Diana. “Look what happened in there was by far the most traumatizing thing that has ever happened to me.” Amy said in earnest. I shook my head in enormous agreement.

“Oh come now, it wasn’t that bad. They just take you in and get you diapered. Your other clothes will be cleaned and washed and ready for when your parents pick you up.”

Amy turned again, frowned and walked over to me and yanked the pacifier out of my mouth, I’d forgotten it was in. “Did you really come in after me?”

“I had no idea what was in there, I was scared to death it was a meat grinder or something.”

Amy suddenly blushed a bit. “Yeah.. it scared me too.” She looked down to her own lap. After a moment she looked up again and turned to Diana.

“Can we be undiapered?” Amy asked in an almost rude voice.

“What? So you can wet yourself again?” Diana said with a smirk.

Amy’s eye’s lit up with fire and she surely would have gone to give the robot a piece of her mind, had I not grabbed her shoulders and held her back.

“Amy, just hold on. She’s made of steel or something, I’ve tried that.”

Amy brought her clenched fists to her sides and stamped her foot making a noise like large amounts of steam were being let out of a boiler “GUUUHHHHHHH.”

“Jeeze, my first two kids are feisty, ungreatful, troublesome, biters, and even pottymouths. Its like I couldn’t ask for worse kids to care for.”

Amy and I both stuck our tongues out in unison at Diana, who just stuck her tongue right back at us.

“You know Amy, I have to give her credit, she has one hell of personality… for a robot.” As a reply, Amy punched me in the stomach.

“Amy… be nice to Justin.” Diana warned.

Amy sneered at Diana.

“Look why don’t you two sit and enjoy yourselves a little. You both seem way too high strung. Play with some toys and I’ll get you both something to drink.”

Diana turned on a heel and went back towards the kitchenette.

As soon as her back was turned, Amy made a break for the door we’d come in. I couldn’t help but notice she crinkled a lot as she ran. She jump kicked the door, to no effect and immediately pressed herself up against it, banging both clenched fists.

“LET ME OUT!!” She yelled beating the door.

I just stared at her a little lost for words. She did that a solid minute before she began to lose the enthusiasm of her slamming the door with her fists. I walked over to her, by now she had her head leaning on the door, starting to sob again. I came to her side and put an arm around her.

“It’ll be okay,” I said. Diana came up to us.

“Told you, not till your parents come to get you.” She said with a smile. She had with her a small tray with two cups on it. The cups had no spill caps on them. I frowned at seeing them.

Amy took her head away from the door and used her arm to wipe her tears away. She grabbed a cup and just started walking off toward the toy section. I stood staring, as she walked a few more feet and then just collapsed. Sitting there like a puppet with cut strings.

I took the other cup and started walking towards her.

“Just let me know if you need anything,” Diana said taking the tray back and going to her chair.

I sat down next to Amy. It felt weird as hell. I was in a diaper, and reminded of it every time I moved. The damn thing crinkled all the time.

“We’re going to die here.” Amy said staring down at the cup and not looking at me as I sat down next to her.

“Shut up, we’re not going to die.”

“We’re going to die as babies. Oh jeeze, why does it have to end like this… I’d always thought we’d die gloriously on a grand adventure.”

“In all seriousness, what’s happened to us so far, is about the most like an adventure we’ve ever had.”

Amy suddenly sprung to life and shoved me. “What type of f***ing adventure is this? The toddler adventure?! Do you want to tell everyone at school why we were gone 10 years?”

“No.. not really… wait? 10 years? You’re over exaggerating, first we’re dying now we’re staying here 10 years? I’m telling you, 3 days tops.”

“3 days here? I’d rather die!!” Amy shouted.

“Its no picnic for me either,” Diana said with a chuckle from her chair.

“SHUT UP!!” Amy and I said in unison.

Diana just chuckled a little more. “Seriously though, cut the potty talk or I’ll stick those pacifiers back in your mouths.”

Amy ran and took the pacifier that had probably been in her mouth earlier and chucked it over at Diana. It missed and landed harmlessly a few feet away from her. She came back and sat down roughly on her diapered butt with a “hmph.”

“I don’t want to be here no 3 days.” Amy said with a sneer.

“Me either, and that was a double nega..” (sentenced ended with Amy’s fist in my stomach again)

“Don’t… Not now grammar boy.”

We sat in silence a little bit. Amy crossed her arms and went into thought.

“There’s a Nintendo Justin.” Diana said after more silence.

The geek in me immediately turned my head to see an original Nintendo next to the TV. I hadn’t played one in ages and it was almost pretty tempting. I started to get to my feet, but suddenly felt Amy’s hand firmly grasp the leg of my overalls.

“Sit.” She ordered. I plopped back down, hearing the crinkling once more… Man these diapers felt like you were sitting on a pillow.

“No video games?” I asked Amy. I was starting to figure, if we’re here, why not make the most of it.


“Why not.”

“We’re not here to enjoy this. Some greater power is punishing us,” Amy said rather coldly.

“Punishing us? PUNISHING US?” I felt my anger rise a little, I usually didn’t talk back to Amy on this kind of thing, but it felt appropriate now. “I told you at every chance and turn that this whole place was a bad idea. That it felt creepy, and that abandoned things were meant to stay abandoned. But but, did you listen? Did you leave things well enough alone? No… you had to take it as a challenge, you had to do it, it would have killed you twice as much as it does now to not have found out what was in here…and my only crime was going along with…”

“OKAY!!!” Amy screamed in interruption. “Fine, you were right! Okay! Is that what you want to hear? YOU… WERE… RIGHT…” Her face was a little wild, and she was panting. Staring right into my eyes, just a foot or two of space between us.

“I… um…” I stumbled around to try and say something, and Amy once again did something completely uncharacteristic of herself. She lurched forward into my arms and hugged me tight, starting to sob again “I’m sorry… I’m soo soo sorry Justin.” Amy said…

I almost couldn’t believe it. “I’m sorry” was about the least spoken phrase out of her mouth right next to “Let’s leave it alone.” On top of that… for the first time since I’d known her… Amy.. was… acting like a girl.

A minute passed… maybe five. Amy just hugged, and cried. I hugged back. It had been some adventure so far, although Amy doesn’t want to call it that I’m pretty sure.

Eventually the crying and sobbing stopped. Amy brought herself out of my arms and dried the tears in her eyes with her fists.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in one day all my life.” Amy said with a slight hint of a smile.

“I don’t think I’d ever seen you cry till today, and I know I’ve never heard you tell ME that you’re sorry,” I said with a smile right back at her. Amy made a soft love punch to my cheek.

“Don’t be getting used to it Justin. I don’t screw up often.”

I had 147 cases in memory that completely contested her last statement, but I withheld them for the sake of world peace.

“Umm… Amy?” I said after another moment.

“If you’re going to ask about that stupid Nintendo…”

“Oh… no, I was um.. going to ask…. Um…”

Amy rolled her eyes. “Fine.”

I smiled broadly and Amy picked up the cup we’d gotten earlier, almost absently taking a sip.

“How can you do that? It’s degrading…” I said, hearing a slight sippy noise as she brought her lips to the cap. She drank a second. “Well, is it rotten?” I asked suddenly remember that it might have been.

“Its some type of fruit drink…” Amy said pausing for a second, but then took another sip, this time a little longer. “Its good. Can’t be spoiled.”

“Fruit punch.” Diana said from her chair. We had almost phased her out till now. She just sits there, kind of creepily, all quiet and not moving.

Amy walked over to the little TV, drinking from her cup the whole way. I just shrugged and followed her starting to drink from mine. She was right, it was kind of humiliating, but it did taste great.

Amy sat down in front of the TV, once again with a crinkle crinkle. Frowning, she brought her hand up and started trying to fiddle with the straps on her overalls.

“What are you doing Amy?” Diana asked.

Amy was too busy to think up a witty response. “I’m going to undo these straps, then take off the diaper myself.”

“I’ll make you sorry if you do that.” Diana said. It wasn’t in a threatening tone, but the sentence still sounded like a threat to me.

I looked at Amy. “Um.. Amy if you take off your clothes and diaper, you’ll be naked.”

“Shut up, past the point of caring.” Amy said as she worked the two straps of her overalls off.

Without realizing she’d gotten up, Diana was over us and had a hand on Amy’s wrist before she could get up to wiggle off her overalls.

“Hey what gives? You never said I couldn’t take them off?”

“I’ll tell you now. Clothes and diaper stay on. And since you deliberately ignored me, no bathrooms. I would have helped you earlier, but no. Now both of you are wearing you’re bathroom.”

“That’s not fair!” I protested. “I didn’t do anything? Why is it the same for me?” Amy kicked my shin, while restrained.

“Shut up Justin. Wait.. Diana, where’s the bathroom!?”

“Not telling you now.” Diana said as she re-fixed the straps on Amy’s overalls. She let Amy go and went back to her chair. Amy crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at Diana, who once again stuck her tongue right back at Amy. I looked weirdly at Amy who looked more juvenile then she realized dressed in overalls with a diaper and sticking her tongue at Diana. Of course I’d done it earlier too, but that’s besides the point.

“I am not using this diaper…” Amy said turning her back to Diana. I heard Diana chuckle a little. We both sat and I started to fiddle with the original Nintendo. I figured if I could get it started it might help to calm Amy and even get my mind off things.



**Author’s note**

Holy crack-rocket batman! I don’t think I’ve ever come out with the next chapter in a story this fast… I’ve shattered my old turnabout record (of 14 days… *buffs nails*)… Sweet jeebus I better make sure my trainer isn’t slipping me something… *quickly practices his speech for the American League North AB/DL board* Ahem… I was um.. told those bottles were full of herbal supplement… and was unaware they’d make me actually be productive with my time.

Still, I’m having fun and finding it’s hard to stop writing this story for some reason… Hope this doesn’t get out to my web site fans. They’ll *shudder* expect me to complete things in a timely fashion.



Machines Are Not Toys

Part 2

By: CS Fox


“Do the Mario! Swing your arms from side to side. Come on, it’s time to go. Do the Mario!”


“Yes Amy?”

“Shut up…”

I slumped a little. It was the most classic of classic songs. It was only natural I sang it when the game music started up. Amy snatched up a controller, game or not, this was a form of competition and she never shrank away from a challenge.

We started a two player game in Mario. Must have been a pretty odd sight. A part of me could almost imagine us in the game. I mean we were wearing outfits very similar to Mario and Luigi. I had on a blue t-shirt and overalls, and Amy had on a pink t-shirt and overalls. If we could just swap them for red and green and some big hats, hey we’d could start business as Brooklyn plumbers… Well, guess there was one more important difference… I doubt the Mario Bros. are in diapers, which we are.

How we got to be that way is kind of a funny story. Actually, it’s not funny, its scary. To make it short, we wandered into an abandoned warehouse, stumbled upon an old automated nursery, which insisted we stay till our parents pick us up. Along the way it deemed we should be diapered too.

Some of you who have been paying attention may notice that my summary of the situation was fairly diplomatic in leaving out any blame for the cause of the situation. I’ll just give a little hint, the person who is responsible has a name that sounds like “Amy.”

Amy’s hand instinctively found its way to my rib cage.

“Hey what was that for?” I said out loud.

“I don’t know… Somehow my hand knew you were up to something and told me it needed to punch you.”

I rubbed my tender ribs. They’d been hit a lot today. Guess I deserved it though, even if I kept my thoughts in my head, her predatory instincts could still snag the jist of them.

We started playing the game, it wasn’t too long before it was a little too intense for Amy. As much as she tries, she just can’t game right… if that makes any sense… Well when she needs to jump to the right, her whole body turns to the right. Somehow if she moves her body at the same time Mario does (she’s always first player) then Mario will always land safely. I’m just glad they didn’t have a driving game. I’ve got Gran Turismo 3 at home, and Amy is the only person I’ve ever seen able to commit road rage without actually being in a car.

Still Amy hopped and twisted herself to get Mario to the finish. Once again being the softy I was, I brought Luigi through the level at a degree lower then my best ability. This game was child’s play, but I figured it wouldn’t be good in the long run if I just blew by Amy.

We went on playing for maybe an hour or two. After Amy had died in game and gotten a little bored she leaned over to me.

“Hey Justin, that stupid juice earlier has me needing to pee.”

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Least as, one of us was bound to need to use the rest room sooner or later. I couldn’t really think of what to tell her. Looking around the room I couldn’t see anywhere she could go, except possibly the sink in the kitchenette, but somehow I doubted she’d go there.

“Um… ask Diana?” I said empathetically.

“No… she’s probably still mad at me from before.”

“I’m not mad Amy, but I’m also not going to help you. You didn’t listen to me earlier, so why should I listen to you now? Besides, didn’t seem like you had a problem wetting yourself.”

Amy mustered up an “eat s**t and die look” for Diana and then turned back to me. I shrugged, I mean what was there for us to do.

“Justin… I’m not using this diaper… find me a way out.”

“I don’t see one! I mean what, you want I should break down a wall?”

“I just want this diaper off!” Amy said grabbing at the jean material at her crotch. It snapped open a tiny bit. Amy looked oddly at it for a second. “There are snaps at my crotch why?”

“Its to make changing your diaper easier.” Diana offered.

“Or taking off my diaper easier!” Amy said in a low voice. Somehow that sentence didn’t sound like proper English, but I knew better then to argue. Amy brought her hand up to whisper in my ear.

“You distract Diana, I’m going to work this diaper off and pee on the floor. That’ll show her. Oh, and I’ll knock your block off if you turn around or give me away while I’m doing it.”

“Amy, that’s kind of gross, and it’ll never work.” I said.

Amy popped another snap open with her hand, but did her best to do it quietly. Diana didn’t say anything.

“No, you’re wrong Justin, I can do this.”

“Umm… well can you do it somewhere far away from the Nintendo? So that I don’t have to smell or sit near a pee stain on the carpet?” I had my priorities set.

Amy rolled her eyes. “You’ll be lucky if I don’t do it on the Nintendo. Now just make sure to distract her.”

I sat staring at Amy. A part of me was like “no she can’t be serious,” but she just kept sitting there looking at me, waiting for me to do something.

“Well? Why aren’t you moving?” she said in a hushed voice. I rolled my eyes this time and got up, heading toward Diana crinkling all the way.

“Umm… Diana?” I asked. Diana’s eyes were kind of looking out into space till I had addressed her, at which point they focused on me.

“What’s up Justin?”

“I um…” I brought my hand up scratched the back of my head. “I’m a little hungry, could I… I mean could you get me something to eat?”

“Sure hun, lets go see what we’ve got. Okay?”

I nodded. The idea did seem kind of good, because I was genuinely a little hungry. Diana got up and took me by the hand (instead of my wrist, which made me a little happier) and we walked toward the kitchenette. She started to get things out of the fridge. As she took out funky shaped containers, I heard the distinctive little crackle noise of the tape coming off a diaper. My stomach dropped and I noticed that Diana skipped a beat too. She stopped mid-motion from taking the container out of the fridge.

All of a sudden, the lights went out and there was a great thunder clap that echoed out in the room and rung in my ears a second (but not so loud it hurt my ears). Still I just about jumped up and hit the ceiling it shook me up so much. Amy screamed out and then, the lights flicked back on and Diana finished taking stuff out of the fridge. She didn’t even let on anything had happened.

Worry got the better of me and I turned immediately to find Amy. She was backed into the corner near the door we’d come in earlier, nearly hyperventilating. All the snaps around the crotch of her overalls were undone, but her diaper was still on and sad to say… a little yellow in the front. I think she was scared into wetting it.

“So what would you like to eat Justin?” Diana said breaking me out of a little trance I had been in staring at Amy. “We’ve got carrot sticks, grapes, pbj’s, cheese and crackers… lots of stuff.”

“What the hell was that thunder noise!” I said raising my voice to Diana. A small smile crept onto Diana’s face. “Thunder? I didn’t hear any thunder, I just heard the sound of Amy wetting her diaper…”

Amy started to cry a little back in the corner. Another first, usually when someone makes a verbal jab at Amy, she jabs right back, but this time, Amy just took it and… started crying. Diana’s smile faded and she turned and started walking towards Amy.

“Oohh hunny… I’m sorry…” Diana said in a completely different tone. She sounded like a mother. “I told you earlier though, and you thought you were going to be slick.”

Amy just stayed in the corner, a little bit of a shadow of her normally tough self.

“It’s okay Amy… We’ll get you changed out of that wet diaper.” She took Amy’s hand and pulled her up (kind of without Amy’s wanting too, but she went along). “Lemme just help you over to the changing station…”

“NOOO!!!!!” Amy screamed out suddenly doing her best to jerk away from Diana. “NO no no NOOOOooooooooooo! I don’t want to go in there again!”

Diana stopped and looked down at Amy for a few moments. “Do… you want to stay in a diaper then?”

Amy wiped a tear from her cheek with her free hand. “No… but I don’t want to be changed in there either…” Amy sniffled a little.

“Okay.. okay fine…” Diana said. She let go of Amy’s hand and went over to the station. As she got near, the panel began to slide up and the table left into the chamber. A few seconds later, it came back out with everything you’d need to change a diaper sitting neatly atop it.

Diana scooped it all up in her arms and walked back over to Amy. Amy was sort of in a daze (to be honest, so was I). Diana pushed Amy who was kind of caught a little off her guard and began to fall, but at the same time, Diana caught Amy and lowered her gently to the ground. She started to bunch Amy’s overalls up around her waste, exposing bare legs and her wet diaper.

Amy just laid there kind of dazed and letting things happen. Diana began to untape Amy’s diaper.

“Hey Justin, instead of staring over here at Amy’s changing, why don’t you grab some grapes out of the third container on the counter.” Diana said over her shoulder with out looking back at me.

I blushed pretty red and immediately jumped around, putting my back to Amy. I fumbled with the container feeling a little embarrassed at having stared at my best friend like that. I popped off the top and the inside made a weezing sound and a little air rushed out from the container. But inside were fresh grapes, as ripe as ever I’d seen grapes. I picked them out and started to take a few off the little branches.

“You can turn around now…” Amy said softly, almost a different person. I turned to see Diana pulling the coveralls back down Amy’s legs, a fresh diaper taped in place. Amy was blushing a bit too. Diana snapped up the little arch of snaps around Amy’s crotch and then pulled her to her feet.

“Are you hungry too?” Diana asked Amy. Amy nodded but didn’t say anything to Diana. “What can I get you?” Diana asked Amy as she started walking over toward me in the kitchenette.

“I’ll just share those grapes with Justin.” Amy said not moving. She just stood there, like she was recovering from the shock of the previous events. I took the container in my hand. Diana came over and opened a cabinet, taking out a plastic plate that was bright orange. She handed it to me, and I stared at it for a second before I dumped the grapes out onto it and handed the empty container back to Diana. She took it and I took the plate over to Amy.

Amy had slumped down again, lifeless puppet like earlier. I sat down next to her and put the plate in-between us. We quietly sat eating grapes for a moment. Diana came by and cleaned up the changing supplies. She paused a moment and looked at me.

“Do you need a change too Justin?” she asked casually, almost exactly as she would a little kid.

“No, thank you very much.”

“Do I need to check?” She said coyly.

“He said no alright? Go sit in your chair or something and stop bothering us.” Amy shot back.

“Okay okay, sheesh someone’s cranky… I’ll make sure you both get a nap later.”

Amy gave a look like “Oh no you won’t!” Diana gave a look that said “try me…” And I just rolled my eyes and pretending to shoot myself in the head with my finger.

Diana went back to her chair and Amy and I ate the grapes in silence. Another moment passed.

“You know Amy, I actually do kind of need to pe…” Before I finished the word Amy had closed her eyes and squished the grape between her fingers. I shut up, although I did feel she was being a bit unfair. She put the squished grape back down on the plate and took another.

When we’d finished the grapes Amy laid back and just stared blankly at the ceiling. I was about to ask her what she wanted to do now.

“How long do you think we’ve been here Justin?”

“We left on our…” I held my fingers up like quotation marks “adventure… at about noon. I’d say… its maybe 3pm now?”

“More like 2:36.” Diana chimed in.

“I was close.” I shot back without turning to look at her. Amy didn’t move either; she was lost in the ceiling.

“Adventure…” Amy said kind of rolling the word around in her mouth. “Stop using that word… This isn’t an adventure, its imprisonment.”

I patted my diapered crotch. “In more ways then one… Jeeze and you know, Eric Stanoziak said at school once that there’s websites for people who like this kind of thing.”

“Who the hell would actually like this sort of thing?” Amy barked.

*Momentary pause while Amy and Justin stare at you the reader*

“So what do you want to do now?” I asked leaning back, using my arms to support me. “I’m guessing no more Nintendo.”

“No more Nintendo.”

“Movie? Board game?”

“Movie… I can do a movie.”

“What movie would you like?” Diana asked getting up from her chair. She went over to a cabinet near the little TV. She opened it to reveal a bunch of VHS tapes. I looked at Amy for a second, but she wasn’t moving so I got up and went over to the cabinet. They had pretty much every Disney movie, but none newer then the little mermaid. They also had an array of little kid cutesy crap. I groaned before calling over to Amy.

“Disney, more Disney, Milo and Otis, Sesame Street, Muppet Stuff.”

Amy groaned too… “Just pop in something Disney.”

I took the copy of Robin Hood (ohhh who didn’t see that coming) and handed it to Diana. She took it out of the case and put it in the VCR. Amy started to move at this point and came over to us.

“How about I grab you some pillows and blankets and you lay down to watch this movie for your nap?” Diana offered. Amy was about to protest, but found she didn’t have the strength. Neither of us really agreed to it, but Diana took it as a yes and went to get some pillows and blankets from the wall station.

Just as the opening music was playing she brought some pillows and handed them to us. Amy wasted no time lying down on them and I followed suit. Diana came back with two soft baby blue blankets and laid them over each of us.

We started watching the movie and Diana went back to her chair. About this point the pee factor was kind of bothering me, so being practical as I was, I just went. After everything that had happened earlier. I just said “screw it” to myself and felt a little gross as the front of my diaper started to get warm.

I didn’t say anything to Amy about it, didn’t really feel she’d care to know anyway. Besides, she was fading fast. The lights overhead dimmed, and I started paying attention to the movie.

Soon I heard Amy breathing steady, and I turned to see that she was out. I marveled for a second though. She looked really childish, in her pink t-shirt, and overalls, covered by a baby blanket… Something told me I didn’t look much better.

I pulled the blanket up a little and shut my eyes too for a nap.




Machines Are Not Toys

Part 3

By: CS Fox



You ever wake up really early on like a Saturday morning and you’re too tired to get up, so you just sort of lay in bed, awake, but then again not really? Yeah I was laying in something like that… It felt good, really good. The type of sleep you feel guilty for having its so great.

I willed my arm to move, but… it ignored me. I tried the other arm too. No feeling of movement. A tiny alarm went off in my head and my eyes shot open. I found the two robots in the changing room undoing the snaps on the crotch of my overalls.

Suddenly it all flashed back to me. The warehouse, the controls, Diana, diapers, my bruised ribs... I let out a long continuous scream, something that anyone would do when you wake up from a good dream and find you’ve fallen into a nightmare. I was soon silenced by a pacifier shoved into my mouth and tied behind my head. The robots worked efficiently and caringly to change my diaper and send me on my way back to the playroom.

As the table re-entered the well lit room and the straps released I jumped up and glared angrily at Diana who stood with this benign smirk on her face. I growled from behind the pacifier and pointed with a finger to the strap around the back of my head.

“Oh lemme get that for you,” she said almost sarcastically.

“DON’T YOU EVER HAVE ME WOKEN UP LIKE THAT!!” I yelled as soon as I could spit the pacifier out of my mouth.

“Oh wow, next time I’ll leave that pacifier in,” Diana said with a chuckle.

“Hey… what’s all the noise about?” Amy asked groggily from the floor. She stretched, rubbing her eyes before getting to her feet with a crinkle crinkle.

“Justin’s just got his diaper in a bunch because he woke up while Janice and Tanya were changing him…”

“Who…?” Amy said still kind of waking up.

“The robots in the wall.” I said making an assumption and smugly crossing my arms to frown whole heartedly at Diana all over again.

“You… needed your diaper changed?” Amy said looking at me weirdly. My frown and posture dropped for a second and stumbled a moment for words. Diana almost couldn’t wait to chime in.

“His diaper was soaked to the tapes,” she said joyously.

Amy slapped her forehead. “Remind me to maim you later.” Amy said (probably being serious). “Of all the times to wet the bed.”

“I didn’t wet the bed.”

“Then when did you go?”

“After you passed out, but before I fell asleep. I told you I needed to pee. So I just went.”

“That’s sooo gross.” Amy said scrunching up her face.

“You wanted to pee on the floor!” I countered.

Amy started walking towards me, rolling up the sleeve of her pink shirt and balling her hand into a fist. She had it cocked back ready to fire into some part of me, but Diana quickly intervened.

“Well let’s just see if you stayed dry during your nap.”

Diana was beside Amy faster then she could react and popped two of the snaps on her overalls. Amy had an appalled look before she was able to try and start slapping Diana’s hand away.

“Get out of there!!!” Amy yelled jumping away.

“Well you’re dry anyway,” Diana said with a shrug.

Amy reached down and redid the snaps, keeping her eyes on Diana the whole time. Then she started to walk toward me, staying at an angle though so as not to turn her back on Diana, watching her like she couldn’t be trusted. When she reached me, she stamped on my foot.

“That’s for the floor-pee comment.”

I grit my teeth, but it really wasn’t bad.

“Must you keep picking on Justin?” Diana asked as she went over to her chair.

“Must you keep butting in?” Amy said putting her hands on her hips.

“But of course…”

Amy didn’t comment back and there was a cease fire for a moment. I used the opportunity to change the subject.

“What time is it Diana?”

“The time is 5:30.”

I let out a little laugh, she sounded almost exactly like my alarm clock. I put a hand on Amy’s shoulder, turning her toward me, and prying her eyes off Diana. She looked angry for a second at having her attention taken off the untrustworthy diaper checker, but it changed when I asked her the new question.

“It’s about an hour before dinner, do you think anyone’s thought to look for us yet?”

Amy frowned a little. “We’ve been out passed dinner a lot before. It’s not unusual for us… I think maybe around 8pm or so, they’ll start to worry…. I’d say at bedtime, they’d start to freak.”

I nodded. “Agreed.”

“What do you think our parents will do when we don’t turn up?”

I paced around in a little circle for a moment, crinkling every step. “Knowing my mom, she won’t sleep until every single person in the state, right on up to the Governor is out looking for us.”

 Amy stepped in front of my next step in the little circle I was making. When I stopped she looked right into my eyes. “You really think it’ll take 3 days?”

I paused, Amy had a lot of emotion in her eyes and to be honest, I didn’t really know the answer. They could think to look here first, but then again, they could think to look here last. Amy and I never told anyone where we went off to until after we’d come back and had something to report about it. Maybe one of the smart kids at the school yard would be able to deduce where we went based upon what was left that we hadn’t gone too in our many stories.

At the very least, two teenagers would be missed tonight, and tomorrow, people would start looking high and low until they were found. I felt assured of that.

“I… think it might take three days Amy. How often do we tell our parents where we wander off too.”

“Good point…” Amy said spacing out a little. Diana broke into our conversation.

“If you both want, I can get some dinner ready for you in a bit.”

We turned to look at her. It sounded good, I was really hungry by now and thirsty.

“That’d be nice I think…” I said.

“All right, half an hour then, I’ll get to work on it right now.” Diana got up and started to busy herself.

“She cooks, she cleans, she can tell the time… Wow, it’s a wonder she’s not in every household.” I said aloud watching Diana get into action. Amy glared at me.

“She can also change your diaper… Need it or not.”

I shrugged; it kind of knocked the wind out of my statement. “But still, I don’t get how she can adapt so much too us. It’s like something out of star trek.”

“You’re both talking like I’m not here,” Diana said opening some containers from the fridge.

“Well… how about telling us a little about yourself then, so we don’t need to speculate?” I asked.

“Okay, in a nutshell, I’m a growing and learning AI construct. One that’s programmed to respond to my surroundings, within the limitations of set boundaries.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Amy asked in a rude voice.

“There are laws written into my coding that I have to follow.”

“Like not letting us out of Daycare-1 till our parents get here?” I asked already knowing the answer. Diana turned toward me and put a finger on her noise and pointed at me with the other hand.

“On the nose... Heh get it?” Diana asked with an innocent giggle.

Amy made a forced laugh/throw-up face. “Did you get that humor programmed into you too?”

“Growing and learning AI… Think of it as a smart-ass chip,” Diana said with another giggle, but then stopped her self. “Er.. smart-butt chip.”

“She can even makes small mistakes…” I said in amazement to myself.

“Huh?” Amy said looking my way.

“Amy if you were to read some of the sci-fi books I have, you’d understand that she’s a lot more advanced then she looks.”

“So nice to be appreciated now and then. I think that that’s the first nice thing either of you have said about me,” Diana said with a smile.

“STUFF IT!” Amy yelled.

“Well, Justin said it, so at least I know he’s a nice boy. I’ll have to make him a special dessert.”

I tried to hide a little bit of a smile. Amy just hmph’ed.

“Now why don’t you two play with some toys or read a book or something?”

I shrugged and started over towards a little book shelf. Amy stood for a minute deciding on how defiant she wanted to be, but that soon got boring and she came over to join me.

She took about a half a second look at the books before she picked out a 1000 piece puzzle and brought it to a plastic brightly colored table in the corner. She was never really much of a reader. I took a little more time and skimmed the volumes. Most were of a juvenile nature, as I expected, but there were a few that I recognized as a little more mature. I picked out a volume of Jack London’s work and joined Amy at the table.

“I’m telling you Justin, I’m not going to make 3 days of this,” Amy said dumping out the puzzle on the table. I looked at the box, when finished the puzzle was a picture of pink ponies on clouds. I stifled back a giggle, Amy would usually never be caught dead handling anything pink and here she was playing with pink and even wearing it.

“Comment equals death,” Amy said nonchalantly while looking at the pieces. I giggled and cracked open the book.

Thirty minutes went by pretty quickly and Diana called us over to the table in the kitchenette. She had two plates laid out. Tonight’s dinner was mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets and green beans. I looked at the plate with a slight frown, I didn’t have a problem with the food, but for some reason, the way it was all sized, and the plate it was all on… I’m surprised I wasn’t put in a high chair to eat it.

“I don’t eat green beans,” Amy said with a frown. She slowly turned her head to Diana.

“Then we’ve got a problem,” Diana said. “Cause to stay healthy, you need to eat all that’s on your plate. What you don’t eat now, I’ll just put in the fridge for breakfast tomorrow.”

“I ain’t… eating… no stinking… green beans,” Amy said in slow words, like she was talking to an idiot who simply couldn’t get an easy problem.

I let out a little bit of a fake cough. “cough..double negative…again..cough”

“Shut up grammar boy or you’ll have a fist sandwich with your green beans.”

“Amy!” Diana said in a little bit of a raised voice. It shook us both a little because we hadn’t heard Diana raise her voice like that before. “Fine, you want something different. You’ll get it.” She took Amy’s plate and got some type of see-threw wrap out of a cabinet. She covered the plate and then put it in the fridge simultaneously taking a few things out.

I immediately started shoveling food into my mouth, lest she take my plate up too or enforce a double punishment standard which she’d done earlier when Amy tried to disobey.

“All you do is whine, and pick on Justin, and… act miserable.”

Amy just sort of sat there with her mouth open, not believing what she was hearing. To a point I almost couldn’t believe it either. Apparently the people to design her AI had included a steel backbone.

She was busy mixing a few things, and I couldn’t really see over her back, but when she was done and turned around… I sloshed down the meal with the whole drink in a single gulp and was done… I quickly held up my spotless plate in front of my face, as evidence, and also protection.

“See look at what a good boy Justin is, he cleaned his plate,” Diana said walking to Amy. I couldn’t tell what Amy was doing with the plate up, but somehow I felt she was glaring at me. I heard something being placed on the table. “Drink…” Diana said to Amy.


“Drink or be sorry.”

I began to slowly lower the plate and peer from over the curved rim at the scene. It was like watching a gangster movie and these two were about to begin Russian roulette or something. Amy continued glaring at Diana and I noticed the thing in-between them was a baby bottle.

“Well, I’ll leave it out for you then, because you won’t get anything else to eat. Justin cleaned his plate and I’m the only one who can open the fridge.”

Amy crossed her arms.

“Lemme take that for you,” Diana said kindly. I handed her my plate. “Would you like some dessert?” She asked with a smile. I quickly shook my head.

“No, thank you. I’m full,” which was actually a lie, I could have had dessert, but that would be like rubbing it in Amy’s face, and I didn’t want to be a jerk.

Diana cleaned the plate and then went over to her chair. “It’s 6:10 now, at 7:30 I’m going to get you both ready for bed, and then lights out at 8.”

“At 8 o’clock?” I asked a little stunned.


Now I crossed my arms.

Amy and I sat across from each other, just kind of frowning at the table with arms crossed. Amy lashed out with one arm and smacked the bottle off the table and onto the playroom floor. It bounced harmlessly and didn’t spill a drop. I cringed a moment waiting to see if Diana would do something, but she sat still as can be in her chair.

Somehow I knew Amy was hungry. I could tell. I also knew that Amy was proud, and that bottle was not going to see her lips any time soon. Quietly, Amy got up and went back over to the little table where the puzzle was at. I followed her and sat across from her again to read my book.

I had turned maybe a page before I heard a pat pat noise. I lowered the book a little and saw a tear hit the table, and another. Amy wasn’t sniffling, wasn’t breathing hard. She was just biting her lower lip, sorting through pieces with a determined look on her face, and crying at the same time.

I put the book down and went over to Amy, putting my arm around her. She didn’t take notice and kept aggressively looking for puzzle pieces… She picked a few, but none of them seemed to fit together, after a moment, she was just shoving pieces together even though they didn’t match. I moved her closer with my arm, and her head flopped on my shoulder. Her chest began to heave a little bit now and her hands fell kind of limp still holding puzzle pieces as she cried in earnest on my shoulder…

She brought her hands up to my chest and just let it out. We must have stayed that way a good five minutes.

“If… you…” She sniffled a little and did her best to clear herself so she could finish the sentence. “If you… tell anyone… how much I’ve cried today…”

I brought my other arm around Amy in a hug. “I know, I know… I won’t tell anyone… Besides you’ve got some dirt to blackmail me with anyway.”

Amy let out a momentary laugh between tears. “Crinkling diaper butt,” she said teasingly at me. I wiped some more tears off her cheek.

“Takes one to know one.”

A few minutes later and Amy stopped crying. After making sure she was okay, I went back across the table and continued reading. Amy got out the puzzle box again, and swept all the pieces off the table and into the puzzle. She then walked very solemnly across the room, picked up the bottle and walked back to where the pillows were from our nap earlier.

She turned the TV on and hit the play button on the VCR. Apparently the tape had since been rewound and it started fresh. I held the book up like I was reading but my eyes were on Amy, not on the pages. She had the bottle in her hand and she was looking at it with cold hatred.

“I hate you, but I’m parched and hungry.” Amy told the bottle. Looking at it, I realized the bottle was almost comically big. It was like a liter of liquid. Amy took the bottle and squeezed the tip with her fingers. A little white liquid came out. She lapped at the drops with her tongue. Then finding it not as horrible as the green beans would have been, she tentatively put it between her lips and began to drink.

I dropped the book. It clattered off the table and onto the floor. Amy shot around, the bottle still in her mouth, me staring at her open mouthed. She looked at me blankly for a second, then crossed her eyes seeing that I was staring at the bottle between her hands. Realizing what I was looking at, she quickly took it out of her mouth and brought it behind her back.

“I’ve got blackmail on you!” She said in an all too familiar defensive tone. I slowly picked up the book off the ground, making slow steady movements, lest she fire at me. I opened it, and held it up to hide my face in.

When Amy was sure I was no longer staring at her, she brought the bottle out from behind her back and turned to the TV again. She brought the bottle back up and drank as the movie started once more.

I got through a few chapters of the book and Amy was done with the bottle by now. At what must have been exactly 7:30, Diana got up and started over towards us.

“Okay you two its time to get ready for bed.”

Amy moved and looked over her shoulder at Diana, and I put down the book. “How are we going to get ready for bed?” Amy asked.

“Well, first both of you will get your diapers changed, whether you need it or not. Then be put in something to sleep in.”

Amy suddenly went rigid. “You’re not putting me through that wall!” She exclaimed quickly getting to a crouching position, one that afforded her a good stance to make a break for it should Diana rush at her. I felt myself tense up too.

Diana rolled her eyes. “I don’t have to if you don’t want me too.”

“I don’t want you too… I don’t want you too!”

“Fine… How about you Justin?”

“No wall…” I said sternly.

“All right all right, let me get supplies,” Diana said as she went over to the station. The panel slid up, the table went away and in a few moments it returned, this time piled a little higher with some clothes and stuff for two changes. Diana once again bundled them all up in her arms and turned towards the two of us. “Okay who needs to be changed first?”

Amy and I both pointed at each other, but kept our eyes on Diana. Diana shrugged. “Amy you’re closer, just lay down and I’ll change you.”

Amy remained in her crouch. “Why do I have to be changed first? My diaper is not even wet.”

“With what you drank just wait,”

Diana put everything on the ground and unhooked the straps of Amy’s overalls.

“What do you mean with what I drank?” Amy said grabbing the falling straps of her now sagging overalls.

“Nothing,” Diana said. She pulled the straps from Amy’s hands and the overalls dropped to the ground, leaving Amy in just a pink t-shirt and diaper. Then Diana put her hand on Amy’s shoulder and began to ease her to the ground. It was a little bit of a strange sight. Amy looked like she was resisting, but at the same time losing ground as if she wasn’t resisting at all. “You know I really should have asked you this earlier, but are you two brother and sister?”

My lips began to move and my breath began to leave my lungs so that I could say “no,” but Amy beat me too it.

“Yeah, Justin’s my little brother,” she said turning to catch my eye. I looked at Amy strangely. Trying to figure out why she’d say that.

“Well you two certainly fight like brother and sister,” Diana said as she undid one of the tapes on Amy’s diaper. As the noise echoed through the air, I immediately felt my cheeks turn a deep red and realized I was watching something I shouldn’t be. I turned right around.

“If you two are brother and sister Justin, its not such a big deal,” Diana said from behind me as the other tape was undone. I ignored her and stared at the drawings on the walls.

“What’s that?” Amy asked after a moment.

“This is your night diaper. Twice as thick,” Diana said and I heard the crinkling of a diaper going onto the floor. A moment passed with a few more similar noises before Diana declared she was done.

I turned around to find Amy laying down looking a little embarrassed in that pink t-shirt and a thick disposable diaper that seemed the right size for a 13 year old toddler. Diana left her on the floor and quickly came to me, undoing the straps on my overalls. They fell down with an unglorious little thwump and she had me step out of them. She then laid me down just as she had Amy and started to untape my diaper.

The way I was laying, I couldn’t see Amy and I was too embarrassed to even check if she was watching me or not. Either way, right on the floor of the playroom, Diana changed my unused diaper for one twice as thick. She leaned in so that her face was blocking my view of the ceiling.

I gazed for a second at her perfectly human face, the one of a young women with blonde hair and blue eyes. I could even see my own reflection of the kid with glasses in those eyes. She was soo real.

“Clean diaper,” she said happily, then grabbed my hand and pulled me up. It felt like I was being yanked by a car speeding away, jeeze she was strong. Amy walked up to me blushing a bit. The two of us were in t-shirts and diapers. Diana put her hand on the back of my shirt.

“Lift up your arms,” she said kindly. Not really thinking, I complied, and she pulled my shirt off, leaving me in just a diaper. She then grabbed a light purple sleeper and held it out for me to step into. I put one foot in and then the other and she zipped it up.

I was sort of in a trance, but as I felt the zipper rise up to my neck and I looked down at what I was wearing, I frowned. It was a one piece footed sleeper, and it was really obvious that I was wearing a diaper. I looked up to glare at Diana just at the right moment to watch her pull Amy’s shirt off.

“God,” I blurted out and quickly covered my eyes with my hand. It didn’t do much good though, when you see something like that, it stays seared on even with your eyes closed. I blushed an ever deeper red and somehow I knew Amy was doing the same.

“Okay your both all dressed,” Diana said. I cracked my fingers a little to peek out and saw Amy before me, blushing in a pink sleeper identical to mine. I pulled my hand down.

There was a noise of what sounded like servos whining. Amy and I turned and saw a part of the wall sliding away and a bed came out into the side of the playroom. It was kind of low to the ground, like a futon, and was plenty wide.

“The bed’s all ready, the little one’s are diapered and in their sleepers, alls that’s ready is to get them into bed,” Diana said as she took my hand and then Amy’s. We were walk/dragged to the bed. She left Amy on the left side, then walked over and put me on the right.

“We’re… sleeping in the same bed?” I asked a little nervously.

“What’s the big deal? You’re brother and sister?”

I looked at Amy for a second, she didn’t meet my gaze, and just quietly started to climb into the bed. I didn’t say anything further and started to climb into the bed too. I was reminded what I was wearing under my sleeper as the two of us crinkled all the way, and I could also hear what sounded like a plastic sheet somewhere under all the covers.

Diana left us and went back to her chair in the corner. I snuggled in under the covers and made myself comfortable, and I could hear Amy doing the same a foot or so away.

“Good night,” Diana said pleasantly.

We both echoed it back, not really sure why.

Then the lights turned off and we were bathed in darkness. There was no light to come from outside (no windows for it) and none from under the door either. I’d never seen complete darkness like this before. It was creepy.

I heard Amy’s diaper rustle a little bit.

“Umm.. Diana?”

“Yes Amy?”

“Could you put on a nightlight or something?”

“Awww is the little girl afraid of the dark?”

“No.. no I’m not afraid of the dark… Justin is.”

“Hey I’m not afraid of the *punch* yes, it’s scary dark, night light… please.”

A little light flicked on in the Kitchenette.

“Better?” Diana said from her chair.

“Thanks…” Amy said.

I rolled over and pulled the comforter up, to get as cozy as possible. Just as I shut my eyes, I heard Amy’s diaper rustle some more, then a tapping at my shoulder.

I rolled back over again and looked at Amy for what was wrong. She didn’t say anything and just laid her head on my chest, curling up to me. I was a little stunned at first, but then, I just snuggled in a little closer with her and closed my eyes.

Sleep came easily to me… The day had been so much to handle, even more so for Amy. As she’d said earlier, she’d never cried so much in a single day in all her life. We both slept right on through the night, until sometime in the early hours in the morning… I woke up smelling something a little off. Maybe it was a dream, I don’t know, Amy groaned in her sleep and her head sort of moved a little on my chest, but I don’t think she woke up. Dismissing it, I felt sleep grip me again.




Machines Are Not Toys

Part 4

By: CS Fox


A handsome elderly man took a long sip from his glass of water. A second later, a buzzer went off, and then repeated itself every few seconds, cycling down faster each time. The elderly man busied himself a little quicker, adjusting his tie and clearing his throat. Finally he picked up a neat little stack of papers, just as the buzzer finished and a red light came on. He leaned up to a microphone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, but especially the ladies… Put your hands together for… YOUR HOST OF COOKIN’ IN STYYYYYLE… JUSTIN!!!!!!”

I jogged out on stage, waving both hands as this 70’s crap theme music began to play. I was dressed in Armani cook wear and instead of my casual black rimmed glasses, I was wearing a sleek silver pair with light blue lenses.

I went towards the front row of the audience to high five a few of the celebrities up on their feet and out of their seats for me. I crossed hands with Cal Ripken Jr., Julia Stiles, Kirsten Dunst and Iron Chef Sakai. Sean Connery pointed his hands at me like guns and in his cool Connery voice said, “You the man, Justin,” to which I made the finger pointing thing right back at him.

Ryan Seacrest was standing at the end of the row and put up his hand to give me a high five and I went for it, but at the last second “PYSCH!” I said withdrawing my hand and getting a laugh from all the A-list stars around him. Seacrest buried his face in his hands and ran for the door. I quietly laughed “Seacrest… out.” I said heading to the center of the stage, behind a cooking island table.

As the noise died down, I noticed I was crinkling a little.

“Wardrobe will hear from me about this,” I thought to myself brushing my pants. Still with as much bravado as I could muster, I raised my hands for silence and everyone sat down.

“Today, my kitchen connoisseurs, I’m going to show you how to make my homemade spaghetti with spiceh’ meata’balls!” I kissed the tips of my fingers and spread them out like butterflies at the end of the phrase.

All the guys in the audience began to pump their arms “woo woo woo woo…”

I turned to find a marinara already started on a burner behind me.

“As you can see, we’ve already got a tomato base started on the back burner,” I lifted up the lid and took a whiff… “Mmmmm smells gre…” I used my hand to fan more of the scent towards me. It didn’t smell great, it smelt the opposite of great… “Which prep-cook did this abomination?” I yelled to an offstage crew.

“Prep cook…?” someone mumbled… it was a weird sound, everywhere and nowhere at once. I looked around the stage and found that it was fading away.

Then it hit me, I don’t know how to cook anything beyond microwave popcorn, and that whoever botched the marinara had certainly left it out a while.

I began to open my eyes and see a dark room. There was a little light on by the kitchen and a shadowy figure in the corner. Other then that, darkness.

“Are you the prep cook?” I asked mid-yawn to the shadow.

“Hey he’s awake,” Diana said getting up and walking towards me. The noise of someone talking back to me woke me up a little more. Diana came over to me and lifted up the blanket and eased Amy’s head off my chest. Amy didn’t wake up, but grumbled and rolled over.

As she moved, the smell hit me…

“Marinara…?” I said in a bit of a gasp.

“Looks like Amy has a poopy diaper,” Diana said with a shrug. I immediately sobered up and looked at Amy and then at Diana, mortified.

“Well hopefully whatever was making her feel so rotten yesterday is out of her system now.”

Diana walked around to the other side of the bed and pulled the covers back and lifted Amy off the bed. I just stared in grotesque shock, and pointed with my finger at Amy, as Diana carried her over to the station.

After the straps had begun to snake out, it suddenly dawned on me that Amy hated that wall thing and I got up. “No wait!” I yelped out but too late, panel open, table moving.

Diana turned to me. “Do you need to be changed too?” she asked walking towards me.

“You spiked Amy’s bottle, didn’t you?” I said in my best accusing voice.

“Not spiked, added supplements.”

“That’s evil! What the hell did you do that for?”

“She needed her system clean,” Diana said openly as she stopped right in front of me. I regretted gulping down that food last night. “Now, do you need your diaper changed?”

“No, I don’t wet the bed.”

“Do you need to pee?”

Actually, I did. I always pee when I get up in the morning. “Umm.. sort of..” I said.

“Then go, so that I can get you changed, and into some fresh clothes for the day.”

Diana looked at me expectantly, about the same time the lights began to turn on a little, brightening. I realized with no window on the outside, I had no idea what time it was.

“Okay, I’ll go, but only if you don’t have me changed in the wall.”


I stood there, and suddenly felt very awkward, as Diana stood there staring at me.

“Um could you turn around?” I asked a little embarrassed. Diana did as asked. Feeling a little weird, I willed myself to pee, and it didn’t take much to get the gross warm wet feeling in the front of my diaper.

“Umm.. what time is it?” I asked Diana about when I was done.

“The time is 7:08 a.m.” she said matter of factly. “You wet now?”


Diana turned back around and then took my hand and led me towards the station. As we got close I started to pull away feeling like she was about to whelch on our deal. As I tugged though, she let go of my hand and the panel went up and an empty table came out.

About this point I realized Amy hadn’t come back yet, and that she was taking a good amount of time in there. Diana turned around and unzipped my sleeper. She let it fall to the floor and then started to untape my diaper while I was still standing. This seemed a little odd to me at first, but as soon as the diaper was off and I was naked, she moved her hands to my waste and lifted me up on the station.

“Hey wait, this wasn’t part of the deal!” I yelled.

“You said not get changed in there, so I took your diaper off out here. You said nothing about your morning bath and new clothes… Those the wall can handle.”

I immediately tried to throw my arms out to strangle Diana, knowing deep down it was pointless, but also finding that my arms were already being pulled back, along with the rest of me, flat to the station table.

Up went the panel, and in went me.

I didn’t travel far before I was in a new room. I didn’t really hear any noise except a few mechanical ones. The straps were loosened and a new looking girl (but roughly the same age, height, complexion, and just about everything else as the others but still somehow different) picked me up in her strong arms. I immediately blushed crimson all over, being stark naked, but soon felt a little shocked as I was dumped into a tub of water.

I was only under a second before I realized no one was holding me and surfaced for air. The girl was ready and immediately went to shampooing, scrubbing and washing my body. And as I’m embarrassed enough to say, every… um… part of my body. Still she was professional and efficient and it felt more like I was going through a car wash then getting a relaxing bath.

Soon as she’d gotten behind my ears, I was lifted out and swaddled in large fluffy towels that were big enough to use as ship sails. I was dried, then made naked again, and put back on the conveyor belt.

It all happened so fast that I almost didn’t know what to expect or where what was coming from. On down the belt line and I found myself in a semi-familiar room looking at Janice and Tanya, as I’d come to know they were called.

Out of smugness, I just playfully said, “Hey Janice… Tanya.”

To my surprise, both of them said, “Good morning Justin,” in a cheerful voice, and didn’t pacifier me. Although they did proceed to powder and diaper me, following that of course with helping me into a tan corduroy pair of overalls and white shirt.

“All set,” they said in unison and rather cordially as I began to move out of their room. I soon found myself coming back into the fully lit playroom. Diana was right there waiting for me, and Amy was standing beside her, dressed in a pair of yellow overalls and white shirt.

As I was let off the station I noticed that Amy was sort of staring at the floor, and although she wasn’t crying, I could see tear stain lines on her cheeks. I also noticed our bed had disappeared.

“All right, time for breakfast,” Diana said with a smile and turned towards the kitchen leaving us to follow her.

I just stood there looking at Amy who was looking at the floor. I could kind of guess why she was upset and it looked almost like she was bracing for the impact of whatever insult I wanted to throw at her. It also dawned on me I could play ignorant…

“Did they wake you up in there too?” I asked in a little casual voice. Amy looked up at me strangely, but nodded. I kept the act going. “Yeah, its horrible, I slept all the way through the night and then, bam, woken up again in the wall… Its like your own personal horror movie to wake up in there.” Amy smirked a little and nodded. I could see the weight sort of sliding off her shoulders. I smiled. “Let’s get breakfast…”

“Yeah,” Amy said pleasantly. She must have been hungry after only having a bottle last night.

We walked over to the table and sat down to wait on Diana. She had bowls in front of us quickly and listed off a few cereals. We each picked one and she poured us some cereal and milk and then went over to her chair to wait till we’d finished.

I ate my food leisurely and found my mind wandering off. It was morning now, and if things were going as they should be, people would at least be aware we were missing.

“Do you think people are out looking for us now?” Amy asked with her mouth full. I finished chewing and swallowed.

“I was just wandering the same thing. They must be by now.”

“One day down, two to go.”

“By estimation,” I said solemnly. Amy frowned a little, but continued eating.

When we’d finished breakfast Diana came over and took our bowls away. Amy and I stayed seated for a moment.

“What do you want to do today..?” I asked Amy.

“What is there TO do today?”

I thought for a moment then turned to Diana. Somehow it just felt right to ask and phrase this like I was talking to a computer.


“Yes Justin?”

“Please list available activities in playroom.”

“Why certainly… There are the toddler toys, the see and spell, the building blocks and match games, the…”

“Age appropriate activities,” Amy interrupted, sounding a little annoyed. Diana paused for a minute.

“The soft chew toys, stuffed animals, baby walker, baby swing.”

Diana was smiling now as she listed off even more infant items available in the playroom.

“That’s not funny Diana,” Amy said even more annoyed. I decided to intervene and play the diplomat card.

“What would be appropriate for me to play with?” I asked, getting a little bit of a glare from Amy.

“More Nintendo of course, board games, movies, books, the art and crafts sets…”

“Arts and crafts,” I said at last. Amy looked like she was weighing the idea in her head, guess it didn’t sound to bad because she shrugged and nodded.

“All right, let me set you up over there at the plastic table.”

So we migrated across the room to the table we’d been at yesterday. Diana went to one of the shelves and pulled out a plastic bin and brought it over next to our table and removed the top. The inside was full of everything we’d ever need. Markers, crayons, glue, construction paper, plastic cheapy scissors, even stamp and sticker sets.

“Enjoy,” Diana said with a smile and then retreated to her chair.

Amy got out some markers and a few pieces of construction paper. I waited till she had set them on the table and then took an orange piece of construction paper and just started idly doodling.

After a few dozen doodles, I looked up and realized Amy wasn’t doodling. She was busy writing something. I tilted my head and attempted to read the writing upside down.

“The last will and testament of…” And then she had her name Amy, scrawled out in colorful curvy letters. “I hereby leave all my worldly possessions to Justin, assuming he doesn’t die here before me. And I want it to be known that…”

Amy stopped her writing as she noticed me reading. She immediately took the paper and crumpled it up.

“What did you do that for?” I asked.

“It was just a doodle.”

“Would you really leave me everything?” I asked, almost feeling touched.

“All I have on right now is not even mine. Except for maybe if I use this diaper, then I think it’d be sufficiently mine. You want it if I die?”

“I’m touched…” I said feigning emotion.

“In the head…” Amy said doing the same.

We digressed into a drawing contest of who could make Diana look the dumbest on paper. Somewhere in the middle of my watermelon headed caretaker drawing, I felt a little pressure in my stomach.

Now I know it’s kind of gross to talk about my potty habits. Thank god my mother isn’t here, she lets the whole town know that I’m regular, but its true enough, I usually go in the morning.

I ignored it a while longer and churned out two more drawings before I broke down.

“Umm Diana, could you let me use the bathroom for this?” I said a little hesitantly. Amy’s eyes shot up at me.

“For what?” Diana asked, she’d been staring into space again.

“Well I need to use the bathroom.”

“For what?”

I blushed… “Number two.”

For reasons I knew, Amy blushed a little too, and slowly brought her eyes back to the table. I think she meant to spare me on this one, believing that I didn’t know what she had done, and probably feeling some sort of pity for me.

“I believe my exact words yesterday were, you’re wearing your bathroom,” Diana said.

“No, not for number two,” I protested. “That’s gross. Please, as a personal favor to me, allow me to use the bathroom.”


“Why not?”

“I said no. Rule already made.”

“I really don’t think I’ll be able to physically… well… do it in my diaper…”

Diana got up and started to walk over toward me. Immediately I put one hand under the table and another down hard on top of the table, bracing myself. She wouldn’t be getting me out from this table without moving the entire thing.

She stood over the table looking down at our various scattered drawings. Most of which were of her. There were some where she was fat, and some where it was a chicken with a good likeness of her head, and some where she was wearing a diaper and a stick figure of Amy was laughing over her.

Amy looked up, putting on her most innocent face. “We made them all for you!” Amy said with a big smile in an almost childish voice. She held up the drawing she’d currently been working on. It depicted Diana as a Godzilla type monster, swinging a diaper around and chasing after a stick figure boy and girl. The shading and coloring was exquisite, you just didn’t see art like it anymore.

Diana frowned. “It’s lovely.”

“Will you put it on the fridge? Pleeeaaassseeee?” Amy pleaded with big saucer eyes. Diana ignored her and turned to me. I strengthened my grip on the table, leaning forward.

“You look ridiculous,” Diana said calmly. I didn’t care; I was immune to robot psychology. “Are you really sure you can’t potty in your diaper?” Diana asked.

Ray of light through the clouds… “Yes, absolutely sure.”

Diana brought her hands down to my midsection. I held tight though. I felt her hands softly clamp kind of near my ribs. I didn’t know what was going on but I began to think that Diana might just call my bluff and pick me up table and all. Amy sensed what might happen and jumped back from the table. Diana’s hands searched my midsection for a better hold and I started to pray she’d leave me alone.

Suddenly, Diana’s hands increased their pressure. My eyes bulged out and my grip loosened. The back of my diaper began to fill.

Diana smiled and took her hands away from my mid section. “There you go, problem solved,” she said heading back to her chair. “Just let me know when you want your diaper changed.”

I just stayed the way I was, awkwardly leaning over the table, eyes bulging out. Amy looked stunned too, and came over to me, waving a hand in front of my eyes, seeing if Diana hadn’t paralyzed or killed me.

“Are you okay…?” Amy said continuing to wave her hand in front of my face. Eventually my pupils found her hand.

“I wish I was dead,” I said not leaning back.

The smell hit Amy. “Me too.”

“Now now, I need a change now,” I called over to Diana. She got back up and out of her chair. I continued to hold my position, even though my knees were starting to get tired. Diana pulled me out of the table and I moved about a little stiffly trying not to shift everything around. It felt soo soo gross.

Diana took my hand and started leading me towards the station. I felt a sudden urge to tell Diana no, I didn’t want to be changed in the wall, but then, I realized Diana was the one to do this too me in the first place and almost welcomed Janice and Tanya.

I allowed myself to be placed on the station (squishy mistake…ewww…) and the panel was up and me leaving.

Luckily Janice and Tanya seemed in good spirits and were more then happy to change my diaper, even in its current state. I still blushed deep red, even after the fact I knew they were robots, but hey, they looked real, sounded real, acted real… they made me feel embarrassed for real.

Anyways they had me quickly cleaned up and rediapered.

“Come back and see us soon,” One of them said with a smile. I wasn’t really sure which was Janice and which was Tanya.

“Is there a way I can see you both without it having to do with a diaper?”

“Nope,” the other one said cheerfully.

“Right… Wait which one of you is Tanya?”

One on the left raised her hand. I would have said more, but I disappeared around a corner. I entered the playroom again. Diana was waiting for me.

“Second time now you’ve come back in here without a pacifier in your mouth. That’s a step above Amy you know, she’s had one in every time out.”

Amy looked over at us. I just shrugged.

I got up and started toward Amy. Most of the arts and crafts had been cleaned up. If our masterpieces had been saved, I didn’t see them anywhere. After looking around a bit, I looked at Amy with a smirk.


Amy let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. She didn’t say anything but got up and started towards the little TV. I gleefully followed her and started up the game.

“No singing…” Amy said before I even had the TV on. I flipped the switch and the game started. When the music came up, it just coursed right through me, but I kept my mouth shut, just humming the tune.

Amy snapped her fist lightning quick, jabbed my stomach and left it in the air pointing at my face. I stopped humming too.

We started playing the game and did better then yesterday. I made it all the way up to one of the bridges where you have to avoid thrown stuff at you.

“The N64 and Gamecube games are soo much better,” Amy said kind of bored.

“No, this is retro… This is good. So much simpler.”

“Tell me you did not just say retro and refer to video games.”

“What?” I said. “It’s a classic game… Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool.” I could honestly probably name all the little baddies in the game too.

“Toadstool? I thought it was Princess Peach and Daisy?”

“No, those poofy dressed girls were renamed later, dunno why.”

“Princess Peach has a poofy poofy dress. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was diapered under it,” Amy said. The comment sort of hung dead in the air. I game overed just about the moment she said it too.

“Did you just say what I think you said?” I asked feeling a little weird.

“Yeah… we really need to get out of here,” Amy said flicking off the TV and then suddenly shaking in a cold chill.

I looked over towards Diana. “Time?” I called out.

“The time is 11:32 a.m.”

It made me laugh every time she did that. She sounded so much like a punch button alarm. World’s most high tech punch button alarm, but at heart, the same thing.

“Would you like some lunch?” Diana asked.

I looked at Amy for an answer. She just shrugged.

“Sure,” I said, and we started to head over to the kitchenette.

Diana got up and headed for the fridge, taking a few things out. Although Amy didn’t notice it, Diana got out the plate from last night.

“Well I thought I’d be nice this morning, and let you have cereal,” Diana said as she began to fix our meals with her back to us. “But for lunch, you’re going to eat what you didn’t yesterday.”

Amy froze mid-step. I stopped too and just watched her, waiting for a reaction. Diana turned around and started walking toward Amy, who glared angrily.

“I’m not eating green bea…” Before Amy could finish, Diana had scooped Amy up in one arm, holding her over her shoulder and carrying her to the kitchenette. Amy was kicking her feet and flaring her arms as Diana walked towards a high chair that was off to the side and had up to now, been unused.

Diana pulled it out towards the main table with one hand, then plopped Amy down in it with the other hand.

Amy’s beating on Diana’s shoulder ceased as soon as she was seated, because she switched her efforts in trying to get up. But as quickly as she’d been put down, the tray table locked down in front of her leaving her hands still free above the tray, but out of reach of Diana, whom she angrily grabbed and growled at.

Diana went back to preparing lunch and I walked over to the table trying to act like nothing abnormal had happened just a moment before. With a little crinkle crinkle, I seated myself facing Amy.

Diana brought out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cornered with carrot sticks and apple sauce.

“Mmmm more kiddy cuisine…” I said sarcastically.

Diana approached Amy who brought her hands out quickly to take the plate, but Diana held it just out of reach.

“Are you going to take this plate and throw it at me or the floor?” Diana asked like she was talking to a baby.

“No… never,” Amy said wiggling her fingers in hopes they’d somehow get closer to the plate.

“If one piece of food ends up anywhere other then your mouth. I’ll feed you nothing but gerber green beans till your parents come to pick you up.”

Amy frowned and crossed her arms. Diana smiled and put the plate down in front of Amy.

“Eat up and enjoy,” Diana said with a smile and handed us both some silverware. She then took a step back and leaned against the counter, rather then going back to her chair.

I started to eat a little, and watched Amy as she went through the chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, but hovering away from the green beans.

It grew kind of quiet, so I just started to speak what was on my mind. “You know, you’ve got me wondering if Princess Peach is really wearing a diaper under her dress.”

“Shut up Justin.”

“What? You’re the one who brought it up earlier.”

“That was a moment of temporary insanity,” Amy said as she finished all but the green beans.

“Bollux,” I said in my crappy British accent, then lowered my voice a little, “you suffer from permanent insanity…”

Amy dropped her fork. “Well at least I don’t sh*t mysel”

“What your language Amy,” Diana interjected.

“I mean at least I don’t crap myself,” Amy said with a sneer.

“You did last night,” I said smugly, but immediately clapped my hand over my mouth.

Amy gasped. “You… You said you slept through the night.”

I slowly brought my hand down. “I lied.”

“But, but…”

“I woke up to what I thought was Marinara!”

Amy looked at me crossly, “Marinara?”

“Never mind, point being, you have no place to make fun of me.”

Amy sniffled a little and slowly picked up her fork. Somewhere off in the distance, I heard a boxing bell go “ding” and a point was awarded to me.

“Look, I couldn’t help it… At least you can blame it on Diana. I just… I just woke up with those girls changing me and then I could smell it and…” Amy trailed off and I felt kind of guilty.

“No, its not your fault…” I said at last.

Amy shook her head starting to sob. “Yes it is, I couldn’t control it even in my slee,”

“NO. Diana spiked your bottle,” I blurted.

Suddenly Amy’s tears sizzled like water splashing on a hot grill. Her face flashed to fire and she whipped around to face Diana.


Diana smiled, “You know Amy, you’ve barely cried or complained today. I think what I gave you really did clean out whatever nastiness you had backed up.”

“I HATE YOU!” Amy screamed.

“That’s too bad, because I was starting to like you.”

Amy held her stare and growl. She suddenly turned though, and looked at me.

“Justin!” she barked. I jumped a little and tried to look at my food. “Why didn’t you tell me if you knew?”

“I only put two and two together this morning, and that was after you’d been sent into the wall. Then I saw you after and you looked so upset and worried I’d make fun of you, that I pretended not to know.”

Amy’s face softened and she stopped glaring at me. A few moments passed in silence. “I’m… sorry for snapping at you.” Amy said in a still slightly raised voice. I smiled. Apologies from Amy were as rare as complete presidential pardons, and I’d gotten two in as many days.

“Do I get an apology?” Diana asked nicely.

I felt the molecules in the air suddenly change to pure electricity. Amy exploded like a bomb saying every curse word and things that weren’t usually curse words at Diana. She didn’t hold anything back and I even started to blush at some of the things she said. Diana turned her back to Amy and started to get something.

Just as Amy’s mouth formed the “ick” sound in the word “sadistick,” Diana crammed a pacifier in and quickly fastened the strap behind her head.

Diana’s voice took on a slightly musical quality. “Listen… to the sound of silence.”

“MMMMmmmmm!!” Amy tried to say through the obstruction. Her hands fumbled around behind her head.

Diana shrugged, “Good luck Amy, its magnetic and I control it.”

Amy shot out her hands with middle fingers up at Diana’s face. I flinched a little and began to shield the side of my face with my hand as I turned down towards my food again. This was about to get ugly.

“Well I guess I was wrong about you being in a better mood,” Diana said as she began to walk around in front of Amy. The fingers followed her every move, like a set of eyes. “Maybe your diaper is the problem?” Diana asked bringing her hand under the tray table.

“MMmmmmm!!” Amy groaned and flailed her hands out trying to swat Diana’s hands away. Her hands couldn’t reach past the tray table though. Diana undid a few snaps and registered a look of surprise.

“Looks like baby wet her diaper,” Diana said smugly.

“Mmm!” Amy moaned, it sort of tapered off though, and I saw tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

“Guess you’re done with lunch anyway, so we’ll get you out of that wet diaper and hopefully you’ll cheer up in a dry one.”

She unlatched the table and Amy closed her eyes, tears going down her cheek. Fight had suddenly left her. I finished my plate just as Diana hefted Amy up.

“Do you need to be changed too?” Diana asked me as she passed by.

“No, I’m good,” I answered. I was honest, I hadn’t wet, and I didn’t really need to pee. I could have if I had wanted too, but I didn’t really need too. Diana carried Amy towards the station and I heard Amy begin to moan a little more through the pacifier.

“Umm Diana?” I called out. She stopped a moment and turned to me.

“Yes Justin?”

“I think Amy wants to be changed out here,” I said fairly confident. Diana looked down at Amy. Her eyes were still closed and she was still crying, but she nodded her head yes. Diana shrugged and laid Amy on the ground and then went over to the station and got more supplies after the table had done its thing.

She came back over to Amy and started change her wet diaper. I took the opportunity to take my plate up to the sink.

Amy was done soon enough and Diana came back over to get Amy’s plate.

“Why thank you for taking you’re plate up,” Diana said to me with a smile. I just nodded but hurried away over to Amy, who’s crying had slowed to a sob.

“Did she make you wet with her hand thing?” I asked sitting next to her.

Amy dried her eyes and sat up. “No…”

“Did you…” I didn’t finish my sentence and just kind of looked away.

“No, it wasn’t an accident. I just went while we were playing Nintendo earlier.”

“Oh…” I replied.

“Didn’t want to say anything about it.”

“I’m not judging you.”

“I know, but… I did give you crap about it earlier…” Amy looked at me. I shrugged and hugged her. There wasn’t really anything else left to say.

“What now?” I asked as I got to my feet and put my hand out to help her up too.

“I guess a board game will do.”

“Good enough,” I said and walked over to the shelves with games on them. We sorted through the games and eventually pulled out mousetrap.

It was a good game to play. There are enough moving parts to entertain you and get your mind off things. We began playing and it wasn’t long before we were at the end of the board. With my blue mouse about to be captured I looked up at Amy.

“Do you think that when they’re trapped they’ll be,”

Amy quickly put a finger to my mouth. “Finish that question and die. I know you what you were about to ask.”

And with that my little mouse was caught in the net, but my question went unasked, and unanswered. Maybe mice didn’t have diapers?




Machines Are Not Toys

Part 5 (FINAL)

By: CS Fox



“Make your move…”

A bead of sweat formed on my forehead. I brought up my shaky hand, placed my thumb and forefinger on a little block about mid way up the tower, and began to pull. The whole tower groaned and began to sway a little. I stopped my motions to let the structural instability sort itself out.

The swaying stopped and I resumed movement. Soon, the block was free. I threw it up in the air and caught it in the same hand.

“Ha!” I said to Amy as I taunted her with my newly acquired Jenga piece. She raised an eyebrow at me as I happily laid the block on the top of the tower.

“My turn?” She asked casually. I nodded.

In one quick motion, she had a block in her fingers, taken easily from the tower. In another quick movement it was atop the tower. My mouth dropped open.

“But but…?” I stared at the tower, not a move, not a shake. Another bead of sweat formed on my forehead and I looked the tower up and down once more. I started to take another block.

“No no no, that’s in the top 3 rows, choose another.”

“Hehe, right…” Damn, she’s paying attention. I put my hand on another block a few rows down. As I moved it, the tower began to tremble all over again. I let the piece go and put my hands out, as if to steady the tower, but not actually touching it. The tower ignored the fact that I didn’t want it to fall over and began to sway a little past the zero barrier on the right.

It was leaning…leaning…falling… falling… and then, down came all the blocks. Amy grinned from ear to ear.

“I win…”

“I don’t want to play this anymore…” I said feeling battered and beaten. We’d been playing board games the better part of two hours, and Amy had managed to beat me at every one of them. “Lets go back to Nintendo,” I said with a sly smile. I knew that I could take out the stops now and really kick her butt for a little revenge.

Amy rolled her eyes. “That’s all you think about. Heck, something tells me that if there were current video games and a decent DVD collection, you’d be happy to stay here longer then three days…”

I rubbed my chin and thought about that a moment. Amy looked at me weirdly.

“Are you actually thinking about it?”

I shrugged, “I was thinking about the DVDs and video games at least.”

“Only you,” Amy said shaking her head. I picked up the rest of the jenga tower and put it in the box.  My mind still kind of hovered on the DVD and video game idea. Then it kind of migrated from video games to AI. All the games I’d ever owned or played didn’t even come close to Diana, or any of the other girls here for that matter.

They had problem solving skills, and a thinking, growing, conscience. By most respects they were as real as Amy and I.

I went to put the box back still thinking about it, till I noticed the box on the top shelf. It was a chess set. A new idea blossomed in my mind.

“Hey Diana?”

“Yes Justin?”

“Do you play chess?”

“Sure, want a game?”

I nodded and pulled out the set.

“You’re going to play… With her?” Amy asked, pointing a finger.

“Why not?”

Amy opened her mouth to complain, but didn’t find anything. She shrugged and went to get out the puzzle she’d given up on the day before.

Diana came and joined me at the little table. I set up the board and made the first move. Diana made her move as soon as I’d let go of my piece. There was almost no thought time in between. We went on like this for another half dozen moves. I’d usually take about two or three minutes to think out a move each time, but as soon as I made mine, Diana had a piece moving in a strong counter. I realized I was already slated to lose this game.

“Could you teach me a little about chess?” I asked out of the blue.

Diana smiled. “Sure. Where should I start?”

“Very beginning,” Amy said with a smirk. I stuck my tongue out at her but then started to think about it.

“Yeah, what she said.”

Diana looked down at the board. “A chessboard has 64 squares,” she said. “Alternating vanilla and chocolate,” I looked down, okay 8x8, yup 64… “Very basically you need to control the four center squares if you want to win.”

I scratched my head and looked at the board. Never really thought about it like that. I looked up at Diana. “You’re sooo cool!”

“Dork…” Amy muttered shaking her head.

“Well thank you Justin… Glad I’m ‘Cool’.”

I moved another piece and watched in fascination as she had her piece moving nearly before I was done with my mine. She continued to tell me various things about the game, hypothetical values of each of the pieces and such. I kind of blotted her out after a moment and tried to use this display of her intelligence to analyze her AI capacity. It seemed she already had like a whole layer of stuff programmed down before the daycare functions. I mean, who would think to program a nanny to play chess?

Three moves later Diana smiled up at me. “Okay, lesson over. I think its time I checked your diaper.”

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Well for one, checkmate, and two, somehow I can just guess you need it.”

I blushed. I had just kind of wet my diaper while playing board games with Amy earlier. I really was becoming a little too comfortable here. I still had perfect control, but I was starting to feel like, hey, why bother? Not like I would be allowed to you use the bathroom.

I hung my head, “no need to check, its wet.”

Amy surprised me a little. “I’m wet too,” she said in a meek voice.

“Already? I changed you just after lunch.”

Amy blushed and did her best to defend herself. “Well… that was a few hours ago.”

Diana just smiled. “All right, both of you, come with me.” We got up and Diana led us over towards the station. Amy started to drag her feet and slow as Diana walked there, but Diana sent the table away without us.

“You really don’t like that wall,” Diana said to Amy when the supplies had returned. Amy nodded.

“Its not soo bad, Janice and Tanya are kind of nice.” I thought out loud. Diana smiled, Amy frowned.

With the same amount of the usual embarrassment and heads turned away, we got our wet diapers changed.

“Well its about time for your naps so I’ve got an idea for you two.”

“Naaaaaaps?” Amy groaned. I noticed she was acting a tiny bit more juvenile already.

“Yes naps… you will nap here every afternoon until…”

“Until our parents come to pick us up…” Amy and I said in unison with a good mimicry of Diana’s voice.

Diana smiled “exactly.”

“So what’s the idea?” I asked.

“Would it be okay for me to read you both a story?”

Amy and I looked at each other, then back at Diana.

“What kind of story?” Amy asked. Her voice was a mix of curiosity and hesitation.

“A fairy tale…”

Amy and I looked at each other again, and somewhere in each other’s eyes we asked what was the worst that could happen? So we consented and agreed.

“Lets get some nap supplies ready then,” Diana said as she got to work. She got out a large pile of pillows from the wall and arranged two neat smaller piles around her chair. Amy and I came and took a seat, a little nervous though because somehow it had come to be that this was Diana’s part of the room. The chair and the little space surrounding it was like her personal real estate where when she wasn’t bothering us, she was staring off into space.

“Our story begins in late December…” Diana said in a really good story telling voice.

“You’re not going to read from a book?” Amy asked looking up at her suspiciously.

“I have over 23,000 books stored in my processor,” Diana said breaking voice for an instant. I shrugged, made sense, she was a computer who could play chess, why not one with book capacity. “Anyways, one day in late December… there was a young king sitting very bored in his throne room.”

“What was his name?” Amy asked, interrupting once again.

“I’m getting to that. His name was Heinrick, King Heinrick.”

“That’s a dumb name for a King.”

“Amy!” I yelled. She looked at me like “what?” Diana waited till it looked like we were done.

“Can I proceed?” We nodded. “No interruptions?” We nodded again. “Okay, well King Heinrick was sitting very bored in his throne room… In the dead of winter, there was not much for a king to do inside his own castle. So he sat thinking until suddenly someone burst into the hall.”

“’Your highness! Your highness!’ He came yelling. The king sat up, welcoming the distraction. ‘What is it Cameron?’ The king asked. ‘Highness, the evil ice queen has returned to ravage the lands!’”

“What was her name?” Amy interrupted yet again.

“The Ice queen Amy,” Diana said with a smile.

“WHAT?!” Amy yelled.

I smiled, “So the evil ice queen happened to be named Amy? Its just coincidence Amy, calm down.”

“Coincidence my foot! I think I’ve already had enough story time,” and with that, Amy stomped off back towards her puzzle.

I looked at Diana. “Go on…”

“Well the king wasted no time in gathering up his men and getting into his royal armor. In a mighty procession, the king and his mounted knights left the castle and galloped down the snow covered roads of his city, coming to its’ edge, out towards the farmland and finding Amy. The evil ice queen was flying about and destroying farmhouses with her ice powers.”

“What did she look like?” I asked, finding it hard to resist interrupting.

“Well she was in a magnificent blue dress, that seemed to be made of frost, but crystal enough so that you could tell she was wearing a diaper underneath.”

A big handful of puzzle pieces came flying at us from across the room, it was echoed by an angry growl.

“This story time is for Justin now, you went to play with your puzzle Amy.”

The puzzle box hit me in the back of the head.

“Amy!” Diana said standing up. “Do one more mean thing and I’ll take care of the ice queen myself.”

Amy harumped and sat down. She swatted all her puzzle pieces off the table.

“You left off with the ice queen destroying everything…” I said, then realized Diana probably wouldn’t forget that because she has memory chips and such.

Diana was about to sit back down, but as she started to move, she slowed down… She moved slower and slower… until, she stopped. She was just sort of hunched over. It was like someone had just pulled the plug on her.

Amy was quick to notice the odd motion and ran over to us. She looked at me nervously then cautiously went up and waved a hand in front of Diana’s face. Nothing, not a move from Diana.

Amy immediately put her hands together piously and yelled out “Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!”

I was confused, and I guess a little happy because Amy was so happy. I went up to do the most scientific tests on Diana I could think of. I poked her. But she didn’t move. I poked again trying to find if maybe she suffered from robot narcolepsy or maybe her batteries had died or something.

“Umm… Justin?”

“Yes Amy?”

“You keep poking her tits and I’ll sock you in the jaw.”

I blushed and stopped poking. Amy glared at me till I put my hands behind my back and took a step away from Diana.

Suddenly Amy’s face lit up. “I’ve got an idea!!” Amy shrieked happily. “Quick, turn around!”

I turned around, once again confused till I heard a snapping noise, followed by a ripping noise.

“If Diana wakes up, she’s going to be pissed you took your diaper off,” I said over my back.

“You mean IF she wakes up,” Amy said joyously.

For some reason that “if” didn’t set well with me. Basic logic kicked my mind into action. Diana had been fairly instrumental to us this last two days. Food, baths, beds, changes… They were because of her.

I heard something hit the floor, then the snaps being redone.

“Ahhh… sweet freedom,” Amy said in an almost sensual voice. I turned around. “You know, these overalls really are kind of baggy without that extra bulk.”

Amy pointed to my padded midsection. I shrugged, what the hell, when in rome and all that jazz. I made a motion with my finger for her to turn around and she did.

Just as I was untaping my diaper, there was a mechanical noise, and the door started to swing open.

“Justin! Justin! The door’s opening!” Amy yelled excitedly turning to me.

“AMY!” I yelled trying to cover myself.

“Oh yeah…” Amy said turning back around. “Well hurry up. Maybe we can finally get out of here!”

I took my diaper off and re-snapped my overalls. “Let’s go,” I told Amy. She grabbed me by the hand and we ran out into the hall. The lights weren’t very bright, mostly just a string of track lighting along the floor.

“Maybe it shorted,” I offered while looking around.

“Shorted, broke, don’t care. Just want out.”

We ran down the hall and turned a corner. I could see Lee-Anne who we’d seen when we first arrived here, she was sort of slumped over lifeless in her chair behind the front desk.

Amy took no notice and ran to the front door. She jumped and kicked it in mid air, knocking it wide open and loudly smacked the exterior of the building. Landing she looked around wildly and I was right behind her.

“There they are!” came an excited shout. Amy and I turned to see our parents starting to race down the spiral staircase from the control room. They were followed by the chief of police, the fire marshal, the local postmaster, and even my homeroom teacher.

Amy and I started running towards them, and they were running towards us, and there was a happy collision somewhere in between.

It turns out they didn’t pick the warehouse to look in last. The chief of police put together a list of places he’d caught us trespassing and made an educated guess where he might catch us now if he were to really hunt for us.

We were hugged, kissed, playfully scolded (serious scolding came after we were home), and told how much the entire town had prayed and searched for us. It was all very heartwarming and great.

Amy was mostly happy that it didn’t take the three days I’d suggested. She even very publicly in front of everyone in the warehouse, announced that our Adventuring days were over, and besides, we’d seen everything in town there was to see (that we weren’t supposed too). So with that, we left the warehouse in a little parade, to be greeted by a local reporter and to be a feature on the news at 6.

A few weeks had passed by and I found myself right where I’d been before the adventure… Sitting in my homeroom with my face in a textbook. I was reading it, but my mind was elsewhere, so I wasn’t really remembering anything from it. I’d probably have to re-read it later.

At first our adventure was the talk of the town. It was so unusual and out of the ordinary that everyone had to hear about it twice. Funny thing too, no one really knows the whole thing except for Amy and I. It just seemed wiser to omit certain facts so that we could avoid strange looks and unwanted questions. I don’t think that anyone would understand anyway if we’d told them we were diapered by polite, super advanced robot women. It was a large pill to swallow when you thought about it.

Instead our story was something like we were trapped in the building and managed to find canned goods to sustain on till we were let out. We explained the weird overalls saying we’d torn our clothes and found them lying around, so we put them on. Amy had also liberally added a few lines about rats, and me always being scared and her having to step up and be the brave one, which I just let her say… No one would have listened to me had I said otherwise anyway.

The bell rang and I closed my book and packed my stuff. It was Friday and I was officially free for the weekend. I went out to my locker and opened it to get my jacket.

As I took stuff in and out, a little note fell out and onto the floor. Hesitantly I looked around and picked it up once I was sure no one was watching.

I unfolded it quickly.

“Grammar Boy… Meet at the railroad tracks by dusk. Tell your parents you’re staying at my place for the weekend. I’ll do the same with mine… Sign, A.”

Amy had been signing her letters to me lately with just the letter A. I think she was hopeful that should I be discovered by someone, no one would suspect her. Still perhaps I should explain a little more… Like any good adventurers, our diet didn’t last long and we’d already revisited the warehouse. Amy had admitted to me, that as much as she seemed to despise our plight in daycare-1, she actually kind of enjoyed it. We took some time experimenting with the controls the time we went back and found a way to make it so we could sign ourselves in and out with parental permission.

I left school and hurried home. I served my mom a hot steaming plate of lies (you hang around Amy long enough, you get good) and left for the railroad tracks. Amy was already waiting for me there, leaning up against the crossing light.

“What took you?” Amy asked mock seriously.

“You know my mom,” I said.

“Someday you’ll learn to work parents like I do.”

I smiled and nodded. About that time, Jimmy Talon and Eric Stanoziak came walking around the corner. Eric had his hands in his pockets, and Jimmy was kicking a soccerball just ahead of him. Amy looked at them nervously and so did I.

“Hey Justin and Amy, what you up to?” Eric asked as they came near.

Amy looked at him, me and then the tracks. “Oh we’re flattenin’ pennies on the tracks,” Amy lied.

“I hain’t never flattened pennies on the track before.. it fun?” Jimmy asked in his thick country accent. I just about flipped.

“Do you pay attention in class at all?” I snapped.

“Huh?” Jimmy asked looking dumbfounded.

“Hain’t? What type of vocabulary is hain’t? You even somehow made it a double negative!”

Amy’s fist found its way into my stomach. The boys cringed and stepped back as I doubled over.

“Don’t worry, I got this,” Amy said in a tough voice. Jimmy and Eric started to back away and as they got closer to the corner, they started to run away. Amy bent down next to me and put her hand under my chin. Lifting it up she kissed me on the lips.

“I love you grammar boy.”

Still clutching my stomach I forced a smile. “I know…”

“Well, come on, lets go sign in for daycare…”

Once I could walk again, we were off.


The End…