Military Punishment : Part 1

 By: Kit Fox



The lights hummed on bringing a gentle dim glow to the hallway.  A few minutes later a bugle sounded, signaling wake-up.  As the sound echoed through the old walls, a tall wolf stepped out of the room at the end of the hallway.  His well-kept fur matched his freshly pressed uniform. He quickly went about rattling all the doors, along the way. Making sure all the cadets where up.

“Drop your cocks and grab your socks boys… It’s another glorious morning at the Academy, and the parade ground is just itching to be marched on.”


A loud drumming on my door woke me from my sleep, “Huh, what?” I drowsily opened my eyes rolling out of bed. Forgetting that I had the top bunk, I yelped a little as I slammed into the cold tile some five or six feet down.

“Are you ever going to stop doing that CS?” My roommate, Adam Kreeger, asked as I got up.

I looked over at him on the bed, my vision was a little blurry, but I could tell he wasn’t able to see me. “This is just my method of waking up in the morning.” I replied shaking my head and scrambling for the door. The Wolf outside continued banging until the door was opened.

“Cadet Fox, if I knock, you answer! And you do it immediately. Drop cadet… And you too Cadet Kreeger.” I hurriedly got on my hands and knees as Major Lupus stood over me; I could here my roommate jump out of bed and do the same.

“Permission to begin, Sir…” I said as I arched my back in the push-up position.

“Knock out 15 push-ups, and it will be 5 more tomorrow for every time I knock after the first and you don’t answer.  Now begin.”


I guess Major Lupus has always had it in for me… Then again I think he just despises all foxes, being that he treats Bronsin and Sierra like crap too. I thought things out as I quickly pressed out push-ups. “13 Major.. 14 Major… 15 Major,” I paused for a second to catch my breathe. “Permission to recover..” I asked as he growled down at me.

“Recover and make sure to answer promptly tomorrow.” He said flashing me a sharp toothed smile.

“Yes, Sir.” I said probably sounding a little aggravated. He left and started hammering the next door on the hallway. I proceeded to shut and lock my door. As I turned my roommate was throwing on some clothes. “Do you suppose you could ever answer the door Adam?” I asked.

“If I wasn’t lazy, then yes…”

I rolled my eyes and decided it was a lost cause anyway. “Well, I better get dressed.” I said to myself.


This is actually a pretty normal morning at the academy. It’s not really as bad as it sounds... My friends have often asked me what the Academy is like when I am home on leave. I usually just tell them it’s a pain to put up with, I mean all the marching and having your uniform pressed and tail neatly brushed. Uh, it’s all one big headache.

At about 06:30 I was dressed and sitting on the top bunk, brushing out my orange tail. I hate having a scruffy looking tail (It’s also something you could get in trouble for here). I was just finishing and going over the white tip when the Mess I bugle sounded.

“Crap!” Adams exclaimed as he jumped out of bed, apparently he had fallen back asleep, half dressed. He started scurrying around the room with a desperate speed as I put down the brush and casually walked out into the hallway. “Hey CS, if I don’t make it in time, can you cover for me?!?” He called out; I rolled my eyes again and looked back towards the room. I new it didn’t really matter, Major Lupus loved all wolves as if they were his brothers and Adam of course, was a wolf.

“I’ll cover for you, but it’s your turn to answer the door tomorrow.” I waited a moment, but there was no reply. I decided to take that as a yes and headed down the hallway.


I was just walking outside as the cadets were forming up in their neat little squares by company. I quickly headed over to my company formation, were all the 10 to 13 year old males formed.

“Get your alignment CS, and where’s your roommate?”

“Uh, he’s on bedrest (Basically calling in sick) this morning, Sergeant Reeve,” I nervously replied.. I say nervously because Reeve had this evil stare, the fact he was a big Doberman Pincher (And 17 years old) only added to his intimidation. He glared at me for an intense moment and curved an eyebrow. I froze in fear just waiting.

“Mark Adam on bedrest, now CS, form up!” He said with a little bark that had me jump to formation. For some reason I don’t think he liked me that much either.


I went on with the normal things as the Furrydom Flag was raised and the National Anthem played. Then we walked on to Mess I (Breakfast). We are the second company to go (It goes by letter order, i.e. A or Alpha goes first, then Bravo, Charlie and finally Delta). Marching is something I particularly despise, mainly because it is a pain to stay in step and not walk as one normally would. Not only that, but, you have to swing your arms and sway your tail in sync too.

“Left…left… to your left, right, left.” I followed the cadence in my mind and followed the unit. As we kept on I noticed the Warhime building, I always speculate about this building… Everyone knows it’s some sort of building for ‘Special Education’ or the place were the biggest troublemakers go. I know at least  two cadets that have been sent there in the past and never seen again, which is why the old building is a perfect urban legend for the cadets to make up stories and rumors about.

“CS, get back in step!” Barked Reeve. I shook my head clearing out my random thoughts on the Warhime building and hurriedly got back in step.


Mess I went by without incident and afterwards we were dismissed to go back to our dormitory to gather what we would need for the school day. When I got to my room I found my lazy roommate had drifted off again.

 “He only told me to cover for him and he is technically on bedrest (or at least Sergeant thinks he is), so I best let the wolf sleep.” A slight smile crossed my face. Not that I was being mean, but when he’s asleep usually only hell or high water can really wake him up. So, I quietly grabbed some books and shoved them in my back-pack. On the way out I checked myself in the mirror to make sure I hadn’t forgotten to do anything.

Looking into the mirror I saw my reflection starring back at me, the 12-year-old fox was not much different from yesterday. Ears straight up and fur brushed and almost shiny. Teeth clean, that’s about it… I exited the room and made sure not to slam the door on the way out.


Class begins usually at 8 AM, with your homeroom class. My homeroom happened to be the computer lab, where I could waste the time with solitaire and minesweaper. Which is what I always did, so this morning was like every other.

Just as I was enjoying the bouncing cards of a finished game my friend Sierra sat down next to me and started playing a game on the computer in front of her. As she did her silky redish-orange tail curled over toward me and wrapped slightly around mine. This was her quiet means of flirting (Which I don’t entirely understand yet, I guess because I’m only 12). Anyway, I’ve always liked Sierra (And secretly had a crush on her), not to be racist but I also liked the fact she was one of the 3 foxes at the Academy.

“Hey CS, are you ever bored with that game?” She asked over my shoulder. I carefully took my time turning to face her (She likes to play these games that I really can’t describe).

“Only if you ever get tired of asking me that…” She shook her head at my reply, smiling.

“Are you ready for tryouts after school?” I was shocked for a moment at what she said… I had forgotten the tryouts for Track + Field were today.

“T.They’re today?” I said stuttering. Sierra smiled.

“Uh, oh… Looks like somebody forgot.” I slumped for a moment. 

“Doubt I’ll make it anyway…” It just so happened that the couch of Track was Major Lupus, and their was only 2 spots for the younger cadets (One male and one female).

“Don’t say that, everyone knows you’re the fastest in the entire school.” I blushed somewhat as Sierra said that.

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Sierra smiled at my modesty and brought a clawed finger behind my ear, scratching slightly.

“Just don’t worry CS, I know you’ll do fine.” She said, I would have protested, but I was literally about to melt under her touch.


Homeroom ended shortly after our conversation, and we parted to go to our separate classrooms. She gave me a hug and I was off to LET 1. Of all the classes I have, I hate LET 1 the most. LET stands for Leadership Training, or more realistically, Military Science. And to make things worse, the course is headed by my favorite instructor, Major Lupus.

I walked into the classroom, noticing Major Lupus sitting quietly at his desk grading some paper. As I walked past his snout twitched a little.

“Cadet Fox, what a pleasant surprise you decided to wake up for my class.” I forced a slight smile, he was prying at something. “You know tryouts are today… I haven’t seen you working out to much on the track (Translation – You haven’t been sucking up enough recently to make the team).”

“I feel confident in my abilities, Sir.” It took all my strength to hold a smile.

“We’ll see this afternoon,” He said returning to his work.

If I was only bigger, I would slash and gurr… I tried to clear my anger, but it’s hard when your instructor is such a jerk and prejudice for some unknown damn reason. I hurried and took my seat.


“Open your books to page 346 and pay attention to the diagram. Today’s lesson is on bone fractures and first aid to them.” I sat staring blankly at the textbook, and the crude diagram of a female with a broken tail. First aid was important, but I was also really tired. Soon Major’s speech seemed to blur as did my vision as it took all my concentration to just keep my eyes open. Eventually I was asleep.

“Can anyone tell me how to check for signs of pulse?” Major Lupus said, as his eyes scanned the classroom. He looked down the rows at the young cadets, stopping when he noticed the young Fox slumped over on his textbook. “Didn’t I just warn him yesturday about sleeping in my class?” He thought to himself as he put down the book and walked toward the desk Cadet CS Fox was sleeping at.


“Hi Sierra, what are you doing in my room?”

“I just wanted to congratulate you for making the Track team.”

“Thank you.” I said setting down my back pack. Sierra got this sly smile across her face and walked toward me.

“How about I… Stand up!”

“Huh?” I replied as her tone and voice suddenly changed.

“Damn it boy, I said stand up!” I suddenly blinked my eyes open to see the class staring at me and Major Lupus towering over me with his teeth glaring and snarling at me. I nearly jumped out of my chair to attention.

“How many times have I told you not to sleep in class?”

“To many, Sir.”

“That’s right… Now get your sorry hide to S.W.A.T. on the double.” He growled pointing his paw at the door.

I slowly walked out of the class room… I hated S.W.A.T. (Students With A Tardy), it was for all the misfits and I wasn’t as bad as them, was I? Anyway, it’s not my fault, it’s his fault for making the class so damn boring.

“What was that Cadet?!?” He barked out at me (Oops.. Did I just say that out loud?)

“Nothing, Sir.”

“That is exactly the disobediance I can’t tolerate at this school, for that you get 15 demerits!”

I clenched my fist in anger, (Why do they even bother asking what you said when they now perfectly well?) now he was just being a flat out ass hole. Deciding to leave before I explode on him, I stormed off down the hallway toward the S.W.A.T. room.

“Ah, CS. What brings you here?” Asked Sergeant Reeve as I entered the room. He smiled as I didn’t answer. “Suit yourself, I’ll just find out later. Anyway, grab a rifle and get nose and toes.” I took one of the heavy fake M16’s and went to an open section of the wall. Putting the rifle at textbook attention, I stood nose and toes to the wall.

After an hour of standing and angrily mauling over the events of what brought me to S.W.A.T. the bell rang and I was dismissed to next class. The rest of the day I stayed quiet and tried to remain awake. I figured if I could just survive with out another incident till tryouts, I would be all right.


After last period I raced up to my room to get into my PT uniform (Physical Training or Gym uniform). As I entered the room my roommate Adam, was sitting at his desk playing a gameboy.

“Did you even go to class at all today?”


“How do you get away with that all the time?”

“Just don’t care…” I stopped talking to him, seeing how he didn’t really want to give me a decent answer anyway. Focusing on more important things I got on my PT and put on my Track shoes.


I was outside on my way down to the track in a few minutes, Sierra caught up with me as I passed her dorm.

“Good luck CS,” she said nearly jumping on me in a hug.

“Yeah, thanks.” I replied trying to maintain balance. “Are you going to tryout too?” I asked noticing she was also in PT’s.


“Good luck to you too then.”


As we neared the track, we could see other cadets already stretching and warming up. We both found an open spot in the grass and helped each other stretch. We had a good fifteen minutes before Major Lupus showed up on the Track.

“We are going to make this short and simple Cadets. We will have time trials in heats of 3 racers for the 50, 100 and 400 yard dash. Best times and forms will determine scores and the highest scoring cadets make the time… Understood?” He glared around at all the 30 sum cadets gathered.

“Yes Sir!” Chorused from the crowd.

“Good, now lets get this underway. Cadets Jackie, Fox, and Roland to the starting line.” My ears perked as I heard my name. I grinned and tried to walk confident over to the starting line, stretching out a little more (More for show then precaution) and get down low to the track in the starting position. As I did I took notice of my compotition. Jackie was on my left and he was going to be a challenge, not only was he 2 years older then me, but he was also a Cheeta and so naturally fast. Now Roland, he was a big bear and known for his ability to throw discus and javelin, he was just running as a formality.

“Cadets, on your mark, get set… BANG!” The small blank pistol fired and we bolted off the line. I felt myself nearly flying down the track, not even caring to check on my opponents. All I know is that it must have been close, as I could hear them cheering when I neared the finish. And in the haste that it begin it was over just as fast.

We all turned and leaned on the fence to catch our breaths. Sierra came running over as I was panting and letting the fence support my weight.

“That was great CS, I’ve never seen anyone run that fast. You even smoked Jackie.”

“Really I?” I said looking in Jackie’s direction, he turned his head in disgust (Or maybe shame) as I did. ‘Wow’ I thought to myself, feeling rather smug.


“Cadets Sierra, Winzer, and Pinto. To the starting line.”

“Ooppss… That’s my call CS, you’ll to excuse me while I go win this race.” She smiled as she jogged back to the starting line. I also smiled as I watched her jog back in those short gym shorts (Sorry, I’m a guy so it’s hard not too).


I kneeled down at the finish line and looked down the track to the starting line. Three racers had lined the track, Sierra was on the right and two other girls were on the left. I didn’t really now the other girls or I would have had a better opinion on who would win the race, but the race started and all it was a close heat. Sierra was lagging a little at first, but made up the short gap as the finish neared. I watched with anticipation as they crossed the finish line… Sierra bearly pulled second.


“All right everyone gather around… I’ve taken a few minutes with my assistant and analyzed the scores. If I call your name, congratulations you made the team. If I don’t sorry but, you’ll have to try again next year.” We all hushed and waited patiently for him to start calling names. “Iten, Wolfok, Morgan, Winzer, Roland, Hudon, MacWilliams, Leon, and Jackie.” I was stunned, my name wasn’t called and neither was Sierra’s, but Jackie? I beat him and everyone saw it! “Again, if your name wasn’t called, sorry, but you’ll have to try again next year.” Major Lupus took a moment to find me with his eyes and smile, beguiling me in a glare of racism. That was about all I could take… I don’t know if it’s ever happened to anyone else out there, but at that point I released all my pent-up rage. Like the gates of a dam suddenly bursting under the pressure.

“You know what, Major Asshole?!? I am twice as fast as Jackie will ever be and there is no f***ing way I am going to take this shit any longer…” Entirely blinded by my rage I clenched my hand up in a fist and jabbed Major Lupus in the jaw. There was a gasp from the crowd as they stared on in shock. Major Lupus stumbled back a moment and felt his jaw. Smiling at me he helped me to realize what I had just done. In a flash I began to comprehend that I was now in deep shit and turned to bolt away.

“Not so fast Cadet…” He said taking a firm grasp on my tail.

“Hey, leggo!” I yelled trying to wriggle free.

“In all my years of Military service, you are the first SOB to ever hit me… While I admire your stupidity, you do realize your life is over?” In one quick movement he jerked my tail and got me close enough to grab hold of the back of my shirt. He lifted me off the ground by my shirt and started to carry me toward the main office. The crowd parted in silence as we walked through. Desperately in an attempt to some how escape, I started swinging my fists as I dangled in front of him. “Seems the little Cadet Fox has some fight left in him. You know if you continue resisting me I could always carry you in by your tail… It’s all the same to me.” I angrily tried to growl at him, but didn’t like the idea of being carried around by just my tail… My mother had done it once and I knew it hurt a lot. So in what I guess was a futile attempt to show my disobedience I crossed my arms and tried to calm down (But really waiting for the instant he put me down).


I was taken directly to the Commandant’s office. Only being put down when right in front of the Commandant.

“Major Lupus, why are you carrying Cadet Fox like that?” The Commandant was an old fart of a badger. He wore thick glasses and an obvious toupee, insecure about his age and bald head.

“This unruly Cadet has caused multiple incidents today.”

“Really?” The Commandant said sitting back in his plush chair. “Why don’t you sit him down outside my office and we’ll discuss it.”


I was sitting nervously in the office as the secretary looked curiously at me.

“Now you’ve done it CS…” I said to myself. “Now they are going to expel you and your parents will turn you into a fur pelt when they find out.” I almost started to cry… What had I done?

“CS the Commandant wants to see you know,” I looked over at the cute Squirrel who was his secretary. She gently motioned with a finger toward the door and shot me a look that said ‘good luck’.


“What in the world were you thinking?!?”

“I don’t know… Sir.”

“You weren’t thinking, that’s the only thing I can come up with. Do you even realize what your punishment could be??” I lifted my head a little and looked at him while he was giving me a serious and stern expression.

“No, Sir.”

“Assault to a teacher is an expelable offense… That means your out of here!” His words hit hard, it felt as if he were actually punching me with them. My eyes began to tear up at how my world had suddenly crumbled away in a matter of minutes.

“Wait, Sir… That sounds a little harsh.” Major Lupus interrupted.

“Really, I thought you would be in full support.” The Commandant said turning to Major Lupus.

“How about we…* whisper *” Major Lupus learned over and started to say something in the Commandant’s ear. His small brown ear twitched slightly and then an evil smile crossed his face.

“That’s an excellent idea Major Lupus… This way we won’t have to expel him and we’ll get the extra money the program offers.” My ears perked and my heart jumped. I wasn’t going to be expelled?

“I’m not going to be expelled?” I shyly asked as the little spark of hope shined in my head.

“No Cadet, being that Major Lupus is kind enough to forgive and forget we are not going to expel you. Instead, we are going to incorporate you into a re-education program.” He kept smiling very evilly at me as he said this, making me very uneasy.

“Re-education, Sir?”

“Oh, it’s just a class where you will learn to better behave yourself.” I still didn’t like the sound of that, but it beats expulsion. “So as of now, you are assigned to live in the Warhime building… Effective immediately.”

“Warhime building!!!” I yelped out loud.

“We’ll send your personal effects over later… Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m a very busy man.”

“No, you can’t send me there!” I started pleading with him, but Major Lupus picked me up by my shirt again and literally dragged me out of the room. He pulled me past the secretary. She tried not to pay attention as I was crying slightly and worrying about what would happen to me. Somehow, I think she knew what would happen.


“You know, you may like it at Warhime…” Major Lupus tried to say in a reassuring manner, but I could tell he was just trying to put salt on the wound.

“Then why don’t you go in my place…” I mumbled under my breathe.


It took a few minutes to walk over to the building. All the while passing Cadets stared and laughed at me, being held by the back of my shirt by stupid old Major Lupus. His claws at one point began to rip the shirt, it had already stretched out considerably and now the rips were just adding to the problem. After long last we reached the Warhime building. I gulped loudly as I was carried inside the windowless door. Inside was nothing what I expected.

It looked like a nice new office. New carpet on the floor and clean white wash walls. A young deer, er… doe was sat at a desk near the only door I could see exiting the room (Besides the one I had come in).


“Awww… What a cute little foxy,” She said smiling at me. “Is this the troublesome little rascal in my program now?” He knodded and put me down, shoving me forward.

“Go with the lady,” Major Lupus said sternly. Then he turned and left the building, slamming the door behind him.

“So what’s your name little guy?” I turned to look at the doe, she must have been fresh out of college. She couldn’t be any older then 23.

“Um… CS, er… Cadet CS Fox, Ma’am.” I said correcting myself.

“CS? Is that an abbreviation?” She asked still smiling.

“Yes, Ma’am… It stands for Cyprus Sygial.”

“Hmm… Cyprus Sygial Fox, what an adorably odd name.” She smiled saying it once or twice more. “Well, CS… You best come with me, from the sound of the Commandant on the phone you are going to be here a while.” She took my hand and opened the door, guiding me into a short hallway. “What we do here is re-educate our students. Figuring that by starting over, we will eventually correct where ever it was your parents went wrong teaching you.” I was a little shocked at what she was saying, my parents never did anything wrong… None of it was there fault. Then something hit me, what did she mean by ‘Starting over’?

“Excuse me Ma’am… But, what do you mean starting over?” She turned and smiled at me as I looked up at her in curiosity.

“How old are you CS?”


“Well, according to Major Lupus, and the Commandant. You act like you are only 2 years old.”

“What?? No I don’t… They are just both assh..” I quickly stopped myself from swearing.

“They tell me you sleep all day, cause mischief and constantly disobey… Sounds like a two year old to me.”

“But…But” She put a finger to my mouth to hush me. Then with her other hand she opened a door.

“This is Katie, she will be your care-giver from now on.” I stood aghast, the room was a nursery! I mean like the one babies and cubs live in. There was a crib and changing table and even a rocking chair.

“Welcome to your room!” Someone said giddily. I took my attention away from the room and looked to see who it was. A young and beautiful Artic fox stood to the side smiling warmly at me. “My name is Katie, and I’ll be taking care of you from now on.” I kinda stared at her for a moment. Her fur was like pure, powered snow and she had two lovely deep blue eyes.

“Katie, this is CS. He’s going to be here for a while,”

“Okay then, CS… Come on in and look around.” Said Katie. Up until now I hadn’t been able to say anything (Let alone close my gaping mouth).

“Why is my new room a nursery?” I asked when all of a sudden, it made sense. The Doe out in the hallway had been talking about me acting like a two year and ‘starting over’… Now I was in a Nursery that everyone was calling my room and being introduced to my care-giver. “Hey, wait a minute!” I quickly yelled. “I’m not going to be a two year old kit!”

“It shouldn’t be that hard when you act so much like one anyway…” I growled at the Doe trying to show her my sharp teeth, as she was talking to me in a snickery manner. “I didn’t want it to be this way… Why must I always resort to this?” She pulled out a small object from her pocket and held it pointed at me. I didn’t know what it was till she sprayed it at me. In that instant, I suddenly lost my balance and fell to the floor limp… I wasn’t unconscious, but it felt like I was disconnected from my limbs.

“Was that really necessary Ann? Your always so quick to use that thing.”

“Hush Katie. Do you want a lower grade?”

“No Ma’am.”


Katie lifted me up onto the changing table. I couldn’t tell, but I think the Doe left the room. As for me, my head was swimming with thoughts of what had happened and why I couldn’t move my arms or legs.

“Are you okay?” I managed to nod my head in reply. “Don’t worry, the effect will wear off in a few minutes. As for Ann, she is my instructor and she has always had a bit of sour milk in her coffee.” I smiled trying to listen attentively and re-gather the use of my arms and legs. “Well, it looks as if we are going to get to know each other very well. Guess, I best explain what it is your in... As of now you are in the college program, under the care of me, Katie Theets. In order to get my degree, I just basically become your Mother for the next 3 years… How well I do determines my grade.”

The effects must have been wearing off because I was able to speak again.


“Why what, CS?”

“W.Why you wan a degree?”

“Well, in order to be a Professional Caregiver, you need to have a license and degree to do so. This college is how to get a degree… So, I can one day run a daycare center.”

“What’ll happen to me?” I said almost fully recovered.

“That was what I was getting to. From now on you are two years old, or at least will be treated as one. You can walk and talk, but you will be put in diapers most of the time.”

“Diapers!?!” I yelped, immediately sitting up. She placed a gentle hand easing me back down on the table.

“Let, me finish… You will be re-taught everything, from personal grooming to potty training. After the three years, you can re-enter your school and I can get my diploma.”

“So, I’m your project?” I said looking up at her. Even though this entire new outline of my life freaked the hell out of me… Being with such a beautiful Arctic fox was comforting to say the least.

“Yep,” She replied.

“What if I don’t want to be?” I said in a defiant tone…

“In order to be sent here, you must have done something pretty bad…” She looked at me sternly, almost as my own mother had done so many times before. I tried not to, but I started to feel… ashamed. I nodded my head slightly in reply. “I thought so,” she said. “This is basically your only option, either you cooperate… Or your expelled.”

I frowned… Isn’t that blackmail? If not, it has to be illegal. How could they even think of this sick program, let alone go through with it. I sat there thinking to myself when I became aware that Katie was taking the bottom of my shirt.

“Hold still for a moment…” She said softly as she whisked the gym shirt off my body.

“Hey, give that back!” I exclaimed.

“Sorry, but two year olds don’t wear clothes like this.”

She couldn’t be serious! She was actually about to do as she said. I figured (Or hoped) it was all some strange bluff to try and straighten me out, but apparently she thought otherwise.

“Now let me take your shorts off.” She said as she started to move her soft white paws toward my shorts.

“No!” I yelped out. I wasn’t about to lose my shorts (Especially to a cute girl). She looked at me very cross, making me feel kinda ashamed again.

“In about 7 minutes I could have you on the phone, with your parents, explaining why you’ve been expelled from Military School. Now are you going to play ball or not?” I looked at her deeply, trying to find some bit of pity or anything I could latch onto and get out of this. Her blue eyes shone with intelligence, but showed no sign of relenting. She was not bluffing and I knew it. I relaxed myself (Or tried to anyway) and stopped resisting. “That’s more like it…” She said, taking the brim of my shorts and sliding them off. I had to raise my legs to help her. “There’s a good little foxy. Now was that so bad?”

I looked down at myself, wearing only some white briefs and most likely about to lose those. I felt myself tearing up a little, but I gritted my teeth and didn’t show it.

“Do you think you need a bath?” She said, a smile suddenly crossing her face. I quickly shook my head no, that would be a little to much right now. “Suit yourself… You’ll just get one tomorrow.” She sighed and then brought her hands to my briefs. I yelped in surprise and was about to protest, but I realized exactly what that would lead too. “That’s right, Foxy… Just relax and it will be that much more enjoyable.” Again, I lifted my legs so she could work the briefs off me. As she did, I felt afraid at my future. I don’t know why, but it still seemed hard to comprehend… I was going to be re-educated as a 2 year old kit.

I just lay there, as naked as the day I was born, in some nursery which was now my room. Katie, had put all my clothes in a bin in the corner and was now busy getting something from the closet.

“Do you like disposable or cloth?”

“What? Why does it matter?”

“Never mind, disposable is easier anyway.”


She started to walk back toward me, but as she turned I noticed she was carrying something. That’s when I nearly jumped off the table in surprise. She had disposable diapers!!!

“Sit back down, CS… It’s not that horrible.”

“Oh, yes it is!” I contradicted, refusing to sit down. It was futile though, as she came over and quickly laid me back down.

“Well, it doesn’t matter because you don’t really have a choice.” With that she got out some talcum powder and began to sprinkle it over what I guess was to be my diaper area. After that she took the disposable diaper and began to unfold it.

“Do you really have to do this, Katie?” She stopped what she was doing and grinned at me, taking my tail in her hand and gently caressing it.

“Actually, I’d like you to start calling me Mom from now on… Okay my Kit?” My mouth dropped open, and her grin widened. “Is that okay little foxy?” She asked again, this time tickling my chin with her fluffy white tail. I couldn’t help but giggle and crack a smile. “That’s a good little foxy…”

She lifted my legs up and placed the diaper under me. I quickly stopped giggling and tried to plead with her, but she would have none of it. Before I knew what happened she had brought the diaper up between my legs, taped it on and threaded my tail through the loop in the back.

“Well, it looks as if my little foxy is finally diapered. Was it really such a horrible experience?”



Military Punishment : Part 2

By: Kit Fox



I crossed my arms and looked away in response. “If your through pouting, we might as well get you dressed.”


“You don’t want to just scamper around in only a diaper do you?” The thought hadn’t really occurred to me, and clothes did sound okay… But, I knew the clothes would be babyish in some way.

“What do I have to wear?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“You make it sound like a death sentence, you only have to wear a footed sleeper.”

“Of course, I should have known.”

“Come on CS, it’ll look cute on you!” She quickly got one of the offending items and held it up for me to view, it was a red color which I thought was usually reserved for bricks, but, it still held a strong distaste with me. To enforce her opinion a bit, she put on this innocent ‘Please, do this for me’ look and if it were anyone not so darn good looking I would have said no. I sheepishly shrugged out a yes and Katie clapped her hands slightly with delight and went to work helping me into it.

It didn’t take long to get me ‘dressed’, and by the time Katie had finished she was almost giddy with laughter. I tried my best to hide my resentment.

“You know what I’m going to say CS…”

“That I look adorable or cute, or just like a baby!” I barked out a little angry at her. She just continued smiling ear to ear and nodded her head. “Do you know what will happen if they guys see me?!?” I asked taking a chance to glance over my should at my tail and diapered bottom. Katie just kept grinning and nodded her head again. After I guess she was through admiring her handy work, she got up and lifted me over to a playpen.


“Now that all of that is aside, we can move onto some playtime before dinner.”

“Playtime? But, I’m in a playpen.” I exclaimed as I stood about hip level to the bars.

“What’s the first word before pen in playpen?” Katie asked putting her hands on her hips. I shyly looked down at the floor of the playpen before answering.


“That’s right, and if you need anything I’ll be right here doing my work. Okay?” I nodded slightly feeling that it was kind of pointless to argue and truthfully, how could I with such a beauty? So, I settled down and grabbed a little peg toy from the corner of the playpen. It was intimidatingly childish, but, again what could I do.

Thirty minutes must have past by, I had given up on trying to escape (I made three attempts in the half-hour, but, all ended in a slap on the wrist and a small feeling of shame). Now I was just laying down in the playpen and trying to rest. It had been a hard day and was still a bit much for me to take in. As I nearly drifted off to sleep, I started to get that urge to take a pee. I didn’t pay much attention at first till I realized what I would have to do in order to get rid of the urge.

“Um… Katie?”

“If your going to ask to get out of the playpen, your going to have to wait the fifteen minutes till dinner.” She commented not even looking up from what I guessed was school work of some sort.

“No, I wanted to know if I could go to the bathroom… I kinda need to pee.”

Katie put down her pencil and smiled over at me. “You don’t need to go to the bathroom. That’s what your diapers are for silly.” I had a feeling she might say that.

“I won’t use them!” I said trying my very best to be defiant. She got up and slowly walked toward me. I guess she could tell how I had stared a little long at her earlier and walked with a slight sway in her hips and tail.

“You don’t have much of a choice CS.”

I crossed my arms and turned away, thinking that I could resist a little better if I wasn’t looking at her. She in turn brought her hands underneath my arms and started tickling.

“What are you doing?” I questioned as I tried to move away.

“Helping you adjust.” She said with a sly smile. I tried my best not to, but, soon I broke out in laughter and hit the floor of my playpen. Katie learned over the bar and continued tickling me anywhere she could.

“No, don’t hehehe tickle.. me.” I gasped out in between fits of laughter. I could feel the pressure on my bladder build up as tried to resist.

“Come on CS, you can do this… Just relax.” Katie said still going at me.

I tried, oh I tried not to… But, thanks to Katie, nature had it’s way with me and I started to wet my diaper. After I finished, Katie noticed the look of anguish on my face, she smiled and gave me that same look she had a couple times before… Betraying that message ‘Was that really so bad?’ and of course it was so I ignored it the best I could.

“We’ll go ahead and change you now CS…” I turned my head. “Then after I’ll get you dinner.”


Katie lifted me up and out of the playpen over to the changing table. Then she undid some of the snaps in the front of my footed sleeper.

“You cheated… That was a dirty trick.” I said with a pout.

“It was either I help you or you wallow around in pain till your bladder explodes.”

“You could have let me use the bathroom.”

“You know I can’t do that CS, otherwise Ann would probably be in here and have someone else taking care of the two of us as babies.” Katie said. I smiled at the thought of seeing Katie in nothing but a diaper, acting as I guess my sister in this screwed up program. “Looks like you really wet this,” Katie commented.

“Thanks to you.” I added as she got out a new diaper.

“You don’t have to be so negative CS. Things would be a lot nicer if you cheered up and just accepted you new role. Oh, and it would probably be a lot nicer if you started calling me mom too, okay?”

I crossed my arms as she put the new diaper on me. “Katie, Katie, Katie..” I said still trying to just show any defiance.

“Have it your way CS, I won’t make you do that one thing, but, it would make me really happy.” She said curving her lip just enough to show me she was pouting.

“You know you can’t use those tricks on real little babies!” I barked at her doing my best to look away.

“I know, but, they work so well on you.” She laughed as she tickled me a little. I didn’t laugh this time, though. So, she just re-buttoned the snaps and picked me up off the changing table. Putting me on the ground, she instructed me to follow her.


“Come on Kit, I’ll take you into the Kitchen.” She opened the door and I reluctantly followed her. Out in the hallway I paused for a moment and took in all I could of the layout. I filed those thoughts away for later consideration as Katie brought me to a tiled room.

I entered the kitchen and was stunned to see other kids my age dressed almost exactly like me. There was a girl kangaroo (or I guess the proper term is Joey) who didn’t look much older then me. She was in a sleeper and diaper too, apparently seated in a high chair and eating baby food. Then there was also a little boy tiger. He looked maybe a little younger then me, but, aside from that, he was dressed the exact same.

As I entered the room the both turned to look at me. I tried to hide a little behind Katie and it was then that I noticed two other care givers were tending to the other um… I guess toddlers.

“What would you like to eat CS?” Katie asked, it took a moment though to get my attention away from the other program members.

“You never told me there were other kids!” I exclaimed.

“You never asked, besides, they aren’t in trouble like you are.”

“But, but…” Katie bent down and put a finger to my mouth.

“You’ll get to know them better tomorrow. For now, you eat.” Katie picked me up and put me in a high chair. Still not paying much attention, it took a moment for me to notice. When I finally did she was already lowering the front and when I tried to escape I got was a light bump on the head.

“Oww.” I said as she pushed me back into the seat.

“Serves you right for trying to get out of the chair.” I crossed my arms and stuck my tongue out at her. “Since you never answered my question, I’ll just choose your dinner.”

I was about to respond, when I heard a feline caregiver speak to the kangaroo.

“Well, all done Lauren. Now let’s get you back to your nursery for a bed time story.”

“Okay mommy,” Replied the happy little kangaroo. I just watched in utter fascination as she was let out of the chair and willingly hurried along behind the female cat caregiver.

“Smells like little Lauren also needs her diaper changed…” The cat said out in the hall. I shook my head at the realization that she was saying that the little girl, I guess Lauren was her name had messed in her diaper. Thinking about that a little more, I realized it wouldn’t be to long before I would have to do something like that. Hopeful I would escape before then (Or at least not be tickled into doing it).

Katie returned with a couple jars of baby food. I looked on in disgust at the mush inside.

“You expect me to eat this?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes, and I’m going to feed it to you.” She said taking the lid off a jar and grabbing the spoon. What she had just said became blatantly obvious and I wondered why I didn’t see that coming earlier when I saw the other two babies being fed.

Quickly I puckered my lips shut and refused to open them.

“Your such a baby CS…” Katie commented at me as she held a spoonful of applesauce inches from me. Breaking the silence I heard the tiger laughing at me.

“What are you…” I was about to curse at the little punk when a spoon shut me up. With the foul (Actually I’m exaggerating that, it tasted pretty good, but, when your force fed it… It always tastes foul) mush in my mouth I almost gagged, but, Katie quickly put a hand to my mouth and waved a finger in front of my face.

“Spit it out and you’ll get it.” She said crossly. By now the little tiger was laughing hysterically at me.

“Quiet Toby, you know you wouldn’t like him laughing at you.” A horse lady caregiver said.

“Yes, mom.. I sorry.” With that he stopped laughing and I reluctantly swallowed what was in my mouth.

“Was that really awful CS?” Katie asked as she got another spoonful.

“Yes, it was…” I said a little sarcastically.

“Well to bad, you have to eat it anyway.”

“What will you do if I don’t?”

“I’ll parade you around the barracks in your sleeper and diaper.” Katie said with a smirk.

“You wouldn’t!”

“Try me…” Katie said seriously as she held another spoonful. I didn’t resist anymore as she spoon fed me. Shortly after we had finished a small jar of applesauce, carrots, and peas. About half-way through Toby and his caregiver (Whose name I learned was Roslyn) left to go and have a bed time story also. I had a feeling that everyone here was pretty much on the same schedule and I also thought that since all the caregivers where relatively close in age, they were probably all going for that stupid degree.

Sure enough when I was done, Katie told me we were going back to get a story and then put me to bed.

“So, what do you want me to read to you tonight, CS?” Katie asked me as she sat me down in my crib.

“Actually, can you answer a few questions for me?”

“Sure, fire away.”

“How many other children like me are in the program?”

“None that are in so much trouble, but, there are three other toddlers. You’ll get to meet them all tomorrow.”

“What are the other three here for?”

“Two were orphans that sort of got adopted and the other was put in this program by his mom.” Katie said as she put some covers on me. I was genuinely tired so I didn’t really put up a fight.

I yawned slightly before speaking again. “What stories can I choose from?” Katie lit up at my question, I guess accepting it as me being a tiny bit more cooperative.

“Well, we have all sorts of good stories.”

“Can you pick one for me?” I asked with another yawn.

“Sure, how does the Seven Sphinx brothers sound?”

“Sounds, good.” I said as I got a little more comfortable. Katie pulled up a rocking chair and flipped open the book. Although I can’t really tell you what the book was about at all, I can tell you Katie has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. And as my vision was going blurry and sleep was pulling me down, I smiled at how much her snowy white fur reminded me of an angel.


“How many times have I told you to be up on time cadet? Drop and give me twenty!”

I heard the odd voice echoing through my head and when my brain made sense of it, I instinctually rolled over and got up in the push-up position. Only now did I open my eyes to find I was in a crib and Katie was laughing her head off at me. I fell back to the sheets and sneered at her.

“That’s… Not… Funny!” I growled at her.

“Oh, come on Foxy, lighten up. I was just joking with you.”

“There’s funny and then there’s cruel.”

“Yeah, well I thought it was funny.”



After stretching for a moment I got that funny feeling like I do almost every time I get up. I needed to pee again.

“Katie, can you help me up so I can go to the bathroom?” Katie shrugged her shoulders and looked at me like I was insane. I suddenly took the hint and felt an expression of recall cross my face, kinda like saying ‘Oh yeah…’ and feeling really stupid afterward.

“How long before you learn that you are in diapers and not potty trained?”

“Then what am I supposed to do?” (Another really stupid question).

“Your supposed to use your diaper!”

I sulked for a second and shyly replied. “But, I can’t…”

“What do you need me to help you again?” Katie asked smiling a little.

“No!! I mean… that’s not necessary. What I was saying, is that I’d like a little privacy.”

Katie rolled her eyes at my request. “You have two minutes.” She left the room and shut the door behind her. Now with a little unsupervised free time I was going to think things out, but, it occurred to me that I didn’t much time. So, I concentrated on releasing my bladder instead. Feeling that I had a little more experience then before (How screwed up is that?) I just relaxed all muscles and waited. Nothing happened. I waited a tad longer, still nothing. Finally I tried to force myself to go, and yet no result. I didn’t actually go till I heard a loud knock at the door. It sort of rattled me, but, it did the trick. Soon enough I had flooded my diaper.

“Can I come back in now?” Katie asked. I felt pretty annoyed by her, but, it’s not like I could stall for a long time.

“I’m done…” I said sheepishly. She casually opened the door and walked up to my crib. Patting my head and twirling my tail with her finger.

“Good, now that your done. We can get you cleaned up with a bath.”

“What?!?” I exclaimed.

“Remember when I asked you if you wanted a bath yesterday?”


“Well, I said I’d delay it till today and guess what it happens to be.”

“Uh, I’m confused.” I said scratching my head. Katie smiled and picked me up out of the crib, putting me on the changing table.

“Confused or not, your getting a bath like everybody else.”


After I was cleaned lightly with a baby wipe, Katie swaddled me in a towel and had me follow her again. As before, I took note of everything’s position in the hallway.

“What would happen if I tried to escape.”

“In your case we’d catch you and either inform your parents you’ve been expelled, or spank you little butt in front of all the corps of cadets.” I grimaced at Katie’s words and a few unpleasant pictures formed in my head. “Besides you wouldn’t run away, that would break my heart…” Katie sounded like she was being serious, I had been tracing her words for sarcasm, and either she already graduated from an acting school, or she was genuinely caring.

A moment later we entered what appeared to be a large bathroom. There were three or four tubs and all sorts of supplies. It wasn’t till I actually started looking at the bathtubs, that I noticed the little Kangaroo named Lauren sitting quietly and playing with a rubber duck as her caregiver washed her.

Lauren either didn’t care that I saw her naked or she just didn’t know I was there, which ever the case, I was a bit curious to see her (Hey, if you were a growing 12 year old fox… I’m sure curiosity would drive you too).

“In the tub foxy.”

“Hey wait a minute, I can’t be seen with out any clothes on in front of girls!” I cried out pointing to Lauren. Lauren looked up at my commotion and then reverted her attention to the little ducky.

“And girls should not be seen naked by you, but, babies and toddlers… That’s a different story.” Katie pulled the towel off me and lifted me into the tub. The tub had already been filled with warm water and as I had suspected, had a little rubber ducky floating in it. I tried my best to cover up my nakedness but gave up as Katie poured some water over my head. Then taking a sponge cleaner thingy, she started shampooing my fur. Beginning with the small lot on top of my head and between the two triangles that were my ears.

“Ouch, not so hard.” I whined.

“If you had opted for that bath yesterday, it wouldn’t hurt as much.” Katie said. I hit the little ducky, causing it to flip over and crossed my arms.

“Stupid duck…”


The bath went by fairly quickly. It’s not like it was really a big deal, I just had to make it seem so (It’s a good way to help keep my own dignity).


Drying me off with the towel Katie brought me back to my room. And to no surprise she diapered and dressed me in another footed sleeper. By now it wasn’t such a horrible thing to me because it was happening so often.

“Guess it’s time you met everybody..” Katie said smiling and tickling me with my own tail. I cracked a slight smile (Mainly from the tickling I assure you) and quickly pulled my tail back. Katie got out a brush and began to stroke my tail, almost exactly like had done so many mornings before.

“I can do that myself you know..”

“Nope, toddlers don’t know how to brush out their fur. Their mommies and  daddies have to do it for them.” I rolled my eyes back and decided to just think things out a bit. You know even though I hadn’t been excited about anything we were doing since I got here, meeting the other poor individuals involved in the program did seem interesting.

A minute later I was out in the maze of corridors and doorways, apparently going towards the playroom. Passing a few labeled doors we finally reached one marked playroom. Without further ado, Katie opened it and swept me inside.

The room was painted a bright baby blue and carpeted a light pink. All around the room were stacks of toys, a changing table, a few rocking chairs and yes, even a jungle gym. I smiled slightly thinking that at least there was one perk of this stupid program (In all my time at the Academy, I can’t once remember having a designated time to play).

After looking around the room and it’s furnishings, I noticed the occupants. As was foretold by Katie, there was the three other kids. Toby and Lauren I recognized, but, there was also a little girl squirrel.

“Everyone I’d like to have your attention.” Katie announced. All the kids and even the caregivers assigned to each of them looked up at me. “This little fox here is new and his name is CS. Please help him to feel at home with us.”

I smiled and returned some of the waves and hellos that were passed to me, before Katie dragged me out to where the other kids were. Sitting me down she told me to play nice then left to go sit and chat with the other caregivers.


“Hi, I’m Zoe!”

I was a little startled to have someone nearly shouting in my ear. A little jumpy I turned and found a smiling, bushy tailed squirrel starring at me.

“Uh, hi… My names CS.”

“CS?? Just letters, no words?” (Geeze this girl could talk fast).

“Actually CS stands for Cyprus Sygial.”

“I like that name. How old are you?” (Was this girl like the program’s personal annoying reporter?)

“I’m 12.”

“That’s funny, I’m 12 too. So is Toby, but Lauren over there is 14.” Zoe said making the appropriate pointing gestures. “Oops, almost forgot.” Zoe stammered grabbing me by the paw. “CS this is Lauren and Toby.”

I brought my paw up and kinda waved.

“What’cha in for?” Toby asked, taking his attention away from some blocks.

“I sorta got in some trouble.”

“Me too,” Toby said hanging his head.

“You can bee awfwully woud (Loud) sometimes.” Lauren lisped at me. I looked over at her, she was wearing the standard sleeper like everybody else, but, something set her apart. She looked, um, really cute. Her Kangaroo self was really well formed, for a fourteen year old acting toddler that is (I corrected myself).

“Excuse me?!?”

“Evwery time I see you, your woud.”

I wasn’t sure she was stating the obvious or voicing a complaint. “Uh, sorry, I guess.” Lauren promptly turned her back to me and gave me something akin to a cold shoulder.

“Just ignore Lauren, she not usually like dat.” Zoe said turning me toward herself. “Hey, you want to play?”

“I guess, what’s there to play?”

“Oh, lots of things… Like blocks, puppets, puzzles, dress up and anything else.”

“Is there any video games?” I asked hoping they were considered toddler toys.

“Video games? Your funny CS, there’s none of those, but, how bout we play dress up.”

I rolled my eyes at the thought of an infantile game, but, why not. It’s not like anyone really carried or that there was anything else to do.

“Lead the way,” I shrugged. Zoe happily grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a trunk and coat rack.

“What you want to wear?” Zoe asked already grabbing things for herself.

“I don’t know I’ll look.” I rummaged through the items and ironically enough, I found a beret and a pair of camo pants. I hurriedly slipped them on and my tail through the back, and then checked myself in the mirror. I looked ridiculous in the fatigues and obvious diaper bulging out, that and the fact I didn’t have a jacket, so all I was wearing up top was the upper portion of my plain red sleeper. Turning I saw Zoe all in an over elaborate dress with dangling clip on earrings.

“You look handsome,” Zoe giggled. “How do I look?”

I raised an eyebrow and thought about how serious she could be, but, then I remembered it was just a game.

“You look nice.” I lied.

“Then how about we have dinner?” Zoe asked gesturing towards a large plastic kitchen set. Again I rolled my eyes and played along. As I was guided along once again, I took the chance to check on everyone else. The four caregivers were talking quietly around a table (There was an Artic fox, Katie. A horse, Roslyn. A cat, ?. And a Cheetah, ?.), while Toby and Lauren were playing on the floor.

I turned my attention towards Lauren and noticed she had kinda been watching me, but, when she saw me turn her way, she quickly tried to act like she didn’t notice me.

“I’ll cook, do you like hamburgers?” Zoe asked, bringing my attention back to her.

“Yeah, I guess.” I said, sounding a little bored arleady.

“Good, because that all we have.” Zoe got out some plastic hamburger patties and put them on the sticker stove top. While I sat down and Zoe made herself busy, I turned and checked on Lauren again, she was starring at me again, but, did a better job not showing it. “All done!” Zoe exclaimed bringing a plate to me. As she turned to put on her side of the table, her bushy tail nearly brushed me out of the seat. “Hehe, stop playing with my tail..” Zoe said giving me an almost inviting smile. I may be new at this, but, I still cringed and shivered at that. “Go ahead eat up.”

I looked at Zoe and then at the plate with a plastic hamburger assembled on it, then I looked at Zoe again. “The meal is a non-edible plastic hamburger, you can’t expect me to really eat it?”

“You don’t like my cooking???” Zoe asked as tears formed in her eyes. I quickly tried to avert a major disaster and stumbled for an answer.

“No, I love your…” I had nearly finished my sentence when Zoe got this look in here eye again. With no warning she got up and charged my chair, tackling me to the ground and nearly knocking over the table. At first I thought she was hostile, till she landed a deep kiss on my lips.


“CS?!? What on earth do you think your doing?” Katie asked standing over me. I tried my best to push Zoe off of me, but she hugged me really tight and refused to let go. I have to give Katie credit for picking up on the fact that Zoe was the one to blame. “All right you too, it’s time for lunch.”

“No, no time for lunch. I love him and…”

“That’s quite enough,” Said the cheetah. She reached down and took Zoe off me. She kicked her feet and tried not to be taken off. “I’m sorry Katie, you know how Zoe can be.”

“I wouldn’t apologize to me, CS is the one under her you know.”

I tried to stand, but, found I was too dizzy to do something as simple as that. Katie smiled at my predicament and helped me up.

“I leave you here for under 30 minutes and your already putting the moves on Zoe.” Katie said helping me out of the camo pants.

“Hey, if I actually put the moves on her, I’m scarred to think how far that would have gone.” Katie smiled again and took my hand, this time I accepted her hand willingly, but, mainly for support because walking became something more difficult then usual.

All the kids were led over to a table towards the front of a room. On it were some plates with PB&J sandwiches (Peanut Butter and Jelly) and what looked like sippy cups with Orange Juice. Getting there with everyone else but Zoe, I choose the seat next to Toby. Leaving Zoe with the seat next to Lauren, on the other side of the table.

I turned around and Zoe was getting scolded, this did ease me a little to know that at least something was done about it. But, I was still a little tense knowing it was probably going to happen again.

“Don’t worry CS, you didn’t get it as bad as I first did.” I turned to see Toby was also starring back at Zoe.

“What do you mean?” I asked him. He was a little bigger then I was now that I thought about it, but, maybe that’s because he’s a tiger.

“She did that sort of thing to me when I first got here. Only she was using her hands to reach for something.”

My eyes went a little wide, Toby just nodded an acknowledgment.

“I thought she was supposed to be a toddler.”

“We all are, just she has some tendencies.”

“You guys gonna eat?” Lauren asked, intruding in on our conversation.

“She hasn’t done something like that to you, has she Lauren?” I asked curiously. She gave me a cold stare and pretended not to hear that.

“Let’s eat, I starved.” Zoe said rushing to her seat.

“And I know why…” Toby whispered into my ear. I in turn pushed my elbow into his side, letting him now that wasn’t funny.

I decided eating gave me an excuse for not talking, so I chowed down on the meal before me. It wasn’t really a peaceful lunch, what with Zoe asking all sorts of protruding questions and Lauren giving me that heartless stare. Toby just listened intently and put in a laugh here and there.


After lunch everyone had their diapers checked. I, of course was dry and didn’t need a change, but, Zoe and Toby weren’t. They got there change and all of us were escorted to another room.

“Okay, you all get to watch about 45 minutes of TV before your nap.” The cheetah said speaking up as each caregiver placed there respective charge on either the sofa or a recliner. I of course was put on the sofa in between Zoe and Lauren. Toby was set in a recliner to the side. He smiled at me when he realized where I would be sitting.

They hadn’t even started the movie before Zoe wrapped her big tail around mine.

“Could you not do that?” I asked her, trying to be as polite as I could.

“Do what?” She asked inching herself a little closer.

“That,” I pointed out, trying my best to scoot away from her. Forgetting were I was for a moment, I accidentally moved myself into Lauren. She wasn’t as polite as I had been and just kicked me off the couch.

“Oh, are you okay CS?” Lauren asked as she and Zoe giggled at me.

“I’ll be fine…” I answered sounding a little annoyed.

I took my time getting on the couch, and this time making sure to have the outside seat, not in the middle. It was a little better, but, not great because Zoe was at me again an instant later.


“Okay everyone, just sit back and relax, the movie’s about to start.”

“Okay…” We all chorused.

I tried to position myself to get comfortable, but, I was beginning to realize a new problem… I had to pee again, but, worse then that I would need to go #2 soon. I tried not to show it and just hold it in.

After a half hour of battling myself and Zoe to  keep her hands off me, I really needed to go. Zoe had temporarily ceased fire and got involved in what ever kiddie movie we were watching. I tried changing positions a few times to see what worked best for subsiding the pressure. I guess Zoe noticed.

“What wrong CS?” She wrapped her tail around mine again.

“Um, nothing.. Nothing at all.”

“Well, your moving an awful lot. Do you have pee?”

I looked nervously at Zoe. “Not exactly.”

“Oh,” Zoe said, I think she figured it out by now. “That’s good!”

“What?!?” I stammered trying to figure out how my need to make a bowel movement was possibly good.

“I need to go too.” At this point I didn’t even want to here what else she had to say, this was just a bit to much for me. I jumped off the couch and ran over to Katie.

“Katie, you have to let me go to the bathroom!”

Katie turned from her conversation and rolled her eyes at me. “How many times do I have to tell you?!? Toddlers are not potty trained.”

“But, it’s #2!” I exclaimed.

“I’m sure your diaper can handle it… Now get back on that couch before I help you go.”

I decided that was a worse of the two evils and ran back to the couch. I stopped half-way as I saw Zoe making room for me to sit next to her. By now I really, really had to go and sitting next to her wasn’t going to help. I decided my best bet was the floor, so I went and laid down on my stomach in front of the TV. Zoe plopped down next to me a second later.

“I’m going to go soon,” She whispered in my ear. I looked over at her disgusted and saw something odd in her eyes. I can’t really describe it, but, it looked like ecstasy (That’s not right, she shouldn’t be feeling that –no pun intended- CRAP until she was like 16).

“Would you mind not telling me about it, I’m embarrassed about it to begin with.” I stated bluntly. Zoe smiled and motioned me to come closer with her finger. I knew a little better and just kept my distance. But, rather then wait she just closed the gap herself and jumped on me. As before she brought her lips to mine and forced a kiss.


I was so shocked by what she had done, that well… I pooped. I seriously couldn’t help it and it wasn’t like it was going to wait anyway. This all seemed really sick to me, that and the fact that Zoe was probably also going right on top of me in her own diaper. Anyway I tried to battle Zoe from taking this any further, and also trying not to gag at the disgusting feeling I was receiving as a warm mass was deposited in my diaper.

Just when I thought I was either going to suffocate or  throw up, Zoe got off me.

“Mommy, me and CS need a diaper change.” Zoe said as I choked and coughed in fresh air to my lungs. Katie and that Cheetah lady came over towards us.

“I guess your right Claire, CS didn’t need any privacy.”

“As for little Zoe, she loves to show off.” Claire said picking up Zoe. “Smells like somebody really does need a change.”

Zoe smiled and traced one of the spots on Claire’s fur with her paw. “Yep,” She yipped out biting her lower lip a little.

Katie picked me up and wrinkled her noise. “You weren’t kidding when you said you needed to go.”

“Did you see that?!?!?!” I blurted out at her, pointing to Zoe.

“See what CS?” Katie asked looking deep into my eyes, making sure there wasn’t anything terrible wrong.

“She, she…**Gasp**,” I did my best to catch my breath. The whole experience had caused me to hyperventilate or something (I had never had asthma before).

“Shhhh, it’s okay CS. Babies do have to potty. It quite natural.” She told me. I tried to say something else, but, she put her soft paw to my mouth, hushing me.


Over the time I was being changed and prepped for a nap, I couldn’t get a word in edge wise. I’m pretty sure she thought I was all upset about having pooped my diaper, but, it was more then that. Even as she was putting me down in my own crib, she wouldn’t pay attention to my jabbering. I finally just gave up trying to tell her when she turned the lights out and left me to sleep.

I didn’t really sleep much. I just laid there for a while and thought things out. Now I was getting a little scared and this stupid program wasn’t getting any better. Aside from Toby and Lauren, the rest of the members including the caregivers were all crazy (But, insanely beautiful). Something else I thought about (Don’t ask me why) was the two kisses I had shared with Zoe… They had technically been my first, outside of family that is. And even though I despised them, some part of me had enjoyed them. I fell into a restless slumber with that thought in my head.


When I awoke, I was alone in the room. It occurred to me then that I could have tried to escape all the time I was sleeping. Quickly, lest I be caught. I got up and shimmied over the rail. Landing with a slight thud on the other side, I quickly regained my balance and made for the door. I opened it as quietly as I could, making sure not to alarm anyone who could be out in the hallway.

I carefully poked my head out and checked up and down the hallway. No one was there, so I crept out and headed to what I new was the way I came in. Then I stopped. That stupid Ann lady was probably in that room, and if she wasn’t I would make it outside. Then something else hit me, what if I did make it outside. I looked down at my paws and body beyond that. I was still in a dull red sleeper and obviously diapered. If I did happen to make it outside I couldn’t be seen like this! I would be ridiculed to death, that and Major Lupus would skin me and have my pelt placed eloquently in his office. No, I decided I couldn’t go that way. The only other option was to go other ways I was yet to know.

“There has to be a back door or something,” I thought to myself. I turned the corner and found another long line of doors, all of which I had yet to be in (Had Warhime building looked this big from the outside?). I slowly padded forward and down the hallway. I decided that this wasn’t getting anywhere after a while and just opened a random door. Peeking inside I saw what looked like a Doctor’s office. The lights were off, but, there was a table and cabinets, and even a scale and eye test board. I shut the door not seeing any other exits in there. As I shut the door, I heard another door open somewhere close.

“Hey, what are you doing out here?” Said a strangely familiar voice. I didn’t even turn to look who it was. As experience had taught me in situations like this, I did what any self respecting fox would do. RUN…

I bolted down the hallway as the still unidentified voice called after me. I guess someone heard the commotion because another door opened only a few feet away from me.  I barely had enough time to react before I realized it was Ann who was now only feet from me.

I did my best to jump or dodge or even turn out of the way, but, Ann firmly grasped my tail. Lifting me up into the air with it. So, after running full tilt down the hallway, I was shocked to currently be staring at the carpet on the floor, rather then the hallway I should have been traveling down.

“If you don’t let go of me…”

“You’ll do nothing about it little wretch,” Ann snapped at me.

“Let go of me!” I yelped.

Ann just shook me around by my tail a bit. Angrily I tried to retaliate by swinging my fists at her knees, only falling just short of range. “Why are you trying to run away? Do you want to be expelled? Because that’s what will happen. I’ll just get on the phone with your parents and tell them what a rotten little jackal they have.”

“Yeah, and when your done with that, I’ll tell them what really happened and you’ll get a law suit on your road kill ass for child abuse.” I tried my best to growl, it felt kinda good to call her bluff, even if it put my neck on the line.

“Filthy urchin!” She screamed at me. “You have been asking for this!”

As I continued to growl and revel in my small victory that was her explosive temper, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a small spray bottle coming into view. I tried to react, but to my dismay, I received a blast of the substance inside. Like before, I felt like a puppet who had suddenly gotten his strings cut. I hung upside down with my arms dangling and tongue ajar from my snout.

“You don’t even deserve this, but I‘m going to give you another chance.” Ann said pulling me into eye contact with her. I tried to scream at her, tried to curse everything she was forcing Katie to put me through, but, all that came from me was a slur of gibberish. Ann sneered and smirked, “Sounds as if you are almost talking like a baby now.” Then, all was white.


I can’t remember what happened in the next few minutes or even few hours. All I know is that I regained consciousness in the loving arms of Katie.

“This probably isn’t what you want to hear, but, I told you running away was a bad idea.”

“What happened?”

“Ann sprayed you again and brought you back to me... I’ll have you know I’m in just about as much trouble as you are.” Katie began to slightly massage my back. It felt good to feel her warm paw against me, and it almost brought back some old memories, but I strained to push them aside and focus on the matter at hand.

“So what do you plan to do Katie?” I asked looking up at her wide eyed.

“I plan to do as I told you I would do from the beginning. I really want my degree and you would make a fine Kit. I’m just sorry that I wasn’t the one who gave birth to you.” I’m not sure why, but I embraced Katie. It felt appropriate at the time and I wanted to do it. It was like a gesture of love, and acknowledgment, that I was finally accepting her as my new mother.



Military Punishment : Part 3






The wind ran through my fur softly, kissing and caressing it in a thousand places. I loved every sensation it gave me. Slowly, I rolled over in the grass and laid in the shade of the tree. I sighed happily, and sat up… It was a sunny Sunday morning at the Military Academy and I was bored.


I brushed my pleated skirt down as the wind picked up, I then tilted my head to rest on my shoulder and looked up at the fluffy clouds floating by. They all vaguely looked like something, a ship, a bird, a building. Hey, one of those clouds looks… it looks like Warheim. It was a puffed up square, but it distinctively had the right size and angles to match the building. I turned my head in the direction of Warheim Dormitory. The sinister building was such a mysterious and magnetic place. Not a person walked by it without thinking what it really was.


I sat back and tried my hardest to get my thoughts off the building. I looked for other clouds, but my eyes kept wandering to that same cloud and then to the building itself.


I laid back down in shade and closed my eyes, but then I heard a voice. Maybe it was just me and my dry hopes, but I could have sworn I picked up a voice… My ears perked and I heard it again, the odd thing was, I knew that voice, it sounded like CS Fox…


“That can’t be right,” I said to myself. “He got dismissed last week… How could he be back?” I turned around and looked straight at the building. The sound wavered to me again, very soft, very faint, but definitely him. I started to get up.


“Hey Sierra! What’cha upto?”


Quickly I reverted my glance to see Jackie walking toward me, the stuck up cheetah was probably as bored as me, and looking to bug someone to make himself feel greater. I didn’t want to be rude. “Oh, nothing Jackie. Just sitting and thinking…”


“What you looking at Warheim for?”


“Oh, I wasn’t looking at Warheim…” I said hesitantly.


“Knowing that I’m a cheetah, you should respect that my mind is just as fast as my paws. Don’t kid me, what’s of interest in that accursed building.”


I shrugged, (Jackie was such an arrogant Jerk). “I was just thinking about the rumors and the building. You know… If it’s all true or not. That’s all.”


Jackie started to run his paw along one of his whiskers, it was a habit of his. “I heard that they have a half-way house in there… You know, one of the padded rooms and people with straight jacket deals. It’s were they put all the REALLY bad cadets.”


“Whatever… Look, if your just going to stay here and bother me, I’m leaving.”


“Wow, what got your panties in a bunch.”


“You did, Jerk.”


I couldn’t see behind me, but I knew that Jackie’s mouth was hanging open. It was always so hard for him to understand that he was not the center of the universe. I think my teacher put it best… “He thinks he’s hot snot on a golden platter, but he’s really cold boogers on a paper plate” I giggled a little to myself. I loved that comparison; it was always good for a laugh.


The afternoon was just as boring as the morning, and I had a problem. I couldn’t get CS out of my head… That dumb cute fox. Why did he have to get himself dismissed? It wasn’t like Major Lupus liked getting hit in the jaw and everything was bright and dandy… Errr, the more I thought about it, and the more I thought about CS, the more I wanted to ignore every voice in my head and go investigate the Warheim building.


I began to bite my lower lip, and my tail involuntarily began to twitch a little… It was as if my mind was making a decision and my body was acting it out. Slowly my feet began to shuffle. I couldn’t control them anymore, I was going forward, and apparently whether I liked it or not.


I came up to the backside of Warheim. There weren’t any doors or windows on this side, just plain brick. Slowly I crept along the wall till I turned the corner and found myself at the service entrance. This was the danger, this area was off limits to cadets and if I got caught beyond this line then it would be bye bye for me. Still, something inside had me go on. I began to implore all the cunning a vixen could muster. I sleeked myself low and crouched on all fours, trying to hold my skirt down as I did.


The service area was actually occupied for the moment. A single truck not much bigger then a moving van was there. It had the metal door pulled up with a ramp out leading into the building. The important thing was that this left the building open. Unfortunately, there was the driver holding onto a big box and walking inside.


The van was rather strange because it was all white with no logos or markings, and the guy carrying stuff inside was in a white coverall. My curiosity peaked a little more and the halfway house idea started to play in my mind.


Carefully I sneaked up to the entrance and took a peak inside. The coast seemed clear so I quickly ran inside, ducking into a small storage closet. The light was off and I was at the door, having it just cracked open so I could see into the hallway. The guy with the white coveralls was having some doe sign for a delivery he had just made to another storage room across the hall.


“Thanks for the supplies Alex, can we expect you the same time next week?”


“Of course Ann, for now I’ll be on my way and I’ll lock the door on the way out.”


The doe turned to leave as the deliveryman got out some keys and shut the door, I heard a locking mechanism and then something hit me. I was locked into the crazy building now… Suddenly my stomach dropped and I didn’t feel so adventurous anymore, but what choice did I have? I sank back into the storage room and just sat in the darkness. What had I suddenly gotten myself into?


After a few minutes, I realized something else. The closet smelled familiar… It smelt… It smelt like baby powder. I fumbled along the wall for a second before finding a light switch and low and behold, the storage room was filled with baby supplies.


“Must be a nursery in this place somewhere,” I said to myself, marveling at the shelves of neatly packed supplies. I poked around for a second, inspecting the items. I came across a stuffed fox that was too adorable and smiled in spite of myself.


Suddenly, there were footsteps in the hallway outside, I quickly flipped the switch off and hid behind where the door would open. I waited a few seconds, my tail twitching nervously, but no one came in. At this point my heart was racing, I was obviously in a big mess now and I knew I didn’t have too long before I would need to be back for Mess III formation and if I wasn’t there, it would mean a lot of trouble I didn’t need.





It had been maybe a week now. The vivid images of my forced entrance to this nursery house still stuck in my head, but after the initial shock, it really wasn’t that terrible. Katie my caregiver is so nice and she cares for me, and a lot more then she really has to. I am beginning to like it because the closeness I feel to Katie has brought a new happiness in my life and I almost don’t mind the re-training. In all seriousness it really isn’t that bad and life is virtually stress free, minus Zoe of course.


In my normal day, I get to sleep a lot, in fact I don’t really have to do much at all. I don’t even have to wash myself. The more you think about it, the better life sounds for me. For once in my life, I had dreams. Beautiful, vivid dreams that kept me totally refreshed when I awoke.


I was dreaming now. I was dreaming that I was playing with Lauren, a cute Kangaroo friend of mine. Although she could be cold towards me sometimes, I knew she liked me deep down inside and in my dream, she was confessing her feelings for me. I smiled in my sleep and rolled over slightly, pulling the covers into a big ball around me.


“And I was told you actually went to military school…” Katie said with a laugh as she flicked the light on. She grinned looking at the big ball of covers surrounding me in the crib. Katie walked up to my crib and poked me a little.


“Well I did, before you took me in and… well,” I looked over myself and I’m sure she got the message.


“You sleep in everyday, looks like you threw your old routine right out the window in no time.”


I crossed my arms and rolled over on my side, facing away from her in my crib. “So?”


“Hey, no mean to offend you little guy. I just think you make a cute little kit and I love being able to take care of you. It’s just funny that you can toss out the military teachings so quick.” She leaned down and hugged me.


I smiled softly as her snow white fur brushed my nose, but I tried not to show it. I ‘hmphed’ playfully then turned to smile at her.


“So, you wet CS?”


“I don’t think so, why?”


“Just a suspicion, you were yesterday morning.”


Katie brought a paw down into the ball of blankets and unsnapped a few snaps on my sleeper, then she slid her paw up and just inside my diaper.


“You thought wrong CS, you’re soaked,” she said. I looked at her a little bewildered and started to speak before she answered me. “And no, I didn’t give you chemicals to make you do that, you did that all on your own CS.”


I gasped a little and sniffled. I didn’t mind the diapers anymore, but the thought of dependency wasn’t too pleasant. “Can you, change me then?”


“Of course silly,” Katie said with a smile.


Katie pried me out of the ball of covers and got me onto the changing table. I relaxed a little as she undid my sleeper and removed my wet diaper. She took a moment to wipe me before re-diapering me.


“I think you could use some breakfast, most of your friends should be there by now.”


I nodded vigorously and hopped off the changing table. Katie helped me into a t-shirt and pair of overalls.


“So what’s for breakfast?” I asked as we went out into the hall.


“Why do you ask, would you like something specific?”


“Are you going to cook for me?”


“No, I was just asking what you’d like, so I can know for the future. Today, we’re going to have cereal. I’ll even let you spoon it yourself.” She smiled and patted my head between my ears as we walked. I rolled my eyes.


Toby was in his high chair and eating as I came into the kitchen. I followed Katie to my chair, and got helped up. She poured me a bowl of cereal and then went to go get a bowl for herself.


I started to munch when suddenly a fruitloop landed on my head. I look up to see Toby who was eating his serial trying to hide a grin. I smiled and scooped up a fruitloop in my spoon and flicked it across the room at him. It hit him on his furry shoulder. He giggled to himself and then got a whole spoonful of fruitloops and flicked them at me. About half of them made it toward me, landing on the tray of my chair and the surrounding floor. Katie got hit by one while pouring her milk.


“Funny, I don’t remember the forecast calling for fruitloops.” She said, Toby and I giggled. “You know, I heard that when it rains fruitloops, there’s usually a good chance of long afternoon naps.”


Toby and I both giggled again and went back to eating our cereal.


After our breakfast, Katie let out Toby and I and herded us toward the playroom. I went to the block section and began to build while Toby went to a toy car and started to push it around.


A little while later, the others found their way to the playroom. Lauren and Zoe came in after their breakfast and Zoe was changed on the floor because she’d already wet.


Lauren had a book in her pouch and went over to a pile of pillows to plop down and read. When Zoe was changed she went to her cooking set and began to make another breakfast, only this one was plastic.


A while later, Zoe looked up from her cooking. “I used to build dat stuff all the time when I was in kindergarten.” She said looking at my little block town that I had just knocked down to make way for something new.


“So did I, seems like another lifetime ago.”


“Or a new life ago,” Toby ventured. I smiled, at times, it was pretty cool to just relax and not deal with the stress that comes with being older.


“I love this new life!” Zoe said with a big grin. “Don’t you Toby and CS?”


I shrugged, it was getting better lately, but I still missed things like video games and old friends. Toby smiled “It’s pretty good actually. Where else do you not even have to get up to go to the bathroom.”


“Exactly,” Zoe said patting her own diaper. Zoe looked at Lauren, who up until now had been quiet and reading a book. “What do you think ‘bout our life here Lauren?” Zoe inquired.


“I hate it…”


“Why do you always have to be so mean Lauren?” Asked Zoe with her big saucer eyes.


“Why do you always have to be so immature?”


“I’m in a diaper.”


“I am too, but just because your dressed like a baby, doesn’t mean you have to act and prove to all of us that you are.” Commented Lauren with a cold chill in her voice.


“Said the desert to the grain of sand.” Toby added with a laugh. Lauren shot him a look that could cut glass and his smile quickly faded. I grinned and chuckled softly to myself.


I finished constructing a little odd tower that didn’t really serve any purpose other then to be knocked down after its construction. Zoe came bouncing over a few minutes later.


“What’cha doing CS?”


“Playing with blocks…”


Can I Play?” Zoe asked putting herself between the blocks and me. She was kind of provocative how close she was to me. I tried to back away.


Toby looked at my new development with a smile of his own. He quietly nudged Lauren who turned her eyes to watch me quietly.


“I… Um…” I kept backing up from Zoe.


“Oh, you don’t want to play blocks now CS? That’s okay, I have a bunch of fun games we can play together.”


I cringed like someone had just put ice in my pants. I had some bad run-ins last week with Zoe’s little games. Zoe stepped toward me, so close that she was just about standing over me. Out of nowhere though, Lauren got up and walked over to Zoe and pushed her back into my pile of blocks, knocking over the little tower I had made.


Toby and I did a double take and Zoe started to cry softly. “Wha.. what did you do that for?” Zoe sniffled while sitting in the remains of my block tower.


“Can’t you see how much your games bother CS? Can’t you see he doesn’t feel some lusty attraction like you do?” Lauren said harshly to Zoe. Lauren’s words seemed to almost physically hit Zoe and she looked astonished and like this was all news to her.


“That.. That’s not true… CS? CS do you <sniffle> hate me?”


My eyes went wide a little and I looked at Zoe with a teary eyed confused look. I took a quick look at Toby who was backing away, apparently he didn’t want to get involved in this one.


“I… no, I don’t hate you. But sometimes I don’t like…”


“DON’T LIKE???” Zoe cried out a little louder. Lauren rolled her eyes and stuck the book she had been holding in her roo pouch. Lauren walked right up to Zoe and looked down at her.


“Grow up Zoe… Even though your being retrained to be a baby, you don’t have to actually be a baby. Be yourself and try to take notice when you’re bothering others.”


Zoe started balling and got up, running out the door. “Mommy!” she wailed down the hallway. I sat quiet and shocked. Toby came over and sat next to me, slowly putting his orange furry paw on my shoulder and just making eye contact, to show he was there. I looked at him for a moment, then at Lauren who had gone back to her seat and continued to read.


“You didn’t have to be so mean to her you know,” I finally said to Lauren.


“I was doing you a favor.”


“By making Zoe cry like that? By pushing her over into a pile of blocks? That’s not a favor, that’s being a bully, that’s just taking out your frustration.”


Lauren put her book back in her pouch and stood up. “Look, I don’t need this. I did something nice for you and all you do is take Zoe’s side. What do you see in her anyway? Do you really like those advances she makes on you after all?” She walked up to me and looked me in the eye. “I like you CS, and I’m sorry I can’t show it like a fairy tale, but you’ve got a screwy means of showing your affection too.” With that said, Lauren left the room.


I felt myself beginning to wet my diaper. I think by the sound, Toby was too. We both looked at each other in utter amazement. We sat in complete silence for a while until Toby scratched his ears. “I think I need to leave you to your own vices.” Toby said softly. “Before I go, sit and think about whatever it was that just happened because boy do I have absolutely no clue what just went on.”


“Me either.” I said laying back on the floor.


“Oh and CS…”


“Yeah Toby?”


“Not to crush your hopes or anything, but unlike your two other diapered friends, I don’t have feelings like that for you, so don’t flatter yourself.” Toby said with a little laugh as he left the room.


“Heh, thanks Toby,” I said rolling my eyes. He could really be there as a friend sometimes, then the next moment he’s a joker who doesn’t want to get involved.




I sat for a little while thinking about what had happened in the last half hour or so. It was so random, so unexpected that I couldn’t even sort it out. Let’s see, I already know all to well that Zoe likes me, but when did Lauren start to like me? I had always just been kind of optimistic and assumed she did, but I never actually felt that she did. Then the whole confrontation with Zoe? That was pure jealousy and aggression for competition.


All of that combined with a now wet diaper didn’t sink to well. I got up and went to Katie’s room where she was watching TV.


“Hey CS, how’re things going little guy?” she turned and saw the look on my face and turned off the TV. I slowly came up and climbed on the couch, finding a hug from her. “What’s wrong?” she asked instinctively.


I sat with her for a little while and explained everything that had just happened. Katie didn’t really say much but just held me. The feeling of being so close to her was really comforting and somehow, did ease my nerves just a little.


Katie changed my wet diaper and put me into a fresh one. “This is dangerous business CS.” Katie commented with a slight smile. “When a girl like Zoe gets a crush, it stays for a while and she doesn’t take much of a no…”


“Tell me about it…” I sighed.

“Lauren though, that’s news. You are the little charmer aren’t you CS, not even a week and already their fighting over you.”


“Katie… Please, encouragement?”


“Oh right, sorry kiddo… Look, what I mean is… Well, what exactly do you want to happen? What would be the ideal situation for you?” Katie asked as she helped me back into my overalls.


I thought about that question for a moment. “The ideal situation? I just want to be friends I think, but if I had to choose, Lauren is a little cuter.”


Katie smiled and looked me in the eye. “So you like Lauren huh?”


“No, I didn’t say that. I said that if I had to choose, I would…”

“You love Lauren, oh CS I’m sooo happy.”




“Hehe, sorry CS, but as bad as this situation is, it’s really cute at the same time.”


“I bet.”


“I think in a little while the problem will resolve itself, feelings and tempers are just flaring now, so give it a little time and try not to be mean yourself.”


“Really Katie?”

“Really CS, and just relax okay? The stress was what you were trying to get rid of.”

“Thanks Kaite,” I said with a hug. I told her I would be all right and headed back to the playroom to play a bit more with my blocks.





Strangely no one else was in the playroom playing. I guess they all decided to sleep some on this. I thought about that and made a note to go take a nap soon too, it would be good.


I slowly built and rebuilt some buildings with the blocks. For some reason it wasn’t as much fun as earlier though. The room seemed lonely and empty with no one besides myself in it.

I sat there playing with blocks another half hour before I felt my ear begin to twitch.


“That’s odd,” I thought aloud. I usually got that when someone was watching me… I turned my head and glanced around. As I checked the room, I didn’t see anything. I sighed to myself and continued building with the blocks.


A few minutes later my ears twitched again, this time my head flashed up and I noticed someone poking their head through the doorway. Something was really odd and familiar about the vague outline. The head didn’t move and just looked back at me.


As she stepped into the room I made eye contact with a pair of soft amber eyes.




“Sierra? …SIERRA?! What are you doing here?” I said with a thousand ton realization.


“Funny, I was about to ask you the same thing… I thought you were expelled.”


“I was… Well, sort of.. Wait… What the… Why are you here? You’ll be expelled if you’re caught here!”


“I’m locked in, I snuck in because I heard your voice and then.. I got locked inside and I don’t know a way out. What are you doing here anyway?”


“Oh he’s here for punching Major Lupus in the jaw. I thought all the cadets knew that by now…” Ann said as she grinned evilly from the doorway.


My blood suddenly ran cold and my eyes went wide. I tried to say something, I tried to tell Sierra to run for her life, or the sanity in it, but my throat went dry.


“So, who’s your little friend CS? She get lost?” Ann asked motioning a paw at Sierra.


Sierra began to shiver and her eyes teared up, she’d been caught and she knew it. This was an off limits area and she was AWOL (Absent With Out Leave), that meant expulsion. “My name’s Sierra…” She managed to choke out.


I was still speechless. I just looked at Sierra and then at Ann… It’s no fun seeing a good friend about to get in a lot of trouble.


“Well Sierra, I assume you know you’re in a restricted and off limits area.” Ann asked with a harshness but almost sick joy in her voice. Sierra just gulped loudly and nodded. “Do you know what the punishment is for being caught in an off limits area?”


“10 demerits?” Sierra asked dryly.


“You wish… Try expulsion…” Ann said with a smile. “Why don’t you come with me Sierra. We’re going to make a phone call. Not that you have much of a choice anyway, I have your name and I’m sure if I ask, they’ll find you missing.”


Sierra began to cry softly and stood up and walked out with Ann, giving me a long look as she left. I didn’t really know what to do, so I did what felt like the most natural thing at the moment, I ran to Katie.








I sobbed quietly to myself feeling rather childish. The doe Ann had me standing in the corner while she sat down to her desk to make a phone call. I had a sneaking suspicion as to who she was calling.


“Dean? Yes, I’d like to report on a little trespasser. I’m sure her company will notice her missing soon enough, and you can just tell them that she’ll be here… Yes, she’ll be staying here for a while.”


My heart sank. Staying here? That couldn’t be good.


“Oh, that’d be great have your secretary dial out and put him on 3-way… Yes, is this Sierra’s father? Yes, your daughter seems to have a problem with the rules. She seems to think that she can do as she pleases and go wherever her little heart desires. Even if it means going into a clearly marked restricted area.”


I’m dead, my dad would disown me, getting expelled from a military school.


“Well, instead of expelling your daughter we’d like to offer this. She happened to run her little self into a special program for very troublesome cadets, and with the dean’s blessing on the line here, I’d like to just add her to the program. I can guarantee she’ll learn her lesson. You agree? Oh that’s wonderful, we’ll be sending you a notice in a week to verify the official transfer and explain the program.”


The doe hung up the phone a minute or two later. My sobbing had increased to crying. It’s a terrible feeling, hearing you life decided for you on a phone call.


“Turn around.” I heard Ann say to me from behind.


I slowly turned around wiping my tears away with my paws as I did.


“Do you know what’s going to happen to you?”

I shook my head no.


“Your going to be part of our little program. Your going to live in Warhime.”


I sobbed and looked down at the ground. I didn’t know what it meant to be part of the program, but I guessed it was bad. I’d found myself among the ranks of ‘very troublesome cadets.’


Ann walked back to her desk and began to fill out some papers, sorting through a folder. She looked up, “You’ll will be put under the care of Roslyn, my most experienced student here. She’s already got a charge, but she is the least troublesome so she should be able to care for and Lauren. Lauren, is Roslyn’s other care, you can think of her as your new sister if you want.”


I just deftly nodded. Ann got on the phone again.


“Hi Roslyn, this is Ann. I’ve got a surprise for you… Well, I’ll tell you this, better request a second crib for your room.”


I pondered over the usage of the word crib in reference to me… What was it that was odd about this place, why did I have this foreboding sense of fear? Ann hung up the phone, and turned to roughly grab my hand.


“Come along Sierra, we’ll get you started right away.”


I began to sob softly once again as I found myself being dragged out of the little office and into the hallway. We kept walking and I noticed we passed the corridor where the delivery door was. Ann saw me looking at the entrance.


“Oh ho, is that where you came in? I was wondering how you got passed the office without me seeing you in Sierra.” Ann stopped for a second and I saw an evil grin begin to grow. She pulled me forward as she went to the delivery area.


She came up to one of the supply closets and opened it up, letting go of my hand for a moment. She took out one of the packages that the delivery guy had brought earlier. The box was plain with just a delivery address on the top, she ripped the top open and took out one of many bags. The bags were zip-lock and had what looked like red candies inside.


Ann looked at me pulling out one of the candies. “You gave me a great idea Sierra. You can be the first to try one of these.”


I felt my lips tighten. Thinking a thousand terrible things of what kind of poison or drug she had.


“Either you eat this, or I force you to eat it.”


My lips held tight. Ann had a look of impatience. “Eat it.” She harshly tugged at my ear until I opened my mouth, then she stuffed it in and had me swallow it. It had a foul cherry sort of taste too it and I could have sworn I felt my tummy rumble the moment the candy settled.


A moment later we were moving down the main hallway, my hand in tug with Ann’s. We came to a plain door and Ann gave a knock.


“Come in,” came a reply from the other side. Ann opened the door, my eyes bulged and my mind raced. It all came together, the funny look of CS, the smells, the supply closets. The room was a nursery, complete with crib, changing table and stacks of supplies. Off in a corner, I could see a kangaroo reading with her back against some pillows and stuffed animals on the floor. A horse lady came up toward Ann and I.


“Ah, this must be Sierra,” the horse said to Ann. Ann nodded and yanked my hand pulling me forward and into the room. The horse bent down till she was my height. She was pretty tall to me, and looked to be about mid 20’s. I hadn’t really known a lot of equines but she seemed nice enough. “Hi Sierra, my names Roslyn.”


“Hi,” I meeped out.


Ann just rolled her eyes and grunted impatiently. “Well I’ll be in the office if she gives you any trouble.” Roslyn nodded and Ann left the room.


After she’d gone Roslyn just looked at me, I was still kind of sobbing and shaking a little. In part from fear, uncertainty and many other things, the world had just turned from white to black up to down and I had a sneaking feeling what was next.


“Come on Sierra, just come with me to the table here.” Roslyn started moving towards the table.


I stayed put. “Why?”


Roslyn paused for a moment, and the Kangaroo looked up from her book for the first time. “Ann didn’t tell you what’s going to happen, did she?”


I looked at Roslyn, but didn’t reply. Roslyn took a deep breath and came back to me. “Take my hand then, I’ll explain.” I took Roslyn’s hand and she started to lead me to what I knew was a changing table. “You are part of the Warhime program now. It’s, well it’s a mutual benefit program where you get re-trained and I get experience.”


“Re-trained.. Why do I need to be trained?”


“Well, you did something wrong. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Your going to be treated a little bit younger then you actually just like everyone else here. It’s in part so I can get my caregiver’s degree.”


This didn’t really make a lot of sense to me, but I allowed myself to be helped up to the changing table. The kangaroo got up from her corner and came up, standing next to Roslyn.


“What are you in for?”


“Huh?” I said looking at the Kangaroo. She looked to be about the same age as me, maybe a little younger but that was only because of the pink sleep she was wearing.


“What did you do?”


“Oh, I um.. I snuck into this building. It’s off limits.”


“You snuck into Warhime? Why would you willingly do that?”


“Um… I…”


“Lauren give her a break. It’s been a hard day for her.” Roslyn looked at me. “Sierra this is Lauren, she’s my other charge here at Warhime. You’ll have to excuse her she’s had a bit of an off day too.”


Lauren rolled her eyes and went back to her corner to read. As she walked away I noticed something. She was crinkling, and then I realized she was wearing diapers underneath her sleeper.


“Am I going to be put in diapers?” I asked, it was a logical question being that I was sitting on a changing table.


“Yes, you’re going to be dressed just like Lauren over there. This is all part of the program. This is like a school for caregivers. I will get experience by taking care of you and helping you with most of your daily things. It’s part of my degree.” As Roslyn talked, she gently pushed me back on the changing table, beginning to untie my shoes.


“Do I have a choice about this?”




I lay quiet for a moment, just thinking while my shoes and socks were removed. Roslyn moved up and begun to unbuckle the latch on my pleated uniform skirt. I don’t know why, but at this point, tears just flowed freely.


“Oh Sierra…” Roslyn stopped and helped me up into a hug with her. “There there... I know it’s difficult, and it’s a lot to handle all so soon. But, don’t worry. It won’t be so bad. You aren’t the only one.”


I sniffled and thought for a second. “CS…” I said softly. Lauren immediately looked up from her book and Roslyn looked at me too.


“CS?” Roslyn asked.


“CS is here. I saw him earlier.”


“Oh you know CS? He’s in Katie’s care. You can see him later if you want.” Roslyn said, she gently laid me back down and started with the latches again.


“I’d like to see him if I can.”


“Maybe later.” Roslyn finished with the latch and began to remove my skirt. Modesty kicked in and I moved my paws to try and hold it up. “Sierra, please don’t fuss, I have to remove your clothes. I know you’re probably embarrassed.”


I hesitated and still held on to my skirt, blushing a bit. Roslyn was a little more forceful and I didn’t stop her as she pulled off my skirt. She moved up to my shirt and started to unbutton it too.


“Will I… Have to use my diaper?”


“That’s what it’s for.”


“That’s gross!”


“Again, you’re not the only one. Lauren behind you has to, and even CS has too.” Roslyn had removed all my clothes, leaving me in just my petit bra and panties.


“It’s not so bad, in time you get used to it.” Lauren commented staring at her book.


Roslyn was pulling down my panties, I blushed redder then my auburn fur and tried not to do anything to interfere. Moments later Roslyn had pulled out a disposable diaper large enough to fit me and placed it under me. She took a moment to lift me up and thread my fluffy orange tail through the back loop, then laid me back down. She then got out some baby oil and powder, finishing her diapering of me.


“It’s not as awful as you think,” Roslyn said pulling up the front and taping the diaper. I didn’t say anything, but I felt kind of stupid and childish. She lifted me off the table and then took off my bra. I covered my chest with my arms while Roslyn went over to a set of drawers and gathered some clothing. She came back with a sleeper just like the one Lauren was wearing, only it was a pastel purple instead of pink. Roslyn helped me into it and pretty soon, I was standing in a nursery, dressed in a footed sleeper wearing a diaper.


Roslyn took my hand and we walked over to where Lauren was sitting. “Lauren, if you have a moment, lets talk.”


Lauren looked up from her book, seeming a little agitated and finally put her book away into her pouch. She sat up and I sat down next to her.


“Ann thinks I can do this, so I’m going too. Lauren, I’m going to be taking care of both you and Sierra now. You’ll be like my two children, sisters if you like. I know you’ll get along fine, but even so, I’d like you both to go to the playroom and spend some time getting to know one another.”


She waited for her idea to sink. Lauren got up and shrugged. “I’ll show you where the playroom is,” she said. I got up too and started to follow her out of the nursery.


As we were leaving, Roslyn tugged my sleeper for a second and bent down to whisper in my ear. “Sierra, just have a little patience with Lauren. She’s quiet and can get angry without showing it, but she’s just had a lot of problems in her past. Just take some time to warm up to her, she’s really smart and can be really great when you get to know her.”


I nodded and then hurried to catch up with Lauren. Lauren was already a little way up the hall. She stopped and waited for me to catch up.


When I reached her, we both kinda stopped and looked at each other. She really was just about my age, a little taller then me, being a kangaroo gave her those slightly longer legs and different tail. I looked down into her pouch, made available by three snaps around her tummy on her sleeper. She had the newest Ron Weasel book.


“I love that book series,” I said smiling to her.


“It’s pretty good,” she replied flatly.


She turned and started to move down the hallway again. I started to walk with her. I hadn’t noticed till now, but we both crinkled as we walked. Stupid diapers.


Suddenly my tummy grumbled. I put a paw to it, and felt myself shudder. That candy, whatever it was, had just caught up with me. I felt a slight pressure in my rear.


Lauren stopped again and turned to me. “You okay?”


I nodded, “yeah, I think Ann gave me something weird.”


Lauren raised an eyebrow at me. “What did she give you? Did she spray you with that bottle of hers?”


“No… she gave me this…” my voice trailed off, and my body went into shock. The pressure in my rear increased quickly, too quickly. Before I knew what had happened, I felt the seat of my diaper begin to warm up as I messed. I couldn’t control it, a warm load of poop just began to fill up the back of my diaper.


Lauren stared in a bit of shock herself. I think she could tell what was happening. When it was over, I began cry. Lauren suddenly put an arm around me. “Are you okay? What.. What did Ann give you?”


“It.. <sniff>.. it was a red candy.”


“That’s a new one. Are you feeling okay, did something else cause this?”


“No… It was the candy… I.. I’m sorry..” I hung my head in shame, I couldn’t believe this had happened.


“Your in a diaper after all, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Come on, we’ll go back to Roslyn and get you changed.”


I did my best to stop crying, I’d done it so much today, and walked back with Lauren to our Nursery.






Military Punishment 4

By: Kit Fox


Katie held me close. I had entered the room in silence and just climbed into her lap. She had been reading a textbook. She put it down the moment she saw me enter the room. For a moment, we stayed in silence as I laid my head against her chest, her arms tightly around me, gently stroking the back of my head and pushing my ears back as she did. It was like she was petting me. Finally I spoke up.


“I think I did something awful.”


“CS, it’s okay. If you’d done something awful, I’m sure Ann would have brought you in here by your tail again.”


“No, I didn’t break a rule.. I..I… I got someone in trouble.”


Katie paused for a moment. “Who’d you get in trouble?”


“My friend Sierra.”


“Sierra? She’s not someone I know…” I looked up at Katie stopping her mid-sentence as our eyes met. She took on a sudden understanding. “She’s here now isn’t she?”


I looked away, nodding as I did. “She snuck into Warhime, she somehow found out I was here. Ann caught her talking to me.”


“Cadets in an off limits area. That’s not a very good thing is it? Something tells me I’ll be meeting Sierra a little later.” Katie realized the weight of that statement. “Oh CS, don’t worry. It’s not your fault. You didn’t force her to sneak in here.”


“I’m worried I’ve just ruined her life. She’s going to either be expelled or sent here. Like you, I’m betting she’ll be kept here.”


“Is that so bad? I mean even you are beginning to enjoy things here.”


“Do I have a choice though? Do I really have freedom? Could I tell you I want to go to the movies and just run off?”


“No, no you can’t…” There was silence. “Well… guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. It’s all we can do for now.” She continued to stroke my head. When she stopped she brought a paw to my chin and tilted my head up to her. “Don’t scare me like that CS. I understand you’re worried about your friend, but when you said the word awful, my heart sank. I thought you were really going to be in trouble.”


I looked into Katie’s eyes for a moment. Her face had changed. She had a motherly look; there was no other word for it. She had a concerned look of genuine care. I leaned up against her and hugged her a little closer. “I’m sorry.” I said softly.


“Don’t be CS... Que sera sera..”




“Que sera sera… Whatever will be, will be. Like the old song.”




“Anyway, you’ve had quite a day,” Katie stood up, and kept me on her hip. “Why don’t you lay down a bit, I can at least promise that you’ll feel better once you wake up.” She carried me over to my crib and laid me down, checking my diaper as she did. “I’ll just change your wet diaper and you can go ahead and sleep.”


I nodded and it didn’t take long, seeing as how much I had been through that day. I just conked out.


The next morning, I was up with the sun. Katie changed me, and I had breakfast with Toby and his caretaker Rebecca (a cat). Rebecca affirmed my suspicion from last night. She told Katie and I that Sierra was now a part of the program. Toby was a little too busy chowing down to listen in on our conversation.


After breakfast, it was bath time for the boys, and then off to the playroom. I was a little miffed because I hadn’t seen any of the girls all morning. I was starting to think there was a reason for it as I sat with Toby. To kill time, we had taken some action figures from the toy bins, a little juvenile, but it was better then some of the other toys. I kept looking around, Sierra was here, somewhere.


“Your head will be stuck like that if you keep turning to look at the door.” Toby said as his action figure tripped mine and continued to kick it in the head.


“I’m just hoping to see someone I guess.”


“Who haven’t you seen here already? You trying to peep at Lauren’s or Zoe’s changing or something?”


I looked back at Toby with a frown.


“What? Just asking, it’s not like I haven’t caught you staring at Lauren during that before.”


My cheeks blushed a bit. “Well I… I’m usually changed next to her while we’re in the playroom.”


Just then, Lauren came into the room, leading Sierra behind her. Toby dropped the toy he’d been holding and so did I. “Who… who’s that?” He asked.


“That’s Sierra.” I said. I was a little surprised, but I really shouldn’t have been. She was dressed in a pink footed sleeper, and I didn’t even have to look to tell she was diapered. Toby broke his gaze for a second and looked back at me.


“You.. you know her?”


“We were friends before I came here, back at the normal part of the Academy.”


“Why’s she…?” Toby’s question was cut short as Lauren and Sierra came right up to us. They stopped and looked at us and we at them. Lauren rolled her eyes the way she always did, trying to break the silence she pointed at Toby. “Sierra, this is Toby and I believe you already know CS.”


Sierra smiled at Toby, and then turned her gaze to mine. She jumped forward to hug me, but I didn’t say anything, I felt bad... I felt responsible for her standing before me in a sleeper and diaper. As our silence continued, Lauren grabbed Toby’s hand, pulling him away to a corner of the playroom.


“Hey, what’cha pulling me for?” Toby asked as he was tugged away.


“I have a feeling they need time to talk…” Lauren said.


“Are… you okay?” I asked when they had left and we stopped hugging.


“I’ll be okay I guess, I don’t have a lot of choice, I have to make do…”


“It’s not so bad, once you get used to it.”


“That’s what Lauren and Roslyn keep saying.”


“At first, the worst is these diapers,” I said patting myself. Sierra blushed and I didn’t say anything for a moment. I noticed Toby and Lauren just kind of watching us from the corner, talking quietly to themselves.


“Have you been here since your dismissal?” Sierra asked.


“Yea, but, it happened so fast to me, as I guess it did to you… Which I want to say I’m sorry for.”


“For what?”


“I’m sorry you’re here… I’m sorry you’re in the program. I wish I could have prevented it.”


“I don’t blame you for this. It was more or less my choice, I came to this building.”


“Why did you try to find me?”


“Well, um.. I.” She suddenly looked a little flustered. I waited for a moment while she kind of stumbled around words.


“Either way, you’re living in Warheim now? With Lauren and Roslyn? I guess that means that Ann got you for trespassing.”


“It was awful!” Sierra said suddenly losing a bit of composure. “She took me to her office and called the dean. Then she called my Dad.” Sierra began to hyperventilate a little. “She called my dad…” She repeated the words and sank down to her knees. I felt that she had just suddenly fully realized the weight of her being here. “I’m so dead.”


“It wasn’t much different for me.” I said giving her a friendly pat on the back. I helped her back to her feet when I suddenly felt furry paws being hugged around me, Sierra looked at me strangely. “I’m Sorry!!!” I heard from behind me, I didn’t have to look to know it was Zoe.


“Umm Sierra, this girl who is most likely behind me, is Zoe, and Zoe this is sierra.” I said trying to take Zoe’s paws off me.


Zoe mostly ignored Sierra, or simply didn’t notice her and kept hugging me. “I wanted to apologize for knocking your bwock tower down. Lauren pwushed me, but I guess it was my fault for being ‘cwingy’. My Mom says I have to be less clingy.”


“Zoe?” I asked calmly.


“Yes CS?”


“You’re being clingy now. Can you let me have a moment here with Sierra?”


“Oh.. okay.. Who’s Sierra?” Zoe said as she let go of me and stepped back. About that moment I think it registered that Sierra was standing in front of me, and that she was a fox, like me. “You… must be Sierwa.” She said in a little more solemn tone. Sierra nodded.


“I’ll only be a few minutes.” I said. Zoe nodded but her smile had faded and she sulked slowly over to Toby and Lauren.


“Just the popular one, aren’t you CS?” Sierra said in soft voice.


“Oh, no no.. Zoe is just like that. You get used to it.”




“Well are you going to be all right? I mean, this place can be a lot to handle in one day.”


“I guess I will be.”


There was silence for a little while longer between us and I looked over at Toby, Lauren and Zoe. Zoe didn’t look happy, Toby seemed confused, and Lauren had her usual no-emotion look. The prolonged silence eventually brought them back over to us.


“You two sort it out?” Toby asked.


Sierra nodded. “Yeah, I guess, there wasn’t really anything to sort out.”


I nodded and gave Sierra a friendly hug, “I’m glad you’re here though, it’ll be nice to have another person around.” I said. Sierra tried to grin back, but I could tell she only hugged half-heartedly.


Lauren finally spoke up. “Sierra had some sort of candy to tell us about.”


Zoe’s ears perked up and she smiled ear to ear. I looked curiously at Lauren.


“Yeah, it’s a red candy.” Sierra said. “Ann forced me to have it.”


Zoe lost her smile and hid behind me. “It was powsen wasn’t it?” Zoe asked nervously.


“I don’t think it was. But it did weird things too me…”


“What do you mean weird things?” Toby asked.


“I.. um..” Sierra’s voice faded again. It seemed like she didn’t have the courage to say whatever it was she was thinking. She looked at Lauren who took the hint.


“She had an accident.” Lauren said bluntly. “A um.. messy accident.”


Sierra bit her lower lip. “It just happened; I couldn’t control it or anything.”


“An accident that quick?” I asked. “You’ve only been here a day. You sure it was the pill?”


Sierra nodded.


“What good would that be to us? I mean, we’re in diapers 24/7.” Toby said. “It’d be pointless. Control, no control, when you’re in diapers there’s no point.”


“Yeah, but Ann’s evil. We all know that, she’s up to something.” I said. Of everyone here, I had felt the effects of her spray bottle the most. We sat and we chatted about it. A little bit later we all just kind of settled into playing in the playroom. It was decided that for now it was a moot point to worry about it.


Sierra sat near Lauren most of the morning, asking a lot of questions. Lauren focused on her book and answered most of the questions not lifting her eyes from the pages. Toby had plopped himself on the couch and was flipping through kiddy TV, and that just left Zoe and I.


I was playing a game of stay away from the psycho squirrel. Zoe was worse then usual today, because she wanted to continue apologizing for what she’d done yesterday. After about thirty minutes of bugging me, I finally convinced her to rebuild my city, and let me knock it down later. When she’d gone over to do that I went over to Lauren and Sierra, and seeing me approaching, Lauren put her book away.


“Don’t do any more apologizing,” Sierra said.


“I don’t think I will. I’ve spent the last half hour telling the same thing to Zoe.”


“What’s with her?” Sierra asked.


Lauren spoke before I could. “There’s no way to describe it more then she’s just Zoe.”


“That’s a different opinion then what you said yesterday.” I noted.


“Yeah, well I guess I was a little mean to her. Actually… about yesterday.”


“Don’t say anything, its okay. We’ll forget it happened.” I said softly. Sierra looked at Lauren, then back at me.


“What happened?” She asked.


“It was nothing.” Lauren said in her flat tone. Sierra looked at her oddly for a second and then shrugged. Another silence came out between us.


“When do we get our diapers changed?” Sierra asked changing the topic. “I really need to pee.”


“You haven’t yet?” Lauren asked.


“No, not really. I just can’t bring myself to do it.”


“Yeah that will take a few days to get over. After a week or two, you don’t even notice anymore. But to answer your question, we’ll all get a change just before lunch.”


“So, if I pee now, I have to walk around in it?”


Lauren and I both nodded.


“That’s kind of gross.”


Lauren patted the front of her diapered sleeper. “Its not like you’re alone. I’m pretty wet right now, not sure when it happened. Remember everyone here is in diapers.”


“At least it’s not more then pee right?” I said trying to make the best of it.


“I guess… but how long will that last?”


Lauren shrugged. “You’ll learn to deal.”


Eventually we all made our way over to the couch, to join Toby. We could gauge what time it was by how long it took to finish the 30 min kid’s shows. I noticed after about fifteen minutes, Sierra was doing a good bit of fidgeting. A few minutes more and she stopped, and I assumed she finally wet her diaper.


Zoe came and grabbed me, bringing me over to her block town. I gave her a hug and told her I didn’t need to knock it down, and that she could do the honor. She was just happy that I’d forgiven her (which is weird, because I’d never really been mad at her). I sat down and let Zoe get to destroying her town.


I was so involved in watching Zoe, that I didn’t notice Ann walk by the playroom. Lauren took notice though. She has a knack for keying in on things like that. She walked to the side of the room and took out her book, pretending to read, but watching Ann through the door as she talked with Katie out in the hall.


A minute later, Lauren’s book hit me in the head. “Hey, oww. What was that for?” I asked looking at Lauren. She was motioning for me to come over to her. I got up and walked over, slightly angry because my head hurt. Zoe, having seen what happened followed me too.


“What did you throw the book at me for?” I asked when I was next to her.


“Shhhh…” she said putting a paw to her mouth. She pointed out in the hallway and I saw Ann.


“Ooo is dat the candy?” Zoe asked as she watched Ann hand Katie a small bag of little red candies.


“Must be.” Lauren said. “Can you ask Katie later why she’s giving out the candy CS?”


“Yeah, I’ll ask. You ask Roslyn too. I have a feeling all our caregivers got a bag.”


Lauren picked up her book and put it in her kangaroo pouch. “I wonder what they’ll use it for?”


“Use what for?” Toby asked. Him and Sierra had joined us all by the door.


“That red candy we talked about earlier, that Sierra had.” I said.


“We just saw Ann give a bag to Katie.” Lauren added.


“Weird,” Toby said with a scratch of his ear.


“Lunchtime everyone!” Katie said poking her head in the door. We all kind of jumped in surprise. “Looks like everyone’s already gathered by the door, why don’t you all get over to the tables? I’ll go get my classmates and we can eat.”


Katie left with a swish of white fur and everyone went over to the tables. I had noticed as she left that she had the candies in her pocket. I think Lauren noticed too.


“You saw it too?” I asked her as I looked Lauren’s way.


“Yeah, left pocket. Think we should watch our food?”


Toby cleared his throat and we all looked at him. “I think you’re forgetting something. I don’t know what your relationship is with your caregivers, but… I’ve grown really close to Rebecca. She’d never do anything to hurt me, or even discomfort me.”


That kind of shut us up. Sierra looked a little confused, but the rest of us knew what Toby was talking about. “You’re right.” I said. “I don’t think Katie would ever do anything like that to me either.”


Our caregivers, Katie, Rebecca, Roslyn and Claire all came into the room in the next minute or two. As custom our diapers were checked and we all settled into lunch. No one was really in desperate need of a change, which I think Sierra was a little unhappy about.


We ate and a little brashly I decided to ask Katie about what we’d seen earlier. “Hey Katie?”


“Yes CS?” she asked as she stopped talking quietly with Roslyn.


“What… were the red pills for?” I asked.


All the caregivers stopped talking amongst themselves and sort of looked at each other, hesitant. Somehow I could tell through their silent conversation that they were going to deny their existence.


“We saw Ann give them to you earlier,” Lauren said abruptly. “And we already know that she force fed Sierra one earlier.”


Sierra blushed a little and nodded at their stares. There was silence for a little bit before Roslyn spoke up. “I’m sorry you had to go through that already Sierra,” Roslyn said in her coddling tone. “Ann can be…”


“A big stinker,” Claire said with a wink to Zoe. “But she’s the one in charge, so we just follow orders.”


“That still doesn’t answer CS’s question,” Lauren said with a frown.


“I know Lauren, but to be honest, we’re not allowed to answer that question. Ann told us not to say anything to you about them.” Roslyn said.


“But you care about us right?” Toby asked the caregivers. His caregiver, the cat named Rebecca, got up and walked over to him, putting a paw to scratch his chin.


“Of course we care about you and we’d never do anything mean to you, we just have to follow the rules like you do. We don’t make the rules, and sometimes we don’t like them, but we still have to follow them.” She said with a few reassuring scratches to Toby.


Lauren frowned and crossed her arms. The rest of lunch went by fairly quiet, and I figured that we hadn’t really gotten any more knowledge about the pills then when we had started lunch.