The Pampered Bride

By Rich1


Julie is 25 years old and finally getting married in two hours.  It seemed it to her that it took forever to get here.  Julie is 5’3” tall, has long dark brown hair and a fair complexion.  She is thinly built, but muscular from working out.  She has a very cute “Girl Next Door” appearance to her but she can also look very sexy if she wants to.  She was raised a good Christian and therefore remained a virgin, so is her high school sweetie that she is marrying.  Not to say that they haven’t made out to no end all these years they have been together, they just haven’t sealed the deal. 

Everyone is rushing around the church preparing last minute things.  The groom, Nick, is somewhere hanging out with his men.  Julie’s younger sister Cali, and mother are fussing over Julie’s hair at the moment.  The wedding planner, Krista is rushing around the church bossing the volunteers around to make everything just right. 

Julie’s hair is just about right and nearly done and she will be beginning to get dressed soon.  Her mother and sister are working on her hair when Krista enters the Bride’s room at the back of the church. 

“Can I have a minute with the bride?” Krista says in a hurried tone.

“OK, we’ll just be outside then”.  Julie’s mother replies as she nods to Cali to move out.

“Have you decided what to wear yet?” Krista asks Julie.

“I don’t really want to, I told you that, are you sure that a lot of brides do this?”

“Yes, some do and some don’t, I don’t usually recommend it for short ceremonies,  but yours’, dear, your going all night long and its only 10:30 right now.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea, it just seems so strange and nasty.”

“Look dear, its not like I recommend you strut around like this all the time, it’s simply up to you if you think you can deal with that big dress a couple times this afternoon. I have seen brides fuss and actually ruin their dress and have to go back out to the party in something else when they didn’t make it in time.”

“And lots of other women wanted to do this?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that they wanted to do it,…..except that one lady, that seemed kinda strange to me but any way, back to you, it’s totally your decision, everything is right here in this bag.”  Krista pointed to the gym bag laying on the floor a few feet away.

“Well….I guess so, what do I do?” Julie asked.

“That’s up to you dear, you can do it your self or you can have help, but don’t ask me, you don’t pay me enough to help with that.” Krista replied.

“Its nearly 11, I’ve got to run back out there, good luck, and I’m sure you’ll be fine with it, just be comfortable with your decision.”


Krista walked out and invited Julie’s mother and sister back in to the Bride’s room.  They came back in and asked if everything was ok.  Julie said yes and they continued to finish her hair as they chatted away.


When Julie’s hair was finished it was time to get dressed.  She was wearing just a robe over her white panties and bra.  She looked at her beautiful huge dress hanging from the rack just a few feet away, and looked over her massive underskirt that ruffled up the dress to poof it out.  She sighed and her mother asked if her nerves were ok and Julie said she thought so.  Julie looked over at the gym bag and stared at it for a second then walked over to it and picked it up.  She held it in her hands and un zipped it and looked inside.  She reached in rooted around in the bag just as Cali asked, “Whatcha got there sis?”

“Oh, nothing, could you excuse us for a few minutes sis, I gotta talk to Mom.

“Ok, I’ll see what Krista is doing, maybe she needs some help, don’t get dressed without me, I wanna help. 

“Ok.” Julie replied.


Cali left the Bride’s room and their mother asked what was wrong.  Julie handed her mother the open gym bag and her mother held it and looked in. 

“You can’t be serious, is this a joke?”

“No…” Julie said as she hung her head in shame.

“Why do you have these?” Her mother asked.

“Krista kinda sold me on it, she says a lot of  women do it that have ceremonies that last this long.”

“Really, I’ve never heard that before.”

“Yeah, it’s true, I looked it up on the internet and even found a discussion forum just for debating this.  It seems pretty popular.”

“I think its gross, you don’t need this.”

“I kinda think Krista is right, though, I’ve decided to do it so I want you to help me.”  Her mother burst out laughing. 

“This is something I never thought I’d be doing again, let alone on your wedding day.  If you want than lets get to it.  I think you should go to the rest room right now and try empty out before you go ahead with this.”

“Good idea Mom, thanks for understanding.”

“Hey, I’m your Mother, I can’t say I agree with you but I see your nervous a bout it and I just want to support you on your big day.”


Julie went to the bathroom and sat there for several minutes she peed twice and felt that she was probably empty so she finished up and came out.  Her mother was sitting in the chair waiting for her.  “Ok Mom, lets do this.”  Julie said to her as she looked down at the gym bag. 

“Ok, sweetie, um lie down on the floor right here.”  Julie laid down on the floor as her mother requested.  Her mother un tied the robe belt and flipped open the two sides of her daughters robe and saw Julie still had her panties on.  “Sweetie, we have to take these off, they don’t mix.”

“Oh yea, silly me.” Julie said.  “It’s not like I’ve don’t this before though you know.”

“Yeah, I know, just bear with me here, let’s see what he have got in here.”  Her mother said as she rooted around in the bag.  She pulled out a big white fluffy disposable diaper and laid it next to Julie and then rooted around in the bag more.  Julie looked up at the huge diaper in her mothers hand and got weird tingles all over her body.  Her entire body burst out with goose bumps at the thought of what was about to happen.  She wasn’t sure she still wanted to do this now.  Just then her mother pulled out a bottle of baby powder and sat it next to the folded diaper. 

“Ok….off with these.” She said as she lifted Julie up a little and pulled her panties down and off her feet.  She tossed the panties into the bag and remarked, “Krista sure brought you a lot of diapers, as if you needed them, this thing is stocked like a whole diaper bag I kept when you girls were babies.”

“Mom, that’s not funny, no references to babies and stuff, OK.”

“Ok dear, it was just a comment.”

“Well, no more ok.”

“All right sweetie.  Now let’s get this over with.”  She said to Julie as she picked up the diaper.  “Wow, this is really thick”.   She said as she unfolded the diaper and stretched it out.  “Now I’m going to lift you up and put this underneath your bottom ok.”

“Um, yeah, ok Mom.”  Julie responded hesitantly.”

“You sure dear?” Her mother asked, in a last chance to turn back tone.

“Yes, not just get it over with.” Julie spouted back.

“You know, you used to suck a pacifier when I changed you as a toddler, the silence was golden.”

“Mom!” Julie said in an irritated tone.

“All right, all right. There, now time for the powder.  I’m going to lift your bottom so I can power it ok.”  Julie just hummed um hum.

Julie’s mother grabbed her legs and pulled them back to her belly exposing her daughter’s bottom. She took the baby powder and squeezed it all over her Julie’s bottom and then sat it down next to Julie. When she did a huge puff of power came out into the air and drifted over Julie.  

“Ahh, that smells good.”  Julie said as her mother was rubbing the powder around on her bottom.  Her mother just looked up at her and raised an eye brow, as if she were Spock witnessing something fascinating. 

“You like that smell?”   She asked when she sat Julie’s bottom down on her diaper. 

“Well, it smells sweet and relaxing, very comforting, I haven’t smelled that since like when I babysat back in high school. Kinda weird huh.” Jenny said.

“Weird…like you wearing a diaper under your dress kind of weird.” Her mother said.

“Stop it Mom, just get on with it.”

            “You brought it up dear.” She said as she grabbed the bottle of powder and generously squeezed it all over her Julie’s belly front and crotch and the sides of her hips.  She rubbed it in and moved her legs apart to spread it all over.  Then she leaned back and said, “I need to clean my hands before I touch that diaper, what’s in the bag, she said as she pulled the black gym bag closer to her.  She rooted around in it and located a package of baby wipes. She pulled it out and sat it down next to Julie and opened it up. She opened it up and began wiping her hands off with them.  Julie looked at the plastic tub facing her, it said Pampers right on it.  Great, she even had real baby wipes in the bag, Krista was really prepared for her to do this. Julie suddenly felt really embarrassed and turned red and turned her head away from the Pampers wipes box. 


            Julie’s mother tossed the Pampers wipes back in the bag  and leaned over to a trash can under a small wooden table and tossed out the wipes she had in her hand.  “Ok here we go.” She said as she pulled the front of Julie’s diaper up and fastened one tape on her right hip, then she tightened up the left side and fastened both tapes and moved back to the right side, pulled the tape off and relocated it tighter and then pulled the other tape tight.  “There you all snug.” She said as she patted Julie on the front of her diaper.  “That wasn’t weird at all.” She remarked sarcastically.  Julie leaned forward to sit up, her legs spread out to the sides in front of her.  As she leaned forward her diaper poofed out a bunch of baby powder from around her belly.  Julie inhaled it accidently since she was taking a breath and wheezed then said “Aah.” 

            “Huh, you really like that smell.”

            “Yeah, it smells good.” Julie said as she made her move to stand up.  She leaned forward and moved her legs, that’s when the reality of her bulky diaper around her sank in.  “Wow, this diaper is really bulky.” She commented as she grabbed her crotch, “It’s kinda comfy.” Then she leaned forward and got on her hands and knees just for a second to get her balance to stand up.  Her mother watching her just giggled at watching her grown daughter that she had just diapered trying to get up like a toddler. Julie knew her mother was watching her and heard her giggle and replied, “Not a word mother.” 

            “I didn’t say anything she replied.”

            “Ok let’s get my petticoat on before Cali comes back in.”  Julie stood up and realized that her legs were spread apart quite a bit, she really couldn’t squeeze her knees together to save her life.  She reached around and grabbed her bottom and rubbed the thick padding in her hand.  Then Julie tried to walk around  but really she was waddling.  “Oh Mom, I feel like a toddler, everybody is going to know I’m wearing a freekin diaper.”

            “No they wont dear, you will have that huge dress on that you are so afraid of messing up in the bathroom, nobody is going to notice a thing.”  Julie continued to toddle around the room and took note of how much crinkling her diaper made.


            Julie’s mother helped her with getting the petticoat on then unlocked the door to get Cali. Julie noticed the open gym bag full of diapers still lying on the floor and she quickly bent over and zipped it up and tossed it under the wooden table.  Cali came in a minute later, “Oh man, your getting dressed already.  I wanted to help.  Cali was 19, and in college.  She was kind of a wild party girl. She liked to play the innocent little girl act but would change her attitude when she partied.  Her appearance was very similar to Julie, she was the same height and thin build but not as muscular since she did not work out.  Her hair was just a bit lighter than Julie’s as well.


            “Well we’ve already started getting dressed so why don’t you grab that side of the dress and we will get it ready to put on Julie.” Her mother said to Cali.  Julie just stood there as Cali’s look of disappointment turned to a big smile. She was thrilled to help her sister out so much with the wedding.  They had planned it all together, with little help from their hard working mother who was paying for the whole ordeal. 


            Cali moved toward the dress when she stopped and looked around.  “Did like take a bath in baby powder or something?”  she said as looked at Julie.  Julie turned bright red and looked at her mother. 

            “Yep, we powdered everywhere to keep her from chafing.”  Their mother said.  Good save, Julie thought to herself. 

            “Well, you smell like a baby, it’s kinda nice and sweet.”  Cali said, then their mother rolled her eyes. 

            Cali and their mother began to help Julie get her dress on when Julie got a stomach ache.  She moaned and said that her stomach hurt.  “Its probably just more of your nerves, it will go away soon.” Her mother said.

            “I don’t think so mom, I really don’t feel good, it feels like….Oh God I gotta go.”  Julie looked at her mother in fear, she was wearing a diaper and she felt her gut loading up really bad. Her mother looked at Cali and motioned for her to get the dress back off quick.  Julie began to hunch in pain as her but began to open and she felt some wetness come out, while they tried to get the dress off of her.


As soon as the dress was clear of Julie’s arms she ran to the restroom door and closed it with a slam.  She began pulling her petticoat off as fast as she could and drop it to the floor, as she did a little more squirted out her rear into her diaper.  Her gut was wrenching in pain as she was trying so hard to hold it back, pinching her but cheeks together as she grabbed at the sticky tabs on the front of her diaper and ripped them off with loud sounds, then dropping the bulky diaper to the floor.  She lifted the seat lid and sat down just in time to release her explosion.


Julie’s mother and sister heard all her grunting and the tapes ripping and the loud explosion on the toilet as Julie grunted and whined then sighed in relief.  More sounds came from the rest room as Julie continued to expel liquid and lumps from her rear.  She began to cry and scream “Not today, not today” as she continued emptying herself.   Julie’s mother looked at Cali who had a puzzled look on her face, no doubt wondering what the ripping sounds were from.  “Go back out to the church, I’ll help her here.” Their mother said.


Cali left and her mother locked the door to the Brides room behind her.  “Hunny, are ok in there?”   She said through the restroom door.

“No…” Julie said semi crying.  I….I almost went in the diaper.”

“Um dear, that is what they are for.”

“Ewe gross, I didn’t wear it for that, just for wetting.  It’s that dam Taco Bell I had last night.”  Julie said, still sobbing.


The toilet flushed and Julie opened the door sobbing, naked except for her bra, she was holding her petticoat in her arms. 

“Oh dear, well, I guess we get to do that all over again” Her mother said.  Julie stepped out of the rest room and her mother went in to pick the diaper up, thinking she would just put it back on Julie.  She picked it up and looked at it as she opened it up and as the smell hit her, she saw the brown stain in it.  She groaned and rolled it up like a baby diaper and put it in the trash next to the toilet.

“Ok let’s try that again. Lie down on your robe again and well get another diaper back on you.”

“What if that happens again Mom?”

“Well,…..I guess if it hits you that fast again, your going to go in your diaper, unless you don’t want to wear it now, then maybe you  make it to the toilet or maybe you load up your panties trying to get your dress off to make it to the toilet.”

“Ugh, not in my panties, get the diaper ready.” Julie said as she laid down on the opened up robe on the floor. 


Julie’s mother pulled out another big fluffy diaper from the gym bag and put it under her daughter, then powered her thoroughly and wiped her hands off with wipes and taped her up.  “Baby powder really smells good you know.”  Julie said as she was pulled up on her feet by her mother. Then she put her fingers in the leg bands of Julie’s diaper to fluff out the elastic and put it in place. 

“Hey stop the fussing.” Julie remarked.

“I’m just making sure its all in place, we don’t want any leaks or it’s all pointless.”

“Oh, ok I guess.”

“Now let’s get the petticoat back on you so Cali can come back in.”


Julie’s mother helped her get the huge petticoat over her bulky diaper.  Then she invited Cali back in to continue the dressing.  Cali came back in and shook her head and said “It sucks to get diarrhea on your wedding day”.  Julie agreed while blushing at the same time.  Together they helped Julie into her dress.  It took quite a few minutes to get her into it and get it all scrunched and buttoned up. 


Julie looked amazing.  She was radiant as any other Bride on her wedding day.  Julie looked in the full length mirror and twisted around back and forth, smiling at her own beauty.  “You’d never know Mom.”  She said.  Her mother just replied with a yep and sat down. Cali asked, “Never know what?” and her mother let it linger for a minute then just said, “Ah never mind”.  Julie sat back in her chair and Cali got to work on finishing up her make up.  


Julie got more and more nervous as she sat in her huge bulky diaper.  She was unable to close her legs all the way and began to feel like she was being fussed over like a toddler.  She continued to ponder if she had made the right decision or not, and maybe she should take it off now, but what if she has another diarrhea attack, what then, shit on her dress? No way,  there was no way she could get everything up and clear in time for another explosion to happen.  No, unfortunately, Krista’s suggestion to merely make a few less cumbersome difficult trips to the bathroom has turned out for better or worse to be a savior if she as another gut wrenching explosion in her pants. 


 Julie’s mother could tell that she was really high strung and lost in thought so she decided to open a bottle of wine to ease the girls, and her self, after all she had just put not one but two diapers on her oldest daughter within a matter of minutes. At least she didn’t  have to change what she saw happen to the diaper on the floor in the restroom.  She fetched a bottle of wine and some glasses and returned.  They all drank at least two glasses.  When Julie’s makeup was finished Cali went right to the adjoining rest room, the one that was part of the Brides room suite that Julie had been using.  Julie tensed up a little as she looked at her mother realizing she left the diaper on the floor.  Her mother whispered that she had tossed it in the trash.  Julie felt relieved.  Little sis would not see her diaper lying on the floor.  Her mother however hoped that Cali would not look just a foot away into the bottom of the trash can and notice the huge diaper rolled up in it.


In no time at all Julie was called by Krista that it was time.  Krista came in and looked Julie over.  She looked Julie right in the face and asked, “Well?”  Julie nodded her head to confirm that she indeed was wearing a diaper under her wedding gown. 


Julie was led out of the Bride’s room and over to her father. As Julie slowly toddled over to her father, she could feel the bulk between her legs and how the diaper hugged her entire bottom and belly.  It felt comfy beside the fact that it made her waddle a bit.   “Maybe this isn’t so bad” Julie thought to herself.  “I’m wearing a diaper, I’m wearing a diaper.” She sang to herself in her head in a childish voice.


Julie’s father clasped her arm and brought her back to reality, and waited as Julie’s twin Niece and Nephew that were not nearly 2 yet were brought up in front of her.  They were to be her flower girl and ring bearer.  As her niece waddled up in her adorable dress carrying the flower basket she said “Heywooo Juwee.”  Julie just smiled and waved at her.  Julie stared at her Niece and as she waddled thinking “This is exactly what I am going to look like waddling down the isle in Daddies arms, just a big overgrown toddler that almost completely shit herself in a big fucking diaper,  Oh why did I go with wearing a diaper, stupid Krista, I’m going to kill her for this.”


Julie was lost in thought when her music began to play and she didn’t start walking.  Her father pulled her a little and jerked her back to reality.  “You OK dear?” He whispered as they took their fist step.  Julie just nodded and replied, “Take it slow Dad, I had a bit of Wine and I’m not walking real straight”.

“Dam your mother, she had to find some wine didn’t she.” Her father grumbled through his teeth as he smiled while they walked really slowly down the Isle.  Julie’s mother was a lush, that’s the reason that they had gotten divorced.  They still saw each other a lot. They would have dinner and talk about the girls. Cali still lived with her mother but spent time with her dad a lot.


Julie felt herself waddle as she walked very slowly, stepping with the beat of the organ music.  As she approached the altar she could see her Niece standing up the steps of the altar.  Her Niece’s dress was short and from her position she could see up under it a little bit and see the diaper between her legs.  Just seeing her diaper made Julie blush.  She was sure that all the Grooms Men and her three Brides Maids were staring at her, and they were, after all she was the Bride, the center of attention, as it should be. 


She finally reached the altar and her father handed her over to Nick.  Nick was all smiles as he took Julie in his hand.  They moved in front of the preacher.  As Nick got closer to Julie he caught a whiff of the smell that seemed to emanate from her.  Not recognizing the perfume surrounding his bride he whispered to Julie, “You smell good.”  Julie was embarrassed since the only thing she could smell and the only thing she smelled like was baby powder. 


The ceremony was set to last about an hour, but only a few minutes into it Julie felt her bladder begin to fill up.  The pressure on her got stronger and stronger and she regretted drinking so much wine with her mother and sister.  She pleaded with herself to hold it until afterword when she could get help to use the rest room.  Julie was distracted and really wasn’t listening to what the preacher said, it was just a sound in the background to her.  Soon, her face began to show her strain and discomfort.  The ceremony went on as they exchanged vows and rings, handed to them by the toddler in the tuxedo.  Finally Julie leaned in to kiss Nick.  He lifted her veil and gripped her whole body and took her embrace and gave her a deep kiss for all to witness.  Julie was gripped so tight and taken off guard that she let go, she began to fill her diaper as it all leaked out of her.  She could feel the warm liquid flow around her legs and bottom, warming it up and really feeling kind of nice, until she remembered what it was.  She tried so hard not to let on that she was now peeing herself, and she just continued with the kiss.  Julie’s diaper began to bulk up more as it absorbed her pee which scared her even more. 


When their passionate kiss was over they turned to the guests and began to walk together down the isle.  Julie had to tug on Nick to slow him down as she waddled along in her wet bulky diaper.  Even though she was disgusted by what she had done, it really didn’t feel too bad, and the warmth during their kiss felt like nothing she had ever had before. 


The crowed ushered out toward the reception hall while the wedding party gathered for official pictures.  During the pictures Julie let her mother know that she was wet and her mother giggled and replied, “My little girl.”  Which upset Julie. 


Nick and Julie were taking pictures together under the trees and the photographer was having Nick hold her in various poses that made her contort her body.  During these poses Julie let go again, she felt it coming but instead of holding it, she just let go.  She was being held over by Nick when she sighed, “Aah.”  And Nick said, “What?”.  Julie replied with “Oh, just you holding me”.  And Nick smiled at his bride. 


Julie’s mother let Krista know that Julie had a wet diaper and needed a diaper change so that Krista could sweep the bride away as soon as the pictures were finished. 

“Nick, I need to take Julia and her mother for a few minutes so can you wait right out side the reception hall for us?” 

“Um, Ok, is everything all right?”

“Oh yes, just some routine stuff, well be right back.”

“Ok, see you my love.” Nick replied as he hugged his bride and kissed her.  While Nick squeezed Julie, she wet just a tad more.


All three women made their way back to the Bride’s room.  Krista stood outside as Julie and her mother went in.   Her mother instantly began to teas her. “I can’t believe you couldn’t stay dry for just a couple hours.” 

“”Oh give it up mom, it’s a good thing I was wearing a friggin diaper because after all the wine you gave me I really had to go. Now help me out of this wet thing.”

“Allrighty dear, lay down on the floor.”


            Julie laid down on the floor in her dress very slowly  and then rolled onto her back.  Her mother straightened her out and then lifted the entire front of her dress and petticoat up over her head to expose her diaper.  Julie’s legs were spread apart pretty far from the thick bulk of her wet diaper.  “Mom, I can’t see what your doing.”

            “You don’t have to see what I’m doing, I’m just changing your diaper.”

            “Changing my diaper!” Julie shouted out. “Just take if off and help me get my panties back on.”

            “Oh no dear, you’ve still got several hours left for the reception and dinner and dancing.”

            “I am not dancing in diapers!” Julie stated from underneath her flipped up wedding dress.

            “Well, this was your idea, and judging by how wet your diaper is, I think you made the right one. Besides, you still might have diarrhea.”

            “Owe mom.”

            “Don’t you blame me dear, you’re the one that wanted to wear diapers, now I’m the one that has to do the dirty work.”


            Julie’s mother rooted through the black gym bag that stood in for her daughter’s diaper bag.  She did not find a changing mat in the bag. “Huh, well, I don’t think that Krista thought of everything for you dear, there’s no pad in here for doing diaper changes.  I’ll just get that robe back out here, it will suffice.”  Julie’s mother fetched the robe while Julie laid there with her wedding dress flipped up over her head, exposing her thick diaper spreading her legs apart.  Her mother returned and lifted Julie’s legs up in the air to get her diaper off her dress and slid the bath robe under her diaper as far up her back as she could get it.  Then she began to untape Julie’s diaper.


            “Wow, this diaper is really wet, it will hold an awfully lot of pee.  It’s a good thing they are thick because you are a heavy wetter.”

            “Mom, it was all that wine we had this morning.”

            “Yeah, well, your going to be having a lot more wine this afternoon, I bet were back in here a just a few hours changing your diaper again.”


            Julie’s mother removed her soaked heavy diaper and wiped her bottom clean with several wipes.  The cold wet wipes made Julie tingle and get goose bumps from the cool sensations.  Her mother pulled out a new diaper and flipped it open and lifted Julie’s bottom up in the air and slid it in under as far as she could.  Then she expertly powdered her daughter’s bottom, wiped her hands off, and taped up the bride’s diaper.  When she was finished she cleaned up and tossed the diaper in the trash in the adjoining rest room where the former diaper was.  She came back and pulled Julie’s dress down and exposed her face.  Julie was bright red.  “Dear, you need to calm down, your beet red, everybody is going to wonder why you’re so embarrassed if you walk in there like that.

            “Oh, like I shouldn’t be embarrassed having my mother change my diaper on my wedding day.”

            “None the less dear, you need to relax now.”


            Julie was pulled to her feet and she toddled over to the cushioned chair at the vanity table where her makeup was done.  She sat down for a minute and let her face turn back to white.  Krista burst in the Bride’s room and said it was time to go.  Julie stood up and toddled for a few feet until her thick diaper found its place around her hips and between her legs.  Once it did, she did it became a little easier to walk. 


            Julie and her mother met up with Nick at the entrance to the reception.  Julie’s mother followed Krista in to the hall as they prepared for the grand entry of the Bride and Groom.  Julie and Nick walked into the hall lined on both sides by their guests, shaking their hands and hugging them and congratulating them.  They took their place at the head table and champagne was brought to them as the guests returned to their seats.  When all were seated a toast to the couple was held.  Julie slurped down her glass of champagne right away and it was refilled just as quickly.  She figured that if she drank a lot she would more comfortable wearing diapers around Nick, her friends and all the guests. 


            Julie kept drinking champagne at quite a rate.  Nick took her glass from her and told her to slow down until their meal was served.  Julie was finally really relaxed, she almost forgot she was wearing diapers like a toddler.  Her mother watched from the parents table as her pampered daughter consumed glass after glass of the bubbly knowing what was certainly in store for her. 


            The dinner was finally served and Julie and Nick began to eat as the rest were served.  Julie was just getting into hear meal when she could feel the pressure on her bladder.  She knew it was coming sooner or later.  She snatched her glass back from Nick and held it up just a little.  It was immediately refilled.  She nearly chugged the whole glass, which was in turn refilled.  Julie fidgeted a little and moved in her seat to find a comfortable position in able to release her self.  She sat her fork down and kind of leaned back in her chair with her glass in her hand and relaxed. 


It took Julie a minute to forcibly let go and wet her diaper.  First she let out a drip, which led to a squirt and then a full stream.  As it came out in force she gave a loud sigh which drew the attention of Nick and her Bride’s Maids.  They all thought it was the alcohol that she had consumed.  Julie hoped that they couldn’t hear the sound of her wetting her diaper.  It seemed to vibrate through her whole body and was as loud as river in her head.  The only person that knew what was going on was her mother who looked over to her in time to see her relax back in her chair and sigh.  Julie’s mother actually felt embarrassed for her daughter even though no one likely knew about it.  She covered her face with her hands and then slowly pulled them off and thought to herself, “Julie sure has gone for it, she was always a tad strange.”


Once Julie had released, she squeezed her legs together a few times to get the feeling of how bulky her diaper had become.  She realized that the warm padding felt really good against her bottom so she did it a few more times.  She felt really good and was now stimulating her self.  Thank God there was a table cloth over their table and no one could see what she was doing. 


Julie leaned forward and began to eat again.  Nick commented that she must be finished resting her tummy already if now she is coming back for more food.  Julie finished her meal in time with the rest of the party.  Several toasts were held for the Bride and Groom, and speeches by the Bride’s Maids and Grooms Men and the Best man, both the sets of parents and so on. 


            Julie was nearly drunk, well, drunk, through all the toasts. After dinner the dance floor was prepared for their first dance.  When Nick stood up and helped her out of her chair she just let go.  She broke the seal and she didn’t even feel it coming.  She paused and leaned forward with both hands on the table as she was pissing her diaper in full force.  She closed her eyes in pleasure she just learned this day.  The guests all gasped and mumbled until she stood up and regained her composure.  Everyone thought that she was more drunk than she actually was, when really she was just using her diaper.


Nick took his bride in hand and they began to dance.  They had the entire floor to themselves and now Julie thanked herself for being drunk, it explained why she could not dance straight, dancing in a diaper turned out to be a lot harder than just walking, or toddling.  Julie got her practice dancing in a diaper with her groom when it was her father’s turn to dance with her.  The dance floor filled out with guests as they all began to dance.  Julie continued on with her father until he let her go and Nick came back. 


Julie and Nick continued to dance as Julie got her footing better and better at moving around in a diaper.  On their 4th dance Julie began to get a stomach ache.  She paused and gripped her stomach, but regained her stance and continued.  The gut wrenching pain hit her again.  She put her hand on her belly and hunched over.  Nick was concerned but Julie just told him she ate too much too fast.  He said he knew what she meant, he did too.  Julie knew that he did not know what she meant because she knew what this feeling was, she knew what was likely to come next.  No sooner had Julie righted herself and flipped her hair back to brush it all off, an explosion happened in her pants.  It sounded like a loud fart that burped its way out.  Julie blushed as her diaper began to fill with warm gooey poo.  She tried to keep dancing with Nick who had a perplexed look on his face.  “You ok hunny?” He asked.  With another blurp from her rear, Julie stated, “I’ve got gas really bad.”

“I’d say so.” Nick responded.  Just as Julie had a long juicy sounding blurping into her diaper.  Other dancers turned and looked around for the source of the farting and noticed the blushing bride.  Julie stopped moving as her diaper filled up with the warmest nasty mess she could imagine.  She actually pooped her self while dancing at her wedding. 


Julie could smell herself instantly and noticed that people dancing around them definitely smelled her poopy diaper.  Julie had to make a quick getaway before her stench lingered too long and people start to ask questions.  As Julie began to walk away she realized that she was really toddling from the massive load in her diaper.  Luckily her mother saw what happened, and just as her uncomfortable moment with her new husband was over, her mother swept in and interrupted.

“Hi there guys.”  She said as she stepped in.  “Ooh, who farted.”

“Julie did.” Nick said.

“Mom, I think I need to use the restroom.”

“I’ll say, with gas like that.”

“Well, I think I’ll just help our drunken bride with her dress than.  Well be back in a few Nick.”  Julie’s mother said, completely covering for her. 


Julie’s mother helped her toddle in her messy diaper all the way out of the hall back to the Bride’s room in the church.  Julie stank really badly and her mother was doing her best not to smell it and breathe through her mouth.  “Well you smell really bad dear, I haven’t had to do this since you were a  baby, this is going to be really nasty.”  Her mother told her.

“And how do you think I feel.” Julie said through tears nearly crying.  “I just pooped myself while dancing.  I don’t wana wear diapers any more.”  She whined.

“Oh no, your in it for the long haul tonight Julie, there’s no way your taking a chance at that happening in your dress. Its sure a good thing that you were wearing diapers after all.”  Her mother said as they neared the Brides room.


Just as they were entering the Bride’s room Cali popped out of nowhere.  “So little Julie needs her poopy diaper changed huh.”  She said as she followed them in.  Julie began to cry and ask how she knew.  Cali replied that she had been outside stealing a smoke when the two of them had passed by talking, but the smell really caught her attention.  She figured out quickly that’s what all the secrecy was about before the wedding, especially since she was confused when she noticed a diaper in the trash of the rest room in the Bride’s room.


“Well, the gig is up Julie she knows now, so it’s probably good she’s here, I may need her help.”

“Help, I’m not helping change her poopy diaper Cali blurted out.

“Well, I haven’t changed a messy diaper since you were a baby and hers is huge so I might just need you to help.”

“I don’t want her in here.” Julie said sobbing, causing her makeup to run.

“Quick, get some makeup pads and stop her tears, she’s gonna ruin her makeup.” Their mother told to Cali.


Cali grabbed some cotton balls off the wood vanity table and held them up to Julie’s eyes as her mother helped her to sit on the ground.  Julie plopped down and her diaper gushed all over her bottom.  She groaned in disgust at what she was feeling. 

Cali, see if you can find a mat or a pad or sheet of plastic or something.  I can’t open up her messy diaper over her dress without something waterproof under her diaper.”  Cali groaned and muttered something and began to look around the room.  Her mother told her that there was nothing there, she had already looked last time she changed Julie’s wet diaper.  Cali laughed as she opened a closet.  There was an empty hanger from Julie’s wedding dress that still had a huge plastic bag over it.  She pulled it out and said, “What about this mom?”

“Good thinking on your feet dear, bring it here.” 


Cali brought the plastic hanger clothes bag over to her mother.  Her mother had already flipped Julie’s dress up over her head and Julie was still sobbing with the cotton pads on her eyes.  “Ok, Cali, I need you to lift Julie’s legs back up in the air so I can get the plastic under her.  Cali complied as her mother slipped the plastic sheet up under Julie.  She then pulled the black gym bag out from under the vanity table and opened it up. 

“Wow, look at all those diapers.”  Cali said. “Is Julie going to mess all of them?”

“I certainly hope not, at lest not tonight.” Her mother replied.  Julie burst out with “Mom, stop it, shut up Cali” as she was crying. 


The girls’ mother had the wipes ready and pulled the diaper open.  Julie was a mess.  It had spread up forward in between her legs when she sat down.  Cali had watched and as soon as she saw it and the stench hit her she ran through the open door into the restroom and puked into the toilet.  When she returned she was pinching her nose and said to Julie, “See, Julie, that’s another thing a potty is for.”  Julie sniffed more as she was calming down from her sobbing.  Her mother told Cali to pull Julie’s legs back up as soon as she was finished wiping her front area.  Cali complied as she pulled on both of Julie’s legs with one hand still pinching her nose with the other.


Julie’s mother continued wiping her until she was ready, then she pulled the messy diaper out from under Julie and told Cali to keep Julie’s bottom in the air.  Her mother wiped Julie all clean using a ton of wipes.  Julie was so glad to be getting clean, the cool wipes gave her a clean sensation with each brush across her bottom.  In just a few minutes Julie was ready for a clean diaper.  Her mother pulled one from the bag and opened it up.  She motioned for Cali to pull Julie’s bottom off the plastic sheet and she complied.  The diaper was placed under Julie’s bottom but Cali was told to wait till Julie’s bottom was powdered.  When that was accomplished her mother powdered the rest of Julie’s private area then wiped her hand off and taped up Julie’s diaper.


Julie’s mother pulled her gown down from her face to cover her back up and then helped her to her feet.  Julie toddled around as she got the diaper readjusted to feel just right to where she could do her best to walk.  Her makeup was a mess so Cali told her to sit down in the chair while she fixed it.  Everything was still on the vanity table and it went quickly. 


            In no time Julie’s face was beautiful again.  She thanked her sister and Cali replied with, “Babies need everything done for them” as she sighed.  Julie was not amused and just gave Cali a nasty look.  She began to make her way to the door when her mother said, “Stop” as she came out of the rest room.

            “What mom?” Julie asked.

            Cali, lay down on the floor.” Her mother said.

            “What, what for?” She questioned.

            “Lay down on the floor right now.”  Her mother said in stern tone with an upset look on her face.

            “Fine what ever.  Why?” Cali questioned. 


The girls’ mother walked over to Cali and lifted her dress up over her head.

“Oh no way, no you don’t.” Cali said as she tried to get up.  “I am not wearing a fucking diaper.”  Her mother pulled the dress off her face and looked her daughter in the eyes and replied, “If this was not a wedding I would slap your face so hard you would have a red hand mark on it for days.   You will lie her and let me diaper you or you will be so sorry you will wish that Julie’s messy diaper was yours. 


Both girls knew how their mother was, and what she said goes.  Cali was 19 and independent, but she still lived at home and still received horrible spankings when she was caught misbehaving.  Cali began to sob and sniff as her dress was laid back over her face.  Her mother pulled her pantyhose down and ruffled out a fresh diaper.  “I can’t believe you are doing this to me.” Cali complained.

“Maybe next time you will think twice when you make fun of a person in distress.”  Her mother replied as she began to power her younger daughter. 


Cali’s diaper was taped up and her pantyhose were slipped back up over her thick diaper with much trouble.  When her mother helped her back up Cali waddled really badly.  See, her pantyhose held the bulk of the diaper between her legs up against her pushing her legs apart, unlike Julie who was wearing stockings under her gown.  Cali waddled around the room gripping her but and scooting her crotch around trying to get it in a better position like Julie did, but she was unsuccessful at it.  She still waddled really badly. 

“Mom, I can’t go out there like this, I smell like a baby and I can’t walk.”

“Then you can sit all night and think about what you did. And if you are lucky you won’t have to use that diaper like Julie did.  But if you do I will give you a diaper change when you need it.  And you will not take if off until we get home. I will take if off you, do you understand young lady.”

“Yes mom.”  Cali replied, hanging her head in shame.  She knew her mother meant business and that was it, she was wearing a diaper for the rest of the night.

“Now why don’t you girls waddle back on out to the reception.  Gee, this is just like when you two were toddlers.”  Both girls groaned with that comment.


Julie made her way back to the party to find her husband while Cali toddled in and sat down, vowing not to get up for the rest of the night.  She was mad as hell at her mother for making her wear a diaper just because her sister had to, to keep from shitting her dress.  It was just a little teasing  between sisters, yet her mother never put  up with any of that.  Cali called for another glass of champagne and began to sip at it. 


Julie took up dancing with her groom.  She slowly waddled around the dance floor with him and drank champagne in between the dances.  She was so scarred that Nick would feel her diaper or hear it crinkle with every step but it was only her that could hear the crinkle so loud in her own head. 


Mean while Cali was beginning to have fun.  She had downed a few glasses of champagne quite quickly trying to forget about the bulk wrapped around her bottom.  She was feeling good and almost didn’t notice the constant pressure from the plastic and padding between her legs.  She sat watching everyone dance and wondered if any of them figured out that Julie was wearing a diaper, or her for that matter.  Then, her little niece and nephew came out on the floor.  They toddled around together trying to look like they were dancing.  Her nephew was not wearing pants over his diaper, so he only had on a shirt and coat, the result of spilled food no doubt.  They were adorable as they took the floor and stole the spotlight from the bride and groom.  While hopping around together her niece stopped and squatted down, obviously pooping in her diaper.  Cali blushed bright red, thinking about how just a little while ago her sister had pooped her diaper changed just like this little girl just did.  Then the thought hit her like a ton of bricks, she had drank a whole lot of champagne and though she was quite buzzed she still realized that it had to come out sooner or later. Cali looked at the mostly empty glass of champagne in her hand and quickly sat it down on the table and back up from it as though it were a contagious disease.    Just then she felt a tap on her shoulder.


“Hi, I’m Alfred.” A voice said from behind her. “You’re the brides sister right.”

“How did you know that?” Cali replied as she turned around to see a stunning young man, probably in his early twenties.

“Beauty runs in your family.”

“Whatever.”  Cali replied.  Just another guy that wanted to get into her pants.  “Alfred, what is that, a butler’s name? Cali said to him sarcastically.

“No, it’s my father’s name, and my grandfather’s name.  I’m Alfred Hannes the fifth.”

“Wow, it seems that name is nearly worn out in your family.”  Cali said, now looking for another glass of bubbly to get rid of this guy.

“Well, I never really thought of it that way, but yes the first born sons in our family have had the name Alfred for 5 generations, seems like we are on a roll now so why stop.”

“I see.” Cali said reaching for the glass of forbidden liquid, and holding it up to signal for another refill.

“So, it seems like your not really enjoying yourself here tonight.” 

“Whatever you say.”  Cali said trying to blow the guy off as her glass was refilled.

“Well, why don’t you join me for a dance.”

“I don’t think so.” Cali said as she turned around back to her table.


Alfred took Cali by the hand and pulled her to her feet.  Her diaper crinkled as loud as thunder in her ears but he didn’t seem to notice.  Cali still had her glass in her hand so she chugged it down as Alfred drug her to the dance floor.  Cali began to dance in a waddling motion as Alfred put his hands on her hips.  He continued to mumble to her to get in step but Cali’s reply was those big dresses aren’t that comfortable.  They talked as they danced. 

“So how do you know my sister?”  Cali asked.

“Actually, I know Nick.  I work with him.  My father owns the company.”

“Oh, wow.” Cali said. 


As the night drifted on Cali was swept off her feet by Alfred, whilst Julie did what she could to stay near drunk.  She had way too much champagne and her diaper was just starting to get wet again as she danced. 


Alfred began to get a little fresh with Cali as he put his hands on her but and squeezed it a few times.  He remarked that her dress was indeed bulky.  By then Cali had dismissed herself to the restroom once just to pee.  She had tried to hold it really bad but knew she couldn’t last.  She sat down in a stall with her dress around her waist and peed in her diaper like she was using the toilet.  When she stood up she realized that her diaper was softer and molded around her bottom more and was more comfy than when it was dry, yet she couldn’t really feel any dampness in her diaper.  She took a few steps and noticed that her wet diaper actually felt pretty good against her private areas.  She rubbed the front of her dress and then realized what she was actually doing and stopped in a shock and then walked back out to dance with Alfred more. 


Julie meanwhile was getting pretty wet.  She could feel the weight of her wet diaper sagging down between her legs.  She liked the feeling of it when she would squeeze her legs together and feel it squish up to privates.  Eventually she knew she needed another diaper change.  Julie was pretty buzzed and probably a bit drunk so she didn’t walk straight any way and no one was the wiser that she was wearing a very wet bridal diaper.  She finally decided it was time for a change, putting off the inevitable long enough, she excused herself from her Nick and found her mother, indicating she was in need of infantile treatment. 


Julie’s mother was wondering what took so long for Julie to ask for a diaper change.  She asked if Julie had leaked or something because she knew how much Julie had drank all night.  She had also kept her eye on her younger daughter, which by her estimates was not going to last the evening without a diaper change by the way she had been drinking. 


Julie and her mother made their way to the Bride’s room, her mother helping her all along the way so she would not fall in her drunken state.  Julie was laid down on the floor and her dress was lifted over her head as before and her mother was shocked at how wet and bulky her diaper was.  “I guess these diapers absorb a lot more than I thought.”  She remarked.  Julie kind of whined while her mother was cleaning her up.  “I just wish I had a pacifier to put in your mouth just like when you were a baby.” Julie just groaned.  In a few minutes a fresh diaper was tapped up on Julie and she was pulled to her feet smelling like fresh as a baby.  “I wonder how your little sis is doing in her diapers right now?”

“I bet she is really pissed off.”  Julie commented as she was trying to arrange her diaper to a better position under her gown. 

“Funny you use that term, because I saw her drinking lots of champagne earlier.”

“I bet she’s pretty wet to Mom.”  Julie said with a grin.


They both headed back to the party as Julie toddled a bit in her diapers combined a bit with her drunken state.  Her mother decided to find out how Cali was doing.  She found her sitting with a guy at a table.  She approached them and Cali sort of knew what was coming.  “Excuse me, could you please excuse my daughter for a few minutes?” She asked Alfred.

“Of course Ma’am.”  He replied.

“What Mom?”  Cali said as she walked away with her.

“Oh I just wanted to see if you needed a diaper change.  I just changed your sister and thought I should look in on you to see if you were in need of a change.”

“I’m fine Mom.” 

“Why don’t I believe you.”

“Too bad.” Cali scolded as she began to walk away.  Her mother grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the Woman’s room.  There she pushed Cali over and pulled up her dress.  “You know, you were just like this when you were a toddler, you’d never let me check your diapers then either.” She said in a firm yet disgusted tone. 


Cali’s mother proceeded to pull Cali’s pantyhose down  enough, first pulling the rear of her diaper back and asking if she had a mess in her diaper, then pulling the tights down far enough to get a finger into the diaper and feeling it wet.  “Yep see, I knew you were lying to me. Let’s go get your diaper changed.”  Just then a flush was heard and they hurried out of the restroom, Cali’s pantyhose still down around her thighs making her waddle really badly.  The woman caught sight of them just at the door closed and shook her head thinking that could not have been who she thought it was.


Cali’s mother drug her along by the wrist to the Bride’s room where she proceeded to change her diaper the same as she did for Julie.  “Who would have guessed that I would be changing both of you girl’s diapers at Julie’s wedding.  What a story this would be.”  Cali just whimpered and sniffed on the edge of sobbing while her diaper was changed.  “I think you could use a pacifier too.”  Her mother said while changing Cali’s diaper.

“What?” Cali said, coming out of her sobs. 

“You should always give a baby a pacifier to sooth them while you change their diaper.” 

“Mom, I’m not a baby!”  Cali shouted, becoming confrontational.

“Oh I know that silly, but you sure are acting like one.”

“You made me wear diapers, I didn’t want to like Julie. It’s not my fault.”

“Sweetie, it is your fault, if you hadn’t been making fun of Julie you wouldn’t be wearing diapers for the rest of the night. There, already to go back to the big girl party.”

            “Sorry, couldn’t resist.  Now don’t drink so much unless you want another diaper change before we get home.  Honestly, I thought you had the sense to know that what ever you drink is going to come out in your diaper.  And if you poop your diaper, we will just come in here and clean you up, but I don’t think you will have to wear another diaper, I think that would be a good lesson learned, so if I were you young lady,  I wouldn’t eat or drink anything else for the rest of the night.”

“Whatever Mom, I’m outa here.” Cali said as she finished straightening her diaper up and waddled out of the Bride’s room.


Julie was still having a good time dancing and partying down.  She hadn’t wet again yet but was actually looking forward to it a little, she had gotten used to the feeling of wearing a diaper, and how a wet diaper felt, quite comfy until it got too wet.  Julie noticed her sister entering the large reception hall and figured that her mother had probably just changed her diaper too.  She kept an eye on her as she went back to a table and sat down with Alfred.  She wondered how Cali was doing, was she pissed off to be wearing a diaper or did she kind of enjoy it and the attention from their mother.  As Julie was pondering such things she noticed Cali was dancing with Alfred.   A little later both of them were back at a table but they were really close to each other. Julie could tell that Cali was really into Alfred.  She wondered if her sister would go home with him tonight then she remembered what their mother had said, that Cali had to wear diapers until they got home tonight.  That probably settled that question. 


Julie was dancing the night away with her new husband Nick doing her best not to show off her waddle from her thick diaper that was now slightly wet.  She had slowed down on the Champagne and was loosing her drunkenness but was still buzzed pretty well.  The night was closely coming to an end and she wanted to have her wits about her when Nick and she got home for their first night together.  Julie noticed that Cali was nowhere to be seen. She was wondering how she was doing and almost walked up to her a little while ago to ask if she needed a diaper change just to rub it in. She kind of kept an eye on her but lost track of her little sister several minutes ago. 


Cali was really liking this Alfred guy.  He was really charming, from a good family, well to do in fact, had plenty of his own money for a guy his age, he even owned his own house already.  Cali had a deep feeling of being really turned on since she stopped drinking the champagne.  She started to sober up herself and even though she wet her diaper several more times she would loose herself and forget she was wearing it.    She and Alfred had already had a few really good kisses and she was super turned on.  She felt really horney over him. 


Now Cali was not of the same mentality as her older sister, saving herself for marriage.  Cali always felt more for living in the moment and felt that she was so much more worldly experienced than her older sister for being that way.  Cali had no problem staying over with a guy if she wanted to.  In the past she had lied to her parents about where she was and they believed her.  More recently she would just tell them the truth about where she had been, and sometimes would call home and say where she was going to go before she went home with someone.  Her parents were deeply upset at her but accepted it as her life after giving her one lecture. 


Cali wanted to make out with Alfred so she got up from the table and took him by the hand and waddled her way out of the hall behind the building in a dimly lit area that no one would find them.  They were leaning up against the wall as he kissed her neck and cheeks, running his hands up and down her sides.  He groped her rear a few times as she stuck his tongue into her mouth.  Cali sucked his tongue hard then she reached down his pants and groped his willy.  Alfred was stunned that Cali was willing to move so far so quickly but he kept going, enjoying how she was squeezing him. 


Cali continued her massage as she and Alfred kissed passionately.  His hands moving all over her body.  Then, she felt a hand moving up her leg.  He was leaning on her against the wall and had his tongue down her throat with his other hand on her breasts.  The hand crept up her leg and groped her right at the front of her crotch.  It was a firm hard grope that sent pleasure deep into her loins.  She opened her mouth with his tongue still in it and moaned hard. 

Just as Cali was getting her deep pleasure from the grip on the front of her diaper Alfred stopped everything and jumped back in surprise.  Cali instantly came out of her deep pleasure and realized what had happened.  What Alfred must have felt.  All that was racing through her mind was “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.” Over and over.  She stared into his surprised expression waiting for what would come next.  Both fear and excitement were welled up inside her all at once.  Alfred lunged forward and lifted up the front of her skirt.

“You’re wearing a fucking diaper.”  He shouted, as he pulled on her dress a little to turn Cali so he could she her thickly padded rear.  “That’s why you walk so funny. You’re like a big baby.”  “Oh… my… God” he said slowly pausing between each word of the phrase.  Cali was covering her face with both her hands and starting to sob trying to mumble something about, you don’t understand.  “I got to…um…go.”  Alfred said to Cali as he turned.  Cali reached out to grab him but missed his arm.

“No don’t go, it’s not my fault, please come back, please.”  Cali pleaded with him as he walked out of site.  


Cali slumped down on her butt and leaned against the wall with hear face in her hands crying.  She spread her legs and felt the front of her wet diaper through her pantyhose.  “Stupid diaper, I hate Mom for this.”  Cali said as she sobbed.  She didn’t know what to do and eventually picked herself back up and waddled her way into the hall and sat in the back.


Meanwhile, for the last few minutes Cali’s mother was peering around a dark corner watching her and Alfred make out.  She had noticed both of them getting up to leave and wanted to make sure Cali didn’t leave and go home with him.  If she wanted to tomorrow that would be fine, but not tonight while she was being punished.  She followed them out and stayed a distance behind them until they stopped in a corner.  She watched in the darkness with just a shadow of light as Alfred and Cali kissed and groped each other.  Then she witnessed the climactic moment of Alfred in shock, discovering that Cali was wearing a wet diaper.  She backed away quietly into the shadows as Alfred stormed by not even noticing her.  “That will teach my little brat.” She thought to herself, “Maybe Cali will learn something from all this”. 


Just a few minutes later Julie noticed Cali sitting in the back of the room by herself, her makeup smeared down her face from obvious crying.  Julie excused herself from her husband and waddled up to Cali. 

“How are you doing?”

“How does it look like I’m doing?”  Cali said back sarcastically. 

“You look like you’ve been crying, are you wet? Do you need a diaper change?”

“No. Do you!” Cali said as she turned her head to the side. 

“Well little sis, this is some predicament we are in together isn’t it.” 

“Whatever. Leave me alone.”  Cali said as she hopped up and wrapped her arms around her chest and waddled away. 


Julie rejoined Nick and he asked her what was wrong with Cali.  Julie just replied that she thought Cali had her panties in a bunch.  Nick let it go and forgot about it.  It was time for him to remove Julie’s garter and fling it to the crowd.  Julie was a little freaked out now, Nick was going to go up her dress and get his hands really close to her diaper.  She was sober enough to be really nervous about it. 


A chair was brought forth and Julie sat down in it. All the young single men gathered in a crowed facing the Bride whilst everyone else filled in an entire circle around them.  Nick lifted Julie’s dress a little, asked her which leg it was on, then slid his hands up her nylon stalking until her located it, pulled it down and stood up with it.  The crowed cheered as swung it around his finger and then used it like a rubber band and flung it out into the crowd of guys.  Some fella that was a date of Julie’s friends got it and put it up in the air and swung it around. Cheers came from all directions as the drunken crowed congratulated his achievement. 


Next it was time for Julie to toss her bouquet.  All the single girls and women lined up to get ready to catch.  The crowed gathered around in similar fashion until Julie realized that Cali was not there.  She shouted to find her sister so that she would not miss it. 

The crowed waited as a short search was conducted for Cali. She was found sitting on a bench out side.  When she entered the hall, everyone was staring at her.  Her makeup had run from her crying and she was waddling from her thick wet diaper.  No one knew that so Cali was wearing a diaper but it was obvious that she was distraught and not walking correctly.  Cali played on being drunk and having help to walk helped cover up her waddle. 


Once Cali had been integrated into the crowed of young single women Julie turned her back and tossed the Bouquet as hard as she could.  It went behind the crowd of women and they all raced to catch it.  A teenage girl whose father worked with Nick caught it and jokes were made that her dad had better get ready for boys.


Soon it was time for the Bride and Groom to depart. It was now 9 P.M. and they had a hot date together at home.  Julie was frantically desperate to have her mother take her wet diaper off of her but she just couldn’t get the chance to ask her in private and she had just plain run out of time.  Nick and she were being ushered outside for final pictures under the lit gazebo as they were led to Nick’s SUV.  Julie was helped in by her mother and a bride’s maid as her mother winked at her and whispered “Good luck”.


Julie was still a bit buzzed and her diaper was quite wet.  She was in a hurry to get it off and take her huge dress off as well.  Then get down to business with Nick.  They reached home in no time.  Julie was moving in with Nick since he had a better place than she did.  Most of her stuff was already there from prior moving planning ahead for this day.   Nick, still slightly buzzed himself, thanked his best man that drove them home, and pulled Julie out of the SUV and picked her up.  Carrying her in his arms they entered their new home. 


Nick carried Julie to his bedroom and laid her across the bed.  He took his jacket off and his vest as Julie began to get up.  He pointed to her and said “Stay right there” with a sly look on his face.  Julie stopped moving, not knowing what he meant.  She would find out in just a minute.  She felt the need to pee just a little and wanted to get up and take her diaper off and use the toilet, but her diaper did feel kind of comfy to her and Nick was busy in the bathroom any way.  So, Julie, lying on her back, spread her legs out and let her pee trickle into her already quite wet diaper once again.  She let out a sigh, one of relief and slight pleasure just as Nick came back in the bedroom. 


Nick now had his shirt hanging out of his pants and dropped his belt on the floor.  He had took his shoes off and walked over to the bed.  Nick sat on the corner of the bed and pulled his bride up and manhandled her across his lap.  He began to rub her butt just a little then he began to spank her on the bottom of her dress.  You see, Julie loved to be spanked.  She always told Nick that it turned her on and when they started to make out when they were younger she would ask him to spank her.  Later they turned to little games where she was naughty and would get a spanking.  While she would get spanked Julie would bite her lip.  For her it was like something so natural and tremendous was released inside her as her bottom became red.  Nick had only ever spanked her with her panties on. He would usually start with hitting her on her skirt or pants and then pull them down right to her panties and continue. 


Nick quickly realized that Julie’s dress was completely in the way so he began fishing through it to find a way to pull it up.  He figured all this was a good way to start the night out for the two of them since Julie had so many times told him during or after a spanking that she was so horny from it, had it not been for her commitment to wait for marriage that she would jump him right there.  Nick enjoyed the spankings a bit too, he was at first afraid of hurting Julie but it seemed that the harder he hit the more she liked it, especially when she had a hard time sitting down afterword.  Lots of times it seemed to Nick that his hand would wear out before Julie’s ass did. 


Nick found his way through Julie’s dress and got down to her petticoat and figured that was a good place to start things off.  Julie meanwhile was squirming and trying to get up like she would when they would kind of role play.  Nick had none of that he gave her several good whacks on her bottom until he realized that her bottom made a deep whomp sound every time he hit it.  Figuring that her garments were still to bulky he decided to go for broke and get down to her panties and she what she had on.  He pulled Julie’s undergarments all the way up and drooped them over her head and got down to her panties. 


Nick sat speechless for a second as his hand slid over the smooth plastic of the bulky wet disposable diaper that Julie wore.  Julie kind of sobbed a little figuring that this was the end of their night, or maybe her marriage.  Krista had warned her not to let Nick see, or even know that she was wearing a diaper because that would be such a turn off for a guy, especially if he thought of her having used it. 


Nick sat for several seconds staring at the dampness under the plastic that encased the most private area of his new bride that he felt belonged to him.  Here was a nasty diaper keeping him from what he wanted at.  His erection was slowly dropping off at the shock of it all.  Then he spoke.  “Hunny, why are you wearing a wet diaper?”

“Because I peed in it.” Julie sobbed in response.

“I can see that hunny, but WHY are you wearing a diaper?”  He quizzed.

“Krista told me to, she said lots of brides do it these days when they have big dresses like mine and sometimes can’t get to the bathroom in time.”

“But you went to the bathroom a few times toni……. Oh….your mother….ough.  You didn’t.”

“I did…” Julie said sobbing.

“Well, I guess you have been naughty then, because big girls don’t wear diapers.”  Nick said as he put a huge swat right on the bottom of Julie’s wet diaper.  He decided to let this go, he even heard a joke about this sort of thing on a CSI episode once and now recalled it. 


Nick gave Julie several more whacks to her diapered behind. Julie’s sobs turned to whimpers as she began enjoying her wet diaper spanking.  Nick kept it up, hitting Julie harder and harder as the wet padding in her diaper squished each time.  He moved from side to side and up to a dryer area then back to the bottom center where it was wet.  Julie began biting her lip as usually and breathing heavy.  She was getting worked up in her nasty wet diaper. 


All of a sudden Julie began to squirm and Nick grappled control of her.  Julie was panting and trying to talk but Nick kept hitting her.  Julie could feel her guts in pain.  They were wrenching her and with each smack on her bottom she felt more sudden pain.  This took just seconds from Julie’s first inclination of what was about to happen, to fruition.  All of a sudden Julie exploded into her diaper.  Nick was in mid swing when it happened and he heard the explosion and witnessed the expansion of the bottom of her diaper but it was too late, his hand was moving with its own momentum, carrying it right to the spot on Julie’s diaper that was rapidly expanding and changing to a dark color. 


Instead of a whomp or a smack sound Julie’s diaper made gush sound. Nick removed his hand with natural movement as if to make another swing at her but stopped before he pulled it back for speed.  He sat there with his mouth gaping open and watched Julie’s diaper expand and the loud burping noises that came from it.  Within seconds he could smell her nasty mess. 


Julie seemed to mess her diaper forever.  It just kept burping out of her.  She was in full tears crying up a storm.  Now her bottom hurt and she had a mess on it.  Nick wasn’t sure what to do.  He surly hadn’t seen this coming and was wondering if he somehow missed something through all these years of dating Julie.  Knowing full well what just happened he asked, “Did you just do what I think happened?”

“YES!” Julie shouted through her sobs.  “I shit my diaper.”

“Why?”  Was all Nick could say.  In his mind her wearing a diaper to wet while she was in the huge dress and unable to make it to a bathroom seemed acceptable, but taking a dump in it, that was a whole other story.

“I’ve had diarrhea all day.  It’s a good thing that Krista brought the diapers and talked me into wearing them because I would have shit all over my dress a few times today.”

“Woh.”  Nick said as he stood up heaving Julie off his lap.

“You shit in a diaper earlier today?”  He asked. “At the reception, when you farted and had to go to the ladies room, you shit yourself then, didn’t you.”  He said, answering his own question. 

“Yes!” Julie said. She was now crying and sitting on the floor with her dress surrounding her. 


Julie just hung her head as Nick stood over her.  He wasn’t sure what to do and neither was Julie.  She had her mother’s help the last times she needed a diaper change, now she was alone with just Nick.  “I need a diaper change.” Julie said in a meek sobbing voice.

“A diaper change, hunny I’ve never changed a diaper in my life, I don’t know what to do, besides, we don’t have any diapers here.  Do we?”  Nick still wasn’t sure what was really going on here.  Did Julie need to wear diapers or was she telling the truth about the whole Bridal Diaper thing from Krista and now her having diarrhea.  One thing that went though Nick’s head was, “Great, I just married a big baby.”  He wiped that thought away because he still loved Julie despite this predicament. 


Julie replied to Nick that indeed he was correct and there were no diapers in the house.  What would she do now about having diarrhea, she would surely mess her clothes. 

“Sweetie, what are you, two, you don’t have to wear a diaper, just take your dress off and run to the toilet like any normal adult does. Geesh.

“Oh yea, huh.” Julie said.  Realizing that she was in fact not a toddler, she just felt like one all night.

“Can you help me out of my dress?”  She asked.

“Yeah here turn around.” 


Nick helped Julie out of her dress and then out of her petticoat.  While doing so he remarked that they needed to hurry because she stank and he didn’t want her to get diaper rash.  Julie explained it takes a little longer than that to get diaper rash.  Once she was undressed she stood there with her legs spread apart in front of Nick with just her bra and the bulky smelly diaper on.  Her hair was still made up and she still had her makeup on.  She was quite pretty even in this state.  “You know, you do kinda look like a toddler like that. Except for the bra of course.”  Julie smacked him lightly.

“Now what do we do?”  He asked.

“Well I don’t know, if mom were here she would have put a towel underneath me and pulled this nasty thing out from under me, cleaned me up, and then probably put another diaper on me.”

“Was this all your mother’s Idea?”  Nick said with haste and disgust. 

“No, all mine I’m afraid.”

“Well, were not putting you in another diaper… um.”

“Fine, lemme just lay down on the floor, do you have an old towel.”

“Uh yea sure.” 


Julie took her bra off and said “I’m going to get a shower after I’m out of this thing.”

“Maybe I will join you hunn.” Nick said as he came back with a towel. 

“Are you going to just stand there and watch or what?” Julie said.

“Um I don’t know.” Nick said as he shrugged his shoulders.  “This is all uncharted territory for me.  Diaper changing your wife was not one of the premarital classes I took at church.”

“Alright funny guy, you can be my daddy and come down here and open up my diaper and wipe my bottom for me.”

“Ugh, no way.”

“Hey, for better or worse buddy.  This could really happen when we get old you know.”

“Yeah I never thought of that. Fine.”  Nick said as he knelt over his bride.  He took one last look at her as she laid her head back on the carpet.  He decided to try something, he reached down to her crotch and grabbed it like he had in the past while they made out.  Julie leaned her head forward and shouted “What the fuck!” and Nick just pushed her head back down with his other hand over her mouth.  Julie was in shock and didn’t understand what he was doing, she wanted out of her shitty diaper right away. 


Nick groped her crotch and pushed in and out and rubbed side to side, running his thumb around on the diaper over her pussy.  Julie let up her pushing against Nick’s hand and succumbed to the pleasure he was causing.  Nick wasn’t sure why he did this to her with a diaper on but it seemed like an idea.  Julie laid there and accepted the pleasure that Nick was giving her for a few minutes biting her lip and then she spoke.  “Hunn, that feels really good and all, but you think you could change me out of this shitty diaper and we could continue it afterword?”

“Nah, I’m fine here.”  Nick said as he grabbed Julie’s hand, made a fist and pulled her thumb out of it and stuck it in her mouth.  “Suck on this it will make you feel better.”


You see, Nick had a really hard erection from all this now. Somehow sitting over his wife’s crotch covered in a messy diaper seemed to really turn him on.  She was beautiful yet still seemed to resemble the innocence of a child, probably caused by the diaper.  Julie removed her thumb from her mouth as soon as Nick put it there but he stopped rubbing her, and put her thumb back.  He held it in place with his hand and began to rub Julie’s diaper.  He rubbed harder and harder until Julie was moaning with pleasure. Julie began to suck on her thumb and soon Nick released his hand and she continued to suck.  Nick’s hand began to hurt from the intense pressure he was putting on her diaper so he had to stop. 


Julie leaned forward to see why Nick had stopped rubbing her and she saw his enormous erection through his pants.  She got up and crawled to him pushed him back against the wall and unzipped his fly pulling out his willy.  Julie rubbed it up and down a few times and then for the first time took the whole thing into her mouth and sucked on it.  She wasn’t very good since this was her first blow job, but she started to get the hang of it.  Nick didn’t know the difference any way, he’d never had a blow job before. 


Julie ran her lips up and down his shaft, licking back and forth as she did, assisting with one hand.  Nick was in heaved.  He moaned and said that’s my baby. He put his hands on her head to assist in controlling her up and down movements.  Then he reached down with one hand and gripped the elastic on the back of Julie’s diaper.  He got a good grip on it and just slowly pulled up on it.  Julie squealed as he pulled harder and harder, the mess being pushed into Julie’s bottom and being pulled tight around her privates. 


Julie was being stimulated from the mess in her diaper being pushed up against her privates.  She knew it was gross, but it felt good.  She played with Nick’s shaft as he pulled harder on her diaper until he blew his wad.  She knew from reading that swallowing was the best solution so she did.  It really didn’t seem as bad as she thought it would be.  Nick fell limp against the wall and Julie fell back on her butt, spreading the mess around in her diaper.  The air reeked of poo and both of them were now worn out. 


Julie groaned and again laid back on the towel as if waiting for a diaper change.  She closed her eyes and sucked her lip as she panted.  “That was great.”  She exclaimed, “But can you get this nasty diaper off me now?” Julie asked.  Nick looked up and over at Julie laying on her back.  He was surprised that Julie enjoyed it so much.  Never had they ever made out with those deep of results, let alone Julie in a stinky diaper. 

“I suppose.”  Nick replied as he leaned forward.  “This is going to be really nasty.”  He said as he reached for one of the side tapes and pulled on it. 

“Hey, I’m the one with the shit stuck to me.”  Julie pointed out.


Nick opened the nasty diaper and released the mess, exposing it to the air made it smell all that much worse.  Nick almost gagged.  “Get used to it if you want kids.” Julie said.  Nick retrieved a roll of toilet paper and began wiping the mess off Julie’s bottom and into the diaper.  When Julie was mostly cleaned up Nick asked what to do next.  Julie told him that if they had baby wipes he would continue to clean her, but since they didn’t have them, and it wasn’t really necessary since she was going to get in the shower and clean up.  Nick rolled up the diaper as Julie stood up.  She stood up straight and squeezed her legs together in delight at the feeling of being totally naked.  She softly touched herself for a second. 

“Hey stop that.”  Nick said as he stood up with the rolled up dirty diaper in his hand.  “What should I do with this?” He asked as Julie began to step into the shower.

“What do you think you should do with it silly.”  Julie said as she pulled the shower curtain back. 


Nick left the bathroom to find the trash and Julie enjoyed a quick shower.  But she still felt dirty.  She turned around and bent over and rubbed her bottom to get all clean under the water, but still felt like she needed something more.  She decided to soak in a hot bath, that would help her feel cleansed.  She popped the stopper and began filling the tub, sitting down and laying back. 


Nick came back in and noticed it still smelled bad in the bathroom so he turned on the fan, removing both the stench and the steam from the shower.  He saw Julie was now taking a bath and he bent down beside her. 

“I took it outside to the trash it smelled so bad.”

“Good idea.” Julie said. 

“Why are you taking a bath?” Nick asked

“I don’t know, I just didn’t feel clean from the shower.”

“Yeah, you may never feel clean again after you had that mess in your pants.”  Julie smacked Nick and he pushed her head under the water. 


Nick washed Julie’s hair and then bathed her.  She really enjoyed the attention she hadn’t received since she was a little girl.  He rubbed her perky breasts with soap and then played with her down under the water.  After quite a while Julie began to shrivel so she got out and Nick dried her off.  Julie went to her previously staged closet and picked out a cute baby doll nighty to wear.  Nick cleaned up the bathroom and came out and remarked how cute she looked.    

“You are really adorable.  If you were still wearing a diaper you would look just like a little girl.” Julie smiled and brushed it off and jumped on the bed. 

Nick took his clothes off and stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed.  He was tired now and so was Julie.  Both of them were worn out and decided just to call it a night.  It was almost 11 PM and they wanted to get ready tomorrow to go on their honeymoon. 


Nick held Julie in his arms and both of them fell fast asleep very quickly.  Julie was out first and he looked at his beautiful wife. She was sucking her thumb again.  They slept soundly through the night.  Early the next morning Julie woke up around 7 and got up to go the bathroom.  She sat on the toilet and thought how nice it was to be able to have a solid movement again, as well as actually use the toilet and not mess in a diaper.  Still, she giggled when she recalled the feeling of her own warm liquid running across her bottom before it soaked into her diaper.


Julie went back to bed and reached for Nick’s willy and found it hard while he was still sleeping.  She began to massage it, waking him up.  He began to kiss her passionately and they continued their foreplay until Julie pulled her panties down and then removed Nick’s boxers and laid on top of him.  She wasn’t totally sure what to do and neither was Nick.  Somehow Nick’s willy found its way into Julie’s moist pussy.  She moaned and then squealed as she felt pain from deep within for the first time.  She bit her lip as she moved up and down on Nick, running his shaft in and out of her.  Nick was in a state of pleasure that was both torturing and wonderful.  He assisted Julie with her movements.  Julie was biting her lip and whining as the pleasure mixed with pain from her first time with a man was building deep inside her.  Nick could feel himself building up, but the slow pace that it moved at was near torture. 


Julie and Nick went at it for nearly 45 minutes until finally Nick blew his wad into Julie and he went limp.  Julie was happy because she was sore and ready to stop for now.  She laid on his chest for a few minutes until Nick moved her off to get up and go the bathroom.  He laid back down next to her and held her.  They feel back to sleep for a few hours.


When Nick and Julie finally got up it was nearly 11 AM.  Julie got in the shower and Nick made breakfast.  Julie joined him for breakfast and then began to pack as Nick took a shower. 


Nick had already packed his bags before the wedding and just needed to gather a few things.  He finished showering and was dressed and ready to go while Julie was still fussing around packing.  He decided to start packing his SUV to get ready to leave.  They were going to drive to a resort in Colorado.  Nick carried his tow bags out to the rear of his SUV and opened the back.  It opened up and just then a car drove up. It was one of his neighbors.  They congratulated him on his marriage as he threw his bags into the back.  They chatted for a few minutes until they drove off.  Nick closed the back hatch  and walked back in the house. 


Julie was still fussing around packing.  She was dressed in a nice floral dress, almost Hawaiian, with her hair up in a pony tail.  Nick just sat down and watched some TV as Julie was fussing around.  While he was sitting there, his cell phone rang.  It was Alfred on the other end.  He was of course at work but just wanted to talk to Nick before he left.  Julie heard Nick talking on the phone and rolled her eyes.  Why did somebody call him today.  Julie heard nick shout “What!” and then she heard the front door close as Nick went out side.  A few minutes later Nick came back in to see Julie.

“So.. that was Alfred on the phone.”

“Oh yea, he’s the owners son right.”

“Yeah, so he said some things that were really interesting.”

“Like what?”

“Like your sister wears diapers.” 


Julie laughed and gasped at the same time and turned to look at Nick.  Her face bight red.  “So I didn’t know Cali wears diapers.”

“She doesn’t.”    Julie said, laughing.

“What do you mean, Alfred said…”

“Julie doesn’t wear diapers.”

“But Alfred told me he was making out with Cali and found out that she was wearing a wet diaper and he was so shocked he ran off.”  Julie began laughing.

“That’s Cali, making out with a guy even at my wedding.  Serves her right, maybe she will learn something.”

“What are you talking about Hunn?” 

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you later lets get going.”

“So Cali wears diapers then?” Nick still asked.

“No she doesn’t, at least not until last night.”

“Hunn I don’t understand?”

“No, I’ll tell you later ok, let’s just get going.”

“Ok dear.”


Nick carried Julie’s bags out to his SUV and tossed them in the back and came back to lock up the house.  They piled into the car and drove off.  Not too long later they were hungry and decided to pull into a Jack In the Box for a late lunch.  Right after they pulled out of the drive through Julie’s cell phone rang.  It was Cali calling.

“Hi sis.” Julie said.  Nick quickly turned his head to look at Julie.  Julie just gave him a sly smile and Nick returned his attention to the road, listening in on the conversation, so Julie put the phone on speaker.  

“I hate you.”  Cali said.  “It’s all your fault.”

“What is?” Julie said.

“Those fucking diapers.  I got so wet mom changed me during the reception and then my diaper leaked on Moms car seat on the way home.    She stopped at the Walgreens and bought more adult diapers and fucking changed me in the back seat of the car.  She claimed that she didn’t want me to sit in such a wet diaper any longer or I might get a rash. She’s just fucking torturing me now.  The bitch made me go to bed wearing it too.  This morning I took it off when I got up to pee and she came in the bathroom and actually pulled me off can when I was finished and spanked me saying that I wasn’t allowed to take my diaper off yet.  She put me in another fucking diaper after that and said that since I took it off without permission I have to wear them all weekend now.”

“Oogh, sorry sis. That sucks.”

“Yeah, that’s not the worst part.”  Cali said calming her tone down. 

“What….” Julie said.

“I pooped in it a little while ago.”  Cali said as she started to cry.

“What, Mom made you poop your diaper?”

“Yeah, after breakfast I told her I had to go and the bitch asked me #1 or #2.  I couldn’t believe it.  Then she told me to just use my diaper she would change me afterword just like you.”  Julie looked over at her husband who shot a strange look at Julie. 

“I’m sorry Cali, that really sucks.” Julie said to her

“That’s not the worst part, she made me put my jeans on and go mow the lawn in the poopy diaper before she would change me.  I hate her.”

“Wow, that’s terrible, but that sounds like Mom.”

“Yeah…. She says I have to wear the diapers until the package is empty.”

“Oh God. How many are there in the package?”

“Twenty, I have seventeen left to go.” Cali said as she sobbed. “Mom says that I will probably get three or four diaper changes a day so I’ll have to wear diapers for four more days.  I’m so sorry Julie, I learned my lesson I’m sorry I made fun of you. I wish you were here to help me.”  Julie felt like saying, what, change your diapers for you but instead she continued to console her younger sister. 


After Julie hung up the phone with Cali Nick looked over at her and said, “Ok now you have got to tell me what the hell that was about.  I thought you said Cali didn’t wear diapers.”

“Ok so while mom was changing my first messy diaper at the reception Cali came in on us and figured out what was going on.  She laughed and teased me until Mom had enough.  Mom made Cali lie down and put a diaper on her under her dress. Mom said that Cali had to wear it until she needed a diaper change or until they got home when she would take it off of her.  That’s all I know, I figured that Mom probably changed Cali’s diaper at least once the way she was chugging down the champagne getting herself drunk.  How Alfred figured out she was wearing a diaper is beyond my knowledge.  And that bit you just heard from her, I had no Idea that was going to happen.  Poor Cali, Mom never lets up.  She has let Cali get away with an awfully lot these last couple years, I guess she just snapped. What a punishment.  I bet Cali moves out really soon.”

“Moves out, with what money, she works part time and your mom pays for school.”

“Yeah your right, she’s so screwed.”

“So, it turns out that Cali does wear diapers, at least for now.” Nick said laughing.

“Hey buddy its not funny, remember last night!”

“I sure do, somebody seemed to be enjoying her messy diaper a little too much if I recall.”

“Oogh gross, ok lets move on to something else.”

“What, you don’t want to talk about how you got off in a poopy diaper.”

“Fine how about how you like playing with my poopy diaper, huh!”

“Ok, ok. Hey, we just had our first argument.” Nick said.

“And everybody said it would be over money. Hah proves them wrong.  Just don’t tell nobody.”

“Agreed.” Nick said

“So do you usually suck your thumb?” Nick asked


“Then why were you last night?”

“I thought we weren’t going to talk about that any more.”

“No, I mean when you fell asleep, you were sucking your thumb.”

“I was?”


“I don’t know, I didn’t realize I was, but when I did earlier, in the bathroom it was because I was sucking and biting my lip too hard, and when you put my thumb in my mouth it just seemed a better approach.  It felt kind of good too, comforting in a way, like from childhood. Now change the subject.”

“Ok, just asking.”

“Are we there yet.” Julie spat out. 

Nick turned and looked at Julie with a stern expression on his face. He looked at his adorable wife that had just last night appeared to be an overgrown toddler. “Don’t start with me little girl or I’ll give you a spanking.”  Julie smiled as her face lit up. 


Later on in the day as they crossed the desert they stopped at a truck stop to fill up the gas tank and make a pit stop at the restrooms.  As Nick walked through the convenience store to pay for the gas and his soda, he something caught his eye and he stopped and backed up.  He saw a rack hanger on the corner of the isle.  It was cards with pacifiers on them all the way down to the bottom of the rack.  The pacifiers were labeled Newborn, Infant, Toddler and Child sizes.  He stopped and thought for a second.  The mental image of Julie sucking a pacifier in her baby doll dress was really cute and started to turn him on.  He pulled a white Child size one with a pink ring from the rack, ripping the punch tab hole out of the cardboard card the pacifier was plastic wrapped to. 


Nick walked up to the cashier and paid for his soda, gas and the pacifier.  The cashier was a young lady that had gotten way too much sun.  She was pleasant and said, “Got a little girl huh.”

“Yeah, kind of.”

“How old is she?” The cashier asked.

“Well, she’s not a baby any more but she gets cranky some times and I think this might help her.”

“Oh is she out of diapers yet?” The sun baked girl asked.  Nick thought to himself, (So funny you should ask that). But instead he replied.  “Most of the time.”

“Accidents still huh, well she’ll grow out of it.”

“Oh I’m sure she will.”

“Here is your change sir.” The girl said as Nick took his money and went out to his SUV under the gas pump roof.


Nick sat the little bag down on the driver seat as Julie was fussing with the radio.  He pumped the gas and then got back in the SUV.  He moved the bag as he got in and pulled his soda out and put it in the cup holder.  He handed the bag to Julie. “Here I got you this so you won’t bite your lip any more.” 

“What is it.”

“Open it and see dear.”

“A fucking pacifier. Are you nuts!”

“No, but you were sucking your thumb and you bite your lip way too much during, well you know.”

“Whatever.” Julie said as she tossed it in the back seat.  Nick reached for it and opened the card and pulled the pacifier out.

“Open up.” He said to Julie pushing the pacifier at her mouth. “Come on, open up for your binky.”

“What?” Julie said but it was too late, Nick got the pacifier into her mouth.

“Now just try that out for a few minutes.” Nick said as he drove forward out of the gas station.  He passed by the sidewalk in front of the store and that sun burnt clerk was out front smoking.  Nick noticed her and waved and the girl waved back.  Julie turned to look out her side window to see what Nick was waving at, still sucking her pacifier.  The clerk gasped and dropped her cigarette upon seeing Julie sucking the pacifier.  Nick chuckled and Julie rolled her eyes and laid her head back to take a nap.  In no time Julie was out, still sucking her pacifier.


Later that evening they arrived at the resort. Julie’s pacifier was sitting on the dash board of the SUV.  Nick and Julie pulled up to the hotel and went and checked in.  When that was finished they drove out a little ways to their private cabin.  Julie walked in and checked it out while nick began to off load the car Nick picked up the pacifier an put it in his pocket.  Once Nick got all the bags in and dumped near the wardrobe, Julie was ready to get in the pool.  She asked Nick to hand her pink bag so she could get her suit out.  Nick tossed it onto the bed and then retrieved his swimming trunks from his own bag.  He put the pacifier on the stand by the bed and changed.


In no time they had made the short walk to the pool and enjoyed the evening there, having dinner on the restaurant patio pool side.   When they returned to their cabin Julie wanted to take a shower.  She needed her personal things and opened the wardrobe for her other bag.  She screamed and jumped back.

“What, what is it?” Nick said as he rushed to Julie’s side.

“That, what’s that doing here.”

“What?” Nick wasn’t sure what Julie was looking at. He just saw their luggage n the closet.

“That bag, what’s it doing here?”  Nick reached into the closet and picked up a black gym bag with a white hand print on it.

“I brought it in from the car.”  Nick said nonchalantly.

“Why is it here?” Julie said, still upset.

“Because it was in the car. I figured it was yours.”

“It’s not mine.”

“Well than how do you know what it is if it’s not yours’. What’s in it?” Nick said as he began to unzip it.  Julie put her hand out and stopped him.

“Don’t.” She said.

“Why, what’s in this thing?”

“Just don’t, please.”

“Well what should I do with it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ok dear, your not making sense, is this yours or not?  It was in my car.”

            “Well sort of.”

            “Soft of, what’s that mean.”

            “I guess its Krista’s.  It must have gotten in your car by accident.”

            “Then you should call Krista and tell her we have it so she won’t worry about missing it.”

            “Oh I don’t think she will miss it. Just throw it away.”

            “Throw it away. What the hell is in this thing.” Nick said as he unzipped the bag.


Nick looked down into the black bag.  It was full of diapers.  He began to chuckle as he saw a note.  Julie covered her face and began whining.  “Now I see why you didn’t want me to open it, why did you bring it with us?”

            “I didn’t, I don’t know how it got from the Bride’s room to your truck.”


Nick laughed as he read the note to himself.  “Listen here dear.” He said as he prepared to read the note to Julie.

            “Have a good wedding night sweetie, make sure Nick changes you often enough. Love Mom.” 


Nick was laughing and Julie was infuriated at her mother.  “Just go get your shower dear, we’ll get you diapered when you’re done.”

“I am not wearing another diaper.”

“Yes you are, you want to don’t you.”

“No.” Julie said hugging her chest with her arms.”

“Yes you do, I know you, I can tell you want to wear a diaper. You enjoyed last night.” 

“Well yeah, but…”

“No butts little girl, get in the shower and I will diaper you when you get out.”

“Fine!”  Julie said as she stomped off to the shower.


The End