KLH Felicate

{ Version 1.1 }
{ Copyright 2006 by KLH Felicate, all rights reserved. The game of Pingala is also Copyright 2006 by KLH Felicate, all rights reserved. }

“Computer, safety protocols check, said the white-haired vixen with tan and brown fur patterns.

“Safety protocols at 100% functionality,” replied the computer in its life-like voice which could be either male or female.

“Engage safety functions.”

“Safety protocols implemented; Safety functions engaged.”

She walked to the edge of the viewing area and reached a paw out in front of her. She found it stopped suddenly as a light blue glow appeared, acting like an invisible wall.

She nodded in satisfaction, turning to look at her friend and their children. “The observation shield is active, Christy.”

They were the first ones there that morning so it was their responsibility to check the safety features for the viewing area so that others would be able to watch without having to worry about getting hurt.

The female kangaroo with long, blonde hair that was sitting in one of the soft, plush chairs located in the observation area, smiled. “Very good, Larena. Kids, are you ready?”

The two girl-cubs, who had been silent until then looked at each other and giggled. “Yes we are, mommy,” said the kangaroo who looked to be eight years old. She had a white and pink jumper on with a modest skirt and curly, brown hair that just touched her collar. The other cub was a vixen with short red hair and red and white fur patterns. She also wore a jumper with a modest-length skirt only hers was a light blue and pink, overlapping at certain seams to form lavender.

“Come here for a moment, dears,” said Larena.

The children walked over and stood in front of the older vixen as she lifted both girls’ skirts slightly in turn and stuck a finger in the leg opening of the fluffy, white diapers they were both wearing.

“You’re both dry, though I’m sure that’ll change by the end of the match.” Both girls stifled giggles in response.

“Go ahead and get ready, girls,” said Christy as her friend for many years sat down in the plush chair next to hers. All the seating in the observation area was like that, with room for about 100 furs on three levels.

For the upper levels of the viewing area, the floor, walls, and ceilings were all transparent. For the bottom level, the walls and ceilings were transparent.

The kits raced out of the shielded area, a blue glow surrounding them briefly as they passed through the barrier onto the playing field.

The playing field was an enclosed area similar to a racquetball court in design only three-times the size. The game of Pingala is played using anti-grav spheres, holography, and rods of energy which are used to knock the opponent’s sphere against different sections of the room for points. The scoring zones were identified by holographic markers which changed the colors of the scoring zones and added background effects to distinguish each zone. Inertial field-dampeners were used so that there was no traumatic force on either player. In fact, to everyone who played the game, it felt more like a wild roller coaster ride without the dangers of gravitational forces. The game was most popular with kids, although once introduced to it, adult furs started playing it as well. Due to how everything moved, kids who played the game were found to be more intelligent, more caring, and less stressed in life. Scientists were at a loss as for why this occurred. The drawback of playing Pingala was that it tended to make those who played it incontinent due to the mild electrical shocks that sometimes occurred while playing. Strangely enough, it was these shocks that were also the cause of the kids getting smarter and the other changes. There was also an interesting side-effect of the kids playing the game: their mental capacities increased resulting in high-degree mind abilities like psychokinesis, telepathy, and so-on.

Laura walked over to the far side of the field, about two-thirds of the way into the playing area. Xyra walked over to her place one-third of the way into the playing zone.

Both players stepped on the circles which seemed to float in the air where their starting points were.

“Player setup!” said Xyra as she held her right hand up.

“Player Xyra acknowledged,” stated the computer. “Weapon choice?”

“Two-handed electrostaff,” she replied. A two foot intricately carved staff appeared in her raised hand which she immediately grasped. As she brought it down in front of her, she grabbed the other side with her left hand. Immediately, a beam of green energy appeared on either side, extending the staff’s length to approximately four feet, almost as tall as the ‘roo herself.

“Player Xyra ready!” she said.


“Player setup!” said the vixen, as she held her left hand over her head.

“Player Laura, acknowledged. Weapon choice?”

“Single-handed electro sword.”

A bronze and gold hilt materialized in her out-stretched hand. She grabbed onto it once it fully appeared, then brought it out in front of her where a 36 inch beam of green emerged from it.

“Player Laura, ready!”

“Acknowledged. Background choice?”

Xyra looked at her best friend who shrugged. “Standard?” she asked.

Laura nodded. “That’s fine.”

They both looked upwards slightly, “Standard!”

“Background set to standard. Are both players ready?”

“Ready!” They both said in unison.


The game was on.

Laura immediately ran towards the kangaroo-girl, jumping when she was a deckafoot away. She folded her legs under her as she came down, stopping about a foot off the floor as a blue sphere appeared around her, halting her descent. After a momentary pause, she bounced several meters into the air.

Xyra wasn’t waiting. She hopped to the side, the sphere appearing around her as she landed, making her appear to be floating in the air.

The vixen curled into a ball while her sphere flipped through the air. As it came down, it bounced slightly as she stayed in that position. The ball stopped bouncing and started rolling several feet before Laura unfolded herself and stood, also seeming to float in the air.

She meeped in surprise as the kangaroo’s electro staff nailed her sphere sending her flying into the air, towards a corner of the ceiling, which was colored making it seem like there was an opaque cube sitting there. She hit that cube, causing it to move, like a big button being pushed before the entire cube lit up. Her sphere continued into the cubed area where she bounced off the ceiling and walls before she was able to regain some semblance of control. The places her sphere struck glowed a bright yellow for a few minutes before dimming back to nothing again. She curled into a ball, flipping several times before she landed near the ground.

“25 points to Xyra; Corner zone struck.”

Laura grinned at her opponent. Her diaper was wet from that, but she expected it. After all, when one played Pingala, wet and messy diapers were a normal occurrence.

“Good shot, Xyra!” she called.

The kangaroo laughed. “Thank you!”

The vixen grinned again and charged forward swinging her electro sword at the ‘roo-girl. Xyra blocked with one side of her staff and countered with the other side. Laura suddenly ducked as the other end of the staff whizzed over her head. While she was crouched, she swung her sword in a low arc, hitting the surprised marsupial’s sphere and sending it into a nearby wall where it bounced at an angle and struck a gridded area in the center of the ceiling.

Laura giggled before she realized her friend had curled into a ball and her sphere was almost upon her. Too late to block, the staff spun out as the ‘roo uncurled herself and hopped, nailing the vixen’s sphere into the far wall where a light blue section was.

“35 points to Laura. Bank shot to central zone. 20 points to Xyra for effective counter and wall shot to low-point zone. Total score so far: Laura, 35 points, and Xyra, 45 points.” The computer announced.

The game continued in a similar vein for another fifteen minutes until the kangaroo yelled “Diaper Change!”

“Diaper change time out called, game paused. Establishing safety protocols.” Both weapons turned off as did both of their spheres, dropping them to the ground, gently.

The vixen walked over to the kangaroo and they held hands while heading back to the observation area. The upper two levels had started filling with various furs of all ages as they came to watch the match. Thankfully, each section was sound-proofed against noise from the other levels.

As they walked through the barriers, they noticed that Xyra’s mommy had already activated the changing area on her chair. She was standing next to her former resting place where the back rest and top of the seating part were being taken up by a large table. It appeared as if the the top part of the chair had become a changing table. Panels on the side of the chair were open revealing all the important things: baby powder, diaper cream, diaper wipes, and a panel to choose a variety of different diapers from. Christy already had two diapers out, sitting along side of the other items she’d also pulled out and sat on the small shelf, just under the table top.

The older marsupial patted the top of the changing table, smiling. “Did someone call for a diaper change?” she asked, sweetly. She sniffed the air and giggled. “Well, it sure smells like at least one of you needs a change.”

At that, her daughter blushed before a sudden rumbling sound from the vixen’s rear followed by another pungent smell adding itself to the air caused both girls to burst into a fit of giggles.

“Okay, that’s two smelly diapers to change. Now, Xyra, hop onto the table.”

The younger ‘roo got up and sat on the table’s soft surface, laying back as her mother lifted her skirt up, lifting her backside as well so that she could fold the skirt out of the way. She tapped two places on either side of the diaper, which fell away, revealing themselves to be magnetic diaper securers. The diaper became loose after the devices came off. Christy opened the soiled undergarment up revealing the mess she had to deal with inside. She used one side of the diaper to clean off the main mess before she took some diaper wipes and got to work. After she had used several wipes, she tossed them into a nearby fusion receptacle along with the used diaper. She took a new diaper, unfolded it and gently lifted her daughter’s rear end up, sliding the new article of clothing under her butt, making sure to put the ‘roo’s tail through the tail-hole. She then applied some diaper cream to help keep rashes from forming on Xyra’s nether regions. Then, she sprinkled a liberal amount of baby powder on the same area before she pulled the front of the diaper up and folded it over, closing it so that it was snug, but not too tight. Then, she took first one fastener and then the other, placing each on the sides of the garment where they quickly fastened themselves, blending in with the virgin white color of the diaper itself.

She gave her daughter a kiss on top of her head. “Okay, all done, sweety. Laura, you’re next.”

As the vixen got onto the changing table, the table’s size increased slightly to the fit the vixen’s slightly larger stature. The process repeated itself as the younger vixen was changed out of her messy and very wet diaper and into a clean one as well.

After she had finished she gave them both loving pats on their diapered behinds eliciting giggles from the cubs as she said “All done! Back to playing, you two.”

Neither child waisted any time scampering off to resume their game.

As they ran off, Larena giggled. “You know something, Christy? If I didn’t know they were our daughters, I’d swear they were sisters separated at birth!”

The older kangaroo giggled in response. “Too true, dear. Maybe they were sisters in a previous life.” They both laughed at that one.


This was an old joke between the two of them. Their daughters had always been close, ever since their mothers had introduced them to each other before they could even walk. However, the girls became so close, that Larena and Christy decided to get a house together, for their daughters’ sake. It had been a very good decision on their part as they watched their cubs become sisters to each other in all but blood.


About 30 minutes later, their game was finally drawing to a close.

Laura had just knocked Xyra’s sphere off the wall, but in the process had lost her balance so that she had rolled a little bit before she could regain control. She had lost where her kangaroo friend had been knocked to, though.

After the Xyra bounced off a wall, with a sideways spin, then the ceiling, she regained control of her sphere. She got an impish look on her face as she bounced off a wall, heading for the unaware vixen who was still searching around for her opponent. The ‘roo dropped her staff. As soon as she did that, her sphere dropped as well and she found herself heading towards her friend, with her arms outstretched. The staff hit the floor with a clatter, immediately drawing the vixen’s eyes to that point.

“Safety protocols engaging,” announced the computer.

“What the-?” started Laura.

“Xyra’s final move: Huggably-Snuggably-Pounced!” she yelled as she reached her target, going through her sphere which dropped, leaving the vixen off balance, perfect for pouncing. The kangaroo-girl grabbed Laura in an affectionate hug as they both fell backwards landing on the suddenly cushiony floor and bouncing several feet before sliding a bit.

“Safety protocols successful. Injury count: 0.0 %. Game is over. Final score: Xyra - 405 points; Laura - 350 points. Xyra is the winner!”

Laura giggled as she returned the affectionate ‘roo’s embrace. Her weapon dematerialized, as did Xyra’s.

They both got to their feet and headed for the observation area, holding hands again. After another diaper change for them both (they only had wet diapers that time) they were ready to go.

As they headed for the entrance, they saw a teenaged calico-cat boy walking onto the field wearing blue shorts and a blue T-shirt. He was obviously not wearing a diaper. Both girls giggled as they saw this, knowing what was going to occur if he played that way.

A male wolf with grey and black fur walked in as well, wearing a thick diaper under his bulky shorts.

“Tim!” he yelled to the calico cat. “Don’t you want to put something on to protect yourself first?”

The calico cat’s face turned pink under his fur as he glared at his soon-to-be opponent. “No! I will not wear a diaper!” he yelled back.

They saw the wolf shrug, smiling. “Suit yourself...”

The two mothers chuckled as the doors slid open automatically and they exited the building.

“Boy is he going to be in trouble when he starts playing,” said Laura. More giggling came from the girls.

As they got several hundred yards away from the facility a sporadic humming sound mixed with the whistling of something falling made them all look up. Other people were moving out of the way as they saw a shuttle heading for the Pingala Complex. It’s sleek form shimmered in the bright sky as it continued its dive of death.

“Mommy, that shuttle is out of control. We’re going to stop it before someone gets hurt,” said Xyra.

Without waiting for a response, both cubs stepped out in front of their mothers and dropped down to one knee while holding their palms out in front of them. The shuttle’s descent slowed and then stopped as it floated in the air thirty feet away from them.

As they did this, a teenage wolf girl with solid grey fur, white hair, and wearing jeans with the tell-tale bulge of a diaper raced over to the two cubs. She remained standing as she regarded the floating craft which was slowly being lowered to the ground.

“The pilot and co-pilot are unconscious, thirty passengers are aboard, all are frightened,” reported Laura, while Xyra remained focused on the ship, her hands slowly lowering as the ship got closer to the ground.

“Pilot and co-pilot have serious injuries. I’m sensing massive trauma to their heads. The backup pilot is dead,” said the wolfette as she continued to study the shuttle as well. “All passengers have minor bruises and contusions, nothing major.”

Another teenaged-fur approached from another side. This was a white and brown stallion with brown dapple spots wearing a white polo shirt and tan jeans over his fur. He also had the tell-tale bulge of a diaper.

“I’m sensing a fire in the cockpit,” stated the stallion as he regarded the shuttle as well.

The shuttle finally lowered to the ground, gently settling itself on its belly as Xyra finally released her hold on the ship. She staggered and started to collapse before she was caught by her mother who gave her a hug and an affectionate nuzzle before picking her up and setting her in her pouch.

“I’m containing the fire, but something else is still feeding it,” reported the stallion.

“I’ll get the passengers out, “ said the she-wolf as she ran and leapt onto the wings near one of the escape doors. She pulled a handle that was recessed into the wall of the shuttle and waited as the doors all slid open. Smoke poured out of the openning as people started appearing there. Two beams of light shot out from under the doorway and struck the ground, becoming a padded and flexible slide. Immediately, people started exiting the craft, coughing as they slid to safety. The wolfette started checking passengers for injuries as they got out of the way of others trying to get to safety.

“The fire’s getting worse!” yelled Laura.

“I’m on it!” said Xyra as she focused on the craft again. The front windows suddenly ripped themselves out of their moorings and set themselves on the ground several meters away.

The stallion ran over to the front of the shuttle focusing on the huge amounts of black smoke that was pouring out of the holes that used to be the windows. The smoke slowed and finally stopped as he used his powers to snuff out the fire. “Fire’s out, but something’s wrong! There must be a fuel leak in there!” he reported.

Xyra focused on the cockpit. Several crunching sounds announced the removal of the seats as the ‘roo used her powers to lift both pilot chairs out of the craft with the lynx and ursine pilots still strapped in. She gently settled them on the ground before she settled in close to her mother, exhausted.

Her mother held her close, in a loveing hug, smiling down at her. Within a few minutes, the younger marsupial was fast asleep in her mother’s pouch.

The wolfette had finished checking and healing the passengers who were standing or sitting on the ground several yards away. She ran over to the pilots and placed her palm-pads on their foreheads, closing her eyes as she concentrated. After a few moments, the first pilot’s wounds began to close themselves. After that, she went to the next pilot. She finally finished, looking rather tired as med furs ran up to check on the injured people and transport those that needed it to the hospital.

“Which one of you wants to give me a brief summary of what happened?” asked the tomcat with the captain’s bars on his collar, who walked up behind the medfurs.

The she-wolf shrugged and gave a short version of the events that occured to them since they had walked out of the Pingala complex.

Afterwards, the captain looked thoughtful, then smiled. “Thanks. You kids really saved the day. If it hadn’t been for you, a lot of furs would’ve been hurt.”

The two teens and one kid smiled in response. (Xyra remained asleep in her mother’s pouch.) “No problem, sir, we’re always glad to help. Now if you don’t need us for anything else, we’ll take our leave of you,” said the she-wolf.

“Nope, we’ve got it from here. Thanks again, kids.” he said as he walked back to where the medfurs were just finishing up their initial checks of the passengers.

The wolfette gave the stallion, vixen, and roo a hug before she took her leave. “Buy, guys!”

“Thanks for your help, Tanya, Jack! Bye!” replied Laura.

The stallion gave the vixen a hug and the sleeping ‘roo a nuzzle before he also left. “Bye,” he said, shyly.

Finally, Laura, Xyra, and their mothers continued their way home. Larena scooped her cub up in her arms and held her like a kit as they walked home. She gave her daughter a loving nuzzle on the cheek, eliciting a sigh of contentment from the younger vixen.

“Come on, Christy, let’s put these two sisters down for a nap,” said the older fox. “I expect they’re both exhausted after all that hard work.”

Xyra’s mother giggled. “No doubt. Then let’s have some tea, shall we?”

Larena smiled. “But of course!”

Xyra continued to sleep in her mother’s pouch as she walked home with her friend.