Ray part 1 v2.0

By David A. Tigercub


Author’s Remarks,


                I would like too personally extend my thanks to two of my most favorite furry authors, CS Fox and FireMane. CS with out you I doubt this story would even exist, at least not written down. FireMane thanks for the constructive criticism. Please if you would, keep it coming.  Just to let everyone know, this is my first story, well part of my first story, and anything constructive you might want to say or if you want just drop me a line at da(nospam)tigercub@yahoo.com. I’ve, rewritten some of the story well not really mostly, added some much-needed description and formatting. I hope that I’ve taken you out of the “void” and brought you to my world.




            Amy watched teary eyed through the side window of the family wagon as her whole life slipped by. “This sucks the second move in one year,” she thought to her self.

Noticing her daughters tears, “I’m sorry honey, but you know your fathers job” her mother Holly said.


“I know but we thought this time was going to be different,” Holly said with a sigh.


“Amy I’m really sorry,” her father Tony said “I promise you this time will be different, I’m being moved to the corporate office now honey” Tony said with a grin “You know what that means right? “ Amy looked at her father still crying,

“Yeah but you promised last time”

Tony hated doing this to his daughter but he did not have much choice. He did not want to keep moving but in such a large corporation some times you “just got to do what it takes” as his father had always said.


            Ray stared in disbelief, “I can’t be lucky,” he thought, his tail swishing back and forth. He continued to watch the family of cheetahs, as they moved in to the house across the street – Seren’s old house. So far, all he’d seen only the parents, then their cub get out of the car, “A girl, and she looks to be my age,” he was thought, with mixed emotion, “she so cute.” He was standing, watching this tall slender built cheetah, thinking of how she resembled Seren when, he felt paws on top of his shoulders, jumping slightly he whined,


Elli, Rays’ mother had been watching her cub as he was staring at the family of cheetahs moving in across the street. She knew of her cub’s fondness for cheetahs.

“So why don’t you go and ask her if she wants to play?” Elli asked her cub who looked somewhat embarrassed.

“But mom what if she doesn’t like me” he whined softly.

“But what if she dose – look her parents probably won’t mind getting rid of her for awhile.” Ray just looked at his mom then turned back to the window.

She was looking right at them.


            Amy was glade to be out of the car.

“At least it’s a nice warm, sunny summer day,” she thought. She was staying out of the way, as she knew that her parents wanted to get every thing ready for the movers. She was looking around at the other houses; they seemed a lot nicer than the one’s on her old street.

As she scanned the other houses, she wondered if any other cubs her age lived on this street.

“Maybe I could actually make some friends before school starts,” She thought, when she noticed a tiger and his mother looking out of the large house right across the street.


            Elli saw the little cheetah looking at them and said, “She looks like she could use a friend.”

Ray was still nervously watching out the window, he still couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Go and see if she wants to play but make sure it’s ok with her folks first” Ray screwing up his courage, walked out the front door.

He noticed she was looking a little scared. Ray walked across the street, put on his best smile.

“Hi my name is Ray,” he said, voice squeaking slightly.


            Amy saw the tiger come out the front door. He was walking right up to her. She always had a hard time making new friends and was more than a little scared. He walked right up to her smiling and said,

“Hi my name is Ray.” She noticed that he was a little shorter than she was, and had the cutest green eyes she’d had ever seen.

“My name is Amy,” she said trying to smile. Ray noticed how scared she seemed to be and asked,

“Do you think your parents would let you come over and play at my house its right across the street?” Amy smiled, she felt a little better now with his offer.

“I think so let’s ask them” she responded.


            Holly had seen the tiger cub as he crossed the street (she was peaking through the window at her daughter). She caught Tony’s attention and motioned for him to look. Seeing his daughter smile for the first time since they had left there old house made him feel warm inside. He kissed his wife as the two cubs where making there way up to them. The cubs walked in the house, just after they had fished kissing. The tiger said,

“Hi my name is Ray Robinson.” Tony grinned and said,

“Hi I’m Tony Walters and this is my wife Holly.” Amy asked her dad

“Ray asked if I could go a play at his house, its right across the street.” Tony looked a little uneasy at this idea but Ray quickly said,

“My mom is there and she said it would be no problem.” Amy looked at her father and said,

“Please Dad, can I?”

“Oh alright, but if come and ask if you are going anywhere else” replied Tony.

“Thanks Daddy,” Amy replied.

With that, she turned and left with Ray for his house.


            Elli watched as the two cubs headed towards the house. She hurried to the kitchen not wanting her cub to think she had been watching him the whole time.

Ray and Amy walked into the house. Amy noticed how well the light dusty shade of paint on the walls, mixed with color of stain on the hardwood flooring.

“Amy what would you like to do?” he said as his mother was coming out of the kitchen.

“Ray” she started but as soon as she saw the young cheetah, she said “Oh! Hi their, I’m Ray’s mother Elli Robinson.” Ray Blushed.

“Hi, I’m Amy; it’s nice to meet you Mrs. Robinson.” Elli smiled and said,

“Just call me Elli, please. I was just about to make some cookies, what would you cubs like?”

 Amy was just going to agree with what Ray wanted but Ray asked,

“Amy what’s your favorite?”

Amy grinned and said, “Peanut butter.”

Ray grinned, “Mine too.”

“Ok peanut butter cookies it is,” Elli said. “Why don’t you two go and play in Ray’s room, I’ll call you down when there ready.”

Ray shot his mom a nervous look, but she had just went back in the kitchen. Ray led Amy upstairs to the door of his room and stopped. He turned around to face Amy. She noticed he was blushing and looking nervous. “Amy you got to promise me not to laugh at me,” He said.

“Um, ok I promise,” Amy, replied.

He turned and opened the door and walked inside. She followed but stopped and looked around with her mouth hanging wide-open. It wasn’t anything strange about the room it self, just an average early teen room bed, desk, computer, and posters on the walls.

“WOW!” she exclaimed. Ray was looking down blushing thinking, “Man it’s all over now she’s going to think I’m weird.”

“Are these all yours?” She squeaked. Inside his room, she saw his giant collection of plushies.

He mumbled, “Yes.”

“Ray what’s wrong?” She had noticed him looking down.

“You don’t think it’s weird for a boy to collect Pushies,” Ray said he was still looking down.

“No I think it’s really cool, one of my friends in my old town collected them too and guess what?”

“What?” He replied.

“HE was a tiger too,” she giggled.

Hearing this Ray perked right up. “Well at least I’m not the only weirdo she’s met,” he sarcastically thought.

“So you don’t think I’m weird or anything?” Ray said.

“Of course I don’t think you’re weird,” She Replied.

“Thank you,” Ray said.

“So do you name them?”

“Every singe one, except this one,” He went over to the shelf above his bed and picked out a tiger cub morph, “He just won’t click with me,” he said, handing the plush to Amy.

“What do you think?” She just looked at it for one second and announced.

“Justin, that’s his name,” she said. “Well, Justin my friend, at least I won’t forget you,” she thought.

“Very well Justin it is,” Ray Said, “Justin please take good care of your new owner.”

Amy blushed, “Oh Ray, no I couldn’t,” Ray cut her off with a wide grin,

“No he clicked with you he’s yours now.”

“You really mean it?” Amy asked. “Certainly,” Ray said.

“Thank you very much,” Amy said well cuddling her new plushy. He introduced her to most of his plushies by the time his mom called them down for cookies.

“So are you cubs having fun?” She asked, as they sat around the brightly lit, country style kitchen, eating freshly baked cookies.

“Yes!” Both of them replied simultaneously. Elli noticed Amy, still hugging the tiger plush. She gave her cub a "what’s up?" look. He just gave her a goofy smile. She knew.


            After they finished the cookies, they went back to Ray’s room and continued playing and talking. After a few hours, Ray heard the front door open and close

“Dad’s home,” Ray said, “Come on let me introduce you.”

“Ok,” Amy replied.

Ray jumped up and ran down stairs with Amy close behind. Seeing that his dad had just hung his suite up and was looking at him running down the stairs smiling, Ray leapt at him. Dad a little off guard still managed to catch him with out too much trouble. His dad gave him a huge bear hug. Then put Ray down saying,

“You’re sure in a good mood today! Who’s your new friend?” looking at the cheetah cub. Amy was just standing there, wide eyed at the waggish behavior of her new friend.

“Dad I would like you to meet Amy, her family just moved in to the house across the street.”

“Amy this is my Dad, Tim Robinson.”

Amy recovered somewhat, “Hello Mr. Robinson,” she said.

Tim smiled, “It’s just Tim, no need for the mister or miss thing around here.” Amy nodded. “Also Amy, are you staying for dinner? Maybe your folks want to join us it’s going to be pizza!”

Ray Grinned at Amy, “Let’s go ask your parents!

” Amy said to Ray, “I’ll race yah.”

Ray falsely whined, “Ah that’s not very fair,” but took off anyway. He had a good head start on her but she was after all a cheetah. Ray glanced back.

“Darn she’s quick,” he thought.

What he did not know was Amy was holding back until they got in her front yard. All of a sudden, Ray heard a loud yell but too late, a heavy weight knocked him to the soft, green grass.

“What the heck,” he thought. He realized what had happened.

“You pounced me!” Amy was giggling uncontrollably. They were a tangle of appendages and fur.

“Now it’s my turn,” Ray said as he untangled and started to tickle Amy. Thus begun there first tickle war. Ray seemed to know all the most ticklish spots too, she did not know Ray’s last best friend was a cheetah, and they had many great tickle wars. “I give,” said Amy, between giggles.

 “Ok, but you gotta say tigers rule,” Ray said.

She just laughed so he kept tickling, “OK, OK, tigers rule.” Ray smiled and said,

“What’s that I couldn’t hear you?”

“TIGERS RULE,” she yelled.

“That’s better,” he grinned as they both got up.

Ray retrieved the tiger plushy and hand it back to Amy who gratefully accepted it, as they continued to her house.


            Inside Amy’s house, Holly and Tony had heard their daughter’s yell. Both of them a little concerned looked out the closest window. They looked out just in time to see there daughter land on the tiger cub.

“Wow that was one hell of a pounce, are they ok?” Tony had wondered aloud. That is when the tickle war broke out.

“Looks like they’re just fine,” Holly laughed. She drew he husband in to a long kiss “Do you remember when we were just cubs?”

“How could I forget that,” Tony said, as he smiled.


            Walking inside her house Amy yelled, “MOM, DAD?”

“We’re upstairs,” Her mom replied.

The two cubs went upstairs. Ray looked around, a little nervous, at once very familiar grounds.

“Mom Ray’s parents asked us if we would join them for dinner tonight.”

“Well we’ve got to wait until the movers have finished,” she said, “You guys go ahead and tell them that we should be over in about an hour.”

“Mom have you unpacked my plushies yet?” Holly noticed the Tiger cub plushy her daughter was holding onto, “No not yet, it’s probably not going to be until tomorrow some time.”

“Oh, ok,” Amy replied, sounded disappointed.

“We’ll see what we can do about it IF there’s enough time,” Holly said “You two run along, and we’ll see you over at Ray’s house.”

“Ok thanks Mom,” Amy replied, as they started back to Ray’s house.

“Wow that happened really fast,” Holly said to Tony.

“I know it looks like she’s already made a best friend in less than an a few hours.”

Holly smiled at her husband, “That wasn’t one of her plushies either.”

Tony grinned, “I know.”

They decided to go and finish Amy’s room.


            Once they got out side, Amy took hold of Ray’s paw. Ray looked at her and smiled.

“What do you want to do until it’s time to eat?” She asked.

Ray thought about it for a second, “well I got a small playground in my backyard if you want play outside or we could watch some TV.”

“Let’s stay outside; I’ve been cooped up in a car all day long.”

“That’s cool; I’ll just let my mom know that your parents are going to come over for dinner.” They went inside Ray’s house.

“Mom Amy’s parents said that they would come over for dinner in about an hour, they got to wait for the movers to finish.”

Elli replied with a nod.

“We’re going to go play in the backyard.” Ray and Any went out the back door.

Amy looked in awe at the huge yard. His small playground consisted of a swing set, various games, and the biggest tree house she had ever laid eyes on.

“Wow that’s the biggest tree house I’ve ever seen,” Amy said.

“Yeah Dad and I built it three years ago,” He proudly replied.

“That’s so cool, I wish I had a tree house,” Amy said as she looked at the tree house longingly.

“Well you can come over any time, and use mine if you like,” Ray said.

“Oh Ray you’re so nice to me,” Amy replied.

Ray looked Amy in the eyes and said,

“Come on up and I’ll show you around my place,”

“Ok,” Amy replied as Ray and Amy climbed up to his tree house. Ray held the door open for Amy then stepped inside.

Amy looked around the inside of the huge tree house. The walls were covered in photographs and paw-drawn pictures, and the floor was covered in soft, dark brown carpeting. There was even a small two-seater sofa, and few tables and chairs. She walked around looking at the pictures.

“Who’s the cheetah girl in the pictures?” Amy asked.

“Her name was Seren,” Ray sadly squeaked.

Amy turned around and looked at Ray he was starting to cry.

“Ray what’s wrong?”

“She… (he motioned at the pictures) she and her parents died in a car crash,” Ray cried, tears streaming down his face.

“They were going to meet us at the new theme park on my birthday last year.” Ray sat down on the small sofa.

 “They were almost there but some fox that was running from the cops ran a red light, and hit and killed her parent’s immediately.” Ray continued, “Seren didn’t die immediately, she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition” Amy sat down next to Ray and held his paws,

“That’s so horrible Ray, what happened to her at the hospital?” Ray looked as he was reliving the whole experience in his head, answered,

“Well she had a lot of brain damage and they were keeping her alive by machine. She seemed to be getting better they even had her off the machines. However, she was still in a comma. The doctors said that having someone there might help her, so sometimes my parents would let me stay with her for a few hours.” Ray looked down

“I was there talking to her, holding her paw when she opened her eyes. I was so excited. Then the last machine that was monitoring her changed the noise that it was making rather went from beep - beep - beep to a flat beeeeep. A nurse came in and slapped a button on the wall and said, “Code blue in room 23” she then came over to me and took my paw and said that I had to go to the waiting area now. She led me out of the room and I saw a bunch of furs running towards her room pushing a cart with machine on top of it. In about hour her doctor came to the waiting area and asked my mom and me to join him in a private room. I knew something was wrong by the look on his face. He explained that Seren had passed away. I just looked at him in shock and said “but she opened her eyes?” I was crying hard by then. He looked at me and said “Ray I know how hard this must be for you to understand but there is nothing we could do to save your friend Seren. I’m very sorry” I don’t remember too much after that cause I kind of just fell apart and was crying so bad my mom had to carry me to the car.” Amy had started crying towards the end of his story.

“Ray that’s so sad,” she said, not sure of what to do or say this being the saddest thing she had ever heard of happening to someone. However, Ray broke the silence,

“These pictures and drawings are some of the only remaining things I have left of her now. You remember the plushies I have on shelf above my bed?” Amy nodded yes,

“Those were some of Seren’s that her grandparents gave to me. And that plushy, that your holding was Seren’s most prized plushy of all.” Amy was looking very nervous when she heard that.

“Ray,” but Ray held up his paw and cut her off,

“I said when I gave it to you that I was sure and I still am. Besides I’m sure you and Seren would be good friends if she was still around.” Amy still felt a little wrong to keep the tiger plush but thought that Ray would get mad if she made him take it back. Amy did not get a chance to say anything else because they heard Ray’s Mom calling for them to come and clean up for dinner.

“We’ll talk later about every thing,” Ray said.

Amy agreed, and they climbed down and went inside.

Elli saw the cubs tear reddened eyes, but she knew they had been in the tree house “I wonder if he already told her about Seren?” she thought.

“Amy go and wash up at the sink, Ray come over her for a second,” Ray walked over to his mother. “Ray did you already tell her about Seren?” Ray nodded, and replied,

“Well she wanted to see the tree house and you know that was Seren’s favorite place to hang out, plus all of the pictures and stuff.” Elli looked concerned,

“How did she take it?” Ray shrugged his shoulders,

“I’m not sure but I think pretty well.”

Elli looked at her cub and said,

“I’ll make sure her parents know what happened to Seren, now go wash up for dinner.” As she finished talking there was a knock at the door.

Elli and Tim greeted Tony and Holly at the door. With all of the introductions made, they all sat down for dinner. The cubs had there own table in the living room so they could watch TV while eating. The adults were getting to know each other, talking about work and what not. Tim had found out that Tony was the new transfer in his office.

“Yeah I heard they had promoted someone and would be transferring them in, your going to be the new head for the IT department right?” Tim had asked Tony.

“Yes that’s right,” Tony replied.

“Hopefully the last guy didn’t leave too much of a mess for you to take care of.”

They were talking shop so Elli and Holly decided to go out side and enjoy the cool night air.

“I’m glad Amy is getting along so well with your son. She usually has a rough time making new friends,” Holly was saying.

“Well I’m glad you brought that up. I need to tell you about what happened to us last year.” Elli told Holly about Seren and the car accident. “Seren was Ray’s best friend for 4 years. They were inseparable then in two weeks time she was gone. Just before you came over I had called them to come in and wash up for dinner, I noticed that they had been crying. I asked Ray what had happened and he said that Amy wanted to check out the tree house out back. That was his and Seren’s favorite hangout when she was over here. Therefore, I asked Ray if he told Amy about Seren he said once they had gone inside he started crying so he had to tell her. There are some drawings and pictures of her and them together in there and I think that is what set Ray off. I told Ray that I would let you know about Seren just in case you want to talk it over with Amy.”  Holly thought about everything and replied,

“That’s so horrible. I will try to make sure Amy knows how hard this is for Ray. We’ve had to move with Tony’s job for a few years so Amy might possibly be able to relate to a degree, or at least she understands how hard losing a friend can be.” They sat a talked awhile longer.

The two cubs had been watching a movie. However, they fell asleep before the end. They had been sitting side-by-side holding hands, but now Amy’s head was lying on Ray’s shoulder.

Elli and Holly came inside to check the time. “Oh, wow it’s really late,” said Holly as she saw the time on the clock.

Elli had walked over to the couch to check on the cubs. “Holly let’s go get Tony and Tim I think were going to need help with these two” They went and brought the men back.

“Well I guess we’ll see y’all sometime tomorrow,” Holly said as Tony gently picked up there sleeping daughter.

“Let Amy know that she can come over any time she wants to.” Elli said to Holly. After seeing, them off Tim scooped up Ray and deposited him in his bed.

They both went to the bedroom and got in to bed.

“Did you know that Ray has already told Amy about Seren?” Elli asked her husband.

“No I did not. To my knowledge he hasn’t talked about her to anyone but us,” Tim replied.

“You saw that tiger plush that Ray had given to Amy right?”

“Yeah I saw that,” He said winking at her.

“Ray had told me once that it was Seren’s favorite,” Elli said.

Tim gave a low whistle,

“I hope he’s not moving too fast for Amy”

“Me too” They drifted off to sleep. Elli awoke rolled over looked at the time, she was still wondering what had woken her up when she herd soft crying.

She got out of bed and padded down to Ray’s room. She walked in and closed the door.

“Ray what’s wrong?” She asked her cub,

Ray was trying speak, but was still too upset to make much sense. She went over, sat on his bed next to him, and tried to comfort him.

“Momma I think I was dreaming about Seren again, but she looked a little different and her name was Amy and we spent the whole day together. We were watching a movie then I... I woke up…” His voice trailed off.

“Oh, Ray honey that wasn’t a dream that really happened today. You guys had fell asleep on the couch and it was so late we didn’t wake you up for bed, you dad carried you up here.” Ray looked at his mom,

“Momma I don’t want to lose her again” She laid her cub back down,

“It’s ok just go back to sleep. I have a feeling she will be over in the morning.” Ray smiled as he went to sleep.

Elli went back to bed.



Ray part2

By David A. Tigercub

September 20, 2005

Authors notes:

Here's the second part of my story Ray. This is revision one. As always, please feel free to send me any constructive criticism, or comments to da(nospam)tigercub@ yahoo.com

Morning came to find Amy sleeping peacefully, dreaming. She was jumping around some high place, when she suddenly fell, fast. With a sharp intake of breath, she woke with a start. Realizing she was lying in her own bed, she blinked a few times as she stretched. Yawning, Amy sat up and looked around her new room. Noticing that she was wet, she reached a questioning paw down and felt her bed.

Well at least the bed is still dry, she thought.

For the past year, she had been having accidents at night. Her last doctor suggested that her wetting is stress related, due to all the recent moving. He also suggested putting her back in diapers or pull-ups at night.

Amy didn’t want to wear a diaper, but the other choice was sometimes waking up to a wet bed. She had all ready found out that the pull-ups would leak, she moved around too much when she slept.

She recalled the first night she had to wear diapers again. Her mom walked into her room and said,

“Alright, Amy it’s time.”

Amy looked at her mom, as here eyes filled with tears.

“Awe, Mom do I have too?” Amy sobbed, as she looked sadly at the floor.

Her mom gave her a sympathetic look.

“I know you don’t want to wear diapers again. But until you stop having accidents at night, you’re just going to have to wear them,” Holly said, purring softly.

Amy was crying at this point. Her mom went and sat next to her on the bed, hugging and nuzzling her.

“I’m sorry honey; you shouldn’t have to go through this.” Holly said, as she continued purring trying to calm her daughter. After a few minutes, Amy had calmed down.

“Ok, Mom I’m ready.” Amy said, still sobbing slightly.

“Alright lie down then, I’ll be right back,” Holly said, as she left Amy’s room.

Amy lied back on her bed, waiting for her mom to return. She came back in with two plastic bags and a plastic mat.

“Ok, lift up so I can put this mat under you,” Holly said, as she set the bags next to Amy.

Amy lifted her legs, so her mom could slide the mat under her. She stared at the mat her mom slid under her; it had cartoon drawings of kittens playing various games. Amy watched her mom as she opened the bag of disposable diapers and put one next to her, followed by a container of baby power, and a bottle of baby oil.

“You really have to use all of that stuff,” Amy asked her mom.

“If I don’t use all of this STUFF, you might get a rash, so yes I have to use all of this stuff. Unless you want to get a rash that is,” Holly replied.

Amy gave up and stared at the ceiling. She had to lift up one more time, so her mom could slide the diaper under her. Then she started with the baby oil, rubbing it in Amy’s fur, followed by the powder. Amy just continued to stare at the ceiling; she noticed the somewhat familiar smell of the baby power. Holly finished with the baby powder and began to tape up the diaper. Once she had finished, she got up and looked at Amy.

“Ok, you’re all finished, good night honey. I’ll be back in the morning to help you,” Holly said.

“Thanks, Mom I love you,” Amy said, as her Mom gave her a kiss on the cheek and nuzzled her.

“I love you to Amy; now put your PJ’s on and get some sleep.” Holly replied.

Amy got her PJ’s on and climbed into bed. Lying there, she reached a paw down and felt the diaper under her PJ’s. It was a plastic disposable diaper, soft, warm, she strangely felt more secure knowing that she was wearing it. The only thing she didn’t like about it was the soft rustling noise it made when she moved. “Maybe this won’t be so bad after all. They feel so soft and snuggly now, but I wonder how bad they will feel in the morning,” she thought, as she drifted asleep.

She woke up in the morning, and sat up in bed. “I guess it’s a good thing I’m wearing this diaper,” she thought, as she noticed how wet she was. Reaching a paw down, she felt the sheets. “That’s good at least they work,” she thought, as she pulled a nice and dry paw from under her covers.

Holly cane in a few minutes later, “good morning honey, did you sleep well?” She asked.

“Yes, Mommy I slept very well. The diaper didn’t leak either,” Amy replied.

Holly laughed and said, “See I told you that it would work.”

“Wow, you really wet a lot last night. It’s a good thing that you were diapered,” Holly said, as she removed her daughter’s wet diaper.

At first, Amy was upset about having to wear actual diapers. However, after the first couple of nights, she kinda liked the extra attention her mom was giving her. That and she secretly liked how the diapers felt on her, even after she’d used them. This wasn’t always an accident anymore! It was as if some times she just wanted to be three years old again. She remembered the first time her mom let on that she didn’t mind babying her. It was one morning, when Amy wasn’t felling well; she accidentally asked her mom if she would bathe her. To Amy’s surprise her mom smiled and said,

“Awe that’s so cute, you haven’t asked me to bathe you in years.”

Amy was so embarrassed. She couldn’t believe she had let that slip. Her mom had knelt down, picked her up, and carried her to the bathroom. She set Amy on the edge of the bathtub and began to fill it, checking the temperature of the water. Once the tub was half-full, she undressed Amy and set her in the bathtub. Then she began to scrub and shampoo Amy’s fur, while playing with her just like when she was a little kitten. Deciding that Amy was clean enough, she stood her up and, dried her with a towel.

“Ok, my little kitten, just sit here on the stool while I dry and brush your fur,” Holly said. As she set Amy down on the stool, and began to blow-dry her fur while brushing it. Once finished, Holly lead Amy back to her room (Amy was batting at Holly’s tail as it swished in front of her).

“I just want to let you know, we can do this whenever you want to, all you have to do is ask,” Holly said as she helped her kit dress. Amy definitely would remember this!

“Back to reality Amy,” she thought, as she looked around her new room. It was quite a bit larger than the last room she had.

She liked the light pink color that the walls were painted. The carpet was also light pink, and so soft. A large double window let plenty of sunlight in.

Amy got out of bed and went to the double window that looked out over the front yard. She could see Ray’s window from here, she realized, as she stared out thinking about yesterday. She thought about Ray and Seren, and how hard Ray struggled with her loss.

Hearing somebody walking down the hall, coming toward her room, she turned to see her mom walking in.

“Good morning Honey, how did you sleep?” Holly asked, noticing Amy was still wearing her diaper, and it was wet.

“Ok I guess. Mom, would you bathe me,” her voice cracking a little as she asked her mom.

Her mom walked over to her saying; “yes, I would be happy to.”

Amy smiled as her mom reached down and picked her up, and carried her to the bathroom. Amy laughed and played, while her mom bathed her. She was sitting on the stool, her mom drying and brushing her fur.

“Mom, I think I understand most of what happened to Seren, but not why. I mean Ray still seems heart broken after a year, I’ve lost many friends, but not like that . . .” Amy said, trailing off at the end.

“Amy, I know this is hard for you to understand fully, but how you lost your friends is really different. Ray will never see, or talk to Seren ever again.” Amy cut her off saying,

“Mom I know that. I just don’t know what to say to Ray, you know about Seren”

“Well just, try being your self. Don’t try and force him into anything, like talking about her. Just be supportive if he talks about her. As for why it happened, there’s not really a reason why, I wish I could give you a better reason. You will understand more as you get older,” Holly replied.

“Just promise me that we aren’t going to move again. I don’t want to hurt Ray,” Amy said, nervously.

“Amy, I wish I could promise that, but nothing is ever certain. (Amy had a hurt look on her face) I can promise that we don’t have any plans as far as moving goes,” Holly replied. Amy looked relieved by her mother’s promise.

“Now go get dressed and come help me with breakfast,” holly said, smiling.

Ray woke up a little later than Amy had. Once his dream had ended, he slept fairly well. Feeling a little depressed he decides to skip the morning shower, and just go out to his tree house and think about Seren and Amy.

            Ray threw on a tee shirt and some shorts, and headed out of his room and down the stairs. He quickly crossed the distance from the stairs to the back door and exited. He hoped that his mom hadn’t seen or heard him leave the house, but she had caught a glimpse orange before he had closed the door. “Well no matter anyway she’ll probably just let me go, after what happened yesterday,” he thought. He made his way to the oak, and climbed up. He shut the door behind him and picked up the scrapbook he kept with Seren.

Sitting down on the sofa, Ray started to flip through the book. It contained almost every physical memory he had of Seren. He wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, just sort of thumbing through. He came across a set of pictures he had forgotten about. They were from the last Halloween that Seren and he had spent together. Seren had some how convinced him to dress up as a baby with her. He even let her choose the costumes and articles she wanted them to wear.

“I’ll get every thing, just trust me,” she had said.

Seren had EVERYTHING too; she had disposable diapers, shortalls – complete with snap up crotch, bottles, and even pacifiers. Ray looked wide-eyed at all the stuff she’d brought.

“Seren, you didn’t say any thing about us having to wear diapers,” He said as he looked at her.

“I said baby, Ray what do you think babies wear?” She asked him, with a serious looking face.

“Yeah but I didn’t think you would take it,” Ray had started to say.

“Awe, come on Ray it will be fun,” Seren said cutting him off.

“Ok, I guess I could try it,” He said

“I’ll be right back, just stay here,” She said, walking out of his room.

Ray was investigating one of the disposable diapers, where Seren came back with his mom in tow. He dropped the diaper and just stared at Seren. He was standing next to his bed, looking very uncomfortable; his face was visibly red under his fur.

“It’s ok Ray, I’ve been in on this for awhile now. Come on Seren undress and hop up on ray’s bed and I’ll diaper you first,” Elli said.

Seren smiled as she took her clothes off and tossed them on the floor. She sat down on his bed.

Ray just stared at them; he couldn’t believe this was happening. Elli put a plastic mat under Seren, and was rubbing baby oil into her fur; followed by baby powder. Then she slid one of the diapers under her and taped it up.

“Ok my little kitten, your turn,” Elli said to him.

Ray undressed and lay down next to Seren, watching his Mom intently. He was slightly curious about how the diaper would feel. His Mom finished diapering him and said,

“Do you little kittens need help getting dressed or can you all handle it?”

“I think we can handle it from here, by the way, thank you very much,” Seren said, grinning widely.

Ray watch as his Mom turned to leave; she moved a couple of feet from them and turned back around. She had a camera ready.

“Smile,” she said, as she took a couple of shots. She ran out quickly after taking the pictures.

“What are you smiling at?” He asked Seren, as he playfully cuffed at her muzzle.

Later that night he wondered what their friends would say about his choice of costume…

A knock at the door brought Ray back to reality.

Lifting himself off the sofa, he answered the door. Amy stood there smiling happily.

Amy finished breakfast and decided to go and see if Ray wanted to play. She skipped across the street to Ray’s house and knocked on the door, Ray’s mom answered.

“Hi Amy, Ray is out in the tree house, if you want to go see him.” Elli said.

“Ok, thanks,” Amy replied, as she walked through the house to the back yard. She climbed the ladder to the tree house and knock on the door.

“Hi Amy, come on in,” Ray said, in the most cheerful voice he could muster.

“He’s been crying again,”  thought Amy.

“Hi Ray,” she repeated his salutation. “Are you ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, a little sad but ok I guess,” he managed to get out.

“Do you want to be alone for a while?” Amy questioned him.

“No, I’m really glad you came over,” He Replied; “I think I really need to be with someone today.”

“I’ve never had anything like this happen to me. I can’t even imagine the pain you have gone through. I want to be here for you, if you ever need me,” Amy said, her face looking sad but trustful.

Ray just stood there and took this in. His eyes started to water, as he looked at Amy. Doing his best not to cry, Ray replied,

“Amy, you are the nicest furson I’ve ever met, I’m so lucky to have you as a friend.”

Seeing how hurt he was, and how hard he was fighting to hold back a flood of tears, Amy hugged him.

“It’s ok to cry, Ray,” Amy, whispered in his ear

Hearing this Ray did start crying, his head propped upon Amy’s shoulder as they hugged. Amy nuzzled and comforted Ray until he stopped crying.

“I’m sorry Amy, I thought I was over the most painful part of this already but,” Ray said softly, trailing off at the end.

“It’s ok, I understand,” She said, comfortingly.

They sat down on the sofa. Ray picking up the scrapbook said to Amy,

“I want to show you something special. I put this book together when I lost Seren. It contains all of the pictures, drawings, notes, and letters I have left of her and our closest friends.”

Amy sat with Ray as he went through the scrapbook, telling her about the various items it contained. She learned a little about the few remaining friends that he had left, and a lot about Seren and him. Of course, the pictures that caught her attention were the “Halloween Babies,” as Ray had called them. He explained how Seren had convinced him to dress up as a baby, for Halloween one year. She studied these intently, taking in every detail. “They look so CUTE! You can even see the diapers they were wearing under the shortalls,” she thought, excitedly. Ray watched her as she studied the pictures, and could have sworn he saw an excited look in her eyes. 

Another knock on the door, brought both of them to their feet. Ray walked over to the door and opened it. Amy saw a tall lop-eared rabbit, looking to be the same age as Ray and her. She was white with black spots, and the cutest blue eyes Amy had ever seen.

“Hi, your Mom told me you were back here,” stopping as she saw Amy. She blushed, and looked somewhere between embarrassed and scared. “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” she trailed off.

“Krystal, I would like you to meet my new friend and neighbor, Amy,” Ray said, trying to reassure his friend.

“Amy, you look just like…” she said. “Hi.”

Amy looked at Ray, who broke the silence.

“I’m glad you came by. Amy and I were just planning to start a game of Hunter and Prey. Will you join us?”

Krystal recovered quickly, “sure that sounds like fun.”

“Ok, I’ll start as the hunter then. You two had better get scarce,” Ray said with an evil laugh.

Amy and Krystal both let out a squeak, followed by laughter, as they ran to hide.

Amy climbed down and scanned the backyard for a good hiding spot. She saw Krystal heading for the large bushes by the house, that only left the other tree and some bushes by the fence for her to hide in. She chose to hide in the tree, at least she’d be able to watch Ray as he searched for them.

Ray had just finished counting. He went out the door of the tree house, and decided to take advantage of the bird’s eye view. “She’s not bad at this,” He thought, as he looked for Amy. Unable to find either one of his friends, he climbed down and headed toward the big bushes by the house.

Krystal watched as Ray approached her hiding spot. She crouched behind a large group of bushes, kind of like a hedge along the side of the house. She threw a stick toward the far end of the bushes. Ray hearing the noise ran toward the far end of the bushes as well. As soon as Ray had run half way to the far end, Krystal broke cover and ran for it, giggling madly.

Ray a little confused stopped and turned, as he heard Krystal giggling. The chase was on now, Krystal had a huge head start, but Ray was much faster. He reached out and grabbed her as they fell in the grass, laughing.

Ray was up a second later, hunting for Amy.

Krystal sat back laughing, as she watched Ray hunt for Amy.

Ray couldn’t find a single trace of Amy anywhere. As he walked under one of the oak trees, he heard a small giggle, followed by a thump. Turning to see what had went thump. Amy tore away for the tree at full speed.

Knowing that he couldn’t out run Amy, he cornered her. He tackled her as she tried to run past him. Both of them were laughing hard, as they fell in the grass.

Once they had finished their game, Ray’s mom called them in for lunch.

They sat around the kitchen table eating, and discussing the game.

“That’s the first time anybody has climbed up in the trees to hide from me,” Ray said.

“Yeah, I could see that you were a little confused when you hear me hit the ground and run,” Amy replied.

“Yep, it took me awhile to figure out what my ears were hearing,” Ray said.

Amy and Krystal both started laughing at Ray’s analysis of his actions.

“So what are we going to do next?” Amy questioned.

 “I don’t know, but I’m sure we can find something to do,” Ray said.

As soon as they finished eating lunch, they went back to playing. They played until it was time for Krystal to leave for home.

“Hey Ray, what are you doing for your birthday next weekend?” She asked, on her way out.

“Well I really haven’t given it much thought,” he replied.

“You’ve been too busy to think about what you want to do for your own birthday party?” Krystal asked him.

“Well you know, so many choices, I think I’ll just surprise you all,” he said.

“Still the same old Ray huh,” She teased as she left for home.

“What day is your birthday on Ray?” Amy asked, looking a little strange.

“It’s the twenty-third, next Wednesday,” He replied, staring at her.

Amy returned his stare, “that’s my birthday too! I’m turning ten,” She excitedly replied.

Ray’s mouth fell open, “no kidding? I’m turning ten too,” he said.

Amy couldn’t believe this; “we are both going to be ten next Wednesday?” Ray nodded assent.

“So what are we going to do on our birthday?” Amy asked, smiling.

“I know currently, I’m not planning anything special on Wednesday. Mom says that we’re going to have the party on Saturday. I’m just not sure where or what I want to do or go.” Ray’s voice trailed off.

Amy was thinking about her last birthday. She had asked her mom to bathe her. Sometime in the middle of being bathed Amy had kinda let her secret, about wanting to be younger, out. Her mom went along with the idea, and she was babied for the rest of the day. She got to wear diapers all day, her mom fed her and played with her just as if she were three again.

She noticed Ray was staring at her. “Maybe we could have a sleepover party Tuesday night. Stay up really late playing games and whatnot,” he said.                                        

“That sounds really cool; I have a bunch of games and stuff in my room. I could show you my plushy collection,” Amy replied, happily.

“Let’s not get too excited yet. We still have to pass it by the judges.” He shot his thumb toward the house.

“Oh, that’s no problem for me, I used to have sleepovers all the time. Leave them for me to talk to, and it’s in the bag,” Amy said, grinning evilly.

Ray’s parents had invited Amy and her parents, over for dinner again. Ray and Amy got to sit in the living room and watch TV, while they ate. As they watched and ate, they talked about their favorite shows and movies. Deciding on what movie to watch was easy for them, having so much in common.

The parents were sitting in the kitchen, around the table. After they had finished eating Tim and Tony started talking about work. Elli and Holly, not wanting to listen to all the computer talk, went to see how their kits were doing. They were sitting in the middle of the sofa watching a movie. Holly sat down next to Amy, and Elli sat down next to Ray.

“What are you two watching?” Holly asked the two kits.

“The Lion King,” Replied her daughter.

Ray leaned over to his mother.

“Amy and I have the same birthdays,” Ray whispered in his mom’s ear.

Elli looking surprised leaned over to Ray.

“Both of you have the same birthday, that’s amazing,” She whispered into his ear.

Elli looked over to Holly and motioned to her with her paw.

“You two enjoy the movie, were going out front,” Elli said.

Both mothers nuzzling their kits, as they got up and walked out the front door. Once they got outside, Holly and Elli sat down at the small table on the porch. Elli looked at Holly with a smile on her muzzle,

“When is Amy’s birthday,” Elli asked her.

“It’s March twenty-third, nineteen-ninety-five, why?” Holly questioned, as she looked at Elli.

“Ray just told me, that Amy and him have the same birthdates,” Elli replied

“So do they?” Holly asked, as she stared at Elli.

“Amazingly enough, yes they do,” Elli said.

“That is amazing,” Holly agreed.

“Yeah I wonder what the odds are.” Elli said, as she gazed into the star filled night sky.

They sat there watching the stars and making small talk.

“I wanted to ask you if you know of any good daycares that are close by. Both Tony and I work from eight till five, and neither one of our companies offer cub care,” Holly said.

“Well, I never needed to find a daycare. I have a small internet business and get to work my own hours. If you want, you can bring Amy over and, I’ll take care of her. Might even help me out some,” Elli offered.

“I know Amy would like that, but are you sure you don’t mind? It wouldn’t cut into any of your work time would it?” Holly asked Elli.

“No, not a bit, as far as cutting into my work time, I doubt it. Those two kits have, from what I’ve seen so far, don’t require much supervision,” Elli said, smiling.

“Well, some times Amy can be a paw full. Don’t take this the wrong way but sometimes she likes to regress. I asked her last doctor about it, and he said that it was fairly normal for kits Amy’s age too regress a little,” Holly said watching Elli’s face for a reaction.

Elli’s ear’s perked up at this, “I wonder if it’s related to cheetahs,” She thought, remembering Seren.

“By regress you mean?” Elli questioned Holly.

“Most of its nighttime related. She started wetting her bed a few months ago, so we have her in diapers at night. But, she’s had a paw full of day time accidents and I’m not totally convinced that they are accidents.” Holly said, leaving out the bathing and her last birthday.

“Oh ok, I get you, that’s not a problem at all,” Elli said, reassuringly.

“Alright is seven ok for you, and let me know how much you want to watch her,” Holly asked.

“Seven is ok with me. As for how much, I’m not going to take any money. But maybe you can help us out on the weekends, once in a while, by watching Ray,” said Elli.

“Are you sure that’s all you want?” Holly asked Elli.

“Yeah, that’ll do just fine,” Elli, replied.

Holly pulled a cell phone out of her pocket to check the time.

“Oh wow, it got late.” Holly said, as she stood up.

They went inside, seeing the kits both asleep, went to get their husbands.

 “Alright you two time to call it a night. Tony you’re going to have to carry Amy home,” Holly said.

Tony walked over to the sofa and scooped up his daughter, bringing her back over to Holly.

“Thanks, for dinner,” Holly said

“Your welcome and I’ll see you tomorrow at about seven, right?” Elli said to Holly.

“Bright and early,” Holly returned, as she walked out the front door.

Holly and Tony had walked all the way to Amy’s room and laid her down, before she woke up.

“Its ok honey, just go back to sleep. You’ve got a big day tomorrow, we get to pick out your new daycare,” Holly said teasing her daughter.

“Oh, Mom do I have to go to a daycare. I’ll be ten in three days,” Amy, whined, softly.

“You know how old I was before my parents let me stay home alone? Sixteen, so when you turn sixteen we’ll, talk,” Holly replied.

“Sixteen! Oh, Mom that’s like a million years from now,” Amy said.

“I know but, I just want you to be safe. Now get to sleep,” Holly said, kissing her forehead

“Goodnight,” they both said, as Holly left her kit’s room.

Tim carried Ray up to bed; he didn’t even stir when his mom tucked him in.