Street Magic

By: Yami Joeys Dog


Disclaimer: I do not own teen titans. Please don't sue me.


"Sorry Titans but I have an appointment elsewhere." Mumbo Jumbo said with a smile. He was ridding a magic carpet while fleeing a bank, all the money from it in his pockets. 'Magic powers rule' He thought. The titans were trying to stop him but keep their distance at the same time. The last time they had fought him he'd turned them into animals. And while Raven looked cute as a bunny she didn't want to repeat the experience.

"Raven, you and Starfire get in front of him and try and to knock him off the carpet. Me, Beast boy and Cyborg will be waiting for him down here." Robin ordered as the titans chased him. Raven closed her eyes and a dark shadow swallowed up her and Starfire spitting them out in front of mumbo. Raven started blasting as soon as they re-appeared while Starfire was shook up. Mumbo spotted them and opened fire himself, his and Raven's magic meeting and sending sparks off of each other.

As each of the magical spark hit the ground, various things happened. A mailbox turned into a butler, flowers grew on the street, a leather clad goth chick’s clothes turned into a school girl outfit, and the entire time neither Raven nor Mumbo could get the advantage on the other. Starfire finally shook her head free and flew to the side of Mumbo and blasted him, sending him flying off his carpet into a building which he hit like a bug on a wind shield before falling to the ground.

His wand spun around and made a complete 360 before it crashed to the earth breaking. The magic Raven and he had been blasting at each other zoomed towards where he was even as she cut off her power the magic was going to hit a church. With a groan Raven swallowed herself up in shadows again and reappeared in front of the blast, taking it full force as she had no time to prepare a defence. The magic hit her and she started changing shape. She was a toad, then a duck, then herself, then a chicken; the wave of magic was too long with all the changes her body was going thru and she screamed and blacked out.


Raven painfully opened her eyes and sighed. She was back in her room. She was feeling a little weak which was strange. Sure, she should feel a little pain but with transforming magic she shouldn't feel like this. She sat up and started looking around her room with a puzzled look on her face. Everything seemed...bigger, in here. Raven looked down at herself and she almost screamed. Instead she bit her lip and went to get off her bed, her legs could dangle off the side of it now.

Running towards the door she barely stopped herself as it took a second to open and then started running down the hall to the main room of the tower. As the door opened up the other Titans looked up at Raven, concern on all of their faces.

"WHAT DID MUMBO DO TO ME!?" Raven yelled.

Raven had woken up with her body shrunk down. Her nice 5'8 was now, if she was lucky 4'5. She still had her teen body, she still had boobs and pubic hair, but everything on her had gone down to match her new height so she had a chest that belonged on a 9 year old. Her tiny body trembled as she stood there switching between being pissed off and looking ready to cry.

"...This was the last form you took after his blast hit you." Beast boy said as he walked over to her.
Beast boy kneeled down and puts his arms around Raven and hugged her as the dam broke and she started sobbing. She tried to stop, she was scared she was going to hurt someone with her powers. That’s when she stopped crying and went wide eyed.

"Beast boy?" she said in a small voice.


"Why didn't I just blow us all up?"

Beats boy got a funny look on his face while Robin got it right away.

"Raven, try and lift that book off the table." Robin said.

Raven looked at it and tried. She even used her magic words but nothing happened. As she started sobbing again in Beast Boy’s arms, Cyborg spoke for the first time so far.

"...She's going to need new clothes. Those changed with her but everything else is too big."

"Oh poor Raven! I will take her to the mall of shopping once she is up to it!"

The way Cyborg and Starfire talked about her, it was like she wasn't even there, causing Raven to cry harder and Beast Boy to shoot them a dirty look before picking her up and carrying her out of the room. Raven just clung to Beast Boy as they walked back to her room. It wasn't every day you woke up and found yourself the size of a 6 year old. She was mostly done with crying now and was just thinking of how to change back. First thing she'd have to do is question Mumbo on his school of magic. From there she'd need to know the magic words before she could even hope to change back.

"Beast Boy?" she whimpered.

They were in her room now and Beast boy sat her on her bed and sat next to her. "What Rav?"

"We'll need to go and pump mumbo for information so I can get changed back." Raven knew from the look on beast boys face that that wasn't going to happen. "What?"

"...When you guys blasted Mumbo you broke his jaw. He won't be talking anytime soon."

"GOD DAMNIT! WHY THE FUCK DID THIS SHIT HAVE TO FUCKING HAPPEN TO ME?" Raven started screaming. She threw herself into Beast Boy’s chest and began sobbing again. She had cried more today then in her whole life and she was hating herself for it. Gathering up all the willpower she had, she stopped herself and looked up at Beast boy.

" *sniff* I don't know what I'd do without you." she said with a smile as she leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Her tongue tried to dart into his mouth but Beast Boy kept his lips shut and gently pulled Raven away.

"..I'm sorry Raven...I can't. You look like a little girl and I can't make out with you like that. I'm here for you and everything but no sex until you’re back to normal."

Raven looked at him and her anger got the better of her as she slapped him across the face.

"I'm good enough to fuck any other time but not right now? GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY ROOM! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" Raven just kept yelling at him to leave even as he tried to explain but in the end he left like she wanted and headed for the main room.


Raven started punching her pillows while screaming. It just wasn't fair! She was still a full grown women, she had her needs. Just because she was shorter, suddenly she wasn't worth a look? Damn Beast Boy to the deepest darkest hell. Raven pulled back the lower part of her uniform and confirmed that she was still a teenager. Not that many 'little kids' as beast boy put it had hair down there.

"Screw them all. Cyborg and Starfire are treating me like a child and beast boy is only being nice to me so he can score once I change back."  In her heart she knew that was a bold face lie but it mattered not. They were right about one thing, she was going to need some new clothes. Her uniform had shrunk with her, but the rest of her clothes were going to be too big.

Raven was going with them when they bought the clothes though, there was no way she was trusting them to pick normal clothes for her. Starfire had tried far too often to get her in thongs and skirts. Beast Boy looked like a wreck as he walked into the main room. The slap mark on his cheek stung but he tried to ignore it. He had worded that the wrong way, but in all fairness he hadn't been expect her to be ready to even kiss yet. He sat down on the couch.

Cyborg sat beside Beast boy and patted him on the back.

"We heard the yelling. Is everything ok?"

"No. Raven's pissed at me. She went to kiss me and I pulled away. I couldn't help it!" Beast boy said with a blush.

"While I understand why you could not kiss her, now was not the right time. I'm sorry beast boy but you should of sucked it up." Robin said.

"Well either way it's too late now. What we need to do is figure out how to change her back." Cyborg said.

"I got a update on that. Raven needs to talk to Mumbo in order to change herself back."

"But Mumbo's jaw is smashed is it not?" Starfire said in a uncertain voice.

"Yea. That’s one of the reasons Raven was screaming. She’s stuck till his jaw heals."

"...She can't just wear here uniform that shrunk with her for 3 months. She's going to need new clothes." Robin said. The door to the room opened up and Raven stalked in.

"I know I need new clothes. That’s why I was going to ask Cyborg to take me to the mall. I have enough cash to buy myself a couple of new outfits."

"Sure Rav, I'll drive ya, but I think Starfire should come too."


"I'm not going to wait by the changing room with you, it would just be weird. And you can't go by yourself, I'm pretty sure there are rules against that. Besides, with you being this small and with no powers, do you want to risk some freak grabbing ya? Starfire can wait for you and make sure no one messes with ya."

Raven wanted to argue with him but she knew he was right.

"'ve got a point. When can we leave?"

Cyborg looked at Starfire who nodded and they stood up.

"We can leave now if ya want."

With a nod they left the room and headed for the T car.


Once they got down to the car Starfire took a seat in the back seeing how Raven called shotgun and Cyborg slid behind the wheel. As he started up the car it refused to start, stating that it was too dangerous for a little girl to be sitting up front.

"You tell your fucking car I'm not a little girl!" Raven said.

"Um... the car's got a point Raven. If we're in a crash, god forbid, the air bags would deploy and they could smother someone as small as you are right now." Cyborg said with a blush.

"...if it'll get me to the mall and back quicker fine..." Raven got out of the car and moved to the back as Starfire moved up front. For the rest of the ride Raven bitched about being stuck in the back and even Starfire was happy when they finally got to the mall so they didn't have to listen to it anymore.

As they walked in Cyborg took off for a radio shack as Starfire took Raven's hand and lead her to a clothing store.

"...Starfire, what are you doing?" Raven asked blushing.

"Assuring that I do not lose you of course."

Raven rolled her eyes and tried to pull her hand out of Starfire's but the alien’s strength was a tad too much for her and she only made her arm hurt and annoyed Starfire.

"C'mon, let me go! I'm still a teenager! You don't have to treat me like a little kid!" Raven whined as she stopped walking. Starfire most of the time was a understanding person and she knew that following her transformation raven would be cranky. But now Raven was just being a brat. Starfire turned around and looked at Raven with an annoyed look on her face.

"You say you are still a teen yet your behaviour shows otherwise. Either start walking or I shall carry you." Starfire said sounding ticked off.

Raven stuck her tongue out at Starfire and sat down on the floor crossed legged. A second latter she was surprised and embarrassed when Starfire scooped her up in her arms with ease and started walking again.

"Hey! Put me down you daffy alien! I can walk on my own!" Raven cried out kicking and hitting Starfire as she was cradling her like a baby. Raven felt Starfire shift her around into the position used for burping babies and felt a swat on her ass.

"You had your chance to walk. Now be good."

Raven yelped and rubbed her butt where Starfire had hit it and whimpered, burying her face in Starfire's shoulder as a group of teens walked by.

"...Do you think anyone knew it was me?" Raven asked after they had passed.

"Considering your ugly style of dressing and the fact that I'm carrying you, I believe they might figure it out."

"Shit. OW!" Raven yelped. Starfire had smacked her ass again. "What was that for?"

"I do not wish for you to use such vulgar language." Starfire said as they walked into a junior miss store.

Raven pouted and rubbed her butt as Starfire put her down, Raven looked around the store.

"Ok, we're not buying anything here unless they have a boys department." Raven said crossing her arms. Starfire let out a frustrated growl and looked at Raven.

"You are a human female yes? Then you should dress as one."

"Go to hell! I'm the one buying so we're going somewhere else!" Raven said and a spilt second later her ass was on fire as Starfire swatted it twice.

"I believe I already told you about my feeling about your language and since you require me to pay for everything since it will look weird for you to pay for it then I get to choose the shop."

Raven glared at her and went to walk away, not getting too far before Starfire grabbed her arm and yanked her back into the shop, Raven's feet left the ground briefly.

"Last warning. If you do not begin to behave then I will have to spank you." Starfire said sternly. Raven looked up at Starfire with a look of disbelief on her face.

'Has the whole fucking planet gone mad? What the hell is up Starfire’s butt?' Raven thought as she hung her head and followed Starfire.

Starfire started looking through the racks and made Raven stand at her side as she began to pile clothes into her arms. Raven started noticing a trend in the clothes and was biting her lip trying to decide whether or not to say something.

"...Um Starfire?" Raven asked.

"Yes?" Starfire didn't even slow down from picking at the clothes.

"...would it be too much to ask that we not get a bunch of skirts with cartoon charters on them? Maybe just brad some jeans instead? And not so many cutesy shirts?"

Starfire stopped long enough to shoot Raven a look and then went back to work.

"...Guess so."

In the end Raven's money brought her way too many outfits that involved skirts. In fact all of them did. With the 500 dollars Raven had saved up, 450 got spent on her clothes. Worst of all, Raven reflected as they waited for Cyborg to come and pick up their bags; Starfire was making her wear one of the outfits right now. So when Cyborg showed up and saw Raven in a hello kitty white t-shirt and a pink skirt he started laughing. Well he was laughing till Starfire knocked him on the head as Raven blushed beet red.

'At least he can't see the dumb winx club panties.' Raven thought.

"Cyborg, please take these to your car and meet us in the court of eating." Starfire said handing him the bags.


"She means the food court." Raven stated.

"Ah. Sure, who's buying?"

"Raven is," Starfire said smirking at the look on Raven's face.

"K, meet y'all there." Cyborg said as he took off.

The girls headed for the food court and Raven sulked the entire way.

"What is wrong Raven?"

Raven crossed her arms and looked away from Starfire.

"For someone who claims to still be a teenager you are not acting it."

Raven stopped and shot Starfire a glare of hate. "You wanna know what’s wrong? I'll tell you what’s wrong. First this asshole Mumbo tried to rob a couple of banks and almost blew up a church and like a dumbass I took the blast. Then I woke up and I'm a freakin mini me version of myself. But I figured hey, it'll be okay, a quick chat with mumbo and I'll be back to normal. BUT NO! You see some bimbo of an alien blasted him to hard and he broke his fucking jaw so it'll be a good three months before I can change back. BUT WAIT! It gets better! My boyfriend won't touch me because it makes him feel like Michel Jackson if he does. Then the same alien who fucked up Mumbo's jaw gets a power trip from treating me like a little girl and throwing her weight around now that I'm powerless. Oh and she also spends all of my cash on clothes I don't even want! Then, THEN, she tells me when I don't wanna talk that I'm acting like a child! Maybe I'm over reacting, maybe I just need a chill pill. OR maybe, just maybe, you could stop being such a bitch and fuck off!" Raven said drawing more and more stares from every one in the mall.

Starfire just stared at Raven with a shocked look on her face. Before she could say anything Raven just shook her head and ran off, Starfire lost site of her instantly in the crowds. Cyborg walked up with a confused look on his face.

"What’s going on? Where’s Raven?"

Starfire stood there, Raven's words hitting home. She had been a bitch to Raven.

"I do not know. But if anything happens to her it will be all my fault." Starfire said.

Cyborg didn't know what happened but that didn't matter right now. "C'mon Star, I wasn't kidding when I said Raven needed us to look after her. Take to the air and see if you can spot her. I'll cover the ground."

Starfire nodded and flew up, wiping the tears out of her eyes before beginning her search.
'Raven, I hope you are ok! I will be not be able to live with myself until I have said sorry!'


Raven didn't look where she was going, she just ran. She ran because without her powers she had no reason to hold her emotions back and for once, it felt nice to express herself without blasting someone.  She ran through the entire mall and then outside it. She dashed across the parking lot and ran across the street when she was stopped by a car being tossed in her path.

Raven looked down the street and started up a string of swear words that would make even a sailor blush. Working his way down the street while smashing stuff was Cinderblock. Most people were running from the stone giant but a girl who couldn't been older than 7 was frozen in place by fear as Cinderblock worked his way towards her. The child’s parents were trapped in one of the few cars he hadn't crushed. Cinderblock smiled and picked up a mustang and got ready to throw.

Raven had never been so scared as she was right now but her fears didn't matter. Forget that she was powerless, never mind that the kid she was trying to save was bigger than she was. Raven was born to be one thing and that was a super hero. Shifting all of her problems to the side she launched herself at the kid and they both rolled across the pavement, getting scraped as they rolled and the car landed next to them, both of the girls were ok.

The girl snapped out of her trance and ran away. Raven smirked as she pulled herself up and turned around to see a less than happy Cinderblock. He let lose a cry of outrage and Raven smiled and made a c'mon gesture with her hand.

"C'mon ugly, lets dance." Raven said.

As her insides shifted, Raven felt her adrenaline start pumping big time and she was an inch away from pissing herself and puking. Cinderblock yelled and started charging towards Raven.

' I'm so dead.' She thought.

Cinderblocks fist came rushing towards her and despite herself Raven closed her eyes, knowing this was gonna hurt.



Raven opened her eyes and saw Cyborg standing on her left side, his cannon arm out and Starfire on her right, her eyes and hands glowing.

"Geez Rav, and I was worried about a normal kidnapping. You don't do anything small do you?" Cyborg said.

"You know me." Raven replied with a smirk.

Now that there was someone there who could put up a challenge, Cinderblock decided he didn't want any more of this and started to turn to run. Starfire had other ideas in mind as she flew and tackled the back of Cinderblock driving the villain down hard. Leaping up she began to unleash a flurry of star bolts that left Cinderblock down for the count and Raven and Cyborg staring opened mouth at her.

"He should not have threatened my friend." Starfire said.

Raven started to smile then caught herself and frowned. Starfire noticed and walked over and placed a hand on Raven's shoulders.

"Are you ok?"

"...A couple of scrapes but I’ve been worse." Raven said.

Her body felt weak as the adrenaline worked its way out of her system and she found herself ready to cry for some damn reason.

"Raven I must say sorry for my behaviour today. I was acting like a gilmac." Starfire said hanging her head in shame.

"What’s a Gilmac?" Raven asked Cyborg in a whisper.

"I dunno."

"....Look, you were out of line today. Way out of line. My current attire speaks for itself on that matter. But if you promise that you’re gonna knock it off and start treating me my own age, not my size, then you’re forgiven." Raven said after a long moment.

Starfire’s eyes lit up and she smiled and grabbed Raven in a crushing hug.

"Oh thank you Raven! I shall be nice to you all day!" Starfire was all smiles then, frowned. A light bulb seemed to turn on in her head and she took to the sky.

"Meet us back at the tower!" Starfire called down to Cyborg, and took off at a fast speed hoping no one noticed what Raven had just done


Raven was quiet as Starfire flew. As soon as Starfire had started squeezing, her bladder had said fuck this and let loose. Since she was pressed against Starfire, Maybe no one had noticed but she still couldn't believe it. As they flew the hot piss still spurted out of her and cooled down and Starfire lowered Raven a little bit, the rush of the air drying them both off.

Raven sniffled, trying her damndist to hold back the tears that threatened to spill over but when she sniffled, the smell of piss was strong in the air even as they flew and she started sobbing. She had at least stopped pissing but she just couldn't help it and sobbed.

As they came up to the tower Starfire zipped them into Raven's room and set her down. Looking up Raven could see the wet spot on Starfire's shirt and it only made her cry harder.

"Shh, Raven it is not your fault, I held you too tightly!" Starfire said rubbing her back. "You should bathe now before you get an infection of some sorts."

Raven nodded and headed for her private bathroom slowly.

"Do not worry, I am sure Cyborg shall return before you are done and I shall have your clothes laid out for you."

Raven sniffled and wiped the tears out of her eyes.

"...Thanks Starfire..." She said before disappearing into her bathroom.

Starfire smiled before taking off to go get changed herself.


'Way to prove your not a little kid.' Raven thought as she striped.

Sure, she still had her pubic hair, and her breasts while way smaller than before and looked like they were meant for a ten year old instead of a six-year old. Looking in the mirror all Raven saw was a scared six year old with a nice rack and hair down below looking back at her.

"....No wonder Beast boy won't touch me."

Raven walked over to her tub and stepped in, turning the water on her usual setting, mostly hot water. As the water hit her body she yelped and spurted more piss into the tub as she shoot forward and turned the cold water on more.

"What the fuck?" Raven asked to no one as she rubbed her arm where the water had hit.

Shaking her head Raven picked up the bar of dove soap and began to wash her body, scrubbing herself viciously because no matter how many times she washed herself she could still smell the urine.

"Damn you Mumbo...What were you trying to do to me?"

Raven sat in the shower, cleaning herself and berating Mumbo, cursing him to hell. Then Raven got the idea that maybe if she let the shower hit her more private area directly it might finally get rid of the piss smell. Raven grabbed the shower head and took it off its hook and after a second of thought sat down in the tub and pointed it right at her pussy, the water rushing right at it.


The one thing Raven hadn't taken into account when she thought of this, which really should have been apparent, was that if she still had a teenage pussy it was going to react to the force of the water driving into her.

Raven tossed aside the showerhead and laid there blushing in the tub. The water came out and hit her legs but raven was too out of it to notice. The showerhead had been intense. Way more intense than anything she had done with Beast Boy. She let a hand drift down and it rubbed her outer pussy lips and Raven's body arched in pleasure and she let out a moan of pleasure.

It took all of her will to bring her hand back up. Her pussy was now leaking her juice all over the tub.

"Oooookkkkkk....that was more intense than usual.." Raven said to herself as she lay there panting. "Guess it must be an after affect of the transformation.. I could think of worse." Raven said with a smirk as she reached for the shower head, reaching up and turning the hot water and cold water on full so the water was bursting out. Rinsing out a washcloth Raven stuck it in her mouth for something to bite down on and as her body shivered, she brought the shower head towards her pussy and held it right on so it was touching her tender flesh.

Her eyes went wide and she bit down and sucked on the cloth as the pleasure ran thru her body. Wave after wave, she began to thrust into the shower head, spiting out the rag and crying out in pleasure.
The hand that wasn't holding the showerhead in place started rubbing her tits, teasing her nipples between her fingers and whimpering she shot out a load of cum into the shower head.

Right as she came, the bathroom door was kicked open and Beast boy changed back from the kangaroo form he had taken.

"RAVEN! Are you ok?" He asked.

'Crap! I hope he doesn't pull the curtain back!' Raven thought blushing beet red as she fought to recover from her orgasm.

"I-I'm fine!" She yelped out. "W-what are you d-doing in here?"

"I came into your room with a change of clothes for you because Starfire and Robin were otherwise busy. Then just as I’m about to leave I heard you cry out...oh...OH!...Oh god! Sweet jesus I’m sorry!" Beast boy as he turned red in the face realizing what Raven was doing.

Raven let her cum wash down the drain and turned off the water and pulled back the curtain, Beast boy was still standing there red faced and he had a hard on that looked painful to see.

Raven smirked and stepped out of the shower.

"Toss me a towel would you lover?"

Beast boy nodded slowly and threw a towel at Raven and watched as she slowly dried herself off.


"Don't mention it." Beast boy said, his voice cracking badly.

Raven smiled and walked up and grabbed Beast boys hand and led him out of her bathroom to her bed where a green plaid skirt and a pink shirt saying 'I make all the boys cry' was waiting along with white cotton panties and a pair of white socks.

"Nice outfit you picked out for me." Raven said before turning around and rubbing Beast boys cock thru his uniform earning a soft moan.

"Still think I look too much like a little girl after seeing me naked?"

Beast boy just bit his lip and smiling Raven lowered his pants and boxers, his 7 inch green cock coming to full attention. Raven didn't have to go onto her knees for a change which bugged her slightly as she moved her head forward and gave Beast boys member a nice long lick.

"Taste like chicken." she said as Beast boy closed his eyes as pre-cum dribbled from his cock.

"I dunno, I don't think you exactly earned a blowjob with how you were acting earlier." Raven said.
She loved to make beast boy 'earn' sexual favours and the hardest to earn was always a blow job.

"Nope, I rea-" Raven was cut off as Beast boy growled and shoved her mouth onto his dick and began to fuck her.

"Don't you dare fucking bite or I’ll turn into a fucking T-rex and fuck your tight little ass!" Beast boy snarled as he forced her head up and down his member.

Raven had never felt so vulnerable before and found herself sucking on him like a champ out of fear.. And she was getting off on it she realized with shock. Her pussy was already wet again as she sucked on Beast like a good little slut till she felt him tense up and prepared herself as he began to spurt in her mouth, swallowing as much of his cum as she could but her mouth was too small and it spilled onto her chin.

Beast boy smiled and rubbed Ravens hair before leaning down and licking his own seed off of her face.

"I guess your much more adult than I imaged. I guess your old enough to give me blowjobs." Beast boy said smiling.

Beast boy gave Raven a long and hard kiss before he took off.

"...I never knew being the sub could feel so good.." Raven said as she rubbed herself into anther climax before getting dressed.

Beast boy got back into his room before he broke down.

“Oh god oh god oh god…Tell me I didn’t just do that…” Beast boy started walking around in circle in his room. No way had he just done that. After he had told her hands off, he made her give him a blow job!?

“Way to stay firm… er… bad choice of words…”




Raven got herself dressed and was making her way out to the main room, feeling a bit perky than before. She stopped by the fridge and grabbed a can of coke, mostly to get beast boy’s taste out of her mouth. With out opening the coke, Raven took a couple of steps back then ran at the couch and tried to jump over it, trying to land between Robin and Cyborg who were playing a racing game. Her foot caught on the edge of the couch however just when she thought she cleared it and she mouthed ‘oh fuck as she started head first towards the floor before Cyborg stuck a arm under her and sat her on the couch without even looking away from the screen.

“Thanks.” A blushing Raven said.

“No prob, just be more careful k? You do that too often and I’ll never win anther race.”

Raven looked up at the screen and saw that Cyborg had indeed gone off track while saving her.

“Heh, sorry.”

Raven sat back on the couch, marvelling at the fact that her smaller legs didn’t come anywhere near the edge if she sat all the way back. Shaking her head, she went to open her coke and cursed when it started spraying and pointed it away from her but the pop hit Robin.

“Hey! What the fuck!?”” he yelled pausing the game and standing up.

“Sorry! It started spraying and I just pointed it away from me!” Raven said blushing yet again.

Robin shot Raven a pissed-off look then stormed out of the room as Starfire started to come in and turned around to follow him.

“…Guess that means you win by default.” Raven said, earning a smirk from Cyborg.

“Looks that way to me.” Cyborg said.

“Good, cause I don’t wanna watch you guys playing video games. Come on, let’s see what’s on!”

Cyborg grumbled a bit but turned off his game system and started flipping thru the channels.

“You’re not gonna try and make me watch any of those dumb cartoon shows are you?” Cyborg asked, trying not to smirk as he kept his eyes on the TV.

“Go fuck yourself with a pointy stick.”

Cyborg laughed and went passed some anime show just as Beast boy came into the room.

“Hey! Put that show back on, their showing the next part of the Gohan vs. Buu fight and Buu has absorbed Piccolo and Gotenks, Gotenks being a fusion of Gohan’s little brother Goten and his little brothers friend Trunks...” Beast boy paused as he saw the looks on Raven’s and Cyborg’s faces; Raven standing up on the couch and staring at him. “…or we could watch something else…”

Beast boy sat next to Raven as they went on channel surfing.

“Crap, crap, crap, utter crap, oooo!...crap.” Cyborg said as he channel flipped.

On his third way thru their 100 channels, Raven growled and tried to snatch the remote away.

“Damn it, at this rate we’ll never find something to watch!”

“I already told you that it was gonna be a good Dragon Ball Z today…” Beast boy said. Cyborg pushed Raven into beast boy and changed the channel to the anime and stood up tossing the remote to Beast boy.

“I’m gonna head out. Play nice while I’m gone kids.” Cyborg said running out of the room even as raven went to throw a pillow at him.


Beast boy patted raven on the back.

“There there, you’ll be ok.”

Raven shot him a look and sat down on the couch pouting as the anime came back from commercial. As much as Raven hated to admit it, the show was interesting, once she had gotten Beast boy to explain who the hell every one was. As the show ended off Raven agreed with BB that they needed to watch it again tomorrow. When they had started the fight with Mumbo, it had been 10 in the morning. Raven had woken up at around 4 pm and by the time they had gotten home it was 6. Throw in a hour for her shower and the fun with beast boy, and watching DBZ and it was now a little after 7 and it was getting dark outside as Raven gave a cute little yawn.

“Don’t tell me you’re tired already?” Beast boy teased.

“Shove it up your ass finch fucker.”

“Kinky.” Beast boy said before turning into a monkey and jumping off the couch. Raven growled but had a smile on her face as she grabbed a pillow and chased him around the room.

“Oh, that was close, a little faster next time!”

This went on until raven fell onto the floor laughing and beast boy changed back and lay on the floor beside her. With a smirk Raven brought her pillow down on Beast boy’s head.

“Heheheheh got ya.” Raven said, her face red and sweating from running around non-stop.

“Cheater.” Beast boy said as he leaned in and kissed her forehead. “You gonna be over this case of the giggles soon?”

Raven only kept laughing in reply and shaking his head beast boy picked her up and run with her over to the couch and did a fake wrestling slam onto her to put her onto the couch.

“And Beast boy delivers his famous ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’!” Raven said while laughing in a wrestling announcer voice.

Beast boy put her on her back and covered her like he was pining her.

“He’s going for the pin! 1, 2, oh and she kicks out!” Raven said as she raised an arm.

“And whatever shall I do to stop mighty mite!” Beast boy said with smirk.

“I’ll let that slide, only because you’re going to cook us something to eat.” Raven said, not laughing anymore but sitting there with a smirk on her face.

“I am? Since when?”

“Since now. Go on, you don’t expect me to cook do you? I can hardly see anything on the stove…and no tofu!”

Beast boy grumbled and went over and started making grilled cheese sandwiches for them, Raven getting cheddar cheese and him getting non-dairy.

Raven meanwhile was flipping thru the channels, trying to get her breath back. That little bit of rough housing had wore her out but she was still in a good mood. Stopping on Dave the barbarian, Raven was hooked by the stupid but funny humour of the show. Hell, the Dark lord chuckles, the silly piggy was enough to get her.

That after cooking them each two sandwiches and coming over with them and with grape juice, Beast boy was surprised at what she was watching. Keeping his mouth shut, they ate in silence while watching the show.

‘And they say my anime is weird.’ Beast boy thought.

Still, the show was good enough that beast boy didn’t notice that raven had nodded off till he heard her soft snoring. Looking down raven had curled up on the couch, half of her second grilled cheese in her hand. Beast boy couldn’t help but smile.

“Aww, that’s so sweet, I think I’m gonna get a tooth ache.” Beast boy said as he gently took the grilled cheese out of her hands and lifted her up. Raven whimpered slightly and then smiled and snuggled into Beast boy causing him to blush as he carried her to her room.


The city was a hollow shell of itself. The stench of death hung heavy in the air, as the streets were littered with the bodies of those who weren't fast enough to escape Trigon's wrath. Rain poured down onto the titans as they were trying to catch their breath. Trigon was so much stronger than anything else they had ever fought. Well all of them were out of breath but Raven. In her current state there was no way she could fight and win. She was on her knees sobbing because all of this destruction, the chaos, was her fault. Trigon had come for his little girl and nothing was going to stop him.

"Titans go!"

Robin leaped into the air using a sword this time and let a sting of flash bangs go near Trigon, who was just a little bit shorter than a one story house. The demon was unaffected and smirked as his hand shot out and with one easy movement crushed Robins head. Starfire let loose a cry and charged in blindly blasting him.

"The easiest foe to beat is an enraged one." Trigon taunted.

He covered his face from the blasts and waited for Starfire to catch her breath before he blasted with his eye beams which cut Starfire into four chucks, which died within seconds.

"This...this can't be happening..." Beast boy said.

Cyborg managed a dry smile.

"Beast boy, take Raven and get outta here. I'll cover ya."

"But..but.. you'll be killed!" Raven protested.

"GET OUT OF HERE OR I"LL KILL YOU MYSELF!" Cyborg shouted, making his canon. Raven went to say something but Beast boy turned into giant bird. Griping her firmly, but not hard enough to hurt her, Beast boy took off.

"Don't look back, don't look back.." Raven said to herself, eyes closed.

In the end she had to honor Cyborg’s sacrifice and turned her head. Trigon was gone but Cyborg’s head lay on the street, the rest of him half a mile away.

"Beast boy, Trigon is gone! Cyborg’s dead but I don't see my fath-"

Raven was cut off as Trigon jumped in front of them and grabbed hold of raven and ripped her free of Beast boy, ripping Beast boy's legs off in the process. Cupping Raven to him as she yelled and hit him Trigon laughed and turned his head to blast Beast boy.

"Fried chicken anyone?"

Trigon then looked down at raven and sniffed her as she cried.

" are not my daughter. She would of fought me even if she was weakened. She would not be sobbing like a baby right. Yes that’s it, the titans must of been watching after someone’s little baby. Oh well. After all of that, I'm hungry." Trigon stopped and held raven over his head.

"And you look like lunch." His jaw opened and stretched to fit Raven and she was dropped into his waiting mouth, his teeth cutting into her, trying to make her-


Raven woke up sceaming. her bed was soaked in sweat and she rolled onto her side and started sucking her thumb while crying. That dream was way too intense. Raven had hoped that when she lost her other powers the power that made her live her dreams had gone but...whimpering now, Raven was trying to block the memory from her mind.

As she lay there, the need to evacuate her bowels started to build. Sitting up in her bed, Raven looked towards where her bathroom was. In her room the only light coming from the top corner of the window as the curtain was broken. The faint moonlight played off of the many creepy things in her room and fuelled her fear.

The end result was that she was simply too scared to get out of her bed. As the cramps built up it was getting harder and harder for her to avoid messing herself. Beast boy must have changed her into the pink nightie she was in, and had thankfully left the underwear in place.

"This is gonna suck." Raven whimpered.


Beast boy woke up with a start, he had been having a dream about.. well that wasn't important, what was important was that Raven was taking the place Amy dunce. It had stopped him from what he was doing long enough for Raven to tell him she needed him to help her in her room right now. So based on a dream, Beast boy was walking through the tower to Raven's room in his boxers, trying to will his hard on to disappear and hoping if she was asleep, that he wouldn’t wake her.


The her need to relieve herself was finally stronger than her fear, Raven slid down off her bed and moved slowly to her bathroom, her nerves set on high as she didn't want to be surprised. Finally she made it to the door of her bathroom and was turning the knob when Beast boy walked in, surprising her enough that she stopped concentrating for a couple of seconds, which was all her bowels needed. With a gasp she bent over, blushing and farting. Raven proceeded to fill her panties with soft mushy poop. As she looked over at Beast boy her shame was compete and she broke down crying and fell to her knees, the mess somehow staying in her panties.


Beast boy walked in and was held in place by something he couldn't describe as he watched raven crap herself. As her panties started to bulge his cock started getting harder, a surprise in and of it's self. Then she had started to cry and he snapped out of it and rushed to her side.

"shhh, it's's all right." He said rubbing her back. "Come on, let’s go get you cleaned up ok?"

Raven whimpered but nodded her head as BB carefully scooped her up and moved into her bathroom. He pulled the slightly stained nightie off of her. Looking at her butt Beast boy came up with a couple of ways to clean raven.


No answer as she had a far away look in her eyes and was sucking on her thumb. Beast boy knelt down and started stroking Raven’s face and talking softly.

"Raven." he said dragging her name out. "Come on Rav, I need you to tune back in for a little bit longer please."


It wasn't that she didn't heard him. She did, but his voice sounded like it was coming from far far away. She pulled her thumb out of her mouth.

"...what?" she asked, eyes looking down at the ground.

She preferred being far away, she didn’t have to feel the shame, the weakness, the fear. Beast boy gently lifted her head up to meet his eyes.

"First of all, this wasn't your fault, your body went under a major change, it's only expected that accidents should happen. Now one did happen. I'm not going to tell anyone but we need to clean this up. Now I have a couple of ideas on how to do this."

"...Lets hear the first one."

"You jump in the shower and let the water get rid of most of the mess then hand me the your panties and finish showering while I take care of them."

Raven made a face. "Ewww! no way!"

"ok next. I'll hold you over the toilet and we cut the panties off of you and empty most of the mess into the can and wipe you clean as we can, you shower while I clean this mess up."

Raven got a thoughtful look on her face.

"That could work but what if you drop me? It won't be easy to hold me and clean me."

"Huh, true. Ok then that leaves the last choice. We have a changing pad in the infirmary, mostly because Robin stocked it and he's always ready for anything. I go and grab it, you lay down and I'll clean you."

Raven made a pouty face.

"That’s coming a little too close to a diaper change." Raven said pouting. Beast boy smirked.

"Would you rather risk of me dropping you?"

"Good point. But the second I see a diaper I'm outta here."

There was an awkward silence afterwords.

"...any ways.. i'll be right back." BB went to turn away when raven grabbed his arm.

" you think I need them?" she asked, voice shakey.

In a millon years, Beast boy would have never guessed why. Beast boy stared at raven. Why was she asking now? Damn it had he scared her?

"Na, i'm sure you don't. just.."

Just what damnit? He knew she had wet herself earlier, and now this.. Beast boy thought she should be wearing something, he didn't know what.. something that could come down when she could control it but could take a wetting or messing if she couldn't.

"You want the truth?"


Raven's heart skipped a beat. She would have hated the idea before, but something changed in her. She wasn't sure why but the idea of a smooth disposable diaper exited her.

"Yes. I want the truth."

"Then I think you do. When you can control your body then just go to the bathroom and take them off and go. But in case you can't control then you’re ready."

Raven felt faint on her feet, the idea of walking around Titans tower in a diaper... the shame of it was exciting her! She smiled a naughty smile then caught herself and tried to change her face back to being scared but it was too late. Beast boy had a shocked look on his face then smiled.

"Let's change the question. Does Raven wanna wear a diaper like a wittle baby?"

Raven blushed but the shame only served to start her juice flowing.

"I'm going to grab the diapers and changing pad. Try not to masturbate while I'm gone. If you don't, I'll make it worth your while."




Beast boy found himself still amazed as he headed for the infirmary. Of all the things he'd of thought Raven would be into, this really wasn't one of them. Oh well, his job as the good boyfriend that he was, was to help here. He would do this without expecting anything in return. Of course, if sex was offered, he was still a guy and would take it.


Raven stood there waiting for beast boy to return. "To return and diaper me." she said.

Raven moved around, the mess in her panties shifting around too. With Beast boy on his way, Raven knew she better be pretty damn sure she wanted this. She was actually pretty sure it wasn't just the idea of wearing the diaper that got her this wet, the shame, the thought of the others looking at her, was what made her so wet right now. When Beast boy finally came in Raven couldn't wait.

"C'mon, let's get this started!" Raven whined.

Beast boy only smirked and set the changing pad, the pack of diapers, and a box of wipes on the floor.

"My my, aren't we eager to get diapered. Is wittle waven ready for her diaper?"

Raven flushed with excitement.

"Beast boy! Stop teaseing already!"

Beast boy was hard as a rock by this point.

"if you wanna wear this thick padded baby garment, then you gonna beg for it."

Beast boy moved over to raven and kept her hands up while he licked her neck.

"Ohh god...please stick me in diapers, I wanna wear… wear'em! I'm just a wittle baby who needs them!"

Raven was moaning and panting, Beast boy making her beg for the diapers, combined with him moving from her neck down to her nipple, sucking and licking on them, she was gonna cum.

"hmm, that was piss poor begging. Okay, I'll diaper you but you better not cum, you cum and I'm gonna spank you."

To show his point beast boy smacked the left thigh of raven causing her to jerk in surprise. Beast boy pulled away from her and set the changing pad up. Then bringing Raven over he gave her a hard kiss as he sat her down on her messy butt, causing her eyes to open as her mess started going out the sides of her panties. Raven groaned in disgust.

"Get used to it little one. If you wanna be kept in diapers then you'll be going in them. Maybe some time I'll make you go in front of everyone, sometime when there’s nothing on TV."

At some point, this stopped being about Raven wearing diapers for fun. Beast boy found that he liked being in control and was already planning out more embarrassing things to make Raven do. It wasn't like she wouldn't enjoy it, he could tell from her dripping pussy how much she liked it.

He carefully slid the underwear off of her and put them in a trash bin. Then he took out the wipes, and slowly cleaned every inch of Raven's nether regions, slipping his fingers in both holes many times. But he always stopped before she could reach a climax, forcing her to calm herself before beginning again. Still, as careful as he was, Raven still almost came the second she was taped into the diaper. Actually she had scared Beast boy, the second the tapes where done she had sat up and made a strange gurgling noise, a very weird look came onto her face before she fell back over.

"Shit! Raven are you ok?"

Raven closed her eyes and smiled, breaking into a laugh.

"BB, with how good this feels, I'm better than ok. Oh man, I don't know what I was expecting, but being diaper feels amazing!"

Beast boy smiled and picked Raven up.

"You know, you look pretty cute in just a diaper."

Raven smiled and mashed lips with beast boy.

"Thanks for understanding."

Beast boy suddenly blushed.

"Actually, I should say sorry, I kind of got carried away back there."

Beast boy was holding Raven the same way Starfire had been holding her. So with a smile Raven moved her left foot around and rubbed Beast boy’s hard cock with it.

"It's a wonder you didn't freak out more being this hard." she said.

Beast boy moaned and quickly rushed them over to the bed. Without saying a word Beast boy positioned them so his hard cock was poking into her diapered ass. He began shifting her back and forth on his cock, nibbling on her neck and playing with her nipples as she licked his face and rubbed his hair.

Raven was already at a point where she was ready to cum and shuddered as she used her diaper for the first time. Beast boy hit payday a few seconds later, his load spayed across the ass of ravens diaper. After a quick clean up that involved taking the garbage out, Beast boy and Raven lay next to each other on her bed.

"So..." Raven started.

"Yeah.." Beast boy finished.

"Think every day is gonna be like this for the next three months?"

"God I hope not. Today was more than enough action for me, and you were the one who took on cinderblock."

With a small laugh they drifted off to sleep.


"So she wasn't just shrunk. Interesting…" The man in a dark black suit stood up.

"But I am left wondering why this is important? Why were you spying on the Titans when I told you to watch the mayor?"

The man in the suit was tall and he was amazingly strong and fast. He also knew a thing or two about magic.

On one knee before him was a woman in a black ninja costume. She had no past and her only future was to serve her master, who had brought her to life with magic.

"I thought that you would wish to know the end result of two strong magic's meeting master." The ninja said, her face sounding sweet like water over rocks.

"If I was interested enough to see, I would of sent one of the others. To either take over for you or to do it themselves. In any case, you will be punished for this. But it won't be a harsh one. With Raven out of the way, there’s more magical energy for me to command. I would take Mumbo out but our peace treaty is still in effect. Raven will recover and claim back her  magic.. unless.." he stood up.

Casting a glance around the room, he checked with his men. All of them were brought into being by him and would do whatever he wanted but he still didn’t trust their judgement.

Blaze, a 5'9 young black man smiled and nodded. Blaze commanded black hellfire that could burn through anything. Ruby, a dragon-human half breed, was in possession of massive strength and with his claws he was a deadly fighting machine. Ruby nodded his head as well.

"Then it is settled. We shall go to Jump city and kill Raven. However, the Titans do keep a fair amount of pests out of my way. None of you are to kill any of the others. Is that understood?"

Yawgy smiled as three answers of “Yes master” came to him.


When Raven awoke the next morning she was surprised to find sunlight coming into her room. Growling she found that Beast boy had opened her curtains and opened her window. On the night stand next to her bed was a little note. Grumbling and her diaper crinkling, Raven rolled over on her bed and grabbed the note.


"Hey love, woke up and couldn't get back to sleep so I thought I'd start us some breakfast. Also thought you could do with some fresh air and sunlight. See ya in the living room.

Love BB
P.S. I grabbed some other diapers that are thinner and easier to hide under clothes for you. All the diapers are hidden in your underwear drawer."


Raven smiled and looked down at the diaper she was wearing right now. It was kinda bulky and loud and she had been trying to figure out how she was gonna hide it from the other Titans. With a smirk she untaped herself and tossed the diaper in a trash can and quickly got dressed in a new diaper and a baby blue dress that was like the one Mother May-eye had put her in.

"Stupid frills everywhere." Raven muttered before marching her tiny body out to watch some TV and gulp down some food.

"Hey Rav, what’s up?" asked Cyborg as he came up along side her.

"Nothing much." Raven said blushing. 'Oh god, I hope he can't hear my diaper.'

Cyborg looked at her strangely then shrugged.

"Anyways, come on, your so slow it's gonna take forever to get into the living room. I’ll give ya a lift." Cyborg said smiling.

Raven yelped and tried to tell him to stop as he leaned down and his powerful arms picked her up and he sat her on his shoulders. Raven yelped again once up that high and did a death grip on Cyborg’s head.

"Hey easy! Relax, don't worry y'er huggies off, I ain't gonna drop you."

Raven froze and seemed to sag on top of Cyborg’s shoulders as he started walking. She couldn't see her face but she could feel the heat on it and knew she must be a nice shade of red. Cyborg walked in silence but stopped before heading in the living room, taking Raven off his shoulders.

"Sorry Rav, I didn't realise you wanted to keep that a secret. My sonic ear picked it up with ease.  Um, don't be surprised if the others happen to notice it either."

Raven grumbled for a second then smiled.

"And with thoughts of teenaged embarrassment awaiting, I boldly go forth."


Ninja stood right on the ledge of the giant window in the living room. One of her powers was to blend in with her surroundings so it was with perfect ease she watched the Titans eat and waste the morning away.

"Man, this part of the job sucks." whined Ruby into the communicators that connected them all.

"What are you whining about? I'm the one who has to go over every bit of their towers blue print again and again and again." Blaze whined.

"Yea but you get to do it from home while I've got to fly around the ocean and make sure none of Teen Titans east show up."

"Both of you will stop complaining right now!" Yawgy snapped.

Even though neither of them could see him, both Blaze and Dragon straightened their backs and said “yes sir” together.

"That’s better. Now Ninja, I want you to let me know as soon as Raven heads outside and is by herself or with as little of the rest of the team as possible."

"Yes my lord." Ninja said, as he watched the Titans through the window.


As Raven was entering the main room she smelled something very nice. Looking over she saw Starfire wearing a white apron and making stacks and stacks of chocolate chip pancakes and frying up bacon and making eggs. Cyborg stood there looking ready to cry.

"Robin, would you mind if I said I loved Starfire now?" Cyborg asked, mouth drooling.

Robin smirked as Starfire blushed and handed Cyborg his plate which was filled to the max. Giggling like a little school girl Cyborg ran off with it leaving the rest of the Titans with blank stares.

"Dude! It was nice of you to cook all this, but all I can eat is the pancakes." Beast boy said.

"Not true friend. I have made the bean bacon and eggs for you." Starfire said smiling as she handed BB his plate.

"Sweet!" BB said and ran off with his food to try and get the remote away from Cyborg. Robin looked at Raven, noticing the unusual style and raised an eyebrow.

"Good morning interesting choice of clothing today." Robin started to say more but got his plate of food given to him and a look of death from Starfire and he joined the fight for the remote. Raven was blushing and looking down at the ground.

"Do not be sad. I think that you look quite cute. Now how much food do you request?"

'Her and robin never noticed the diapers...score!' Raven though. "I'm not sure how much my smaller body can take. How bout 2 pieces of bacon, an egg and a pancake. I assume I will be able to come back for more?" Raven asked with a smirk.

"Don't bet on it!" Cyborg yelled from the couch.

Starfire got the death look on her face again.

"If Raven wants some of the feast left for her then there had better be some here!" Starfire said. Cyborg meeped and nodded his head.

"Dude, I take it back, Starfire is all yours." Cyborg whispered to robin.

Starfire and raven sat on the couch and with perfect ease Starfire snatched the remote from the boys and handed it to Raven.

"Ah, gee thanks Star." Raven said blushing.

"Not hard to tell somebody’s playing favourites." pouted beast boy who had been winning the fight for the remote. Raven laughed a little at that, and the laugh sounded so cute that the others stared for a second, then smiled and stared to eat.

'at this rate, my face is gonna be red for the rest of time.'

Raven started flipping it thru channels and stopped on a episode of Yu-Gi-Oh.

"Cool! Leave it here, their showing the last bit of the battle between Yami and Mariks dark side, where every time life points are lost, their human counter parts lose part of their bodies to the shadow realm!"

Every one just stared in disbelief, as it was Robin who had said this and not Beast boy.

"I er, may of caught a couple of episodes once or twice." Robin said sheepishly. Raven giggled and left it on Yu-gi-oh and started to chow down on her breakfast. In the end, Yami won his match, Raven was too stuffed for seconds, and Cyborg was in heaven as he finished off the rest of Starfire’s feast.

"That was a good meal. Thanks star." Raven said, laying back on the couch.

Starfire only smiled and said “Your welcome” before flying out of the room. Robin got up and left, saying he was gonna go and train a little, and work off the extra poundage while Beast boy and Cyborg decided that today would be the day they decide who was truly greater at video games, with a 20 game, five rounds in each game battle to the death.

"Sure you don't wanna play?" BB asked.

"As fun as that sounds, I don't think so. Maybe I'll go for a walk."

"Rav, it's pretty dangerous out there for someone your size to be alone." Cyborg started up.

"Fine, I'll go track down Starfire and see if she wants to go to." Raven said annoyed.

"Hey, no need to jump down his throat, Cyborg’s just trying to be a pal. I thought that yesterday with Cinderblock attacking you, you would have realised that you shouldn't be alone."

Raven had been walking out of the room but stopped.

"I may look like a little kid. I may dress like one and need diapers like one, but I am still a member of the Teen Titans and I want you guys to start remembering that. I want you all to start treating me normally. That’s not a hell of a lot to ask for is it?" Raven didn't wait for an answer and left the room in a fowl mood.

"....she forgot she's also throwing tantrums like a little kid." Cyborg said.


Starfire had taken off to go and prepare a traveling bag. It was part of her plan to make up what she had done the day before. She was gonna take Raven out for a day on the town. All she had to do now was convince raven. She had just packed crackers and juice boxes when she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in."

Raven walked in and raised an eyebrow to Starfire’s green book bag.

"Going somewhere?"

"I was going to ask if you wanted to go out and about with me today. I have packed juice and crackers, in case we get hungry and thirsty and there is no places of food around."

"...sounds like a good idea, but you'll have to pack a couple of more things." Raven said blushing now. Starfire looked confused then checked her bag.

"I have only used a bit of the bag of carrying. What else is need to be packed?"

'I can't belive i'm about to say this.' Though Raven. "Well, you see. Me and Beast boy were talking last night about a lot of things. Well we always talk about a lot of things because you know we're always talking and stuff." Raven said as Starfire began to get an annoyed look on her face. "Right, the point. well let me assure you there is a point, it's just very hard to say."

"Could you then show me?"

Raven thought about it. Hell, it wasn't like Starfire wasn't gonna see her diapers if she just told her anyways.

"Make sure that your door is shut and no one can come in," instructed Raven.

Starfire looked confused but did as she was told. As she came back over and sat on her bed she noticed that Raven wouldn't look her in the eye. Finally raven lifted up the front of her dress to show Starfire the white diaper, and felt the usual rush she got whenever she was embarrassed.

Lowering her dress back down Raven saw Starfire smiling.

"Ok then raven. We will pack whatever you need. Did you diaper yourself?"

"This moring? Yea."

"I ask because it is done wrong. The way you have it, it will most likely leak. I will change you into a new one in you room and pack everything needed. Come on now." Starfire put the back pack on and unlocked her door. But the surprise was when she reached for Raven’s hand and held on their way to Raven’s room.

'Man I am so embarrassed!' Thought a tomato red faced raven. The problem was that while she dieing of embarrassment she was also getting very moist downstairs and she was worried that Starfire was gonna notice something.

'If she asks, I'll tell her all human pussy’s act like this.'


"Master. Starfire and Raven are planning on going out for the day. Starfire is going to change Raven then pack what is needed. I estimate that they'll be in the city within the hour."

"Excellent. Ninja, stay at the tower and disable their communications. Then after you've done that come to my position."

"Yes my lord."


As Raven laid on her back, her nether regions naked and exposed to Starfire, she wondered if it was possible to die from too much embarrassment.

"This will not do at all. You need to use what you earthlings call baby powder or you'll get a rash. I have some back in my room. Wait here."

Starfire took off and Raven couldn't hold back any longer as she began to stick her fingers within herself, her fore finger and thumb rubbing her clit while she sucked on the thumb of her free hand. just as her body began to tense up for a release Starfire walked back in and made a little noise of surprise as she watched Raven's pussy spurt cum.

"...I see."

"See what?" Asked Raven, as she found a very nice spot on the floor to stare at in order to avoid Starfire’s gaze.

"I had thought you wore the diapers because you need them. You wear them because they help you to get off."

Raven was silent as Starfire pulled the cummed on diaper away and slid a new one under Raven and poured baby powder onto her. She then did the diaper up and stood raven up.

"You like the being an infant?"

Raven just looked away, refusing to say anything.

"Perhaps I should rent a stroller for you and stick your juice in a bottle?"

"Starfire stop!" Raven said tears in her eyes.

Starfire did indeed stop. A look of shame came over her.

"Sorry. Let us just get going."

Raven nodded and as soon as they where packed Starfire lifted raven into her arms and started for the city, nether one of them noticing the antennas on the tower had been taken out.

"Sir, they're heading for the park." Ninja reported.

"Good. everyone move in, we'll grab them once they're there. You three will handle Starfire. Keep her subdued. Killing Raven and making sure she stays dead needs to be handled smoothly," Yawgy said as he looked through a book of magic on his lap.

"She can come back to life?" Dragon asked.

"In a matter of speaking, her father is Trigon, and he might seek to use her. He can use the dead. But when I kill her and send her soul into the nector cela, she'll be truly dead."

"They're landing by some trees."



Starfire set down under a big oak tree and set raven down. "So what would you like to do?" Starfire asked.

Starfire then noticed that Raven was looking behind her.

"Starfire move!" Raven yelled.

Starfire grabbed Raven and took off as a black ball of flame scorched the area they had just been. Starfire spotted Blaze who grinned back at her.

"Nice moves, got lucky you dodged that. Didn't realise you had the kid right there."

Starfire got a look of confusion on her face but before she could ask what he was going on, Ruby slammed into her back, sending Raven flying from her arms and into Ninja's as Starfire hit the pavement hard. Ninja set Raven down and seemed to disappear as she joined her brothers on their assault on Starfire. Raven’s hand shot for her com but the damn thing wasn't working.

As she tried to get a hold of the other Titans, Starfire was getting beat down. She stood up only to have Ninja slap her palms on her ears causing her to yelp in pain as blood started to trickle out. Ninja jumped away as Ruby flew down and double axe handled her hard across the face, sending her flying into a blast of black fire from Blaze that didn't burn her hair or clothes but singed her skin and the force of it knocked her back towards Ruby who cackled with laughter as he thrust his leg out and caught her face first, causing blood to escape her mouth and nose now.

"Really, they’re like little kids." A deep voice said behind Raven who was watching the scene in horror. Raven spun around.

"Who are you? Are you responsible for this?"

"I'm Yawgy and yes I am. What are you going to do about it? You've been trapped in a little girl’s body, and you've even taken up wearing diapers." Yawgy paused and sniffed the air. "And you use too much baby powder. Not that it matters. I'm here to kill you Raven and leave more magic energy available for me. There's no one to help you. None of the others even know this is happening because I've disabled your tower and Starfire is in no shape to stop me."

Raven gritted her teeth and backed up. 'Beast boy, guys, we could really use your help right now.' Raven thought as Yawgy formed a sword in his left hand that looked like the master sword from legend of Zelda and used his right to create a portal.


Beast boy stopped playing his video game and looked at Cyborg.

"Raven and Starfire are in trouble." He said as he got up.

"Huh? How do you know that?" Cyborg asked.

"I just do." Beast boy said as he tried to get a hold of Raven via the com system.

Robin walked in, with a towel around his neck.

"What's up?"

"BB thinks he's psychic now."

"...the com is out. All I'm getting is static." BB said.

Robin and Cyborg stopped joking.

"...I don't suppose you know where they're supposed to be?"


Starfire was bleeding, bruised, and looked like shit. But even Yawgy's minion had to give her credit as she kept trying to get up and save Raven. She was pushing herself off the ground when Ninja brought her foot down on her back.

"Just stay down." she advised.

"N-never..." Starfire said.

She rolled to her side, eyes glowing and caught Ninja with her eye beams which sent her flying.  Ruby came in to punch her and she quickly grabbed an arm and flipped him onto his back and brought her fist crashing into his groin causing Ruby's eyes to cross.

"Let's see if your starbolts can match my hellfire." Blaze cackled.

Green met black as the power struggle started, ending when Ninja's throwing star embedded itself into Starfire’s arm, letting Blaze's flame overwhelm Starfire's starbolts.


Yawgy was missing on purpose as he sliced and diced everything around Raven.

"Why try and fight it, Starfire can't win against all three of them, there’s no one left to save you!" Yawgy said as he kicked raven knocking her to the ground.

"Prepare to die!"

Yawgy raised his sward and was about to strike raven down with a green bird turned into a very mad gorilla and grabbed Yawgy and tossed him like a twig away from Raven.

"Beast boy!"


Before the black fire could reach Starfire, Robin swooped down and moved her to safety.

"Starfire!" Robin looked her over while she smiled before passing out. Shaking with rage, Robin turned around, Cyborg at his side.

"I'm going to fuck you all up." he said.


Yawgy recovered and swore when he saw Beast boy standing in front of Raven to protect her.

"Lets see how you do against a flurry of nector!" Yawgy called out as he stuck the sword in the ground in front of him and pressing his palms together, his eyes glowed sapphire blue and energy began shooting forth. Beast boy cursed and grabbed Raven, running for it as the blasts destroyed what ever they touched.


Cyborg was in a fist fight with ruby, both of their noses bleeding but neither of them giving as Robin used his bo to launch himself over the flames B laze sent and swung it around to connect with a solid blow that knocked Blaze out. As he landed, Ninja stepped up and took out a bo of her own.

"Let's go."


Beast boy was running out of steam, he couldn't keep up the pace. He realized as he didn't have the energy to hold his animal form and changed back into human form falling onto his knees. Raven pointed behind him and started to say something. Without thinking Beast boy pushed her clear and felt the energy rip into his chest as his lungs and heart dissolved.

"Run." Beast boy said to raven, blood gushing out of him as he fell forward, dead as a nail.


Cyborg, Robin, Ninja and Ruby all stopped, shocked at the sight of Beast boy’s death. Ruby took advantage of Cyborg's distraction and nailed Cyborg between the eyes and stabbing a claw into Cyborg‘s computer eye. Ninja swung his bo and took out Robin’s legs and followed up with a blow to the head.

"Master, the Titan’s are all disabled."


Raven sat by Beast boy's body, tears running.

"Beast boy.. you can't be dead. I won't let you, I command you to live. Wake up! Beast boy I love you. LIVE!"

Raven's body was coved in a black aura as she willed Beast boy back to life.

"What the..?" Yawgy said, as he grabbed his sword.

The dark aura turned itself into the shape of a Raven, flying into the sky before coming back and going into Raven. There was a blinding flash but when everyone could see. Raven was back to her normal size, her powers were back but she was dressed in white. Kneeling by Beast boy Raven placed a hand over the hole.


A white light poured from Raven and the hole patched itself up as Beast boy re-grew his lungs and heart and gasped as he came back to life.

"Raven? What just happen?"

"You died. Go and take care of the others. I'll handle this."

Yawgy’s minions all silently agreed to go after Raven who turned her gaze to them and smirked.
"Allcross, belzac, malfor." she said as Yawgy’s minions dissolved into nothing.

"How did you know that?" Yawgy asked as he moved forward.

"Doesn't matter. It’s amazing you still want to fight. I thought you only picked on little girls." Raven said.

Yawgy growled and lunged with his sword but with the simplest of ease raven destroyed the blade and sent him flying. Not even letting him land, Raven zoomed forward and blasted Yawgy skyward. As he made his decent, Raven wrapped her powers around a tree and lifted it up and sent it at Yawgy who recovered enough to destroy the tree with a blast. He then teleported himself right next to raven and connected with a punch to her gut that knocked the wind out of her and followed up with an elbow to her jaw, snapping it close and catching her tongue as she bit a tiny piece of it off. Then in a sweeping motion he slammed raven face first into the ground and jumped on her back, stretching her arms out behind her and placing a knee on the back of her neck, slowly trying to break it.

"And it boils down to this. Even the most powerful mage in the world, is useless when in a physical fight. You've caused me quite a lot of trouble. Once I kill you, I think I'm gonna kill your friends for the hell of it now."

"Leave...them...ALONE!" Raven shouted as her energy flung Yawgy off of her.

Yawgy flew from the force, and in all the irony, landed in his own portal. As the trapping magic of the realm grabbed a hold of him, Yagwy began to scream.  His left arm, the only part still in this dimension was reaching for help. Raven stared at his hand, as he slowly sunk deeper and deeper into what was going to be eternal agony, and using her powers grabbed a hold of his arm and pushed it in before closing the portal.


Raven healed the others, but shortly after that her attire changed back to black and she lost her incredible healing powers.  

Every one but Raven was in the living room watching TV when Raven walked in as her mini self, back in the dress and diapers.

"Raven, what happed? Did you get in a fight?" Robin asked.

"Na, I kinda like being this small and I know how to cancel out the spell at will now so I thought I'd shrink for awhile." Raven said grinning like a fool. "Besides, when I'm this small I lose most of my powers and can express my emotions."

Robin and the others smirked and Beast boy patted a spot on the couch for Raven who began to back up and go for the jump.

"Please tell me she doesn't have a can of coke this time." Robin joked.

"I'll get ready to catch her.” Cyborg joked.

"Does this mean we'll get to use to the sippy cups I brought?" Starfire asked.

"I was expecting her to do this anyways considering how all those kid clothes cost her." Beast boy said.

Raven merely laughed and launched her herself over the couch to land in Cyborg’s arms who held her as the others began to tickle her.

"So not fair you fuckers!" Raven said through tears of laughter.