A Teenage Journey

By: Rich1

I had been raising my two daughters for 5 years on my own when all this happened. Their father was in the Navy out in San Diego. We divorced 5 years earlier and ever since the girls visited him when he's at home on the holidays, which isn't very often. He's always at sea or deployed to some far off country fighting terrorism. He works for the Navy seal teams but he isn't a Seal.

My daughters were 10 and 12. Julie is the oldest and Ginny is the little one. Today Julie has her own apartment and a job and Ginny stays over at her place a lot.

Back then both of them wet the bed on a some what routine basis. Their doctor decided that they would likely grow out of it eventually, but I am still waiting. Julie wets in her sleep more often than Ginny, but both girls have the problem. When they were young I kept them both in diapers at night since the training pants really didn't work to well lying down in bed.

When one of them goes a week without a wet diaper I let them go to bed without a diaper. Yet within a few days I'm changing wet sheets again. Ginny tries very hard to not wet her diapers. She doesn't drink close to bed time and is the only one that sometimes gets to sleep without diapers. Julie on the other hand seems to not mind wearing diapers to bed all these years.

In the morning when they get up for school, I check them to see if they are wet and mark it on the calendar. Then they take them off and shower and clean up for school. On the weekends Ginny is out of her diaper as soon as she gets up, wet or not. I make them leave their diaper in their room so I can check it and then throw it away in the trash can out back. She usually tells me when she has a dry diaper in the morning so I know because she wants that star on the calendar. Julie on the other hand will wear her diaper until I make her take it off. She is almost always wet. I've even caught her once or twice with a dry diaper in the morning that was wet not to long afterword. I'm sure of it. There have been times I would have to drag Julie to her room to take her wet diaper off of her and force her to take a shower. I always thought she was just lazy or something. Her doctor said not to worry about it.

More and more recently Julie would walk around the house in just her diaper. In the evening I diaper both of them and Ginny puts her pajamas on. Julie used to wear a top but rarely put pj pants on over her diaper especially when she went to bed. Then she stopped wearing shirts at night. I had to force her to put clothes on. A 12 year old girl cannot go around naked, even if she's wearing a diaper. Julie always put a fit when I forced her to wear a shirt and pants. Her pants never stayed on long. Which when she slept was ok because she drank so much at night that she tended to be a heavy wetter, and I got used to checking her diaper at night when I could remember to wake up and check her. A couple times a week I would have to change her diaper in the middle of the night. I never had to check Ginny, she was usually only a little wet in the mornings when she was wet since she made sure not to drink before bed time. Julie didn't really care.

Then one night when Julie was 13 I went in to check Julie's diaper and she was sucking on a pacifier. I was so shocked I couldn't check her diaper, I was shaking so much. I gently pulled the pacifier from her mouth without waking her. I left the room and went back to mine and turned the light on. I looked at the pacifier and then it dawned on me that it was bigger than what I thought a pacifier was. I know that there are newborn size and toddler size pacifiers, but this one I was sure was bigger.

The next morning I asked Julie about the pacifier and she was more willing to talk than I thought. I first wanted to know where she got it. She told me the internet. I was surprised. I guess anything can be bought on the internet. Then I asked why she wanted to suck on a pacifier and she just said it felt good. I told her it was unacceptable for a teenager to suck on a pacifier.

A few weeks later on a Saturday I think, I came home from a long morning jog. Ginny was out front on her razor scooter and Julie was on the couch watching tv. There she was, naked accept for a diaper and sucking a pacifier. I went up to her and took the pacifier from her mouth and told her she was not to suck on pacifiers. She asked me to give it back and I told her no it was going back in the trash where it belonged. I couldn't believe she pulled it out of the trash.

Not a week later I found her sucking the pacifier when I went in to her room to check her diaper. I was furious but I didn't wake her. I just pulled it out and took it to the kitchen and cut it apart with scissors and threw it in the trash. The next morning I told her to stop sucking on that pacifier and that I had cut it up so she couldn't pull it out of the trash. Then I checked her diaper and she got in the shower.

The very next night I checked her diaper and she was sucking a pacifier again. I couldn't believe it. She had another one. I woke her up and took the pacifier and this time I spanked her. She cried a little, more I think to get her pacifier back than from the spanking. She was wearing a thick overnight diaper after all. I told her not to suck on pacifiers any more.

Then the very next weekend I came home from my jog and the girls were up watching tv. Ginny was on the floor in her pjs and Julie was laying on the couch naked still wearing her diaper with her feet in the air sucking on a baby bottle of warm milk. I couldn't believe it, from pacifiers to baby bottles. I snatched from her and looked at it and asked her why the hell she was sucking on a baby bottle. She just said she wanted to. Her diaper was dry too, I was surprised she made it through the night and until this time of the morning dry, she must have been holding it well or not drank at all last night, I didn't recall. Then I pulled her off the couch and smacked her on the bottom and told her to change and shower up. She protested but toddled off to the bathroom. While she was showering I cleaned up the girls rooms a bit to do laundry and there was her diaper on the floor taped up. I picked it up to take it to the trash and it was wet. I figured that I must have missed it, that she really had wet like usual. I took it to the trash out back.

Later I went in the girl's bathroom to get the towels for the laundry and there was a diaper taped up on the floor. I jumped when I saw it because I didn't expect it to be there. I had already thrown Julie's diaper away and Ginny hadn't been in diapers for three days. I walked out and found Ginny out back playing. I asked if she wore a diaper and left it in the bathroom. She said no mom I haven't worn diapers for three nights remember. I took the diaper and opened it up, it was dry, it must have been the diaper that Julie was wearing. She was wearing a dry diaper when she was sucking the baby bottle down. She must have changed herself.

I went to find Julie. She was out front with her friends. I called her in and she came right in and asked what I wanted. I showed her the diaper in my hand. I asked her why there was a dry diaper on the floor of the bathroom. She didn't have an answer for me. I accused her of changing her own diaper when she got up and wearing it during the day. She finally gave in and admitted that she had changed her diaper. I asked why, she told me they were comfy and that's why she doesn't take them off. I told her it was completely unacceptable for her to wear and waste diapers during the day. And she was not to get another baby bottle either. She went back out to play and I got the baby bottle out of the trash and cut the nipple off and threw it back in.

Just a few days later she was sucking a pacifier in her sleep when I went to check her diaper at night. She was also sleeping naked. I was getting tired of this. She must have had a stash of pacifiers somewhere hidden in her room, there was no way she could order them from the internet that fast. I took it and cut it up. The next day I searched her room a little and didn't find anything.

A couple days later she walked out of her room to get breakfast before she got ready for school and she was sucking on a pacifier. I don't think she even realized she was because when I turned around I saw it and was startled. She took it out of her mouth and tried to run back to her room. I caught her and snatched it from her and cut it up. She went to her room and took her diaper off and got a shower then came back for breakfast. After she left I went to her room and picked up her very wet diaper and threw it away.

The next night I went in to Julie's room to check her diaper, fully expecting to find a pacifier stuck in her mouth. Instead I entered the room and noticed right away a foul smell. Within seconds I realized what it was. It was the smell of a poopy diaper. I couldn't believe it. Julie had pooped her diaper and was still sleeping in it. I turned the light on and saw that she was sucking her thumb instead of a pacifier. I was angry and Julie said she had an accident and didn't want me to be upset. The girls usually just take their diaper off and use the bathroom when they know that they have to go and then wake me up to get put back in a fresh diaper. I cleaned her up and changed her messy diaper and put her back to bed. I was distraught at this turn of events but hoped it was just an accident like Julie claimed.

That weekend I went shopping early in the morning after my run. After my run Julie was sleeping in, but Ginny had gotten up. She was back in diapers and her wet diaper was lying on the floor in her room. She was out playing Xbox. I showered up myself and went to the store.

When I got back home I carried the groceries into the house and found Julie lying on the floor playing Xbox. She was of course still wearing a diaper but she was at least wearing a pink T shirt. I told her to get up and go change but she ignored me. I told her she better go change before I got finished bringing in the groceries. I went back to the car and brought in the next few loads of groceries and Julie was still lying there. When I finished I walked over to Julie and picked her up off the floor and said go change. That's when I saw what her pink T shirt said. I grabbed her arm as she began to turn away and pulled on the sides of her shirt to stretch it out so I could read it. It said "I'm a Pampers girl." and it had a picture under the lettering. I pulled on the picture to see it better and was aghast at what I saw. It was a picture of Julie, she was on all fours naked wearing a diaper sucking on a pacifier. I was shocked, I took the shirt off her right there and yanked the pacifier from her mouth. I held it up and demanded to know where she got it. She of course said the internet. I asked her why the hell she would get a shirt like this. She said it was cute. I asked how she got the photograph on it and she said she just emailed the picture in to the shirt maker. I was furious, I told her this was totally unacceptable. She could not be sending naked pictures of herself on the internet and making babyish T shirts like this. I grabbed her and spanked her really hard. I tried to make it hard through her diaper so she would feel it. She cried a little and then I took her diaper off of her and spanked her naked bottom red. Then I told her to get in the shower. I carried the T shirt and open diaper to her room where I found another wet diaper taped up on the floor. She had changed her own wet diaper again. I realized I had a real problem with her now. I took the diapers to the trash and almost threw the shirt away but stopped. I opened it up again and looked at it and read it. I stared at the picture in disgust, yet Julie did look cute in the picture. She doesn't even wear Pampers I thought. The girls haven't worn Pampers for several years. They were small and didn't do the job, that's why I had to switch to overnight child diapers from the pharmacy. I decided not to throw it away. I wasn't sure why yet but I took it to my room and put it in the bottom drawer.

A week or so later I went in to check Julie in the middle of the night and wouldn't you know it, I found her sucking on another pacifier. I must have taken a dozen of them from her by now. She didn't give up. I of course took it from her and cut it up before I threw it away. Julie had taken to sleeping naked a while back and refused to wear clothes to sleep and didn't like to wear pants when she did, but I noticed that she had some kind of top on her shoulders peeking out of the covers. I needed to check her diaper any way so I was gently pulling her covers off when I found she was wearing a white top with little bunny's printed on it. I was surprised to see it since I hadn't bought it for her, but then she had other stuff I hadn't bought her either. I continued to pull her covers off slowly and to my surprise her top was longer and continued down her body. I thought good, she finally wants to cover up her diapers. Then I finally exposed her diaper, except I couldn't find her diaper under her top. I went back to the door and opened it further to let more light in the room and returned to Julie's side and saw it, she was wearing a onesie that was snapped between her legs over her diaper.

I couldn't believe it, now my daughter was wearing baby clothes. Well, more than just diapers. I didn't want to wake her so I just checked her diaper with my finger and covered her back up. She rarely woke up when I checked her, I was good enough at it that both girls rarely woke up from me checking their diapers. I decided not to mention it to her in the morning and see what she did.

The next morning Julie just got up and got ready for school. I went to her room while she was in the shower and there was her wet diaper rolled up on the floor. I looked around for her onesie but did not see it. I wasn't sure what to do so I just left the issue alone for now.

A few months and several pacifiers later, Julie was still sleeping in her onesie. I'm sure she knew, that I knew that she was wearing it but we didn't talk about it. She was 14 now, and Ginny was 12 and had been dry for almost a month. She was very proud of that fact. She teased Julie a little bit about her still wearing diapers and now being the little sister. Julie still wore her diapers long on the weekends when I couldn't catch her and get her to change. I also found that she had changed herself on a weekend morning or two into a clean diaper and kept lounging around.

Well one day I came home from jogging and found Julie lying on the sofa on her back with her feet up in the air sucking on a baby bottle wearing a pink shirt. One I was not shocked that she was still wearing diapers at that time of the morning, but I was furious that she was sucking on another baby bottle and she was wearing another pink shirt. She saw me making a beeline for her when I entered the room and she jumped up off the couch and took off. I chased her to her room where I had to force my way in through the door since I was bigger than her. She slipped back as I forced in and I got a better look at her shirt. This one said "I'm a Pampers Baby" and of course it had a picture on it of her. The picture had her sitting on the floor with her feet out in front of her sucking on a baby bottle. I was furious with her. Then I also noticed the wet diaper taped up on the floor too. I pulled the shirt off of her and then pulled her back to me and grabbed her by the back of her diaper. I pulled really hard on it successfully pulling it off her butt and down her legs, partially ripping the tapes. I sat in her chair and pulled her over my lap and proceeded to spank her very hard for several minutes. I told her she had this coming for a long time for acting like a baby and was tired of her wearing that onesie to bed too. She cried very hard and laid on her bed with the diaper around her ankles and continued after I left her room.

I took the baby bottle out to the kitchen and dumped it and then cut the nipple off and took the shirt to my room and put it in the same hidden place I put the other one. Now it was clearly time to go see a therapist. Julie had some kind of problem and I had to break her of it.

A few days later I was able to get an appointment with a therapist. I met with her and I told her all the things that had happened. I showed her the T shirts that I took from Julie too. She told me that Julie was likely an infantilist, and that maybe she didn't even know it her self. That Julie liked playing baby and obviously liked wearing and using diapers. She said Julie may grow out of it, but by this age, she was likely to escalate throughout puberty and on through adult hood. I was really bothered by the thought of my daughter wanting to play baby. She told me that Julie also probably had a stash of baby things somewhere in her room. Evidenced by the fact that I continued to take pacifiers and bottles from her. She told me not to be surprised if Julie had more baby clothes too. She told me that there was three options for me how to deal with it. I could either ignore it all and just let her do what she wants. I could try to stop her from her babyish stuff, which had a few different ways of trying to break her of it, or, I could encourage her babyish feelings. I told her I did not want my daughter to be a big baby. So she told me to go home and try to find out if my daughter had a stash of baby stuff.

When I got home I went right to Julie's room and began to pull out all her drawers. I went through all her clothes, her closet, under her bed and everywhere I could think of. I found nothing. I knew she still had that onesie unless she got rid of it already but I doubted that. I just looked around her room, her open closet, all her open drawers, boxes pulled out everywhere. Then I noticed something. The bottom drawers of one dresser hung down lower than the rest. I pulled one out completely and bingo, I hit the stash. There underneath was a tub full of large pacifiers and two baby bottles. I pulled out the drawer next to it and found the onesie and some other really cute babyish outfits. I went to the other dresser and pulled out a drawer. I was astonished this time, There was a package of Pampers size 6. I took it out and it was about half full. I pulled out the drawer next to it and there was two used diapers taped up underneath. Julie was wearing diapers on her own. I wondered if Ginny knew, but figured she didn't or she would have really teased her. Julie was probably wearing the Pampers when she was home alone, or maybe when she went out to play or something.

I cleaned up Julie's room and took all the things except the onesie to my closet and called the therapist to tell her what I had found. She told me she wanted to meet Julie and talk to her tomorrow. I tolerated her wearing the onesie since it at least covered her diaper and helped hold it to her when it was soaked to prevent leaks.

That night I went to check Julie's diaper and saw she was sucking her thumb. She was wet so I woke her up and changed her. She said nothing to the fact that her onesie was all that was left of her baby stuff. Maybe she hadn't looked for the rest.

The next day after school I took Ginny home and dropped her off and drove Julie to the therapist. We got there and Julie figured it out pretty quick. She saw the name on the door and said she didn't need to she a shrink. I told her she had to, there was no choice about it. We went into the waiting room and then the therapist opened the door and called for Julie. We got up to walk in but she told me to stay in the waiting room, she needed to talk to Julie alone.

I sat for what seemed like hours, but was really only about one. Then the door opened and Julie came out. The therapist followed her out and called me in. She told me that she thought Julie had infantile tendencies and that she was likely going to be come an Adult Baby, and proceeded to tell me what that all was. She explained that Julie already loved wearing diapers and secretly playing baby. She also said that Julie felt Ginny did not know, but that her best friend did kind of know a little because she was wearing Pampers one day and her friend caught her and she said that she just had an accident so her mom made her wear it.

I was very upset with all this and wanted to know what to do. She said that more likely than not, Julie was deep down in side an adult baby already and that it just depended on how often it surfaced in her actions. I really wanted to know how to get her to stop but she didn't recommend trying to break her of it because it was her choice and if she wanted to stop she would have to make the decision to stop the behavior herself. Then she asked me something even more disturbing. She wanted to know if I ever knew of Julie masturbating in her diapers. I was shocked, I didn't know and asked if she did do that. The therapist said she couldn't get an answer from Julie but that she might be since many of the people like this do by her age. I was distraught. I told her I needed to get her to stop. She didn't recommend it but she said that I could force Julie into public diaper usage to break her of it with humiliation. I said OK I would do it, but she warned me of many things about doing it. I would have to keep Julie in diapers all the time, even at school and then treat her like a baby until she was fed up with it and demanded I stop, then I would throw away all her baby stuff, except her diapers if she still needed them, but to try to switch to adult training pants. She told me she wanted to see Julie tomorrow afternoon for several hours and that I was to bring all of Julie's baby things with me including several of her overnight diapers. I asked why she said she was going to see how far Julie wanted to go, that would help them decide what to do about her. I agreed to it and said I would bring her by right after school.

Julie asked why I brought her to see the shrink and I told her I needed to know what was going on with her, why she liked baby stuff. She turned her head and looked out the window. That was the end of our conversation. That night Julie was naked when I went to check her diaper. She didn't have her onesie on. I wondered why. She was sucking her thumb too. She hadn't replaced all the pacifiers I took from her yet.

The next day I packed up both of Julie's special pink shirts, one of her pacifiers, a bottle, the onesie, and a hand full of her overnight diapers into a bag, then I realized I was packing a diaper bag for my teenage daughter. I kind of chuckled at it and wondered exactly what the therapist had in store for Julie. Then I left to pick the girls up from school.

I picked them up and drove right to the therapist's office. Julie knew where we were going and objected a bit but not too much in front of her sister. We parked and I told Ginny to wait in the car, then I opened the trunk and pulled out the gym bag and Julie followed me into the office. The Doctor opened her door and took Julie in and I handed her the bag of baby stuff and left. She said she would call when Julie was ready to be picked up. Then I left and took Ginny home.

Late that evening the therapist called and said I was to come back to the office. I hurried back over there wondering if my daughter would be normal from now on. When I arrived I waited in the waiting room until she opened the door and asked me to join the session.

When I entered the room I saw Julie sitting in a playpen surrounded by baby toys wearing her onesie and a diaper. She was sucking her pacifier and yelled "mommy" to me. I was startled and realized my daughter was not normal again.

The therapist asked me to take a seat on the sofa and told me that Julie wanted to be a big baby. It made her happy and feel secure and warm. She explained that during their session she asked Julie if she wanted to be a baby. When Julie said yes she told her that she had all her baby things there for her right now to be a baby. Julie was not comfortable with that but she told her that she needed to make a decision that if she wanted to be a baby she needed to show it and become a baby, or else she would have to toss all that stuff out in the trash. Julie seemed reluctant to express her baby self in person in front of her but she coaxed it out of her and Julie was ready. She asked the therapist to diaper her since she didn't do it herself very well. The therapist obliged and undressed Julie and diapered her and put one of her pink shirts on her.

She asked Julie if she felt better now and Julie said yes and seemed more at ease. Then she got out the play pen from the closet and popped it open and threw some baby toys in. She had asked Julie if she wanted to play and Julie's face lit up. So she had helped Julie into the play pen. While Julie was playing she prepared warm milk with a fast acting laxative added for Julie's dinner. I was worried when I heard that, but it got much worse. After she played with Julie in the playpen she pulled Julie out of the playpen and took her to the sofa. She said that she told Julie it was feeding time and Julie seemed embarrassed about being fed a bottle. She pointed to the shirt Julie was wearing and said I thought you liked this. Either we get you changed back into your jeans and throw this stuff away or you come here like a baby and drink your bottle.

Julie hesitated but agreed to the feeding. So she took Julie in her arms and nursed her with the baby bottle. When Julie was finished she was burped properly, then put back in the play pen and they played some games together. Not long later Julie had to go the bathroom. She said she had to poop and she was told again that if she was a big girl she could take her diaper off and use the toilet and throw her baby things away, or use her diaper like the baby she was. Julie stalled a while but eventually she went in her diaper. The therapist gave her the option to get cleaned up and throw the stuff away or be changed into another diaper. She chose to be changed into another diaper.

The therapist cleaned her up and changed her diaper then put her back in the playpen in her onesie. While Julie's diaper was being changed she was told since she wants to mess her diaper like a baby she can only make baby talk. So Julie complied without resistance. Then she told Julie her rules. She was to be a baby from now on. She would have to wear diapers all the time and use them since that's what babies do. She would have to wear them school and be changed there as well. She would have to go out an play with her friends in diapers and they will all find out that she's really a big baby. The whole school will know that she is a big baby. Julie gave no resistance to the therapist. She was told that from now on her little sister was bigger than her and will take care of her as her own little baby sister. She will be bottle fed at least once a day and will have baby food at least once a day. Her mommy or big sister or school nurse will change her diapers where ever they need to like a baby and she will be embarrassed because all the people around will see how big a baby she is. Julie gave no argument just sat in her playpen sucking her pacifier smiling. She was told that she may even be taken out in just diapers and her special pink shirts. Julie gave no negative response to it all.

I was shocked and didn't know what to do. What had happened to my daughter. One day she was just a bed wetting teenager that liked wearing her diapers a little too much and sucked on pacifiers, now after seeing a therapist she was completely a baby. And I would have to treat her that way and change her nasty poopy diapers. How horrible. I hate changing messy diapers. This was all too much to take in at once. Now I had to take care of my baby as a baby again. I was really hopping that this would break her quickly for her sake and my own.

So the therapist packed the diaper bag back up and I carried it out as Julie toddled along beside me in her tennis shoes and onesie. We got in the car and I asked Julie if she really wanted to be mommy's baby. I had to say mommy because the therapist said those were the rules, to try to embarrass her as much a possible and treat her like a toddler. She spit out her pacifier and said yes, play time was fun, can we get a play pen at home? I was disgruntled like I just wasted my money. I told her no she would not get a playpen.

When we got back home I presented baby Julie to Ginny and told her that she had a baby sister and that she was going to be a baby in diapers from now on so I expect her to help take care of her baby sister since she was a big girl now. Ginny was a little weirded out by this I think but she took the baby toys I dumped out of the diaper bag and began to play with Julie. Julie was happy to play back.

Soon it was time for bed so I told Ginny to get ready and I took Julie in to her room. I gave her back all her pacifiers and other things and then checked her diaper. She was wet already. Great, now it started. So I decided to use up her Pampers. I pulled out the package and told her I've got her special Pampers and she blushed knowing that I had found them. I un tapped her diaper then pulled out a fresh one then put the pampers size 6 inside it and taped her back up making it really thick and bulky. She seemed very happy. Then I snapped her onesie back up and put her to bed sucking her pacifier.

In the middle of the night I checked her diaper and she was still dry. My little angel was now a total baby. She slept soundly through the night. The next morning the girls got up for school and I met Julie in the hall. She had already taken her extra thick diaper off and was headed to the shower. I smacked her on the bottom hard and she jumped. I told her she was a baby and not to take her own diaper off ever again. She said sorry, and I told her to call me mommy because that's what baby's do. I checked her diaper and it was dry surprisingly so I decided to put her back in it after her shower. When she got out of the shower I took her to her room and her diaper was already laid out, she actually looked surprised to see I was going to put her in a diaper to go to school. I told her that even though she was going to school she was still my baby and that she had to keep her diapers on. I had already called the school nurse and told her that I would drop off a package of diapers for Julie that morning I told her that her bed wetting and messing had turned to daytime accidents and the doctor required her to now wear diapers all day. I told her she was to go to the nurse whenever she needed changing, she could wait as long as she wanted when she was wet, but she needed to go right away when she pooped. I didn't include the pamper in her diaper when I put it back on her, I didn't want it to be too bulky for school.

I dressed Julie like I did when the girls were toddlers. She wore a uniform so she was going to have fun trying to hide her diaper from her friends. We went to school and I dropped them at the front and then pulled the package of diapers out of the trunk and carried it to the office to give to the nurse. She thanked me for the diapers but told me that they had some in the office for students that needed them but that she would tell me when she needed another package.

At the end of the day I picked the girls up and Julie looked sad. The girls got in and Ginny told me her baby sister was made fun of at school. Julie sobbed like a baby telling me how the kids had made fun of her and lifted up her skirt to expose her diaper to everyone. She even peed in front of a bunch of kids at lunch Ginny said. I asked Julie if she had pooped yet today and she said yes twice. It was kinda nasty. She was changed right after first class and after lunch.

When we got home I called the therapist and told her what had happened and she told me just to hang in there, wait for Julie to ask to stop being a baby and throw everything away. This will break her of it. I hung up and went to find Julie. She had already taken her uniform off and was naked watching tv. I told her she needed to wear a top and I went and got one of the baby tops she had bought herself and put it on her. She did look very cute sitting on the floor. I also gave her her pacifier which she looked up at me with a strange look and I told her to suck on it, which she did.

A while later three of her friends showed up and I invited them in to see baby Julie. I warned them that she was being treated as the baby that she is since she cant keep herself out of diapers and would rather be a baby. They all laughed at her and poked fun at her until they began to play with her on the floor. She enjoyed it I think. She took her pacifier out of her mouth and asked if she could go out and play with them on the scooters and I yelled back I would dress her to go out and play. Her friends laughed at this and I took her to her room. I checked her diaper and she was still dry. I took her baby top off and got one of her pink shirts out. She said "no mom", but I told her if she was a baby then I had to dress her to go out. I put the shirt on her that said "I'm a Pampers girl that had a picture of her crawling on the floor naked. I thought that this might break her will right now but she just let me dress her in it. Then I got a pair of her tight shorts out that said Juicy on the but and put them on her. She looked funny with her thick diaper sticking out in her shorts. Then I took her out to her friends. They all laughed at her. I told them to bring baby Julie back when she needed a diaper change. They all laughed again at her and said ok. They took Julie with them and said they were going a couple blocks down to the park.

A few hours later they returned. One of the girls was carrying Julie's shorts and Julie was bottom less under her shirt that didn't come close to covering her diaper. She looked like a pathetic little toddler. Her diaper was hanging low in her crotch and was obviously very wet. The girls handed me her shorts and said that she leaked on them so they took them from her at the park. She finally pooped her diaper so they brought her home.

I told them thank you for taking good care of my baby and I took Julie into her room to be changed. I changed her and then took her out to the kitchen to feed her some baby food. She really didn't like eating the baby food much. Then I took her over to the living room and laid her on my lap on the couch to feed her a bottle. I could see her friends outside through the windows running back and forth in the street playing hide and go seek. When Julie was finished I told her she could go out and play if she wanted to. She went right out the door after putting her shoes on, still wearing her pink shirt. She didn't even ask for pants or a skirt. This worried me.

Over the next year I continued to baby her as much as possible but she continued to play baby with me. She enjoyed using her diapers and liked having her sister change her diapers. Sometimes I had her friend's baby sit her in an attempt to embarrass her but she just liked it more. I had her go out side many times to play without a skirt with her diaper in full view. One time I came home when a couple of her friends were baby sitting her and they were all wearing her diapers. I was not amused. I had them put their skirts and pants back on and sent them off to play still wearing diapers.

Julie got to where she talked about boys a lot too. There were a few boys she like but they teased her a lot about her diapers. I thought that was going to break her of her babyish ways but she continued it. She did get invited to dances and she went in diapers. I trusted her friends that had baby sat her to "Baby sit" her at the dance and change her in the rest room since the nurse wasn't available. Which they did happily for their friend.

Julie attended several slumber parties too, and she went in full diapers and onesie with her friends. She truly enjoyed her big baby lifestyle. I really didn't like changing her diapers so much and especially didn't like her messy ones. I was happy that Ginny was now out of diapers on a somewhat permanent basis. If she wet her bed then I only made her wear a diaper for the next night. That only happened about once a month. She began to change Julie most of the time because I got tired of it.

Julie was 17 almost 18 when I decided it was time to end this baby charade. One day I told her she was done wearing diapers. It was a Saturday and I took her diaper off and told her to go the day without a diaper. Well she wet herself a few times, and tried to make it to the toilet. She did use the toilet a once or twice, but she messed herself a little once in the evening. I decided to have her try the night and she insisted she was afraid she would wet the bed and I told her we would take that chance.

I woke up that night but laid in bed, not getting up to check on Julie. I was so used to checking her diaper in the night that I just laid there thinking about her tomorrow. Well she woke me up early and she had a very wet bed. I gave up and got the diapers back out for her. I cleaned her up and diapered her. I could see relief in her eyes as I diapered her up. Diapers had become a way of life for her, and so did a lot of the baby stuff.

I had slowly let off on the baby treatment since she was 16 or so. I got tired of it. Many times she would come to me and ask for a bottle feeding or have her sister or friends do it. I was kinda disturbed that she enjoyed having her friends "Baby sit" her so much, even when I was home. I think she may just have not wanted to grow up and lose all the special attention. She was known around school as the baby too and it didn't bother her any more.

Julie still sucked pacifiers all the time, including at school too. She had one around her neck nearly all the time. I began insisting that she at least wear a skirt or shorts over her diapers in public, she had become accustomed to going in a shirt and diaper a lot.

Julie began dating and I was worried about her diapers. I had the boys bring her home in a couple hours to change her diaper. She messed herself a few times on dates too. She like to double date with a couple of her friends that "Baby sat" her so that they could change her diaper in the women's room. She said she liked to be changed on the baby deck on the wall.

Julie went to her prom in diapers. She wanted to get a room with her boyfriend but I told her no, baby's need supervision. I hoped that might kick her in the butt, and get her off the baby diaper life but she didn't. A couple of days later I came home early and caught them on the couch. Julie was wearing her school uniform and her boyfriend was but naked from the waist down. They were having sex. He actually had his dick in her while she still had her diaper on. How she accomplished that I have no Idea. I was so angry. He pulled his pants up and tried to go but I told him to stay. I pulled Julie off the couch and lifted her skirt and her diaper was wet. I told them they were gross, but Julie responded that if she took her diaper off she might wet everywhere. I sighed at that and told them this was not acceptable, like I could control it. I demanded that she take birth control and she told me she already was. Great, my baby was having sex, in diapers, how weird and gross. Well at least she found a guy that liked her for who she was, I had worried about that.

Not long after I caught them having sex, Julie graduated from high school. I could pick her out in the field of students, she stuck out like a sore thumb, she was the only one sucking on a pacifier. Like a stupid little girl, she had to be a show off. After she was handed her diploma, she turned and bent over and lifted her gown and mooned the crowd with her diapered bottom. She wasn't wearing any pants or skirt under her gown. The crowed got in an uproar and laughed and clapped for her. It seemed like she was pretty popular from that show. I was so embarrassed. I think that in this whole babying ordeal over the last few years, I was more embarrassed than she was.

For her graduation I told her I was not going to baby her any more. If she needed or wanted to wear diapers then she needed to deal with them like a grown up. She seemed depressed in hearing this from me. She was ok with it and that was the end of me changing her diapers on a regular basis.

I found out a little while later that Ginny was changing her diapers a lot, even in the middle of the night some times. I also figured out that her boy friend was probably changing her diapers too since she was out on long dates with him without coming back for diaper changes any more.

Julie still slept in her onesie and also was wearing more baby clothes. I guess she bought them from the internet. She even wore baby outfits out on dates. That summer I found a big pink stroller in the garage. Julie said her friends got it for her for when they baby sit her, they can take her for walks. I couldn't believe it. I told her she shouldn't do that as and adult but she shrugged it off. Once I came home and I entered the living room and there was Julie lying on the floor in just her diaper sucking away on her pacifier and she obviously had a messy diaper on. She said "Mommy pweese change my dipah.". I told her no and she sobbed a bit, so I gave in. I couldn't leave my baby in a messy diaper. I had tried so many times to get Julie to change her own diaper but she just refused unless she absolutely had to.

Julie started college that fall and she was really looking forward to it. She never wore baby clothes to class but changed often as soon as she could. For Christmas her boyfriend bought her a dam crib. I couldn't believe it. I guess she really wanted one. I refused to let her assemble it in my house. She kept it stored in its box out in the garage.

Things pretty much continued on this way until she was 20 or so. Then she decided to move out and move in with two of her friends. They were going to room together in a 3 bedroom house. Julie had a job full time at Starbucks so she had plenty of money. When she moved out I told her she would have to buy her own diapers but I would continue to pay for school. She was happy about that. About two weeks after she was moved in with her friends she invited me to come over finally and see her room. When I entered my eyes were shocked. She didn't have bed room, she had a nursery.

Julie's room had a changing table on one side, two of those cheap white pop together dressers, a diaper pale, a lounge chair and her crib with a mobile in the center. I asked her why on earth did she want to live like this. She was content to live her home life as a baby. She showed me her closet that was full of big baby outfits as much as it was grownup outfits. Then her room mate came in and told her to take her clothes off.

Julie obeyed and her roommate explained that baby Julie was not allowed to wear clothes at home unless they dressed her. I had had enough. I left and haven't returned to her house since. Ginny goes over all the time, and stays there sometimes. I also swear that once or twice she has come home wearing a diaper but I'm not positive. When we go out as a family I make Julie dress as an adult and she hates it. Once I did change her diaper in the ladies room on the baby deck, but that was a necessity and a very rare occasion.

Julie and her boyfriend are now engaged to be married and plan on it sometime after college is finished. I guess he is really adopting a baby, rather than marrying a wife.