.......................................The day the snow fell........................................

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Can you recall when you stopped believing in Sandy Fox?

The exact details are unclear to most people, they'll know who told them or how they found out the devastating truth behind this old legend, they will certainally recall the burning feeling inside to lash out and no matter how undeinable the truth was somehow rewrite the world to somehow turn that fire inside into reality and confirm to all. Sandy Fox is real.

But few will recall the day, the hour even the minute when their reality fell apart, when despite the longing inside the world turned colder, less friendly and Sandy Fox was forever more banished to the frigid North with the fang fairy and the Chocolate Bunny eater our other childhood memories torn asunder by the harsh winter of reality.

I however have perfect clarity in recalling when I stopped beliving in Sandy Fox, it was this morning at Seventeen minutes past Ten to be exact, just as the snow started to fall on a cold late December morning.

It should have been expected, finding the truth about Sandy Fox the only nights before his big delivery, what was a moderate surprise was it happened when I was sixteen years and three months old.

For myself in the orphanirum I don't quite understand how I managed to avoid the cruel grasp of the truth, being a lonely feline I guessed may have helped with no peers to inform me otherwise and the expectation of nothing more then a lump of coal from Sandy Fox. Not that i'm a bad kitten, I don't mean to wet the bed after all, I just ... have lots of accidents and I know I should wear the diapers Janet leaves in the cupboard but ... it's just so embarrasing sometimes I "forget" to put them on, the other kids I do sometimes talk to found out and have never really stopped teasing me, kids can be like that. One morning someone had snuck into my room whilst I was asleep and put a pacifier into my mouth, just to make fun of me the next day, I secretly kind of liked it, not being made fun of but the pacifier, it was quite nice. The other thing is I have everything I could want so why not ask for something that nobody else would want; I always ask for someone else's coal so that they could get a present instead. Thus far Sandy Fox hasn't disappointed me with a lump of soild black carbon with a little ribbon around it each year for the past ten years, since my first christmas with Henry and Janet in the orphanirum. I'm sure somewhere in the world someone else is also happy I got the coal, getting instead a shiny sparkly thing.

The morning had started out quiet, unusual for so near christmas the mall was almost empty, Henry and Janet had taken myself; Stewie the Raccoon, Loupy the Wolf and Davey the Rabbit to the mall for some last minute christmas shopping, given we were all into our early teens and somewhat trustable Henry and Janet had left us to shop on our own. It's tough being the only girl in a group of boys and having to stick together, they kept pulling me slowly towards the electronics stores and sporting goods, not that I minded as I was going to get them some small things from there anyway but the method, the continued lusting after items way out of their price range.

The animated buglers around the main clock decorated with festive tinsel and blinking, flashing christmas lights hummed slightly springing into life to mark the hour as ten small chimes slowly rung out, causing a small burst of applause from a bunch of cubs around the clock as little elfin figure hopped out of a door putting up a sign, "Sandy Fox is in!"

Davey smirked slightly and winked to Stewie who nudged Loupy for attention as they caught my whistful stares towards the sign.

"Wanna go see Sandy?" Stewie asked with a little evil raccoon smirk.I blushed slightly, I didn't want to tell him the guy in the store was just an actor they hire who passes on messages to the real Sandy so I nodded.

"S...sure Stewie."

I smiled as best I could as I joined the short line, looking out of place as a Fir tree in a hedge towering over the rest of the small crowd of cubs at the front of the line a fuzzy red fox boy in a formal suit, a black-and-white furred folf boy dressed in cute dungarees and a cute lion cub singing quietly to himself as his mom rubbed carefully at his face with a tissue, cleaning up the last traces of chocolate ice cream.

"You know what you want for Crimbo?" Firanzer teased pressing against me lightly with a knowing smirk. I nodded cutely,

"Y..Yeah!" I knew just what I wanted, same as always as Loupy grinned meanly winking at Stewie as the queue became shorter as the Folf sniffled slightly tugging at the arm of his mom.

"It's okay Kaar, look we get to see Sandy next..." She reassured him stroking between his ears which settled him enogth until his mom and him also shuffled into the little wooden door to the Grotto.

"Next..." the bored Elfin figure said, up close it was obviously a dog in a costume but it looked pretty realistic until you were staring it in the face.

The lion cub darted in as his mom sighed slightly following, "Simba dear, don't run you'll trip..." she called after the energetic cub that was obviously paying no attention.

The Elfin suited figure looked down at me, only a little I was almost as tall as him as he sneered slightly, "I don't think you'll quite fit on Sandy's knee honey..."

I blushed brightly at that biting my lip slightly, "I... I know but ... I just wanted him to know what I wanted for Christmas." The three boys broke into loud sniggers at that as the Elf rolled his eyes a little and nodded taking the scrunched up bill I handed him. The handle of the door in front turned by itself as the Elf pushed a little button, a flurry of fake snow whipped up from inside blown on by a wind machine, the lights of the mall dimmed to a warm cozy sitting room mock up interior and it all went very quiet as I walked inside past a window with a television screen in it of a snow wintery day.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" A jolly laugh rung out across the small room, as I turned a small corner and shuffled forwards a few steps, a perfect Sandy Fox den had been set up, holy wreaths around the roof, a warm burning fire lighting the room, Christmas presents groaning for space under a tall sparkling tree, large oversized Christmas candy canes sitting like dentists poles lining a plush soft red carpet to a elegant mahogany chair to the left of it was a large burlap sack overflowing with wrapped packages and to the right was a long flowing scroll of paper, disappearing off into the darkness. For a mall Sandy grotto, it was incredibly impressive.

I bit my lip again slightly as I head the chimes outside marking the quarter hour and I looked to the large and ... empty chair.

"H..hello?" I said asking the room where the centrepiece of this attraction was, where was Sandy? There was a shifting in the room, a ripple of cool energy filled my body almost like static as the fire suddenly stopped flickering, the flames standing still, sliding out of the mantle and up into the air as if carried on invisible candles, there was then a sound that sounded remarkably like an elephant standing on a peanut as the fireplace shifted again, a large jolly fat fox appearing in a slightly charcoal covered suit, he had a magnificent sparkle in his eye almost like it was made of glass it was so reflective but I knew straight away, this was THE Sandy Fox.

My heart skipped a beat, I could feel a hard lump form as I tried to swallow and a dull sense of warmth grow in my underwear as I think I had my first daytime accident in years.

"Hello Feefers..." Sandy Fox said smiling brightly sitting in the chair which grew to suit him as he patted his lap softly. I broke into a bit of a run, scampering slightly up towards him giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Sandy! I...it's... it's really you!" I gasped in ... disbelief? No it wasn't disbelief, I knew this was the real Sandy Fox, I knew he was real, I knew this was all happening.

Sandy nodded and smiled patting his knee slightly, "Come on Feef, sit down, I want to hear personally what you want for christmas this year..."

I blushed and shook my head backing away feeling suddenly very small as I heard myself say in a whisper, "But i've wet my panties, i'd ruin your suit..."

Sandy laughed happily with his familiar, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Only it sounded so sincere, so honest like nothing was wrong at all as he grabbed me slightly and put me on his knee, as I sat there was a slightly embarrasing and familar crinkle of diaper as I blushed and looked at him shyly before kissing his cheek again.

"T...thank you." I managed to mumble.

Sandy beamed happily and ran his gloved fox paw into my headfur, "Don't mention it young lady, you've been in my very good books for a long time now Feef." I shivered happily squirming a little my face blushing as rosy red as his cheeks an"d suit.

"So for your present this year, no coal I'm afraid, little Whiteleaf will be getting that and not a new toy train this year..." Sandy announced, almost making it final with that sentance.

"No this year Feef, I want you to punish the three naughtest boys on my naughty list, Firanzer, Stewie Raccoon and Loupy Wolf."

I gasped in shock, surely not, "W..why?!" I protested, I really did like the three of them and they hadn't done anything that bad ... Had they?

Sandy smiled and waved his glove paw as the dancing candles of fire which were still hanging above the fireplace shifted to in front of us as an image formed within the square of the fire, Davey, Stewie and Loupy waiting at the back entrance of the grotto, Stewie with a cute frilly bonnet and some sissy looking cover panties for a diaper, Loupy with a cuddly bear, baby bottle and pacifier and Firanzer with a camera, Loupy and Stewie ready to pounce and force me into the costume whilst Firanzer took pictures.

Sandy shook his head, "These boys have been naughty all year long, teasing you, making fun of you behind your back and worst of all, they were going to tell you I don't exist!"

"Noooo..." I whined now in disbelief, how could they do such a thing.

Sandy nodded sadly, "They thought it was for the best, even the teasing they thought if you had to look like a sissy on the way home you wouldn't mind wearing your diapers to bed..."

I closed my eyes trying to keep the tears in as Sandy explained this to me, showing me other things they had done not just this year but in previous years as well and each christmas rather then coal because of me they'd been getting presents.

"So this year Feef..." Sandy said smiling a little sly smile I wouldn't have thought a jolly man such as himself capable, "This year, I want them all to get an early christmas present they will never forget..."

I sighed as I looked again at the image of Stewie, Firanzer and Loupy waiting for me at the outside of the grotto as Sandy cuddled his arm around me softly, I could even smell his breath, it was milk and cookie scented.

"So, ready?" Sandy asked as he waved his paw and the three boys seperarted and Stewie popped up first, with an almost police file report of all the naughty things he had done.
I squeezed into Sandy slightly and nodded smiling a little now.

"S..Sandy Fox... F..for Stewie's christmas I ... I want him to become Susie Raccoon my
younger ... much younger friend."

Sandy nodded as pointed for me to watch as the image of Stewie started to change, first he started to get smaller; no wait he was getting younger, regressing quickly backwards through puberty as his headfur start to grow rapidly longer, unfurling out in cute pigtails as his muzzle got cuter, his fur sleeker and within moments a perfectly cute five year old raccoon girl was standing there wearing Stewie's clothes which had shrunk with his changes.

"S..Suzie?" I asked not even realising his name had changed as I tried to say it.

Sandy Fox shook his head, "Not quite yet..." he said as the panties that Suzie had been holding vanished from her paw as the pants she was wearing started to reknit themselves into a cute wintery dress and a thick knee length socks I could see where the panties had vanished to as they held a large bulky babyish diaper up against Suzie's bottom.

"Finally the icing on the cake..." Sandy said as the bonnet from her other paw vanished appearing on her head, making the pig tails look unbearably cute as her shirt had totally reknitted and fused with the skirt making a simple and childish dress thick and fluffy to keep little cubs warm in the winter.

It took me a few moments to recover from seeing all these changes happen to Suzie I didn't even realise she had a very messy diaper, quite obvious under her little short dress awaiting a change when I'd finished with Sandy Fox.

"Now..." Sandy said smiling as Loupy appeared in the spot where Suzie had been moments earlier.

Whimpering slightly I looked at the teenage wolf boy thinking carefully, "...A...are you sure ... he needs punished?" I asked meekly.

Sandy Fox nodded. "T...then for Loupy's christmas he should be Suzie's younger sissy brother, more a pup then wolf..." I had hardly finished speaking the words as an aura of power flooded towards Loupy, much like his diapers would soon be.

Shrinking like Suzie had at first Loupy didn't stop until he was much younger, only two years old if a day, soft fuzzy slightly pinkish fur covered his cute slender body, his short stubby tail only just poking out of the thick bubble of a diaper he was wearing, a thick pink pacifier lodged solidly in his muzzle as he slowly and rythmically suckled on it to prevent him from drooling. Moments later a solid cub pushchair started to form under Loupy, lifting him off the ground as a thick restraint slid around his body holding him tightly in place looking adorable as usual.

"Finally..." Sandy grinned a slightly sadistic grin for the man so many cubs love and adore Loupy and the stroller disolving away as Firanzer stood in Loupy's place his soft snow white fur and contrasting brown fuzzy hair stood looking almost defiant, paws crossed in front of his soft green shirt.

I screwed my nose up a little and look up at Sandy, "Firanzer as well? I... I thought he was ... good." Sandy shook his head sadly replaying some of the mean things Firanzer had done to me and others in the past year, often with nobody else knowing and mostly
with someone else taking the blame, I sighed slightly not really believing what I had seen.

"For Firanzer's christmas..." I said more confidantly now, "He should have my lack of ... uhm ... control but worse so it happens during the day as well."

I blushed slightly biting my lip as Sandy grined widely, "You mean so it happens more often then it happens with you during the day."

"Y...yes sir." I timdly nodded slightly reluctant to admit I had been having increasing day time accidents as well.

"Good girl..." Sandy smiled lightly patpatpating my head as I purred slightly sitting back and watching a large squarish lump develop in Firanzer's pants the signs of a rather too obvious and very thick diaper clearly on display for the world as the image spun around slightly the waistband visable slightly around his shirt, I could almost hear it crinkle despite there being no sound the diaper was that thick.

Sandy Fox stroked softly down my back as I purrred more enjoying the slight feeling.
"I...I'm not going to see you again. I... I can't believe in you any more. Can I?" I asked not really wanting to look at him already knowing the answer.

Sandy shook his head slightly, "No... You know I'm real now, you can't believe if you know." There was a twinge of sadness in his voice.

I smirked and looked around to him nuzzling up to kiss at his whiskery face, "Love you Sandy..."

Sandy beamed brightly, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" He laughed cheerily, "I love you too." He said, but I wasn't sure it was for me, I think it was for every cub around the world.

I squirmed slightly in Sandy's lap before leaning up and whispering into his fuzzy pointed ears, "Just one more thing Sandy..."

Sandy grinned and nodded hearing my request touching his muzzle with a mittened paw before giving me a soft tender kiss on the forehead, "You better take care of your new siblings then." He said warningly as there was that strange noise again, the fireplace seemed to change and the flames that had been showing these pictures reverted to a bright warm fire as a confused rabbit man dressed in a Sandy Fox stumbled out from behind a secret door, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Chrispmouse!" He declared smiling at me looking slightly worried as he sat down.

"It's okay Sandy." I smiled at the store hired Sandy Fox, "All my christmas wishes came true already."

He wiped his sweating brow with a glove and gave me a chrispmouse treat anyway as I shuffled out the door closing my eyes, partially in worry mostly in aprehension.

"Come along Feef!" Henry... No not Henry, Dad he was my dad now, shouted, "Loupy and Suzie both need a change and Firnazer is all grumbly so probably also needs one but didn't want to say.

I smirked and scampered to catch up with them placing my paws on Loupy's baby stroller and grinning down at the cute wolf puppy with slightly pink fur, he stared back dimly, like there was something wrong but he couldn't recall quite what.

"Did you tell Sandy what you wanted for Chrispmouse?" Suzie asked in her cute voice.
I smiled and patted her softly skritching her between the ears, "Yeah... Yeah I did."

.......................................The day the snow fell........................................

Merry Christmas to everyone and may long you believe in Sandy Fox (and you better, 'cause he's mean if you don't!)

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