The Flame
by Sarah

I stepped out of the car on to the solid ground, it felt like I hadn’t stepped on solid ground for years. My little sister and brother both jumped out of the car, my brother began to walk around, while my sister ran all over the place.
“Jen, could you get your sister to calm down, please,” my mom told me, as she stepped out of the car.
I rolled my eyes, Just got to the house and I’m already given a job to do. I called my sister’s name and I grabbed her arm lightly.
“You need to calm down, ok? Come on, help us get everything out of the car,” I told her she was about to complain, but I cut her off, “Jessica, there will be plenty of time to play.”
How did this all happen? When was it that I realized that I hate my life. Ok, I suppose my isn’t that bad compared to others, but still. Then the answerer came to my head, my parents, of course.
I hate the military. My dad is a, and has been, a Marine for twenty years and being in the military, about every three years the government might decide to move you around. From Florida to California to Cuba, to finally, Alaska.
As for my mom, she is a book writer. An amateur book writer at, I must say. But, it does let her stay at home all day, which made it easier for her to watch me, Jessica and my brother when we were younger.

About a week later we had settled in and it had began to get colder, mostly at night. Finally, when it was past freezing, my dad said, “I think it’s time to start a fire. That poor fireplace looks ancient.”
We all watched interestedly as my dad opened the fire place, crumbed up a few pieces of paper into balls, made a pyramid with kindling, and lit match to put in the fireplace. After a short while he though in small logs, and over the course of the next hour, he continued to throw in larger and larger logs, until he had a gigantic fire burning.
Everyone began to go to bed, and I did the same. However then my mom said “Jennifer, could you please wash the dishes?”
“What?” I asked, “Please mom?”
“You can do it, Jen, there aren’t that many.”
So, while everyone else went to bed, I stayed up for a while to wash the dishes. When I was done, I looked at the fireplace, and I walked towards it. The warmth felt so good. I put another log in the fire when I noticed something odd, that looked like a inscription on the in side of the door, the light of the fire let me read it. The language did not.: Lassen Sie die Glut in das Innere erreichen, von dem die härteste Lebensdauer in ths Haus hat.
“A little weird,” I said. I closed the door of the fireplace, and stated at the fire though the glass in the door.
There was just something about that flame, I couldn’t stop looking at it. The next thing I knew, the fire was growing low and I was sitting in a puddle of my own pee.
I jumped up instantly and barely stopped myself from yelling out in disgust. I grabbed a towel and cleaned it up before taking one last look at the flame and changing into my pajamas and going to sleep.

The next morning I was awoken by my alarm clock with bad dreams still in my mind of what had happened last night. There was still hope for a good day though, it was Saturday, meaning no school.
I got up and took a shower before changing into a simple pink T-shirt, brown pants, and a baby-blue jacket. Then I went into the kitchen to greet my mom, dad, eight-year-old brother, and four-year-old sister.
“Jen, honey, I need you to take brother and sister out to go sledding. You should have fun to. Your dad is gone at work, and I’m going to catch up on my Dr. Phil,” was the first thing my mom said to me.
“What?” I asked, “Are you saying it sn-“ “Snowed!” Jessica interrupted.
“You can’t be serious,” I said as I walked to the window that revealed about a foot and a half of snow outside. Wow after all this time of moving around, I never had lived somewhere where it snowed. Not even on vacations have I gone to somewhere where it snowed. I only had seen snow on TV and in pictures.
I quickly ate breakfast with my little brother and sister before getting on snow clothes, dressing my little sister, grabbing the sled, and running outside. All three of us had a blast. It was prefect snow. The kind that you can make a snowman with (which we did, a poor one, but we still did it!).
After that we all jumped in the sled and, well, sledded down the hill in our backyard. Being taller than most fourteen-year-old girls I was kind of cramped, but on the flip side, I’m really skinny too, so it wasn’t that bad. It was on our eighth time going down that it happened. This time, we went down the steeper side. We went fast. Very fast. Fast enough that I thought that we were going to crash into a tree and crack our heads open. As a matter of fact we did crash into a tree because I lost control. It was actually a good thing that we crashed into a tree because it stopped the sled, my brother slide out it, Jessica some how stayed in the sled without a scratch, while I sort of hopped out in a weird way.
It was in that moment that felt a mess spread all over in the back my panties. I felt my face flush red as I knew what had happened the moment I hit the ground. I somehow managed to look around and conclude that my brother and sister were fine. Jessica was shouting about how fun that was and how we should do it again.
“No,” I said slowly, “we should back inside and get some hot chocolate or something.”
That was the right thing to say. My brother scrambled up and began running to the house, while Jessica asked me to pull her in the sled back to the house.
The walk up the hill was torturous. I felt the mess moving all around my panties, I almost wanted to barf I was so disgusted! How could I have messed my panties like that?
When we were finally at the house Jessica jumped out of the sled and ran in. I picked up the sled and carried it in.
“So how was it?” my mom asked.
“Fine,” I said.
“I’m making your brother and sister the hot chocolate you promised them. Want some to?”
“No thank-you, I’m going to take a shower,” I answered.

Afterward, when my dad got back with some new firewood and my mom had finished her Dr. Phil, I still was thinking about what had happened last night and in the morning.
It was now night and my dad started a new fire. Then we had dinner and watched a family movie. It was the new Little Mermaid movie, requested by Jessica. My brother complained that it was a girls movie and he wanted to watch something else, but he lost the argument because he secretly liked the Disney princess movies. I found myself, however, getting really into the movie. I was really liking it, and was sad when it was over.
When everyone got up and went to bed I stayed out in the living room thinking for a while. I found my self looking at the flame again. Suddenly I became aware that it was one o’clock and I needed to get to bed.
I was happy to find that I hadn’t wet myself though, and that caused me to have a smile on my face when I went to sleep. In the morning I wasn’t so fortunate.
I woke up to find that I had wet the bed. I nearly screamed. However, I jumped out of bed, thinking about how I still need to keep this secret. When I landed on the floor though, I noticed that something else was wrong. My room seemed different. I noticed that my posters were different, and that my room seemed, bigger. I looked down a saw that my wet pajamas, were different to. They looked like the pajamas I wore back in fourth grade. I then screamed in my head seeing that my breasts were gone, and I thought a thought that sent a shiver up my back went though by brain. What if I was a ten-year old?
Forgetting that I was wearing wet pajamas, I ran out of my room into the bathroom to look at my mirror. Staring back at me was my ten-year-old self wearing the hello kitty T-shirt that I had worn to bed back in those days. I was barely taller than the counter. Once again, I had to hold back a scream. I decided that I should go back in to room, gather all my wet sheets, throw them in to the Landry, and take a shower. I ran out of the bathroom striate into my mom.
“I-I can explain,” whimpered to her.
“You wet the bed again?” she simply said, “Really Jen, your four-year-old sister doesn’t have problems like this.” I blushed, ashamed.
“Now go take care of the sheets and take shower, I need to get your brother and sister up.”
I nodded and got striate to it. She treated me like I was ten, I thought, Does the whole world think I’m ten? Apparently, they did. My clothes were so different. I ended up wearing a green T-shirt with horses on it and a long pink skirt. I blushed when I put on my panties to find that they had hello kitty on them.
My brother treated me different to. He treated me a lot more like an equal than with respect which I had earned in the past.
It was still snowing outside, hard, so our activities were confined to the house. I found myself playing dolls with my sister. I had done this many time before, but never was I so enjoyed at playing with her.
For lunch we had macaroni and cheese with chocolate ice cream for desert. About an hour later, when I was watching another Disney princess movie, I felt the need to use the bathroom. I decided to hold it because I didn’t want to miss the movie. I had completely forgotten about the accidents for the last few days, and believed that I was a ten-year-old. Thirty minutes later, I was still holding it, and I began to scrim.
Without warning, I the urge became an emergency. I got up and run to the bathroom. I opened the door, went in, closed it, and then wet myself right there. I began to cry.

I took off my clothes and took a shower. It was the only thing I could do to try and cover what I had done up.
After I got out of the shower with my towel wrapped around me I quietly went in to my bedroom. It was dark outside because I had taken such a long shower. I found my mom in my room.
“Honey, why don’t you sit down,” she said. I did on my bed.
“You see, I know what your going though is hard, but it’s important that we take measures to stop you staining things. I know you wet yourself before you took the shower, and I put a mattress protector on your bed.”
“What?” I shouted.
“I know you don’t want me to, but we have to, Jen. No buts.” with that she left the room.
About an hour later I went out of my room and sat down in front on the fireplace, which was blazing. Everyone else was in bed. I stayed up watching it longer than ever before. there were only embers left by the time I was let back to reality. I knew something was very wrong now.
I looked down at myself and around me. I was even smaller now. I don’t know why I was surprised. It was me watching the flame in the fireplace somehow, that was causing this to me. That why that strange writing was on the door.
I got up and waddled back to my bed room. My room was now completely painted pink, with posters of Disney princess’s, Hello kitty, and Dora the explorer. there was now a changing table and my draws were much smaller. There was a nightlight plugged in the wall.
I looked down at myself and found that I was wearing a pull-up with a cute pink T-shirt. I felt the pull-up and realized that I had wet it while staring at the fireplace. I ripped it off and took another from the drawer and pulled it up.
I then jumped into my bed which was now twin-sized. I saw Jessica in it already on one side and realized that I was in her room, because now we shared a room. After all her four, and I was, what, three? Close enough in age to share a room. I laid down a fell asleep at once.

“We’ve waited for you to long now, Jennifer.”
“Who said that?” I asked. I looked around, I was standing in a dark green room, no doors or windows, or another person.
“My name is of no concern to you. All that you need to know is that I’m the one who made you like this. I’m the one who put a spell on the flame in that fireplace,” said the voice.
“What? You made me turn into a three-year-old?” I shouted back at the cold female voice, “Why?”
“Because you had something I wanted, now I have it.”
“What did I have that you wanted?” I showed back, I began to pee in my pull-up. Felling the warmth of it made me start to tear up. For the first since everyone else began to treat me like a ten-year-old, I began to think like my old self.
“Let me just say this, you’ve had a small part to play in this journey up till now, but soon you will truly become a part of it, Jennifer.”
“That writing on the fireplace, what was it?” I asked.
“What do you think it was? It was how I put a spell on the fireplace, it was German, you know, I could have done Latin, but because of what I do, I need to keep changing the language of my spells,” said the voice.
I began to mess myself, causing even more shame, “What did I have that you wanted?”
“Energy, you are a very unique person, one of the few that I can get this from. It is to complicated for you to understand,” the voice answered.
“Will I ever see you again?” I asked as I began full on crying.
“Yes, but you were never suppose to be part of it. You will now never lead a normal life. Good-bye for now, Jennifer,” said the voice, now sounding slightly different.
“Wait!” I shouted, as shouting just seemed to be the right thing to do, “What is your name, at least tell me that!”
A pause, then “Jade.”

Then I woke up. The first thing I noticed was that I really had wet and messed myself while asleep. I was still a toddler, which surprised me, my dream was obviously real, and Jade made it sound like I was going to wake up as an infant.
No, that’s for when I wake up tomorrow, I though. I sighed, that thought was probably correct. I looked over at Jessica. She was bigger than me. I could tell clearly now that it was daytime.
I looked at my new room. As long as Jade doesn’t make me any younger, I think I could live like this, I thought. My sister always had more attention than I did, but now I’ll have all that attention, and my dad was going to retire after a year or so, which meant no more moving and I could keep the same friends. Not to mention how many times I had wondered what it would be like to be a little, happy, and innocent girl again, now I have that chance. I could have fun being like this.
Jessica woke up. She slowly rose out of bed and stretched before asking, “Jennifer, did you wet again?”
I blushed, seeing that me not being potty trained was no secret.
“Yes,” I said, “I messed myself to.”
“Ick!” she responded, “You really need to go to the bathroom instead of going in your pull-ups. Mommy will put you back in diapers if you don’t.”
“No she won’t,” I said as I jumped out of bed, blushing yet again.
Our mom came into the room just then, saying, “good morning princess’. I hope you both had a good nights sleep, and that the bed bugs didn’t bite. Jen, did you wet the bed?”
“She did more than that,” my sister answered for me. I through her an evil look missed by my mom.
“Jen, come here,” my mom said. I got out of bed and walked towards her (dang, she was taller than me by a lot). Next thing I knew, I was being lifted up by her and she placed me on the changing table.
“Jenny, honey, I’m going to have to put you back into diapers,” she said. My sister let out a giggle.
“And just for that Jessica, I’ll give you Jen’s pull-ups while she’s in diapers,” my mom spoke seriously.
“But mommy-“ Jessica began to say but was interrupted by our mom.
“No buts, you need to learn to be courteous to others, and this is how you’ll learn.”
My mom ripped off the straps on the pull-ups and began to wipe my butt with a baby wipe. It was freezing cold. Then she took the pull-up away and lifted me up to place the diaper beneath me before sprinkling some baby powder and pulling the tapes of the diaper together. To be wearing a pull-up wasn’t that bad, but I was ashamed even more to be wearing a diaper. I looked up at my mom.
“Mommy, please?” I asked her, surprising myself by calling her ‘mommy.’
“No, Jen,” she answered as she put me down on the floor. I looked at the diaper before poking it. The plastic felt weird. I stood up, which was hard, as the diaper was so thick and bulky. I tried walking around, but I was only waddling.
My mom looked at Jessica, “Jessica, come here.”
My mom and I watched as Jessica slowly walked toward us. The moment that she was at a reaching distanced, my mom stopped Jessica, and pulled down Jessica’s panties. Then My mom took out a pull-up from the drawer, and put it on Jessica.
After putting on Jessica’s pull-up, our mom wasted no time with dressing us. She dressed Jessica in a lime green dress, and me in one that looked exactly the same except it was pink.
Our mom then took us into the bathroom where she combed our hair. Looking into the mirror, I realized how similar both Jessica and me looked with our red hair and our round, cute faces.
My mom’s words interrupted my thoughts, “Dad took your brother to school already, and we’re going out.”
“Out? Out where?” I asked, puzzled.
“I’m going to take you to the preschool.”
“Why preschool?” both my sister and I asked.
“Because I want you two to be ready for kindergarten, and I might get a new job to, which means that someone else will have to watch you two,” she responded.
We then ate breakfast, which was interesting because I kept spilling my cereal, even with the extra large spoon, and I had to drink out of a sippy cup.
After, our mom hurried us into the car a strapped us both into booster seats, and bout fifteen minutes later, we stopped. Mom took us out of the car and led us into a building. I tried to read the sign on to of it, but I found that I couldn’t read anymore.
We went up to a large desk with a older looking woman sitting in front of it.
“Excuse me, I’m here to enroll my children, -“ my mother began before the lady jumped in and said, “Jenifer and Jessica! We’ve waited for you to long now. Welcome to Mary Walcott’s Preschool for Girls.”
“Thank-you,” my mom said, “How long is this going to take?”
“Long enough that your children would get bored, lucky we have other kids hear right now, so they can play with them,” answered the lady, “Just take them though that door over there and then come back so we can begin taking about the rights.”
Our mom took us by the hands and led us though the door on the right. Behind it, we saw a large playroom. Their were two women watching over three children. One of the ladies walked up to us.
“The lady at the desk told me to leave my children, Jenifer and Jessica here while we have the meeting,” my mom told her.
The lady smiled and said, “Ok, they’ll have plenty of fun while your gone.”
With that our mom left us there, and the lady lead us closer to the other children.
“Oh!” the lady said suddenly, “I forgot to ask your mommy if you two wear diapers or not. I guess I’ll just have to ask you two. Do you girls wear diapers?”
I answered first, blushing, “I wear diapers.”
“Oh, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and what about you, Jessica?” the lady responded.
“I wear panties,” answered Jessica.
“No you don’t!” I instantly said, “you wear pull-ups!”
The lady s told me to quite down. and asked Jessica again, “Do you wear pull-ups?”
“Yes,” said Jessica, who began to cry.
“Oh don’t do that,” said the lady, “Jenny, could you go play with some of the other girls while I calm your sister?”
I went away from them, towards the other children, but I really didn’t know what to do. Then the other lady invited me over to play blocks with her and another girl. She was younger than the other caretaker, about twenty or so. She had flashy green eyes, and short-ish raven black hair.
I walked over towards her and shyly began playing with them. Pretty soon I was playing whole-heartedly with them. Suddenly, I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I stood up and looked around, but I couldn’t see any bathrooms, and I just wet my diaper right there. I had to force myself from crying as I felt the warmth spread around in the diaper.
The younger lady lifted up my dress and felt my diaper, causing me to blush harder than ever before.
“Come on, lets get you over to the changing table,” said the woman before leading me to the table. For the second time I went though the same cycle: wipes, powder, and new diaper.
“Um, thank-you, I guess,” said before realizing, “What is your name?”
The lady laughed. While she laughed, I looked at Jessica, who was playing dolls with the other lady and two girls.
“Well, Jenifer…” the lady began when I gasped at the sound of her voice which I was foolish enough to only notice now, “I suppose you can call me Jade.”
I took several steps backward, until I tripped over a toy and fell flat on my diapered but.
“Y-you!” I said, failing to keep my voice steady.
“Relax, I’m not a villain,” she said casually.
“You turned me into a toddler, came into my dreams to say your sorry, but your going to finish it anyway, and now say your not a villain?” I said astonished.
“Well, my morals and methods aside, I’m not a villain. Does that sound better?” she responded.
“Only I little villainous,” I answered as I stood back up.
“Ouch, I don’t want to mess with you when you’re an adult,” she continued with her casual attitude.
“What is going on hear?” I said in a tone that finally knocked off her casual one.
“Follow me.”
I did so without looking back at the others. She brought me though a door across the one that my mom led Jessica and me. Inside, there was the same room that Jade had talked to be in the dream. We both went in and Jade closed the door, the moment she did, the door disappeared, and the green on the walls began to glow.
“What is this room,” I asked.
“We haven’t given it a name, but to answer your question I guess I have to say that it’s completely made of ancient magic,” she smiled as she answered.
“So, what, are you a witch?”
“Yes, just like you, or you will be.”
Everything I knew about Harry Potter and Sabrina the Teenaged Witch came to my head, making me want to laugh, “You’re not really saying that new witches can only be witches after you’ve regressed them into toddlers!”
“Sadly, yes I am.”
“No wonder you people can keep a low profile.”
Jade laughed, “Magic can only be taught starting from a young age, and only someone who has at least thirteen years of wisdom can be taught magic. You see our dilemma?”
“So you go around turning potential witches into toddlers before turning them into witches?” I asked sarcastically.
“Again, yes, and as soon as you start coming here on a daily bases, we will begin to teach you how to be a witch,” she spoke back serious as a lawyer. “But, again, that’s for when you start coming here on a daily bases. Right now, you need to be a regular toddler. Let’s go play with the others now.”
Jade grabbed my hand and said, “Ouverta,” making the door reappear and swing open. She led me out, closing the door behind her.
Jade led me to the blocks. I began to play with them, but not really. I was watching Jade and the other woman, waiting for the moment when both of them were distracted. I didn’t want to be a toddler, even if it meant being a witch. I wanted to myself. Before, when I was telling myself that I would like being a toddler, I was just under the effects of the spell. Now, being my old self, and knowing that this place was made, and occupied by witches, there had to be potions around. Potions that would turn me back.
Then, one of the girls needed to have a diaper change, and Jade was taking her to the changing area, which was on the opposite side of where I wanted to go. I looked at the other lady and she had her back turned. Now was my chance!
I jumped up, and as quietly and quickly as I could, I walked towards the one door that I hadn’t been though yet. I reached it, turned around to make sure nobody was looking, and opened it. I was happy that it didn’t creak. I ran inside and closed the door behind me.
I was defiantly right about the potions. Inside, it looked like a large closet used as a cupboard. I ran towards the nearest shelve, only to remember that I couldn’t read!
I looked around, just before I was about to despair, I saw one shelve that was labeled with pictures. They were baby bottles. I walked closer to them. Half of them showed a large figure getting smaller, the other showed a small figure getting bigger.
I grabbed a baby bottle from the second half and began drinking instantly. It sat down on the floor doing so. The milk like substance tasted like milk, but a little off. It was warm. I began to wet myself after I drank about a third, I didn’t stop. I had drank about two-thirds when I messed myself. The mess didn’t stop me for a second.
I became excited when I saw that only had one more mouth full. The moment I sucked it I fell asleep.

“Good, your awake. Now do you mind telling me why I fond my fourteen-year-old daughter wearing a wet and messy diaper at her little sister’s preschool, and not at her own high school?” the voice belonged to my mom.
I opened my eyes and looked down at myself. I was fourteen again, but I was still in my same clothes for the preschool. The diaper was clearly wet and messy. It was now tight. My pink dress was more like a small shirt. My breasts strained against it.
I was lying on my bed. It was in the afternoon. I yawned and got up, a mistake because I was now sitting on my messy diaper. I looked at my mom. There was no way she would believe me.
“Sorry, mom, I can’t explain, one minute I was here, the next minute I, well, I was here, but in these,” I said referring to my clothes.
“Well you had better explain soon, or that diaper will be only be the first of many that you will wear.”
She got up and left my room. My old room! I got up. The time to celebrate would be later. I had to take a shower, badly. I grabbed my towel and was about to walk out of my room when I saw the baby bottle that had the potion in it. I smiled and grabbed it to. There was actually still that mouth full left.
I took a long shower. When I got out, it was dark and both my brother and sister were in bed. My dad and mom where in the living room waiting for me though. The fireplace was blazing once again.
“Are you ready to tell your father and I why I found you the way I did?” my mom asked.
“Could I tell you guys tomorrow?” I asked, “I’m tired right now.”
“After all that sleeping?” my dad asked.
“You know how sleep is funny like that sometimes,” I responded.
My dad laughed. “Honey [to my mom], lets have her tell us tomorrow. She isn’t ready yet.”
“Ok then, but you had better have a story tomorrow, Jenifer,” she answered.
“Believe me, I will. Good night. Love you,” I said.
Both my parents said good night and went to bed. I turned off the light and without glancing at the fireplace began to walk towards my room.
To think if I hadn’t of heard that voice, or if I hadn’t stopped for that voice, I would have gotten my wish of staying how I was. But no, I had to stop and let the shiver go up my spine the moment I heard Jades voice say, “Jenifer.”
I turned around and just looked at the fireplace for less than a second, before I was trapped in the same spell that started this mess. When it was over, the fire was completely out.
I stood there for a moment, wondering, and not wanting to know how much younger I was. Suddenly, The fire roared into life, revealing Jade. She was taller than when I was three. I looked at myself. I was wearing a cute pink T-shirt, and a very thick diaper. The amount of baby fat in my legs told me that I couldn’t be any older than one. At the moment, my legs gave away and I was on the ground. I looked up at Jade to ask her how old I was, but a pacifier was in my mouth.
“You are only six months old, Jenifer. You should have just settled for being a three-year-old witch. But now you know to much, and now I have to make you an infant. You see, there is one rule that if a witch tries to do magic or use magic before she is ready yet, than she is not to become a witch.”
Jade walked over to me and picked me up. She wrapped me up in a pink, soft blanket. She then walked into my room. My sister wasn’t sleeping in the bed because there was no bed. Instead there was a crib. Jade put me in the crib, and pulled up the bars.
“You might remember everything for a second when you wake up, but no more than that. Then, everything you know will be gone, and you will literally restart your life. She walked out of my room and closed the door. I didn’t stay awake much longer than a minute feeling sorry for myself.

My mom woke me up by saying “Good morning sweet-heart, I hoped you had a good night. Now lets get you changed and ready for the day!”
I squirmed and gurgled in delight. Suddenly all my memories disappeared, and my finale thought before my mind fully became that of a baby was, Will I ever have my old life back? The only thing I remembered was my one hope, that baby bottle with the potion in it was still in the bathroom. My mom lifted me up out of the crib, preparing to change me.