The Wrong House
KLH Felicate

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{ Copyright 2006 by KLH Felicate, all rights reserved. }
{ Silverfoxes are Copyright 2000-2006 by KLH Felicate, all rights reserved. }

“Are you ponies ready?” asked the mousette as she brushed her long, brown hair out of her face. It was times like this when she wondered why she allowed her hair to hang free without at least binding it into a pony tail or something. It was always falling in her face which always got on her nerves.

One of the horse brothers growled in response as he checked both of his hand guns, making sure the magazines were fully loaded in both. “Don’t call us ponies, Cindy. It wouldn’t take that much to remove you from your leadership role... Permanently.”

“Yeah, Cindy,” chimed in the other horse brother. “Just because you’re our older sister doesn’t mean you can insult us whenever you like.”

The mousette smirked. She always liked getting their goats like that. When she was twelve, she had found both horse-boys, abandoned in an alley and left to die. Since that day, they had been an inseparable family, mad at the world and determined to get what they wanted no matter what.

Which is what brought them to the house they were standing in front of. It was a nice-looking family dwelling, three stories tall, with opulent architecture, and a well-maintained garden and lawn. It was obvious to all three of them that whoever lived there had a rather substantial cash flow. At least, that’s what they were counting on.

“Shut up and stick with the plan. You both know what to do.”

“Cindy, this isn’t the first house we’ve robbed. We know what our jobs are.”

Both stallions took their positions, pulling their ski-masks over their faces and standing to either side of the door.

The rodent-girl walked up to the door and raised a white and grey-furred hand up to rap on the door with her knuckles, but stopped just shy of her target as she noticed how badly her hand was shaking. She grit her teeth and clenched her hand into a fist, forcing herself to calm down. There were times when she wondered if what they were doing was the right thing to do, but she always squashed those thoughts and dropped them into the darkest parts of her mind. She didn’t care about right or wrong. This was what society deserved for what it did to her and her brothers. No one else mattered but them.

As she got herself calmed down, her hand stopped shaking. She proceeded to knock on the door, listening to the strange sounds she got each time her knuckles alit themselves upon the door. It was almost like she could hear a few notes of music in a progressive pattern, each time her hand hit the solid oak surface. Each note sent a shiver down her spine as it seemed to promise darkness for her. She visibly shook it off as her mind playing tricks on her. After all, whoever lived here didn’t know her.

After a few minutes, the door opened revealing a matronly-looking vixen with greying hair, white and grey fur, and wearing a floral print dress with a white apron over the front of it. She pushed her bi-focals back a little and smiled.

The mousette giggled a bit, acting nervous. There was something about the vixen’s grey eyes which unnerved the young mouse-girl. They seemed to hold great wisdom, something she had never seen before.

The vixen spoke in a soft and friendly voice, contradicting her apparent age and snapping Cindy out of her thoughts. “Can I help you?”

The rodent giggled again. “Um, is Joe here?”

The vulpine smiled. “I’m sorry, dear, but you have the wrong house.”

The mousette’s ears drooped a bit. “Oh, okay, sorry to bother you, but...”


In a swift motion, Cindy had drawn her gun and pointed it at the vixen. “We have the right house. Back away if you want to keep your life.”

Both of the stallions ran out from where they’d been hiding, pointing their guns at the vixen as well. The vulpine looked at the three furs in front of her and backed away from the doorway.

To the mouse’s surprise, the vixen didn’t look scared, apprehensive, or anything else which she usually saw in one of their victims. Instead, she looked rather sad, almost as if the three of them were disappointing her. That unnerved Cindy a little bit, though she couldn’t figure out why.

The three robbers rushed into the house and closed the door behind them. At least two of them kept their guns on the vixen while they moved.

“Show us the good stuff and we might let you live,” said one of the stallions.

Cindy took that opportunity to look at her surroundings. The word affluent came to mind as she examined the sitting room they were currently standing in. At least, she thought it was a sitting room. It sure had plenty of places to sit. There was a hallway leading off at the back of the room. Over the top of that were two stairways going up on either side of the room, which met at the center, crossing over the hallway. All around them the decor was like something out of a fantasy novel. The banisters had gold and silver trim along their edges. Soft rugs covered most of the floor. Each of those had a motif which reminded the mousette of elves, fairies, and forests, though she couldn’t understand why since she really wasn’t sure what the various images were. There were beautiful paintings on the walls and up the stairways, of vulpines, both male and female, with what looked like fairy wings, though she’d never seen any creature like them before. There was also a painting of a five-tail kitsune with magenta, white, and lavender fur patterns. In all the paintings, the characters seemed to be frowning at them. In some cases, she could swear they were watching her specifically as she looked around the room. There was a large, white sofa and two recliners along the far wall of the room, near a fireplace. Several bookcases lined another wall, all filled with books of various types.

The mousette gulped suddenly, wondering if this really was a good idea after all. She couldn’t help feeling that maybe this place really did hold her doom in it.

The vixen shook her head, sadly. “You really don’t want to do this,” she stated calmly, as she stared at the rodent-girl, her eyes seeming to bore into her.

One of the stallions, the one with brown splotches on his tan and white furred face snorted and fired, aiming for their “host’s” shoulder. The mouse-girl knew that the vixen was moving at an incredible speed, but for some reason it was slow enough for her that she could see every little detail. The mousette’s eyes widened as she saw the vixen catch the bullet in her hand before she dropped it into a pocket on her apron. As she did this, she leaned back slightly before straightening back up, as if reacting to getting shot. The rest of her body didn’t move.

“What the fuck?” whispered the mouse. She looked at her brothers and noticed no reaction to what occurred. That was when she knew she had been the only one to see what happened. She gulped again as she realized they did not want to be there.

“You don’t want to do this,” repeated the vixen.

“Shut up! No one asked for your opinion. Now take us to the good stuff or we’ll aim for your head next time!”

Their “host” sighed, again shaking her head sadly.

Cindy got a cold chill down her back. This isn’t a good idea, she thought. Somehow this is a trap! “Guys? Maybe we should go to the house next door.” Though she kept her voice steady, inside she was terrified.

“Scared, sis?” asked one of the stallions. “I thought you were all for this. You kept saying this house looked perfect.”

“I am, Chris, but something’s wrong here!” She quickly calmed herself down before her brothers could notice just how close to panicking she really was.

My heart is ice, she thought to herself. I care for no one except for my brothers for no one else cares for us.

Her brothers both snorted, then started laughing. “Don’t tell me this bitch has given you cold feet? You’re imagining things, sis. This fox is loaded and we’re not leaving until we’ve taken everything of value whether she wants us to or not.”

The vixen exhaled and turned around, heading towards the hallway. “Very well, since it’s obvious that I can’t dissuade you from your chosen course, I will take you to the most valuable things in this house.”

The stallion brothers grinned at each other. “That’s more like it. Keep on cooperating and keeping that mouth of yours shut and you might get through this in one piece!” They both laughed.

My god, thought the scared mouse. I’ve taught them too well! This place will be our doom and I’m powerless to do anything because they won’t leave! All they can see is the money that might be in this house!

“I wonder if Joe is in the next house over,” mumbled the annoyed mousette, getting agitated at her own fear. She couldn’t figure out why she should be so irrational. After all, it wasn’t as if there could be any magic in that house.

The vixen stopped and turned, smiling at the rodent-girl. “Actually, Joe is expecting you. I’m taking you to him since what you desire has to do with him.”

Cindy paled.

Both equines stopped laughing and frowned. “Wait-a-sec-”

The vixen proceeded to walk off, not bothering to look behind her as she continued on down the hallway. The three robbers hurried off after the vixen, suddenly afraid to be left alone in any part of that house.

They passed doors on both sides of the hallway with intricate and exquisite craftsmanship on the faces and frames of the portals. They also passed more paintings of fairies, kitsune, and in some cases, more of those winged vulpines.

Finally, they stopped in front of a huge set of double-doors with extravagant designs to the door frames. The doors were of solid wood and appeared to have runes of some sort written in various places, mixed in with geometric patterns. Instantly, they knew great treasures lay on the other side of those doors.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about, eh Chris?” said one horse-boy as he elbowed his brother, who nodded vigorously.

“Definitely, Charlie!”

The vixen calmly opened both doors, pushing them inwards as she led the three robbers into... a large playroom. The two stallions and mouse looked around a the brightly painted and colored area, mouths agape. There were tapestries on the walls of fairy and forests. Along one wall were shelves with boxes and toys in them. Along another there was a large table with what looked like diapers on shelves under it along with various tins and containers of things that couldn’t be read from where they were. A large playpen lye in the middle of the room. It was what was in that playpen which freaked Cindy out.

In the large enclosure was a fox cub with silver, white, grey fur patterns and gossamer wings on his back which flitted occasionally. He was playing with a rainbow-colored ball, lying on his back at certain times while seeming to try and pounce on the round plaything at others.

The vixen walked over to the playpen, but she looked different. She no longer looked like the matronly vulpine that had been showing them around. Instead, she looked like one of the winged vulpine creatures that were in some of the paintings they had passed. She looked young, perhaps in her early twenties with silver, white, grey, and magenta fur. She also had magenta and lavender streaks in her white hair. Her eyes were still the same and she wore gold anklets and bracelets as well as a red, magenta, and lavender split-seam dress with a hem line just above her knee showing well-toned legs. Her tail trailed out behind her telling nothing about her mood. Her fairy wings were unfolded to their full span, the patterns on them vibrant and alive.

She kneeled by the playpen, getting the cub’s attention. Cindy could tell he had to be at least fourteen years old, though she couldn’t understand why he was wearing a powder-blue footed-sleeper. The thick bulge around his crotch had to be a diaper.

“Joey,” said the vixen-creature. “There are some people to see you...”

The cub set the ball down and clapped his hands gleefully together. The three would-be robbers jumped as the doors slammed shut followed by an ominous “clicking” sound that they knew was the door lock.

“Goody! I hope they like to play!” He threw his ball towards Charlie, who deftly caught it in one hand.

“So you want to play, eh, punk?” said the large horse morph. He started to say something else, but stopped suddenly as his hands went limp, both the ball and his gun falling towards the ground. Cindy watched as both the gun and the ball seemed to fall in slow motion. The weapon appeared to be brownish in color, which the mousette knew wasn’t right since it should be black. The ball and the gun both hit the ground at the same time. The gun shattered into a hundred pieces, while the ball did what most balls would do: bounce.

“Charlie?” asked the other stallion worriedly.

“Erk-!” exclaimed his brother as he found his clothes to be loose, his legs like jello as he fell on his rear, noticing as he landed that there was extra padding there. He looked up at his brother who he saw was now huge and started sniffling before he just outright bawled, lying there entangled in his clothes as he finally stopped shrinking.

“Charlie!” Chris pointed both hand guns at the vixen. “Alright, bitch, what’d you do to my brother?”

The vulpine grinned. “My name is Magenta, not bitch. You really must work on your vocabulary, you naughty horse, you.”

“See if you think this is funny then!” He pulled the triggers on both of his guns, but instead of hearing the satisfying sounds of the bullets leaving the chambers or feeling the kick as they dispensed their deadly payload, he heard something else. There was a crunching noise and it felt like the triggers had broken. At that point, he noticed a sticky feeling around the hand grips. It felt almost like his guns were melting. He gulped as he looked down at his weapons, noticing that they both were a light brown in color, reminding him of milk-chocolate. He opened his hands to drop the remnants to the ground, only to watch the gooey mass they were becoming slowly slide off before landing on the ground with an almost silent “splut!”, leaving brown stickiness coating his palm.

Chris gulped again as he looked at Magenta, his eyes wide and nostrils flaring. “Wh-what are you?” he whispered.

Magenta calmly walked over to the scared stallion who found he couldn’t move no matter what he tried to do. “I am a silverfox,” she said simply.

It was then that Cindy noticed Charlie had stopped crying as another silverfox was holding his young colt body to her bosom and cooing softly at him. He looked like he was about five years old now, and wearing a rather thick diaper. That was all he was wearing, she realized.

Magenta reached a hand out that was glowing, grabbing the suddenly unsteady stallion by the shoulder. “Are you okay?” she asked concernedly. He started wobbling as she suddenly picked him up around the waist. As she brought him closer to her bosom, he shrank, his too big clothes falling off him as the silverfox held him to her. When she got him there, he too was wearing only a diaper. Instead of crying like his brother, he was whimpering as the winged-vixen mothered him.

Cindy looked back over at the cub, Joey. He was looking back at her with those eyes... those eyes which reminded her of his eyes...

“NO!” she suddenly shouted as she ran for the door, ready to batter it down with her shoulder. Instead, it opened outward as she charged it, losing her balance as she slammed into the wall. She fell to the ground in a heap, whimpering in pain, but quickly got back to her feet and fled. She didn’t care where, as long as she could get away from those eyes.

God, I wish I could get a drink right now, she thought.

She charged down hallway after hallway, corridor after corridor. She hadn’t realized how large the house really was and all too soon realized she was very lost. She finally stopped, panting as she looked around.

“You can’t escape, you know, Cindy,” said the kitsune in the painting in front of her.

The mousette’s eyes widened to the size of saucers as a silverfox in another painting turned his head to look at her, a frown on his handsome face. He wore a tiara with three gems in the front: a sapphire, an emerald, and an opal. “You murdered a child of royal blood. And he was one of my descendants too.”

“No!” she screamed out as she ran again. She tripped as one of the geometric designs on the floor rugs suddenly became three-dimensional. The mousette staggered forward as she tried to regain her balance. It was then that she realized she was heading for a wall with a large tapestry on it. In that piece of art, there were several silverfoxes in it, all beckoning to her with malicious grins on their faces.

“Leave me alone!” she screeched as she fell into the tapestry. She lost her sense of balance as she seemed to be tumbling forever. She hit the ground somewhere, a moment later as her entire body was engulfed in pain for a moment before it cleared.

She sat up, her heart beating like a jack hammer and her lungs trying desperately to get in more oxygen than she was able to get with each breath.

She was in a forest clearing with some benches around her made of trees or plants which looked like they had grown into those shapes.

“Wh-where am I?” asked the terrified rodent.

“In Cansciasca,” said Magenta as she walked out of the shadows. “It is here where you will be judged and executed.”

“Ex-executed?” she squeaked. “M-me? For what?”

“His majesty, King Kysoran already told you. You murdered his seventh-generation grandson. He was only a cub and you killed him! For that you will die tonight. But how you die is up to you.”

Anger at herself for being afraid, anger at being such a coward that she abandoned her brothers who probably desperately needed her at that time, and anger at the silverfoxes for thinking they had a right to judge her caused a surge of adrenaline to course through Cindy’s body as she leapt to her feet, yelling “fuck you!” and took a swing at Magenta who calmly caught her hand by the wrist and twisted. There was a sickening snapping sound and pain wracked the mousette’s body as she fell to her knees, cradling her broken wrist.

“Anything else you want to try which lacks appropriate thought?” asked the slightly amused silverfox.

“Fine, then kill me,” said Cindy, as she realized she would not get out of there alive.

“Oh, no no no. It doesn’t work that way. See, you are going to tell me why you killed him as we open your soul to what you have long been denied and have denied yourself.”

“And what have I been denied?”


A staff appeared in the winged-vixen’s hands with an emerald in one end and a sapphire in the other. Like everything else made of wood in the house, at least that Cindy had seen, the shaft was covered in intricate carvings.

Before Cindy could ask anything else, she could hear her own voice in the air as it said words she knew by heart and had repeated many times. “Society has abandoned us, as have the people. No one else matters but us because we do not matter to anyone else. We’ll do anything to get what we want, for it is what we deserve.”

Magenta looked at the mousette again, her eyes filled with sorrow. “Why do you believe this, Cindy?” she asked in a soft, quiet voice.

“It’s true, isn’t it? If we actually mattered to someone, we wouldn’t have been left to die in the alleys and streets of the city.”

“What about your parents?”

“Don’t you dare mention them again! I have no parents! The fucking worthless slugs. I could’ve died for all they cared about me. They just continued to drink their sorrows away moaning about their lost little boy. They never cared about the fact that he was my brother and they seemed to forget I was still there. They acted like I was dead to. It got so bad I was taken away and put in an orphanage. That was a joke. They abandoned me too.”

“You believe society to be evil, then?”

“Evil, good, does any of it matter? Nobody cares about me so why should I care about anyone?”

Cindy inhaled sharply as the entire area was surrounded with images of Charlie and Chris at various points in their lives. She remembered when she had come across them both in that alley so long ago, abandoned, scared, and hungry. They were twins, both seven years old when she adopted them as her younger brothers. Though it wasn’t an official adoption, it was enough for the three of them.

“You care about them,” said the silverfox.

The mousette felt the corners of her mouth turning upwards in a smile even though she tried to fight it. “They are my little brothers, why shouldn’t I?”

“They are part of society. They care about you very deeply. Doesn’t this prove you wrong?”

The rodent-girl laughed, bitterly. “Part of society? That’s bullshit! They were abandoned like I was, left alone to die. They were more proof that society was and is worthless.”

Cindy frowned as she sat in a chair which seemed to appear out of nowhere. For some reason, she felt funny, though she couldn’t put her finger on what exactly was wrong.

The images of her brothers disappeared to be replaced by the images of a young fox-boy with a happy expression on his face as he laughed, played, and frolicked as all nine year-olds do.


It was a simple question. It had a simple answer.

‘Cause he deserved it! They all fucking deserved it! What gave him the right to have a happy childhood when mine was so miserable!

“Do you really believe that?” Cindy looked up at Magenta, the mousette’s eyes widening as she saw how much sorrow was in the deep grey eyes of the silverfox.

The mousette looked around at the various images of the cub whose life she took. She tried to snarl, growl, snort, or anything which would show defiance or derision. But, she surprised herself when she whimpered upon seeing the image of herself shooting the scared cub in the head, his cries of pain which were suddenly silenced. The innocence forever lost that she destroyed, and she wasn’t so sure if what she had thought was correct or not. At the time, she never really cared, never looked really, although she did look into his eyes when she killed him. He was just another annoying part of that worthless society. The other images disappeared accept for the one where she murdered the innocent cub.

It was then that she saw what had really occurred, what she had tried to hide from herself with all the alcohol and bravado. The reality hit her in the face and she suddenly felt very sick as she fell out of her chair and onto the ground, where her stomach brought up her last meal. She coughed and spit as she felt herself heave again before she collapsed to the ground, weak and exhausted.

“Is this what you plan to do to me, torture me to death?” she whispered weakly.

“I’m not the one torturing you. You are torturing yourself. Why do you think you woke up most mornings hung over? You knew you had killed a child, an innocent. He could not have been part of society, as you put it, because he was too young to know what society even was!”

Cindy was too weak to move and that funny feeling was back again. This time she felt it centered around her crotch as she realized her pants were getting wet.

What the - ? She thought to herself. How are my pants getting wet? It almost feels like I’m wetting myself - !

She struggled to move her head so that she could look down. Finally, she was able to see down to her crotch which only confirmed what she had suspected. She had indeed wet her pants.

“Lovely,” she muttered to herself. “I can’t seem to control my bladder right now.” She didn’t really care though. There was no alcohol for her to hide behind, no violence for her to unleash, nothing except the image of her taking the cubs life and the memories of that cursed event.

For a moment, she remembered her guns, but quickly discarded being able to use those. Not only was she too weak to grab them, but she had dropped them back in the playpen when she bolted out of there like a rabbit, leaving her brothers alone with those... creatures. Try as she might, she couldn’t call them monsters. The word wouldn’t fit.

Especially not when I’m the monster, she thought darkly.

She realized that the silverfoxes really did care about her brothers and she wondered if maybe they would be better suited for taking care of them. She hadn’t been able to do much to provide for them and killing innocents wasn’t what she had really wanted them to learn.

Then another thought entered her mind. “Who is Joey?” asked the incapacitated mousette who couldn’t move any part of her body anymore save for her mouth.

“That is Jacob’s cousin. The eyes tell a lot don’t they? Jacob was the cub you murdered.”

It was at that point when Cindy felt her stomach gurgling and the strange feeling intensified in her nether regions. She realized she needed to use a bathroom rather urgently or she was going to mess herself, badly. Then, she remembered how weak she was and knew there was no way she could use it.

“Am - am I dying?” she asked, her mouth very difficult to move. In away, the thought of her life expiring made her feel better. Perhaps it was best...

“That depends on you, Cindy.”

What do you mean?, she thought, unable to move her mouth.

“The whole point of this place is justice. The interesting thing about that is that we do very little on this side save open your eyes. Once your eyes were opened, you remembered what had happened and knew what you’d done. In your case, you already knew. You had already judged yourself. That’s why most nights you hid in bottles of liquor, though your brothers never really knew because of your corrupt teachings. They merely thought killing someone was a part of life.”

“Do you remember when I said you would die tonight?”


“That is true. Cindy cannot leave this place for Cindy has become so corrupt and evil that she doesn’t want to live. However, our justice is nothing like you understand it. So you have two choices here. I can leave you to die, slowly decomposing in this place where you’ll soon be before your deity or whatever you believe in to occur. Or, I can give you a second chance. You would become my daughter Christy and have no memory of ever being Cindy. In essence, all that which was Cindy would remain here to be transformed into positive energy by the natural magic of Cansciasca.”

Why would you do this? I killed your nephew!

Magenta smiled. “I have my reasons.”

To humiliate me? Get revenge for what I did?

The silverfox shook her head sadly. “Those are human reactions, not those of the fairy. We do not practice revenge because it serves no purpose except to destroy. Humiliate you? Again, you are thinking in human terms. You will be loved, Cindy, for the rest of your life. You will never again know abandonment. No child deserves to go through what you did. You will be given a chance to be a child.”

What... about... my... brothers? Thinking was getting harder.

Magenta’s smile widened. “They will remain your brothers. They will also be taken care of.”

Love... real?

Magenta nodded. “It is very real, Cindy. Why do you think you and your brothers are so close? You love each other, even if you’ve never known it. It was one of the most unselfish acts and most loving thing you ever did in your life, taking care of them.”

“Time is short, Cindy, you must make a choice.”

Mom... She thought before her world went dark.

Magenta wasted no time as she reached before her, sticking her hands into the body of the lifeless mouse-girl. Her hands seemed to phase through the flesh and clothes that were there. In a moment, she withdrew her hands, causing the body to ripple slightly as if it become liquid for a moment as a young mousette with small fairy wings was pulled from within her former prison. She looked exactly like the mousette body that lye on the ground, except for a stripe of magenta in her brown locks of hair. She seemed to be about four or five years old and was wearing a thick white diaper under a pink footed-sleeper.

“Whew, almost didn’t make it in time,” the silverfox said to herself.

“Mommy!” cried her mouse-daughter, gleefully as she gave her a loving hug.

“Yes, Christy, Mommy’s here.” She gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead before carrying her out of the clearing.

“What that, Mommy?” asked the mouse, pointing at the unmoving body that still lye on the ground.

“Nothing to worry about, sweety. That was a bad mouse-girl.”

“Oh, okay,” her stomach gurgled, causing her to giggle. “I’m hungry, mommy.”

Magenta smiled. “I know, sweety. I’ll get you something in a little while.”

A familiar sound followed by a pungent odor caused the silverfox to chuckle as her daughter giggled. “Does someone need their diaper changed?”

The young mousette giggled again and stuck her thumb in her mouth before nodding.

“I thought so. We’ll get you changed as soon as I get you back to the playroom.”

As the winged vixen reached a specific spot in the clearing, a blue glow surrounded them for a moment before she and Christy suddenly appeared in the playroom. What they saw when they got there made Christy giggle and Magenta smile. Chris was batting the rainbow ball back and forth with Joey. Charlie was in the process of getting his diapers changed by that same silverfox that was holding him earlier. She was tickling his tummy and nuzzling his cheek as she cleaned him up and put a fresh undergarment on him, much to his obvious delight.

“How’s it going with the twins, Syla?” asked Magenta of her daughter.

The silverfox in question giggled as she finished her present task of diapering the colt and picked the horse-boy up before setting him on the ground and giving him a light swat to his diapered behind as he waddled over to the playpen.

Another silverfox, a teenaged male, was standing by the playpen keeping a careful watch on the other two kits as they played. As Charlie approached, the silverfox smiled down at him.

“Do you want to play with your brothers?” he asked.

The young stallion nodded.

The silverfox picked him up and set him in the playpen where he went over to play with Chris and Joey who after both gave him a hug, separated some and started batting the ball back and forth between the three of them.

Magenta carried her mouse-daughter over and sat her on the changing table as she proceeded to clean up Christy’s wet and messy self. Apparently, her old body had needed to go to the bathroom badly and it transferred over to her new self. It was no big deal to the older silverfox as she tickled her daughter’s cheek while she put baby powder on her nether regions and then pulled the front of the new diaper over the little mouse’s crotch and proceeded to fasten it in place using diaper pins. She snapped the mouse-girl’s sleeper back over her undergarments and scooped her back into her arms, giving her cheeks a nuzzle as she did. The mousette giggled as her wings gave a flutter.

“Um, mom, she has fairy wings,” said Syla who had been watching, silently.

“I know, dear. And before you ask, I don’t know why she does.”

“Isn’t that highly unusual?”

Magenta nodded. “Yes, it is. The only thing I can think of is that she must have ancestry that dates back to the fairy in some way.”

The younger silverfox vixen thought about that for a moment, her green eyes looking upward as she contemplated it. “Makes sense,” she finally sad as she ran a hand through her short, blonde hair. She had the standard silverfox fur colors of grey, white, and silver. She was wearing an outfit like her mother’s only it was all grey and white.

The older silverfox walked over to one of the nice chairs in the room and sat down in it. She lowered the top of her dress, revealing that she wore no bra underneath, exposing her pert breasts to the air. She held her new daughter to her, allowing her to find a nipple and begin suckling on it, which she did with a happy sigh. Magenta continued to hold her mouse-daughter as she drank, murring happily and smiling down at her maternally as she did. After a few minutes, Christy’s eyes started to droop and she fell asleep while still suckling.

Magenta gently removed her daughter from her breast and readjusted the top of her dress so that it was on properly. She next picked up the sleeping mousette and carried her out of the room. She walked down the hallway, passing several paintings, all of who smiled at her and said “awww, how cute!” She stopped at another ornately carved door and opened it up into what was obviously a nursery. There were several cribs in the room, most of which had a cub of one sort or another sleeping in it.

The walls of the room were brightly colored, like the playroom only there were also ponies, unicorns, pegasus, and cute, cuddly bears on the walls as well, all part of the elaborate painting job. There were two other silverfoxes in that room, sitting in chairs as they watched the sleeping cubs.

One was a male and one was a female. Both had white hair with brown streaks through it as well as brown fur in addition to the normal silverfox colors. The vixen wore an outfit like Magenta’s only it was tan and brown. The vulpine male wore brown overalls and a tan shirt. Both also had the prominent bulges of diapers showing as well.

“Gina, Roy, how are you two doing?” asked the older vixen as she found a crib that was painted in soft, pastel colors and had her daughter’s name floating in the air over it. She gently set the sleeping mouse-girl in her crib. Then, she tucked her in, giving her a kiss on the forehead. Christy smiled as her thumb made its way into her mouth causing the older silverfox to giggle. She put a soft, stuffed fox plushie in the mouse’s arms watching as it was quickly cuddled close. She next pulled the mouse’s thumb out of her mouth and replaced it with a rainbow-colored pacifier which appear in the silverfox’s hands in a flash of magical sparkles, with a rainbow ribbon which was attached to the mouse-girl’s sleeper. The mousette immediately started to suckle on the pacifier as she used both arms to cuddle her stuffed animal.

“We’re fine, Majana,” replied Gina after they watched Christy get situated by their mother. “The cubs were put down for their naps about 15 minutes ago, all 22 of them.”

Magenta nodded, smiling at the name they used in reference to her. Majana was essentially a combination of her name and relation to them. In essence it meant “grandmother Magenta who is head of the clan.” “That’s good. Are you both doing cub watching all day?”

Both silverfoxes nodded. “Yes,” said Roy. “We don’t mind. They’re just so adorable to watch.”

Magenta had to smile at that, since she was in complete agreement. “How are your diapers doing?”

She received giggles and blushes from both of them. “My brother and I keep each other changed.”

The older vixen nodded before she felt a strange prickling sensation in her mind. “Excuse me, an urgent call from the Council.”

Without waiting for their acknowledgement, she disappeared only to reappear in a room that was vaguely reminiscent of an old-style court room with wood furniture everywhere. The difference was that all the furniture was alive and each item even had leaves sprouted in various places. In front of the silverfox was a large table with nine seats behind it, each occupied by a different fairy creature. On the ends were four silverfoxes (2 on each side), three kitsune (1 five-tail on Magenta’s left, 1 six-tail on Magenta’s right, and a nine-tail in the middle), and 2 fairies, one on either side of the nine-tail. There were five females and four males.

The nine-tail was the first to speak, since she was the head of the council. “Magenta, please explain what has just occurred in your house.”

“I’ve just added three more cubs to my growing family,” the silverfox said in an even tone.

“That in and of itself is nothing new. However, this time, one of them has fairy-wings, a mouse-girl I believe. How is this possible? Usually when you add to your family, they don’t have wings.”

“Oh, that. I cast an ancestry spell on her before I put her to bed. She’s got fairy ancestry that dates back about 900 years on her mother’s side. It was pretty much dormant until her rebirth. Then, for some reason, Cansciasca made it stronger so that it influenced her new form.”

“She killed the seventh-generation grandchild of one of our most beloved fairy kings!” interjected the male fairy. “And she’s being rewarded with a second chance at life?”

Magenta snorted. “Rewarded? What do you know about being rewarded, Tykon? Do you even realize what she’s been through or how she grew up?”

“Why should we care? She made the choice, she should pay the price!”

“Normally, I would agree with you. However, in this case, I understand why Cansciasca allowed a choice. This child wasn’t really evil. She was corrupted, but not unsaveable. Her and her brothers have always view society as evil because of how they were raised.”

“Again, why should we care? You didn’t answer the question!”

“We should care because the problem has grown considerably. In this case, Cindy had a conscious which told her she was wrong. Once she stopped to think about just what she had done, she couldn’t deal with it. She started getting drunk every night to try and make herself forget the incident. If not for the fact that her brothers needed her, she would’ve spiled her own blood to try and make amends.”

“Why didn’t you provide her with the blade to do just that, then?” asked a female silverfox to Magenta’s right.

“Cansciasca told me not to. She said this was different.”

“Bull! She needs to pay the price! If we are soft on one human for their crimes against us, where will it stop?” yelled, Tykon.

“You would argue with Cansciasca’s decision? You know she is older than all of us. Well, except maybe you, T’Lssa,” said Magenta, bowing to the nine-tail.

“No, she has been around longer than I have,” said the kitsune in question, speaking in a humble tone. “She has existed since your clan home was built many many generations ago.”

“However,” continued the matriarch silverfox, getting the discussion back on track. “Cindy Mouse has paid the price.”

“She is dead, then?” asked a male silverfox to Magenta’s right.

“Yes. She couldn’t deal with what she’d done and realized that the monster she saw in society was actually a reflection of herself. She is indeed dead, feeding Cansciasca. Those things which were good about her, what little was left, have been pulled from her in the form of my new daughter, Christy.”

“That’s still her though, is it not?” asked the female fairy.

“Yes and no. As I said before, Cindy paid the price. She is dead. You’ll find what’s left of her lifeless body decomposing in Cansciasca. Christy is Cindy before she was tinted by the evils of the society which raised her, but infused with a new sense of self.”

“You’ve given her a second chance at life, then?” asked T’Lssa, her tails waving about in annoyance.

“Of sorts, yes. But Christy is Christy. About the only thing that’s really the same is her soul. Cindy chose to die and become Christy. She has atoned for what she did. Christy has no knowledge about anything related to Cindy because that is not who she is.”

One of the female silverfoxes growled. “I agree with Tykon. She should’ve died completely as was the judgment that was due her.”

“Really, Yasha? Since when were you given the right to judge? Since when have any of you? Isn’t that why Cansciasca is the one does the judging?”

Silence answered her as most of the council got guilty looks on their faces. T’Lssa still looked annoyed.

“Well, I think you’re all wrong. All three of these cubs were never allowed to be children, never really learned what love was, and were never allowed to be who they are. As I said before, this problem has grown considerably and now it has been dropped on our doorstep. The kind of things which happened to Cindy and her brothers is happening to more and more children in the mortal world. I think we need to interfere before its too late.”

“Interfere?” said T’Lssa. “And how do you plan to do that?”

“We implement some spells. Mortal children are abandoned or abused quite often. No child should ever have to feel like they aren’t wanted or loved, yet it happens every day more times than I want to think about. Therefore, any child who is abused or abandoned will disappear into our care. The children could be of any age, but most will be about toddler age or older. After awhile of this, mortals will hopefully learn to start taking better care of their young or our clans will just continue to grow.”

“I don’t like this,” said Yasha, derisively.

“Do you have a better idea?”

The silverfox shook her head.

“Would you prefer it if it was one of your cubs that was murdered next time? We have a chance to stop some of these problems before they start, but we need to do something!”

“Yeah, but mortals...” began Tykon.

“They are children, Tykon. Does it matter if they are mortals? We all agree that children are precious, especially mortal children. So let’s quit balking and act to help them.”

“What about those who need punishing?” asked another male silverfox.

“I’m not going to stop bringing justice to those who assault the Fairy in one way or another. Child molesters especially. Take the one I recently dealt with. He raped two of our wingless princes. He was quite evil. I’ve never seen Cansciasca come alive like that before. Still, he paid the price he was meant to pay, as his screams and cries of pain will tell you.”

“Magenta, how will you manage to take care of Christy and her brothers?” asked T’Lssa.

“They will always know they are loved and wanted. If I’m not taking care of them, one of my sons or daughters will. They will be taught what love is and go to fairy school. And they will remain in diapers.”

A couple of members of the council winced at that.

“Is that necessary?” asked Cara, the other female silverfox that was there.

The silverfox matriarch nodded. “Yes, it is. It’s what they want. The love that comes from the bonding which occurs while they are being taken care of will make them stronger.”

“How many of your kits stay in diapers, even after they become adults?”

“About half. They like it and our clan is much closer than most because of it.”

The nine-tail chuckled. “I won’t argue that. Of all the clans, yours is the one with the most love in it and the least number of internal squabbles between blood-relations. I’m surprised, really. However, do you have the capability to take care of this many additional cubs and still provide the love they will all need?”

“Yes. Quite a few of my cubs who are already adults are interested in taking care of some of these children. Some of them are already helping me. Besides, our clan home always has more room.”

“Very well, The Council of 9-Tails supports your plan, but you understand that it will be your clan’s responsibility to take care of these children?”

Magenta nodded. “Yes. My clan is the only one suited for this task. So it has to be us. Besides, we supply the other clans with their diapers, those that use them at least. We’ve been doing that for the last thousand years since we found out well they work for the young.”

“That is so very true and we all thank you for it. This council is adjourned.”

With that, Magenta found herself back in her home, in the sleeping room. Christy was still asleep in her crib and her brothers were sleeping in cribs on either side of her’s. Gina was holding a silverfox cub as he sniffled and cooing at him softly. Roy was giving another one a baby bottle. All in all, it was a normal day in the clan’s house.

When Christy woke up from her nap, her mommy decided to start her teachings. She carried her little mousette out of the nursery and down the hallway to another room.

As they walked inside, Christy’s eyes widened and her mouth hung open at what she saw.

“They’re called Gossamer Pixies, sweety, and they are the ones who make the clothing we wear including your diapers.” Explained the silverfox matriarch as she closed the door behind them.

“Wow, pretty,” said her daughter as she watched the two-foot tall, colorful creatures as they flew about the room seeming to dance with each other in the air. As they danced, webs of magic flowed between them, interweaving themselves together as various articles of clothing formed beneath the various pairs of dancers. They spun and twisted and shook themselves, the lines of magic becoming threads and clothes. It was a very intricate dance each pair performed, getting a different article of clothing as a result. The finished clothes fell to the ground where other gossamer pixies retrieved them and folded them, placing them on shelves along a nearby wall.

“Each of their dances is a pattern to create a specific garment. In addition to that, they change certain ways they dance to vary the garments that are made such as different colors and patterns in the fabric itself. The clothes they make are made primarily of gossamer silk or fairy cloth. The diapers you are wearing are made of fairy cloth. Why do you think they are so soft? Because the garments are fused with magic, they fit better and clean easier. The Gossamer Pixies love their job and are always happy to make specialty clothing for us when asked.”

The silverfox bowed to the dancing pixies, some of which stopped and bowed back before continues their dance.

After that, Christy learned to appreciate the clothes she wore and where they came from.

Magenta kept her promise. As Christy and her brothers grew up, they were loved. Never were they put into a position where they might’ve ever felt abandoned or unwanted. As Christy got older, she learned many things about the fairy and the silverfox in general. She also gained many brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews which made her happy.

The mousette never really questioned why she was a mouse with fairy wings. She just accepted it as the way things were. After all, she was a part of the Domas’ka silverfox clan and that was all that mattered.

When Christy became a teenager of about seventeen years of age, she met and fell in love with a silverfox male name Jeff from another clan. He loved her and found her very pretty. They spent quite awhile getting to know each other. He accepted her without exception, even after he found out she was completely incontinent and had to wear diapers, he never batted an eye. In fact, he took it all in stride.

One day, he got down on one knee and held up one of the mouse-girl’s clean diapers with a beautiful engagement ring sitting in the middle of it and asked her to marry him. Her grabbing him and flying around the room while crying and hugging him could be seen as a rather big “yes”.

Their wedding was an original one. Instead of a tuxedo and wedding gown, they both wore cub clothes with diapers underneath. Even though he had never worn a diaper as an adult, the experience was an enjoyable one for him.

He wore a powder blue and light blue pullover playsuit with a dark blue tie.

When Christy stepped in, what she wore had taken Jeff’s breath away. It was a completely white baby bunny romper with frills and lace. She also wore a wedding veil, a white pacifier on a ribbon around her neck, and an opaque cream-colored skirted area was around her midsection with a mild train being carried by two of her nieces and nephews.

As the nervous mousette walked up to the altar and grabbed the arm of her husband-to-be, he still hadn’t closed his mouth and she giggled as she gently closed his mouth and turned him to face the priestess doing the ceremony. Needless to say the ceremony went off without a hitch. All the stuff there was done in a cubbish or kid-like fashion, at least as far as the happy couple were concerned. So they drank their drinks from baby bottles and fed each other pieces of cake.

The event was added to the silverfox Book of Events For Clan Domas’ka and was eagerly copied by many other silverfox, since most of the clan had never had so much fun before.

Cindy mousette had a happy life and was very happy, but the other adventures she went on will have to wait for another story for this one has reached its end.